Dobcross, Donations transcription


Rochdale parish:

Dobcross, Donations transcription:

The Wilby Bequest donations plaque in Dobcross church.

Wilby Bequest
This scroll records the benefaction made by the
late James William Wilby to the Vicar and
Churchwardens for the time being of the Parish
"Church of the Holy Trinity, Dobcross. The money"
so bequeathed has been invested.
Any future benefactions so made will be recorded
"here along with the name of the benefactor(s), and"
added to this bequest

Doris Margaret Thomas  Alec Schofield
Myra Booth1977 Mrs Marie Tanner
Olive Chadwick1977 Pheobe Alice Scott
Olive Lee (Bequest)1978 Harold Teal
Mr & Mrs Fred Scawthorn   
Joseph Herbert Schofield   
Robert Gibson   
Annie Woodcock   
Fred S. Bradbury   
Alice Whitehead   
Philip Bradbury Tanner   
William Alfred Platt   
Bessie Taylor   
Dorothy Middleton   
Edith Walton   
A. Woodcock   
Mr & Mrs A. Teal   
Dorothy Bradbury   
Jimmy Rainey   
Elizabeth Littlewood   
Eliza Sykes   
Constance Barber1991  
May Holmes1991  
Alice Teal1992  

Data transcribed by
Patricia Hayward
from photography by Colin Hinson