ROTHERHAM: The Marriage Registers for Greasbrough, 1849-1859


DateGroom NameGroom SurnameAgeOccupationGroom NotesGroom ParishStatusBride NameBride SurnameAgeBride NotesBride ParishNotes
29 07 1849Charles TalhamSNOWBALL27ButcherSon of John, a HecklerGreasbroughWidowerElizabethCAVELL20SpinsterDaughter of Joseph, a LabourerGreasbrough 
10 09 1849GeorgeTURTON51LabourerSon of Richard, a FarmerGreasbroughWidowerCatharineHALLEY39WidowDaughter of Joshua, a ButcherGreasbrough 
30 12 1849WilliamBATTYE23LabourerSon of James, a LabourerGreasbroughBachelorHannahSWINNINGTON21SpinsterDaughter of John, a LabourerGreasbroughHannah a Servant
06 01 1850AbrahamWALTON27LabourerSon of John, a FarmerGreasbroughBachelorMargaretHOYLAND21SpinsterDaughter of William, a MinerGreasbroughMargaret a Servant
25 01 1850RichardBAILEY26LabourerSon of Joseph, a LabourerGreasbroughBachelorMary AnnIBBOTSON22SpinsterDaughter of George, a LabourerGreasbrough 
07 12 1850WilliamSHEPHERD Sheet RollerSon of Edward, a Scissor MakerGreasbroughBachelorElizabethDEAN SpinsterDaughter of George, a Sheet RollerGreasbrough 
07 12 1851AlfredCOOK Rod RollerSon of Edward, a LabourerGreasbroughBachelorRebeccaTAYLOR SpinsterDaughter of John, a LabourerGreasbrough 
13 05 1852EdwardSTRINGER FarmerSon of Charles, a FarmerEmley, nr HuddersfieldBachelorAnneJACKSON SpinsterDaughter of Edward, a MillerGreasbrough 
30 08 1852BenjaminGOODMAN LabourerSon of John, a LabourerGreasbroughBachelorHarrietKEYWORTH SpinsterDaughter of William, a LabourerBingham, NTT 
18 01 1853DavidTAYLOR MillerSon of John, a LabourerBlythBachelorBridgetLITTLEWOOD20SpinsterDaughter of John, a CarpenterGreasbrough 
13 11 1853HenryUTTLEY MinerSon of David, a MinerGreasbroughBachelorOlivePARKES WidowDaughter of Daniel Peacegood, a MasonGreasbrough 
16 04 1854JohnDAKIN22Sheet RollerSon of John, a CutlerParkgateBachelorEmmaHAYWOOD18SpinsterDaughter of Joshua, a TannerGreasbrough 
19 06 1854JohnLOCKWOOD LabourerSon of Thomas, a LabourerRotherhamBachelorAnneTRUEMAN WidowDaughter of William Guest, a LabourerRotherham 
? ? 1855HenryJACKSON22TravellerSon of Henry, a TravellerParkgateBachelorAnneGREAVES24SpinsterDaughter of George, a CutlerParkgate 
10 06 1855CharlesGREGG24MinerSon of William, a LabourerGreasbroughBachelorChristianaMITCHELL19SpinsterDaughter of John, a MinerGreasbrough 
19 08 1855RobertEDWARDS27MinerSon of Robert, a Brick MakerGreasbroughWidowerElizabethHUNTINGTON25SpinsterDaughter of Joseph, a LabourerGreasbrough 
20 08 1855JohnATKINSON24ForgemanSon of James, a Nail MakerGreasbroughBachelorEllenCONNELL24SpinsterDaughter of Joseph, a LabourerGreasbrough 
? ? 1856JosephPEPPER29FarmerSon of John, a FarmerHooberBachelorLucy AnneHARE20SpinsterDaughter of James, a ShepherdGreasbrough 
10 03 1856BenjaminTIMMINS PuddlerSon of Isaac, a PuddlerParkgateBachelorMariaHEYWOOD WidowDaughter of James Blackham, a LabourerParkgate 
31 03 1856WilliamGUEST24LabourerSon of George, a LabourerHemsworthBachelorElizabethBOWNES20SpinsterDaughter of John, a LabourerGreasbrough 
15 09 1856WilliamGARBRIDGE Plate LayerSon of Robert, a BlackSmithGreasbroughBachelorEllenMOSLERY SpinsterDaughter of John, a LabourerGreasbrough 
05 10 1856WilliamFROST LabourerSon of William, a LabourerGreasbroughBachelorSarahHAGON SpinsterDaughter of William, a BrickLayerGreasbrough 
13 10 1856CharlesHUTCHINSON PuddlerSon of Luke, a LabourerGreasbroughBachelorJaneFLETCHER SpinsterDaughter of John, a LabourerGreasbrough 
15 03 1857FrederickWARREN ForgemanSon of John, a ForgemanGreasbroughBachelorAnn ElizabethBAGNALL SpinsterDaughter of Thomas, a MoulderGreasbrough 
02 06 1857HarryTRAVIS LabourerSon of James, a Plate LayerGreasbroughBachelorEmmaWALTON SpinsterDaughter of Isaac, a GrinderGreasbrough 
03 08 1857HenryPARKER GroomSon of John, a CarterRailway BridgeBachelorEmmaREED SpinsterDaughter of George, a CarpenterRailway Bridge 
24 08 1857JamesTHOMPSON PuddlerSon of Richard, a LabourerGreasbroughBachelorMary AnnLAMBERT SpinsterDaughter of Abraham, a MinerGreasbrough 
05 10 1857William HenryJEWITT Table Knife CrafterSon of William, a WarehousemanSheffieldBachelorAnneMELLORDS SpinsterDaughter of John, a MinerGreasbrough 
09 11 1857WilliamGIBSON BlackSmithSon of Thomas Gill, a MasonGreasbroughWidowerEllenSTRINGER SpinsterDaughter of John, a CarpenterGreasbrough 
21 12 1857GeorgeGLASBY LabourerSon of George, a LabourerFinningleyBachelorHarrietHOYLAND SpinsterDaughter of William, a MinerGreasbrough 
07 02 1858CharlesHUDSON SawyerSon of John, a LabourerGreasbroughWidowerElizabethRICHARDSON WidowDaughter of John Panter, a GardenerGreasbrough 
29 06 1858EdwardJACKSON FarmerSon of Edward, a FarmerGreasbroughBachelorMary AnnHATTERSLEY SpinsterDaughter of George, an InnKeeperGreasbrough 
09 08 1858GeorgeBURGIN MinerSon of John, a MinerThorpe HesleyBachelorHannahTHOMPSON SpinsterDaughter of Richard, a LabourerGreasbrough 
22 08 1858EliasSWIFT PuddlerSon of John, a TailorGreasbroughBachelorAliceLAWTON SpinsterDaughter of Jarvis, a LabourerGreasbrough 
20 09 1858AlfredELSMORE BrickMakerSon of Alfred Hart, a ShoeMakerGreasbrough LaneBachelorMary AnnFLETCHER SpinsterDaughter of Richard, a LabourerGreasbrough LaneMary Ann a Milliner
31 12 1858ThomasBODDY LithographerSon of John, a Boot & ShoeMakerSheffieldBachelorHannahDAWSON SpinsterDaughter of John, a FarmerGreasbrough 
? ? 1859JosephBANCROFT ForgemanSon of Philimon, a JoinerGreasbrough LaneBachelorMaryRUSSELL SpinsterDaughter of George, a SailorGreasbrough Lane 
09 05 1859JamesSYLVESTER MinerSon of William, a MinerThorpe HesleyBachelorSarah AnnTHOMPSON SpinsterDaughter of Richard, a LabourerGreasbrough 

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