ROTHERHAM: The Marriage Registers for Greasbrough, 1860-1869


DateGroom NameGroom SurnameAgeOccupationGroom NotesGroom ParishStatusBride NameBride SurnameAgeStatusBride NotesBride Parish
04 03 1860WilliamKENT ForgemanSon of William, a ForgemanGreasbroughBachelorJaneCHARLESWORTH SpinsterDaughter of William, a MinerRailway Bridge
23 04 1860PeterDAVIES PotterSon of William, a LabourerGreasbrough LaneBachelorMaryBLYTH SpinsterDaughter of Matthew, a BlackSmithGreasbrough Lane
18 08 1860JamesKING Police OfficerSon of John, a SergeantSheffieldBachelorHarrietSTEER SpinsterDaughter of Charles, a Cabinet MakerGreasbrough
03 09 1860Henry HouldenWORFOLK ForgemanSon of William Houlden, a PotterGreasbrough LaneBachelorAnnBAKER WidowDaughter of Richard Rodgers, an EngineerGreasbrough
27 03 1861GeorgeMAY AgentSon of Thomas, a FarmerStockport, CHSBachelorHarrietLOVITT SpinsterDaughter of Moses, a FarmerLower Hough
19 05 1861JamesHAMMEL MinerSon of James, a MinerGreasbroughBachelorMary AnnBENNETT SpinsterDaughter of Benjamin, a MinerGreasbrough
25 12 1861JoshuaWHITTAKER Iron Foundry ManagerSon of Thomas, a MinerGreasbroughBachelorHarrietSTEEL SpinsterDaughter of George, a ShoeMakerGreasbrough
26 12 1861JohnWHEATLEY MoulderSon of George, a MoulderRotherhamBachelorSusannahCROWCROFT18SpinsterDaughter of John, a GardenerConisbrough
15 02 1862MilesSANDERSON InspectorSon of Thomas, a FarmerGreasbroughBachelorHarrietBLACKMOOR SpinsterDaughter of John, a BuilderGreasbrough
14 07 1862JacobGREENWOOD JoinerSon of John, a ShoeMakerGreasbroughBachelorAmeliaSANDERSON Widow ?Daughter of Thomas Green, a MinerGreasbrough
10 08 1862JohnHAWKSWORTH MoulderSon of Robert, a FarmerGreasbroughBachelorEmmaLEE SpinsterDaughter of William, an EngineManGreasbrough
21 09 1862RichardCOOPER33TailorSon of Richard, a FarmerGreasbroughWidowerAnnCHADWICK27SpinsterDaughter of David, a LabourerGreasbrough
01 12 1862ThomasMORRIS PuddlerSon of George, a WeaverGreasbroughBachelorSalomeCOOPER SpinsterDaughter of John, a LabourerGreasbrough
08 12 1862JamesWHITE LabourerSon of James, a LabourerWentworthBachelorJaneWOOD SpinsterDaughter of James, a WoodmanGreasbrough
09 12 1862George ClarkCATCHPOLE Pipe MakerSon of John, a LabourerGreasbroughBachelorOliveWALKER SpinsterDaughter of John, a Nail ManufacturerGreasbrough
10 03 1863WilliamDIXON MechanicSon of John, a TailorGreasbroughBachelorMyrahHALL SpinsterDaughter of Thomas, a LabourerSheffield
23 04 1863EdwardJACKSON43FarmerSon of Edward, a FarmerGreasbroughWidowerSarahHIGGINS22SpinsterDaughter of Charles, a JoinerGreasbrough
26 07 1863WilliamBISBY LabourerSon of George, a LabourerLower HoughBachelorMary AnnMONKS SpinsterDaughter of Richard, a MinerLower Hough
19 09 1863ThomasPEPPER37FarmerSon of Horace, a FarmerGreasbroughWidowerSarah ElizabethHATTERSLEY20SpinsterDaughter of George, a PublicanGreasbrough
01 11 1863CharlesHIDES LabourerSon of Jonathan, a LabourerGreasbroughBachelorAnnLAMBERT SpinsterDaughter of Abraham, a MinerGreasbrough
01 11 1863JamesBARBER LabourerSon of James, a BrickMakerGreasbroughBachelorElizabethUNWIN WidowDaughter of Richard Booth, a MillerGreasbrough
08 11 1863John ArnoldBOULTON FitterSon of Richard, a BrickLayerGreasbroughWidowerCatherineHAGON SpinsterDaughter of Michael, a LabourerGreasbrough
22 11 1863Frederick JohnDEWSNAP DruggistSon of Frederick, a DruggistGreasbroughBachelorMaryHURT SpinsterDaughter of Henry, a File CutterRotherham
09 12 1863Thomas BayliffeHENDERSON Brass TurnerSon of John, a MasonRotherhamBachelorEmmaKNOWLES SpinsterDaughter of Anthony Horace, a ClerkGreasbrough
26 12 1863CharlesWHITTINGTON BlackSmithSon of Charles, a BlackSmithGreasbroughBachelorRuthWALKER SpinsterDaughter of John, a Nail ManufacturerGreasbrough
28 12 1863ThomasKAY FitterSon of Moses, a MinerGreasbroughBachelorSarah AnnHUTCHINSON SpinsterDaughter of Charles, a LabourerGreasbrough
11 01 1864JamesBATTY LabourerSon of Benjamin, a BrickMakerGreasbroughBachelorBetseySTROTHER SpinsterDaughter of John, a BrickMakerGreasbrough
24 01 1864ThomasGRUNDY MinerSon of Thomas, a LabourerGreasbroughBachelorHarrietROBINSON SpinsterDaughter of George, a Mattress MakerGreasbrough
23 06 1864EdwardHARLEY PlumberSon of Daniel, a PlumberNether HoughWidowerElizabethWALKER SpinsterDaughter of Thomas, a DraperNether Hough
24 12 1864FrancisOXLEY BlackSmithSon of Charles, an EngineerGreasbroughBachelorMarySTROTHER SpinsterDaughter of Thomas, a FarmerGreasbrough
23 01 1865JohnMARSDEN LabourerSon of John, a LabourerGreasbroughBachelorAnnGREGG SpinsterDaughter of William, a LabourerGreasbrough
05 02 1865JosephFOSTER FurnaceManSon of Joseph, a ForgemanGreasbroughBachelorMary AnnRODGERS SpinsterDaughter of William, a MoulderGreasbrough
22 06 1865EdmundSTEEL ShoeMakerSon of George, a StrikerGreasbroughWidowerMaryDAWSON SpinsterDaughter of William, a Builder & JoinerWentworth
22 10 1865BenjaminGRAHAM FurnaceManSon of John, a StrikerGreasbroughBachelorHannah MariaHOLBURY SpinsterDaughter of Joseph, a LockFilerGreasbrough
25 10 1865John ThomasDAY Stove Grate FitterSon of William, a GrocerMasbroughBachelorHannahHATTERSLEY SpinsterDaughter of James, a Nail MakerGreasbrough
01 01 1866JohnTHOMPSON Stock TakerSon of Benjamin, a SawyerGreasbroughBachelorSarah RichardsonKESTEVEN SpinsterDaughter of James, a Stone CutterAdwick on Dearne
19 05 1866John WilliamHILL PainterSon of William, a JoinerRotherhamBachelorSarahSTACEY SpinsterDaughter of Isaac, a WatchmanGreasbrough
25 12 1866ThomasTAYLOR MinerSon of Thomas, a WeaverDodworthBachelorMaryWILLEY SpinsterDaughter of Richard, a MinerGreasbrough
26 01 1867TomGREENWOOD Brass FinisherSon of George, a PainterGreasbroughBachelorLucy MarthaHOYLAND SpinsterDaughter of William, a MinerGreasbrough
28 01 1867LeanderSTEPHENS GroomSon of Robert, a BlackSmithGreasbroughBachelorAnnBELLAMY SpinsterDaughter of Charles, a LabourerGreasbrough
03 03 1867JosephSHEPHERD PorterSon of Samuel, a MinerGreasbroughBachelorJaneFOERS SpinsterIllegitimate daughter of Ann Jane Foers and Charles BellamyGreasbrough
28 10 1867WilliamBELLAMY FarmerSon of Charles, a LabourerGreasbroughBachelorAnnPRICE SpinsterDaughter of Henry, a LabourerGreasbrough
16 11 1867RobertFOSTER Stove Grate FitterSon of Robert, a GroomGreasbroughBachelorMarthaSTRINGER SpinsterDaughter of Thomas, a LabourerGreasbrough
11 05 1868WilliamEPWORTH BleacherSon of John, a LabourerCudworthBachelorSarahMORRIS SpinsterDaughter of George, a LabourerGreasbrough
30 05 1868MarkELLIS Stove Grate Fitter GreasbroughBachelorMariaCOOPER SpinsterDaughter of John, a MinerGreasbrough
26 10 1868JohnHULLEY MinerSon of John, a MinerGreasbroughBachelorSarahSTANFIELD SpinsterDaughter of David, a MinerDarfield
09 02 1869AlfredHALL FarmerSon of George, an Underground StewardGreasbroughBachelorMaryWALKER SpinsterDaughter of John, a Nail MakerGreasbrough
25 07 1869ThomasDAVIS BrickLayerSon of John, an Engine TenterAttercliffeBachelorLydiaBARBER SpinsterDaughter of William, a GrinderGreasbrough
28 07 1869RichardGILLOTT48FarmerSon of Thomas, a ButcherGreasbroughBachelorMary AnnFRASER40WidowDaughter of Joseph Swift, a FarmerGreasbrough
16 08 1869HerbertCUSWORTH DraperIllegitimateGreasbroughBachelorSarahMASON SpinsterDaughter of Edward, a GrocerGreasbrough

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