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ROTHERHAM: The Marriage Registers for Greasbrough, 1870-1879

DateGroom NameGroom SurnameAgeOccupationGroom NotesGroom ParishStatusBride NameBride SurnameAgeBride NotesBride ParishStatus
14 04 1870JohnTAYLOR MinerSon of William, a MinerGreasbroughBachelorJaneCUTTELL Daughter of Robert, a BlackSmithGreasbroughSpinster
16 04 1870CharlesHARTLEY FitterSon of William, a MinerGreasbroughBachelorMary ElizabethSTRINGER Daughter of Charles, a BlackSmithGreasbroughSpinster
30 07 1870EdwardSTRINGER FitterSon of Thomas, a LabourerGreasbroughBachelorMary AnnHARGREAVES Daughter of James, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
09 10 1870JohnDOBSON20MinerSon of William, a MinerGreasbroughBachelorMariaSCHOLEY19Daughter of William, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
28 11 1870JamesBRIDGHAM25WarehousemanSon of William, a ClerkManchesterBachelorElizabethGREEN27Daughter of George, a GrocerGreasbroughSpinster
13 05 1871AlbertHOBSON28Police OfficerSon of James, a GamekeeperGreasbroughBachelorMaryMOORHOUSE24Daughter of John, a GamekeeperRawmarshSpinster
26 06 1871RichardELMORE MinerSon of Richard, a LabourerGreasbroughWidowerEmily JaneMYERS Daughter of Isaac, a HuntsmanGreasbroughSpinster
04 09 1871JamesCOLDRON Engine DriverSon of Thomas, a LabourerSheffieldBachelorEmmaMELLORDS Daughter of John, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
20 10 1871WilliamEXLEY26Colliery ClerkSon of Benjamin, a WeaverGreasbroughBachelorMarthaBOOTH20Daughter of Charles, a ForgemanGreasbroughSpinster
04 12 1871WilliamHOYLAND Brass TurnerSon of William, a MinerGreasbroughBachelorMaryRADCLIFFE Daughter of Zachariah, a CarpenterGreasbroughSpinster
25 12 1871SamBOTTOMLEY35FurnaceManSon of John, a Coke BurnerParkgateWidowerSarah RichardsonTHOMPSON33Daughter of James Kesteven, a Stone CutterGreasbroughWidow
07 04 1872William HarryTAYLOR CompositorSon of George, a TailorManchesterBachelorCarolineWALL Daughter of Edward Henry, a Commercial TravellerGreasbroughSpinster
24 06 1872JosephBROWN MinerSon of John, a MinerGreasbroughBachelorCarolineWILLIAMS Daughter of Benjamin, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
24 06 1872RichardALLPORT MinerSon of John, a MinerGreasbroughBachelorSarahOAKLEY Daughter of Joseph, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
02 09 1872MatthewKELLETT Engine TenterSon of Matthew, a BrickLayerGreasbroughBachelorAlicePATRICK Daughter of Jacob, a BrickLayerGreasbroughSpinster
23 10 1872William JohnTUNE SlaterSon of George, a SlaterBrightsideBachelorJaneCARR Daughter of Benjamin, a Contractor & BuilderGreasbroughSpinster
04 11 1872GeorgeSIMCOX MinerSon of George, a MinerGreasbroughBachelorElizaLILLEY Daughter of William, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
12 11 1872JohnWHITEHEAD21ButcherSon of James, a ButcherParkgateBachelorEmmaWADSWORTH20Daughter of Cornelius, a Fender MakerGreasbroughSpinster
04 12 1872EllisMITCHELL MinerSon of Joseph, a MinerGreasbroughBachelorLucyFARADAY Daughter of Thomas, a Colliery ManagerGreasbroughSpinster
03 02 1873ThomasSNART Police OfficerSon of Thomas, a LabourerLower HoughBachelorMarthaJOHNSON Daughter of John, a MinerLower HoughSpinster
24 03 1873HenryMITCHELL MinerSon of Joseph, a MinerGreasbroughBachelorMaryHEAMSTEAD [HEMPSTEAD] Daughter of Joseph, a LabourerGreasbroughSpinster
27 03 1873Herbert JuniusHARDWICKE23SurgeonSon of Junius, a SurgeonRotherhamBachelorMary ElizabethALLEN22Daughgter of William, a YeomanGreasbroughSpinster
03 11 1873WilliamFOULDS ButcherSon of Robert, a ButcherGreasbroughBachelorOliviaWARD Daughter of Thomas, a MasonGreasbroughSpinster
04 11 1873EdwardARNELL27FarmerSon of Thomas, a FarmerGreasbroughWidowerAnnTYZACK24Daughter of Edward, a FarmerSheffieldSpinster
21 12 1873SamuelLILLEY MinerSon of William, a MinerGreasbroughBachelorElizaMARSHALL Daughter of John, a LabourerGreasbroughSpinster
25 12 1873HenryRAWLIN Joiner & BuilderSon of John, a Joiner & BuilderGreasbroughBachelorLucyHIGGINS Daughter of Charles, a JoinerGreasbroughSpinster
25 12 1873JosephWILKINSON MinerSon of Edward, a LabourerGreasbroughBachelorSarahTRIPPETT Daughter of James, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
19 01 1874DavidBOOTH RollerSon of Isaac, a File GrinderGreasbroughBachelorAnneWILLEY Daughter of Thomas, a ButcherGreasbroughSpinster
21 04 1874JosephKIRK21MinerSon of George, a MinerGreasbroughBachelorEmilySMITH Daughter of Thomas, a LabourerGreasbroughSpinster
14 05 1874JamesDENTON LabourerSon of John, a ShepherdGreasbroughBachelorElizaBIRNEY Daughter of John, a Coast GuardsmanGreasbroughSpinster
26 07 1874WalterBRIGGS Engine TenterSon of John, an Engine TenterGreasbroughBachelorHannahBUTCHER Daughter of John, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
24 08 1874Frederick JohnFRITH FitterSon of Charles, a Drilling TutorRotherhamBachelorHarrietSTRINGER Daughter of Thomas, a LabourerGreasbroughSpinster
13 09 1874GeorgeWIDDISON MinerSon of John, a LabourerGreasbroughWidowerElizabethSELLARS Daughter of John, a MinerParkgateSpinster
25 12 1874JohnKIRK Engine DriverSon of George, a MinerGreasbroughBachelorMary Martha AnnSAYLES Daughter of George, a LabourerGreasbroughSpinster
04 04 1875HenryBRIGGS Engine TenterSon of John, an Engine TenterGreasbroughBachelorMarthaROBERTS Daughter of Joseph, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
17 05 1875JohnHUTCHINSON MinerSon of James, a ShoeMakerLower HoughBachelorSarahTHOMPSON Daughter of Joseph, a MinerRawmarshSpinster
30 05 1875HenryWATERHOUSE MinerSon of Robert, a MinerGreasbroughBachelorCelia CooksonSCHOFIELD Daughter of George, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
11 07 1875JosephBAILEY Engine TenterSon of Joseph, an Engine TenterBrightsideWidowerCharlotteJOHNSON Daughter of John, a LabourerGreasbroughSpinster
19 01 1875AlbertSWIFT PuddlerSon of Joshua, a PuddlerGreasbroughBachelorMary AnnKENTON Daughter of Nathaniel, a BricklayerGreasbroughSpinster
26 01 1875RichardMORRIS MinerSon of William, a MinerGreasbroughBachelorFannyALLPORT IllegitimateGreasbroughSpinster
18 10 1875PeterROBERTS MasonSon of William, a MasonGreasbroughBachelorMaryHARTLEY Daughter of William, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
04 05 1876EzraBAILEY MinerSon of George, a MinerGreasbroughBachelorClaraINMAN Daughter of Abraham, a Steel ForgemanKimberworthSpinster
29 05 1876George EdwardHORNER Brass FinisherSon of Edward, a Mould MakerGreasbroughBachelorHarrietPLEASANCE Daughter of George, a LabourerGreasbroughSpinster
16 07 1876WilliamCARDWELL MinerSon of John, a MinerGreasbroughBachelorEmilyHOULGATE Daughter of George, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
09 10 1876WalterCROSSLEY24BlackSmithSon of Thomas, a MillerGreasbroughBachelorHelenaBUTCHER21Daughter of John, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
05 11 1876Henry FrancisWADDLETON MasonSon of Thomas, a FarmerGreasbroughBachelorSusan GertrudeSCHOLES Daughter of Charles, a LabourerGreasbroughSpinster
06 11 1876GeorgeELLIOT LabourerSon of Benjamin, a LabourerKimberworthBachelorSarahADAMS Daughter of Benjamin Thompson, a LawyerGreasbroughWidow
02 01 1877ThomasCOURTNEY GroomSon of John, a LabourerGreasbroughWidowerElizabethSARGENT Daughter of John Walker, a Nail ManufacturerGreasbroughWidow
09 05 1877Thomas RichardCLAPHAM39GentlemanSon of Richard, a GentlemanAustwickGentlemanSarah FrancesBYERS26Daughter of William, a Clerk in the Holy OrdersGreasbroughSpinster
23 05 1877Henry RodgersSTRINGER GlazierSon of Thomas, a LabourerGreasbroughBachelorEmilyROADHOUSE Daughter of Ellis, a GrocerGreasbroughSpinster
04 05 1877FrancisBOOTH Licensed VictuallerSon of David, a MinerGreasbroughWidowerCatherineHATFIELD Daughter of Henry Bright, an EngineerMasbroughWidow
16 09 1877George EdwinMATTEWS OR MATTHEWS40Model Maker GreasbroughBachelorEllenBOOTH32Daughter of George, a ForgemanGreasbroughSpinster
06 10 1877Arthur JamesSWALLOW SawyerSon of Richard, a ForgemanGreasbroughBachelorSarahCOOPER Daughter of Mark, a MasonGreasbroughSpinster
22 10 1877ArthurBEAUMONT MasonSon of John, a MinerWath upon DearneBachelorMaryBUTCHER Daughter of John, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
25 12 1877EdwardBOOTH WarehousemanSon of George, a ForgemanGreasbroughBachelorClaraMELLARDS Daughter of Charles, a GrocerGreasbroughSpinster
31 12 1877WilliamFAIRBURN MillerSon of Jonathan, a MillerGreasbroughBachelorBlancheBOOTH Daughter of Luke, a Licensed VictuallerGreasbroughSpinster
21 01 1878Charles HenrySMITH JoinerSon of Joseph, a MinerGreasbroughBachelorMary AnnNAYLOR Daughter of James, a ForegmanParkgateSpinster
28 01 1878JosephUTTLEY LabourerSon of Mark, a MinerGreasbroughBachelorCharlotteBOYD Daughter of Joseph, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
18 04 1878JohnDAWSON27Office Clerk GreasbroughBachelorMary EllenUTTLEY26Daughter of John, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
23 04 1878George HarrisHAWLEY EngineManSon of William, a ButcherGreasbroughBachelorAnnieFAIRBURN Daughter of Jonathan, a MillerGreasbroughSpinster
28 10 1878Robert JohnPRESCOTT MoulderSon of James, a SignalmanKimberworthBachelorRebeccaDODSON Daughter of James, a LabourerGreasbroughSpinster
02 11 1878ArthurEDWARDS24ForgemanSon of Thomas, a RollerIccles, RotherhamBachelorSarah EstherCOOPER Daughter of John, a FurnaceManGreasbroughSpinster
25 12 1878ThomasPARKIN MinerSon of John, a WeighmanThorpe HesleyBachelorHarrietHUTCHINSON Daughter of Luke, a LabourerGreasbroughSpinster
14 07 1879ArthurBRADLEY MinerSon of George, a MinerHoylandBachelorMiraGOLDSBROUGH Daughter of John, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
28 07 1879DavidUTTLEY MinerSon of Samson, a MinerGreasbroughBachelorMaryADAMS Daughter of John, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
10 10 1879WilliamPENNINGTON BlackSmithSon of James, a LabourerGreasbroughWidowerMary AnnGWINNELL Daughter of Evan Williams, an EngineerMasbroughWidow
25 10 1879ThomasPRESTON MinerSon of George, a WatchmanGreasbroughBachelorHannahDAWSON Daughter of John, a GardenerGreasbroughSpinster

Transcribed by Jack Parry © 2011
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