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ROTHERHAM: The Marriage Registers for Greasbrough, 1880-1889

DateGroom NameGroom SurnameAgeGroom NotesGroom ParishOccupationStatusBride NameBride SurnameAgeBride NotesBrides ParishStatus
12 07 1880William MillsCOCKELL  MasbroughCart ProprietorBachelorElizabethCOOPER Daughter of Mark, a Stone MasonGreasbroughSpinster
25 07 1880Thomas EdwardsCLEATHERS Son of Edward, a Turner & FitterGreasbroughPattern MakerBachelorEllenDAWSON Daughter of William, a ShoeMakerGreasbroughSpinster
15 08 1880BenjaminDAVIS24Son of Homer?, a FurnaceManGreasbroughCoke BurnerBachelorMary EllenELMORE19Daughter of John, a WoodCutterGreasbroughSpinster
05 09 1880George HenryLAIDLER Son of Mark Graham, a BookMakerGreasbroughEngine TenterBachelorEllenJOHNSON Daughter of John, a LabourerGreasbroughSpinster
06 09 1880Arthur TomSAXTON Son of James, a MinerGreasbroughOffice ClerkBachelorMary MariaWHITTINGTON Daughter of James, a BlackSmithGreasbroughSpinster
28 11 1880DenisBOOTH Son of Israel, a File GrinderGreasbroughLamp CleanerBachelorMarySTANSFIELD Daughter of David, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
11 01 1881MarkALLOTT Son of John, a LabourerGreasbroughEngine TenterBachelorSarahJONES Daughter of Joseph, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
23 06 1881William MillsLOWINGS Son of David, a LabourerHulme, nr Manchester, LANPolice ConstableBachelorAnn ElizaGREAVES Daughter of William, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
25 12 1881LeonardPILKINGTON Son of John, a LabourerGreasbroughLabourerBachelorElizabethEVANS Daughter of John, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
24 03 1882William HenryCLARKE Son of Henry, a LabourerGreasbroughMinerBachelorMarySWIFT Daughter of Thomas Faraday, a LabourerGreasbroughWidow
17 04 1882ThomasPATTISON Son of John, a MinerBrinsworthMinerBachelorEllenBOTTOMLEY Daughter of George, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
19 07 1882WilliamWARBURTON Son of John, a MinerGreasbroughMinerBachelorSarah AnnGASCOIGNE Daughter of Elijah, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
24 07 1882JohnSTRINGER Son of John, a BlackSmithGreasbroughJoinerBachelorElizabethMACHEN Daughter of Thomas, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
17 08 1882ThomasHICKS Son of Thomas, a LabourerSutton cum DuckmantonInnKeeperBachelorAnniceSEDDONS Daughter of Samuel, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
22 08 1882EphraimMITCHELL Son of John, a MinerGreasbroughMinerBachelorSarah AnnELLIS  GreasbroughSpinster
18 11 1882AbelDURANT Son or Robert, a MinerGreasbroughEngine TenterBachelorMary ElizaBARKER Daughter of William, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
23 11 1882John WilliamsonDAWSON26Son of John, a MerchantGreasbroughFarmerBachelorAnnGRAYSON18Daughter of George, a FarmerGreasbroughSpinster
07 12 1882WilliamAIREY Son of George, a GamekeeperGreasbroughGamekeeperBachelorMary JessieWOOD Daughter of John, a LabourerManningham, BradfordSpinster
24 12 1882DennisLINLEY Son of Charles, a MinerGreasbroughMinerBachelorEllenWILCOCK Daughter of Alfred, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
25 12 1882WalterLOY  GreasbroughMoulderBachelorSelinaHAYWOOD Daughter of Henry, a LabourerGreasbroughSpinster
19 02 1883ArthurUTTLEY Son of Jacob, a MinerWath upon DearneMinerBachelorJane ElizabethGASCOIGNE Daughter of George, a LabourerGreasbroughSpinster
07 08 1883Robert HenrySMALLEY Son of Robert, a Draper & TailorGreasbroughIron Works Clerk & Collector at LargeBachelorAnnie ElizabethROADHOUSE Daughter of Ellis, a GrocerGreasbroughSpinster
25 10 1883WilliamGILLETT Son of William, a GardenerGreasbroughPlanterBachelorMary AnnTATE Daughter of James Hunter Riley, a Mason & BuilderGreasbroughWidow
02 12 1883GeorgeMALTHOUSE Son of William, a FettlerGreasbroughMoulderBachelorHenriettaLONGDEN Daughter of William, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
25 12 1883George RobertFRITH Son of Charles, a PackerGreasbroughMinerBachelorElizabeth MaudGASCOIGNE Daughter of Elijah, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
03 02 1884HoraceBARKER Son of Charles, a LabourerGreasbroughMinerBachelorAnnie JacksonTEAL Daughter of Samuel Jackson, a Clock & Watch CleanerGreasbroughSpinster
05 02 1884CharlesWATERLOW Son of John, a WoodmanJump, nr BarnsleyPolice ConstableBachelorConstanceBYLING Daughter of John, a PuddlerGreasbroughSpinster
02 06 1884CharlesGREAVES26Son of William, a MinerGreasbroughBanksmanBachelorElizabethCARR26Daughter of Benjamin, a Fire Trier ?RawmarshSpinster
27 07 1884HenryHANSORD29Son of George, a CarterMasbroughWheel BosserBachelorMaryBOTTOMLEY30Daughter of George, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
28 07 1884RichardPICKERSGILL30Son of George, a FarmerRotherhamPolice OfficerBachelorPollyGREGG20Daughter of Charles, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
02 11 1884WilliamSCHOFIELD26Son of Peter, a LabourerGreasbroughMinerBachelorMary MariaOXLEY25Daughter of James Dodson, a LabourerGreasbroughWidow
24 12 1884Frank TateSYKES24Son of George, a GrocerLower HoughPolice OfficerBachelorSarahGREAVES19Daughter of William, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
08 01 1885ThomasCLARKE28Son of Henry, a LabourerGreasbroughMinerBachelorEllenGREEN21Daughter of Henry, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
06 04 1885FrederickMOXON31Son of Edward, a MinerGreasbroughMinerBachelorMarthaFIELDSEND28Daughter of IsaacGreasbroughSpinster
19 04 1885JohnGEE20Son of Thomas, a deceased LabourerGreasbroughFarmerBachelorMaryFENN33Daughter of John, a deceased Colliery ManagerGreasbroughSpinster
20 07 1885IsaacMCCALL23Son of Henry, a LabourerEckingtonMinerBachelorAnnieMITCHELL22Daughter of Benjamin, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
04 10 1885JohnWILLIAMSON23Son of Charles, a LabourerOld EngineMinerBachelorAmeliaHAYWOOD22Daughter of John Kirk, a deceased MinerOld EngineWidow
12 10 1885HenryGILL37Son of Job, a deceased LabourerGreasbroughMinerBachelorEmilyBURTON21Daughter of Joseph, a LabourerGreasbroughSpinster
29 10 1885WilliamCAREY26Son of Robert, a LabourerKimberworthSignalmanBachelorKateSAXTON23Daughter of James, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
08 11 1885JosephSMITH Son of Samuel, a deceased MinerGreasbroughMinerWidowerEmmaSWIFT Daughter of Abraham Thompson, a deceased LabourerWentworthWidow
24 12 1885RobertOXLEY34Son of George, a deceased ForgemanGreasbroughForgemanBachelorMarthaHARDY38Daughter of Thomas Woodward, a JoinerGreasbroughWidow
01 06 1886CharlesWILLIAMS28Son of James Crabtree, a GardenerLower HoughBarManBachelorMaryLAWRENCE27Daughter of Edward, a LabourerGreasbroughSpinster
06 06 1886Percy EdwardCOPE22Son of Edward, a Farmer2 Potter's HillFarmerBachelorMary AnnBOOTH21Daughter of Israel, a deceased Grinder2 Potter's HillSpinster
06 06 1886FrancisBOOTH25Son of Charles, a GentlemanScrooby StreetClerkBachelorFlorenceTHOMPSON27Daughter of William, a deceased FarmerFeoffes House ?Spinster
20 06 1886HenryBLYTON22Son of Thomas, a LabourerScrooby StreetMinerBachelorClaraSMITH22Daughter of John, a MinerChapel HousesSpinster
21 11 1886TomSMITH27Son of John, a MinerMill StreetMinerBachelorElizabeth AnnWATSON21Daughter of George, a MinerMill StreetSpinster
12 12 1886JosephHOLROYD Son of William, a deceased Steel MelterHarold's CroftMinerWidowerElizabethHAGUE Daughter of Elias Goddard, a deceased MinerHarold's CroftWidow
14 12 1886Arthur FrederickKITCHINGMAN Son of William, a Gentleman44 Rufford Road, SheffieldCommercial TravellerBachelorFlorenceCOPE Daughter of Edward, a FarmerMunsbroughSpinster
25 12 1886FredBROADHEAD20Son of Joseph, an Iron TurnerGreasbroughClerkBachelorElizabethSKELTON20Daughter of Samuel, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
26 12 1886ArthurCOOPER22Son of Mark, a BuilderBrynammau, South WalesMaster MasonBachelorEmmaIBBOTSON21Daughter of John, a BootMakerScrooby StreetSpinster
27 12 1886AlfredLINLEY24Son of Charles, a deceased PackerScrooby StreetTrammerBachelorEliza AnnWRAY18Daughter of Peter, a deceased MinerCoach RoadSpinster
28 12 1886GeorgeFANTHORPE27Son of Richard, a Farm BailiffManchester, LANSchoolMasterBachelorElizaLEE28Daughter of Alfred, a JoinerGreasbroughSpinster
09 01 1887FredSWIFT22Son of Charles, a SextonGreasbroughPit CorporalBachelorLucyWILLEY28Daughter of John, a deceased ButcherGreasbroughSpinster
15 02 1887HarryJAGGER22Son of Robert, a Colliery ProprietorShelley, Huddersfield BachelorEvaCHAMBERS24Daughter of John [Joah?], a SchoolMasterLower HoughSpinster
13 03 1887ArthurBISBY21Son of William, a Miner2 Mill StreetMinerBachelorMary JanePLATTS20Daughter of William, a Miner5 Mill StreetSpinster
03 07 1887JoeEYRE21Son of John, a SawyerConisbroughWheelWrightBachelorSarah JaneFOSTER19Daughter of William, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
31 10 1887ThomasMYERS Son of John, a GroomChurch StreetFarmerWidowerMaryHALL Daughter of John Walker, a deceased Nail MakerChurch StreetWidow
18 12 1887AlfredSYKES30Son of William, a PuddlerGreasbroughMinerBachelorCharlotteGASCOIGNE20Daughter of Charles, a LabourerGreasbroughSpinster
27 12 1887ArthurASKEW23Son of Thomas, a FarmerLower HoughButcherBachelorEmilyJOHNSON31Daughter of John, a MinerLower HoughSpinster
30 01 1888TheophilusTINKER26Son of William, a LabourerRawmarshClerkBachelorSarahPRESTON28Daughter of George, a LabourerGreasbroughSpinster
20 05 1888HenryOXLEY24Son of James, a MinerSt.James Road, RotherhamHay TrusserBachelorKate AliceDOBSON21Daughter of Walter, a MinerMain StreetSpinster
20 05 1888SamuelPICKFORD22Son of Thomas Haden, a Cashier17 Hope Street, BarnsleyModel MakerBachelorMary AnnWARD22Daughter of William, a MinerSteel SquareSpinster
22 05 1888John ThomasTURNER27Son of Zachariah, a deceased MinerMain StreetMinerBachelorAnnieJONES26Daughter of Joseph, a Miner5 Manchester Street, Werneth, LANSpinster
19 06 1888HarryKENYON25Son of Charles, a Manufacturing ConfectionerRotherhamManagerBachelorEmilyWATKIN26Daughter of John, a FarmerGreasbroughSpinster
16 09 1888NelsonFROST25Son of Samuel, a deceased JoinerSwintonMoulderBachelorMary AliceTHOMPSON20Daughter of Harry, a deceased PhotographerGreasbroughSpinster
16 12 1888WilliamGUEST27Son of William, a LabourerGreasbroughMinerBachelorElizabethDAWSON40Daughter of Joseph Howard, a deceased Engine TenterGreasbroughWidow
23 01 1889FrankCOULDWELL26Son of Benjamin, a deceased WheelWright & JoinerKimberworthWheelWrightBachelorMary AliceTHOMPSON22Daughter of James, a LabouerGreasbroughSpinster
22 04 1889ThomasTILLOTSON27Son of William, a TravellerSt.Stephens, BurmantoftsArtistBachelorFlorenceSNOWBALL21Daughter of Charles, a LabourerGreasbroughSpinster
06 06 1889AlfredWILKINSON30Son of John, a deceased TailorSouth View, Wellgate, RotherhamBrass FinisherBachelorEdith EleanorWHITTAKER25Daughter of Joshua, a Commercial TravellerGreasbroughSpinster
19 08 1889LarretLAMBERT26Son of Joseph, a MinerChurch StreetMinerBachelorSusannahELLIS21Daughter of John, a Miner2 Church StreetSpinster
25 08 1889HarryCARR23Son of John, a MinerGreasbroughIron TurnerBachelorMary AnnCOTTERELL22Daughter of George, an Iron WorkerGreasbroughSpinster
20 10 1889JohnSENIOR27Son of Jonathan, a PublicanGreasbroughMinerBachelorMary JaneELLIS22Daughter of John, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
24 11 1889FrederickMACHIN30Son of George, a deceased LabourerGreasbroughMinerBachelorSarah Ann AzalineSMART26Daughter of Thomas Healey, a deceased FarmerGreasbroughWidow
22 12 1889John ThomasRANDS22Son of William, a MinerGreasbroughMinerBachelorMary JaneBRYAN23Daughter of John, a LabourerGreasbroughSpinster
25 12 1889HarrySHIELDS24Son of ThomasAttercliffe, SheffieldFiremanBachelorSarahFORD29Daughter of CharlesGreasbroughSpinster
25 12 1889RichardCLARKE27Son of Bingley Walker, a MinerWath upon DearneMinerBachelorAliceALLEN23Daughter of John, a File ForgerGreasbroughSpinster
25 12 1889John Frederick RobertWILLIAMS32Son of Job, a deceased LabourerMasbroughLabourerBachelorFlorenceKAY24Daughter of Thomas, a Stove Grate FitterGreasbroughSpinster

Transcribed by Jack Parry © 2011
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