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ROTHERHAM: The Marriage Registers for Greasbrough, 1890-1899

DateGroom NameGroom SurnameAgeGroom NotesGroom ParishOccupationStatusBride NameBride SurnameAgeBride NotesBrides ParishStatus
29 01 1890WilliamROBERTS24Son of William, a MasonGreasbroughJoinerBachelorAnnie ElizabethFOSTER21Daughter of Robert, a Stove Grate FitterGreasbroughSpinster
30 03 1890EdwardHEPPENSTALL29Son of John, a deceased ClerkParkgatePattern MakerBachelorAliceBAILEY29Daughter of George, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
07 04 1890Samuel LouisHARRISON22Son of John, a deceased Iron & Steel CutterDarnallIron & Steel CutterBachelorLucyWILCOCK21Daughter of Alfred, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
07 04 1890MosesKAY25Son of Thomas, a Stove Grave FitterGreasbroughMoulderBachelorAnnie ElizabethSMITH31Daughter of William, a GroomGreasbroughSpinster
29 04 1890Arthur WilliamMEGSON28Son of Canova, a deceased GentlemanBerwick on TweedBook SellerBachelorAnnie HelenaMAY28Daughter of Joseph, a FarmerGreasbroughSpinster
25 05 1890Arthur JamesTHOMPSON25Son of James, a LabourerGreasbroughClerkBachelorMinnieWILCOCKSON21Daughter of William Henry, a PublicanGreasbroughSpinster
24 08 1890WilliamMAY22Son of Saul, a MinerGreasbroughMinerBachelorEllenGASCOIGNE18Daughter of Ellis, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
01 09 1890HarryHARDY29Son of Charles, a deceased BuilderGreasbroughBuilderBachelorMalindaPRITCHARD29Daughter of George, a deceased Farmer & Hauler102 Gell Street, SheffieldSpinster
11 09 1890JamesRIDSDALE20Son of Thomas, a Coke BurnerAldwarke Road, RawmarshEngine DriverBachelorAnnieHAMMERTON22Daughter of James, a LabourerGreasbroughSpinster
11 09 1890Thomas WalkerSALES22Son of George, an Engine DriverMasbroughGlass BlowerBachelorAnnieHILL21Daughter of Henry Freason, a BlackSmithGreasbroughSpinster
28 09 1890SamuelBAKER20Son of Joseph, a MinerGreasbroughMinerBachelorElizabethWARD19Daughter of John, a PuddlerGreasbroughSpinster
27 10 1890WilliamREYNOLDS19Son of James, a MoulderGreasbroughSignal FitterBachelorSarah JaneCAVE19Daughter of George, a LabourerGreasbroughSpinster
28 10 1890FrederickBOOTH23Son of George, a Farm LabourerGreasbroughTrammerBachelorMaryHALL20Daughter of Alfred, a deceased FarmerGreasbroughSpinster
02 11 1890HarryOXLEY24Son of Thomas, a MinerGreasbroughMinerBachelorMarthaCUTTLE30 HalifaxSpinster
21 12 1890JohnWILCOCK26Son of Alfred, a MinerGreasbroughMinerBachelorMargaret LucyJACKSON22Daughter of Edward, a Clerk & CollectorGreasbroughSpinster
25 12 1890DavidBURNS19Son of Jonathan Kitchen, a MinerGreasbroughMinerBachelorJaneCLAPHAM20Daughter of William, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
25 01 1891George WilliamBOULTON23Son of David, a MinerGreasbroughMinerBachelorMartha AnnBOULTON18Daughter of Frederick, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
15 02 1891LeviMORRIS25Son of Thomas, a LabourerGreasbroughLabourerBachelorPhillisWIDDISON20Daughter of Thomas, a ShoeMakerGreasbroughSpinster
15 02 1891JohnSCHOFIELD21Son of Peter, a LabourerGreasbroughMinerBachelorElizaBLOOR26Daughter of Herbert, a PotterEastwoodSpinster
29 02 1891SamDAVIS23Son of William, a deceased Iron WorkerGreasbrough BachelorEleanorHUTCHINSON18Daughter of John, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
26 07 1891ThomasREEDER20Son of Richard, an Iron WorkerGreasbroughIron WorkerBachelorAnnieWEBB18Daughter of Thomas, a CollierGreasbroughSpinster
23 08 1891WilliamGASCOIGNE22Son of Hubert, a MinerMill StreetMinerBachelorKateHULLEY18Daughter of John, a MinerMain StreetSpinster
24 08 1891FredHULLEY22Son of John, a MinerGreasbroughMinerBachelorLucyTHOMPSON22Daughter of Benjamin, an Engine TenterBrampton BierlowSpinster
11 10 1891John AllenFOSTER27Son of John, a deceased MinerGreasbroughMinerBachelorEmmaHARRISON21Daughter of William, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
08 11 1891DennisCUCKSON30 KilnhurstLabourerBachelorAnnieWEBB24Daughter of James, a LabourerGreasbroughSpinster
09 12 1891AlfredBOOTH29Son of Luke, a PublicanGreasbroughStock TakerBachelorJane ElizabethJACKSON Daughter of Edward, a ClerkGreasbroughSpinster
15 12 1891George HenryFULWOOD28Son of James, a DeputyGreasbroughMinerBachelorAnnieBOTTOMLEY24Daughter of George, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
25 12 1891William JoshuaSMITH26Son of George, a BuilderGreasbroughPawn Broker's AssistantBachelorEmily FlorenceNASH23Daughter of Henry, a Railway InspectorRotherhamSpinster
13 02 1892SamuelGILL62Son of William, a deceased Gunlock MakerEastwoodBolt MakerWidowerEmmaWYATT53Daughter of William Bownes, a deceased MinerGreasbroughWidow
27 02 1892John ThomasWILDE25Son of Abraham, a deceased Railway GuardSwintonGlass Bottle MakerBachelorElizabethHOYLE22Daughter of Joseph, a JoinerGreasbroughSpinster
06 03 1892ArthurBOWNES30 GreasbroughMinerBachelorElizabethBAILEY23Daughter of Isaac, a deceased ForgemanGreasbroughSpinster
29 03 1892Harry EdwardTINKLER22Son of William, a HairDresserGreasbroughCarterBachelorMargaret AnnAUSTIN19Daughter of Thomas, a deceased MinerGreasbroughSpinster and Tailoress
16 04 1892George RobertPRESTON26Son of George, a CarterGreasbroughMinerBachelorPriscillaCLAYTON27Daughter of Thomas, a Green GrocerGreasbroughSpinster
28 04 1892William ThompsonRAWLIN33Son of John, a JoinerGreasbroughMoulderBachelorAdaBOOTH24Daughter of Luke, a PublicanGreasbroughSpinster
19 05 1892HarryBOOTH26Son of Luke, a PublicanGreasbroughIron WorkerBachelorPollyPEPPER26Daughter of ThomasGreasbroughSpinster
06 06 1892ThomasPRATT23Son of Samuel, a LabourerGreasbroughLabourerBachelorMariaMITCHELL23Daughter of George, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
06 06 1892WilliamSENIOR31Son of Jonathan, a PublicanGreasbroughMinerWidowerElizabethBORLEY37Daughter of John, a LabourerGreasbroughSpinster
06 07 1892John ThomasHANBURY32Son of John, a deceased FarmerKillamarshFarmerWidowerMary EstherFAIRBURN30Daughter of Jonathan, a Corn MerchantGreasbroughSpinster
06 07 1892George FrederickDENTON Son of Joseph, a GardenerBarnsleyPlumberBachelorHannahHAGUE Daughter of Henry, a deceased MinerGreasbroughSpinster
01 08 1892WilliamWARD23Son of James, a MinerWombwellMinerBachelorAdaSANDERSON20Daughter of Charles Edwin, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
11 08 1892ArthurCOLLIER33Son of Henry, a deceased GamekeeperWentworthLabourerBachelorAgnesSWIFT30Daughter of Charles, a deceased SextonGreasbroughSpinster
28 08 1892OwenTHOMPSON24Son of James, a LabourerGreasbroughClerkBachelorMiriam ElizabethBELL20Daughter of James, a deceased PublicanGreasbroughSpinster
29 09 1892FrankROYSTON23Son of Joseph, a BanksmanGreasbroughTrammerBachelorAlice AnnWOODWARD23Daughter of Thomas, a JoinerGreasbroughSpinster
25 10 1892Thomas WadeTYSON Son of William, a GardenerRoundhay, LeedsGardenerWidowerElizabethLOCKWOOD Daughter of John, a deceased MinerMain StreetSpinster
01 11 1892John RobertKIME23Son of John Robert, a MinerGreasbroughMinerBachelorSarah ElizabethSCHOFIELD22Daughter of Walter, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster & Cook Daughter
19 11 1892CharlesMITCHELL60Son of Joseph, a deceased SinkerGreasbroughMinerWidowerMyraSYKES60Daughter of James Wilcock, a MinerGreasbroughWidow
25 12 1892John JeffcottLAMBERT27Son of Thomas, a deceased BlackSmithGreasbroughMinerBachelorSarah EllenWARD24Daughter of William, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
27 02 1893JohnCLAPHAM24Son of William, a LabourerGreasbroughMinerBachelorBetsyPIMPERTON20Daughter of John, a LabourerGreasbroughSpinster
18 04 1893SamuelTRUEMAN22Son of Aaron, an EngineWrightGreasbroughEngineerBachelorAnnice AnnROBERTS21Daughter of William, a DeputyGreasbroughSpinster
29 05 1893John ThomasSMITH29Son of William, a GroomGreasbroughJoinerBachelorMaryBAILEY26Daughter of George, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster & Assistant Mistress
12 06 1893FredSELLARS23Son of Benjamin, a deceased MinerGreasbroughMinerBachelorHarrietBARKER23Daughter of Charles, a LabourerGreasbroughSpinster
09 08 1893HarryROBERTS25Son of William, a MasonGreasbroughBanksmanBachelorEsther AnnRODGERS26Daughter of William, a MasonGreasbroughSpinster
12 09 1893ThomasHAWKE23Son of Thomas, an Iron Works ForemanParkgateBoiler TenterBachelorKate AliceBROOKSBANK20Daughter of Richard Birks, a deceased ButcherGreasbroughSpinster
11 10 1893William HenryBOOTHROYD28Son of Joshua, a WeaverAlmondburySaddlerBachelorCharlotte AdaJACKSON28Daughter of Edward, a Clerk & SurveyorGreasbroughSpinster
17 10 1893HenryFAIRBURN28Son of Jonathan, a MillerGreasbroughMillerBachelorSarah JaneBRADFORD28Daughter of John, a Coke BurnerGreasbroughSpinster
25 10 1893GeorgeTHOMPSON24Son of Charles, a LabourerThorpe HesleyMinerBachelorMaryCLAPHAM20Daughter of William, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
27 03 1894Joseph ChorleyLAVER24Son of James Armitage, a Canal InspectorWombwellMusic ProfessorBachelorMargaret MarthaSMITH Daughter of George, a BuilderGreasbroughSpinster
15 05 1894George AllenRODGERS29Son of William, a LabourerGreasbroughMinerBachelorMaryGASCOIGNE30Daughter of George, a LabourerGreasbroughSpinster
12 06 1894FrankDICKINSON29Son of Richard, a deceased FarmerGreasbroughCarterBachelorMary HannahBOOTH26Daughter of George, a LabourerGreasbroughSpinster & DressManer
21 08 1894DavidGASH24Son of William, a LabourerGreasbroughMinerBachelorAliceWARD22Daughter of Western, a LabourerGreasbroughSpinster
27 12 1894HarryWARD24Son of William, a MinerGreasbroughMinerWidowerFannyTHORPE24Daughter of John Edward, a BlackSmithGreasbroughSpinster
31 12 1894Horace GeorgePEPPER27Son of Thomas, a deceased LabourerGreasbroughCoke BurnerBachelorAnnie AmeliaROADHOUSE27Daughter of Charles, a Stove Grate FitterGreasbroughSpinster
22 01 1895AbrahamJAMES34Son of Abraham, a deceased Iron WorkerKimberworthLabourerBachelorGraceARNELL28Daughter of Edward, a Horse KeeperGreasbroughSpinster
27 03 1895WilliamRICHMOND26Son of Robert, a FarmerCarltonFarmerBachelorHenrietta CarolineHIRST23Daughter of James, a deceased FarmerNether HoughSpinster
15 04 1895George HarryADDY22Son of Mark, a PublicanGreasbroughMinerBachelorEliza AnnLEE18Daughter of James, a deceased LabourerGreasbroughSpinster
24 04 1895Charles HerbertCUSWORTH19Son of Charles, a TailorNether HoughTrammerBachelorAmyEARNSHAW19Daughter of Sam, a MinerNether HoughSpinster
03 05 1895JosephCOX25Son of William, a LabourerGreasbroughLabourerBachelorAnnieFORTH22 GreasbroughSpinster
03 06 1895AlfredPLEASANCE21Son of George, a deceased MinerGreasbroughMinerBachelorAnnieGREGG27Daughter of Charles, a GardenerGreasbroughSpinster
03 06 1895William BirksBROOKSBANK24Son of Richard Birks, a deceased ButcherGreasbroughMinerBachelorAnnie LouiseGREEN23Daughter of Harry, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
05 06 1895DavidALLISON22Son of George, a BlackSmithDarnallFurnaceManBachelorMillicentWILCOCK24Daughter of Alfred, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
15 06 1895FrankWALKER23Son of Joseph, an Engine DriverGreasbroughFitterBachelorElizabethLEE21Daughter of James, a deceased LabourerGreasbroughSpinster
25 07 1895George HenryJONES27Son of Joseph, a MinerParkgateCarterBachelorCaroline AnnBIRD35Daughter of John, a deceased GardenerMaughan, ParkgateWidow
19 08 1895AnnenBOOTH29Son of Francis, a deceased ForgemanParkgateMinerBachelorEdithFLINTHAM23Daughter of Joh, a GardenerMain StreetSpinster
25 08 1895JosephGRAYSON20Son of George, a FarmerGreasbroughFarmerBachelorAda MaryFOSTER21Daughter of Robert, a Stove Grate FitterGreasbroughSpinster
09 09 1895WilliamKIRK26Son of Robert, a Plate LayerGreasbroughMinerBachelorElizabethRYLES19Daughter of Thomas, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
25 09 1895John ThomasRAWLIN38Son of John, a JoinerMain StreetJoinerBachelorHannahWOFFINDEN30Daughter of Edward Bannister, a deceased CordwainerChapel StreetWidow
03 10 1895GeorgeSEDDONS34Son of Samuel, a MinerMain StreetEngine TenterBachelorBlancheROADHOUSE32Daughter of Charles, a MinerChurch StreetSpinster
03 10 1895FredHARDY24Son of Charles, a deceased Stone MasonGreasbroughMinerBachelorElizabethBANTAM24Daughter of George, a Range FitterGreasbroughSpinster
18 11 1895AlfredSAXTON28Son of James, a MinerGreasbroughGrocer's AssistantBachelorLauraDEWSNAP28Daughter of Frederick John, a ChemistGreasbroughSpinster
11 12 1895Henry CharlesBAKER Son of Henry, a PublicanCanterburyLivery Stables ProprietorBachelorAgnesEARNSHAW25Daughter of Sam, a MinerNether HoughSpinster
24 12 1895FredWARD23Son of William, a MinerGreasbroughMinerBachelorAliceDRURY20Daughter of Thomas, a CoachmanGreasbroughSpinster
30 01 1896JohnTHORNTON Son of John, an Iron WorkerScrooby StreetJoinerBachelorClaraROADHOUSE23Daughter of Charles, a FitterChurch StreetSpinster
16 02 1896SamuelJONES23Son of Joseph, a MinerChapel HousesMinerBachelorSarahHOLMES20Daughter of George Lee, a ShepherdGreasbroughSpinster
06 04 1896Frederick EdwinSORSBY20Son of Edwin, a FitterGreasbroughJoinerBachelorSarah ElizabethROBERTS20Daughter of Peter, a MasonGreasbroughSpinster
04 05 1896JamesFULWOOD25Son of James, a DeputyGreasbroughMinerBachelorAliceNORBURN20Daughter of Joseph, a Coach BuilderRotherhamSpinster
25 05 1896FredMORLEY28Son of Joseph, a deceased JoinerGreasbroughJoinerBachelorEmilyWILSON20Daughter of John, a PublicanKimberworthSpinster
26 05 1896WilliamDAVIS26Son of William, a deceased ForgemanGreasbroughMinerBachelorLucyRANDS24Daughter of William, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
26 05 1896HenleyGUEST24Son of William, a LabourerGreasbroughMinerBachelorHarriettRANDS22Daughter of William, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
18 06 1896William RogersWILSON26Son of Martin, an Engine DriverGreasbroughJoinerBachelorSarah EllenTHORNTON Daughter of John, an Iron WorkerGreasbroughSpinster
23 06 1896Samuel AthelstoneCARR27Son of Samuel, a deceased SchoolMasterChurch StreetClerkBachelorMargaret EllenFOSTER26Daughter of Robert, a Stove Grate FitterChurch StreetSpinster
02 07 1896George HenrySKELTON25Son of Samuel, a LabourerGreasbroughMinerBachelorElizaWORSMAN26Daughter of William, a ForgemanKimberworthSpinster
08 07 1896William Benjamin WardFARAH25Son of Thomas Robinson, a MasonWickersleyMasonBachelorElizabeth CarolineSALTER21Daughter of Daniel, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
16 07 1896HerbertSMITH35Son of George, a BuilderGreasbroughMasonBachelorMaryTOWNSEND26Daughter of Henry, a FarmerGreasbroughSpinster
07 10 1896JamesMORGAN32Son of John, a deceased FarmerWentworthCoachmanBachelorCharlotteBANNISTER33Daughter of Edward, a deceased BootMakerGreasbroughSpinster
26 10 1896Walter GeorgeGASCOIGNE26Son of George Fox, a deceased LabourerNether HoughMinerBachelorClaraSMITH25Daughter of Arthur, a deceased MinerGreasbrough RoadSpinster
25 12 1896FredSTRINGER24Son of Edward, a Stove Grate FitterGreasbroughStove Grate FitterBachelorLucyHARRISON25Daughter of William, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster & Assistant Mistress
25 12 1896ArthurBROOMHEAD23Son of Samuel, a WoodmanThorpe HesleyMinerBachelorCharlotteTRUEMAN22Daughter of Aaron, an EngineWrightGreasbroughSpinster
25 12 1896George HenryDENTON23Son of Joseph, a MinerGreasbroughMinerBachelorMay or MarySKIDMORE22Daughter of John, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
28 02 1897OscarTURNER21Son of Arthur, a BlackSmithAshwood Road, ParkgateMoulderBachelorMary JaneJONES21Daughter of Joseph, a MinerChapel HousesSpinster
07 03 1897HenrySENIOR21Son of John, a MinerParkgateLabourerBachelorLilyGASCOIGNE19Daughter of Charles, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
03 04 1897MatthewBARNES Son of William, a deceased ShepherdWentworthLabourerWidowerJaneJONES Daughter of Richard Williams, a deceased LabourerGreasbroughWidow
17 04 1897Percy EdgarWOODING26Son of James, a Coachman13 Canormbury Street, IshingtonCommercial ClerkBachelorAnnieSTEEL24Daughter of Frederick, a ClerkGreensideSpinster
19 04 1897IsaacGUEST23Son of Robert, a MinerNether HoughMinerBachelorFlorence JaneHAMMERTON21Daughter of James, a deceased MinerMaughan, Parkgate, ParkgateSpinster
19 04 1897CorneliusAUSTIN Son of Robert, a deceased MasonGreasbroughMinerBachelorMary DorothyHUTCHINSON20Daughter of John, a deceased MinerGreasbroughSpinster
06 06 1897WilliamDAWSON28 GreasbroughIron TurnerBachelorMarthaBOULTON26Daughter of David, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
11 06 1897John WilliamTATTERSALL37Son of Edward, a Cotton Spinner10 Lister Street, RotherhamClerkBachelorEdithROBERTS27Daughter of William, a MasonGreen StreetSpinster
22 08 1897CecilWOODWARD25Son of Thomas, a Pattern MakerGreasbroughSchoolMasterBachelorClaraTHOMPSON25 GreasbroughSpinster
21 11 1897WilliamCARR27Son of John, a deceased MinerDamm Head, GreasbroughEngineWrightBachelorAnnie ElizabethKIRK24Daughter of George, a MinerNether HoughSpinster
27 11 1897WilliamBUCKLE27Son of Martin, a deceased LabourerGreasbroughLabourerBachelorMinnieBUCKLE30Daughter of Robert, a deceased LabourerWincobankSpinster
25 12 1897Robert OwenBOOTE23Son of William, a BlackSmith77 Bridge Street, DoncasterBlackSmithBachelorEmilyWARDINGLEY21Daughter of George, a MinerMill StreetSpinster
02 01 1898WalterWHINFREY22Son of William, a LabourerScrooby StreetMinerBachelorEllenBOOTH21Daughter of Charles, a MinerFiztwilliam SquareSpinster
30 05 1898Samuel HadfieldSHAW29Son of Isaac, a deceased PotterKilnhurstFiremanBachelorAnnieRAMSDEN24Daughter of Andrew, a Stove FitterGreasbroughSpinster
03 07 1898Alfred RichardDOBSON25Son of Walter, a deceased MinerCampbell StreetMinerBachelorEdithBAILEY22Daughter of Isaac, a deceased FminerScrooby StreetSpinster
04 07 1898FredSCHOFIELD22Son of Walter, a MinerFenton WoodBrass CasterBachelorAda HarrietELLIS21Daughter of Mark, a deceased Stove Grate FitterChurch StreetSpinster
12 07 1898William JamesWHEELER25Son of Walter, a MinerAshley Gardens, WestminsterPolice ConstableBachelorAnnieGASCOIGNE26Daughter of Hubert, a MinerMill StreetSpinster
23 07 1898Edwin ErnestHARRISON27Son of Edward, a deceased Iron WorkerMidland Road, MasbroughBrass WorkerBachelorEllenWOODHEAD25Daughter of Harry, a PuddlerChurch StreetSpinster
28 07 1898WilliamFREEMAN44Son of James, a Silk Worker89 Blundell, St.James, Caledonian Road, London, NorthLamp MakerWidowerAnn ElizaASKEW32Daughter of Thomas, a deceased FarmerMill StreetSpinster
13 08 1898GeorgeLAMBERT50Son of Joseph, a GamekeeperParkgateHay DealerWidowerAnnDAWSON37Daughter of George Grayson, a FarmerChurch StreetWidow
15 08 1898Thomas ArthurBROOKSBANK22Son of Richard Birks, a deceased ButcherHarold's CroftMinerBachelorKateBARTHOLOMEW18Daughter of Edwin, a ShoeMakerMain StreetSpinster
22 08 1898HarryHULLEY24Son of John, a MinerChurch StreetMinerBachelorAnnieROBINSON24Daughter of William, a WoodmanGreasbroughSpinster
18 09 1898ErnestDAVIS24Son of Jabez, a MinerParkgateBlackSmithBachelorMarie AliceDOBSON23Daughter of Walter, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
29 09 1898Frederick WilliamTRAYTE24Son of Thoms William Cox, a PlastererSt.Stephens Road, EastwoodPainterBachelorMariaBRADSHAW23Daughter of Thomas, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
05 10 1898ArthurFRANCE22Son of William, a Caretaker17 Netherfield Lane, RawmarshEngine DriverBachelorEmilyHIRST24Daughter of Samuel, a BlackSmithOld EngineSpinster
13 10 1898Percy GeorgeWILKINSON29Son of John, a deceased Oil ExtractorGreen StreetJoinerBachelorEdith RoseCOOPER25Daughter of Mark, a deceased BuilderChapel HousesSpinster
24 12 1898WilliamTHORNTON29Son of John, a LabourerScrooby StreetMinerBachelorMary ElizabethBOOTH23Daughter of David, an Engine TenterScrooby StreetSpinster
26 12 1898Benjamin HarlockCRAY20Son of William, a deceased Steel Melter322 Bright Street, CarbrookLabourerBachelorElizabethGREEN22Daughter of Henry, a deceased MinerWingfieldSpinster
26 12 1898CharlesCANT20Son of John, a FiremanGreasbroughEngine DriverBachelorAdaBOULTON19Daughter of Fred, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
27 12 1898JohnGRAY20Son of John, a Mason1 Cancklow Terrace, WhistonTrammerBachelorAmeliaBRIGGS19Daughter of Walter, an Engine TenterNether HoughSpinster
27 12 1898Frederick WilliamBRUNT21Son of Charles, a Wagon Builder79 Selbourne Street, AttercliffeShunterBachelorLaurettaSCHOFIELD20Daughter of George Walter, a MinerFenton WoodSpinster
30 01 1899George GummersonBUCKLEY40Son of Charles, a ShoeMaker41 Quarry Lane, BarnsleyCarting ContractorWidowerAgnesWILCOCK21Daughter of Alfred, a deceased MinerGreensideSpinster
20 02 1899OscarBOWER21Son of Valentine, a deceased Brick Maker38 Hunsley Street, BrightsideIron WorkerBachelorRose HannahPYE23Daughter of George, an Iron Worker6 Scrooby StreetSpinster
03 04 1899FrederickBRAISBY24Son of William, a MinerScrooby StreetMinerBachelorFannySEDDONS17Daughter of Samuel, a MinerMain StreetSpinster
03 04 1899DanSANDERSON25Son of Charles, a MinerScrooby StreetMinerBachelorJaneANGRAVE23Daughter of John, a MinerGreasbroughSpinster
03 04 1899FredPARKIN20Son of Walter, an Under ManagerGreasbrough CollieryMinerBachelorClaraLITTLEWOOD21Daughter of John, a deceased MinerGreasbrough CollierySpinster
04 04 1899HerbertGRAYSON25Son of George, a deceased FarmerGreasbroughFarmerBachelorAnnieTOWNSEND26Daughter of Henry, a FarmerGreasbroughSpinster
04 04 1899ArthurLINTON45Son of Charles, a TailorCarbrookMoulderBachelorHarrietDODSON31Daughter of James, a deceased LabourerGreasbroughSpinster
22 05 1899JohnBUTTERY22Son of John, a Miner15 Scrooby StreetMinerBachelorSarah JaneBLAKEY18Daughter of George Henry, a SignalmanGreasbroughSpinster
23 05 1899HoraceMITCHELL33Son of John42 Church StreetMinerBachelorElizabethPEPPER28Daughter of Thomas, deceased15 Green StreetSpinster
30 05 1899EphraimCOLEY30 15 Middleton Road, RotherhamTravellerBachelorSarah AgnesMASON30Daughter of Thomas, a MinerMain StreetSpinster
04 06 1899ErnestFISHER26Son of George, a Labourer8 Providence StreetEngine TenterBachelorWilmot ?SANDERSON28Father deceasedSte.Annes Road, RotherhamSpinster
21 09 1899WilliamSTEEL24Son of Frederick, a Clerk46 Meadow StreetClerkBachelorEmmaBRADLEY25Daughter of James, a MinerChurch StreetSpinster
24 12 1899ErnestWEBB23Son of Thomas, a Miner23 Oxford RowMinerBachelorEllaLOY19Daughter of William, a FarmerChurch StreetSpinster
26 12 1899FrankBOULTON27Son of Henry, a Miner6 Providence StreetMoulderBachelorEdithROADHOUSE25Daughter of ?, a FitterChurch StreetSpinster

Transcribed by Jack Parry © 2011
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This transcription has not been checked.
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