Greasborough, War Memorial transcription


Rotherham parish:

Greasborough, War Memorial transcription:

The War Memorial at Greasbrough.

The front centre plaque: (see also Photo)

In Grateful Memory
Of the men of Greasbro
Who laid down their lives
In the Great War

The front left plaque: (see also Photo)

Aram, Arthur.Pte
Bailey, George.Pte
Bennett, W.Pte
Booth, L?arret.Pte
Booth, Simeon.Pte
Biggs, George.Pte
Biggs, James.Pte
Chafer, Thomas.Pte
Cox, Bli.Pte
Dawson, Harvey.Pte
Elliott, Albert.Pte
Ellison, Harry.Pte
Embley, W. A.Pte
Firth, W.Cpl
Foulds, George.Cpl
Gascoigne, Ernest.Pte
Gregg, Thomas.Pte
Hammond, W.Sergt
Hinchliffe, W. L.Sergt
Hotchkin, Arthur.Pte
Hucknall, Joseph.Pte
Jackson, Willie.Pte
Jolley, S.Pte
Jones, J.Pte
Lawson, Tom.Pte
Lount, Alfred.Lc Cpl

The front right plaque: (see also Photo)

Machen, F. D.S.MA.B.
Martin, George A.Drumr.
Mitchell, Fred.Drvr
Mitchell, William.Pte
Ogley, Lewis.Sergt
Pritchard, W.Capt
Rawlin, Thomas.Pte
Reynolds, Thomas.Pte
Sanderson, J.C.Pte
Sellars, B.R.Capt
Sellars, H.W.Lieut
Smith, George T.Pte
Smith, Gilbert.Cpl
Smith, T.B.Pte
Stewart, J.A.Pte
Thompson, D.Pte
Tyler, John A.Pte
Underwood, Fred.Pte
Ward, Frank.Pte
Ward, Wilfred.Trpr
Westnage, Harold.Gunr
Whittington, George.Pte
Whittington, Peter.Pte
Willey, Frank.Drvr
Wofinden, Colin.Sergt
Chafer, Ernest.Pte
Chafer, John T.Drvr

The back of the memorial: (see also Photo)

1939 1945
Greasbro' service men & women
Killed on active service
Brown, William A.Sergt
Bartholomew, Bernard W.Sergt
Colley, Frank.Cpl
Fisher, Ronald W.Sergt
Gresser, Edwin.Sapper
Gascoigne, Gwendoline M.Srn.Gmb
Hodgson, Bernard J.Pte
Hoyle, William H.Pte
Hirst, Frederick E.LAC
Hartley, Harry.L/CPL.
Morley, Dennis.PTE.
Pimperton, Frank.GNR.
Sobkowlak, Franciszek.F/SGT.
Savory, Allan.SERGT.
Thompson, Harold.TROOPER.
Uttley, Frank.PTE.
Wright, Eddie.SGT/NAV.

Data transcribed by
Karen Cook.
from photography by Colin Hinson