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ROTHERHAM: The Marriage Registers for Kimberworth, 1853-1859

DateGroom nameGroom SurnameAgeStatusGroom ParishOccupationGroom's fatherBride nameBride SurnameAgeStatusBride ParishBride's FatherWitnessesNotes
10 01 1853WilliamTAYLOR23BachelorBradgateLabourerThomas Taylor, a SextonSarahJENKINSON19SpinsterBradgateThomas Jenkinson, a LabourerGeorge Taylor; Sarah NeatbyBy Banns
08 03 1853JohnPOWERFullBachelorMasbroughClerk in Holy OrdersJohn Power, a GentlemanElizabeth HarrietGRAHAMFullSpinsterMasbroughJames Graham, a GentlemanJ J G Graham; Sarah Maria Sandberg; Emily Gertrude Vickers; Mary A Bright & J H GrahamBy Licence
14 03 1853AaronFARMERY19BachelorMasbroughMinerGeorge Farmery, a MinerSarahMARSHALL20SpinsterMasbroughSamuel Marshall, an EngineerGeorge Denton; Elizabeth BottomleyBy Banns
03 05 1853GeorgeWATSON26BachelorKimberworth FieldLabourerGeorge Watson, a LabourerMary AnnGARNER17SpinsterKimberworth FieldWilliam Garner, a LabourerGeorge Stainforth; Elizabeth TingleBy Banns
03 07 1853ThomasHAWKSWORTH25BachelorMasbroughStove Grate FitterThomas Hawksworth, a Stone MasonAnnPARKIN19SpinsterMasbroughGeorge Parkin, a SmithThomas Taylor; William TaylorBy Banns
26 12 1853JamesKIRK21BachelorMasbroughSpring Knife CutterHugh Kirk, a Spring Knife CutterSarah AnnCROWTHER19SpinsterMasbroughJohn Crowther, a Stone MasonGeorge Peaker; Lucy PeakerBy Banns
15 03 1854GeorgeSIMMONS57WidowerKimberworthJoinerGeorge Simmons, a Timber DealerEstherHAGUE28SpinsterRotherhamWilliam Hague, a Coal Miner [Collier]William Jarvis; Mary FieldsBy Banns
16 04 1854RobertSTRAW22BachelorKimberworthMillWrightWilliam Straw, a Coal AgentAnnFIRTH21SpinsterMasbroughGeorge Firth, a JoinerWilliam Thomas Bullock; Harriet StrawBy Banns
17 04 1854JamesBRAY20BachelorMasbroughPuddlerRobert Bray, a Brick MakerMaryWHITAKER19SpinsterMasbroughJohn Whitaker, a Brick MakerJohn James; Rebecca JamesBy Banns
27 04 1854WilliamMILNS26BachelorRotherhamBookBinderWilliam Milns, a MasonElizaREYNOLDS23SpinsterKimberworthJohn Milns; Anna Reynolds By Banns
07 08 1854ThomasSTAINROD29BachelorKimberworthWarehouseManFrancis Stainrod, a LabourerAnneHOULDER29SpinsterKimberworthJoseph Houlder, a BlackSmithJames Stainrod; Sarah HarrisBy Banns
22 08 1854William WalterLIDSTER25BachelorMasbroughGrinderWilliam Lidster, a GrinderAnnKNOWLES19SpinsterMasbroughJohn Knowles, a FarmerJoseph Clark; Fanny ClarkBy Banns
11 09 1854JamesKING28BachelorMasbroughShoeMakerThomas King, a WeaverMary AnnWILLIS22SpinsterMasbroughJohn Willis, a MasonJohn James; Mary JamesBy Banns
05 11 1854Frederick JameWATTS27WidowerMasbroughJoinerThomas Watts, a JoinerRose AnnBINNEY20SpinsterMasbroughWilliam Binney, a Stove Grate FitterWilliam Malthouse; Keziah MalthouseBy Banns
13 11 1854GeorgeCOOKE33BachelorMasbroughCollierJohn Cooke, a CollierSarahJAMES32SpinsterMasbroughWilliam James, a CollierWilliam James; Isabella ThompsonBy Banns
25 12 1854WilliamCOOPER21BachelorKimberworthRollerWilliam Cooper, a RollerLouisa AliceGLEADALL22SpinsterKimberworthJames Gleadall, a GardenerMatthew Cooper; Mary Ann HeathcoteBy Banns
04 02 1855George DawlerLILLY29BachelorMasbroughFile StrikerJames Lilly, a FarmerElizabethHEPPENSTALL19SpinsterMasbroughGeorge Heppenstall, a Steel ConverterGeorge Heppenstall; Thomas TaylorBy Banns
09 04 1855JamesCARDWELL21BachelorMasbroughSpringerSamuel Cardwell, a LabourerElizabethBAVIN20SpinsterMasbroughJames Bavin, a CarrierJohn Clarke; Sarah MarshallBy Banns
08 07 1855GeorgeTAYLOR23BachelorKimberworthMoulderThomas Taylor, a SextonJane MariaHOKE20SpinsterMasbroughEdward Hoke, a BlackSmithThomas Taylor; William TaylorBy Banns
30 09 1855ThomasMILLINTON21BachelorMasbroughMechanicThomas Millinton, a LabourerMary AnnJEPSON19SpinsterMasbroughHenry Jepson, a Gas FitterJohn Taylor; Elizabeth GrahamBy Banns
27 01 1856EdmundSKINNER23BachelorKimberworthEngineerJohn Skinner, a PorterLydiaJEPSON22SpinsterWoodstock Bower, KimberworthJoseph Jepson, a Spade & Shovel MakerWilliam Ellis; Sarah Ann MosleyBy Banns
22 04 1856RobertROBINSON25BachelorMasbroughFarmerJames Robinson, a TailorMarySAVILLEFullSpinsterMasbroughOliver Saville, a Linen WeaverWilliam Skinner; Mary SellarsBy Banns
02 06 1856John RevillUNDY21BachelorMasbroughButcherRichard Undy, a FarmerMary ElizabethHEATON20SpinsterMasbroughAdam Heaton, a ShoeMakerGeorge Heaton; Hannah HeatonBy Banns
03 08 1856GeorgeMOUNFIELD29BachelorMasbroughFile CutterJohn Mounfield, a Furnace ManMariaFOSTER29SpinsterMasbroughCharles Foster, an EngraverJohn Wilkinson; Eliza FosterBy Banns
01 09 1856EdwardJACKSON24BachelorKimberworthMinerFrancis Wood, a CutlerMary AnnRAYBOULD24SpinsterKimberworthJames Raybould, a Fork MakerJames Stainrod; Lydia GillamBy Banns
14 09 1856WilliamHOBSON26BachelorMasbroughCutlerGeorge Hobson, a CutlerElizabethRATHBONE19SpinsterMasbroughJohn Rathbone, a CooperWilliam Epworth; Emma RathboneBy Banns
27 09 1856John LingwoodSTUART32BachelorMasbroughEngineerJohn Stuart, a BankerMaryRAWSON30SpinsterMasbroughCharles Rawson, a Yeoman & High ConstableCharles Rawson; Amelia Rawson; Mary Stuart & Annie RawsonBy Banns
19 10 1856JohnMILNER34BachelorMasbroughJoinerJohn Milner, a FarmerMaryBAVINGTON28SpinsterMasbroughRichard Bavington, a FarmerJoseph Frost; Thomas TaylorBy Banns
17 11 1856SamuelSPENCER26BachelorMasbroughFile SmithSamuel Spencer, a Stone MasonAnnWALTON26SpinsterMasbroughWilliam Walton, a Cotton WeaverThomas Taylor; William TaylorBy Banns
25 12 1856William GlossopWOOD26BachelorSwintonFarmerJohn Wood, a FarmerAnnPRESTON19SpinsterMasbroughJoseph Preston, a Machine MakerThomas Parkinson; Alber LeSall; Ernest Parkinson; Sarah Elizabeth Wood; Emma BlackburnBy Licence
09 02 1857RichardTHOMAS20BachelorKimberworthPuddlerThomas Thomas, a LockSmithJanePEW18SpinsterKimberworthJoseph Pew, a ShoeMakerEdward Thompson; Sarah Ann BagnallBy Banns
23 02 1857JabezBARTON27BachelorMasbroughBrass TurnerJabez Barton, a Brass TurnerMaryHELLAELL [HELLIWELL]21SpinsterMasbroughJonas Helliwell, a TinnerGeorge Peaker; Lucy PeakerBy Banns
23 02 1857EdwardELLIS20BachelorMasbroughStone MasonGeorge Ellis, a Stone MasonJaneDAY24SpinsterMasbroughWilliam Day, a BlackSmithJohn Cottam; Mary DayBy Banns
29 03 1857WilliamTHOMPSON23BachelorKimberworthLabourerCharles Thompson, a WatermanCassandraBAMFORTH17SpinsterKimberworthJoseph Bamforth, a MinerEdwin Higgins; Emma BamforthBy Banns
13 04 1857WilliamHADFIELD27BachelorKimberworthFile SmithWilliam Hadfield, a FarmerEmilyCROOKES23SpinsterKimberworthWilliam Crookes, a FendersmithGeorge Lilley; Elizabeth LilleyBy Banns
13 04 1857WilliamROBERTS24BachelorKimberworthLabourerGeorge Roberts, a LabourerSarahNAYLOR24SpinsterKimberworthJames Naylor, a LabourerJoseph Wainwright; Sarah HepsterBy Banns
13 04 1857HenryJAMES22BachelorKimberworthEngine TenterAbraham James, a LabourerSarahBUTCHER20SpinsterKimberworthJoseph Butcher, a BookkeeperGeorge Ellis; Harriet EllisBy Banns
19 04 1857JosephFROST39BachelorKimberworthLabourerJoseph Frost, a LabourerJaneSTRAFFORD37SpinsterKimberworthJames Strafford, a LabourerThomas Taylor; William TaylorBy Banns
08 05 1857William CotesBOOTH19BachelorHolmes Lane, KimberworthRailway ClerkCotes Booth, a PolicemanEmmaBROOK19SpinsterWestgate, RotherhamGeorge Brook, a FarmerJoseph MakinBy Registrar's Certificate
16 05 1857Alfred RaynerLOWE24BachelorKimberworthEngineerJames Lowe, a CalendererJaneNEEDHAM22SpinsterKimberworthJohn Needham, a BrokerJames Goodrick Needham; Sarah Ann SheldonBy Licence
15 06 1857JosephFIELDSEND24BachelorKimberworthMasonCharles Fieldsend, a MasonAnnASHFORTH27SpinsterKimberworthIsaac Ashforth, a NailerJohn Wright; Sarah AshforthBy Banns
18 06 1857ThomasHUDSON37WidowerKimberworthCordwainerDavid Hudson, a FarmerMartha MilnerWILSON WidowBakewellJoseph Fletcher, a Stone MasonJohn Waterhouse; May BinderBy Registrar's Certificate
02 11 1857RobertHALL22BachelorBrightsideRazor GrinderGeorge Hall, a WheelWrightSarah AnnBARTRAM20SpinsterKimberworthRichard Bartram, a Scripture ReaderHenry Innocent; Harriet BoolerBy Banns
16 02 1858EdwardCARR23BachelorKimberworthMinerRichard Carr, a MinerPriscillaBURLAND19SpinsterKimberworthJoseph Burland, a MinerJohn Cusworth; Eliza CusworthBy Banns
20 05 1858SamuelYOUNG24BachelorMasbroughButcherHenry Young, a ButcherAnnSADLER25SpinsterHolmesGeorge Sadler, a GardenerThomas Coggin; David Bailey Howarth; Elizabeth Darwent & Emma HowarthBy Banns
23 05 1858William FairisBINNEY21BachelorKimberworthStove Grate FitterWilliam Binney, a Stove Grate FitterSarahTUNE26SpinsterKimberworthJames Tune, a ClerkJames Tune; E Bellamy & Harriet TuneBy Banns
24 05 1858John WilliamPORTER21BachelorMasbroughGrinderGeorge Porter, a Steel BurnisherSarah AnneJAMES19SpinsterMasbroughJoseph James, a WatermanJoseph James; Isabella ThompsonBy Banns
22 07 1858MartinMOFFITT24BachelorSpaldingConstableMartin Moffitt, a MasonAnnJAMES18SpinsterKimberworthIsrael James, a ContractorThomas William Black; Ann MorleyBy Banns
08 08 1858ThomasWHEELHOUSE36BachelorKimberworthBrick MakerGeorge Wheelhouse, a JoinerMarthaBEAUMONT46WidowKimberworthSamuel Dixon, a GardenerJonathan Turner; Mary GreenBy Banns
23 08 1858WilliamMCCURDY26BachelorKimberworthFrench PolisherWilliam McCurdy, a Cabinet MakerHarrietBULLOCK21SpinsterKimberworthJohn Bullock, a FarmerJohn Warris; Mary Ann WarrisBy Banns
29 08 1858JohnTAYLOR19BachelorKimberworthStove Grate FitterGeorge Taylor, a LabouerAnnGOODINSON16SpinsterKimberworthWilliam Goodinson, a MinerThomas Taylor; Richard BartramBy Banns
26 09 1858JamesWEAVER21BachelorHolmesBoilerMakerJohn Weaver, a GrocerSarahTAYLOR24SpinsterBradgateJohn Taylor, a LabourerThomas Jenkins; Esther HobsonBy Banns
27 09 1858WilliamTURTLE25BachelorFerhamCoachmanJohn Turtle, a GardenerAnneWARD21SpinsterCloughJohn Ward, a GardenerWilliam Pidd; Harriet CottonBy Banns
10 10 1858EdwardHAGON21BachelorKimberworthBrickLayerWilliam Hagon, a BrickLayerJaneTINGLE20SpinsterKimberworthGeorge Tingle, a MinerHenry Hagon; Thomas ButlerBy Banns
18 10 1858WilliamHAYWOOD44WidowerMasbroughTailorWilliam Haywood, a TailorHarriet UnwinHOBSON47SpinsterMasbroughThomas Hobson, a CashierThomas Taylor; Hannah TaylorBy Banns
21 10 1858GeorgeMYERS23BachelorMoorgate, Whiston, MasbroughLithographerGeorge Myers, a TailorHarrietMASON24SpinsterMasbroughJames Mason, a ShoeMakerJoseph Pilley; E MasonBy Banns
14 11 1858WilliamBROOKSBANK25BachelorKimberworthJoinerGeorge Brooksbank, a CarrierMaryBURTON32SpinsterKimberworthGeorge Burton, a ShoeMakerBenjamin Morton; Eliza BeecherBy Banns
15 11 1858JohnCOOK20BachelorKimberworthMinerMatthew Cook, a MinerMarySTELLINSON18SpinsterKimberworthWilliam Stellinson, a MoulderSamuel Jenkinson; Ann JenkinsonBy Banns
19 12 1858HenryROBERTS36BachelorKimberworthForge ManGeorge Roberts, a CollectorElizabeth VickersMILLWARD27SpinsterKimberworthGeorge Millward, a Plate RollerWilliam Woodcock; Thomas TaylorBy Banns
27 12 1858GeorgeRAYNER18BachelorKimberworthPuddlerJames Rayner, a CollierEmmaSANDERSON20SpinsterKimberworthThomas Sanderson, a MinerDavid Walker; Elizabeth DawsonBy Banns
13 02 1859EdwardGENN21BachelorMasbroughGrocerArthur Genn, a ButcherHarrietHUDSON28SpinsterMasbroughRobert Hudson, a PainterJames Hudson; Richard BertramBy Banns
26 02 1859ThomasWATSON30WidowerMasbroughGlass BlowerThomas Watson, a ShipWrightMaryHUDSON21SpinsterMasbroughThomas Hudson, a TurnerCharles Cox; Hannah MartinBy Banns
26 02 1859RichardALLEN24BachelorKimberworthLabourerRichard Allen, a LabourerElizaBEASLEY19SpinsterKimberworthRichard Beasley, a LabourerJohn Inns; Elizabeth BeasleyBy Banns
21 03 1859EzraWINDEL [WINDLE]22BachelorKimberworthMinerJonathan Windle, a MoulderElizabethGILLING19SpinsterKimberworthRobert Gilling, a MinerEdward Elliot; Rhoda CowardBy Banns
31 03 1859RobertHUDSON22BachelorMasbroughPattern MakerRobert Hudson, a PainterMaryCAWTHERNE23SpinsterMasbroughJohn Bramham, a MasonThomas Taylor; Elizabeth HardyBy Banns
02 04 1859John Cornelius?23BachelorRotherhamJoinerCornelius ?, a CarterMaryWADSWORTH26SpinsterMoorgate GrangeGeorge Wadsworth, a FarmerPeter Spooner; Elizabeth Spooner; Jane FirthBy Banns
10 04 1859RobertSHEPHERD23BachelorKimberworthSmithRobert Shepherd, a ButcherSarah AnnRODGERS21SpinsterKimberworthJohn Rodgers, a BlackSmithEdward Jackson; Charlotte RodgersBy Banns
10 04 1859EdwardJACKSON25BachelorKimberworthKnife HefterJames Jackson, a Knife HefterCharlotteRODGERS18SpinsterKimberworthJohn Rodgers, a BlackSmithRobert Shepherd; Sarah Ann RodgersBy Banns
02 05 1859HenryWATSON25BachelorKimberworthSaw GrinderHenry Watson, a CoachmanMary AnnMATTHEWS21SpinsterKimberworthGeorge Matthews, a Cabinet MakerJames Watson; Julia MatthewsBy Banns
08 05 1859WilliamSHELDON29BachelorKimberworthCoachmanWilliam Sheldon, a MinerChristianaPEARSON23SpinsterKimberworthJohn Pearson, a FarmerJohn Taylor; Martha TaylorBy Banns
11 05 1859James BrownMARSHALL25BachelorKimberworthGrocerJ Phillip Marshall, a ManufacturerMary FothergillPATTERSON26SpinsterKimberworthJames Patterson, a GentlemanJohn Knight; Thomas TaylorBy Banns
02 07 1859WilliamTHORN25BachelorKimberworthPuddlerJohn Thorn, a FarmerSarah AnnKELSEY20SpinsterKimberworthJohn Kelsey, an OverlookerJohn Griffin; Harriet KelseyBy Banns
10 07 1859JamesBOYWER ?46WidowerKimberworthMasonJames Boywer, a VarnisherMaryHUDSON19SpinsterKimberworthRobert Hudson, a Stone GetterThomas Taylor; Susannah GoodinsonBy Banns
28 07 1859CharlesCOX24BachelorKimberworthCabinet MakerThomas Cox, a Cabinet MakerHannahMARTIN18SpinsterKimberworthWilliam Martin, a Glass MakerThomas Taylor; Hannah TaylorBy Banns
28 08 1859WilsonRUSTON23BachelorKimberworthLabourerRobert Wilson Ruston, a LabourerElizabethKILLINDER25SpinsterKimberworthGeorge Killinder, a ShoeMakerWilliam Benson; Mary Ann BensonBy Banns
24 09 1859George WattertonWALTON30BachelorKimberworthJoinerGeorge Walton, a FarmerCarolineBEECROFT22SpinsterKimberworthAbraham Beecroft, a Flax SpinnerBenjamin Beecroft; Arthur TaylorBy Banns
25 09 1859JosephWARRIS33BachelorKimberworthButcherJoseph Warris, a FarmerSarahBLOCKSAGE27SpinsterMasbroughCharles Blocksage, a Publican & Brick ManufacturerAndrew ?; Anne ?By Registrar's Certificate
02 10 1859Charles JamesCLAYTON29BachelorKimberworthCutlerJames Clayton, a CutlerElizabethTYERS24SpinsterKimberworthSamuel Tyers, a Railway OfficialSamuel Tyers; Elizabeth ClaytonBy Banns
24 10 1859ThomasSWIFT33BachelorBradgateMinerBenjamin Swift, a LabourerMarySCHOLEY18SpinsterBradgateWilliam Scholey, a MinerWilliam Allott; Elizabeth RodwellBy Banns
21 11 1859GeorgeSTORKER27BachelorKimberworthGlass BlowerJohn Storker, a Glass BlowerMaryHILL25SpinsterKimberworthRobert Hill, a Glass BlowerEdward Coakley; Eliza WrightBy Banns
23 12 1859JosephHUNTINGTON21BachelorKimberworthCabinet MakerJoseph Huntington, a FarmerEllenBUTLER17SpinsterKimberworthJohn Butler, a WeaverHenry Blacknar; Jane BlacknarBy Banns
25 12 1859JobELLIS22BachelorKimberworthMinerRobert Gillings, a MinerMaryLATHER22SpinsterKimberworthAndrew Lather, a WeaverEzra Windle; Elizabeth WindleBy Banns
26 12 1859JosephBOWATER25BachelorKimberworthRollerJames Bowater, a RollerMariaLATHER22SpinsterKimberworthAndrew Lather, a WeaverJoseph Williams; Mary Ann WatertonBy Banns
26 12 1859JosephPLATT23BachelorKimberworthPuddlerJoseph Platt, a SawyerMary AnnCORBITT19SpinsterKimberworthGeorge Corbitt, a PainterGeorge Platt; Emily SmithBy Banns

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