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ROTHERHAM: The Marriage Registers for Kimberworth, 1880-1889

DateGroom nameGroom SurnameAgeStatusGroom ParishOccupationGroom's fatherBride nameBride SurnameAgeStatusBride ParishBride's FatherWitnessesNotes
02 03 1880AlbertFROST21BachelorKimberworthLabourerGeorge Frost, deceased CollierElizabethMATHEWMAN20SpinsterKimberworthThomas Mathewman, deceased FitterGeorge Lee; Mary Ann WainwrightBy Banns
29 03 1880MarkALLOTT21BachelorKimberworthCollierJohn Allott, deceased LabourerAlvinaFOX22SpinsterKimberworthWilliam Fox, a CollierJohn Allott; Mary Jane ThorpeBy Banns
29 03 1880HerbertHOLDSWORTH19BachelorKimberworthGrinderWilliam Holdsworth, a GrinderAnnieBROOK19SpinsterKimberworthWilliam Brook, an Iron TurnerJohn Clotheron; Alice WalkerBy Banns
29 03 1880WilliamDAMMS37BachelorKimberworthLabourerFrancis Damms, deceased Railway ManElizabethMERCER37SpinsterKimberworthJohn Mercer, deceased Stone MasonGeorge Damms; Kate SmartBy Banns
11 04 1880DanielPRITCHARD26BachelorKimberworthForge ManJohn Pritchard, a Forge ManLouisaWALKER22SpinsterKimberworthJohn Walker, deceased LabourerJohn Wadsworth; Marcelina WadsworthBy Banns
09 05 1880JohnSTONES52WidowerKimberworthMoulderWilliam Stones, a Flax DresserJane SophiaMOUNT47WidowHandsworthJames Coad, deceased LabourerFrederick Taylor; Eliza LuvisBy Banns
17 05 1880WilliamWOODWARD28WidowerKimberworthSteel WorkerWilliam Woodward, a BrewerEmilyFAIRBROTHER27SpinsterKimberworthJames Fairbrother, a Stone MasonCharles Woodward; Eliza WettonBy Banns
17 05 1880ThomasBUXTON27BachelorKimberworthForge ManEdward Buxton, deceased Railway ServantSarah ElizabethBLOOR21SpinsterKimberworthEnoch Bloor, deceased PotterArthur Bloor; Emily BloorBy Banns
19 05 1880GeorgeEVERS24BachelorKimberworthEngine TenterJohn Evers, a StokerEllen ElizabethFRETWELL18SpinsterKimberworthEdward Fretwell, a Safety Lamp Gauge ManufacturerF E Buchanan; Elizabeth BrittainBy Banns
03 06 1880JohnDICKINSON24BachelorRotherhamBootMakerJohn Dickinson, a BootMakerEmma GertrudeSCOTT25SpinsterMasbroughJohn Scott, a ContractorJohn Scott; Clara Harriet DickinsonBy Banns
04 07 1880GeorgeDAMMS22BachelorKimberworthMoulderJohn Damms, a LabourerCatherineSMART23SpinsterKimberworthWilliam Smart, deceased Stone MasonWilliam Damms; Harriet DammsBy Banns
05 07 1880WilliamBECKETT24BachelorKimberworthMinerHenry Beckett, a MinerElizabethRUSSELL20SpinsterKimberworthJohn Russell, a GrinderHarry Russell; Alice BeckettBy Banns
08 08 1880AlbertBROADHEAD21BachelorKimberworthBrass CasterJoseph Broadhead, a PainterAnnieMACHIN21SpinsterKimberworthThomas Machin, a LabourerThomas Machin; Thomas BoalerBy Banns
18 10 1880AbelSTEVENSON26BachelorKimberworthCollierJames Stevenson, deceased CollierEmmaWARD31WidowKimberworthGeorge Ward, a Stock TakerJohn Allen; Eliza HarperBy Banns - Emma a DressMaker
26 10 1880Charles JamesBEDWELL24BachelorKimberworthSchoolMasterCharles Bedwell, a SchoolMasterClara HarrietMANGHAM21SpinsterKimberworthJohn Mangham, a PotterJohn Mangham; Matilda ManghamBy Banns - Clara a DressMaker
01 11 1880WilliamBURNAND23BachelorKimberworthMinerRobert Barnand, deceased CutterLouisaWATSON19SpinsterKimberworthThomas Watson, a LabourerArthur Liversidge; Sarah Ann ParkinsonBy Banns
30 01 1881SamuelHARGETFullWidowerClough RoadPuddlerWilliam Harget, a LabourerMarthaMETCALFEFullWidowEastwoodThomas Tyson, deceased LabourerEmily Harget; Thomas JollyBy Banns
28 02 1881WalterCOPLEY23BachelorKimberworthDrapers AssistantWilliam Copley, a LabourerSarahLYTHELL21SpinsterKimberworthThomas Lythell, a LabourerWilliam Inns; Mary Ann InnsBy Banns
13 03 1881Edwin James MarshBAGNALL41WidowerClough Bank, MasbroughStove FitterWilliam Bagnall, deceased Iron MasterMartha JaneKILNER23SpinsterClough Bank, MasbroughWilliam Kilner, deceased SaddlerGeorge Wilkinson; Elizabeth SephtonBy Banns
14 03 1881JamesPATTISON24BachelorMidland Road, KimberworthMinerJohn Pattison, a Deputy OvermanSarahBRIDGE28SpinsterKimberworthJohn Bridge, an EngineerJohn Taylor; May H BridgeBy Banns
14 03 1881WilliamTURNER53WidowerShireoaksShepherdIsaac Turner, deceased LabourerSarahJEPSON61WidowKimberworthWilliam Ault, a LabourerFrederick Pooley; Harriet DakinBy Banns
27 03 1881JosephRODWELL23BachelorMasbrough CommonIron WorkerGeorge Rodwell, a LabourerEliza AnnWILSON19SpinsterKimberworth RoadThomas Wilson, deceased LabourerJohn Rodwell; Catherine DammsBy Banns
27 03 1881JohnSMITH21BachelorKimberworthLabourerArthur Smith, a TailorBlancheSMITH19SpinsterKimberworthWilliam Smith, a CarpenterWilliam Plant; Harriet BennettBy Banns
10 04 1881OwenLIDAWAY28BachelorDarnallChain MakerJames Lidaway, a Chain MakerEmmaMARSHALL21SpinsterHolmes LaneFrancis Marshall, a LabourerFred Marshall; Sarah A DuckBy Banns
13 06 1881ThomasEVERS20BachelorGallow TreeForge ManJohn Evers, a Coke BurnerElizabethGWATKINS19SpinsterHolmes LaneJohn Gwatkins, a MinerJohn Bakers; Mary EversBy Banns
26 06 1881ThomasPOOLEY30BachelorKimberworthLabourerWilliam Pooley, a LabourerPriscillaSILVERWOOD22SpinsterKimberworthJohn Silverwood, a LabourerRobert Pooley; Clara HinchcliffeBy Banns
11 07 1881WilliamMARSDEN35WidowerHenley GroveSignalmanBenjamin Marsden, a Lead MinerKateNEALE28SpinsterWilton LaneThomas Neale, deceased LabourerSamuel Aughton; Matilda AughtonBy Banns
01 08 1881George HenrySPENCER24BachelorHolmesSignal FitterGeorge Spencer, a TailorHarrietPARKIN23SpinsterHolmesGeorge Parkin, a LabourerGeorge Parkin; Harriet TaylorBy Banns
03 08 1881WalterGIBSON39BachelorRotherhamBrass FounderJohn Gibson, deceased Brass FounderCharlotteARMSTONE41SpinsterKimberworthJohn Armstone, a BuilderJohn Armstone; Jane Elizabeth HillBy Banns
01 11 1881JosephFORDFullWidowerDenabyBlackSmithJoseph Ford, deceased MasonPhoebeBROWNFullWidowKimberworthFrancis Tomlinson, a MechanicWilliam Ford; Hannah FordBy Banns
07 11 1881NoahKAY20BachelorHolmesBlast Furnace ManJames Kay, a Blast Furnace ManFrances AnnGREEN19SpinsterWestgate, RotherhamJohn Green, a LabourerJoseph Kay; Mary StanleyBy Banns
13 12 1881Charles JamesSORSBY25BachelorKimberworthCoke MerchantBenjamin Sorsby, a Coke MerchantElizabethSMITH24SpinsterEastwoodWilliam Smith, deceased DraperBenjamin Sorsby; Harriet SorsbyBy Banns
25 12 1881EleazarWILSON27BachelorThornabyPlanerJohn Bruce Wilson, a LabourerLucyMANN23SpinsterKimberworthJames Mann, a CarterTom Mann; Fanny MannBy Banns
26 12 1881JosephFOSTER23BachelorHenley Grove, KimberworthFile CutterJoseph Foster, a File CutterLucyLOUND24SpinsterHenley GroveHenry Lound, a MoulderHenry Lound; George ChappleBy Banns
26 12 1881FrederickWILFORD23BachelorHolmes Lane, KimberworthKitchen Range FitterWilliam Wilford, a TimeKeeperHenriettaCOLLEDGE21SpinsterHenley GroveSamuel Colledge, an Engine ManJohn Thomas James; Harriett Ann JamesBy Banns
30 01 1882ThomasFRANCIS21BachelorHolmesFurnace ManJohn Francis, a Furnace ManAnnKAY18SpinsterHolmesJames Kay, a Furnace ManJoseph Kay; Thomas JollyBy Banns
13 03 1882JosephKAY22BachelorHolmesLabourerJames Kay, a LabourerEllen ElizabethJOHNSON20SpinsterHolmesWilliam Johnson, a CollierWilliam Riley; James T GreenBy Banns
25 03 1882JosephMYERS27BachelorMidland Road, KimberworthPuddlerJoseph Myers, a PuddlerEmmaPARKIN20SpinsterMidland RoadSamuel Parkin, a File MakerMary Bagnall; Thomas JollyBy Banns
09 04 1882JosephBARKER20BachelorHolmesEngine ManJames Barker, a ShoeMakerEllenWILLIAMS21SpinsterJoiner StreetEsau Williams, a LabourerWilliam Kay; Mary Ann BarkerBy Banns
10 04 1882Thomas HenryNEATBY26BachelorWilton LaneWagon BuilderJames Neatby, a MoulderMary ElizabethBEAUMONT24SpinsterWilton LaneRobert Beaumont, a SmithRobert Beaumont; Helena Annie BeaumontBy Banns
10 04 1882ThomasALLEN23BachelorMasbrough CommonShunterFrederick Allen, deceased PlateLayerSarah EllenMOUNT22SpinsterMasbrough CommonRichard Mount, a ShunterThomas Pattison; Martha AllenBy Banns
15 04 1882John Thomas FoxWORMALD25WidowerThornhillMinerRobert Wormald, a ClothWorkerElizabeth AnnBRIDGE20SpinsterThornhillWilliam Bridge, deceasedAnnie Warren; Thomas JollyBy Banns
29 05 1882ArthurOGLEY25BachelorHenley GroveIron WorkerDavid Ogley, deceased LabourerAnnieBANGS24SpinsterDoncasterSamuel Bangs, a LabourerGeorge Ogley; Harriet OgleyBy Banns
03 07 1882GeorgeWALKER22BachelorHolmesMinerAbsolom Walker, a PuddlerElizabethWALLETT18SpinsterHolmesJohn Wallett, a Furnace ManSamuel Peter Cooper; Louisa Teresa CooperBy Banns
13 07 1882Seth RimmingtonPEARS [PEARCE]23BachelorClough RoadRailway PorterJohn Pears [Pearce], a LabourerAnnRODDIS25SpinsterClough RoadJonas Roddis, a LabourerHenry Birkett; Emily BirkettBy Banns
17 07 1882GeorgeWILKINSON20BachelorKimberworth RoadMinerGeorge Wilkinson, a PainterSarah ElizaGREEN20SpinsterKimberworth RoadKevin James Green, a Furnace ManJohn Rowland Nevins; Ellen NevinsBy Banns
17 07 1882William HenryKENT21Bachelor34 Henley StreetLabourerRobert Kent, deceased Furnace ManAliceVARDY19Spinster51 Henley LaneWilliam Vardy, an AgentEdward Nicklin; Sarah Jane WatsonBy Banns
13 09 1882FrederickEASON23BachelorHenley GroveLabourerWilliam Eason, a LabourerSarah ElizabethCOWOOD21SpinsterHenley GroveMatthew Cowood, a Coke BurnerCharles Cowood; Norah CowoodBy Banns
19 09 1882Charles FrederickDRURYFullBachelor63 Drummond StreetPost Office WorkerThomas Drury, an ArchitectMatildaMANGHAMFullSpinsterWortley RoadJohn Mangham, a GrocerJohn Mangham; Annie ManghamBy Banns
26 10 1882GeorgeHIGGINS29BachelorBlackburnButcherGeorge Higgins, deceasedAlice MayBROWNHILL18SpinsterWincobankAmis Brownhill, deceasedAnnie Maria Brownhill; Thomas JollyBy Banns
30 10 1882ThomasLAUNDERS26BachelorHolmesLabourerGeorge Launders, retiredMary AnnREDFERN30WidowHolmesJames Toft, deceasedJames William Toft; Mary Jane ToftBy Banns
13 11 1882Francis ArthurOXLEY21BachelorJoiner StreetMoulderCharles Oxley, a JoinerAdaTAYLOR21SpinsterWortley RoadJohn Taylor, a PuddlerArthur Linton; Thomas JollyBy Banns
15 11 1882James HenryROBINSON25BachelorHalifaxGoods DecoratorThomas Robinson, a TailorMargaretWARREN25SpinsterKimberworthEdwin Warren, deceased Glass BlowerJames Edward Wilkinson; Annie WarrenBy Banns
21 11 1882HarryRICHARDS23BachelorWolverhamptonClerkStephen Richards, a ClerkHarrietWALKER21SpinsterKimberworthRichard Walker, deceased Corn FactorEdward Smith; Ann SmithBy Banns
10 12 1882WilliamWINTERFullWidowerEcclesfieldKitchen Range FitterGeorge Winter, a Pottery MakerMary HannahSIMMONITEFullSpinsterBlackburnThomas Simmonite, deceased MasonWilliam Simmonite; Eleanor SimmoniteBy Banns
24 01 1883EdwinBOWMAN27BachelorEast MarkhamFarmerWilliam Bowman, a FarmerAnnieWARREN24SpinsterKimberworthEdwin Warren, deceased Glass BlowerWilliam Graham Franks; Isabella BowmanBy Banns
05 02 1883JosephWOODWARD27BachelorFoundry Street Richard Woodward, a LabourerMartha AnnSMOUT25SpinsterFoundry StreetBenjamin Smout, a LabourerBenjamin Smout; Elizabeth SmoutBy Banns
19 02 1883George SamMANGHAM25BachelorWortley RoadBrass TurnerJohn Mangham, a PotterMaryCOLE25SpinsterWortley RoadRobert Cole, deceased LabourerJohn Fowler; Harriet ColeBy Banns
24 02 1883EdwardKIMBERLEY21BachelorBlackburnEngineerJohn Kimberley, a WheelWrightLizzieFARRELL22SpinsterBlackburnEdward Farrell, an EngineerA H Allen; Kate FarrellBy Banns
08 03 1883GeorgeSENIORFullWidowerPitsmoorCoachmanWilliam Senior, a Farm BailiffJane ElizabethINMANFullSpinsterHolmes LaneAbraham Inman, a Forge ManWilliam Harrison Inman; Annie Maria SearBy Banns
24 03 1883WilliamLENG26BachelorHenley GroveSawyerWilliam Leng, an EngineerFannyWINKS20SpinsterHenley GroveHenry Winks, a MoulderSam Gray; Annie ScottBy Banns
09 04 1883FrederickHOUGH26BachelorHolmesPuddlerThomas Hough, a LabourerJaneCROOKE30SpinsterHolmesJohn Crooke, a Nail CutterAbraham Farrar; H A CopesteakBy Banns
10 04 1883Arthur BrownhillCROSSLEY21BachelorBradgateCoal MinerGeorge Crossley, a Coal MinerMariaRODWELL21SpinsterBradgateRobert Rodwell, a MinerH Rodwell; H RodwellBy Banns
22 04 1883GeorgeSTAPLETON24BachelorHenley GroveLabourerReuben Stapleton, a LabourerMary AnnDICKENS21SpinsterWortley RoadDaniel Dickens, a LabourerThomas Woodland; Sophia ReeveBy Banns
29 04 1883JosephBONNETT23BachelorKimberworthMinerJohn Bonnett, deceased SoldierMary JaneTHOMPSON21SpinsterRichmond ParkWilliam Thompson, a FarmerGeorge Herbert; Sarah Ann ThompsonBy Banns
14 05 1883Charles WilliamMAYCOCK26BachelorKimberworthMinerWilliam Maycock, a LabourerElizabethJONES23SpinsterKimberworthWilliam Jones, deceased MinerJames Maycock; Emma JonesBy Banns
14 05 1883TomTURTON23BachelorBlackburnLabourerWilliam Turton, a LabourerSarah AnnALLOTT22SpinsterBlackburnAaron Allott, a LabourerHenry Ward; Alice FrithBy Banns
27 05 1883DennisHARDY24BachelorBradgateMasonCharles Hardy, a MasonHarriettALLOTT18SpinsterBradgateWilliam Allott, a CollierJohn Allott; Mary Jane AllottBy Banns
24 06 1883William JohnADAMS38WidowerWortley RoadIron WorkerJoseph Adams, a LabourerMary EllenCUTTS29WidowClough RoadRobert Rowland, a LabourerThomas Smelt; Alice SmeltBy Banns
11 07 1883George ThomasBUNTING41BachelorGlasshouse Street  LouisaBARRETT38WidowGlasshouse StreetRichard Kellett, a MinerWilliam Hebden; John MilnerBy Banns
23 07 1883SampsonCOOPER22BachelorPsalter LanePuddlerJames Cooper, a PuddlerSarahSTOCKS19SpinsterPsalter Lane  By Banns
03 09 1883JamesBARRETT42WidowerSheffield Road, EcclesfieldForge WorkerSamuel Barrett, a CollierMary AnnPAPWORTH43SpinsterMasbrough StreetWilliam Papworth, a Brick MakerEdwin Sylvester Taylor; Lucy Ann PapworthBy Banns
18 09 1883GregoryMARSHALL26BachelorRotherhamJewellerThomas Marshall, a JewellerAnnKITSON26SpinsterHolmesCharles Asquith Kitson, a CarterJohn Kitson; Sarah E MorganBy Banns
27 09 1883WalterBONE27Bachelor210 Kimberworth RoadLabourerHenry Bone, a SinkerHarrietFOX23SpinsterRotherhamWilliam Fox, deceased MoulderWilliam Fox; Annie E BoneBy Banns
30 09 1883William CharlesLONG21BachelorHill StreetRailway ClerkWilliam Long, a HuntsmanHannahLINDORES19SpinsterHill StreetJames Lindores, a BoilerMakerSamuel Howard; Mary ShorthandBy Banns
09 10 1883RichardWELLS31WidowerEightHousesIron WorkerWilliam Wells, deceased LabourerLouisaWEIGHTMAN22SpinsterEightHousesJoseph Weightman, deceased LabourerThomas Jolly; Mary Jane JollyBy Banns
14 10 1883WilliamSCARRATT22BachelorRichmond ParkLabourerWilliam Scarratt, deceased PotterMary AnnCOPESTAKE20SpinsterRichmond ParkJohn Copestake, a LabourerRobert Copestake; Martha CopestakeBy Banns
04 11 1883JamesWING21BachelorKimberworth RoadShunterJohn Wing, a LabourerElaineJUDD18SpinsterKimberworth RoadRobert Judd, deceased LabourerThomas Jolly; Kate SmithBy Banns
05 11 1883JosephKING22Bachelor69 Wilton LaneDraymanJoseph King, deceased Colliery ManagerElizabethKITSON16SpinsterWilton LaneBenjamin Kitson, deceased File CutterJohn Kent; Selina KentBy Banns
28 11 1883WilliamBRAILSFORD20BachelorKimberworth RoadPuddlerArthur Brailsford, a Furnace ManEllenCANEY20SpinsterKimberworth RoadWilliam Caney, a LabourerFred Waite; Annie Eliza StanleyBy Banns
17 12 1883GeorgeGRAYSON25BachelorBlackburnCarpenterCharles Grayson, deceased ButcherSarah JaneBLYTHE24SpinsterBlackburnGeorge Blythe, a Steel MelterJoseph Race; Martha RaceBy Banns
21 12 1883Charles LeonardLENG27BachelorPsalter LaneTurnerRobert Leng, a TurnerFlorenceCHARLESWORTH20SpinsterBrickfield RowWilliam Charlesworth, deceased CasterWilliam Ray; Henrietta LengBy Banns
23 12 1883ThomasCARDWELL25BachelorHolmes Lane, KimberworthLabourerGeorge Cardwell, a LabourerSarahJOHNSON19SpinsterRichmond ParkWilliam Johnson, a FiremanFrederick Johnson; Clara JohnsonBy Banns
23 12 1883John JosephDAVIES22BachelorPsalter LaneMinerRobert Davies, a MinerEster EllenASHTON22SpinsterPsalter LaneSamuel Ashton, a PotterGeorge Foers; Amy EdwardsBy Banns
24 12 1883BenjaminSANDERSON27BachelorRichmond ParkEngine FitterHenry Sanderson, a Machine DrillerKateFARRELL20SpinsterHill StreetEdward Farrell, an Engine FitterEdward Farrell; Lilian Kimberley; George SandersonBy Banns
25 12 1883SamFROST22Bachelor1 Union StreetIron WorkerGeorge Edward Frost, deceased MinerFannyBODEN22SpinsterHenley RowBrook Boden, deceased MinerAlbert Frost; Mary LeeBy Banns
25 12 1883JamesBOWERS24BachelorMidland Road, KimberworthMoulderCharles Bowers, a Forge ManSarah AnnWARD19SpinsterKimberworthWilliam Ward, a MoulderWilliam Hibbard; Elizabeth HibbardBy Banns
25 12 1883FrankHINCHCLIFFE20BachelorTummon StreetMechanicGeorge Hinchcliffe, a JoinerAnnie ElizabethMILNER23SpinsterTummon StreetJohn Milner, a Tool MakerJohn Hales Hinchcliffe; Emma HinchcliffeBy Banns
26 12 1883SmithBRADSHAW23BachelorLINAssistant General DealerJoseph Bradshaw, deceased General DealerEmmaHALLAM18SpinsterWilton GardensEdmund Hallam, a Gas ManagerEdmund Hallam; Harriet HallamBy Banns
19 01 1884JohnWILLIS21BachelorBlackburnStrikerRichard Willis, a LabourerMary AnnHAWLEY20SpinsterBlackburnFrancis Hawley, a StrikerEdward Willis; Mary Hannah WillisBy Banns
04 02 1884FredTOFT22BachelorHolmesCollierJames Toft, deceased PotterMarianADDERLEY22SpinsterHolmesSamuel Adderley, a MoulderJames Toft; Mary Jane ToftBy Banns
04 02 1884ThomasWOOD27BachelorClough RoadClothiers AssistantGeorge Wood, an Iron WorkerFlorenceGREGORY25SpinsterClough RoadMark Gregory, deceased MoulderEdwin Bush; Mary Jane JollyBy Banns
05 02 1884HarryKITCHENFullBachelorRotherhamDraperJoseph Kitchin, a ManagerElizabethDAVYFullSpinsterFerham HouseMark Davy, a MerchantHarry Davy; Hannah KitchenBy Banns
11 02 1884JohnASTON22BachelorTiptonLabourerJohn Aston, a MinerJane ElizabethGUTTERIDGE24SpinsterGarrow TreeJoseph Gudderidge, a Tube Works ManagerJoseph Gutteridge; Ellen GutteridgeBy Banns
26 02 1884ThomasBENNETT24BachelorHolmes Lane, KimberworthFitterWilliam Bennett, a LabourerLillieWESTON21SpinsterKimberworth RoadWilliam Henry Weston, an Iron RollerThomas Jolly; Mary ArmesonBy Banns
26 02 1884William CharlesCRUTCHLEY21BachelorEastwoodMinerCharles Crutchley, a MinerClaraBRADLEY18SpinsterWilton GardensJohn Bradley, an Engine TenterWilliam James Bradley; Elizabeth RochickBy Banns
03 03 1884OscarSMITH22BachelorKimberworth RoadMinerHenry Smith, deceased PotterElizabethSPOONER18SpinsterParkgateJohn Spooner, a PuddlerDaniel Vickers; Mary VickersBy Banns
18 03 1884GeorgeHUTCHINSONFullWidowerBarron in FurnessIron MongerLuke Hutchinson, deceased LabourerEmmaWILDEFullSpinsterKimberworthJoseph Wilde, deceased CashierWilliam Clayton; Lucy F WildeBy Banns
24 03 1884ThomasFOSTER30Bachelor14 Kimberworth RoadFile CutterJames Foster, a GrocerMaria ElizabethTHORNTON19Spinster25 Kimberworth RoadWilliam Rance Thornton, a LabourerCharles Wood; Delia WoodBy Banns
13 04 1884Charles DanielGREEN20Bachelor22 Holmes LaneSteel RollerJames Green, a Steel RollerRosinaORCHARD20Spinster22 Holmes Lane James Green; Hannah GreenBy Banns
15 04 1884AlfredBAILEY23BachelorHolmesMoulderJoseph Bailey, a MoulderHarrietRODDINSON22SpinsterHolmesJoseph Roddinson, deceased MinerFred Toft; Elizabeth BaileyBy Banns
24 04 1884GeorgeTAYLOR23BachelorWilton GardensSteel RollerJoseph Taylor, a LabourerAdaFRANCE19SpinsterBradgate William France; Ada Alvey AstwoodBy Banns
04 05 1884ThomasORRFullWidowerRichmond ParkForemanJohn Orr, deceased SoldierMaryTOMPKINFullSpinsterHolmesJames Tompkin, a Stud GroomWilliam Tompkin; Elizabeth Ann RutterBy Banns
06 05 1884Richard HenryBADGER26BachelorWortley RoadButcherGeorge Badger, deceased RollerEmilyDODSON22SpinsterGreasboroughJames Dodson, deceased ClerkJohn Edwin Hatts; Amelia BadgerBy Banns
01 06 1884ArthurDUNKLEY34BachelorWalkleyCarpenterJohn Dunkley, a CarpenterHarrietDAKIN29SpinsterWilton LaneJohn Dakin, deceased LabourerFrederick Pooley; Florence Pooley DakinBy Banns
10 06 1884Harry HuntCARR28BachelorEastwoodClerkJoseph Carr, deceased BookSellerAnnHARRISON25SpinsterMidland RoadSamson Harrison, a RollerSamson Harrison; Elizabeth HarrisonBy Banns
29 06 1884EdwardWILSON63WidowerGreaves RoadForemanJohn Wilson, a ???Caroline SusanMARTIN31WidowGreaves RoadGeorge William Silversides, a PublicanAlbert Goddard; Ruth GoddardBy Licence
01 07 1884GeorgeDOBSON22BachelorKimberworthLabourerCornelius Dobson, a ShepherdAnn ElizabethTOPLISS19SpinsterKimberworthWilliam Topliss, a LabourerHenry Spotwood; Mary ToplissBy Banns
20 07 1884WilliamELLISON22BachelorHilltop, KimberworthMinerHenry Ellison, a LabourerAnnieMCCORMICK20SpinsterMidland RoadDaniel McCormick, a LabourerThomas John Ducker; Fanny CuttBy Banns
28 07 1884JohnSOUTHALL24Bachelor26 Clough Road, KimberworthCollierHenry Southall, a MinerElizaHAYWOOD24Spinster26 Clough Road, KimberworthHenry Haywood, a LabourerJohn Knights; Phebe KnightsBy Banns
07 08 1884JosephVERNON24BachelorHenley RowLabourerJoseph Vernon, deceased LabourerMary ElizabethROPER26SpinsterWilton GardensIsaac Roper, deceased Iron WorkerThomas Jolly; Sarah DaviesBy Banns
28 09 1884WilliamTYAS21BachelorGreat GrimsbyCopperSmithJoseph Tyas, a Saw ManufacturerEllenCHANCE18SpinsterMeadow Hall RoadEdward Chance, a TurnerGeorge Coldwell; Eliza ChanceBy Banns
09 10 1884JamesTUNBRIDGE35Widower155 Stafford Street, SheffieldClerk in Holy OrdersWilliam Tunbridge, deceased ForemanMarianne SophiaGARBUTT26SpinsterKimberworthThomas Garbutt, a ClerkCharles Standish Garbutt; Alice Maude HudsonBy Banns
12 10 1884Thomas JohnDUCKER21BachelorHilltop, KimberworthMinerRobert John Ducker, a MinerFannyCUTT19SpinsterEightHousesGeorge Cutt, a StrikerG H Barton; Alice CuttsBy Banns
03 11 1884JosephBRINNERFullBachelorMeadow Hall RoadButcherJoseph Brinner, deceased FarmerAnneSTRINGERFullSpinsterEcclesfieldMatthew Stringer, deceased ClerkJohn Jackson; M Jane JollyBy Licence
03 11 1884FrankFLETCHER22BachelorBanwill, SOMGroomJohn Fletcher, a BlackSmithSarahDUKE22SpinsterKimberworthJames Duke, a MinerAlbert Duke; Annie FletcherBy Banns
09 11 1884Ralph PenningtonGRAHAM21BachelorWilton GardensPuddlerAlfred Pennington Graham, deceased PotterSarah AnnGROVE26SpinsterWilton GardensJoseph Grove, a LabourerAbraham James; Mary Ann HawleyBy Banns
16 11 1884George HenryCOOPER21BachelorHenley GroveBanksmanGeorge Cooper, deceased Mill Furnace ManSusanAPPLEYARD20SpinsterPrincess Street, MasbroughGeorge Appleyard, a JoinerGeorge Appleyard; Mary Ann AppleyardBy Banns
01 12 1884MauriceFAULKNER30WidowerBlackburnSignalmanWilliam Faulkner, a FarmerMary AnnATKINSON23SpinsterBlackburnMark Atkinson, deceased Gas MakerThomas Jolly; Laura ChambersBy Banns
21 12 1884JohnWATSON21BachelorSheffieldGrinderJohn Watson, deceased GrinderMarthaCROWTHER21SpinsterWilton GardensRobert Crowther, a Furnace ManThomas Jolly; Robert CrowtherBy Banns
25 12 1884GeorgeCARDWELL28BachelorHolmes Lane, KimberworthLabourerGeorge Cardwell, a LabourerSarah AnnTINGLE29SpinsterHolmes LaneBenjamin Tingle, a MoulderThomas Cardwell; Sarah CardwellBy Banns
11 01 1885ArthurSTRAW21BachelorWilton GardensStove FitterRobert Straw, an Engine FitterCharlotteBOOTH20SpinsterWilton GardensCharles Booth, a LabourerCharles Booth; Ealizor SimmoniteBy Banns
24 02 1885Thomas WilliamROSEBY22BachelorNew KimberworthMinerRichard Roseby, a Mining EngineerMaryBUCKLER21SpinsterKimberworthNathan Buckler, a Boat OwnerCharles Taylor; Mary Jane GatleyBy Banns
09 03 1885WilliamSTRINGER53BachelorKimberworth RoadLabourerWilliam Stringer, deceased CutlerMaryRAMSDEN43WidowKimberworth RoadGeorge Talbot, deceased Carpet WeaverThomas Jolly; Harriet BaileyBy Banns
15 03 1885GeorgeSCUFFAMFullWidowerHenley GroveLabourerWilliam Scuffam, a ShoeMakerSarah MariaBRAMHILLFullWidowRotherhamNoel Bagley, a Stud GroomMatthew Bramhill; Maria SykesBy Banns
22 03 1885JohnWARDLE30BachelorRegent StreetClerkGeorge Wardle, a LabourerCaroline LouisaLEWIS25SpinsterRegent StreetJohn Lewis, a SawyerFred Willie Cudworth; Georgiana Sophia CudworthBy Banns
04 04 1885JohnHATTERSLEY25Bachelor153 Midland StreetSolicitors ClerkJohn Hattersley, a Nail MakerAdaBURROWS19Spinster155 Midland StreetWilliam Burrows, deceased Cabinet MakerThomas Tommins; Sarah Ann GillBy Banns
05 04 1885John EdwardROEBUCK25BachelorHolmesMinerDuke Roebuck, a MinerElizabethPARTRIDGE20SpinsterHolmesJames Partridge, a PlateLayers LabourerHenry Frost; Mary FrostBy Banns
06 04 1885JesseSMITH24BachelorWincobankTelegraph ClerkBenjamin Smith, deceased ClerkEstherNORMAN25SpinsterBlackburnCharles Norman, a LabourerSamuel Horton; Ann DaviesBy Banns
07 04 1885FrancisDUKE26BachelorKimberworthCoke BurnerHenry Duke, a Coke BurnerMary ElizabethPOTTS26SpinsterKimberworthWilliam Potts, deceased CutlerWilliam Potts; Ann DukeBy Banns
20 04 1885GeorgeFINNEY27WidowerHolmesCollierWilliam Finney, a MinerElizaALLOTT27WidowThorpe CommonCharles Rotherham, a HucksterH Garbutt; Harriet HaleBy Banns
27 04 1885IsaiahWOOLLEY19BachelorMeadow Hall RoadButcherJohn Woolley, a ForemanSarahWARD19SpinsterBlackburnThomas Ward, an Engine TenterJoel Kent Brettoner; Adelaide CassonBy Banns
30 04 1885John MaltmanANDREWS24Bachelor87 Midland RoadDraymanWilliam Andrews, a LabourerMartha MatildaWRIGHT25SpinsterGreat ShelfordGeorge Wright, deceased LabourerJohn Barratt; Hannah BarrattBy Banns
07 05 1885HenryMARTIN43WidowerKimberworth RoadRailway AgentThomas Martin, a GardenerElizabethJOHNSON37SpinsterKimberworth RoadJames Johnson, a FarmerFred Martin; Mary Jane JollyBy Banns
17 05 1885JosephHARDY24BachelorHolmes Lane, KimberworthMinerSamuel Hardy, a MinerSarahKETTLEBROUGH19SpinsterHolmes LaneThomas Kettlebrough, a StokerThomas Kettlebrough; Elizabeth KettlebroughBy Banns
25 05 1885Frederick JamesMANN24BachelorKimberworthCollierJames Mann, a ShoeMakerMarthaSTORER22SpinsterKimberworthGeorge Storer, a MinerThomas Jones; Harriet HicksBy Banns
25 05 1885AlfredBAGNALL25BachelorMidland Road, KimberworthMoulderThomas Bagnall, deceased MoulderElizabethBAGNALL23SpinsterThornhillJohn Bagnall, a MoulderHenry Thompson; Mary E ThompsonBy Banns
25 05 1885Robert HenryBROUMPTON22BachelorClough RoadPainterBenjamin Broumpton, a LabourerAnnieBOALER25SpinsterClough RoadWilliam Boaler, a FitterWilliam Boaler; Fraser BoalerBy Banns
25 05 1885JohnKENYON35WidowerWing StreetSmithCharles Kenyon, deceased EngraverElizaLYONS27WidowWing StreetWilliam Cokeham, deceased Iron WorkerJob Lawton; Mary LawtonBy Banns
01 06 1885GeorgeBATTY Widower20 Pitt StreetLabourerWilliam Batty, deceased LabourerCarolineRATHMILL Widow20 Pitt StreetCharles Bellamy, a LabourerThomas Jolly; Dimarous BattyBy Banns
12 06 1885ThomasJONES OR JAMES23BachelorSouth StreetMinerWilliam James or Jones, deceased MinerEllenSPITTLEHOUSE18SpinsterSough StreetJohn Spittlehouse, a LabourerJames Maycock; Emma JonesBy Banns
26 07 1885MarkLAW33BachelorMissionFarmerRobert Law, a GentlemanElizabethRICHARDSON27SpinsterHolmesWilliam Richardson, a FarmerC Richardson; L RichardsonBy Licence
23 08 1885Charles GordonHULLEY25BachelorNew Kimberworth  Mary AnnFISHER20SpinsterKimberworth Frederick Taylor; Polly BeaumontBy Banns
09 09 1885Thomas CliffordROYLE29BachelorWinter Street, SheffieldClerkThomas Royle, a CutterMary ElizabethTWIGG21SpinsterKimberworth RoadWilliam Twigg, a Mill ManagerWilliam Twigg; Edith TwiggBy Banns
13 09 1885SamuelHINGLEY25BachelorHolmes Lane, KimberworthCoke BurnerSamuel Hingley, a Brick MakerPollyRIPLEY25SpinsterHolmes LaneWilliam Lane, a LabourerJames Savoury; Annie Elizabeth DavisonBy Banns
22 09 1885WilliamPOTTS22BachelorKimberworthLabourerWilliam Potts, deceased CutterLilianRODGERS20SpinsterRotherhamThomas Rodgers, a Fender MakerFred Rodgers; Jane RodgersBy Banns
10 10 1885GeorgeHERBERT25BachelorKimberworthFarmerJoseph Herbert, a FarmerFlorence HaleBOLTON19SpinsterKimberworth Road Joseph Herbert; Emma DukeBy Banns
11 10 1885GeorgeSCARRATT26BachelorRichmond ParkLabourerWilliam Scarratt, deceased PotterClaraHEELEY21SpinsterRichmond ParkGeorge Heeley, a MinerWilliam Scarratt; Edith MorrisBy Banns
25 10 1885Francis JosephPECK24Bachelor135 Midland RoadAgentJames Peck, a Pottery ManagerSarah AnnHILL25Spinster153 Midland RoadWilliam Gill, a ForemanJohn William Kemp; Emmeline PeckBy Banns
01 11 1885JohnCOLLEY22BachelorRichmond ParkMinerHenry Colley, a MinerElizaMANWARING18SpinsterBradfordJames Manwaring, a MinerThomas J Ducker; Fanny DuckerBy Banns
02 11 1885Frederick HenryBLAND24Bachelor21 Wortley RoadStove & Grate FitterJohn Bland, a Milk DealerEmmaFOWLER26SpinsterCharles Fowler, a Beerhouse KeeperCharles Fowler; Annie Banks By Banns
25 12 1885GeorgeHUBBARD27BachelorKimberworthLabourerDaniel Hubbard, deceased LabourerJemimaGREEN27SpinsterHenley GroveJohn Green, a MinerSamuel Wood; Annie Elizabeth GreenBy Banns
25 12 1885FrederickOLDFIELD21BachelorHenley GroveCollierJohn Oldfield, deceased CollierMaryMARKHAM21SpinsterHenley GroveThomas Markham, deceased CollierWilliam Ingham; Kate GleadenBy Banns
26 12 1885RichardCHARLESWORTH23BachelorSarah StreetEngine CleanerRichard Charlesworth, a Farm LabourerSophia EleanorLAMBERT24WidowEast RetfordDavid Emery, a ShepherdWilliam Langley; Sarah E BelcherBy Banns
26 01 1886BenjaminBEATSON24Bachelor47 Wortley RoadEngineerBenjamin Beatson, a LabourerEdithLONG19Spinster47 Wortley RoadDavid Long, a LabourerG Beatson; Grace ConnellBy Banns
15 02 1886John HenryCOY21BachelorMeadow HillFitterWilliam Henry Coy, a Machine ManSarah ElizabethHAWKINS27SpinsterWincobankJohn Hawkins, a MoulderWilliam Hawkins; Selina HawkinsBy Banns
22 03 1886ThomasORRFullWidowerRichmond ParkStock TakerJohn Orr, deceased SoldierAnneARCHERFullSpinsterDropping WellGeorge Archer, a ClerkM H Allott; M M GlobeBy Banns
28 03 1886Charles Frederick HenryPRIEST24BachelorBrickfield RowMinerAaron Priest, a BlackSmithElizabethBAILEY21SpinsterRutland StreetJoseph Bailey, a MoulderJohn Colley; Alice E A PriestBy Banns
30 03 1886Stephen ThomasWALKER26BachelorKimberworthBlackSmithGeorge Walker, a LabourerAnnie ElizabethBONE26SpinsterKimberworth RoadHenry Bone, a LabourerGeorge Henry Bone; Mary Edith BolerBy Banns
22 04 1886William EdwardSALTFLEET36BachelorSheffieldPainterWilliam Robert Saltfleet, deceased PainterMary JaneCLARK28Spinster61 Kimberworth RoadIsaac Clark, deceased MinerS G Clark; Eliza BarkerBy Banns
26 04 1886JosephARMITAGE24BachelorBlackburnIron WorkerSamuel Armitage, an Iron WorkerPriscillaJOHNSON20SpinsterBlackburnCornelius Johnson, a DrillerTom Armitage; Amelia Frances JohnsonBy Banns
14 06 1886WilliamDODSON23Bachelor127 Wortley RoadWood TurnerWilliam Dodson, an Engine DriverEllenDAVIS23Spinster127 Wortley RoadRichard Davis, a Forge ManWilliam Davies; Mary Ann DaviesBy Banns
16 06 1886MauriceBRADFORD30BachelorBacupMechanicJohn Bradford, an Iron WorkerAmeliaBADGER25SpinsterWortley RoadGeorge Badger, deceased RollerRichard Henry Badger; Ada BadgerBy Banns
28 06 1886ThomasJENKINS26BachelorKimberworthPuddlerJoseph Jenkins, deceased Furnace ManMaryBOWERS21SpinsterMidland RoadCharles Bowers, a LabourerFred Price; Sarah Ann HeeleyBy Banns
11 07 1886GeorgePEARCE21BachelorRutland StreetLabourerJohn Pearce, a LabourerSarahCROSSLAND21SpinsterRutland StreetThomas Crossland, a LabourerAlfred Godley; Edith FrostBy Banns
12 07 1886ThomasHUGHES24BachelorBlackburnShunterJohn Wigg Hughes, a ButcherAnn ElizabethSWALLOW20SpinsterBlackburnCharles Joseph Swallow, a Furnace ManJoseph Swallow; Maria HughesBy Banns
19 07 1886Alfred ErnestCAWDRON23Bachelor113 Park StreetRailway ServantAnthony Cawdron, a LabourerKezia AnnWARD24Spinster113 Park StreetWilliam Ward, a LabourerJohn Darnell; Martha HuntBy Banns
23 08 1886ElijahHORNER30BachelorUnion StreetCollierJames Horner, a BlackSmithSarah AnnBILLS26SpinsterUnion StreetGeorge Bills, a TailorWilliam Langley; Mary Jane HornerBy Banns
05 09 1886ThomasSHORTLAND52WidowerMeadow Hall RoadClerkWilliam Shortland, deceased SoldierEliza AnnPILGRIM42WidowMeadow Hall RoadRobert Norton, deceased PublicanJohn Cottam; Eliza Ann CottamBy Banns
06 10 1886ThomasWRAGG33BachelorNortonFarmerElijah Wragg, a FarmerEllenBEARD24SpinsterGrange Park FarmGeorge Beard, a FarmerGeorge Beard; Ann Elizabeth WraggBy Banns
06 10 1886JohnGUMMER30WidowerKimberworthIron WorkerSamuel GummerAlicePARKER27SpinsterHenley GroveReuben Parker, an EngineerGeorge Parker; Emma GummerBy Banns
10 10 1886Albert FrederickHEELEY24BachelorScholesMinerCharles Heeley, a MinerMaryEVERS28SpinsterKimberworthJohn Evers, a Forge ManSamuel Mullins Evers; Frances Alice EversBy Banns
10 10 1886John GeorgeCHAPPELL28BachelorRichmond ParkCarterGeorge Chappell, a LabourerElizabethHILL23WidowNew KimberworthJohn Wheeler, a Coke BurnerFred Wheeler; Alice WheelerBy Banns
11 10 1886CharlesDAWRANT21BachelorCemetery HousePotterJohn Dawrant, an Engine TenterCharlotteTOFT18SpinsterPsalter LaneJames Toft, a PotterHerbert Toft; Mary Jane ToftBy Banns
18 10 1886William AlfredFISHER27BachelorHandworth WorkhouseLabourerCharles Fisher, a LabourerEllenDOLPHIN28SpinsterKimberworthJohn Dolphin, a LabourerF Dolphin; E DolphinBy Banns
31 10 1886William HenrySOUTHALL28BachelorHenley GroveMinerHenry Southall, a MinerHarrietBEDDAS27SpinsterHenley GroveIsaac Beddas, a LabourerJohn Southall; Susannah ClarkeBy Banns
01 11 1886RalphREED22BachelorHolmes Lane, KimberworthFurnace ManRalph Reed, a CarterAnnCLIFTON21SpinsterRutland StreetJames Clifton, a Boat Cutter ?William Bennetts; Sarah Ann BennettsBy Banns
06 11 1886GeorgeELLIS25WidowerKimberworthFettlerMatthew Ellis, a Fork MakerEmmaBURTON18SpinsterKimberworthJohn Burton, a Stone MasonWilliam Pollard; Alice GallthorpeBy Banns
07 11 1886WalterUTTLEY22BachelorBradgateMoulder Rose AnnGODDARD19SpinsterBarber Balk William Goodinson; Thomas JollyBy Banns
05 12 1886WalterGODDARD21BachelorThe BalkMiner PollyMITCHELL18SpinsterBradgateHenry Mitchell, a MinerWilliam Goodinson; Thomas JollyBy Banns
19 12 1886John ThomasBARBER20BachelorStar LaneLabourerJohn Barber, a Table Blade MakerAliceJAMES18SpinsterStar LaneJohn James, a PotterCharles Bennett; Emma BennettBy Banns
23 12 1886WilliamSTENTON21Bachelor16 Wing StreetManagerHenry Stenton, a PotterElizabeth Ann MaloneyPRICE23Spinster20 Harrison StreetWilliam Price, a GrocerW M Price; Rachel StentonBy Banns
25 12 1886John EdwardHAYHURST23BachelorKimberworthLabourerEdward Hayhurst, a LabourerMary WinifredMCCORMACK20SpinsterKimberworthJohn McCormack, a LabourerWilliam Ellison; Hannah RimingtonBy Banns
25 12 1886JohnLANTY30Bachelor26 Joiner StreetMoulderMichael Lanty, a TurnerBeatrice AliceLEATHER22SpinsterEightHousesJames Leather, a CollierWilliam Blackburn; Mary Ellen LantyBy Banns
26 12 1886John ThomasFRITH28BachelorGarrow TreeCarterJames Frith, a LabourerSarah AnnTYE28SpinsterGarrow TreeGeorge Tye, a LabourerJames Frith; Emily TyeBy Banns
26 12 1886HerbertSTACEY26BachelorKillamarshMinerJoseph Stacey, a MinerMary ElizabethMETHAM23Spinster22 Greaves RoadThomas Edward Johnson, a Brick MakerThomas Edward Johnson; Maria RichardsonBy Banns
27 12 1886SamuelROEBUCK26BachelorMidland Road, KimberworthCollierJohn Roebuck, a Stocking WeaverEmmaSHAW20SpinsterMidland RoadJabez Shaw, a LabourerJabez Shaw; Alice WatsonBy Banns
02 01 1887BernardTURNER22Bachelor38 Wortley RoadFurnace ManWilliam Turner, a Furnace ManMaryADAMS20Spinster23 Midland RoadSeptimus Adams, a Furnace ManF J Warren; E TurnerBy Banns
23 01 1887HenryHAGUE23BachelorHarrison StreetMinerJames Hague, a MinerElizabethLOCKWOOD33SpinsterHarrison StreetCharles Lockwood, a Colliery OwnerJ Gilbert; K A MilnerBy Banns
16 02 1887William HenryWATSON22BachelorBlackburnIron TurnerWilliam Watson, a FitterMary MargaretRUMBELOW22SpinsterBlackburnJohn Rumbelow, a Wheel TurnerHenry Jackson; Amy RumbelowBy Banns
20 02 1887GeorgeSMITH23BachelorHenley GroveTrain ExaminerWilliam Smith, a LabourerAmeliaHATFIELD20SpinsterHenley GroveSamuel Hatfield, a LabourerFrank Vernon; Mary Ann VernonBy Banns
06 03 1887GeorgeRICHARDSONFullBachelorWilton LaneWagon BuilderWilliam Richardson, a FarmerAnnie ElizabethBANKSFullSpinsterWilton LaneRobert Banks, a Painter ForemanRobert Jones Banks; Louisa BanksBy Banns
21 03 1887Robert SamuelPILGRIM22BachelorHolmesIron TurnerRobert Pilgrim, an Iron TurnerMary ElizabethTRANMER19SpinsterHolmesGeorge William Tranmer, a PotterJames Tranmer; Sarah Elizabeth PadleyBy Banns
03 04 1887JosephHOLLINGSWORTH23BachelorHolmesWagon BuilderJoseph Hollingsworth, a Wagon BuilderEmmaJONES19SpinsterMasbrough StreetWilliam Jones, deceased MinerW Jones; S HollingsworthBy Banns
04 04 1887GeorgeMILLWARD28BachelorHolmesLabourerRobert Millward, deceased MoulderAnnieSIMMONS23SpinsterHolmesWilliam Simmons, a MoulderSamuel Millward; Ada MillwardBy Banns
11 04 1887Henry GoldenDYSON26BachelorHenley GroveBrass FinisherRichard Dyson, deceased WeaverMarthaRANDALL21SpinsterHenley GroveHugh Randall, deceased LabourerSam Randall; Mary DysonBy Banns
11 04 1887George HenryGODLEY24Bachelor62 Harrison StreetStove Grate FitterGeorge Godley, a BlackSmithRose AnnBINGHAM22Spinster7 Wing StreetGeorge Bingham, a Furnace ManAlfred Godley; Mary Ann BarkerBy Banns
11 04 1887John JamesASTON27BachelorMeadow Hall LaneEngine TenterJohn James Aston, an Engine TenterMary AnnWRIGHTON23SpinsterPembroke StreetJob Wrighton, a ClerkJoseph Reading; Naomi AstonBy Banns
11 04 1887JamesWORDSWORTH22Bachelor23 James Street, MasbroughFitterWilliam Wordsworth, a FitterRose HannahMILLITT22Spinster147 Midland RoadWilliam Millitt, a TurnerWilliam Millitt; Annie WordsworthBy Banns
30 04 1887BenBROADHEADFullWidowerWilton GardensLabourerBenjamin Broadhead, a LabourerAnnBARKERFullWidowWilton GardensWilliam Millar, a MinerEdward Taylor; Mary WebsterBy Banns
01 05 1887ArthurDAWES21BachelorHarrison StreetTurnerJames Dawes, deceased TurnerSarah AnnMITCHELL18SpinsterMoss Street? Mitchell, a MinerWilliam David Toft; Betsy ToftBy Banns
22 05 1887WilliamSHEPHARDFullBachelor2 Wilton GardensMoulderSamuel Shephard, deceased MinerMary ElizabethBRADLEYFullSpinster89 Kimberworth RoadGeorge Bradley, an Engine TenterGeorge S Bradley; Jane E WilkinsonBy Banns
28 05 1887FrankWARD23BachelorHenley GroveBottle Maker Sarah ElizabethSMITHEMAN19Spinster8 Orchard Street, MasbroughAbiathar Smitheman, a WheelSmithTom Wilson; Sarah SmithemanBy Banns
29 05 1887ArthurGREENWOOD30BachelorBradgateBoilerMakerSamuel Greenwood, deceased MinerChristinaBECK35SpinsterBradgateJoseph Beck, deceased GrocerGeorge Makings; Ann BeckBy Banns
29 05 1887SamuelFISH23BachelorHarrison StreetPotterJohn Fish, a PotterElizabethBATES20SpinsterWing StreetJames Bates, a PlateLayerSamson Smith; Sarah Ann BatesBy Banns
30 05 1887HenryBUDDERY21BachelorBlackburnLabourerWilliam Buddery, a LabourerAnnieTAYLOR21SpinsterBlackburnGeorge Taylor, a LabourerAlfred Gregory; Miss Emma HobsonBy Banns
04 07 1887WalterGREGORY24Bachelor101 Midland RoadSurgical Instrument GrinderJohn Gregory, deceased EngineerLydia EllenDAWSON19Spinster85 Midland RoadWilliam Dawson, a CarpenterA G Badger; F BadgerBy Banns
10 07 1887TomWILSON28BachelorConisbroughGlass Blower LenoraSMITHEMAN24SpinsterKimberworthAbiathar Smitheman, a WheelSmithWalter Smitheman; Sarah Edith Smitheman 
13 07 1887EdwinWHITEHOUSE23Bachelor39 Kimberworth RoadPorterJoseph Whitehouse, a MinerSarahGREATHEAD18Spinster23 Midland RoadJohn Greathead, a Book MakerE N Mansell; Nina ClarkBy Banns
17 07 1887George WilliamFOSTER22BachelorHenley GroveCarterWilliam Foster, a CarterJaneGILL20Spinster15 Wilton GardensGeorge Gill, a MinerGeorge Gibb; Polly RowlinsonBy Banns
15 08 1887JohnSHAW32Bachelor62 Wing StreetMinerSamuel Shaw, a MinerEmmaJAMES20Spinster1 Kimberworth RoadJohn James, a MinerJohn Thomas Bennett; Mary ShawBy Banns
27 08 1887ThomasTURNER22Bachelor210 Kimberworth RoadIron MoulderGeorge Turner, an Iron MoulderAlice JanePRICE22Spinster195 Saint Ann's RoadJohn Joseph Price, a Glass CutterJohn Joseph Price; Eleanor TurnerBy Banns
03 09 1887WilliamALBISTON26Bachelor38 Brickfield RowBrass TurnerHenry Albiston, a GardenerMaryJONES23Spinster38 Brickfield RowRichard Shaw, a SawyerThomas Jolly; Sarah A JollyBy Banns
05 09 1887WilliamKNOWLES27BachelorKimberworthMinerRichard Knowles, a LabourerHannahDUKE23SpinsterKimberworthWilliam Duke, a MinerThomas Duke; Ann ThompsonBy Banns
12 09 1887WilliamLODGEFullBachelorMasbroughButcherMatthew Lodge, a GrocerClaraELLIOTTFullSpinsterKimberworthJohn Elliott, a FarmerLuther Elliott; Mary Jane GatteyBy Banns
19 09 1887LitchfieldBRIERLEY31WidowerEdward StreetMasonLitchfield Brierley, a BuilderMary AnnCHEESEMAN31SpinsterMount StreetJohn Cheeseman, a LabourerJames William Cheeseman; Harriet Adella SkinnerBy Banns
03 10 1887Richard CloughJACKSON26BachelorBramleyHouse PainterJohn Jackson, deceased Size ManufacturerSarahKNOWLES24SpinsterKimberworthRichard Knowles, a LabourerJames Knowles; Sarah Elizabeth QuibellBy Banns
10 10 1887William HenrySANDERSON24BachelorNTTButcherEdward Sanderson, a ButcherElizabeth MariaDAVIES25SpinsterSarah StreetJoshua Davies, a BlackSmithWilliam Rotherham; Eliza Ann DaviesBy Banns
10 10 1887JohnPHILLIPS26BachelorKimberworth RoadShunterJohn Phillips, a LabourerElizabethDOLPHIN28SpinsterRegent StreetJohn Dolphin, a LabourerCharles Phillips; Fanny Beatrice NusseyBy Banns
01 11 1887EdwinSTORRY60WidowerHowdenBank ManagerFrederick William Storry, deceased ProctorBetseySUGDEN39SpinsterKimberworthRobert Sugden, a BuilderEdward Sugden; Mary Sugden; Edwin Rougemont StorryBy Licence
07 11 1887WilliamROTHERHAM27WidowerSarah StreetBrass FinisherWilliam Rotherham, deceased DraymanEliza AnnDAVIES21SpinsterSarah StreetJoshua Davies, a BlackSmithJoshua Davies; Sarah Ann BennettBy Banns
07 11 1887AlfredGODLEY21Bachelor62 Harrison Street, HolmesBrass FinisherGeorge Godley, a BlackSmithAmeliaWHITE19Spinster27 Wing Street, HolmesThomas White, a CollierGeorge Spink; Mary SimpsonBy Banns
20 11 1887WillieFOWLER19Bachelor7 Foundry StreetMoulderOliver Fowler, a MinerEllen AlberthaKENNEDY21Spinster32 Clough RoadJohn Kennedy, a LabourerWilliam Hevit; Ellen FowlerBy Banns
21 11 1887MauriceBAGNALL25BachelorKimberworth RoadMoulderSamuel Bagnall, a MoulderAnnieJONES19Spinster89 Midland RoadJohn Jones, a MinerWilliam Jones; Fanny JonesBy Banns
26 12 1887Arthur WalkerMYERS25BachelorKimberworth RoadFurnace ManThomas Myers, a Forge ManMaryHOLMES23SpinsterKimberworth RoadJacob Holmes, deceased FarmerJoseph Myers; Emma JenkinsonBy Banns
27 12 1887TomHIGGINS28BachelorKimberworthMinerJoseph Moxon Higgins, an Iron WorkerHarrietGOLDEN21SpinsterKimberworthJohn Golden, deceased MinerJames Manwaring; Ann HigginsBy Banns
03 01 1888JosephMOXON21BachelorBradgateButcherJoseph Moxon, a ButcherEthelRANDERSON19SpinsterWickersleyWilliam Randerson, a ButcherGeorge H Randerson; Fanny KnowlesBy Licence
22 01 1888JamesRODWELL26BachelorClough RoadMoulderGeorge Rodwell, a LabourerClaraPARKIN28SpinsterClough RoadCharles Parkin, a GardenerJohn Edward Parkin; Thomas JollyBy Banns
22 01 1888ArthurJENKINSON26BachelorHolmesFarmerDaniel Jenkinson, a FarmerSarahHOLLINGSWORTH23SpinsterHolmesJoseph Hollingsworth, a CarpenterJoseph Hollingsworth; Sarah OatesBy Banns
25 01 1888HerbertTOFT23Bachelor30 Regent StreetPotterJames Toft, deceased PotterSarahTAYLOR21SpinsterRosehill House, Regent StreetJohn Taylor, deceased PublicanJohn Draper; Annie FlistererBy Banns
29 01 1888GeorgeNEATBY21BachelorWortley RoadLabourerThomas Neatby, a MinerEllenKINGSTON21SpinsterWortley RoadGeorge Kingston, deceased MinerFrank Kingston; Lucy HammertonBy Banns
30 01 1888IsaacSTACEY22BachelorGreasbroughIron WorkerJohn Stacey, an Iron WorkerEsther ElizabethHOLDEN23SpinsterHenley Street, KimberworthIsaac Holden, an Iron WorkerHenry James Holden; Amelia Ann HoldenBy Banns
05 02 1888Walter TomOLDFIELD31BachelorHolmesButcherSamuel Edward Oldfield, deceased Hair DresserMarthaCHARLESWORTH23SpinsterHolmesWilliam Charlesworth, deceased BanksmanRobert Browning; Hannah CharlesworthBy Banns
25 02 1888SamuelSMOUT27Bachelor60 Foundry StreetIron WorkerBenjamin Smout, an Iron WorkerMary EllenGUEST21SpinsterMasbrough StreetReuben Clark Guest, deceased Brass CasterWilliam Barron Davies; Elizabeth HaleBy Banns
26 03 1888WilliamCHAPMAN21BachelorTusmore Street, RotherhamMinerRobert Chapman, a Brick MakerClaraMILNER19SpinsterPsalter LaneJohn Milner, deceased CarterGeorge Joel; Sophia ToftBy Banns
28 03 1888AlfredWARD27BachelorGarrow TreeRoll TurnerHenry Ward, a Roll TurnerSusanCOUPE26SpinsterDropping WellWilliam Coupe, a SawyerTom Coupe; Mary DavyBy Banns
02 04 1888HenryBRIGGS28BachelorWilton LaneKitchen Range FitterElijah Briggs, deceased MinerFannyBYWATER27SpinsterWilton GardensWilliam Bywater, a DrillerWilliam Bywater; Mary Elizabeth HodgkinsonBy Banns
15 04 1888Thomas WilliamTRAYTE21Bachelor226 Kimberworth RoadPainterThomas William Trayte, deceased PlastererMary ElizaWEBB20Spinster3 Tummons StreetJohn Webb, deceased DraymanGeorge Henry Teasdale; Lucy BlackburnBy Banns
17 04 1888George BottomleyCOULDWELL29BachelorKimberworthCarpenterBenjamin Couldwell, deceased CarpenterHarriet AnnNAYLOR26SpinsterHilltopThomas Naylor, a MillWrightW T Naylor; L GregoryBy Banns
22 04 1888ThomasMCCARTHY28BachelorKimberworth RoadRailway ServantMichael McCarthy, deceased TailorElizaBROOK24SpinsterKimberworth RoadGeorge Brook, an Iron MoulderJoseph McCarthy; Margaret McCarthyBy Banns
07 05 1888GeorgeCOWARD26WidowerKimberworth RoadFiremanCharles Coward, deceased SmithMaryBINGHAM21SpinsterKimberworth RoadGeorge Bingham, a Furnace ManWilliam Emery; Jane HowleyBy Banns
21 05 1888FrederickWHEELER21BachelorNew KimberworthMinerJohn Wheeler, deceased Coke BurnerMinnieWATSON17SpinsterPsalter LaneLuke Watson, a FiremanThomas Harrison; Jessie HarrisonBy Banns
21 05 1888WilliamSENIOR22BachelorPlum TreeRailway PorterCharles Senior, a BlackSmithHannahRIMINGTON21Spinster27 Kimberworth RoadJohn Rimington, a Railway SignalmanJohn Rimington; Fanny SeniorBy Banns
27 05 1888RobertBROWNINGFullBachelorRegent StreetWagon BuilderJohn Browning, deceased ButcherAnn ElizabethCHARLESWORTHFullSpinsterBrickfield RowWilliam Charlesworth, deceased LabourerWilliam Charlesworth; Mary CharlesworthBy Banns
28 05 1888AlbertTAYLOR25BachelorWilton GardensBrass FinisherJoseph Taylor, a LabourerHarrietCAVE21SpinsterGreasebroughGeorge Cave, a LabourerJ N Lillin; Ada Alvey AstwoodBy Banns
19 06 1888StephenCOPNELL31Widower56 Edward Street, HolmesForge ManThomas Copnell, a BlackSmithAnnieTAYLOR21SpinsterCarbrookJohn Taylor, a LabourerSamuel Launders; Annie E JacksonBy Banns
01 07 1888JosephMYERS21Bachelor10 Hill StreetBlackSmithThomas Myers, a Forge ManElizaSHORTHAND19Spinster12 Hill StreetThomas Shorthand, a TimeKeeperFrank Myers; Eliza KelshawBy Banns
07 07 1888John RichardPALMER23Bachelor19 Fullerton Road, RothrhamForge ManRichard Palmer, a Forge ManJaneWILDGOOSE20Spinster208 Kimberworth RoadTimothy Haywood Wildgoose, deceased GrinderGeorge Wildgoose; Mary Jane PalmerBy Banns
18 07 1888JohnFROGGATT81WidowerToll Bar HouseLabourerWilliam Froggatt, deceased FarmerElizabethGRAHAM70WidowToll Bar HouseMichael Ashall, deceased Nail MakerThomas Jolly; Gertrude CarrBy Banns
30 07 1888SampsonCOOKE26BachelorBradgateMinerGeorge Cooke, deceased Iron WorkerRachelQUIBELL22Spinster196 Psalter LaneGeorge Quibell, a LabourerGeorge Quibell; Mary QuibellBy Banns
02 08 1888CharlesNEWHILL29BachelorDropping WellBlackSmithSamuel Newhill, a BlackSmithEllenCOUPE27WidowDropping WellEdwin Hook, a TailorSamuel Newhill; Susan WardBy Banns
07 08 1888Samuel AlfredHEELEY25BachelorPelsallSchoolMasterWilliam Walter Heeley, an Iron WorkerFlorenceWOOLHOUSE21SpinsterMount View, KimberworthAlbert Woolhouse, a Stove Grate ManagerWilliam Tanlen Jones; Albert Fred WoolhouseBy Banns
07 08 1888John FrederickKITCHING21BachelorMeadow HallPorterWilliam Kitching, an Engine TenterSarah AnnGOULDING20SpinsterKimberworthJohn Goulding, deceased CollierCharles Jones; Clara Annie KitchingBy Banns
26 08 1888GeorgeSHAKESPEARE26BachelorKimberworth RoadBrewery ManWilliam Shakespeare, a Brewery ManGertrudeWHEELDON22SpinsterKimberworth RoadRobert Wheeldon, a Forge ManThomas Jolly; Annie MuscroftBy Banns
30 08 1888HenryDAWSON31Bachelor61 Richmond ParkAgentCharles Dawson, a PrinterMary AnnTAYLOR26Spinster2 Tummon StreetWilliam Taylor, a SmithWilliam Taylor; Sarah Jane TaylorBy Banns
01 09 1888FrankDOLPHIN27BachelorRegent StreetFurnace ManJohn Dolphin, a FarmerFanny BeatriceNUSSEY25SpinsterRegent StreetJohn Nussey, a PublicanWilliam Cooper; Hannah WoodallBy Banns
05 09 1888AlbertDUKE24Bachelor6 Kimberworth RoadFiremanJames Duke, a Green GrocerMartha JaneSHELTALL27Spinster9 Sarah StreetJohn Shentall, deceased Stove Grate FitterWalter Drike; Charlotte ShentallBy Banns
23 09 1888William HenryJOHNSON21Bachelor22 Greaves RoadIron WorkerThomas Edward Johnson, a BoilerMakerMariaRICHARDSON19Spinster22 Greaves RoadGeorge Richardson, a BoatManH Stacey; Mary Elizabeth StaceyBy Banns
13 10 1888ReubenWHITELEY23Bachelor63 Rutland StreetQuarryManGeorge Whiteley, deceased QuarryManSarah JanePEARCE22Spinster63 Rutland StreetJohn Pearce, a SawyerJ W Pearce; Edith FrostBy Banns
23 10 1888Charles HenryRILEY33Bachelor2 Holmes LaneSalesmanJames Riley, deceased CutlerMary JaneSHAW38Widow2 Holmes LaneWilliam Hall, deceased MinerGeorge Humphrey; Ester WhitfieldBy Banns - Mary Jane a Grocer
28 10 1888CharlesCOOPER23Bachelor86 Henley Street, Henley GroveLabourerGeorge Cooper, deceased Forge ManElizaHOPKINSON24Spinster86 Henley Street, Henley GroveThomas Hopkinson, a Milk DealerFred Straw; Annie HarperBy Banns
05 11 1888WilmotMORLEY21BachelorWilton GardensMiner Mary JaneBOOTH21SpinsterWilton GardensJohn Booth, a LabourerRobert Clarke; Sarah GreenBy Banns
05 11 1888FrankFELLS20Bachelor11 Kimberworth RoadLabourerHenry John Fells, deceased MoulderHarrietBRAILSFORD18Spinster1 Kimberworth RoadArthur Brailsford, a LabourerT Brown; Emma BennettBy Banns
05 11 1888SydneyMORLEY24Bachelor43 Wilton GardensMiner SophiaBRADLEY18Spinster43 Wilton GardensJohn Bradley, an Engine DriverJohn Bradley; Beatrice NorburnBy Banns
10 12 1888FredBROOKS25Bachelor2 Moss Street, HolmesMinerHenry Brooks, a JoinerMaria AnnieHARFORD26Spinster2 Moss Street, HolmesDaniel Harford, deceased Game KeeperWilliam Bridger; Lizzy KettlebroughBy Banns
22 12 1888AlbertPRIEST24BachelorPitt StreetJoinerHenry Priest, a Spring MakerSusannaLITTLEWOOD22SpinsterBradgateWilliam Littlewood, a GrinderGeorge Henry May; Sarah Elizabeth MayBy Banns
22 12 1888ThomasGIBSON26BachelorBow, LondonPattern MakerSamuel Gibson, a Brass CasterAlice AllenHOCKOLD24SpinsterHenley Street, KimberworthSolomon Hockold, an Iron WorkerEllen Gutteridge; William Henry HockoldBy Banns
23 12 1888Arthur HutchinsonJACKMAN21Bachelor43 Sarah StreetTelegraph ClerkSamuel Jackman, a TailorMary MillsHARDCASTLE20Spinster9 Sarah StreetWilliam Hardcastle, a Glass BlowerThomas Jolly; Ruth HardcastleBy Banns
23 12 1888EnochBROOKES21BachelorHarrison StreetMoulderEnoch Brookes, a BrickLayerEllenBINGHAM20SpinsterWing StreetGeorge Bingham, a Furnace ManGeorge Henry Godley; Annie Elizabeth MuscroftBy Banns
23 12 1888JoshuaDAVIES30BachelorSarah StreetBrass MoulderJoshua Davies, a BlackSmithSarah AnnBENNETT28SpinsterRollers RowWilliam Bennett, a LabourerThomas H Brown; Emma BennettBy Banns
24 12 1888ElijahDAWES21BachelorJoiner StreetPotterJames Dawes, deceased PotterAnnieMANGHAM18SpinsterJoiner StreetAlfred Mangham, a PotterAlfred Mangham; Elizabeth ManghamBy Banns
25 12 1888FredFOSTER25BachelorWilton GardensBoilerMakerAaron Foster, a LabourerHarrietALLEN24SpinsterThe IcclesCharles Allen, a Steel BlowerAlbert Allen; Ada AllenBy Banns
25 12 1888JohnFLETCHER28BachelorParkgateForge ManSamuel Fletcher, a Forge ManMary AnnAPPLEYARD29SpinsterKimberworth RoadGeorge Appleyard, a JoinerGeorge Appleyard; Mary Ann AppleyardBy Banns
25 12 1888JosephRODDIS23BachelorWilton GardensMoulderGeorge Roddis, a MasonHarriet [or Sarah Ann]JARVIS22SpinsterUnion StreetAlfred Jarvis, a CarterCharles Frankland; Harriet SaundersBy Banns
25 12 1888JamesMANWARING30BachelorHenley GroveMinerJames Manwaring, a MinerLydiaGULLICK23SpinsterRichmond ParkJosiah Gullick, a MinerOliver Gullick; Sarah ManwaringBy Banns
26 12 1888John WilliamGOODINSON25BachelorBradgateMinerJames Goodinson, a MinerMaryLITTLEWOOD21SpinsterBradgateGeorge Littlewood, a MinerGeorge Littlewood; Harriet LittlewoodBy Banns
31 12 1888Charles HenryJONES19BachelorRichmond ParkMinerEdwin Jones, a MinerFannyWEBSTER20SpinsterKimberworthSamuel Webster, an Engine TenterDraper Potchitt; Emily UsherwoodBy Banns
13 01 1889BenjaminHERBERT22BachelorKimberworthFarmerJoseph Herbert, a FarmerMinnieWEBSTER21SpinsterKimberworthWilliam Webster, deceased DyerWalter Hart; Emma DukeBy Banns
09 02 1889HenryHANDCOCK28BachelorWincobankLabourerBenjamin Handcock, a LabourerAdaUTTLEY27SpinsterBradgateJoseph Uttley, a BoilerMakerG Cathorall; E UttleyBy Banns
18 02 1889ReubenATHEY22BachelorBradgateMinerSamuel Athey, a MinerElizaPEARCE21SpinsterBradgateCharles Pearce, deceased MinerArthur Athey; Rhoda Ann PearceBy Banns
24 02 1889DavidBROOKES19BachelorGreasbrough Street, MasbroughMinerJoseph Brookes, a MinerMary AnnEVISON18Spinster21 Wortley RoadEdward Evison, a Coal AgentFrank Fells; Harriet FellsBy Banns
24 02 1889AlbertDUKE23BachelorRichmond ParkLabourerHenry Duke, a MinerMary AnnKEMPSHAW20SpinsterRutland StreetJohn Kempshaw, a CarterCharles Thompson; Emma DukeBy Banns
03 03 1889George ArthurCHAPMAN22Bachelor45 Psalter LaneLabourerMatthew Chapman, a File CutterSarahDUNN18Spinster45 Psalter LaneIshmel Dunn, a CollierGeorge Metcalfe; Elizabeth FrostBy Banns
16 03 1889EdwinHANCOCK31BachelorWilton GardensPuddlerEdward Hancock, deceased MoulderMaryELLIOTT23SpinsterWilton GardensEnoch Elliott, a Peddler By Banns
31 03 1889JosephWEBSTER24WidowerHolmesBrickLayerJoseph Webster, a BrickLayerElizaCROOK20SpinsterHolmesJohn Crook, a Nail CutterFrederick Hough; Jane HoughBy Banns
08 04 1889FrankWATSON24BachelorBradgateFarmerWilliam Watson, a FarmerPhoebeNEATBY24SpinsterBradgateThomas Neatby, a MinerDraper Potchett; Sarah Ann JollyBy Banns
15 04 1889CharlesHUDSON27BachelorWilton GardensCollierBenjamin Hudson, a ShoeMakerMary JaneEYRE23SpinsterNew KimberworthThomas Eyre, a Coke BurnerAlbert Taylor; Annie EyreBy Banns
22 04 1889RichardJOHNSON24BachelorCross StreetMinerGeorge Johnson, a LabourerElizaDAVIES24SpinsterCross StreetJohn Davies, an Engine DriverFrederick Knight; Louisa KnightBy Banns
22 04 1889ThomasSATERFITT25BachelorKimberworthCarterJohn Saterfitt, a LabourerSarahDUKE18SpinsterKimberworthHenry Duke, a MinerJoseph Saterfitt; Eve BroomheadBy Banns
22 04 1889IsaacDEWHIRST20BachelorWortley RoadMinerTimothy DewhirstSarahPHILLIPS20SpinsterNew KimberworthWilliam Phillips, a MinerAsher Leather; Ellen PhillipsBy Banns
22 04 1889EdwinSORSBYFullWidowerWortley RoadFitterBenjamin Sorsby, a Coke MerchantEliza JaneAMESBURYFullSpinsterNottingham Street, RotherhamRichard Amesbury, an Iron WorkerBenjamin Sorsby; Minnie AmesburyBy Banns
30 04 1889ThomasWALKER24Bachelor10 Midland RoadMoulderThomas Walker, a PuddlerElizaGUTTERIDGE28Spinster14 Pembroke StreetJoseph Gutteridge, a ManagerJoseph Gutteridge; Ada GutteridgeBy Banns
13 05 1889SamuelOXLEY34Bachelor53 Henley StreetLabourerSamuel Oxley, a CarterFannyMARSDEN29Spinster5 Orchard Street, MasbroughJames Marsden, a LabourerGeorge Marsden; Elizabeth MarsdenBy Banns
20 05 1889HarryANSON27Bachelor82 Howard Street, SheffieldHair DresserWilliam Anson, an Umbrella MakerAgnes LantRILEY28SpinsterKimberworthJames Riley, a ManufacturerJoseph Riley; Martha Jane AnsonBy Banns
26 05 1889Thomas HenryBROWN21Bachelor20 Brickfield RowEngine TenterHenry Brown, a StrikerEmmaBENNETT21Spinster5 Holmes LaneWilliam Bennett, a LabourerJohn Berry; Hannah BrownBy Banns
10 06 1889John PercyWILD22BachelorFowler Street, WincobankMoulderThomas Wild, a CutterElizabeth AnnKEMPTON20Spinster32 Regent Street, KimberworthEdward Kempton, a CarpenterGeorge Alfred Browning; John KemptonBy Banns
10 06 1889BenjaminFREER22Bachelor90 Wortley Road, MasbroughMinerThomas Freer, a Brick MakerFrances EthelSYKES20SpinsterWortley Road, MasbroughEdward Sykes, a BookkeeperThomas Charles Twigger; Caroline FreerBy Banns
10 10 1889SamCOWOOD24Bachelor3 Henley StreetMoulderMatthew Cowood, a Coke BurnerLaurandaOLDFIELD19Spinster58 Henley GroveJohn Oldfield, a MinerFrancis Oldfield; Farthery? SmithBy Banns
17 06 1889GeorgeTHOMPSON31Bachelor4 Greaves RoadPuddlerRobert Thompson, a LabourerAdaMILSOM21SpinsterMidland Road Benjamin Hurt; Jane SmoutBy Banns
23 06 1889Thomas KirkWARD20BachelorBlackburnButcherThomas Ward, an Engine ManSelinaHAMMOND21SpinsterWalkworth FarmAndrew Hammond, deceased FarmerJoel Kent Brettoner; Annie BoothBy Banns
21 07 1889Thomas WiltshireHEDGE21Bachelor86 Claremont Street, Garrow TreeWagon BuilderJohn Hedge, a Wagon BuilderFlorenceWILSON21Spinster86 Claremont Street, Garrow TreeArthur Wilson, a Furnace ManRobert John Hedge; Annie Elizabeth HedgeBy Banns
25 07 1889WilliamWILDGOOSE23Bachelor53 Ellen Street, Wilton GardensLabourerWilliam Wildgoose, a LabourerFannyRODDIS18Spinster1 Ellen Street, Wilton GardensGeorge Roddis, a MasonJoseph Roddis; Sarah Ann RoddisBy Banns
28 07 1889WilliamREED27Bachelor4 Holmes LaneLabourerRalph Reed, a LabourerCharlotte MaryCLARSON18Spinster3 Holmes LaneJohn Clarson, a BrickLayerJ Reed; K ClarsonBy Banns
29 07 1889FrederickMARRIOTT23BachelorChapple StreetClerkAbraham Marriott, deceased CollierBertha ElizabethCROSSLAND21SpinsterClaremont Street, HolmesJohn Crossland, a Forge ManFred Peace; Laura CrosslandBy Banns
03 08 1889WilliamRAY29Bachelor198 Psalter LaneMechanicJoseph Ray, deceased PotterHenriettaLENG27Spinster194 Psalter LaneRobert Leng, a StoreKeeperJames Ray; Annie Elizabeth DonkinBy Banns
05 08 1889WilliamNANCEFullWidower71 Kimberworth RoadFile HardenerThomas Nance, deceased ShoeMakerMary JaneELLISFullWidow71 Kimberworth RoadJoseph Brown, deceased Brick MakerAnnie Elizabeth Bluff; Thomas JollyBy Banns
10 08 1889EdwinJONESFullWidowerKimberworthMinerEdward JonesIsabellaHODGKINSONFullWidowKimberworthWilliam Bywater, a DrillerJohn Cooper; Margaret ReedBy Banns
13 08 1889Albert BelkJENKINSON26BachelorDropping Well Joseph Bargh Jenkinson, a Colliery OwnerElizabethPRICE20SpinsterWortley RoadWilliam Price, an Iron WorkerFred Price; Louisa GallowayBy Banns
07 10 1889JosephBUDWORTH23Bachelor3 Pottery Row, HolmesIron WorkerWilliam Budworth, a CollierSarah AnnBEVON24Spinster3 Pottery Row, HolmesFrancis Bevon, a BoatManWilliam Allen; Fanny CopeBy Banns
14 10 1889ErnestMARTIN24BachelorPembroke StreetFurnace ManEdward Martin, a LabourerSophiaTOFT19Spinster124 Psalter LaneMary Ann ToftErnest E Goddard; Ellen ToftBy Banns
03 11 1889RichardWHITE21Bachelor34 Harrison Street, HolmesMoulderRichard White, a CollierAnnieBROWN19Spinster20 Brickfield RowHenry Brown, a StrikerThomas White; Florence TingleBy Banns
03 11 1889GeorgeHARPER23Bachelor44 Wortley Road, MasbroughIron WorkerJames Albert Harper, an Iron WorkerRebeccaGALLOWAY19Spinster2 Windhill Square, MasbroughWalter Galloway, a LabourerCharles Cooper; Annie GallowayBy Banns
03 11 1889AlbertPHILLIPS22Bachelor215 New KimberworthTurner & FitterWilliam Phillips, a WeaverAmelia HarrietINGHAM20Spinster18 Moss StreetRichard Ingham, a Cabinet MakerThomas Nash; Ellen PhillipsBy Banns
03 11 1889GeorgeHARDCASTLE24Bachelor27 Holmes LanePotterEdward Hardcastle, a PotterMaryTURNBULL23SpinsterBaileys Yard, Union StreetAdam Turnbull, a PotterLevis Schettler; Clara TurnbullBy Banns
04 11 1889WalterCROWCROFT23Bachelor32 Wortley RoadMillWrightWilliam Crowcroft, a MinerLillyJACKSON23Spinster29 Wortley RoadGeorge Jackson, a Furnace ManCharles Beech; Charlotte IbbotsonBy Banns
04 11 1889EnochRODDINSON21Bachelor1 Wilton GardensBoilerMakerBenjamin Roddinson, a CarterLydiaYOUNG18Spinster2 Wilton GardensJohn Young, deceased RollerJohn Roddinson; Jane SargesonBy Banns
07 11 1889Oswald JohnDUNKLEY21Bachelor14 Kimberworth RoadLabourerWilliam Dunkley, deceased LabourerHannahWATSON21Spinster47 Meadow HallWilliam Watson, a LabourerJohn William Watson; Jane WatsonBy Banns
25 12 1889James EllisWHITING21Bachelor5 Kimberworth RoadMinerJames Ellis Whiting, an Engine FitterBetsyHOUGHTON21Spinster8 Wing Street, HolmesThomas Houghton, a Steel TilterFrederick Fowler; Clara WhitingBy Banns
25 12 1889WalterHART22BachelorRichmond ParkLabourerGeorge Hart, a LabourerEmmaDUKE21SpinsterRichmond ParkHenry Duke, a MinerBenjamin Herbert; Minnie HerbertBy Banns
25 12 1889John ThomasFOULSTONE20BachelorWortley RoadBoilerMakerChristopher John Foulstone, a JoinerEmmaCUTTS21SpinsterPsalter LaneHerbert Cutts, a LabourerTom Cutts; Florrie PowellBy Banns
26 12 1889GeorgeSMITH25Bachelor23 Chemist Lane, RotherhamPuddlerGeorge Smith, a PuddlerMary EllenBERRY23Spinster69 Psalter LaneCave Berry, a CarterJohn Henry Ellis; Lena SmithBy Banns
30 12 1889ReubenLENG19Bachelor21 Wing Street, HolmesTurnerHenry Leng, a TurnerKateRAMSDEN SpinsterWing Street, HolmesWilliam Ramsden, a BoilerMakerFrederick Heigold: Mary Jane HeigoldBy Banns

Transcribed by Jack Parry © 2010
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