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ROTHERHAM: The Marriage Registers for Kimberworth, 1890-1894

DateGroom nameGroom SurnameAgeStatusGroom ParishOccupationGroom's fatherBride nameBride SurnameAgeStatusBride ParishBride's FatherWitnessesNotes
02 01 1890RobertJOHNSON27Bachelor2 Ellen StreetBrass FinisherWilliam Johnson, a Nail MakerAdelaideJARVIS21Spinster2 Ellen StreetAlfred Jarvis, a LabourerArthur Odlin; Adelaide EyreBy Banns
12 01 1890Henry RichardVERNALS24BachelorHilltop, KimberworthEngine DriverRichard Vernals, a GardenerMary JaneASHMORE27SpinsterHilltop, KimberworthJohn Ashmore, a Pot MakerGeorge Walker; Annie WalkerBy Banns
03 02 1890HenrySIMPSON23Bachelor145 Midland RoadCoke MakerJohn Simpson, a TinnerCarolineFREER20SpinsterWortley RoadThomas Freer, a LabourerThomas Freer; Clara SimpsonBy Banns
03 02 1890GeorgeABEL37Bachelor45 Wortley RoadIron WorkerWilliam Abel, deceased Iron WorkerMargaretTHOMAS35Widow25 Albert Street, MasbroughJohn Scott, deceased FitterJohn Edwin Thomas; Sarah Ann ThomasBy Banns
09 02 18890John JessiahHAIGH23Bachelor17 Pottery Row, HolmesMinerHenry Haigh, deceased MinerAmanda FrostMILNER17Spinster17 Pottery Row, HolmesJohn Milner, an Engine TenterTom Liversidge; Charlotte Clementina HarrisonBy Banns
18 02 1890ThomasWILDON25Bachelor4 Pitt Street, HolmesLabourer CharlotteBARRACLOUGH21Spinster4 Pitt Street, HolmesThomas Barraclough, a Farm LabourerHenry James Smith; Sarah Jane WindsorBy Banns
20 02 1890JosephROSS30BachelorGreasboroughCarpenterJames Ross, a CarpenterCatherine CharlotteBOOKER24SpinsterUnion Street, KimberworthWilliam Booker, a SawyerJohn William Booker; Sarah ShieldsBy Banns
24 02 1890WilliamHARRISON21Bachelor88 Henley GroveLabourerGeorge Harrison, a LabourerFrances AliceEVERS22Spinster88 Henley GroveJohn Evers, a Coke BurnerSamuel Mullins Evers; Edith HarrisonBy Banns
03 03 1890William Benjamin David JamesSORSBY27Bachelor107 Wortley Road, KimberworthCoke RefinerBenjamin SorsbyAda AlveyASTWOOD21SpinsterMasbrough Street, MasbroughJoseph Alvey Astwood, a PublicanJohn Willie Lillie; Alice Emily AstwoodBy Banns
23 03 1890Willie HenryBRAILSFORD23Bachelor14 York Street, MasbroughBrass FinisherWilliam Brailsford, a PuddlerMary AnnCOOK20SpinsterBradgateJoseph Cook, a CollierWilliam Henry Barlow; Emma BarlowBy Banns
23 03 1890TomLIVERSIDGE21Bachelor62 Mount StreetMinerRobert Liversidge, a ShinglerCharlotte ClementinaHARRISON21Spinster22 Joiner Street James Bowers; Sarah Ann BowersBy Banns
27 03 1890Richard WiltonASHER23BachelorHenley Street, Henley GroveRailway ClerkJohn Asher, a LabourerAdaBADGER24Spinster83 Henley Street, Henley GroveGeorge Badger, a RollerRichard Henry Badger; Ann A AsherBy Banns
06 04 1890CorneliusPEACEFullBachelor41 Wilton GardensMinerThomas Peace, a HatterElizabethCRAWFORDFullWidow41 Wilton GardensCharles Booth, a LabourerCharles Booth; Charlotte StrawBy Banns
06 04 1890Thomas JosephBARRACLOUGH24Bachelor25 Steel Street, HolmesLabourerThomas Barraclough, a LabourerElizabethSANDERSON20SpinsterNew KimberworthSamuel Sanderson, a MinerGeorge Brailsford Heppenstall; Rhoda Ann GreavesBy Banns
07 04 1890WilliamPARKER37BachelorMeadow Hall, KimberworthClerkJohn Parker, an InnKeeperFrances WilhelminaAINSCOUGH32SpinsterMeadow Hall, KimberworthWilliam Ainscough, a WheelWrightWilliam H Ainscough; Sarah AinscoughBy Banns
07 04 1890Henry CharlesCOX21Bachelor36 Edward StreetStrikerSamuel Cox, a FitterAmyEDWARDS24Spinster53 Pembroke StreetCharles Edwards, a Press ManThomas Poole; Mary WaddingtonBy Banns
08 04 1890EdwinMELLORFullBachelor4 Vere Street, BradfordCoal MerchantJoseph Mellor, a MasonEllenGUTTERIDGEFullSpinster14 Pembroke Street, HolmesJoseph Gutteridge, a Tube Works ManagerJoseph Gutteridge; Ada GutteridgeBy Banns
20 04 1890John JosephWOOLHOUSE27Bachelor128 Wortley RoadGardenerWilliam Woolhouse, a File CutterElizabethDEARDEN21Spinster128 Wortley RoadThomas Dearden, a Scissors ForgerThomas Edward Roper; Eliza Ann DeardenBy Banns
26 04 1890George HenryWOODWARD Bachelor2 Tummon StreetDrillerGeorge Woodward, a CarterSarahHILL Spinster81 Psalter LaneIsaac Hill, a RollerHarry Hill; Ann Elizabeth StrawBy Banns
04 05 1890BenSWIFT23Bachelor49 Wortley RoadCollierThomas Swift, a CollierAnnieWATSON20Spinster2 Kimberworth RoadThomas Watson, a PlateLayerJoseph Gaunt; Alice Jane GibsonBy Banns
12 05 1890WilliamCOX34BachelorMidland RoadLabourerJames Cox, a MinerElizaLIVERSIDGE40Widow32 Midland RoadJames Bordman, a Nail MakerSarah Ann Bond; Thomas JollyBy Banns
17 05 1890ArthurHUGHES28BachelorGarden Street, KimberworthSkin SplitterGeorge Hughes, a Boot FinisherJaneBEMBRIDGE25SpinsterMidland Road, Kimberworth Thomas Liversidge; Emma BostockBy Banns
25 05 1890HenryHOUGH24Bachelor24 Harrison StreetIron WorkerThomas Hough, a LabourerRose HannahMAYFIELD25Spinster24 Harrison StreetJohn Mayfield, an Iron WorkerAlfred Mayfield; Kate MeeBy Banns
26 05 1890CharlesPAYNE21Bachelor3 Tummon StreetBrass FinisherCharles Payne, a Brass CasterAnnie ElizabethMORTON Spinster3 Tummon StreetRobert Morton, a RollerThomas Foster; Maria Elizabeth FosterBy Banns
01 06 1890William HenryBUTCHER27BachelorBradgateCollier Martha AnnWALSH21SpinsterBradgateGeorge Walsh, a CollierGeorge Horton; Mary Ellen UttleyBy Banns
16 06 1890Walter CharlesRANDERSON24BachelorWickersleyButcherWilliam Randerson, a ButcherMargaretSPENCER18SpinsterKimberworthMartin Spencer, a JoinerMartin Spencer; Ethel MoxonBy Banns
30 06 1890John RobertBECK19Bachelor97 Midland RoadBall Furnace ManRobert Beck, a LabourerCatherineROBERTS22Spinster97 Midland RoadEdward Roberts, a LabourerEdward Roberts; Sarah Jane BeckBy Banns
30 06 1890Joseph CharlesPORTER22BachelorMoorhouse, WhistonPawn BrokerBenjamin Porter, a Stone MasonAnnieBOLER23Spinster10 Regent StreetThomas Boler, a WheelWrightThomas Boler; Mary Ann PorterBy Banns
12 07 1890ArthurSHARMAN22BachelorSwanns Yard, KimberworthMiner DeputyGeorge Sharman, a MinerAliceYATES19SpinsterSwanns Yard, KimberworthJames Yates, deceased CollierGeorge Sharman; Sarah Ann JollyBy Banns
20 07 1890Tom AllenderOTTER22BachelorKimberworth RoadMoulderThomas Otter, a PuddlerLydia BeedhamSMITH20Spinster65 Wilton LaneFrederick Smith, a MoulderJohn Moore; Ellen OwenBy Banns
03 08 1890WilliamCRABTREE32BachelorPsalter LaneBoilerMakerWilliam CrabtreeAlice AnnMANSELL26SpinsterClara StreetJohn Henry MansellHenry Edward Hall; Elizabeth Jane HallBy Banns
11 08 1890George HenryWARD23BachelorDaniel Hill Street, SheffieldFish MongerGeorge Henry Ward, deceased TimeKeeperPollyRODDIS20SpinsterWortley RoadJonas Roddis, a Fish MongerJonas Roddis; Mary Ann AlderBy Banns
18 08 1890FrankRODDIS22BachelorWortley RoadHawkerJonas Roddis, a Fish MongerEmma JanePAPWORTH20SpinsterWortley RoadCharles Papworth, a ForemanTom Smith; Sarah ThrowerBy Banns
23 08 1890JosephHETHERINGTON23BachelorOxford Street, RotherhamBrass FinisherJohn Hetherington, a Pattern MakerMary ElizabethNOWELL22Spinster214 Kimberworth RoadHarry Nowell, a Mould FitterHarry Nowell; William Hetherington; Eleanor NowellBy Banns
01 09 1890William MatthewMORRIS24Bachelor16 Mount StreetLabourerGeorge Morris, deceased PuddlerLouisaGREEN17Spinster16 Mount StreetJohn Green, a LabourerRichard Martin; Margaret Ann JohnsonBy Banns
06 09 1890GeorgeJOHNSON22BachelorRegent StreetStove Grate FitterJesse Johnson, deceased LabourerFlorence AnnieFOERS20SpinsterKimberworthWilliam Foers, a LabourerTom Foers; Rosanna MilnerBy Banns
13 09 1890JosephUMPLEBY30Bachelor51 Wortley RoadCloth DresserSamuel Umpleby, deceased EngineerElizabethHOBSON25Spinster51 Wortley RoadIsrael Hobson, deceased LabourerW Grayson; May HobsonBy Banns
22 09 1890ThomasBELL23Bachelor55 Dalzell Street, Moor Row, CumberlandClerkArchibald Bell, deceased Iron MongerHarrietOGLEY25SpinsterKimberworth RoadGeorge Ogley, a Furnace ManCharles Priestley; Julia OgleyBy Banns
29 09 1890John HenryBURTON20Bachelor127 Wortley RoadCollierHenry Burton, a CollierElizaPARKER19Spinster127 Wortley RoadJoseph Parker, a LabourerThomas Parker; Annie StensonBy Banns
06 10 1890ArthurHANCOCK26Bachelor79 Wilton GardensLabourerEdward Hancock, a MoulderSarah AliceHARRISON22Spinster64 Wilton GardensWilliam Harrison, a SawyerFred Harrington; Alice HarringtonBy Banns
07 10 1890ThomasKETTLEWELL22Bachelor6 Pitt Street, HolmesGlass CutterJohn Kettlewell, a Glass CutterSarah JaneWINSOR20Spinster4 Pitt Street, HolmesCharles Winsor, deceased PotterHarry Toft; Thomas JollyBy Banns
11 10 1890JohnSHAW27BachelorDarnallWagon BuilderGeorge Shaw, a LabourerAmy Elizabeth AnnASHER26Spinster53 Henley Street, KimberworthJohn Asher, a LabourerR H Asher; Jane ShawBy Banns
27 10 1890Henry DilksDAVIES33BachelorKimberworth RoadFitterJoshua Davies, deceased BlackSmithElizabethSAUNDERS25SpinsterKimberworth RoadWilliam Saunders, a LabourerJames Naylor; Esther NaylorBy Banns
27 10 1890George EzraWILLETT23Bachelor9 Clara StreetWarehouseManEzra Willett, deceased LabourerSelina SophiaBRIGGS24Spinster53 Wilton LaneElijah Briggs, a CollierHenry Briggs; Emily BuxtonBy Banns
02 11 1890FrederickBAMFORTH20BachelorElsecarCollierCharles Bamforth, a FiremanMary JaneJAMES19Spinster136 Wortley RoadGeorge James, a Stove Grate FitterGeorge James; Isabella JamesBy Banns
17 11 1890Alfred HenrySCRIVENS20Bachelor12 Aldred Street, RotherhamBrickLayerHenry Scrivens, a ContractorRose AnnLEIGH19Spinster7 Robinson Row, KimberworthGeorge Leigh, a DraymanGeorge Leigh; Annie CrowdyBy Banns
08 12 1890John HattersleyHILL30Bachelor26 Holmes LaneRope MakerJohn Hill, a Retired ManufacturerElizabeth AnnHOOLE28Spinster26 Holmes LaneWilliam Hoole, an EngineerArthur Saul; Thomas JollyBy Banns
13 12 1890JohnPILLEY36Bachelor14 Kimberworth RoadFitterJohn Pilley, deceased PotterLucySOUTHALL26Spinster16 Henley StreetJoseph Southall, a CollierJoseph Pilley; Harriet SouthallBy Banns
15 12 1890JamesPARTINGTON24BachelorEdward Street, Lower Broughton, ManchesterPostmanWilliam Partington, a MechanicMary JaneBENT20Spinster84 Regent Street, KimberworthEdward Bent, a MechanicH Kirkman; Zillah SutcliffeBy Banns
15 12 1890SamuelGOODINSONFullBachelor45 Henley StreetMinerGeorge Goodinson, a MinerSarah ElizabethEASONFullWidow3 Henley Grove RoadMatthew Cawood, a Coke BurnerSam Cawood; Martha EasonBy Banns
24 12 1890WilliamGAUNT19Bachelor16 Wortley RoadCollierJames Gaunt, a LabourerFlorenceMANGHAM18Spinster24 Joiner StreetAlfred Mangham, a PotterElijah Dawes; Annie DawesBy Banns
24 12 1890George EdwardLEIGH36Widower25 Ellen Street, KimberworthBoilerMakerJohn Taylor Leigh, a RollerElizabethCHAPMAN29Spinster45 Montague Square, LondonJohn Chapman, a LabourerThomas Chapman; Jane ChapmanBy Banns
25 12 1890HarryCLIFFE23BachelorBradgateBoilerMakerHarry Cliffe, a BoilerMakerMinnieSCHOLEY18SpinsterBradgateJoseph Scholey, a LabourerAlbert Mitchell; Martha ButcherBy Banns
25 12 1890JamesBALL21Bachelor31 Kimberworth RoadGoods PorterFrederick Ball, a Groom & CoachmanAdaBALL19Spinster31 Kimberworth RoadCharles Ball, a SignalmanCharles Ball; Harriet Mary BallBy Banns
25 12 1890ThomasGREEN31BachelorHolmesMinerRobert Green, a LabourerElizabethTURNER20SpinsterHolmesGeorge Turner, an Engine TenterJohn Joseph Turner; Charlotte TurnerBy Banns
02 01 1891JohnPARRATT23BachelorWorsboroughWagonerEllis Parratt, a WagonerEllenGIBBS22SpinsterKimberworthSamuel Gibbs, a LabourerSamuel Gibbs; Rose H GibbsBy Banns
25 01 1891GeorgeWILLIAMS28Bachelor41 Midland RoadCollierSamuel Williams an Iron WorkerMary JaneLEE22Spinster146 Park StreetGeorge Stephen Lee, a FarmerSusannah Jackson; Thomas JollyBy Banns
25 01 1891CharlesSTAINROD24BachelorKimberworthMinerCharles Stainrod, a MinerAnnieDOBSON19SpinsterNew KimberworthGeorge Dobson, a MinerJoseph Dobson; Lucy StainrodBy Banns
01 02 1891Henry ErnestWILKINSON21Bachelor20 Harrison StreetJoinerHenry Wilkinson, a JoinerLucyASHMORE30Widow20 Harrison StreetJoseph Cutts, a Fork GrinderThomas Cooper; Annie CuttsBy Banns
02 02 1891WalterBANKS29Bachelor32 High Street, Pendleton, ManchesterLead ChaserRobert Banks, a PainterElizabeth JaneTHOMAS25Spinster83 Holmes Lane, KimberworthWilliam Thomas, a Retired Licenced VictuallerWilliam Thomas; Louisa BanksBy Banns
08 03 1891EnochCUFFLING22BachelorHandsworth, WoodhouseCarpenterCharles Cuffling, a FarmerRose HannahGIBBS24SpinsterKimberworthSamuel Gibbs, a LabourerSamuel Gibbs; Ellen ParrattBy Banns
11 03 1891AlbertOAST22Bachelor4 Price Street, MasbroughBrass WorkerAlbert Oast, deceased Steel MelterGertrudeHARRISON21Spinster2 Midland Road, KimberworthEdward Harrison, deceased Iron WorkerSidney Ridgeway; Maud Mary SmithBy Banns
25 03 1891William SamuelGREENWOOD21Bachelor44 Wilton GardensMinerJoseph Greenwood, a MinerAnnieHARPER21Spinster44 Wortley RoadJames Harper, a RollerJoseph Greenwood; Mary Maud HarperBy Banns
29 03 1891EdgarGREEN23Bachelor28 Henley GroveBootMakerJames Green, a BootMakerHenriettaHOUGHTON21Spinster28 Henley GroveThomas Houghton, a GrocerJames Green; Emma HoughtonBy Banns
29 03 1891WalterRODDIS22BachelorFoundry StreetPuddlerJonas Roddis, a Fish MongerMary JaneCOLLEY18SpinsterSoap Hill FieldsHenry Colley, a CollierTom Liversidge; Clara ColleyBy Banns
30 03 1891GeorgeGILL21Bachelor15 Ellen StreetMinerGeorge Gill, deceased MinerElizaBRYANT19Spinster20 Phoenix SquareAlfred Bryant, a MinerAlfred Bryant; Jane G FosterBy Banns
30 03 1891John GillisREID25Bachelor26 Eastwood Lane, RotherhamBrass FinisherWilliam Reid, deceased ManagerEmma JaneMATTHEWMAN22Spinster147 Midland RoadCharles Matthewman, an Iron MoulderJ Marsden; Elizabeth ReidBy Banns
07 04 1891FrederickHANSON30BachelorSomer Leyton, SFKGardenerWilliam Hanson, a GentlemanAnnie ElizabethMILNER34SpinsterKimberworthJohn Milner, a Retired FarmerThomas Sylvester; Clara PickardBy Banns
09 04 1891Charles WilliamAPPLEBY39WidowerPitt Street, HolmesGrocers ManagerJohn Appleby, a MillerMatildaDRURY39WidowGreaves Road? Drury, a PotterGeorge Sam Mangham; Annie ManghamBy Banns
12 04 1891WilliamGREEN20Bachelor4 Wing StreetLabourerRobert Green, a LabourerMary EllenGODLEY20SpinsterRutland StreetGeorge Godley, a BlackSmithJames Green; Beatrice Everline GodleyBy Banns
12 05 1891HaywardLANCASHIRE23Bachelor49 Wilton LaneFiremanFrancis Lancashire, a FiremanHelena AnnieBEAUMONT27Spinster49 Wilton LaneRobert Beaumont, a BlackSmithJ W Beaumont; Ada BeaumontBy Banns
16 05 1891James WilliamCOX24Bachelor49 Regent StreetTurner & FitterJohn Cox, a Stove Grave FitterMary ElizabethBRIGGS24Spinster53 Wilton LaneElijah Briggs, a CollierJoseph Buxton; Mary Jane CoxBy Banns
16 05 1891SamWILLIAMS21Bachelor41 Midland RoadLabourerSamuel Williams, a PuddlerLouisaMIDDLETON18Spinster33 Midland RoadGeorge Middleton, a BlackSmithSusannah Jackson; Thomas JollyBy Banns
18 05 1891HenryCHASE39Widower12 Edward StreetMinerJames Chase, a LabourerAnnSMITH44Widow12 Edward StreetGeorge Lee, a LabourerWilliam Hirst; Kate SmithBy Banns
18 05 1891JohnRODDISON26BachelorWilton GardensMachinistBenjamin Roddison, a CarterEmilyATHEY20SpinsterBradgateSam Athey, a MinerGeorge Roddison; Mary Jane AtheyBy Banns
18 05 1891William JohnBUTLER25Bachelor13 Sarah StreetMinerJohn Barker ? a MinerSusannahFRANCIS24Spinster15 Sarah StreetThomas Francis, a LabourerJohn Cox; Hannah Martha CoxBy Banns
18 05 1891GeorgeVICKERS23Bachelor68 Henley GroveHawkerRobert Vickers, a LabourerMary HannahWOODWARD21Spinster68 Henley GroveGeorge Woodward, a LabourerJohn Woodward; Mary Elizabeth WoodwardBy Banns
19 05 1891TomUTTLEY26BachelorLockwood RowCollierJoseph Uttley, a LabourerRhoda AnnPEARCE21SpinsterKimberworthCharles Pearce, a LabourerFred Mitchell; Ellen UttleyBy Banns
23 05 1891JohnHARRISON31Bachelor39 Susannah Street, Alexandria, SCTBasket MakerJohn Harrison, a Basket MakerSarahSMITH29SpinsterKimberworthThomas Smith, a LabourerJohn Smith; Elizabeth SmithBy Banns
06 06 1891HarryNEATBY22Bachelor44 Foundry StreetLabourerThomas Neatby, a CollierAnnie RosamondNOBLE21Spinster18 Joiner StreetGeorge Noble, a Signal FitterWilliam Neatby; Sarah NobleBy Banns
08 06 1891Oscar HenryKITCHEN21Bachelor8 Tummon StreetFruitererWilliam Kitchen, a FarmerKateMCCORMACK20Spinster8 Tummon StreetJohn McCormack, a LabourerJohn Edward Hayhurst; Harriet JonesBy Banns
14 06 1891Henry EdwardASHFORTH30Bachelor32 Harrison StreetCollierCharles Ashforth, a CollierSarah HannahMILNER22Spinster36 Harrison StreetWilliam Milner, a FitterIsaac Tipton; Mary Ann TiptonBy Banns
06 07 1891Charles HenryBUSH20BachelorHolmesLabourerJohn Bush, a LabourerEdenGODDARD23SpinsterWilton Gardens Joe Beadman; Rhoda Ann GreenwoodBy Banns
19 07 1891Frederick JohnSEVERN25Bachelor7 Moss Street, HolmesSheet Iron Plate WorkerWilliam Severn, a ButcherMaryDAWES18Spinster7 Moss Street, HolmesJames Dawes, a LabourerJohn Thomas Blackett; Annie Elizabeth BlackettBy Banns
26 07 1891Samuel MullinsEVERS26Bachelor90 Henley StreetEngine TenterJohn Evers, a Coke BurnerGertrudeSAXTON19SpinsterWoodhouseGeorge Saxton, a LabourerWilliam Harrison; Frances Alice HarrisonBy Banns
23 08 1891Joseph HenryGREGORY28Bachelor210 Kimberworth RoadLabourerHenry Gregory, a Steel RollerElizaMORRIS25Spinster210 Kimberworth RoadSamuel Morris, a LabourerWilliam Phillips; E J HepworthBy Banns
24 08 1891WilliamTEATHER21Bachelor136 Nottingham Street, RotherhamLabourerThomas Teather, a Gas StokerAnnAPPLEYARD20SpinsterHenley Grove, KimberworthGeorge Appleyard, a JoinerGeorge Thomas Appleyard; Ada AppleyardBy Banns
01 09 1891Charles RichardSTABLES25BachelorHickletonFarmerJames Stables, a FarmerAnn ElizabethFOULSTONE24SpinsterWortley Road, KimberworthJohn Christopher Foulstone, a JoinerJames Stables; Clara FoulstoneBy Banns
09 09 1891JohnSCHOLEY24Bachelor8 Cross StreetLabourerThomas Scholey, a GardenerSusannahWHEEWAY24SpinsterMidland Road, KimberworthCharles Wheeway, a LabourerWilliam Henry Broomhead; Annie MyersBy Banns
14 09 1891GeorgePERRY21Bachelor32 Midland RoadMinerWilliam Perry, a MinerHarrietBOND18Spinster32 Midland RoadJohn Bond, a Pattern MakerRobert Grayson; Sarah BondBy Banns
20 09 1891ThomasCLARK27Bachelor78 Psalter LaneLabourerIsaac Clark, a CollierBetsyREEDER25Spinster73 Midland RoadRichard Reeder, a Ball Furnace ManGeorge Arthur Turner; Mary Ann ReederBy Banns
22 09 1891George FormanSMITH38WidowerWilton GardensFitterGeorge Forman Smith, a FarmerSarah AnnDAVIES34SpinsterWilton GardensProsser Daniels, a FarmerMary Balmforth; Thomas JollyBy Banns
02 11 1891William HenryWHITTAKER21Bachelor52 Oates StreetIron DresserGeorge Whittaker, a Coal MinerMary ElizabethHARRIS19Spinster52 Oates StreetHenry Harris, a PorterDavid Sheldon; Eliza SheldonBy Banns
02 11 1891Arthur BenjaminSWIFT21BachelorWombwellBlackSmithBenjamin Swift, a CollierHannahDILKS20SpinsterKimberworthJohn Kilks, a Brick MakerJ Elliston; Ellen DilksBy Banns
09 11 1891AlbertGOODISON26BachelorBradgateCoal Miner EmmaLARGE18SpinsterBradgateHenry Large, a Stone MasonFred Mitchell; Emily MitchellBy Banns
10 12 1891PeterMELLOR33BachelorKimberworth RoadWine MerchantThomas Mellor, a Steel ManufacturerBeatriceWOOLHOUSE22SpinsterKimberworth RoadAlbert Woolhouse, a ManagerThomas Lyon Mellor; Annie MellorBy Banns
13 12 1891WilliamASHFORTH22Bachelor32 Harrison StreetCold Steel RollerCharles Ashforth, a LabourerMary JaneCHAPMAN20SpinsterPsalter LaneMathew Chapman, a File CutterJohn Charles Ashforth; Hannah BallBy Banns
23 12 1891Joseph WilliamFRETWELL37Bachelor33 Wilton LaneDrayman MaryINGRAM34Spinster38 Wilton LaneHenry Ingram, a LabourerWalter Peach; Mary Jane LissamanBy Banns
26 12 1891Alfred JosephDOULT23Bachelor11 Wortley RoadMillerAlfred Doult, a PostmanElizabethWARDEN26Spinster11 Wortley RoadJames Edwin Warden, a General DealerSeptimus Dawson; Kate WardenBy Banns
05 01 1892Frank StringersTALBOT23BachelorCamphill House, WednesburyCommercial ClerkGeorge Talbot, a GrocerMaud MaryLOCKETT23SpinsterRegent Street, KimberworthJoseph Lockett, an Iron Works ManagerJoseph Lockett; Florence LockettBy Banns
10 01 1892James HenryDIXON20Bachelor21 Eldon Road, Eastwood, RotherhamLabourerJames Dixon, a Furnace ManPriscillaTORDOFF19Spinster37 Meadow Hall LaneThomas Tordoff, a MinerCharles Touriss; George Henry ChurchillBy Banns
26 01 1892JosephWHARIN23Bachelor2 Downs Row, Moorgate, RotherhamButcherJoseph Wharin, a ButcherAnnie ElizabethJOHNSON21Spinster9 Richmond ParkWilliam Johnson, a LabourerW Johnson; Lilian WharinBy Banns
31 01 1892JamesFRITH27Bachelor47 Boston Street, SheffieldCarterJames Frith, a LabourerEmily CharlotteTYE23Spinster3 Garrowtree Road, HolmesGeorge Tye, a LabourerJohn Huckin; Elizabeth TyeBy Banns
22 02 1892WilliamCOTTAM23Bachelor29 Tusmore Street, RotherhamIron WorkerWilliam Cottam, an Iron WorkerEllenTAYLOR22Spinster44 Oates Street, Henley GroveJohn TaylorRobert Kendrick; Eliza TaylorBy Banns
27 02 1892JohnSUMPTER27Bachelor17 Ferham StreetPolicemanThomas Sumpter, a FarmerElizaBROOKS30Spinster17 Ferham StreetHenry Brooks, a FruitererThomas Goodall; Agnes IsaacsBy Banns
27 03 1892John EdwardDAVIES27Bachelor13 Tummon StreetBrass CasterJoshua Davies, deceased BlackSmithAnnie ElizabethBENTLEY30Spinster13 Tummon StreetCharles Bentley, a WeaverJoseph William Davies; Annie CombesBy Banns
12 04 1892John ByersSMITH26BachelorLow Stubbin, RawmarshJoinerThomas Smith, a JoinerGertrudeDOWNS27SpinsterHigh Street, RawmarshJohn Downs, a ButcherFrancis Walter Gatley; Ada Annie Gatley; Arthur SmithBy Banns
17 04 1892EdwardWARD21Bachelor25 Midland RoadMoulderWilliam Henry Ward, a MoulderEmilySCOPES20Spinster95 Midland RoadRobert Scopes, a LabourerAbsalom Allen; Thomas JollyBy Banns
18 04 1892CharlesELSOM21Bachelor14 Henley StreetPainterCharles Frederick Elsom, a PainterEmmaLIVERSIDGE21SpinsterMount StreetRobert Liversidge, a ShinglerRobert Liversidge; Lily ElsomBy Banns
18 04 1892George ArthurTURNER23Bachelor64 Mount StreetBoilerMakerArthur Turner, a ClerkMary AnnREEDER27Spinster73 Midland RoadRichard Reeder, a Ball Furnace ManWilliam Goddard; Elizabeth WalkerBy Banns
28 05 1892PercyWELDON26Bachelor42 Regent StreetMould FillerJames Weldon, an Engine TenterEmmaMYERS19Spinster5 Henley Grove RoadThomas Myers, an Iron RoasterCharles Henry Gartery; Clara MyersBy Banns
06 06 1892HarryMYERS19Bachelor22 Midland RoadIron WorkerJoseph Myers, an Iron WorkerSarah AnnDEAN22SpinsterKimberworthJoseph Dean, an Iron WorkerEdwin Brewitt; Alice HagueBy Banns
06 06 1892EdwardEMMERSON21BachelorScholes ThorpeInsurance AgentGeorge Emmerson, a MinerLouisaLAPIDGE26SpinsterHenley Street, Henley GroveHenry Lapidge, a BlackSmithJ R Thompson; J R K E LapidgeBy Banns
06 06 1892JohnTAYLOR23Bachelor41 Tenter Street, Thorne Hill, MasbroughMinerJohn Taylor, a MinerFrances AnnieFLIGG18Spinster107 Wortley RoadRichard Fligg, a MoulderBenjamin Sorsby; Mary TaylorBy Banns
06 06 1892FrederickBURGESS23Bachelor81 Psalter LanePainterSamuel Burgess, a BrickLayerThirza MayWINWOOD22Spinster30 Blackwell Street, KidderminsterOliver Winwood, an EngineerG A Woodward; J R ThompsonBy Banns
06 06 1892Joseph HarryHILL25Bachelor81 Psalter LanePainterIsaac Hill, an Iron WorkerAnnie ElizabethSTRAW24Spinster56 Kimberworth Park RoadMatthew Straw, a MinerJ R Thompson; Hannah BurtBy Banns
13 06 1892John CharlesASHFORTH24Bachelor32 Harrison StreetLabourerCharles Ashforth, a FiremanHannahBALL22Spinster32 Harrison StreetSamuel Ball, a CollierGeorge William Hutchinson; Ellen ManwaringBy Banns
19 06 1892William HenryPIKE22Bachelor13 Masbrough Street, MasbroughMoulderWilliam Fletcher Pike, a MoulderMartha HarrietRYLES19Spinster1 Wilton Gardens, KimberworthJohn Ryles, a CollierWilliam Varo; Emily RoddisBy Banns
16 07 1892WilliamPARKIN21Bachelor10 Orchard Street, MasbroughWagon BuilderIsrael Parkin, a Turner & FitterEdithGULLICK21Spinster51 Fox Street, KimberworthJosiah Gullick, a MinerJohn Thomas Parkin; Hannah ParkinBy Banns
18 07 1892Thomas BadgerBROOKS20Bachelor82 Henley Street, KimberworthIron WorkerSamuel Brooks, a FitterAliceOATES18Spinster58 Henley Grove, KimberworthGeorge Oates, an Engine DriverCharles Wood; Arabella WoodBy Banns
23 07 1892Charles EdwardMARRIOTT21Bachelor170 Sheffield Road, RotherhamSpring FitterWilliam Marriott, a Mark MakerClaraFOULSTONE20Spinster121 Wortley Road, KimberworthJohn Christopher Foulstone, a JoinerCharles Stables; Adeline Maud MarriottBy Banns
24 07 1892Thomas HenryCOLLINGWOOD25Bachelor31 King Street, HolmesCold Steel RollerHenry Collingwood, an Engine TenterElizabeth WinnifredLAURENCE27Spinster24 Holmes Lane, KimberworthThomas Laurence, a SoldierHarry Collingwood; Clara LengBy Banns
02 08 1892JohnWOODWARD24Bachelor3 Willow Street, HuddersfieldSchoolMasterJames Wood, a Coal MerchantLucyJENKINSON25SpinsterDropping Well, KimberworthJoseph Bargh Jenkinson, a ManagerHarry Wood; A E Jenkinson; J B JenkinsonBy Banns
22 08 1892SamuelWILLIAMS21Bachelor2 Moss Street, HolmesFile CutterJoseph Williams, a Furnace ManElizabethKETTLEBOROUGH19Spinster2 Moss Street, HolmesThomas Kettleborough, a BlackSmithEnoch Morgan; Ellen MorganBy Banns
22 08 1892FrederickHOPKINSON26Bachelor23 Wing Street, HolmesCollierJohn Hopkinson, a CollierHannahCROSSLAND23Spinster3 Moss Street, HolmesThomas Crossland, a LabourerThomas Crossland; Clara BrewittBy Banns
03 09 1892WilliamJOHNSON24Bachelor132 Psalter LaneBrass FinisherJoseph Johnson, deceased MoulderEmmaSMITH20Spinster126 Psalter LaneGeorge Smith, a FarmerJohn Smith; Gertrude JohnsonBy Banns
04 09 1892CharlesLODGE22Bachelor29 Wing Street, HolmesLabourerBenjamin Lodge, a Cotton SpinnerFanny BridgeHARPER17Spinster135 Psalter LaneThomas Harper, a ShoeMakerAlbert Wood; Mary Hannah HarperBy Banns
06 09 1892Thomas HenryCUTHBERT24Bachelor220 Kimberworth RoadGrocers ManagerElijah Cuthbert, a Sheet RollerElizabeth AnnWORDSWORTH21Spinster49 Wortley RoadJohn Wordsworth, a ShinglerJohn Wordsworth; Maggie CuthbertBy Banns
12 09 1892WilliamCUSTANCE25Bachelor7 Moss Street, HolmesLabourerJohn Custance, a LabourerEdithMANGHAM25Spinster7 Moss Street, HolmesAlfred Mangham, a PotterElijah Davis; Ada CustanceBy Banns
18 09 1892WalterUTTLEY26WidowerWortley Road, BradgateMoulder ElizabethDAVY21SpinsterEightHouses, KimberworthAlbert Davy, an Engine DriverHarry Davy; Elizabeth HolmesBy Banns
24 09 1892Thomas WilliamSPENCER24Bachelor81 Psalter LaneWheelWrightJohn Spencer, a JoinerKateKITSON22Spinster26 Regent StreetBenjamin Kitson, a File CutterFrederick Burgess; Mary Jane LissamanBy Banns
26 09 1892WilliamBROOKS25Bachelor206 Kimberworth RoadLabourerGeorge Brooks, a LabourerFannySEATON25Spinster206 Kimberworth RoadSamuel Seaton, an InnKeeper & FarmerSamuel Seaton; Kate OutramBy Banns
26 09 1892JohnBRADFORD23Bachelor23 Holmes LanePorterWilliam Bradford, a LabourerEliza AnnWHITFIELD22Spinster3 Holmes LaneHenry Whitfield, a Wagon BuilderHenry Whitfield; Mary Ann JonesBy Banns - Eliza Ann a DressMaker
08 10 1892Ernest MarkCLARKE28Bachelor62 Ellen StreetPainterErnest Mark Clarke, a LabourerEmilyDOUGHTY28Spinster3 Moss Street, HolmesHenry Doughty, a GrocerWilliam James Robinson; Thomas JollyBy Banns
10 10 1892CharlesWHEELER23Bachelor5 Rotherham Row, KimberworthGoods PorterGeorge Wheeler, a CarpenterAnnieSHEPHERD19Spinster80 Mount Street, Henley GroveJoseph Shepherd, a LabourerSamuel Shepherd; Harriett WheelerBy Banns
10 10 1892WalterBARRACLOUGH21Bachelor25 Steel Street, HolmesTilterThomas Barraclough, a LabourerMaryULLRICH20SpinsterHarrison Street, HolmesJacob Ullrich, a LabourerThomas Weldon; Christina MorganBy Banns
06 11 1892SampsonDUKE21Bachelor6 Kimberworth RoadMinerJames Duke, a Green GrocerSarahDUKE23Spinster10 Kimberworth RoadWilliam Duke, a Colliery DeputyWilliam Henry Duke; Lucy Jane BaileyBy Banns
07 11 1892DavidBROOM23Bachelor11Archam Street, Kentish Tour, London NWRailway OfficialRobert Broom, a Railway OfficialEleanorCORKER23Spinster23 Kimberworth RoadWilliam Corker, a CoachmanEdward Sheriff; Florence DouglasBy Banns
07 11 1892JohnCLARKE26Bachelor27 Wortley Road, KimberworthLabourerEdwin Clarke, a LabourerAnnieRODWELL23SpinsterPark Road, BradgateRobert Rodwell, a CollierRobert Rodwell; Elizabeth RodwellBy Banns
09 11 1892George TheodoreTHOMPSON24Bachelor23 Church Street, KimberworthPawn BrokerGeorge Thompson, a FarmerMary EmmaBARFOOT24Spinster64 Henley Street, KimberworthOliver Barfoot, a MechanicS Hobson; Ellen BarfootBy Banns
13 11 1892Albert Edward HepworthASHFORTH21Bachelor14 Herbert StreetJoiner ElizabethKEELING18Spinster8 Herbert StreetJoseph Keeling, a LabourerThomas Firth; Ada AtheyBy Banns
07 12 1892JohnDOBSON22BachelorNew KimberworthMinerGeorge Dobson, a MinerElizaHEELEY19SpinsterNew KimberworthMatthew Heeley, a MinerJoseph Dobson; Elizabeth HolmesBy Banns
18 12 1892JohnYOUNG26Bachelor5 Kimberworth RoadProvisions DealerRichard Young, an Agricultural MachinistHannah MariaHAZELDINE23Spinster5 Kimberworth RoadAlfred Hazeldine, a Green GrocerGeorge Platts; Maude SellarsBy Banns
25 12 1892ThomasEVISON23Bachelor21 Wortley RoadBlackSmithEdward Evison, a Coal MerchantSarah ElizabethTRELFA21Spinster21 Wortley RoadGeorge Trelfa, a MoulderCharles Hargreaves; Rose HargreavesBy Banns
25 12 1892John HenryLAW21BachelorBradgateMinerElijah Law, a MinerCarolineVICKERS20SpinsterKimberworthDaniel Vickers, a MinerDaniel Vickers; Charlotte Ann VickersBy Banns
26 12 1892William HenryDUKE21Bachelor10 Kimberworth RoadMinerWilliam Duke, a MinerLucy JaneBAILEY20Spinster232 Kimberworth RoadGeorge BaileyJoseph Davies; Ann HollingworthBy Banns
01 01 1893John RichardROSS24Bachelor7 Psalter Lane, KimberworthCellar ManJohn Ross, a Farm LabourerElizabethBARKER24Spinster5 Wing Street, KimberworthJames Barker, a ShoeMakerJames Ray; Radeath Ellmer?By Banns
02 01 1893GeorgeLINTIN26Bachelor8 Water Lane, RotherhamBlackSmithGeorge Lintin, a BlackSmithHarrietBOTTOMLEY21Spinster24 Foundry Street, KimberworthJoseph Bottomley, a WarehouseManJoseph Bottomley; Mary SmithBy Banns
16 01 1893John SladenKING30Bachelor53 Kimberworth RoadSignalmanJohn King, a Farmer & CarrierJuliaOGLEY25Spinster16 Kimberworth RoadGeorge Ogley, a Furnace ManGeorge Ogley; Mary Ann OgleyBy Banns
01 02 1893AlfredHOWE51WidowerShelleyInnKeeper DelilahBIRKS39SpinsterKimberworthJohn Birks, a LabourerJohn Stettall; Annie HigginsBy Banns
20 02 1893WilliamCROMACK26Bachelor4 Tusmore Street, RotherhamBrass FinisherRichard Cromack, a Forge ManSusannahHAYNES22Spinster22 Kimberworth RoadJohn Haynes, an EngineerJohn Haynes; Lily SpencerBy Banns
26 02 1893Stephen HenryBAKER23Widower1 Psalter LanePotters PrinterThomas Baker, a Potters PrinterClaraHOWE21Spinster John Thomas Howe, a LabourerJohn Thomas Thompson; Annie Elizabeth JacksonBy Banns
05 03 1893William HenryREAR21BachelorWhistonCollierJohn Rear, a CollierEmilyGAUNTLETT21SpinsterChurch Cottage, KimberworthJeremiah Gauntlett, a CollierThomas Jenkinson; Emily BrimbleBy Banns
07 03 1893John HenryROBINSON34Widower123 St.Ann's Road, RotherhamMinerCharles Robinson, a MinerAmelia AnnHOLDEN33Spinster77 Henley Grove, KimberworthIsaac Holden, a LabourerCharles Adams; Selina HoldenBy Banns
19 03 1893FrederickPETERS24BachelorHilltop, KimberworthEngine FitterCharles William Peters, a GardenerLouisaBANK21Spinster23 Wilton Lane, KimberworthRobert Banks, a PainterWalter Banks; Annie PetersBy Banns
25 03 1893JosephMARSLAND29BachelorTummon StreetElectricianCharles Marsland, a FarmerMary JaneHUNTER Widow1 Midland RoadWilliam Hunter, deceased PuddlerHenry Coward; Elizabeth ShawBy Banns
02 04 1893DanielDUNN22Bachelor125 Psalter LaneLabourerSamuel Dunn, a Ship CementerRose AnnGRAYSON21Spinster34 Herbert StreetRobert Grayson, a LabourerJohn Samuel Hague; Clara VickersBy Banns
02 04 1893John GeorgeGUEST21Bachelor156 Psalter LaneBrass FinisherReuben Clark Guest, a Brass FinisherJemimaSMITH25Spinster156 Psalter LaneJames Smith, an Iron BolterJohn Henry Stubbings; Sarah StubbingsBy Banns
02 04 1893JamesWHEWAY20Bachelor LabourerCharles Wheway, a LabourerAnnie ElizabethMYERS19Spinster20 Union Street, KimberworthWilliam Myers, a PuddlerWilliam Wheway; Harriet MyersBy Banns
02 04 1893John EdwardHAMPSON27Bachelor238 Kimberworth RoadFitterJoel Hampson, a BlackSmithAdelaideHAMPSON21SpinsterKimberworth RoadJosiah Hampson, a TurnerWilliam Hampson; Mary Ellen JohnsonBy Banns
03 04 1893Ernest MarkHELLIWELL20Bachelor15 Psalter LaneLabourerJames Sanderson Helliwell, a LabourerMary AnnVARDY18Spinster7 Holmes LaneThomas Vardy, a LabourerThomas Vardy; Thomas JollyBy Banns
03 04 1893AlfredFOX23Bachelor6 Clara StreetLabourerWilliam Fox, a SpringSmithClaraMAKIN20Spinster29 Kimberworth RoadWilliam Makin, a LabourerWilliam Dawson; Carrie BunchBy Banns
03 04 1893Ernest WilliamCOMPTON23Bachelor82 Hope Street, MasbroughShunterArthur Compton, a SawyerAnnie SophiaEVANS25Spinster48 Wilton Gardens David J Evans; Catherine Annie WalkerBy Banns
25 04 1893Thomas FreshneySHADLOCK24Bachelor52 Wilton GardensDraymanGeorge Shadlock, a FarmerMary JaneATHEY19Spinster23 BradgateSamuel Athey, a MinerJonah Wragg; Lucy WraggBy Banns
20 05 1893JosephENGLEDOW43Widower218 Kimberworth RoadSteel ConverterJohn Engledow, a FarmerCharlotteWOODCOCK27Spinster218 Kimberworth RoadChristopher Woodcock, a Retired Game DealerHenry Engledow; Annie WoodcockBy Banns
22 05 1893WalterPEARCE29Bachelor99 Lockwood rowMinerCharles Pearce, a LabourerLauraCROWTHER24SpinsterBradgateRoland Crowther, a CobblerTom Uttley; Rhoda UttleyBy Banns
22 05 1893EdwardSTAINROD24Bachelor153 Church Street, KimberworthMinerCharles Stainrod, a MinerMary JaneDOWE23Spinster199 Kimberworth RoadWilliam Dowe, a CarterBenjamin Dowe; Miss Sarah Ann WheelerBy Banns
29 05 1893WilliamHAGUE23Bachelor4 Midland RoadFitterMatthew Hague, a BrickLayerHarrietTHOMPSON21Spinster15 Lower Clara StreetWilliam Henry Thompson, a Hammer DriverGeorge Bowers; Mary Jane RichardsonBy Banns
12 06 1893HarryHAYWARD18Bachelor210 Kimberworth RoadEngineerThomas Hayward, a PlateLayerSarah ElizabethHEPWORTH18Spinster210 Kimberworth RoadRobert Hepworth, a Steel MelterThomas Jolly; Mary Jane PhillipsBy Banns
19 06 1893Frederick HenryBLAND31WidowerWortley RoadStove Grate FitterJohn Bland, a FarmerSarahSTENTON23SpinsterHolmesHenry Stenton, a Night WatchmanWilliam Stenton; Rachel StentonBy Banns
21 06 1893FredALLOTT26BachelorWortley RoadCollierCharles Allott, a CollierAliceWATSON20Spinster144 Park StreetWilliam Watson, a CarterJohn Kitson; Frances WatsonBy Banns
10 07 1893EzraDOBSON24Bachelor70 Kimberworth RoadMinerJohn Dobson, a MinerMary ElizabethIBBOTSON24Spinster143 Kimberworth RoadWilliam Ibbotson, a MinerJohn Dobson Jr; Maud IbbotsonBy Banns
22 07 1893Thomas HenryUTTLEY23Bachelor26 Edward Street, HolmesRollerThomas Uttley, a RollerClaraHOLLINGSWORTH20Spinster26 Edward Street, HolmesJoseph Hollingsworth, a Wagon Builder? Hollingsworth; Martha CopestakeBy Banns
01 08 1893ArthurASTWOOD22Bachelor51 Henley StreetNews AgentRichard Astwood, an Engine TenterEdith AmeliaBRAILSFORD19Spinster51 Henley StreetThomas Brailsford, a Forge ManThomas Brailsford Humphrey; Sarah HumphreyBy Banns
06 08 1893ReedSPACEY36Widower1 Kimberworth RoadLabourer KateJAMES34Widow17 Kimberworth RoadThomas Jackson, a LabourerWilliam Rhodes; Mary RhodesBy Banns
07 08 1893WilliamHARPER27Bachelor1 Sarah StreetEngine CleanerThomas Harper, a BlackSmithEmmaPARKINSON26SpinsterThe VicarageThomas Parkinson, a LabourerThomas Jolly; Susan CotterellBy Banns
13 08 1893SamSHILLITO25Bachelor50 Henley GroveBrass FinisherJames Shillito, a RollerHarrietOXLEY23SpinsterGreasbroughThomas Oxley, a CollierHarry Oxley; Eleanor ShillitoBy Banns
04 09 1893RobertGREEN20Bachelor4 Wing Street, HolmesLabourerRobert Green, a LabourerElizabeth HarrietMOORE18Spinster26 Harrison Street, HolmesWilliam Moore, a PotterWalter Dolphin; Fanny MooreBy Banns
06 09 1893WalterPARKINSON25Bachelor18 Kenneth Street, EastwoodGrocerWilliam Parkinson, a ButcherAnniePEASE24Spinster15 Clara StreetWilliam Pease, a DraymanWilliam Saxton; Clara OatesBy Banns
21 09 1893JamesSMITH49WidowerHenley GroveInnKeeperJames Smith, an Iron WorkerPriscillaPRICE46WidowWortley RoadBenjamin Gillin, a ShoeMakerDraper Patchett; Sarah Ann JollyBy Licence
06 11 1893Charles HenryJACKSON22Bachelor2 Edward StreetTurnerCharles Henry Jackson, a Coal MinerMary EllenOPENSHAW26Spinster22 Edward StreetThomas Openshaw, an Engine DriverThomas Openshaw; Alice Mary OpenshawBy Banns
06 11 1893Isaac FairhamBEEN [BEAN?]35Bachelor127 Midland RoadSignal FitterIsaac Been, a LabourerAnnie ElizabethADAMS45Widow127 Midland RoadWilliam Noble, a LabourerGeorge Noble; Annie Rosamond NeatbyBy Banns
06 11 1893AlbertOWEN29Bachelor9 Woodstock BowerFile HardenerHenry Owen, a File HardenerMary AnnPRESCOTT27Spinster6 Woodstock BowerRichard Prescott, a PlateLayerFrederick Rosa; Hannah ParkinBy Banns
08 11 1893TomHILL22Bachelor51 Walter Street, MasbroughPlumber & GlazierAlexander Hill, a Stores ForemanMary HannahBEEVER21Spinster47 Pembroke Street, KimberworthDick Beever, a Steel RollerDick Beever; Ellen BeeverBy Banns
13 11 1893SamuelRAYNER23BachelorBurley in WharfdaleBlackSmithWilliam Rayner, a BlackSmithMariaSTREET22SpinsterPsalter LaneGeorge Street, a MoulderJohn Arthur Street; Sarah StreetBy Banns
14 11 1893HerbertPARKER24Bachelor56 Henley GroveMoulderReuben Parker, an Engine DriverParthanySMITH23SpinsterRed House, Henley GroveJames Smith, a PublicanJames Smith; Lucy SmithBy Banns
19 11 1893GeorgeJENKINSON21BachelorThorpe HesleyMinerAbraham Jenkinson, a MinerClaraBREWITT22SpinsterGreaves RoadJames Brewitt, a Forge ManJoseph Bland; Martha HickfordBy Banns
20 12 1893Charles RaworthSTRAW30Bachelor12 Joiner StreetStove Grate FitterJohn Straw, a MoulderMargaret RennieNEILSON21Spinster127 Wortley Road, KimberworthJohn Neilson, a JoinerFrederick James Straw; Isabella Neilson Russell 
23 12 1893HenryCOWARD25Bachelor43 Wilton LaneLabourerWilliam Coward, a LabourerElizabethSHAW19Spinster1 Tummon StreetSamuel Shaw, a Glass BlowerFred Marsland; Charlotte CowardBy Banns
23 12 1893GeorgeQUIBELL25Bachelor48 Regent StreetEngine TenterGeorge Quibell, a WarehouseManEliza JaneROBINSON25Spinster46 Bradgate George H Naylor; Ellen RoperBy Banns
24 12 1893GeorgeBEATSON22Bachelor33 Wortley RoadLabourerGeorge Beatson, a LabourerEllenWEBSTER20Spinster33 Wortley RoadAlfred Webster, an Engine DriverJames Wordsworth; Mary Ann DeavilleBy Banns
25 12 1893AsherLEATHER23BachelorBradgateMinerJohn Leather, a CollierEllenPHILLIPS22SpinsterHerbert StreetWilliam Phillips, a LabourerTom Law; Harriet PhillipsBy Banns
25 12 1893FredBEASLEY19Bachelor2 Pitt StreetStrikerJames Beasley, a LabourerMary JaneWARD20Spinster12 Wortley RoadFrederick Ward, an Iron WorkerJoseph Gaunt; Kate SouthallBy Banns
26 12 1893FrancisDRAKEFORD21BachelorWilton GardensCollierWilliam Drakeford, a LabourerHannahCHARLESWORTH21SpinsterHolmesWilliam Charlesworth, a LabourerAlbert Finch; Sarah Ann CharlesworthBy Banns
27 12 1893MatthewPORTMAN26BachelorBurnley, LANClothiers ManagerJames Portman, a MinerAliceHARRISON23SpinsterRose Hill, KimberworthEdwin Harrison, a Stove Grave FitterCharles Ernest Jarvis; Gertrude Harrison; Edwin HarrisonBy Banns
04 02 1894JamesBURFORD21BachelorParkgateMinerGeorge Burford, a Stone MinerAnnie ElizaRODDISON21Spinster14 Wilson LaneBenjamin Roddison, a LabourerCharles Sanders; Ann BurfordBy Banns
15 02 1894JamesNEATBY23Bachelor80 Wortley Road, KimberworthWheel TurnerThomas Neatby, a MinerLydiaFISHWICK18Spinster41 Walter Street, MasbroughRowland Fishwick, a Forge ManEdmund Fishwick; Francis FatsonBy Banns
25 02 1894JamesWAINE50Widower55 Wilton LaneStove KeeperGeorge Waine, a MechanicMary AnnALLEN60Widow55 Wilton LaneWilliam Chambers, a Blade ForgerWilliam Varo; Sarah VaroBy Banns
25 02 1894TomMATTHEWMAN21Bachelor3 Midland RoadStrikerAlfred Matthewman, a StrikerHarrietWILLETTS23Spinster3 Midland RoadSamuel Willetts, a Furnace ManAlfred Buck; Priscilla PrestonBy Banns
26 02 1894TomWARING28Bachelor72 Henley StreetSteel MelterJeremiah Waring, a PlateLayerJane ElizabethCOOPER23Spinster46 Oates StreetGeorge Cooper, a Mill Furnace ManAlfred Cooper; Edith HawercroftBy Banns
04 03 1894GeorgeBADGER21Bachelor15 Holmes LaneLabourerWilliam Badger, a MoulderElizabeth AnnCROSS21Spinster25 Union Street Joel Wood; Elizabeth ShawBy Banns
25 03 1894EgbertHARRISON21Bachelor93 Wilton GardensTrammerCharles Harrison, a LabourerElizaGREENWOOD18Spinster44 Wilton GardensJoseph Greenwood, a MinerW G Harrison; Elizabeth GreenwoodBy Banns
26 03 1894WilliamLENG22Bachelor18 Wing Street, HolmesTurnerTom Leng, a TurnerClaraLENG21Spinster21 Wing Street, HolmesHarry Leng, a TurnerWilliam Wildin; Edith SawtonBy Banns
26 03 1894MatthewDOLPHIN26Bachelor22 Harrison Street, HolmesMechanicJohn Dolphin, a LabourerAliceJOHNSON25Spinster3 House, I Court, Howard Street, RotherhamWilliam Johnson, a Nail MakerThomas Albert Bolton; Agnes Meriam DolphinBy Banns
21 04 1894Charles SamuelGYFORD28BachelorNew Ferry, CHSLabourerCharles Gyford, a FitterElizabethLLOYD26Spinster72 Wilton GardensJames Lloyd, a LabourerCharles Lloyd; Hannah LloydBy Banns
30 04 1894AlbertJAMES23Bachelor65 Pitt Street, HolmesPotterAbraham James, deceased PuddlerMary JaneMILLETT20SpinsterMasbroughWilliam Millett, a FitterWilliam J Millett; Levi A LindleyBy Banns
12 05 1894Charles HenryMOXON23Bachelor18 Wortley RoadBoilerMaker Mary AnnADAMS18Spinster18 Wortley RoadThomas Adams, an Iron WorkerFrank Adams; Lillian AllottBy Banns
12 05 1894EdmundFISHWICK21Bachelor80 Wortley Road, KimberworthForge ManRowland Fishwick, a Forge ManGertrudeBRAMHILL19Spinster3 Clara StreetMatthew Bramhill, a CarterMatthew Bramhill; Lenora Annis BramhillBy Banns
13 05 1894JamesHARDING22BachelorPembroke Street, HolmesEngine FitterWilliam Harding, a ForemanClaraASTWOOD19SpinsterMasbroughJoseph Alvey Astwood, a PublicanJames Astwood; Florrie TingleBy Banns
24 05 1894Ernest BriscoeHARRISON22Bachelor6 Cross StreetSheeterCharles Harrison, deceased Iron WorkerFlorence AnnieMELL21Spinster28 Midland RoadGeorge Mell, a BlackSmithWilliam Harrison; Clara MellBy Banns
02 07 1894John ThomasLIVERSIDGE24Bachelor3 Garden StreetLabourerGeorge Liversidge, a LabourerAdaBARLOW22Spinster7 Midland RoadJohn Barlow, a PostmanThomas Jolly; Sarah Ann JollyBy Banns
15 07 1894John ThomasCHEESEMAN29Bachelor5 Garden StreetIron MoulderThomas Cheeseman, a LabourerGeorginaLIVERSIDGE273 Garden StreetGeorge Liversidge, a LabourerJohn Thomas Liversidge; Jane Bridge By Banns
15 07 1894WilliamWOODHOUSE24Bachelor47 Orchard Street, MasbroughPuddlerSamuel Woodhouse, a PuddlerElizabethCOLLEY20SpinsterHenry Colley, a MinerJohn Townend; Emma Roddis By Banns
19 07 1894PercivalREED29Bachelor84 Clough RoadCommercial TravellerJohn Reed, deceased GentlemanBlanche ElizaTAFFINDER21Spinster34 Henley StreetEdwin Taffinder, a CashierEdwin Taffinder; Frederick William ReedBy Banns
29 07 1894AlbertHIMSWORTH54Widower1 Harrington Place, HolmesEngine TenterWilliam Himsworth, deceased Oil Cloth ManufacturerElizaLENG43WidowPsalter LaneJames Wordsworth, deceased ShinglerJohn Hardcastle; Mary Jane WadsworthBy Banns
06 08 1894HenryPIDDINGTON21BachelorLower Clara StreetCarterDennis Piddington, a CarterAnniePITWELL19SpinsterLower Clara StreetThomas Pitwell, a LabourerSamuel George Holt; Ada PiddingtonBy Banns
25 08 1894Joseph CharlesPILLEY33Bachelor14 Midland RoadPackerJohn Pilley, a PotterElizabethSALT22Spinster16 Harrison StreetHenry Salt, a PotterJohn Pilley; Emily SaltBy Banns
12 09 1894HarryLEEDELL27Bachelor10 Ellen StreetShunterThomas Leedell, a JoinerAnnieLEIGH23Spinster24 Regent StreetJohn Taylor Leigh, a Sheet RollerGeorge Edward Leigh; Mary A M Leigh; Alfred LeighBy Banns
24 09 1894WilliamTINSLEY20Bachelor50 Oates StreetCollierCharles Tinsley, a CollierEmmaLANCASHIRE20Spinster50 Oates StreetThomas Lancashire, a Check WeighmanArthur Hoskin; Hannah TinsleyBy Banns
07 10 1894MichaelJUDGE24Bachelor3 Garden StreetForge ManMichael Judge, a Forge ManEmma JaneBRIDGE21Spinster13 Henley StreetWilliam Bridge, deceased JoinerJohn Thomas Cheeseman; Georgina CheesemanBy Banns
10 10 1894JohnHARDCASTLE34BachelorHolmes LanePotterJohn Hardcastle, a PotterMary JaneWADSWORTH32SpinsterPsalter LaneJames Wadsworth, an Iron WorkerArthur Wadsworth; Jane Elizabeth Woodhouse; John WadsworthBy Banns
11 10 1894Arthur HenrySCOTT22Bachelor81 Kimberworth RoadRailway CollectorGeorge Scott; a Customs OfficerEleanorBARROW25SpinsterSpring Terrace, Wilton LaneGeorge Barrow, a PotterHoratio George Barrow; Mary Jane BarrowBy Banns
28 10 1894Frederick George HenryHARDING26Bachelor71 Kimberworth RoadGrocerFrederick Harding, a ContractorSarah MarthaHARGREAVES21Spinster71 Kimberworth RoadJohn Hargreaves, deceased Furnace ManGeorge Bluff; Theresa BarkerBy Banns
29 10 1894Arthur EdwardBOOTH30Bachelor62 Clough Road, KimberworthBuilders ClerkJames Grace Booth, a BookSellerMaryHINCH26Spinster30 Herbert Street, KimberworthRichard George Hinch, a CarpenterEdmund Hinch; Emily Hinch; Alf J BoothBy Banns
04 11 1894HerbertWOODHOUSE22Bachelor2 Mount StreetPuddlerFrederick Woodhouse, a LabourerElizaFIDDLER19Spinster2 Mount StreetThomas Fiddler, an Engine DriverThomas Jolly; Sarah Ann JollyBy Banns
05 11 1894JamesTOMPKIN22Bachelor60 Harrison StreetFiremanWilliam Tompkin, a LabourerEdithHUDSON20Spinster10 Harrison StreetMark Hudson, a MinerWilliam Tompkin; Rhoda GennardBy Banns
07 11 1894SpencerSMITH32BachelorThorpe HesleyClerkGeorge Smith, a MoulderHannahWOOLHOUSE33Spinster51 Oates Street, KimberworthWilliam Woolhouse, a File CutterWilliam Woolhouse; Ada AsherBy Banns
13 11 1894JosephDOBSON26Bachelor193 New KimberworthMinerGeorge Dobson, a MinerElizabethHOLMES25SpinsterPetre StreetGeorge Holmes, a Forge ManSam Holmes; Amelia GambleBy Banns
22 11 1894JoelWOOD24Bachelor69 Midland RoadLabourerJohn Wood, a LabourerSarah ElizabethSHAW19Spinster21 Holmes LaneWilliam Shaw, a LabourerDaniel Farnsworth; Martha Ann AdamsBy Banns
27 11 1894HarryPRICE23BachelorMidland Inn, Midland RoadIron WorkerWilliam Price, deceased RollerLucy AnnSMITH19SpinsterRed House, Henley GroveJames Smith, a PuddlerFred Price; Partheny ParkerBy Banns
02 12 1894Walter GeorgeHARRISON25BachelorWilton GardensGoods PorterCharles Harrison, an Iron WorkerElizabeth AnnTHOMPSON22Spinster32 Wilton GardensArthur Thompson, a Wagon BuilderGeorge William Thompson; Ellenor SheldonBy Banns
24 12 1894Paul Louis WalterLANGE25Bachelor184 Grosvenor Street, Belfast, IREPrinters ManagerHerrman Lange, a Ship BrokerEmma ThornsbyCLAYTON21Spinster53 Henley Grove Road, KimberworthWilliam Clayton, a Stove Grate WorkerWilliam Clayton; Edith HawcroftBy Banns
24 12 1894DennisFROGGATT41BachelorKimberworth ParkLabourer ElizabethCHESHIRE56WidowKimberworth Park Frank George Binsted; Thomas JollyBy Banns
24 12 1894GeorgeMILLSON26Bachelor10 Greaves RoadDraymanJoseph Millson, a LabourerEllenROSE29Widow10 Greaves Road Frederick Savory; Laura CursonBy Banns
25 12 1894TomCUTTS22Bachelor85 Psalter LaneFetlerHerbert Cutts, a Wheel ForgerPriscillaLING22SpinsterEdward StreetEdward Ling, a ContractorGeorge Cutts; Ellen LiversidgeBy Banns
25 12 1894Samuel BenjaminWALKER26Bachelor117 Psalter LaneLabourerAbsalom Walker, a PuddlerEllenCARDWELL24Spinster24 Harrison StreetJames Cardwell, deceased Stove Grate FitterJames Humphrey; Elizabeth Harriet GreenBy Banns
25 12 1894GeorgeBROWNING26Bachelor61 Pitt Street, HolmesStrikerGeorge Browning, deceased Horse BreakerAdaALLEN23Spinster61 Pitt Street, HolmesCharles Wheatley Allen, a Steel BlowerHerbert Allen; Amy BrooksbankBy Banns
25 12 1894CharlesROBINSON26BachelorWombwellMinerCharles Robinson, a MinerSelinaHOLDEN31Spinster17 Henley GroveIsaac Holden, a Furnace ManHenry Holden; Amelia Ann RobinsonBy Banns
25 12 1894IsaacSMITH27BachelorRed House, Henley GroveMoulderJames Smith, a PublicanElizaBANNISTER20Spinster15 Henley Grove RoadJoseph Bannister, a BrickLayerIsaac Smith; Harry Price; Caroline SmithBy Banns
25 12 1894James HarryWADSWORTH21Bachelor46 Fox Street, KimberworthMinerCharles Wadsworth, a SaddlerEstherDAVIES19Spinster46 Fox Street, KimberworthWilliam Davies, a MinerWilliam Knight; Frederick JohnsonBy Banns
25 12 1894GeorgeMARPLES23Bachelor39 Park StreetMinerGeorge Marples, a MinerElizaCOLLEY17SpinsterSoap Hill FieldsHenry Colley, a LabourerJohn Colley; Annice MarplesBy Banns
26 12 1894FrederickWORDSWORTH22Bachelor24 Clough Road, KimberworthLead ChaserWilliam Wordsworth, a Mould FitterAnnieBOTTOM23Spinster1 Providence Street, MasbroughFrancis Bottom, a Provision Dealers AssistantFrances Bottom; Hannah BottomBy Banns

Transcribed by Jack Parry © 2010
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