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ROTHERHAM: The Marriage Registers for Kimberworth, 1895-1899

DateGroom nameGroom SurnameAgeStatusGroom ParishOccupationGroom's fatherBride nameBride SurnameAgeStatusBride ParishBride's FatherWitnessesNotes
13 01 1895Albert EdwardBULLOCK24BachelorBellis Street, Edgbaston?ClerkEdward Dennis Bullock, a General DealerEllenPOOLEY23Spinster35 Wilton Lane, KimberworthFrederick Pooley, a BlackSmithFrederick Pooley; Sarah Ann PooleyBy Banns
20 01 1895LarrettBOULTON28Bachelor15 Henley Street, KimberworthMinerHenry Boulton, a MinerElizaAPPLEYARD28Spinster72 Henley Street, KimberworthGeorge Appleyard, a JoinerGeorge Thomas Appleyard; Clara Alice BoultonBy Banns
03 02 1895JohnHIGHFIELD22Bachelor102 Regent StreetSlaterJohn Highfield, a Farm BailiffAgnesBEDDALL21Spinster100 Regent StreetJoseph Beddall, a BlackSmithJoseph Beddall; Florence BeddallBy Banns
03 02 1895James WalterWEBB22Bachelor102 Regent StreetHorn Cutter & Scale PresserThomas Webb, a File CutterFlorenceBEDDALL19Spinster100 Regent StreetJoseph Beddall, a BlackSmithJoseph Beddall, Agnes BeddallBy Banns
11 02 1895WilliamAUCKLAND19Bachelor412 Dropping WellMinerDaniel Auckland, a LabourerMary AnnFROGGATT19Spinster414 Dropping WellGeorge Froggatt, a MinerSamuel Broomhead; Florence AucklandBy Banns
26 02 1895FrancisBOTTOM45Widower1 Providence Street, MasbroughProvisions Dealers AssistantWilliam Bottom, a ShoeMakerAnnie ElizabethWORDSWORTH28Spinster2 Clough Street, KimberworthWilliam Wordsworth, a ForemanWilliam Wordsworth; Emma LowtherBy Banns
03 03 1895RobertGIBBS24Bachelor12 Clough RoadMinerJames Gibbs, deceased Brass FinisherAdelaBACON27Spinster12 Clough RoadGeorge Bacon, a LabourerThomas Hodgkinson; Ann BigginBy Banns
10 03 1895JohnHARRISON24BachelorPeter Street, KimberworthBanksmanThomas Harrison, a ForemanMary ElizabethPOLLARD21Spinster152 Kimberworth RoadWilliam Pollard, a MinerTom Mann; Annie MannBy Banns
10 03 1895AlfredFORD21BachelorSt Thomas, WincobankCarterRichard Ford, a LabourerAlicePOLLARD19Spinster152 Kimberworth RoadWilliam Pollard, a MinerTom Mann; Annie MannBy Banns
10 03 1895HarryWOOD25Bachelor6 Oates Street, Henley GroveIron WorkerHenry Wood, an Iron WorkerEstherSOUTHALL24Spinster75 Midland RoadHenry Southall, a MinerJohn Joseph Roper; Lucy Annie RoperBy Banns
18 03 1895Robert WilliamATKINSON26Bachelor46 South StreetPlateLayerRobert Atkinson, a LabourerAnnieSMITH26Spinster46 South StreetWilliam Smith, a LabourerTom Smith; Mazey SmithBy Banns
26 03 1895MichaelGALLAGHER36Widower28 Edward StreetMinerMichael Gallagher, a LabourerEmmaHARRISON22Spinster34 Edward StreetRalph Harrison, a MinerGeorge Steel; Jane HarrisonBy Banns
07 04 1895WilliamSMITH24Bachelor23 Ferham StreetIron MoulderCharles Smith, an Engine TenterEdithSIMPSON24Spinster27 Oates StreetWilliam Simpson, an Iron MoulderWilliam Frost; Eleanor SmithBy Banns
08 04 1895John SwinglehurstWALKER25Bachelor218 Attercliffe Common, SheffieldCabinet MakerIsaac Walker, a Cabinet MakerSarah Ann BowmanWILKINSON26Spinster1 Wortley RoadJames Wilkinson, a ButcherJames Edwin Wilkinson; Annie BowmanBy Banns
14 04 1895ThomasADAMS22Bachelor18 Wortley RoadBarberThomas Adams, an Iron WorkerHannahHOBSON21Spinster4 Henley Grove RoadIsrael Hobson, deceased LabourerEdward Adams; Mary HobsonBy Banns
15 04 1895GeorgeSAXON28Bachelor1 Garden StreetMinerWilliam Saxon, a ShoeMakerSarahJONES20Spinster89 Midland RoadJohn Jones, a MinerJohn Buck; Fanny JonesBy Banns
16 04 1895AlfredLEIGH26Bachelor24 Regent StreetBoilerMakerJohn Taylor Leigh, a Sheet RollerMary AnnWRIGHT24SpinsterFerham RoadJames Wright, a SignalmanJames Wright; Sarah Elizabeth WrightBy Banns
01 05 1895LewisGREENWOOD23BachelorKimberworth ParkGroom & GardenerJames Greenwood, a MinerEmmaRODDIS21Spinster60 Oates StreetJohn Roddis, a Stove Grate FitterJohn Roddis; Harriet RoddisBy Banns
04 05 1895GeorgeCLARKE25Bachelor16 Hilltop, KimberworthLabourerWilliam Clarke, a LabourerElizabethMITCHELL20Spinster279 Wortley RoadThomas Mitchell, a File CutterJohn Francis Johnson; Fanny ClarkeBy Banns
22 05 1895WilliamLONGHORN34BachelorFitzwilliam Road, RotherhamClerkRichard Longhorn, a Brick MakerSelina WilemanWILKINS33Spinster200 Psalter Lane, KimberworthGeorge Wilkins, a Sheet Iron RollerWilliam John Greaves; Florence Mary UsherwoodBy Banns
02 06 1895Charles HenryJACKSON24Widower41 Edward StreetTurnerCharles Henry Jackson, a Coal MinerSarah AnnWALKER27Spinster8 Midland RoadThomas Walker, a PuddlerThomas Walker; Hellie? WalkerBy Banns
02 06 1895George JamesWAINWRIGHT27Bachelor76 Henley StreetMoulderRobert Wainwright, a FilerLizzieBARKER22SpinsterVictoria Street, MasbroughGeorge Barker, a MinerJoe Barker; Ada Elizabeth WainwrightBy Banns
02 06 1895JosephDOBB25Bachelor53 Oates StreetLabourerThomas Dobb, a LabourerRebeccaPINCHER24Spinster9 Moss StreetJoseph Pincher, a TurnerJames Humphries; Annie PincherBy Banns
03 06 1895Joseph SamuelHOCKOLD22Bachelor86 Henley StreetDraughtsmanSolomon Hockold, a RollerEmilyMITCHELL28Spinster68 Clough RoadJohn Mitchell, a Stell RollerJohn Mitchell; Clara Annie TaylorBy Banns
05 06 1895HerbertTHENBER33BachelorSouth KirbyCattle DealerBenjamin Thenber, a Cattle DealerAliceMOXON32SpinsterBradgateJoseph Moxon; Mary J MoxonJoseph Moxon; Mary J MoxonBy Licence
24 06 1895James WilliamHICKMAN20Bachelor45 Wilton GardensSteel Mill HandAndrew Hickman, a Boiler FiremanElizabeth CoxHEPPENSTALL23Spinster132 Park StreetThomas Heppenstall, a Rail Straightener By Banns
01 07 1895JosephMAXFIELD21Bachelor89 Richmond Park, KimberworthLabourerJohn Maxfield, a ManagerSarahHAWKSWORTH19Spinster89 Richmond Park, KimberworthJoseph Hawksworth, a Scale PresserJames Bennett; Mary Hannah BennettBy Banns
08 07 1895Moses WilliamROBERTS Bachelor158 Kimberworth RoadLabourerThomas Roberts, a ShepherdElizabeth AnnieCUFFLIN Spinster22 Herbert StreetGeorge Cufflin, a Police SergeantFrank Joseph Pratt; Bessie BuckleyBy Banns
15 07 1895Charles WilliamHERCOCK36Widower62 Pitt Street, HolmesWagon BuilderJames Hercock, a WheelWrightHenrietta LouisaDAVIS37WidowCross StreetJosiah Beasley, a Sword Blade ForgerJames Clifton; Harriet BarkerBy Banns
27 07 1895William PattisonNICHOLSON21Bachelor89 Henley Grove RoadSteel ForgerJohn Nicholson, deceased PublicanHenriettaSKELTON21Spinster98 Masbrough StreetHenry Skelton, deceased PrinterDavid Skelton; Alma SkeltonBy Banns
28 07 1895Charles WilliamHEMINGWAY22BachelorMonk BrettonMinerThomas Hemingway, a MinerElizabethGREENWOOD19Spinster44 Wilton GardensJoseph Greenwood, a MinerWilliam Samuel Greenwood; Ann Eliza GreenwoodBy Banns
05 08 1895John MorleyEAGERS23Bachelor73 Pitt Street, HolmesClerkJoshua Eagers, a File HardenerAnnie BabingtonWESTON23Spinster24 Grange Crescent, SheffieldThomas Fawcett Weston, deceased DraperRimmington Fawcett Weston; Bennett WestonBy Banns
17 08 1895AlfredFROST21Bachelor184 Psalter LaneMoulderGeorge Frost, a PlateLayerMaud EllenSMITH19Spinster184 Psalter LaneJohn Smith, a ButcherWilliam Frost; Ann Sophia CastertonBy Banns
18 08 1895Peter JohnATKINSON20Bachelor71 Henley StreetMinerJohn Atkinson, a MinerLucyWARD20Spinster71 Henley StreetJames Ward, a BlackSmithJohn Firth; Annie Elizabeth AtkinsonBy Banns
18 08 1895CharlesCOOPER27Bachelor33 Kimberworth RoadRailway GuardThomas Cooper, a GardenerEleanor RoseCOTTRELL27Spinster33 Kimberworth RoadJoseph Cottrell, a Ships CarpenterThomas Cartwright; Alice Maud LiddallBy Banns
19 08 1895William RichardCOLLS35Bachelor25 Henley StreetLabourerGeorge William Colls, a TailorEmily JaneWINTON35Spinster30 Oates StreetIsaac Winton, a MinerWilliam Henry Nicholson; Fanny Emily CollsBy Banns
29 08 1895Thomas HenryBEELEY25Bachelor203 Attercliffe Road, SheffieldPawn BrokerThomas Beeley, a Pawn BrokerLilly ElizabethBOWER21Spinster81 Henley Street, KimberworthJames Bower, an Iron MoulderJames Bower; Annie BeeleyBy Banns
02 09 1895LouisWAGNER25Bachelor5 Taylors Row, HolmesWarehouseManJohn Wagner, a LabourerEdithSLATER23Spinster4 Taylors Row, HolmesStephen Slater, a PainterHerbert Slater; Katherine ClarsonBy Banns
05 09 1895HerbertMORTON25Bachelor46 Foundry StreetGlass MakerAndrew Morton, a Glass MakerNorahHALLAS21Spinster46 Foundry StreetCharles Hallas, a PuddlerDavid Bradshaw; Edith HallasBy Banns
22 09 1895AlbertFINCH24Bachelor256 Brickfield Row, HolmesLabourerJohn Finch, a LabourerSarah AnnCHARLESWORTH22Spinster26 Brickfield Row, HolmesWilliam Charlesworth, deceased Steel CarterFrancis Drakeford; Florence LengBy Banns
10 05 1895JohnHESSEY53Widower115 Boston Street, SheffieldTable Blade ForgerSamuel Hessey, a Table Blade ForgerElizaWOOLHOUSE37Spinster57 Oates Street, KimberworthWilliam Woolhouse, a File CutterJohn Arthur Hessey; Ellen HesseyBy Banns
10 10 1895BenjaminMOXON24BachelorThorpe HesleyMinerCharles Moxon, a MinerMaryIBBOTSON22SpinsterRichmond Park, KimberworthSeth Ibbotson, a MinerGeorge Ibbotson; Annie EddingtonBy Banns
30 10 1895George HenryHUDSON23Bachelor11 Joseph Street, MasbroughBlackSmithJohn Hudson, a Stove Grate FitterSevilinaLINDLEY24Spinster87 Clough Bank, KimberworthJohn Lindley, a BlackSmithCharles Lawton Neal; Florence LindleyBy Banns
02 11 1895Harvey EdwardMORTON28Bachelor3 Tummon StreetIron WorkerRobert Morton, an Iron WorkerElizabeth AnnMYATT25Spinster26 Harrison Street, HolmesJames Myatt, a PotterThomas Henry Farrar; Edith MortonBy Banns
16 11 1895ThomasTOMLINSON21Bachelor50 Foundry StreetCollierJesse Tomlinson, a CollierMary AnnHINDS19Spinster5 Foundry StreetCharles Hinds, a CollierFrank Hart; Sarah Ann BradfordBy Banns
27 11 1895Andrew JohnGILL23Bachelor73 Wortley RoadButcherWilliam Gill, a Milk DealerEthelALKER23SpinsterCarbrook, SheffieldJohn Alker, a ButcherJohn Alker; Kate AlkerBy Banns
30 11 1895JosephBEADMAN23Bachelor55 Ellen StreetCold DrawerJoseph Brockley Beadman, a Wagon BuilderMary AnnHAGUE20Spinster61 Ellen StreetThomas Hague, a CollierIsaac Hague; Sarah Elizabeth HagueBy Banns
01 12 1895CharlesNORTON22Bachelor132 Peters BuildingJoinerThomas Norton, a BlackSmithElizabethHANCOCK20Spinster154 Kimberworth RoadWalter Hancock, deceased Brass FinisherThomas Norton; Ada NortonBy Banns
01 12 1895JosephWARRINGTON22BachelorBarnby DunLabourerFletcher Warrington, a SignalmanSarah AnnATKINSON23Spinster156 Kimberworth RoadJohn Atkinson, a Farm LabourerJames William Atkinson; Elizabeth AspinallBy Banns
05 12 1895HenryHERBERT32BachelorOld Hall FarmFarmerJoseph Herbert, deceased FarmerMaud RebeccaNORRIS21SpinsterHolly Villa, KimberworthThomas Samuel Norris, a Naval DraughtsmanThomas Samuel Norris; Mabel NorrisBy Licence
08 12 1895Arthur JohnPOTTER36BachelorNew KimberworthCollierJames Potter, a LabourerAnnieSMITH18SpinsterEightHouses, KimberworthHenry Smith, a LabourerJohn James Taylor; Lucy Ann MiddletonBy Banns
08 12 1895AbsolomWALKER21Bachelor123 Psalter LanePuddlerJoseph Walker, a PudlerMary AnnBALL20Spinster32 Harrison StreetSamuel Ball, a LabourerHarry Ball; Elizabeth WalkerBy Banns
22 12 1895CharlesCARD18Bachelor62 Henley GroveMinerOliver Card, a MinerMariaLANCASHIRE18Spinster6 Henley GroveJohn Lancashire, a MinerJohn Robert Cawthorn; Hannah LancashireBy Banns
24 12 1895WalterSKAYMAN25Bachelor17 Ferham StreetPorterGeorge Skayman, a FarmerMary AnnCARR21Spinster97 Midland RoadArthur Carr, a MinerThomas Bainbridge; Charlotte Mary ClarsonBy Banns
24 12 1895ThomasBAINBRIDGE23BachelorNottingham Street, RotherhamSteel MelterJoseph Bainbridge, a Farm LabourerCharlotte MaryCLARSON18Spinster37 Kimberworth RoadDavid Clarson, a BrickLayerWalter Skayman; Mary Ann CarrBy Banns
24 12 1895SamuelPATRICK53Widower24 Harrison StreetMinerCharles Patrick, a MinerMaryTINGLE60Widow2 Claremont StreetJames Walton, a MonerThomas Jolly; Annie Elizabeth FosterBy Banns
25 12 1895WilliamGLOSSOP27Bachelor180 Psalter LaneLabourerWilliam Glossop, a LabourerHannahAPPLEBY25Spinster180 Psalter LaneNoah Appleby, a LabourerArthur Pullen; Ada BarkerBy Banns
25 12 1895Charles WilliamCUTHBERT24Bachelor220 Kimberworth RoadMiddlemanElijah Cuthbert, a Sheet RollerHarrietLEE23Spinster1 Union StreetGeorge Lee, a LabourerElijah Newns Cuthbert; Annie Maria MannBy Banns
26 12 1895George AlbertMORGAN22Bachelor19 Lewellyn Street, MasbroughForge ManGeorge Morgan, a Rail PlanerHannahHARTLEY26Spinster36 Wilton GardensIsrael Hartley, a LabourerErnest Simmons; Lily HartleyBy Banns
26 12 1895WilliamFINDLAY22Bachelor55 Ellen StreetEngine TenterJohn Findlay, a ForemanMinnieHAGUE10Spinster61 Ellen StreetJohn Thomas Hague, a MinerHenry Francis Healy; Jeannie FindlayBy Banns
01 01 1896John AlbertSWIFT30Widower45 Thirwell Road, SheffieldGrinderSamuel Burgin Swift, a Spring Knife GrinderEmmaBEEVER26SpinsterPembroke Street, HolmesDick Beever, a Steel RollerDick Beever; Eleanor BeeverBy Banns
27 01 1896Walter CharlesLODGE23Bachelor11 Psalter LaneJoinerCharles Easton Lodge, a GrocerAdaBEAUMONT25Spinster49 Wilton LaneRobert Beaumont, a BlackSmithRobert Beaumont; Agnes BeaumontBy Banns
07 02 1896FredBINGHAM22Bachelor7 Wing StreetLabourerGeorge Bingham, a LabourerHarrietMYERS26Spinster20 Union Street, KimberworthWalter Myers, a PuddlerGeorge Henry Godley; Agnes Jane AllenBy Banns
07 03 1896AlfredREED23Bachelor4 Holmes LaneCold Steel RollerRalph Reed, a CarterMary AnnWILLMOTT20Spinster45 Ellen StreetBenjamin Willmott, a Forge ManJohn Henry Scholes; Mary KennedyBy Banns
07 03 1896SamuelJOHNSON28Bachelor213 New KimberworthCollierThomas Johnson, a CollierMaryBRISCOE26Spinster213 New KimberworthJohn Briscoe, a CollierAdam Briscoe; Rose HeeleyBy Banns
23 03 1896Nathaniel Robert CharlesBRATLEY26Bachelor69 Broad Street, ParkgateButcherCharles Bratley, a ButcherSarah HelenJAMES24SpinsterHenley Grove, KimberworthJohn James, a MinerThomas Jolly; Sarah Ann JollyBy Licence
29 03 1896WilliamSMITH31Bachelor30 Mount StreetGrinderWilliam Smith, a File CutterElizabethELLIS26Widow2 Oates StreetWilliam John Dent, deceased FilerHarry Neal; Eliza MellardBy Banns
05 04 1896VanseWOOD23BachelorThorpe HesleyCollierJohn Wood, a LabourerAgnesBLAYDES22SpinsterDropping Well, KimberworthWilliam Blaydes, a CollierHarris Wood; Fanny BlaydesBy Banns
06 04 1896John RobertCAWTHORN21Bachelor6 Henley StreetBrass FinisherThomas Cawthorn, a MinerHannahLANCASHIRE21Spinster6 Henley StreetJohn Lancashire, a MinerFrancis William Wright; Ada WilliamsonBy Banns
09 04 1896Tom HarryEDMUNDSON26BachelorSwintonPolice ConstableJohnson Edmundson, a Retired GentlemanHannahFAULKNER28Spinster102 Regent StreetWilliam Faulkner, a Bus ProprietorAlbert Faulkner; Nina EdmondsonBy Banns
15 04 1896William ThomasREADING25Bachelor20 Pembroke StreetJoinerJoseph Reading, a Hammer ManAdaGUTTERIDGE28Spinster14 Pembroke Street, HolmesJoseph Gutteridge, a Tube Works ManagerJohn Thomas Gutteridge; Annie GutteridgeBy Banns
16 04 1896George AlfredDUKE23Bachelor49 Meadow Hall RoadClothierJohn Duke, a Coke BurkerMariaMAY21SpinsterGreaseboroughSaul May, a Retired Amy PensionerJohn Thomas Wright; Florence DukeBy Banns
27 04 1896John HenryCOTTAM23Bachelor176 Psalter LaneIron WorkerWilliam Cottam, an Iron WorkerEliza AnnGARNETT21Spinster3 Clough RoadThomas Garnett, an Iron WorkerWilliam Cottam; Ellen CottamBy Banns
24 05 1896FrankDAWSON21Bachelor12 Holmes LaneFurnace ManRobert Dawson, a PotterMary AnnLAMBERT19Spinster55 Bradgate RoadSydney Lambert, a Furnace ManGeorge Carnall; Edith LambertBy Banns
24 05 1896JimDOBB21Bachelor53 Oates StreetLabourer Annie ElizabethPINCHER19Spinster9 Moss StreetJoseph Pincher, an Axle TurnerJoseph Dobb; Eliza Edith PincherBy Banns
25 05 1896JohnHOPKINSON25Bachelor23 Wing Street, HolmesLabourerJohn Hopkinson, a CollierEdith MaryLAWTON24Spinster29 Wing StreetJob Lawton, deceased LabourerTom South; Theresa BarkerBy Banns
25 05 1896Matthew Edward ElishaSHARMAN22Bachelor52 Edward StreetCoach PainterWilliam Sharman, a Coach PainterElizabeth JaneCOTTAM22Spinster52 Edward StreetJoseph Rowland Cottam, a TimeKeeperJoseph Rowland Cottam; Frances Matilda CottamBy Banns
25 05 1896EnochGIBBS21BachelorWorsboroughMinerSamuel Gibbs, a Green GrocerAnnie ElizabethATKINSON21Spinster71 Henley StreetJohn Atkinson, a MinerJohn Atkinson; Ann Isabella AtkinsonBy Banns
14 06 1896AbrahamBREARLEY34Widower19 Midland RoadMinerCharles Medley Brearley, a Blanket RaiserMartha AnnYATES27Widow19 Midland RoadHenry Haigh, a MinerAlfred James Dodd; Lucy DoddBy Banns
21 06 1896ErnestSTANLEY20Bachelor123 Midland RoadLabourerCharles Stanley, a LabourerEmilyCOX19Spinster123 Midland RoadTom Cox, a Bus DriverAlbert Moxon; Charlotte MoxonBy Banns
28 06 1896AlbertTURNER24Bachelor64 Mount StreetEngineerArthur Turner, a ClerkAmyMEAD21Spinster80 Henley StreetWilliam Henry Mead, a FitterErnest Mead; Edith Annie TurnerBy Banns
01 07 1896William WilsonTYSON25Bachelor40 Midland RoadShunter RebeccaJENKINS23Spinster103 Midland RoadJoseph Jenkins, an Iron WorkerEdward Blanchard Bradshaw; Marsha WarsmanBy Banns
19 07 1896JohnJARVIS24Bachelor22 Oates StreetShunterHenry Jarvis, a FitterJane ElizabethHUSSEY24Spinster22 Oates StreetJohn Hussey, a PlateLayerWilliam Henry Jarvis; Annie Elizabeth JarvisBy Banns
21 07 1896GeorgeSTEEL47WidowerFord, Cornhill-on-TweedFloristRichard Steel, a StewardSarah EllenHATFIELD36SpinsterMeadow Bank, KimberworthWilliam Hatfield, a Lead ChaserGeorge Carr Hatfield; Sydney James EllisBy Banns
26 07 1896ThomasHOBSON27Bachelor37 Oates StreetMoulderIsrael Hobson, a LabourerSusanBLACKBURN27Widow27 Park StreetThomas Smith, a LabourerThomas Adams; Mary HobsonBy Banns
27 07 1896GeorgeCOOK24BachelorBradgateMinerJoseph Cook, a MinerAdaMOORE22SpinsterBradgateWilliam Moore, a MoulderHarry Cook; Milly CookBy Banns
02 08 1896FranciscoHEWITT20Bachelor113 Wortley RoadPainterCambria Edwin Hewitt, a PainterClara AnnCHAMBERLAIN20Spinster10 Avondale RoadJoseph Chamberlain, an Insurance AgentJoseph Chamberlain; Florence Ethel ChamberlainBy Banns
08 08 1896JohnWHEWAY23Bachelor23 Union StreetPuddlerWilliam Wheway, a PuddlerHarriet Mary BlagdenWAKE21Spinster6 Wing StreetJohn Wake, a LabourerRichard Hadfield; Annie WhewayBy Banns
08 08 1896HerbertBATTERSBY21Bachelor132 Wortley RoadIron TurnerJohn Battersby, a Railway ServantRose AnnWALLER18Spinster129 Wortley RoadWillie Waller, a MinerErnest Andrew Roebuck; Jane Elizabeth BuxtonBy Banns
10 08 1896Charles WilsonGRAY24Bachelor4 North Street, ThornhillSchool TeacherGeorge Gray, a TailorAliceSAUL25Spinster42 Midland RoadGeorge Saul, a Mason & Builder? Saul; Mary Lilian BoothBy Banns
17 08 1896John WilliamSHEPHERD25Bachelor136 Park StreetFiremanJoseph Shepherd, a LabourerIsabellaJAMES22Spinster47 Henley Grove RoadGeorge James, a Springer & PluggerCharlie Wheeler; Jane ShepherdBy Banns
22 08 1896RichardHADFIELD21Bachelor13 Holmes LaneMinerJames Hadfield, a MinerAnnieWHEWAY20Spinster23 Union StreetWilliam Wheway, a BundlerSamuel Henry Hadfield; Sarah Ann WatsonBy Banns
22 08 1896WilliamLISTER22Bachelor45 Kimberworth RoadMoulderJohn Lister, a MoulderLouisaFOWEATHER19Spinster45 Kimberworth RoadFrank Foweather, a LabourerAlbert Edward White; Edith A FoweatherBy Banns
01 09 1896DavidABRAHAMS22BachelorSoap Hill HousesLabourerDavid Abrahams, a LabourerHannah ElizaSMITH22SpinsterSoap Hill HousesJames Smith, an Engine DriverCharles Abrahams; Kate DavyBy Banns
01 09 1896AlbertCORKER26BachelorFernlea, MasbroughClerkWilliam Corker, a MoulderEllenDUKE26SpinsterSouth View, KimberworthHenry Duke, a Coke ManufacturerErnest John Alvey; Ann Duke; Henry Duke; William CorkerBy Banns
06 09 1896Charles WilliamCLARKE21Bachelor55 BradgateCollierEdwin Clarke, a FarmerBeatriceFRANCE18SpinsterBradgateJoseph France, a CollierJohn Thomas Sanderson Rodwell; Sivilla RodwellBy Banns
07 09 1896William HenryTHOMPSON22Bachelor9 Wing Street, HolmesBrass FinisherWilliam Henry Thompson, a ManagerAnnieJENKINSON23Spinster7 Regent StreetJohn Robert Jenkinson, a MoulderFrank Jessop; Martha ThompsonBy Banns
08 09 1896ArthurWATSON26Bachelor8 Dropping Well Road, BlackburnNew AgentWilliam Watson, a BarberEmmaDAVY23Spinster108 Blackburn Road, KimberworthDavid Davy, a MinerWilliam Gregory Watson; Mary Elizabeth HarveyBy Licence
13 09 1896JohnUTTLEY28Bachelor5 Clough RoadFurnace ManEdward Uttley, an Iron WorkerSusannaGREGORY24Spinster77 Kimberworth RoadThomas Gregory, a LabourerThomas Gregory; Mary Jane UttleyBy Banns
20 09 1896CharlesFOSTER19Bachelor72 Henley GroveTrammerJohn Foster, a PackerLilyELSOM21Spinster70 Henley GroveCharles Elsom, a Painter & DecoratorCharles Frederick Elsom; Mary Ann ElsomBy Banns
20 09 1896George WilliamBATTERSBY20Bachelor37 Henley StreetIron TurnerHenry Battersby, a Cupolo TenterBerthaSEDDON20Spinster37 Henley StreetAmos Seddon, a LabourerMcJonas Wright Outram; Mary Ann BattersbyBy Banns
26 09 1896HenryGREEN56Widower11 Cross Street, KimberworthMoulder MaryBULLIVANT56Widow3 House, 1 Court, Ellison Street, SheffieldJoseph Bulloss, a TailorEdward Green; Ann NelsonBy Banns
27 09 1896ArthurMOODY20Bachelor46 Wilton GardensCollierGeorge Moody, a LabourerSarahGILLOTT18Spinster46 Wilton GardensGeorge Gillott, a CollierJames Pollard; Ruth GreenwoodBy Banns
05 10 1896George HenryWATSON21Bachelor2 Woodstock BowerRollerWilliam Watson, a FiremanMargaretMACHIN20Spinster13 Holmes LaneHenry Machin, a MinerWilliam Watson; Elizabeth RobinsonBy Banns
08 10 1896John ThomasWRIGHT21Bachelor186 Ferham StreetPawn Brokers AssistantJames Wright, a SignalmanMary AnnMILNES23Spinster69 Regent StreetBenjamin Milnes, a ManagerArthur Bent; Martha Alice MilnesBy Banns
17 10 1896William JosephHARROP21Bachelor1 Kimberworth RoadSteel Roller EmilyMYERS21Spinster20 Union Street, KimberworthWilliam Myers, a LabourerTom Myers; Clara FaulknerBy Banns
18 10 1896Tom ShepherdSOUTH23Bachelor4 Prospect CottagesMoulderJoseph South, a MasonTheresaBARKER19Spinster54 Foundry StreetNoah Barker, a MinerW H Porter; Elizabeth SmithBy Banns
19 10 1896James ErnestPILGRIM22Bachelor24 Clara StreetIron TurnerRobert Pilgrim, an Iron TurnerElizaKENNEDY19Spinster28 Regent StreetMichael Kennedy, a MinerThomas Gullick; Lily WalkerBy Banns
01 11 1896WilliamBEIGHTON24Bachelor102 Henley StreetShunterJoseph Beighton, a JoinerMariaDENNISS22SpinsterManor House, KimberworthCharles Denniss, a MinerGeorge William Denniss; Edith DennissBy Banns
01 11 1896Albert EdwardMOXON19Bachelor3 Tummon StreetBoiler Tenter ForemanWilliam Moxon, a Yeast MerchantHarriettCHAFER18Spinster9 Garden StreetHarry Chafer, a ForemanJohn Savory; Betsy SavoryBy Banns
01 11 1896George RidgewayGUEST22Bachelor90 Frederick StreetHay DealerGeorge Guest, a GrocerEttie ElizabethWALES21Spinster9 Cross StreetRichard Wales, a Hammer DriverRichard Wales; Lillie WalesBy Banns
02 11 1896ThomasBINGHAM24Bachelor69 Claremont StreetLabourerThomas Bingham, a Furnace ManEmma ElizaBARKER19Spinster1 Edward StreetJohn Barker, a Sheet RollerFrederick Hedge; A Elizabeth HedgeBy Banns
02 11 1896John WilliamJONES20Bachelor178 Psalter LaneMinerJohn Jones, a MinerHarrietCOPLEY17Spinster178 Psalter LaneJoseph Copley, a Brass TurnerWilliam Cottam; Sarah E JonesBy Banns
02 11 1896TomNAYLOR22BachelorBradgateEngine DriverJoseph Naylor, a Steel RollerElizaRODWELL23SpinsterBradgateRobert Rodwell, a CollierRobert Rodwell; Susannah NaylorBy Banns
09 11 1896WilliamTOMPKINS23Bachelor60 Harrison StreetFiremanWilliam Tompkins, a ForemanBerthaMUFFIT30Widow59 Harrison StreetFrank Bell, a LabourerGeorge Green; Rhoda BellBy Banns
30 11 1896William RobertTAYLOR22Bachelor206 Kimberworth RoadLabourerWilliam Taylor, an Engine DriverAlicePICKSLEY24Spinster206 Kimberworth RoadJackson Picksley, a LabourerJohn Stothard; Nora Ellen Rebecca TaylorBy Banns
13 12 1896William HenryALLEN23Bachelor117 Kimberworth RoadMinerJohn Allen, a Green GrocerLucy AnnSHARMAN22Spinster117 Kimberworth RoadGeorge Sharman, a MinerGeorge Sharman; Emily AllenBy Banns
13 12 1896George McLanachanWILSON25Bachelor400 Dudley Road, Edgbaston, BirminghamChemist & DruggistWilliam Wilson, a Spirit MerchantFrances AliceABSON25SpinsterFern Bank, KimberworthCharles Abson, a Commercial TravellerCharles Abson; Edith Abson; Nellie Abson 
14 12 1896Charles Wengate HenryEMMITT23Bachelor13 Victoria Street, MasbroughClerkJames Emmitt, a GentlemanElizabethDRANSFIELD25Spinster17 Ferham RoadSamuel Dransfield, an EngineerErnest Dransfield; Caroline Emmitt; Caroline Annie Emmett; Hannah RoseBy Banns
25 12 1896JohnBERRY23Bachelor24 Psalter LaneLabourerCave Berry, a LabourerLilyMITCHELL19Spinster27 High Street, BradgateHenry Mitchell, a CollierFred Mitchell; Annie MartinBy Banns
25 12 1896James WilliamSMITH24Bachelor46 South StreetCollierFrederick Smith, a CollierMazeySMITH26Spinster46 South StreetWilliam Smith, a LabourerTom Smith; Hannah SmithBy Banns
25 12 1896RobertLENG23Bachelor18 Wing Street, HolmesTurnerTom Leng, a ForemanRosePEARCE17SpinsterSteel Street, HolmesJohn Pearce, a Licensed VictuallerAmbrose Sanderson; Annie WebsterBy Banns
25 12 1896George WilliamSPENCER23Bachelor10 Garden StreetMinerGeorge Spencer, a LabourerFlorence HarrietJEPHSON18Spinster10 Garden StreetWalter Jephson, a Stocking MakerAbraham A Micklin; Amelia GriffithsBy Banns
25 12 1896HarryREES28BachelorWincobankPattern MakerAndrew Rees, a ForemanMargaret AgnesBIRD19Spinster7 Ferham Road, KimberworthJames Bird, a PaverGeorge Hardcastle; Mary ReesBy Banns
25 12 1896JosephGAUNT29Bachelor40 Edward StreetStrikerJames Gaunt, a LabourerKateSOUTHALL27SpinsterHenley Grove, KimberworthHenry Southall, a CollierRichard Southall; Lucy GauntBy Banns
26 12 1896JohnLAWSON32Bachelor5 Kimberworth RoadMinerThomas Lawson, a Horse KeeperEmilyHIPKIN26Spinster5 Kimberworth RoadJohn Hipkin, a WagonerFred Hipkin; Lily BeeleyBy Banns
26 12 1896NelsonPICKARD23BachelorNottingsleyBlackSmithPhillip Pickard, deceased WeaverElizabethCRANAGE19Spinster75 Wortley RoadEdward Cranage, a Cupola TenterJohn William Claftow; Frances SaulBy Banns
26 12 1896JohnSTOKES41Widower28 Herbert StreetAxle TurnerJohn Stokes, deceased Gun FilerHarriet SarahWAKEFIELD33Widow28 Herbert StreetJohn Wright, a SchoolMasterJames Frederick Hoole; Edith StokesBy Banns
28 12 1896Charles HenryPEGG26Bachelor30 Holmes LaneSteel MakerJoseph Pegg, deceased Steel MakerFrances LouisaRULE27Spinster30 Holmes LaneJames Rule, a BlackSmithJohn William Cox; Emma LyonsBy Banns
28 12 1896Thomas RichardCOPLEY28Bachelor12 Pembroke StreetGreen GrocerWilliam Copley, a FitterAnnie RhodesHEPWORTH31Spinster50 Harrison StreetWilliam Hepworth, a RollerWilliam Hepworth; Betsey CopleyBy Banns
30 12 1896John JosephSHILLITTO27BachelorHenley Street, Henley GroveBrass FinisherSamuel Shillitto, a Wagon InspectorEmilyWILKINSON23SpinsterSarah StreetWilliam Wilkinson, a Railway InspectorWilliam Wilkinson; Lizzie WilkinsonBy Banns
19 01 1897SamHOLMES26Bachelor152 Peter StreetHammer ManGeorge Holmes, a Hammer ManAdaBURTON24Spinster149 Church StreetCharles Burton, a Farm LabourerCharles Burton; Florence Emily BurtonBy Banns
31 01 1897WilliamWILSON22Bachelor17 Holmes LaneCollierEdward Wilson, a Forge ManSelinaDRURY20Spinster7 West Gate, RotherhamJames Drury, a Coke DrawerSamuel Bisby Stables; Annie WilsonBy Banns
03 02 1897EdgarUTTLEY28Bachelor87 Low Lane, BradgateMoulderJoseph Uttley, a BoilerMakerFrancesWATSON22SpinsterEffingham Arms, BradgateWilliam Watson, a Farmer & CarterRowland Watson; Alice UttleyBy Banns
07 02 1897WilliamFROST30Bachelor4 Tummon StreetPlateLayerWilliam Frost, a PlateLayerAnn SophiaCASTERTON19Spinster4 Tummon StreetWilliam Casterton, a StrikerWilliam Casterton; Eliza CastertonBy Banns
08 02 1897Albert EdwardEARNSHAW21Bachelor6 Devonshire StreetMoulderArthur Earnshaw, a ForemanAgnes MaudSHAW20Spinster6 Devonshire StreetJames Shaw, a CoachmanWilliam Ernest Watson; Betsy Alice JennisonBy Banns
10 02 1897John FrancisJOHNSON23Bachelor116 Blackburn, WincobankLabourerCornelius Johnson, a LabourerFannyCLARK20Spinster16 HilltopWilliam Clark, a LabourerFrank Clark; Amelia Frances JohnsonBy Banns
15 02 1897FrederickHAGGER25Bachelor15 Victoria Street, MasbroughWagon RepairerJohn Hagger, a WarehouseManLilySPENCER25Spinster18 Joiner Street, KimberworthBenjamin Spencer, a CarterBenjamin Spencer; Julia KirkbyBy Banns
20 02 1897JohnBAINES21Bachelor41 Midland RoadForge ManCharles Baines, a Forge ManElizaBRUNT25Spinster5 House, 1 Court, Clough RoadNathaniel Brunt, a Glass BlowerSam Williams; Louise WilliamsBy Banns
28 02 1897AlfredSEDDON25Bachelor37 Henley StreetEngine DriverAmos Seddon, a LabourerFlorenceGREEN22Spinster45 Henley Grove RoadHenry Green, a CollierWalter Damms; Edith GreenBy Banns
07 03 1897JamesCLARK22Bachelor42 Herbert StreetCollierGeorge Clark, a CollierMarySPITTLEHOUSE17Spinster42 Herbert StreetJohn Spittlehouse, a Farm LabourerEnoch Clark; Elizabeth BisbyBy Banns
08 03 1897DavidJENKINS42Widower33 Sarah StreetForemanHopkin Jenkins, a CollierMary AnnBOOTH32Widow33 Sarah StreetThomas Leedell, a JoinerHarry Leedell; Fanny LeighBy Banns
08 03 1897JohnLATTIMER34WidowerNew Road, Loxley, WadsleyGardenerJohn Lattimer, a GardenerMarySPENCER28Spinster18 Joiner StreetBenjamin Spencer, a CarterBenjamin Spencer; Julia KirkbyBy Banns
19 04 1897GeorgeKEMPSHAW21Bachelor69 Rutland StreetCarterJohn Kempshaw, a CarterAdaBARRACLOUGH19Spinster69 Rutland StreetWilliam Arthur Barraclough, a CarterAlbert Duke; Edith CarrBy Banns
19 04 1897Albert EdwardBUXTON24BachelorWilton LaneDraperJoseph Buxton, a GrocerClaraDARRINGTON25Spinster113 Meadow Hall RoadJames Darrington, a BanksmanDavid Darrington; Minnie DarringtonBy Banns
19 04 1897James AllenGREENFIELD27Bachelor41 Henley StreetDrillerWilliam Greenfield, a BlackSmithEmilyROEBUCK20Spinster41 Henley StreetWilliam Roebuck, a SextonWilliam Henry Roebuck; Mary RoebuckBy Banns
20 04 1897Campbell ClaudeHARRISON23BachelorHalesowen, BirminghamForemanCampbell Grove Harrison, a ManagerGertrude SusanABSON20SpinsterFern Bank, KimberworthCharles Abson, a Commercial TravellerCharles Abson; Mabelle AbsonBy Banns
24 05 1897ErnestSIMMONS22Bachelor60 Rutland StreetSteel WorkerWilliam Simmons, a MoulderEdithLENG19Spinster18 Wing StreetTom Leng, a Turner & FitterWilliam Simmons; Charlotte LengBy Banns
31 05 1897Robert JohnLENG44Bachelor240 Psalter LaneTurnerRobert Leng, a LabourerKatherineULLRICH22Spinster48 Harrison StreetJacob Ullrich, a LabourerWilliam Kay; Elizabeth UllrichBy Banns
31 05 1897ThomasWILDON33Widower127 Psalter LaneSteel Worker Esther EllenTOFT30SpinsterHolmes Villa, HolmesJames Toft, a PotterWilliam Cobb Simpson; Lily CatchpoleBy Banns
06 06 1897EthelbertHARRISON21Bachelor6 Cross StreetLabourerCharles Harrison, deceased LabourerSarah JaneHUBBARD21Spinster56 Edward StreetDaniel Hubbard, deceased LabourerGeorge Hubbard; Martha RoebuckBy Banns
06 06 1897GeorgeCUTTS23Bachelor85 Psalter LaneSalesmanHerbert Cutts, a LabourerEllenLIVERSIDGE22Spinster94 James Street, MasbroughCharles Liversidge, a CarterCharles Liversidge; Ada CuttsBy Banns
07 06 1897WalterDOLPHIN25Bachelor1 Wilton GardensLabourerJohn Dolphin, deceased LabourerMary EllenRODDINSON23Spinster1 Wilton Gardens, KimberworthBenjamin Roddinson, a LabourerHarry Roddinson; Ada RoddinsonBy Banns
07 06 1897Arthur EdwardCOUSINS23Bachelor61 Charles Street, MasbroughMiner HannahREED23Spinster28 Psalter LaneEdwin Reed, a CollierFred Hebdon; Sarah Jane CousinsBy Banns
09 06 1897Harry HiggottHOLLAND27Bachelor75 Wilton LaneBrewers TravellerWalter Holland, deceased Chemist & DruggistEdith Elizabeth TeresaSKIPP24Spinster192 Ferham RoadSamuel Skipp, a Brass CasterWilliam Henry Darby; Laura Adeline HalesBy Banns
09 06 1897ArthurGREEN24BachelorWolverhamptonPolicemanHenry Green, a MoulderEthel AnnieBLAKEMORE25Spinster11 Cross Street, KimberworthWilliam Blakemore, a ButcherAlbert Green; Edith Annie KnowlesBy Banns
09 06 1897HerbertHUNT23Bachelor135 Psalter LaneMilk DealerHerbert Hunt, a MachinistMary HannahHARPER19Spinster135 Psalter LaneTom Harper, a Boot RepairerJames Clark; Lydia HarperBy Banns
14 06 1897CharlesMEAKIN26Bachelor80 Regent StreetButcherThomas Meakin, a JoinerAliceMORLEY21Spinster13 Albert Street, MasbroughThomas Morley, a Stone MasonFrank Morley; Annie MeakinBy Banns
21 06 1897Frederick ClaytonHACKNEY22Bachelor55 Fox StreetLabourerJoseph Hackney, a ShepherdFlorenceHARTLAND19Spinster55 Fox StreetJohn Hartland, a CordwainerEzra Hartland; Eliza HartlandBy Banns
22 06 1897ArthurBENT24Bachelor34 Regent StreetIron WorkerEdward Bent, a FitterMartha AliceMILNES22Spinster69 Regent StreetBenjamin Milnes, a ManagerJohn Thomas Wright; Ada BentBy Banns
23 06 1897George RobertDUCKER25Bachelor41 Meadow Hall LaneMinerRobert John Ducker, a MinerFlorence HannahHOMER22Spinster16 Herbert StreetJoseph Homer, a RollerWilliam Henry Orriss; Sarah HomerBy Banns
05 07 1897George OscarHEPPENSTALL23BachelorPsalter LaneTube WorkerWilliam Heppenstall, deceased ButcherMarthaWINSOR19Spinster8 Pitt StreetCharles Winsor, deceased PotterSamuel William Bywater; Emma HeppenstallBy Banns
06 07 1897John James HandleySTREET26Bachelor83 Spooner StreetClerkJames Handley George Street, a LabourerElsie SusanHOPKINS21SpinsterRound House, KimberworthJames Hopkins, a SignalmanLeonard W W Hopkins; Ann A G UnderwoodBy Banns
08 07 1897GeorgeBALL28Bachelor24 Joiner StreetDraymanDaniel Ball, a CarterJuliaKIRKBY25Spinster18 Joiner StreetJohn Charles Kirkby, a CarpenterThomas Jolly; Annie Rosamond NeatbyBy Banns
12 07 1897Arthur WilliamGOUGH25Bachelor25 Oates Street, Henley GrovePork ButcherHenry Gough, a MinerMinnieNAYLOR28Spinster30 Hall Street, ParkgateJames Naylor, deceased Ball Furnace ManCharles Herbert Spencer; Jane Elizabeth GoughBy Banns
14 07 1897HerbertPEACE24Bachelor17 Mary Street, MasbroughBarmanJohn Peace, a PublicanSarah FlorenceNOBLE23Spinster127 Midland RoadGeorge Noble, a Signal FitterThomas Jolly; Sarah Ann JollyBy Banns
25 07 1897Albert EdwardGYFORD27BachelorPort Sunlight, New Ferry, BirkenheadBakerCharles Gyford, a FitterHannahLLOYD23Spinster72 Wilton GardensJames Lloyd, a LabourerCharles Edwin Lloyd; Sarah Elizabeth WhattonBy Banns
02 08 1897CharlesTURNER25Bachelor5 Henley Grove RoadFurnace ManWilliam Turner, a LabourerClaraHOBSON19Spinster41 Wortley RoadIsrael Hobson, deceased LabourerThomas Hobson; Mary HobsonBy Banns
19 08 1897FrankCLARKE23Bachelor16 Hilltop, KimberworthCoke DrawerWilliam Clarke, a LabourerMarthaTAYLOR20Spinster82 Cliffe View, BlackburnRobert Taylor, a LabourerWilliam Taylor; Sarah TaylorBy Banns
27 08 1897James HenryTINSLEY37Widower9 High Street, BradgateLabourerCharles Tinsley, a ShoeMakerRuthTAYLOR30Spinster9 High Street, BradgateGeorge Taylor, a LabourerThomas Taylor; Agnes Jane DraytonBy Banns
29 08 1897ThomasPORTER24Bachelor37 Wilton GardensShinglerThomas Porter, a Furnace ManLilyHARTLEY25Spinster29 Union StreetIsrael Hartley, a LabourerIsrael Hartley; Lizzie BellBy Banns
29 08 1897JosephHALL22Bachelor28 Oates StreetMinerWilliam Hall, a MinerFloraWATFORD21Spinster26 Oates StreetJames Watford, a PlateLayerJames William Watford; Emily PikeBy Banns
02 09 1897GeorgeSMITH24BachelorPark Street, Henley GroveDrayman AliceYOUNGMAN30SpinsterNew Wortley, LeedsGeorge Youngman, a Tile MakerThomas Jolly; Annie RobertsBy Banns
04 09 1897HarryJACKSON27Bachelor50 Blanshard Street, ManchesterCarriage BuilderGeorge Jackson, a MoulderClaraMELL22Spinster5 Duke Street, KimberworthGeorge Hall, a BlackSmithGeorge William Rushton; Agnes MellBy Banns
06 09 1897FredSHAW21Bachelor51 Wilton GardensBrass CasterWilliam Shaw, a GrinderAnnieMERRICK19Spinster51 Wilton GardensThomas Merrick, a LabourerGeorge Merrick; Selina ThomsonBy Banns
09 09 1897RobertEASTWOOD21Bachelor48 Harrison StreetFish DealerGeorge Alladin Eastwood, a Fish DealerElizabethULLRICH20Spinster48 Harrison StreetJacob Ullrich, a Pork ButcherDavid Henry Dawson; Catherine Gregg CrosbyBy Banns
09 09 1897ElijahSHERWOOD27Bachelor28 Chapel Walk, MasbroughDraymanWilliam Sherwood, a DraymanMary EllenCLARK20Spinster61 Kimberworth RoadIsaac Clark, a MinerJane Brown; William OliverBy Banns
12 09 1897HenryLEEDELL28Bachelor42 Harrison StreetPuddlerWilliam Lee, a PuddlerLouisaCARDWELL25Spinster42 Harrison StreetJames Cardwell, deceased Stove Grate FitterSamuel Walker; Mary Ann WalkerBy Banns
15 09 1897William ErnestWRIGHT20Bachelor186 Ferham StreetMoulderJames Wright, a SignalmanElizaFRANCE21SpinsterKimberworth Park Road, BradgateJoseph France, a CollierJoseph France; Annie FranceBy Banns
18 09 1897PercyARNELL22Bachelor2 Clara StreetBlackSmithEdward Arnell, a GentlemanMaud MaryHINCHCLIFFE Spinster2 Clara StreetEdward Hinchcliffe, a SolicitorGeorge Worrall; Sarah Lizzie LintonBy Banns
23 09 1897FrankOGLEY25Bachelor16 Kimberworth RoadJoiner & BuilderGeorge Ogley, an Iron WorkerJanetABSON23SpinsterFairfield, Clough RoadGeorge Abson, a Stove Grate FitterSamuel Liversidge; Gertrude LiversidgeBy Banns
30 09 1897Frederick CharlesMACHIN25Bachelor21 Warncliffe Street, RotherhamCommercial ClerkThomas Machin, an Iron Monger ManagerEveline LydiaBOWER20Spinster81 Henley Street, KimberworthJames Bower, a MoulderHarry Bower; Clara Lilian MachinBy Banns
04 10 1897AbrahamWALTON22BachelorWoodstock BowerRollerEdgar Walton, a ShinglerEuniceLITCHFIELD19SpinsterHigh Street, BradgateJoseph Litchfield, a BlackSmithArthur Dransfield; Amelia Ann WaltonBy Banns
10 10 1897Ernest WilliamHEPPENSTALL25Bachelor158 Psalter LaneTube FinisherWilliam Heppenstall, deceased ButcherFlorence TurtonBARKER26Spinster37 Arthur Street, ThornhillWilliam Barker, a Yard ManagerWilliam Couldwell Ramsden; Fanny HeppentstallBy Banns
10 10 1897Francis JohnFLETCHER23Bachelor12 Back of Pottery Row, HolmesJoinerHenry George Fletcher, a Stone MasonFlorenceRIPLEY20Spinster12 Back of Pottery Row, HolmesCharles Ripley, a CollierGeorge Hinchcliffe; Agnes RipleyBy Banns
19 10 1897CharlesBARNES21Bachelor28 Brickfield RowMinerCharles Barnes, a Brick MakerMary EllenBROWN20Spinster20 Brickfield RowHenry Brown, a StrikerJohn Simpson; Agnes SimpsonBy Banns
28 10 1897Francis AugustusBARLOW22Bachelor6 Avondale RoadRailway ManJohn Barlow, a FarmerMatilda HonoraSUMMERTON28Spinster30 Oates StreetWilliam Sumerton, a LabourerAlfred Edward Barlow; Alice DysonBy Banns
07 11 1897BenjaminBARKER22Bachelor18 Psalter LaneCollierBenjamin Barker, a CollierHarrietJARVIS19Spinster25 Union StreetAlfred Jarvis, a LabourerFrederick Wildgoose; Fanny WildgooseBy Banns
07 11 1897ErnestMOXON21BachelorKimberworth RoadLabourerHenry Moxon, a CollierMarthaHEWITT19SpinsterPigeon Lane, RotherhamGeorge Hewitt, a Horse DealerFrederick Bates; Rose CookBy Banns
08 11 1897Thomas HenryFARRAR27Bachelor24 Harrison StreetPotterAbraham Farrar, a PotterEllenLIVERSIDGE27Spinster32 North Street, MasbroughWilliam Liversidge, a MoulderSam Liversidge; Mary Harriet LiversidgeBy Banns
20 11 1897WilliamDUCKMANTON24Bachelor82 Henley GroveEngine DriverWilliam Duckmanton, a MasonAliceTHOMPSON20SpinsterMount StreetWilliam Thompson, a CollierWilson Maude; Harriet DuckmantonBy Banns
27 11 1897GoldingBUNCLARK23Bachelor18 Ward StreetLabourerGeorge Bunclark, a LabourerHarrietHUMPHRIES21Spinster53 Ward StreetFrederick William Humphries, a LabourerJim Dobb; Thomas JollyBy Banns
14 12 1897AlexanderWALKER22BachelorWentworthCollierSamuel Walker, a CarterSarahLIVERSIDGE19Spinster62 Mount StreetRobert Liversidge, a ShinglerGeorge Eyre; Mary Ann AllenBy Banns
25 12 1897Frank CawthorneSAWYER29Bachelor27 Holmes LanePotterJoseph Sawyer, a PotterMary ElizabethSNOW21Spinster74 Wilton GardensWilliam Burgess Snow, a FiremanWilliam Burgess Snow; Annie SnowBy Banns
25 12 1897FrederickDRONFIELD28Bachelor73 Claremont StreetShunterJohn Dronfield, a CarterElizabethJOHNSON24SpinsterStation Road, DarfieldGeorge Johnson, a CollierAlfred Goodinson; Ada JohnsonBy Banns
25 12 1897Arthur WilliamWOOLHOUSE21Bachelor155 Psalter Lane, HolmesFurnace ManJeremiah Woolhouse, a Furnace ManEliza FrancesNIX23Spinster151 Psalter Lane, HolmesThomas Nix, a Coke BurnerThomas Nix; Mary Ellen NixBy Banns
25 12 1897JamesWATFORD21BachelorWilton GardensCollierJoseph Watford, a CollierMaudLEATHER19Spinster78 Bradgate LaneJohn Leather, a LabourerRoling Leather; Alice UttleyBy Banns
25 12 1897HarryROPER24Bachelor7 Duke StreetForge ManWilliam Roper, a Forge ManFlorence MaryUSHERWOOD22Spinster147 Kimberworth RoadSamuel Goodall Usherwood, a Yeast DealerSamuel Goodall Usherwood; Elizabeth RoperBy Banns
25 12 1897SamuelWOOD21BachelorThorpe HesleyMinerLuke Wood, a MinerElizaHERBERT23Spinster18 Meadow Hall Road, KimberworthGeorge Herbert, a CaretakerGeorge Herbert; Mary HerbertBy Banns
26 12 1897RobertLIVERSIDGE21BachelorHenley GroveIron WorkerRobert Liversidge, an Iron WorkerMarthaFOSTER20SpinsterCharles Street, MasbroughJacob Foster, a LabourerCharles Naylor; Mary Ann NorthBy Banns
27 12 1897HenryBUSH37BachelorClareborough, RetfordLabourerJoseph Bush, a LabourerElizabethSMITH30Spinster49 Pembroke StreetThomas Smith, a LabourerJohn Smith; Jane SmithBy Banns
27 12 1897JohnALLEN62Widower117 Kimberworth RoadGreen GrocerJames Allen, a CollierElizaKEMPSHAW50WidowBrickfield Row, HolmesJohn Greaves, a Farm BailiffCharles Ripley; Emily RipleyBy Banns
27 12 1897GeorgeARMESON21Bachelor31 Ferham Park AvenueRailway ServantWilliam Armeson, an Iron WorkerRuthWINDLE23Spinster31 Ferham Park AvenueArthur Windle, a MoulderJohn David Windle; Harriet WindleBy Banns
28 12 1897John WilliamHOLMES33Bachelor117 Park Street, KimberworthMinerGeorge Holmes, deceased Range FitterAnnieRODDIS33Spinster39 Fitzwilliam Street, SheffieldWilliam Roddis, a BlackSmithThomas Jolly; George ChappleBy Banns
10 01 1898Henry EdwardSCHOFIELD28Bachelor48 Shakespeare Road, RotherhamBrewerHenry Edward Schofield, a JewellerMyraRODDIS22Spinster119 Kimberworth RoadWilliam Roddis, an Engine TenterJohn Samuel Heasham; Minnie WilkinsonBy Banns
10 01 1898HerbertARGYLE23Bachelor3 Ordnance VillaPipe FitterJames Argyle, a CollierMaud ElizabethGEE23Spinster22 Upper Clara StreetHenry Gee, a CollierHenry Gee; Mabel FryBy Banns
22 01 1898William JohnKEAGH21BachelorEdgbasten, BirminghamSilver PlaterWilliam John Keagh, a Gentlemans ServantSarah AnnPOOLEY21Spinster35 Wilton Lane, KimberworthFrederick Pooley, a BlackSmithFrederick W Pooley; Emma PooleyBy Banns
29 01 1898WilliamCHATWIN21Bachelor23 Ellen StreetMinerHenry Chatwin, a MinerSusannahFIRTH20Spinster5 Regent StreetThomas Firth, a Steel WorkerGeorge Henry Chatwin; Bertha ChatwinBy Banns
30 01 1898GeorgeGIBBS21Bachelor147 Richmond ParkLabourerSamuel Gibbs, a Green GrocerAgnesSMITH25Spinster46 South StreetWilliam Smith, a LabourerEnoch Gibbs; Hannah SmithBy Banns
31 01 1898Robert HenryDRANSFIELD21Bachelor101 James Street, MasbroughBath MoulderJoseph Dransfield, a Bath MoulderLucySHAW23Spinster6 Devonshire StreetJames Shaw, a CoachmanVincent Milnes; Florrie EarnshawBy Banns
22 02 1898MarkCOLLUMBINE33Bachelor67 Wortley RoadLabourerMark Collumbine, a Carpet WeaverJane ElizabethBUXTON21Spinster49 Ellen StreetEdward Buxton, a CollierJohn Thomas Buxton; Lisetta RowlinsonBy Banns
24 02 1898Ernest Alfred HamiltonROBSHAW27BachelorSherburn, LeedsGrocerRobert Robshaw, a Farmer, Grocer & PostmasterMinnie EdithWRIGHT24Spinster28 South StreetWilliam Wright, a Plumber & Glazier By Banns
26 02 1898JohnRAW24Bachelor46 Oates StreetLabourerAdelison Raw, a LabourerAnnieBUFTON26Spinster46 Oates StreetWilliam Bufton, a Pattern MakerTom Waring; Margaret E AllenBy Banns
13 03 1898John GeorgeWATFORD20Bachelor48 Kimberworth Park RoadCollierJoseph Watford, a CollierMaud MaryMILTON19Spinster38 Kimberworth Park RoadJohn Milton, a Rope MenderWilliam Milton; Beatrice KingstonBy Banns
27 03 1898AlbertCARDWELL21Bachelor28 Richmond ParkMoulderJames Cardwell, a Stove & Grate FitterFlorenceTIMMISS17Spinster28 Richmond ParkJabez Timmiss, a Glutter?Thomas Timmiss; Ellen WalkerBy Banns
05 04 1898HenrySHORE30Bachelor19 Greaves RoadMasonIsaac Shore, a MasonHarrietVERNON20Spinster48 Henley Grove RoadFrank Vernon, a LabourerArthur Shore; Ada ShoreBy Banns
09 04 1898AlfredCORKER24Bachelor60 Clough RoadStove Grate FitterGeorge Corker, a MoulderEdith CharlotteBAGNALL22Spinster6 Kimberworth RoadAlfred Bagnall, a Licensed VictuallerFred Corker; Amy Maria RenshawBy Banns
10 04 1898George HenryCOOPER22Bachelor117 Psalter LaneHammer DriverPeter Cooper, a CollierRebeccaPADDOCK22Spinster17 Wilton LaneJohn Paddock, a Furnace ManJames Hall; Louisa CooperBy Banns
11 04 1898John WilliamCROOKS30Bachelor35 Vine Street, MasbroughPainter LillieGRINDLE19Spinster91 Kimberworth RoadGeorge Grindle, a LabourerAlbert Turner; Florence GrindleBy Banns
11 04 1898AlfredPICKERING30WidowerHilltop, KimberworthFarm LabourerHenry Pickering, a Farm LabourerMatilda EmilyASHMORE26SpinsterHilltop, KimberworthJohn Ashmore, a Pot MakerJohn Thomas Ashmore; Agnes PickeringBy Banns
11 04 1898GeorgeGILLAM27BachelorHenley Grove RoadFurnace ManJonathan Gillam, a ForemanAda FrancesGAFFNEY19Spinster24 Mount Pleasant StreetEdward GaffneyEdward Gaffney; Martha GillamBy Banns
11 04 1898RolingLEATHER21Bachelor87 Low Lane, BradgateCollierJohn Leather, a MinerAliceUTTLEY20Spinster87 Low Lane, BradgateJoseph Uttley, a BoilerMakerJames Watford; Mary UttleyBy Banns
12 04 1898GeorgeWARDEN23BachelorEast Retford, NTTDecorator Rachel MarySEGROVE22Spinster11 Wortley RoadDavis Segrove, a LabourerAlfred Joseph Voult; Alice Jane HayesBy Banns
12 04 1898ThomasCOUPE30Bachelor414 Dropping WellMoulderWilliam Coupe, a SawyerEllenFOWLER31Spinster414 Dropping WellOliver Fowler, a MinerAlfred Ward; Charlotte GregoryBy Banns
25 04 1898Charles HenryGUEST23Bachelor134 Psalter LaneWheel TurnerThomas Guest, a Butcher & FarmerAnnieMATTHEWMAN27Spinster147 Midland RoadCharles Matthewman, an Iron MoulderJohn Gillies Reid; Kate HicktonBy Banns
14 05 1898CharlesTHOMPSON23Bachelor78 Mount StreetPork ButcherWilliam Thompson, a LabourerHannahBIRCH21Spinster98 Regent StreetJohn Edward Birch, a WheelWrightThomas Jolly; Isaac JollyBy Banns
18 05 1898JohnWILKINSON43BachelorAvondale RoadIron WorkerWilliam Wilkinson, a ButcherSarahGARNETT40Spinster3 Low Fold, Clough RoadEdward Garnett, a LabourerThomas Jolly; Rose GarnettBy Banns
21 05 1898AlfredHOWARD28Bachelor23 Bradgate RoadLabourerEli Howard, a LabourerLouisaSTRAW24Spinster49 Wortley RoadWilliam Straw, a LabourerWalter John Straw; Martha RoebuckBy Banns
28 05 1898FredMITCHELL27Bachelor27 High Street, BradgateCollierHenry Mitchell, a CollierAnnieMARTIN29Spinster27 High Street, BradgateJoseph Martin, a GroomJoseph Martin; Minnie BissakerBy Banns
29 05 1898Thomas EdwardTIMMISS24Bachelor28 Richmond ParkStrikerJabez Timmiss, a Glutter?MariaHAIGN26Spinster24 Regent Street Albert Cardwell; Catharine Adelaide JayBy Banns
29 05 1898WilliamALLEN21Bachelor59 Kimberworth RoadSlaterThomas Allen, a BrickLayerAnnieSENIOR18Spinster59 Kimberworth RoadFred Senior, a MoulderWillie Woodcock; Alice SeniorBy Banns
30 05 1898WilliamMILTON22Bachelor38 Kimberworth Park RoadCollierJohn Milton, a CollierBeatriceKINGSTON18Spinster19 Bradgate George Kingston; Marian Mitchell HattersleyBy Banns
30 05 1898ThomasWRIGHT27Bachelor312 Earnshaw Street, SheffieldFiremanHenry Wright, a LabourerEmilyJARVIS21Spinster11 Holmes Lane, KimberworthFred Jarvis, a LabourerCouncellor F Morley; Sarah Ann WrightBy Banns
30 05 1898John WilliamWARBURTON21BachelorWilton GardensTrammerGeorge Warburton, a BarberEllen JaneTRUEMAN18Spinster1 Wilton Gardens, KimberworthSamuel Trueman, a CollierGeorge William Keeling; Annie HoganBy Banns
30 05 1898WilliamMATTHEWMAN21Bachelor17 Foundry StreetBath PackerArthur Matthewman, a MoulderMary HarrietJONES20Spinster15 Foundry StreetJohn Jones, deceased CollierWilliam Reed; Eleanor MatthewmanBy Banns
31 05 1898John HenryDUNN23Bachelor45 Psalter LaneCollierIshmael Dunn, a CollierMarthaBAKER22Spinster1 Psalter LaneThomas Baker, a PrinterJoseph Myatt; Mary Elizabeth FarrarBy Banns
31 05 1898James WilliamREDBORN29Bachelor10 Henley StreetLabourerHenry Redborn, a LabourerBarbaraGRINELL29Spinster90 Regent StreetWilliam Grinell, an EngineerWilliam Neatby; Annie Esther WallisBy Banns
01 06 1898HarryHARRISON25BachelorRose Hill ViewSteel WorkerEdwin Harrison, a Stove Grate FitterEmilyEDWARDS23SpinsterRegent Street, KimberworthJohn Henry Edwards, a PotterTom William Saul; Florence Maud Edwards; Matthew PortmanBy Banns
05 06 1898George WilliamABBOTT24Bachelor6 Cross StreetBlackSmithGeorge Abbott, a SawyerMary AnnTHOMPSON19Spinster32 Wilton LaneArthur Thompson, a Wagon RepairerWalter George Harrison; Flory ThompsonBy Banns
09 06 1898George WilliamAPPLEBY23Bachelor53 Regent Street, KimberworthClerkCharles William Appleby, a Grocers ManagerAliceFIELDSEND23SpinsterAbbydale, SheffieldMartin Fieldsend, a MinerGeorge Harry Fieldsend; Susan Cotterell; Francis Henry SedgleyBy Banns
26 06 1898Stephen GeorgeWATFORD20Bachelor46 Kimberworth Park RoadCollierJoseph Watford, a CollierGertrude BevanHUGHES20Spinster46 Kimberworth Park Road John George Watford; Maud Mary MiltonBy Banns
03 07 1898AmosCROWDER54WidowerCollege Road, MasbroughBrickLayerJames Crowder, a FarmerElizabethLIVERSIDGE58Widow32 Bradgate Lane, KimberworthWilliam Cobb, a Farm LabourerThomas Jolly; Susan CotterellBy Licence
04 07 1898RobertABRED23Bachelor1 Stratford Grove, Birdwell, TankersleyShunterJames Albred, a LabourerElizabeth AnnSMITH20Spinster43 Henley Grove Road, KimberworthWilliam Smith, a Forge ManRobert Thomas Smith; Eliza SquiresBy Banns
05 07 1898John WadeBOHAN23BachelorThrybergFarm LabourerMichael Bohan, a FarmerJaneRODWELL18Spinster64 Kimberworth RoadThomas Rodwell, a CollierJohn Thomas Rodwell; Rachel Ellen BohanBy Banns
09 07 1898JamesSLATER21Bachelor11 Central Road, MasbroughClerkThomas Slater, a PorterHelena FredericaROBERTS22Spinster28 Mount Pleasant Road, KimberworthFrederick James Roberts, a Hammer ManFrederick James Roberts; Clarice Amelia RobertsBy Banns
09 07 1898GeorgeRODDIS30Bachelor1 Ellen StreetCold Steel DrawerGeorge Roddis, deceased MasonAliceWALLER22Spinster26 Mount StreetThomas Wall, a CollierAlfred Roddis; Mary WallBy Banns
11 07 1898WilliamGREGORY22Bachelor11 Midland RoadSpring MakerJoseph Gregory, a Spring MakerFrances MaryLOUND22Spinster6 Midland RoadJoe Lound, an Iron WorkerGeorge Percy Lound; Fanny GregoryBy Banns
31 07 1898JohnWHELDON21Bachelor1 Engine Row, HolmesSteel WorkerJack Weldon, a MoulderLilyGOOD19Spinster5 Garrowtree, HolmesJames Good, deceased MinerWilliam Woolley; Florrie GoodeBy Banns
01 08 1898Albert GeorgeCHEETHAM20Bachelor35 Main Street, RawmarshMinerSamuel Cheetham, a MinerEmilyWATTS20SpinsterWilliam Watts, a WhiteSmithWilliam Watts; Edith Maria Watts By Banns
07 08 1898HezekiahVENABLES29Bachelor18 Pitt Street, HolmesStrikerRobert Venables, a BlackSmithElizaFOWLER21Spinster15 Wing StreetCharles Fowler, a PublicanWilliam Arthur Fowler; Emma FowlerBy Banns
20 08 1898HenryHALLAS49Widower33 Wortley RoadMinerBenjamin Hallas, a LabourerAmeliaNUNN40Widow33 Wortley RoadThomas Ibbert, an Insurance AgentFrank Oxley; Alice OxleyBy Banns
22 08 1898AlfredBENNETT22BachelorPeas Hill Lane, RawmarshCollierWilliam Bennett, a CollierEmilyELLIS23Spinster107 Lockwood Row, KimberworthJob Ellis, a LabourerJohn Ellis; Easter BeaumontBy Banns
06 09 1898George AlfredBROWNING26Bachelor69 Pitt Street, HolmesWagon BuilderGeorge Browning, a CarpenterKate CarolineTAYLOR22SpinsterPembroke Street, HolmesThomas James Taylor, a Tube CutterThomas Ellison; Louisa Harriet TaylorBy Banns
25 09 1898George HenryOPENSHAW20Bachelor22 Edward StreetFurnace ManThomas Openshaw, an Engine ManLouisaBROOKS20Spinster4 Henley Grove RoadJohn Brooks, a BrickLayerFred Cookson; Alice BrooksBy Banns
03 10 1898Horace ArthurNEAL24BachelorLEIEngineerJoseph Neal, a TailorEdith JaneJAMES25Spinster13 Ward Street, KimberworthGeorge James, a MinerGeorge Cormack; Mary Ann JamesBy Banns
10 10 1898Matthew GeorgeHOPEWELL25Bachelor46 Claremont StreetWallerMatthew Hopewell, a CoachmanAnnie ElizabethHEDGE22Spinster46 Claremont StreetJohn Hedge, a Wagon RepairerGeorge Frederick Hedge; Florence HedgeBy Banns
15 10 1898WalterBINGHAM21Bachelor7 Wing StreetFurnace ManGeorge Bingham, a Furnace ManLizzie AnnieWILLETTS21Spinster4 Joiner StreetThomas Willetts, a Night WatchmanThomas Willetts; Mary Elizabeth FarrerBy Banns
17 10 1898Richard JamesBUNCLARK23Bachelor13 Stone Row, BradgateCollierGeorge Bunclark, a LabourerAnnie AliceBROOKES23Spinster4 Henley Grove RoadJohn Brookes, a BrickLayerFred Cookson; Louisa OpenshawBy Banns
24 10 1898ArthurSPEED25Bachelor13 King Street, MasbroughIron TurnerJohn Speed, an Iron TurnerFrancesBUTCKER23Spinster4 Robinsons Row, KimberworthJohn Butcher, a WheelWrightWilliam Speed; Flora ButcherBy Banns
27 10 1898HenrySANDERSON23Bachelor10 Clement StreetBlackSmithGeorge Sanderson, a BlackSmithFlorenceDUKE24Spinster49 Meadow Hall RoadJohn Duke, a Coke BurnerJohn Duke; Eliza S NeilBy Banns
30 10 1898HarryRUSSELL21Bachelor35 Midland RoadPuddlerJames Russell, a PuddlerEmily ElizabethSKIDMORE19Spinster52 Wortley RoadAbel Skidmore, a PuddlerAbel Skidmore; Ellen BagnallBy Banns
31 10 1898Matthew RobsonHETHERINGTON26Bachelor36 Kimberworth RoadShunterMatthew Hetherington, deceased FarmerSarah Ann HodgsonLOUDEN27SpinsterHoyland NetherJ Louden, a Stone MasonGeorge David Clinton; Mary Jane AsberyBy Banns
07 11 1898FrederickHARTSHORN42Widower50 Foundry StreetMechanicJohn Hartshorn, a GentlemanAnn RuthFLIGG45Widow53 Wortley RoadReuben Otterwell, a MechanicWilliam Smith; Mary RobertsBy Banns
13 11 1898James ThomasKIRK26Bachelor2 Garrowtree RoadLabourerJames Kirk, a Turner & FitterElizabethTURNER23Spinster128 Psalter LaneJohn Turner, a Spring MakerJohn Broome; Rosey HallBy Banns
15 11 1898William LeddellHINCHCLIFFE32Widower21 Sarah StreetHouse DecoratorNathan Hinchcliffe, a CompositorLilly ElizabethSUFFELL20Spinster15 Sarah StreetHenry Suffell, a Signal InspectorHenry Suffell; Lucy SuffellBy Banns
20 11 1898WilliamWOODWARD22Bachelor68 Henley StreetLabourerGeorge Woodward, deceased LabourerSarah EatonMILNES28Spinster61 Henley StreetJoe Milnes, a TimeKeeperJoe Milnes; Alice WoodwardBy Banns
21 11 1898ArthurHEWITT25Bachelor281 Wortley RoadMinerJohn Hewitt, a MinerAnchoraROOKS24SpinsterWortley RoadTom Rooks, a MinerHarry Rooks; Jane Ormesher PrescottBy Banns
04 12 1898ArthurHATFIELD23BachelorDropping WellCollierJames Hatfield, a CollierMaryJENKINSON18SpinsterDropping Well, KimberworthJohn Jenkinson, a CollierFrederick Gilbert; Lilly JenkinsonBy Banns
05 12 1898BenjaminDOWE31BachelorShirebrookMinerWilliam Dowe, a LabourerAnnieEYRE30SpinsterNew KimberworthThomas Eyre, a LabourerJohn Eyre; Edith EyreBy Banns
14 12 1898John TomHILL37BachelorPsalter LaneMillWrightIsaac Hill, a Sheet RollerMary EllenUTTLEY26SpinsterBradgateJoseph Uttley, a Boiler Welder By Banns
15 12 1898William ErnestHAYES22Bachelor33 Walter Street, MasbroughClerkDavid Haynes, a GlazierMary AnnBUXTON20Spinster53 Wilton Lane, KimberworthJoseph Buxton, a GrocerJoseph Buxton; Florrie BuxtonBy Banns
18 12 1898WilliamWARD24Bachelor16 Pitt StreetStrikerSamuel Ward, a MaltsterMary EllenSECKER26Spinster9 Hall Street, WednesburyGeorge Isaac Secker, a BlackSmithCornelius Brookes; Catherine Adelaide JayBy Banns
24 12 1898RowlandFISHWICK22Bachelor6 North Greaves RoadForge ManRowland Fishwick, a Forge ManSarah AnnSUTTON24Spinster136 Park StreetGeorge Hugh Sutton, a LabourerJoseph Fishwick; Amy SuttonBy Banns
24 12 1898PeterIBBERTSON24Bachelor55 Pembroke StreetWagon BuilderThomas Ibbertson, a Wagon BuilderElizabethRICHARDSON21Spinster2 Park Street, Brandon, DURWilliam Richardson, a LampmanJoseph Johnson; Virginia IbbertsonBy Banns
25 12 1898GeorgeGREEN25Bachelor2 Lower Clara StreetCollierFrederick Green, a LabourerElizaCOOPER18Spinster117 Psalter LanePeter Cooper, a CollierJames Darby; Amelia KentBy Banns
25 12 1898GeorgeREED21Bachelor3 Holmes LaneCold Steel RollerRalph Reed, a CarterElizabethSTEEL19Spinster34 Edward StreetGeorge Steel, a MinerEdward Lawson; Ann SteelBy Banns
26 12 1898William HenryHARRIS23Bachelor29 Garden StreetInsurance AgentRichard Henry Harris, a FiremanAliceSTAINROD20Spinster110 Henley StreetGeorge Stainrod, deceased MinerWalter Foster; Emma StainrodBy Banns
26 12 1898WilliamHEMPSTOCK23BachelorBalby, DoncasterCarriage BuilderGeorge Hempstock, a StrikerMargaretNOWELL21Spinster214 Kimberworth RoadHarry Nowell, a PhotographerJoseph Hetherington; Jessie Nowell; Sidney NowellBy Banns
26 12 1898TomSMITH21Bachelor46 South StreetPainterWilliam Smith, a LabourerMaryROEBUCK20SpinsterCemetery HouseWilliam Henry Roebuck, a SextonJames Allen Greenfield; Martha RoebuckBy Banns
26 12 1898George HenryBLUER23Bachelor35 Midland RoadMoulderJohn Charles Bluer, an Iron WorkerMary AnnRUSSELL23Spinster7 Garden StreetJames Russell, an Iron WorkerJames William Russell; Mary Ann WarrenBy Banns
26 12 1898George FrederickHEDGE21Bachelor46 Claremont StreetStrikerJohn Hedge, a Wagon BuilderRachelGULLICK21Spinster51 Fox Street, KimberworthJosiah Gullick, a MinerThomas Gullick; Florence HedgeBy Banns
26 12 1898James HenryPOLLARD20BachelorPeters Yard, KimberworthMinerWilliam Pollard, a LabourerAdaRODDINSON19Spinster1 Wilton Gardens, KimberworthBenjamin Roddinson, a LabourerHarry Roddinson, Annie GurfordBy Banns
27 12 1898George HarryFIELDSEND25BachelorRichmond ParkMinerMartin Fieldsend, a MinerSusanCOTTERELL25SpinsterKimberworth RoadGeorge Cotterell, an Iron WorkerWilliam Hill; Elizabeth CotterellBy Banns
06 02 1899JosephBRUMBY18Bachelor17 Henley Grove RoadLabourerJoseph Brumby, a Farm LabourerKateSADDINGTON20Spinster17 Henley Grove RoadSamuel Saddington, a Farm LabourerJohn Ashwood; Sarah Annie GilyottBy Banns
20 02 1899William Henry MarshallNEAL26Bachelor53 Ellen StreetLabourerRichard Marshall Neal, a Furnace ManMariaMANDERSON27SpinsterEllen StreetWilliam Manderson, a GrocerJames Edward Manderson; Mary Ellen NealBy Banns
25 02 1899RobertPEEL26Bachelor57 Pembroke StreetLabourerRobert Peel, a PlumberMary JaneSMITH26Spinster57 Pembroke StreetThomas Smith, a Wagon BuilderWilliam John Hurst; Annie Elizabeth SmithBy Banns
01 03 1899William JamesWHEELCOCK24BachelorBroomsgrove, WORFarmerHenry Wheelcock, a ManufacturerFlorence JaneMEE25Spinster141 Kimberworth RoadWilliam Mee, a StationMasterThomas Wheelcock; Edith CarverBy Banns
09 03 1899Herbert HenryGUTTERIDGE24Bachelor51 Pembroke StreetIron TurnerJoseph Gutteridge, a ManagerAmelia MatildaPITTS21SpinsterDropping Well, KimberworthJames Thomas Pitts, a StokerThomas Gutteridge; Mary Jane BibbyBy Banns
12 03 1899CharlesOPENSHAW23Bachelor22 Edward StreetWheel RepairerThomas Openshaw, an Engine DriverEliza AnnHINCHCLIFFE22Spinster160 Psalter LaneGeorge Hinchcliffe, a FiremanFred Cookson; Emily RoddisBy Banns
13 03 1899Francis ClarenceCRITCHLEY27Bachelor154 Jenkin Road, BrightsideBlackSmithGeorge Henry Critchley, a BlackSmithLilyALLOTT24Spinster19 Henley Street, KimberworthArthur Allott, a BoilerMakerWilliam Critchley; Agnes AllottBy Banns
18 03 1899HerbertSMITH21Bachelor74 Henley StreetJoinerJohn Smith, a Spring ForgerMary AnnSMITH19Spinster74 Henley StreetSamuel Smith, a Forge ManSamuel Smith; William Iby Ayers; Lucy Smith; Louisa SmithBy Banns
20 03 1899Charles JohnSORSBY20BachelorWortley RoadIron WorkerJohn Sorsby, a Roll TurnerMinnie ElizabethBISSAKER20Spinster31 Bradgate RoadCharles Bissaker, a PainterHarry Sorsby; Winnie SorsbyBy Banns
26 03 1899HarryCOLLINGWOOD25Bachelor38 Bradgate LaneCanvasserHenry Collingwood, deceased Engine DriverRoseSLATER21Spinster13 Upper Clara StreetJames Slater, a CutlerEdwin Leng; Mary Ann DolphinBy Banns
02 04 1899GeorgeMILNER22Bachelor1 Edward Street, HolmesHammer ManJohn Milner, an EngineerBetsy AnnHILL19Spinster54 Edward Street, HolmesThomas Hill, a PainterJohn Patrick McGreevy; Eliza CareyBy Banns
03 04 1899RichardSTREET BachelorCatcliffe, RotherhamBanksmanGeorge Street, a Licensed VictuallerMariaATTENBOROUGH23Spinster19 Clara StreetWilliam Attenborough, a MinerFrederick James Friffett; Nellie HarrisonBy Banns
03 04 1899FredBAGNALL21Bachelor154 Park StreetIron Worker LillieSKIDMORE20SpinsterRotherhamEnoch Skidmore, an Iron WorkerHenry Barker; Ellen BarkerBy Banns
03 04 1899John FrederickKITCHING32BachelorHigh StreetSignalmanWilliam Kitching, an Engine TenterMary AnnHERBERT22Spinster8 Meadow Hall RoadThomas Herbert, a MinerWilliam Herbert; Harriet HolmesBy Banns
03 04 1899JosephWHEWAY21Bachelor30 Tummon StreetBricklayers LabourerCharles Wheway, a LabourerLucy MabelEAGLE20Spinster26 Victoria Street, MasbroughRobert Eagle, a MinerRobert Eagle; Annie Elizabeth TindallBy Banns
03 04 1899WilliamFROST25Bachelor23 Ferham StreetFurnace ManWilliam Frost, a LabourerEleanorSMITH24Spinster23 Ferham StreetCharles Smith, an Engine DriverJames William Wade; Beatrice FrostBy Banns
06 04 1899Albert ErnestREADING25Bachelor20 Pembroke StreetTilterJoseph Reading, deceased Hammer ManCharlotte Harriet EllenCHARLES26Spinster12 Oates StreetWilliam Charles, a Builder & ContractorWalter Reading; Ada Ellen CharlesBy Banns
08 04 1899AlbertABSON23BachelorFairfield, Clough RoadIron GlazerGeorge Abson, an Iron GlazerMabelMORRIS22SpinsterHolly Villa, KimberworthThomas Samuel Morris, an EngineerMaud Herbert; Mary HerbertBy Banns
07 05 1899William WillisWHYMAN24Bachelor150 Psalter LaneCollier SusannahWHEWAY20Spinster23 Union StreetWilliam Wheway, a BundlerGeorge Fletcher; Elizabeth MaxwellBy Banns
? 05 1899HarryJOHNSON24BachelorKimberworth RoadJoinerThomas Johnson, a JoinerElizabethCOTTERELL23SpinsterKimberworth RoadGeorge Cotterell, an Iron WorkerErnest Thompson; Annie BaileyBy Banns
21 05 1899HarrySHAW22Bachelor25 Ferham RoadWagon BuilderThomas Shaw, a ForemanGertrudeBOOTH18Spinster32 Wilton LaneHenry Booth, a Forge ManAlfred Booth; Annie JefferyBy Banns
22 05 1899George HenryJENKINSON23Bachelor30 Wilton GardensMinerHenry Jenkinson, deceased Nail MakerAdaTAYLOR33Widow30 Wilton GardensGeorge Walsh, a MinerHenry Broomhead; Mary BroomheadBy Banns
22 05 1899WilliamWORDSWORTH24Bachelor88 Henley GroveIron WorkerJohn Wordsworth, an Iron WorkerJemimaHICKMAN20Spinster45 Wilton GardensAndrew Hickman, a FiremanDaniel Wordsworth; Mary Ann HickmanBy Banns
23 05 1899CharlesRYLETT23Bachelor81 Meadow Hall RoadCollierAnthony Rylett, a CollierElizabethNAYLOR20Spinster74 Mount StreetEdwin Naylor, an Iron WorkerFrancis Engledow; Emily HallBy Banns
24 05 1899Francis WilliamFOWEATHER24Bachelor63 Kimberworth RoadIron WorkerFrank Foweather, a LabourerClaraSPOLLON22Spinster63 Kimberworth RoadJohn Spollor, an Iron WorkerHerbert Wagstaffe; Annie FoweatherBy Banns
25 06 1899ThomasKNOWLES22Bachelor26 Tummon StreetIron WorkerWilliam Knowles, a Steel WorkerSarah ElizaWARD21Spinster12 Wortley RoadFred Ward, a PuddlerThomas Henry Heys; Laura KnowlesBy Banns
26 06 1899James ArthurHITCHIN29BachelorWhistonBanksmanGeorge Hitchin, a ShoeMakerBetsy AnnCOPLEY25Spinster12 Pembroke Street, HolmesWilliam Copley, a FitterWilliam Copley; Sarah Ann CopleyBy Banns
03 07 1899Walter CharlesCROWDER32Bachelor107 Park StreetRollerAbraham Crowder, a ContractorElizabethPLANT32SpinsterHazel Mount, Kimberworth RoadEdward Plant, a WarehouseManJohn A Plant; Mary J MilnesBy Banns
03 07 1899WilliamBELL24Bachelor27 Union StreetLabourerAlfred Bell, a Forge ManEdith AnnEVISON21Spinster1 Midland RoadEdward Evison, a Coal AgentCharles Battersby; Elizabeth BellBy Banns
06 07 1899Thomas AlfredFROST23Bachelor220 Kimberworth RoadHammer DriverWilliam Frost, a Sheet RollerEliza MargaretCUTHBERT24Spinster220 Kimberworth RoadElijah Cuthbert, a Sheet RollerElijah Cuthbert; Beatrice FrostBy Banns
15 07 1899John MelvilleLEACH22Bachelor67 Meadow Hall RoadFitterGeorge Leach, an Iron TurnerAnnieSHEPHERD25Spinster67 Meadow Hall RoadJoseph Shepherd, a TurnerBenjamin Shepherd; Harriet ShepherdBy Banns
17 07 1899JohnWALKER20Bachelor14 Brickfield RowSteel WorkerJohn Walker, a Steel WorkerLilyIDDLES20Spinster18 Pembroke StreetFrederick Iddles, a Wagon InspectorJohn Walker; Ann Mary IddlesBy Banns
17 07 1899Arthur OsborneMILNES23Bachelor143 Wortley RoadBoilerMakerHenry Milnes, a ManagerMillicent JaneBREWITT21Spinster16 Wortley RoadJames Brewitt, deceased Axle DrawerAlbert Turner; Nellie MilnesBy Banns
18 07 1899JosephSLACK23Bachelor108 WindMill Hill, Dalziel, Motherwell, SCTWagon BuilderWilliam Slack, a Wagon BuilderAnn ElizabethALLEN21Spinster32 Oates Street, KimberworthAbsalom Allen, a BrickLayerAbsalom Allen; Julia Clasper AllenBy Banns
19 07 1899ThomasHAYNES26Bachelor3 Airble Street, Dalziel, Motherwell, SCTWagon BuilderJohn Haynes, an Engine FitterRose AdaSIBREY22Spinster18 Oates Street, KimberworthThomas Sibrey, a Furniture BrokerThomas Sibrey; Mary Ann HaynesBy Banns
31 07 1899John HenryGREEN22BachelorSheffield Road, Iccles, RotherhamBrass FinisherJoseph Green, a DraymanClaraHYDE24Spinster41 Henley Grove, KimberworthJohn Hyde, a BrickLayerSamuel Hyde; Mary HobsonBy Banns
05 08 1899FrederickRIDSEL43Widower84 Regent StreetBlackSmithJames Ridsel, a Glass BlowerRhodaWHEEN46WidowRegent Street, KimberworthWilliam Tell Flavell, a Brass FinisherJ E Flavell; Emily RidselBy Banns
07 08 1899John HenryDARBY21Bachelor3 Henley Grove RoadCollierHenry Darby, a MinerElizabethINGMAN21Spinster31 Ferham Park AvenueJohn Ingman, a CollierJohn David Windle; Rose WindleBy Banns
13 08 1899Thomas HenryHEYS23Bachelor10 Kimberworth RoadBarberNathan Heys, a BarberLauraKNOWLES20Spinster26 Tummon StreetWilliam Henry Knowles, a Stell RollerWillie Knowles; Ellen HeysBy Banns
15 08 1899WilliamNORBORN21Bachelor2 Claremont StreetPainterJoseph Norburn, a Coach BuilderClaraFOSTER19Spinster2 Claremont StreetDaniel Foster, a CarterGeorge William Foster; Edith Annie ToftBy Banns
21 08 1899WilliamFERRIDAY25Bachelor119 Midland RoadForge ManWilliam Ferriday, a BlackSmithAlice BarbaraELLIS21Spinster12 Wing StreetJohn Ellis, a Stone MasonWalter Webster; Mary Annie RoddisBy Banns
27 08 1899JohnDENTON46Widower70 Wilton GardensForge ManThoas Roxbury Denton, a Forge ManElizabethHARPER34WidowBack of 70 Wilton GardensHenry Foulstone, a File CutterDaniel Davies; Ellen DaviesBy Banns
30 08 1899ReginaldDEWAR31Bachelor40 Clough StreetCommercial ClerkDavid Dewar, a CarverAnnie LouisaCROWDER26SpinsterGarden House, Garden Lane, MasbroughThomas Crowder, a FarmerJames Crowder; Emma Eliza CrowderBy Banns
04 09 1899FredWILSON38BachelorBarberWoodCoachmanCharles Wilson, deceased Game KeeperLouisaHOLLINGWORTH28Spinster9 Molloy Terrafe, MeersbrookeHalboyne Arthur Hollingworth; Jaclinder Hollingworth By Licence
04 09 1899Bernard WilliamHILL25Bachelor26 Holmes LaneShunterMoses Maddocks Hill, a LabourerRhodaHOOLE24Spinster26 Holmes LaneWilliam Hoole, an Engine ManErnest Edward Hill; Blanche HooleBy Banns
10 09 1899Joseph WilliamSLACK25Bachelor21 Greaves RoadShunterJohn Thomas Slack, an Iron MoulderAnnie BlancheSMOUT25Spinster60 Foundry StreetBenjamin Smout, deceased Mill Furnace ManCharles Hale; Rose Alice SmoutBy Banns
10 09 1899EllisBATES21Bachelor20 Midland RoadBrass FinisherEllis Bates, a MinerVinaDOBSON20SpinsterNew KimberworthGeorge Dobson, a CollierJoseph Dobson; Mary Hannah HolmesBy Banns
11 09 1899FredNORMAN21Bachelor57 Bradgate RoadBrick MakerEdward Norman, a Brick MakerEmilySPOONER20Spinster20 Bradgate RoadJohn Spooner, an Iron WorkerIsaac Henry Norman; Alice SpoonerBy Banns
21 09 1899Frank WilliamLEEDELL28BachelorFairfield, DBYGuardRichard Lee, a FarmerFlorenceASBERY23SpinsterKimberworthJohn Asbery, a GrocerJohn Asbery; Margaret Ellen AsberyBy Banns
25 09 1899FrankROBERTS26Bachelor34 Edward StreetTrammerWilliam Roberts, a CollierAnnSTEEL22Spinster34 Edward StreetGeorge Steel, a CollierRichard Fleming; Amelia Roberts; Jeremiah Jacobs; Lisetta RowlinsonBy Banns
26 09 1899William CauldwellRAMSDEN25Bachelor38 Ferham RoadBlackSmithWilliam Ramsden, a BoilerSmithElizabethBRAITHWAITE21SpinsterDoncasterJohn Braithwaite, an InnKeeperAlfred Edward Heppenstall; Emma HeppenstallBy Banns
04 10 1899ErnestJACOBS24Bachelor14 Meadow StreetPlanerJeremiah Jacobs, a Mould FillerFannyLEIGH23Spinster24 Regent StreetJohn Taylor Leigh, a Sheet RollerGeorge Edward Leigh; Mary Ann Mitchell Leigh; Robert Jacobs; Lisetta RowlinsonBy Banns
17 10 1899SamuelSHEPHERD31Bachelor27 Wortley Road, KimberworthSteel Sheet RollerJoseph Shepherd, a LabourerSarah AnnJOLLY27Spinster113 Kimberworth RoadThomas Jolly, a Clerk & SextonThomas Jolly; Robina B M Jolly; F AllottBy Banns
22 10 1899John WillieBROWNING25Bachelor39 Kimberworth RoadStrikerHenry Brown, a StrikerAnnieCUPITT23Spinster24 Edward StreetJoseph Cupitt, a CollierJohn Henry Scholes; Ruth BallBy Banns
22 10 1899Thomas RobertENGLISH21Bachelor43 Wilton GardensDraymanRobert English, a Game KeeperFlorencePEACOCK20Spinster10 Ellen StreetWilliam Peacock, an Iron WorkerErnest Peacock; Alma PriceBy Banns
05 11 1899GeorgeBUNCLARK44WidowerStone RowBanksmanJohn Bunclark, a FarmerMary AnnTAYLOR40SpinsterHigh StreetGeorge Taylor, a MoulderGeorge Fletcher; Agnes Jane DraytonBy Banns
06 11 1899JohnTOMPKINS21Bachelor60 Harrison StreetLabourerWilliam Tompkins, a LabourerAdaCUTTS20Spinster39 Wing StreetHerbert Cutts, a LabourerGeorge Green; Mary Alice TompkinsBy Banns
16 11 1899EdwardADAMS24Bachelor43 Regent StreetStrikerThomas Adams, a Furnace ManAnnielizaGREENWOOD23Spinster146 Ferham RoadWalter Greenwood, a MinerWalter Greenwood; Annie TurnerBy Banns
03 12 1899GeorgeFLETCHER25Bachelor87 Lockwood RowFurnace ManJames Fletcher, a LabourerElizabethMAXWELL24Spinster10 Herbert StreetEdward Maxwell, a LabourerGeorge Higgins; Louisa MaxwellBy Banns
24 12 1899James EdwardMANDERSON24Bachelor67 Wilton GardensMinerWilliam Manderson, a GrocerEmilyWILLIAMS20Spinster47 Ellen StreetThomas Williams, a MinerWilliam Alfred Williams; Hannah TinsleyBy Licence
25 12 1899Thomas WilliamMAWSON23Bachelor102 Bethal Road, Eastwood Vale, RotherhamFiremanThomas Mawson, a FiremanBlancheHOOLE19Spinster26 Holmes LaneWilliam Hoole, an Engine ManErnest Mawson; Rhoda HillBy Banns
25 12 1899HarryRICHINGS25Bachelor67 Wortley RoadTurnerHarry Richings, deceased TurnerEmily JaneSELLARS22Spinster78 Wortley RoadJohn Sellars, a Coach PainterGeorge Leonard Sellars; Lizzie GreavesBy Banns
25 12 1899EdwinDYKE24Bachelor67 Midland RoadIron WorkerBenjamin Dyke, a Furnace ManAnniceMARPLES22Spinster39 Henley GroveGeorge Marples, an Engine DriverRichard Ellis; Sarah Ellen MarplesBy Banns
25 12 1899ArthurFLETCHER34BachelorGreenland Farm, Waltham, LINFarmerThomas Fletcher, deceased FarmerAnnie ElizabethNORBURN34Spinster86 Henley GroveCharles Norburn, a Cupolo TenterJohn Norburn; Gertrude NorburnBy Banns
26 12 1899ErnestDRANSFIELD26Bachelor17 Ferham RoadLabourerSamuel Dransfield, deceased EngineerFlorence EmilyBURTON23Spinster149 Church StreetCharles Burton, a LabourerCharles Burton; Bertha Longden; Hannah Hindley Rose; Elizabeth BurtonBy Banns
26 12 1899George WilliamYARWOOD22Bachelor43 Avondale RoadWoodworking MachinistChristopher Yarwood, a Sheet MakerClaraLANCASHIRE19Spinster49 Avondale RoadJohn Lancashire, a CollierCharles Taylor; Esther SouthallBy Banns
26 12 1899James WilliamGARNHAM22Bachelor130 Park StreetIron WorkerRobert Garnham, an Iron WorkerJaneSHEPHERD22Spinster27 Wortley RoadJoseph Shepherd, deceased LabourerJoseph Shepherd; Martha GarnhamBy Banns
26 12 1899George HenryMAKIN21Bachelor15 Cross StreetMasonWilliam Makin, a WarehouseManBeatriceBAILEY20Spinster67 Wilton LaneWalter Tom Bailey, a RollerFred Lockwood; Lillie Wales; Annie BaileyBy Banns

Transcribed by Jack Parry © 2010
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