MASBOROUGH: Masborough Monumental Inscriptions, 1782 to 1866


Samuel Walker, died May 12th, 1782, aged 66.

William Walker, son of Joshua Walker and Sussanna, died 17th October 1786, aged 3 days.

Frederick Need Walker, died 16th July 1784, aged 11 months.

Susanna Walker, daughter of Joshua and Sussanna, died 7th May 1788, aged 30.

Samuel Walker, died 1st August 1792, aged 50.

George, son of Samuel and Elizabeth Walker, died 25th May 1804, aged 19 days.

Sarah Parker, the 2nd daughter of Samuel and Mary Walker, died 16th October 1813, aged 67.

Joshua Walker, of Clifton House, died 3 April 1815, aged 65.

Sarah Walker, died 28th January 1820, aged 80.

Thomas Walker, died at Bath, 15th April 1828, aged 72.

Susannah Walker, relict of Joshua Walker, died 2nd April 1831, aged 72.

Elizabeth Walker, daughter of Joseph Walker of Eastwood, died 14th May 1832, aged 45.

Frederick Albert, eldest son of Henry Frederick Walker of Blythe Hall, died 8 February 1837, aged 9 months.

Elizabeth, daughter of the above died 1st August 1838, aged 3 years 10 months.

Lewis Edmund, son of Samuel and Arabella Walker, died 11th December 1841, aged 6.

Elizabeth Emily Henrietta, wife of Arthur Abney Walker, died 17th March 1842, aged 25.

Mary Walker, relict of Thomas Walker, of Berry Hill, died 10 July 1844, aged 81.

Emily, wife of T.S. Lightfoot, daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Walker, died 12th February 1845, aged 33.

Elizabeth Abney Walker, wife of Henry Walker, died 9th February 1850.

Henry Wootton Walker, eldest son of Arthur Abney Walker, died 14th April 1855, aged 6 years 10 months.

Henry Walker of Clifton House, died 19th January 1860, aged 74.

Henry Frederick Walker of Blythe Hall, died 11th November 1866, aged 59.

Transcribed by
Jack Parry © 2009
from Dodsworth's list.