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Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for ROTHERHAM in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.


  • Post Mistress, Martha Wilson, Office, High-street.
  • Clerk, Robert Morton.


Academies, Schools, &c.,

  • Birkett Benjamin, (free grammar) Jesus gate
  • Chrimes Miss E. (ladies' boarding) Bridge gate
  • Clark John, (& librarian to the subscription library) Crofts
  • Eversfield Stephen, (gentn.) Moorgate
  • Hawksworth Miss Elizabeth, (ladies' day) Market place
  • Townend Miss, (ladies' bding.) Crofts

Attornies, Solicitors, &c,

  • Badger Thomas, jun. High street
  • Broomhead Henry, Westgate
  • Copeland John, Market place
  • Falconar James, Westgate
  • Oxley John Bridgegate
  • Thorburn William Hunter, Crofts
  • Wheatley Joseph, Westgate

Auctioneers and Appraisers,

  • Craven William, (& sheriff's officer) Westgate
  • Hudson John, (sheriff's officer) Jesus gate


  • Farr Joseph, Well gate
  • Ludlam Joseph, Westgate
  • Reckless Rd.(army baker) High street
  • Sales James, (confectioner) Bridge st.


  • Walkers, Eyre, & Stanley, High street; on Everett, Walker, Maltby, Ellis, & Co. London.

Basket Makers,

  • Needham Joseph, Doncaster gate head
  • Needham Robert, (& tea dealer) Market place

Blacksmiths and Farriers,

  • Adams George, Vicarage lane
  • Cross John, Jesus gate
  • Fretwell William, Jesus gate
  • Hall John, Crofts
  • Robinson Nathaniel, Westgate

Booksellers and Stationers,

  • Bagley John, Bridge gate
  • Crookes Mary, (& printer) Westgate
  • De Camps John, (printer, dealer in music, & circulating library) High street
  • Wilson Martha, (post & stamp offices) High street

Boot and Shoemakers,

  • Badger William, High street
  • Cox Joseph, Vicarage lane
  • Hobson Abraham, Market place
  • Leatham John, Bridge gate
  • Lilley Thomas, top of Bridge gate
  • Marshall George, Bridge gate
  • Radcliff John, Westgate
  • Radcliff Joseph High street
  • Waites Peter, High street
  • Wright Mark, Church street
  • Wright William Westgate

Brewers, Ale and Porter,

  • Bentley Robert, (Rotherham Brewery) Westgate
  • England Jas. (porter dealer) Masbro'
  • Hill Richd. (Phoenix brewery) Masbro'
  • Nightingale Charles, (porter dealer) High street


  • Dobb John, Well gate
  • Dobb Thomas, Westgate

Brick Makers,

  • Bailey George, Masbro'
  • Taylor George, Masbro'


  • Bagshaw Thomas, Pigeon lane
  • Cawthorn John, Shambles
  • Gillott Edward, Shambles
  • Gillott Humphrey, Shambles
  • Gillott Thomas, Masbro'
  • Harrison George, High street
  • Hattersley Samuel Shambles
  • Kent John, Shambles
  • Kirk Francis, Shambles
  • Mitchell Benjamin, Masbro'
  • Pass James, Shambles
  • Smith William, Shambles
  • Wildsmith Thomas, Ravenfield

Cabinet Makers,

  • Bell Jonathan & Son, Westgate
  • Coe David, Bridge gate
  • Heathcote Thomas, Market place

Chemists and Druggists,

  • Hudson Robert, top of Westgate
  • Newton Jacob, High street
  • Norman William Jesus gate
  • Parkin William, bridge gate

Chemists Manufacturing,

  • Aldred John, Pyroligneous acid manufacturer, &c. Well gate
  • Beatson Robert & Brothers. Masbro'


  • Farr Joseph, Well gate
  • Glaisbrook, Olive, High street
  • Reckless Richard, High street
  • Sales James, Bridgegate
  • Ward Andrew, High street


  • Cundell John, Talbot lane
  • Fields William Jesusgate
  • Joel William, Wellgate

Corn Factors,

  • Brownell James, Westgate
  • Challenger George, Wellgate
  • Cooper John, Westgate
  • Didsbury Richard, Westgate house
  • Eaton William, Wellgate
  • Swift Joseph, Wheat hill
  • Wheatley Thomas, Masbro'
  • Wright Thomas, Pool green, Masbro'

Corn Millers,

  • Broadhurst & Son, Steam mill
  • Crossby Matthew Wind mill
  • Jackson John, Canklow mills
  • Jackson Peter, Ickles corn mill
  • Tasker Richard, Wind mill

Curriers and Leather Cutters,

  • Gillott Thomas, Doncaster gate head
  • Robinson James, High street
  • Squire Francis, Wellgate
  • Thomas Thomas, Westgate

Earthenware Manufacturers,

  • Beatson & Close Masbro'
  • Brameld & Co. Swinton Pottery
  • Gibson & Co. Kilnhurst Pottery
  • Greens & Co. Don Pottery
  • Hawley Sarah, Rawmarsh
  • Turner & Hawley, Kilnhurst
  • Wainwright John, Rawmarsh

Earthenware Dealers,

  • Gollin John, Market place
  • Naylor Sarah (religious tract depository) High street


  • Downes William, Masbro'

Fire and Life Insurance Offices,

  • Albion, Philip Hunt, High street
  • Norwich, Thomas Nicholson, Wath
  • Royal Exchange, Thomas Badger, jun. High street
  • Sheffield, Mary Crookes, Westgate


  • Corbitt William, Bridgegate
  • Scholes Thomas, Westgate
  • Wood William, Wellgate

Gardeners and Seedsmen,

  • Cudbert John, Market place
  • Jowitt Richard, Bridge street

Glass Manufacturers,

  • Beatson & Close, (bottle and flint) Masbro'
  • May Joseph & Thomas, Catcliffe

Glass and China Dealers,

  • Hill Richard, (dealer in crown glass) Masbro'
  • Naylor Sarah, High street

Gold and Silversmiths and Jewellers,

  • Crawshaw Andrew, High street
  • Fletcher James, Bridgegate

Grocers and Tea Dealers,

  • Adams John, High street
  • Banks William, Wellgate
  • Barnsley Edward, Church street
  • Bingley William, High street
  • Birks Paul, Church street
  • Breedon Thomas, Westgate
  • Calton James, Bridgegate
  • Cooper John, Westgate
  • Fowlston Joseph, High street
  • Needham Robert, Church street
  • Nightingale Charles, High street
  • Pearson Robert, High street
  • Steel William, Bridgegate
  • Townend George, Jesusgate
  • Wheatley Thomas, Masbro'
  • White John, Wellgate
  • Wigfield Thomas, (tobacco manufacturer) High street

Hat Manufacturers and Dealers,

  • Gartside Martha and Noah, (dealers) High street
  • Gillatt Thomas, (manufr.) Westgate
  • Hague William, (London hat dealer) Church street
  • Taylor John, (manfr.) Bridgegate
  • Turton James, (manfr.) Westgate


  • Gartside M. & N. (and glovers) High street
  • Robinson Richard, High street
  • Steel Samuel, High street

Inns and Taverns,

  • Anchor, James Smith, Westgate
  • Angel, Aaron Rodgers, Bridgegate
  • Angel, Thos. Hattersley, High street
  • Black Bull, Eliz. Ridgway, Masbro'
  • Black Horse, Michael Nicholson, High street
  • Black Swan, William Gray, Crofts
  • Blue Bell, Samuel Hattersley, Market place
  • Boot and Shoe, Thomas Weightman, Bridge gate
  • Bridge Inn, Lydia Norman, Masbro'
  • Butchers' Arms, Thos. Downes, Crofts
  • Cleaver, William Eaton, Wellgate
  • College Inn, John Hudson, Jesusgate
  • Cross Daggers, Francis Kirk, High st.
  • Cross Keys, George Steel Crofts
  • Crown Inn, Saml. Oldfield, High st.
  • Crown and Anchor, Charles Simpson, Masbro'
  • Cutter, Thomas Shaw. Masbro'
  • Dusty Miller John Mellor, Westgate
  • Elephant and Castle, Henry Bennet, High street
  • Harrow, Thomas Steel, Wellgate
  • Hope and Anchor, James Smith, Westgate
  • Iron Bridge Inn, John Voting, Masbro'
  • King's Arms, Mary Auckland, Jesus gate
  • Old Nag's Head, Harris Needham, Market place
  • Old Queen's Head, William Cooper, Masbro'
  • Old Ring of Bells, William Jessop, (parish clerk) Church street
  • Pack Horse, Ann Babb, Doncaster gt.
  • Red Bear, Wm. Corbitt, Bridgegate
  • Red Lion Inn, Joseph Watson, Bridge gate
  • Royal Oak, James Smith, Market pl.
  • Saddle, G. A. Vause, Wellgate
  • Ship William Hudson, Talbot lane
  • Ship, William Horsfield, Masbro'
  • Spade Bone, James Brown, Masbro'
  • Three Cranes, Septimus Mirfin, High street
  • Three Tuns, Thomas Steel, Wellgate
  • Traveller's Inn, Thomas Badger, Westgate
  • True Briton, Thos. Smith, Westgate
  • Waggon and Horses, Thomas Crossland, Masbro'
  • Waterloo Inn, Js. Horsfield, Westgate
  • Wellington, Joseph Wild, Westgate
  • Wheat Sheaf, Richard Wilkinson, Doncaster gate
  • White Hart, Sarah Gray Bridgegate
  • White Swan, Thos. Smith, Westgate
  • York Keel, John Cox, Masbro'

Iron Founders,

  • Cooke J. & W. Kilnhurst
  • Glossop & Roberts, Masbro'
  • Harris Jarvis, (cast iron and brass) Wellgate
  • Hartop Henry, Masbro', and Nulton furnace
  • Walker Joshua & Co. Masbro'


  • Bayliffe W. R. (and hardwareman) High street
  • Elliott Ebenezer, Masbro'

Joiners and Builders,

  • Blackmoor & Firth, Bridgegate
  • Cox Thomas, Jesusgate
  • Crowther J. and Son, Crofts
  • Downes Thomas, Hollis square
  • Guthrie John, Masbro'
  • Heathcote Thomas, Market place
  • Pagden Edward, Crofts
  • Simpson Charles, Masbro'
  • Smith John, Crofts Linen and Woollen


  • Brown Cuthbert, High street
  • Cowen & Davy, High street
  • Earnshaw Wm. (silk mercer) High st.
  • Habershon Joseph Jones, High street
  • Hawksworth William, High street
  • Law Thomas, High street
  • Shillito James, Doncaster gate
  • Steel Samuel, High street
  • Taylor George, Bridge gate
  • Watkins Geo. (& hosier) Bridgegate


  • Barker George, High street
  • Brown James, Masbro'
  • Cooper John, Westgate
  • Hill Richard, Masbro'
  • Kirk Samuel, Kimberworth
  • Marsh John Barker, Ickles
  • Marsh Robert, Ickles
  • Nightingale Charles, High street
  • Owen Luke, Westgate
  • Smith William, Wellgate
  • Steel William, Bridgegate
  • Wheatley Thomas, Masbro'

Milliners, &c.

  • Barr Miss Market. place
  • Bellamy Widow, Church street
  • Couldwell Sarah, Westgate
  • Crawshaw Elizabeth, Westgate
  • Crummack Mrs. Westgate
  • Pullen Miss, Talbot lane
  • Thompson Elizabeth, High street

Nail Makers,

  • Aldred Henry, Wellgate
  • Buttler Cam, Crofts
  • Easton William, Wellgate
  • Favil William, Westgate
  • Heely John, Masbro'

Painters, House and Sign,

  • Farr John, (painter and stainer of glass) Jesusgate
  • Hague Thomas, Church Street
  • Hardy George, Bridgegate
  • Jenkinson Samuel, (and stainer) Well gate

Perfumers and Hair Dressers,

  • Beard Neville, Westgate
  • Goodier Richard, Jesusgate
  • Hague William, (ornamental hair) Church street
  • Kent George, Bridge street
  • Salt Charles, Church street


  • Hutchinson Wm. M.D. High street

Plumbers and Glaziers,

  • Chrimes Edward, Market place
  • Smith & Binks, Westgate

Rope and Twine Manufacturers,

  • Hattersley John, Westgate
  • Newton Joseph, High street


  • Lodge Richard, (cap and harness maker) High street
  • Mower John, (collar and harness) Market place
  • Whitaker Charles, Bridge street

Seed Crushers, &c.

  • Eyre, Parker and Co. (and oil drawers) Ickles
  • Turner, Woodhead and Co. Aldwark mills

Soap and Starch Manufacturers,

  • Cooper John, Westgate
  • Turner, Woodhead & Co. (oil drawers)
  • Westgate, & Aldwark mills

Steel Converters and Refiners,

  • Cook John & Co. Kilnhurst
  • Walker Joshua & Co. Masbro'
  • Walkers & Booth, Masbro'

Stone Masons.

  • Dobb John, Wellgate
  • Goodall George, Wellgate
  • Mills Wm. & Son, Wellgate
  • Moore George, Millgate
  • Taylor Thomas, Crofts
  • Woodcock John, Crofts

Straw Hat Makers,

  • Barr Catherine, Church street
  • Smith Elizabeth, Market place


  • Liddell Thomas, (at the dispensary) Wellgate
  • Loxley George, (member of the Royal College of Surgeons) College St.
  • Robinson John, Doncaster gate head
  • Turner Joseph Hatfield, High street
  • Turner Joshua, High street
  • Wilkinson Jas. (Member of the Royal College) Vicarage lane

Tailors and Drapers,

  • Booth William, Crofts
  • Brown Cuthbert, High street
  • Evans Joseph, Crofts
  • Guest James, Bridge street
  • Hague Wm. & Son, Wellgate
  • Halksworth William, High street
  • Parkin George, Bridge gate
  • Robinson Richard, High street
  • Shaw Thomas, Wellgate
  • Ward Joseph, Wellgate

Tallow Chandlers,

  • Barnsley Edward, Bridgegate
  • Calton James Bridgegate
  • Nightingale diaries, High street

Tea Dealers,

  • Crummack Mary, Westgate
  • Needham Robert, Church street

Timber and Raff Merchants,

  • Downes Thomas, Crofts
  • Guthrie John, Masbro'
  • Smith John, Crofts

Tobacco and Snuff Manufacturer and Dealer,

  • Wigfield Thomas, High street


  • Bell Jonathan & Son, Westgate
  • Coe David, Bridgegate

Veterinary Surgeons,

  • Bingham James, Bridge gate
  • Griffith Edward, Doncaster gate head

Watch and clock Makers,

  • Crawshaw Andrew, High street
  • Farnill William, Market place
  • Fletcher James, Bridgegate
  • Mason John, Jesusgate

Wharfingers and Canal Agents,

  • Copeland John, Masbro'
  • Crosland Thomas Masbro'
  • Fleck William Masbro'
  • Hill Richard, Masbro'


  • Crowther & Son, Crofts
  • Steer John, Westgate
  • Unwin John, Doncaster gate


  • Heppenstall John, Market place
  • Holdsworth William, (and gunsmith) Vicarage lane

Wine and Spirit Merchants,

  • Harvey, Clarke & Co. Millgate
  • Lawson Ann, High street
  • Savile Charles, Westgate
  • Thompson Harry, (distiller) Church street
  • Woodhead & Pratt, Westgate


  • Bailiffe Rev. Thomas, Greasbro'
  • Bennett Rev. James, theological tutor, Masbro' college
  • Birkett Benj. master of the free grammar school, Jesusgate
  • Blackley Rev. Thos. curate of Rotherham, Church yard
  • Brettell Rev. Jacob, Crofts
  • Carnelley Mrs. Abigail, gentlewoman, Crofts
  • Cawthorne Miss Olive, gentlewoman, Westgate
  • Clark Samuel, superintendent at Messrs. Walkers
  • Clarke James, gent. Westgate
  • Clarke John, land surveyor, Crofts
  • Clayton Edward, brazier and tinman, High street
  • Cowen William, landscape painter, Wellgate
  • Craven William, furniture broker, Westgate
  • Dyson Geo. clerk at the iron works of Messrs. Walker & Co. Masbro'
  • Ellis Samuel, organist, Masbro'
  • Fenton William, Esq. coal proprietor, Carr house
  • Fisher John, clerk to the magistrates, Clifton
  • Guthrie John, stone and slate merchant, Masbro'
  • Hall Mrs. Margaret, gentlewoman, Wheat hill
  • Harrison John, flour dealer, Masbro'
  • Harrison William, governor of the Workhouse, Crofts
  • Hirst Henry John, Esq. Clough house
  • Holdsworth Wm. gunsmith, Vicarage ln.
  • Jenkinson Saml. plasterer, Wellgate
  • Jordan Mrs. gentlewoman, Quarry hill
  • Lempriere Geo. Esq. Masbro'
  • Lent George wood turner and fancy chair maker Jesusgate
  • Marsh J. B. gentleman, Ickles
  • Moor John, millwright, Crofts
  • Nadin Miles, pipe maker, Westgate
  • Newton Chas. Esq. Col. Barbott hall
  • Pool Jph. Esq. Lieut. R.N. Masbro'
  • Proctor Wm. stay maker, Westgate
  • Sanderson Mrs. C. gentwn. Westgate
  • Shillito James, staymaker, Doncaster gate head
  • Shirt Samuel, gentleman
  • Simpson Chas. boat builder, Masbro'
  • Smith Henry, do. Rotherham
  • Smith Wm. saddle tree mkr. Westgt.
  • Spencers Misses F. and M. Masbro' College
  • Stubbs William
  • Walker Miss, Masbro' House
  • Walker Samuel, Esq. Aldwark hall
  • Walker Mrs. Sarah, Eastwood house
  • Walker Mrs. Susan, Clifton house
  • Ward Andrew, music teacher & toy seller High street
  • Watkin widow, worsted manufacturer, Bridgegate
  • Watson George, clerk to the market, and retail dealer in spirits, Market place
  • Yates Wm. superintendent of Messrs. Walkers' iron works.

From the Crown Inn, High-street.

  • The DEFIANCE to Doncaster, at 7 mng.; to Sheffield at 4 aft.
  • The MAIL to Sheffield and Manchester, every mng. at half past 7; to Doncaster at 3 afternoon.
  • The Rockingham to Thorne every mng. at 5; returns in the evng.
From the King's Arms, Jesus gate.
  • The COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF to Doncaster, at half past 4 or at 7 alternate mornings; to Sheffield at 1 or 4 alternate afternoons.
From the Red Lion, Bridgegate,
  • The NORTH BRITON to York and Scarbro', at 6 mng.; to Sheffield at half past 8 evening.

Carriers by Water,

  • Thomas Smith, Westgate to Wakefield, Halifax, Manchester, and Liverpool, one vessel weekly.
  • Thomas Wright & Co. to Hull every week.

Carriers by Land,

  • Edward Wilkinson, Doncaster-gatehead, to Barnsley every Tue. departs at 4 mng. ret. same day.
  • Edward Wilkinson, Doncaster-gatehead, to Doncaster Tue. Thur. and Sat. departs at 4 mng. ret, the same day.
  • Edward Wilkinson, Doncaster-gatehead, to Sheffield every day, d. at 8 mg.; to Barnsley at 3 aft.
  • Geo. Challenger, Wellgate, to Doncaster every Saturday, and to Sheffield every Tuesday.
  • William Crossland, Masbro', to Sheffield every day, departs at 8 mng. and returns the same day.
  • William Heathcote, Doncaster-gatehead, to Sheffield Tue. and Fri. dep. at 8 mng. ret. at 7 evng.
  • William Heathcote, to Doncaster, Wed. and Sat, departs at 4 morning, returns same day.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for BLACKBURN MOOR in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Miscellany of trades

  • Kirk George, butcher and farmer

Fork-makers and Grinders,

  • Baughan George
  • Baughan John
  • Brown James
  • Dawson Robert
  • Handley Thomas
  • Harrison Thomas
  • Harrison William
  • Higgins William
  • Powell William
  • Sayles Joseph
  • Slack Valentine
  • Woodger George

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for BRINSWORTH in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Miscellany of trades

  • Coe David, maltster
  • Thompson Lawrence, gardener and seedsman

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for CARBROOK in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Miscellany of trades

  • Audus Robert, blacksmith
  • Gatley John, gardener
  • Godley Geo. shopkeeper
  • Hobson Thos. book-keeper

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for CATCLIFFE in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Gentry &c.:

  • Boomer Benjamin, gentleman

Miscellany of trades

  • Challiner Edward, wheelwright & vict., Speed the Plough
  • May Joseph & Thos. glass mfrs.
  • Pierre John, grocer
  • Vanes John, blacksmith
  • Wright Matthew, vict. Red Lion

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for DALTON MAGNA in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.


  • Didsbury John
  • Lambert Joseph
  • Sibery Thomas
  • Soar Francis


  • Yealand Joseph


  • Treadwell John

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for GREASBROUGH in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Gentry &c.:

  • Bailiff Rev. Thos. perpetual curate
  • Birks Richard, vict. Yellow Lion
  • Carper Joseph, vict. Board
  • Grant John, vict. King's Head
  • Jackson J. & E. corn factors & millers
  • Longden Geo. vict. Queen's Head
  • Oxley John, blacksmith
  • Roger George, tailor
  • Steel George, shoe maker
  • Stringer Thomas, wheelwright
  • Turner Rev. Henry Thomas, curate
  • Turner John, vict. and carpenter

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for KIMBERWORTH in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Miscellany of trades

  • Le'Fall William, schoolmaster
  • Lockwood S. corn miller, Grange mill
  • Nicholson Mary, vict. Old Green Dragon


  • Hall Samuel
  • Roberts Matthew


  • Lockwood Saml.
  • Oxley William

(Kimberworth Hill Top.):

Miscellany of trades

  • Steel John, flax dresser
  • Walker Geo. joiner & shopkeeper

Fork Makers,

  • Gregory James
  • Gregory John
  • Massey Thomas
  • Sidons Benjamin

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for TINSLEY in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Gentry &c.:

  • Mower Rev. James, A.M. vicar

Miscellany of trades

  • Blagden Wm. lime burner
  • Garliner Wm. schoolmaster
  • Hounsfield John, cattle dealer
  • Jenkinson David, parish clerk
  • Lindley John, shoemaker
  • Swinden John, maltster & victualler, Plumper's Inn
  • Thompson James, boot & shoemaker
  • Watson Bingley, vict. Red Lion


  • Genn Henry
  • Wilde Wm.


  • Goodwin Geo.
  • Goodwin Thos.

Transcribed by Colin Hinson. ©2003