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Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for ROTHERHAM in Pigot's Directory of 1829.

Post Office,

  • High-street, Rotherham, Martha Wilson, Post Mistress.
  • Letters for London, &c. are despatched at ten in morning, and arrive at three in the afternoon.
  • Letters by the Sheffield Mail, which also takes bags for the counties of Lancashire, Derby, and Cheshire, are despatched every afternoon at three, and arrive every morning at ten.
  • A horse post to Sheffield also is despatched every evening at eight, and arrives every afternoon at five.

Gentry & Clergy,

  • Askham Eyre, gent. Doncaster gate
  • Bagshaw Thomas, gent. Westgate
  • Batty Rev. Edward, Talbot lane
  • Bennett Miss, Cupola, Masbro'
  • Birkett Rev. Benjamin, Grammar school
  • Blackley Rev. Thomas, Vicarage
  • Brettell Rev. Jacob Crofts
  • Clark James, gent. Westgate
  • Clark Samuel; gent. Masbro'
  • Crawshaw Mrs. Elizabeth, Wellgate
  • Fenton William, gent., Carr House
  • Gilson Miss Maria, Masbro'
  • Hair John, gent. Westgate
  • Jepson Mrs. Gladman, Wellgate
  • Lamprier Mrs. Elizabeth, Masbro'
  • Leesley Robert, gent. Westgate
  • Moss Rev. Thomas, Talbot Pane
  • Newton Col. Charles, Barbott hall
  • Parker Mrs. Ann, Crofts
  • Pearson William, gent. Wellgate
  • Reece Rev. James, Masbro'
  • Riddle Col. Henry Cupola, Masbro'
  • Roodhouse John, gent. Market place
  • Smith William, gent. Wellgate
  • Spencer, Misses Margaret &. Frances. Masbro
  • Squire Francis, gent. Wellgate
  • Townsend Rev. Edward Js. Rawmarsh
  • Walker Miss Elizabeth Cupola, Masbro'
  • Walker Miss Mary Ann, Masbro'
  • Walker Mrs. Catton,
  • Wheatley Mrs. Ann, Masbro'
  • Woodcock John, gent, Masbro'
  • Woodhead James S. gent. Westgate

Academies & Schools,
Not otherwise described are Day, Schools.

  • Appleton Jonathan, (boarding) Moorgate
  • Climes Ann (boarding) Bridge gate
  • Grammar School, Rotherham- Rev. Benjamin Birkett, master
  • Hodgson Thomas, Masbro'
  • Maxfield John, Rawmarsh
  • Ross Henry, Quarry hill
  • Scott Mrs. (ladies' boarding) Rawmarsh.
  • Shillitto William, Jesus gate
  • Townend Mary (boarding) Crofts


  • See also Fire, &c. Office Agents.)
  • Fleck William, (commission) Masbro'
  • Guthrie John (general Commission, & timber, stone, & slate mercht) Masbro'


  • Badger Thomas High street
  • Hoyle William Fretwell, Westgate
  • Jenkinson Richard, Westgate
  • Mason Thomas Beverley, Crofts
  • Potter John- Wright, High-street
  • Wheatley Joseph, Westgate


  • Badger Benjamin, Westgate,
  • Craven William, Westgate
  • Crookes Thomas, Westgate

Bakers & Flour Dealers,

  • Ludlum Joseph, Westgate
  • Reckless Thomas, High street
  • Sales James, Bride gate
  • Turner William, Bridge gate


  • Walker, Eyre & Stanley, High st (draw on Barclay & Co. London)

Basket Makers,

  • Needham Mary, (dealer) Doncaster gate
  • Needham Robert, Market place
  • Parker Thomas, Bridge gate


  • Adams George, Vicarage lane
  • Bell Thomas, Westgate
  • Cross John, Wellgate
  • Green Joseph, Masbro'
  • Greenwood John, Westgate
  • Whittington Samuel, Jesus' gate
  • Wright Benjamin, Westgate

Boat Builders,

  • Simpson Charles, Masbro'
  • Smith Thomas, Westgate

Booksellers & Stationers,

  • Bagley John (& printer) High street
  • Crookes Samuel, (& printer) Westgate
  • Wilson Martha, High street

Boot & Shoe Makers,

  • Badger William, High street
  • Hobson Abraham, Market place
  • Lilley James, Bridge gate
  • Marshall George, Bridge gate
  • Radcliffe John, Westgate
  • Turton William, Market place
  • Walks Peter, High street
  • Wright Mark, Church street
  • Wright William, Bridge gate

Braziers and Tin-Plate Workers,

  • Biddulph Joseph, Wellgate
  • Clayton Edward, High street
  • Kent Thomas, Market place
  • Williams Nathan, Bridge gate


  • Bentley Robert, Westgate
  • Cooper John, Westgate
  • Hill Richard, Masbro'


  • Dickinson William, Rawmarsh
  • Gillott Edward, Shambles
  • Gillott Humphrey, Shambles
  • Gillott Thomas, Masbro'
  • Greaves John, Masbro'
  • Greaves Joseph, Shambles
  • Harrison George, Shambles
  • Hawley Matthew, Masbro'
  • Healey Isaac, Masbro'
  • Kent John, Shambles
  • Kirk Francis, Shambles
  • Kirk Samuel, Masbro'
  • Makin John, Masbro'
  • Spur William, Shambles
  • Stocks Thomas, Shambles
  • Styring Thomas, Shambles
  • Twigg William, Masbro'
  • Wharin John, Shambles
  • Wildsmith Thomas, Shambles
  • Young Henry, Shambles
  • Young John, Shambles

Cabinet Makers,

  • Athey John, High street
  • Bell Thomas, Westgate
  • Coe David, Bridge gate
  • France Joseph, Westgate
  • Heathcote Thomas, Market place
  • Jubb William, Crofts
  • Turton John, Masbro'


  • Aldred John (pyroligneous acid) Wellgate
  • Bearson Robert & Brothers (alum, oil of vitriol, &c.) Masbro' and Westgate


  • Hobson George, Bridge gate
  • Reckless Thomas, High street
  • Sales James, Bridge gate
  • Turner William, Bridge gate
  • Ward Andrew, High street
  • Wortley Elizabeth, Market place


  • Fields William, Bridge gate
  • Hepworth John, Blind lane
  • Joell William, Wellgate

Corn Factors,

  • Didsbury Richard, Westgate
  • Fletcher Edward, Doncaster gate
  • Heaton William, Pigeon lane
  • Wheatley Thomas, Masbro'
  • Wright Thomas, Pool green

Corn Millers,

  • Crossby Matthew, Doncaster gate
  • Jackson John, Westgate & Canklow
  • Jackson John & Edward, Newbegin
  • Jackson Peter, Ickles
  • Turner, Woodhead & Co. Westgate

Curriers and Leather Dressers,

  • Booth John, Jesus gate
  • Thomas Edward, Westgate


  • Newton Jacob, High street
  • Norman William, High street
  • Parkin William & John; Bridge gate
  • Parkin Zachariah, Westgate


  • O'Neill Peter, Bridge gate
  • Wells William, Wellgate

Fire, &c. Office Agents,

  • Albion, E. I. Haseltine; High street
  • Atlas, William Fretwell Hoyle, Westgate
  • Guardian, John Oxley, Bridge gate
  • Leeds & Yorkshire, Thomas Badger, High street
  • Royal Exchange, Benjamin Badger, Westgate
  • Sheffield, Samuel Crookes, Westgate

Fire Iron Manufacturers,

  • Flockton William, Masbro'
  • Nicholson Joshua, Masbro'
  • Sandford & Yates, Masbro'

Glass Manufacturers and Merchants,

  • Close & Clark, Masbro
  • Hill Richard (merchant) Masbro'

Grocers & Tea Dealers,

  • Adams John, High street
  • Barnsley & Rhodes, Bridge gate
  • Bingley William, High street
  • Breddon Thomas, Westgate
  • Calton James, Bridge gate
  • Nightingale Charles, Westgate
  • Steel William, Bridge gate.
  • Townend George, Jesus gate
  • Wheatley Thomas. Masbro'
  • Wigfield Mary (& Tobacco manufacturer) High street

Hair Dressers,

  • Bellamy Robert, Masbro'
  • Goodier Richard, Jesus gate
  • Hague William, Market place
  • Salt Charles, Church street

Marked thus * are Manufacturers.

  • Gartside Martha and Noah (and hosiers) High street
  • *Gillott Thomas, Westgate
  • Hague William, Market place
  • Salt Charles, Church street
  • Taylor Esther, Bridge gate
  • *Turton James, Market place


  • Angel, William Corbitt Bridge gate
  • Angel, Mary Hattersley, High street
  • College inn, Jonathan Hudson, Jesus gate
  • Crown (posting) Ann Oldfield, High street
  • George, George Taylor, Newbegin
  • Red Lion (posting) Joseph Watson, Bridge gate
  • Ship, Mary Hudson, Westgate
  • Three Cranes, Richard Alvey, High street

Iron, Founders,

  • Harris Jarvis, Wellgate
  • Kimpster Henry (& boiler make, and smith) Masbro'
  • Kirk, Kidgell & Co. (& stove grate & spade, shovel & fender manufacturers) Rotherham Foundry
  • Sandford & Yates (& manufacturer of wrought iron goods, stove grates, &c.) Masbro'
  • Wragg & Graham, Millgate

Iron Manufacturers and Masters,

  • Coe Charles, (& steel refiner) Masbro'
  • Liversedge & Crownshaw (& masters & linen manufacturers.) Millgate
  • Oxley & Hodgson (steel) New Park Gate Steel Works, Newbegin
  • Sanderson and Watson (masters) Parkgate Iron Works, Newbegin
  • Walker Joshua &,Cc,. Hasbro


  • Bayliffe William Radford, High street
  • Crawshaw Andrew, High street


  • Athey John, High street
  • Blackmoor John, Bridge gate
  • Crowther & Son, Crofts
  • Heathcote Thomas, Market place
  • Jee George & Son, Crofts
  • Jubb William, Crofts
  • Smith Samuel, Market place

Linen & Woollen Drapers,

  • Button & Smith Westgate
  • Cowen Davy & Dixon, High street
  • Earnshaw William, High street
  • Habershon Joseph Jones, High street
  • Law Thomas, High street
  • Taylor George, Bridge gate


  • Barroclough Benjamin, Rawmarsh
  • Cooper John, Westgate
  • Harrison John, Masbro'
  • Hill Richard, Masbro'
  • Marsh John, Ickles
  • Marsh Robert, Ickles
  • Nightingale Charles, Westgate
  • Owen John, Westgate
  • Steel William, Bridge gate
  • Wainwright John, Rawmarsh
  • Wheatley Thomas, Masbro'

Milliners & Dressmakers,

  • Bellamy Elizabeth, High street
  • Cromack Mary, Westgate
  • Darwent Martha, Wellgate
  • Pullin Elizabeth & Margaret, Crofts
  • Thompson Elizabeth, High street

Nail Makers,

  • Aldred Henry, Wellgate
  • Easton William, Wellgate
  • Favell William, Westgate
  • Gordon John, Westgate
  • Wilkinson Joseph, Westgate

Nursery & Seedsmen,

  • Cadbert John, Church street
  • Holmes Thomas, High street

Painters-House, Sign, &c,

  • Farr John, Jesus gate
  • Hague Thomas, Church street
  • Hardy George, Bridge gate
  • Hudson Robert, Bridge gate


  • Jenkinson Joshua, Westgate
  • Jenkinson Samuel, Wellgate
  • Leadbeater George, Jesus' gate

Plumbers & Glaziers,

  • Binks Thomas, Westgate
  • Chrimes Edward, Market place
  • Curtis Richard, High street
  • Watson John, Wellgate

Potters & Earthenware Manufacturers,

  • Beatson Martha, Masbro'
  • Hawley Elizabeth, Rawmarsh
  • Shackleton William, Masbro'
  • Taylor George, Rawmarsh & Newbegin
  • Wainwright John, Rawmarsh

Rope & Twine Makers,

  • Arnold Robert, Westgate
  • Green John & Son, Westgate and Masbro'
  • Hattersley James, Westgate
  • Law Joseph, Masbro'
  • Newton Joseph, Wellgate
  • Wath William & David, Westgate


  • Darwent Thomas, Wellgate
  • Hicks George, Rawmarsh
  • Lodge Richard, High street
  • Mower John, Market place

Seed Crushers and Oil Merchants,

  • Parker Francis, Ickles
  • Turner, Woodhead & Co. Westgate

Shopkeepers & Bakers,

  • Athey John, High street
  • Beaumont George, Wellgate
  • Bradburn Joseph, Westgate
  • Crossby Matthew, Doncaster gate
  • Crossby William, Westgate
  • Guest Benjamin, Westgate
  • Jackson Ann Doncaster gate
  • Minors Elizabeth, Westgate
  • Moody Benjamin, Crofts
  • Sharp, Ann, Wellgate
  • Tasker Ellen, Bridge gate
  • White John, Wellgate

Spade & Shovel Manufacturers,

  • Kirk, Kidgell and Co. Rotherham Foundry
  • Sandford & Yates, Masbro'
  • Slack Thomas (shovel bits & cinder shovels) Masbro'

Starch Manufacturers,

  • Turner, Woodhead & Co. Westgate

Stay Makers,

  • Cooke George, Jesus' gate
  • Proctor William, Westgate
  • Shillito James, Doncaster gate

Stone & Marble Masons,

  • Dobb Charles, Wellgate
  • Dobb John, jun. Wellgate
  • Dobb John, sen. Wellgate
  • Earnshaw John, Wellgate
  • Leesley John, Westgate
  • Mills William, Wellgate

Straw Hat Makers,

  • Barr Catharine, Church street
  • Booth Mary, High street
  • Needham Maria, Doncaster gate


  • Robinson John, Wellgate
  • Shearman Edward James, Market place
  • Turner Joseph Hatfield, Wellgate
  • Turner Joshua, High street
  • Wilkinson James, Vicarage lane

Marked thus* are also Drapers

  • Booth William, Crofts
  • *Brown Cuthbert, Church street
  • *Crossby Benjamin, Bridge gate
  • Evans Joseph, Crofts
  • Goodall John, Market place
  • Gouldsbrough John, Bridge gate
  • Guest James, Bridge gate
  • Hague John, Wellgate
  • *Halksworth William, High street
  • *Robinson Richard, High street

Tallow Chandlers,

  • Barnsley & Rhodes, Bridge gate
  • Calton James, Bridge gate
  • Nightingale Charles, Westgate

Taverns & Public Houses,

  • Black Bull, John Young, Masbro'
  • Black Horse, Robert Hallam, Rawmarsh
  • Black Horse, Michael Nicholson, High street
  • Black Swan, William Gray, Crofts
  • Blue Belt, Zachariah Parkin, Market place
  • Boot & Shoe, Elizabeth Wightman, Bridge gate
  • Bridge Inn Mary Gillott, Masbro'
  • Butcher's Arms, William Boulton, Crofts
  • Cleaver, Joseph Turner, Wellgate
  • Cross Daggers, Francis Kirk, High street
  • Cross Keys, George a Steel, Crofts
  • Crown & Anchor, Ebenezer Cavill, Masbro'
  • Cutlers' Arms, Benjamin Flockton, Westgate
  • Duke of York, Margaret Jackson, Westgate
  • Elephant & Castle, Ben. Young, High street
  • Fitzwilliam Arms, Joseph Cooper, Newbegin
  • Grapes, Ann Lawson, High street
  • Grapes, George Watson Market place
  • Greyhound, Joseph Boaler, Masbro'
  • King's Arms, Mary Aukland, Jesus' gate
  • Mail Coach, Emanuel Jarvis, Wellgate
  • Masons' Arms, John Mellor, Westgate
  • Nag's Head, Alice Needham, Market place
  • Old Ring of Bells, Thomas Kirk, Church street
  • Pack Horse, William Babb, Wellgate
  • Plough, Thomas Shaw, Masbro'
  • Red Bear, John Hunter, Bridge gate
  • Red Bull, William Smith, Masbro'
  • Red Lion, William Dickinson, Rawmarsh
  • Royal Oak, James Smith, Marketplace
  • Ship, William Horsefield, Masbro
  • Sport Bone, Benjamin Brown, Masbro'
  • Star Inn, John Wainwright, Rawmarsh
  • Three Tuns Thomas Steel, Wellgate
  • Travellers, William Caldwell, Westgate
  • True Briton, Thomas Smith, Westgate
  • Vice & Hammer, William Flockton, Masbro'
  • Wagon & Horses, Mary Crossland, Masbro
  • Wellington, Frances Wild, Westgate
  • Wheat Sheaf, Richard Wilkinson, Doncaster gate
  • White Hart, Richard Hatt, Bridge gate
  • White Swan, Thomas Smith, Westgate
  • York Keel, John Turton, Masbro'

Watch & Clock Makers,

  • Crawshaw Andrew (and jeweller) High street
  • Farnill William (and jeweller) Market place
  • Mason John, Jesus' gate
  • Wright James (and jeweller and engraver) High street


  • Flack William, Masbro'
  • River Dun Company, Masbro' agents,
  • William, Smallpage & John Copeland

Wheelwright S,

  • Brammar John, Wellgate
  • Coward John, Doncaster gate
  • Crowther & Son, Crofts,
  • Eastwood John, Bridge gate
  • Reed John, Masbro'
  • Steers John, Westgate
  • Thornton John, Westgate


  • Heppenstall John, Market place
  • Wells Joseph, Wellgate

Wine & Spirit Merchants,

  • Clarke & Nightingale, Millgate
  • Woodhead & Pratt, Westgate

Worsted Manufacturers,

  • Couldwell Benjamin, Jesus' gate
  • Rushforth Thomas & William, Jesus' gate


  • Bakewell William, brush maker; Beast lane
  • Brant William, tanner, Westgate
  • Cowen William, landscape painter, Wellgate
  • Ellis Samuel, organist, Masbro'
  • Fisher John, clerk to the magistrates, high constable, &c. Clifton cottage
  • Hall John, millwright & engineer, Masbro'
  • Harrison William, governor of workhouse, Crofts
  • Lawson Ann, spirit dealer, high street
  • Lent George, turner, &c. Jesus' gate
  • Nadin Miles; pipe maker, Westgate
  • Pagdin Edw, pay office, Cattle market
  • Robinson Jane, glover, Market,
  • Routh William, linen yarn spinner, Masbro'
  • White William, bed screw maker Masbro'
  • Woodgea William, chain cable maker, Masbro'


  • To Doncaster, a Coach, from the Crown Inn, every morning at half-past eight, & twelve at noon-and from the Cross Daggers, every Saturday morning at eight.
  • To Lincoln a Coach, from the Crown Inn, every afternoon at half past one; goes through Doncaster.
  • To Lincoln, Louth, &c. the Royal Mail, from the Crown Inn; every morning at ten; goes thro' Tickhill, Bawtry, Gainsborough, &c.
  • To Sheffield, a Coach, from the Crown, every evening at three & six every morning at half-past seven-and from the Cross Daggers, every Sunday and Monday evenings at six.
  • To Sheffield and Manchester a Coach, from the Crown- daily at 12.
  • To Sheffield and Thorne, the Packet Coach, from the Crown, daily.


  • To Barnsley, Edward Wilkinson, from Doncaster gate, every Tuesday morning
  • To Doncaster, Francis Flintham, from the Angel, every Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday-Edward Wilkinson, from Doncaster gate, every Thursday and Saturday-and --- Downing, from the Pack Horse, occasionally.
  • To Lincoln, --- Hibberson, from the Cleaver, every Monday and Thursday, goes thro' Tickhill, Bawtry & Gainsboro'.
  • To Retford, Blyth, &c. Crompton and Gee, from the Cleaver, every Monday morn at ten.
  • To Sheffield, Francis Flintham, from the Angel, every Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday, mornings --- Hibberson, from the Cleaver, every Wednesday and Saturday mornings at eight- Thomas Dawson, every Monday & Thursday morning; --Malkin, from the Pack Horse, every Tuesday morning at four-Humphry White from Westgate, daily; ---Crompton and Gee, from the Cleaver, every Wednesday evening at four--and --- Downing, from the Pack Horse occasionally.
  • To Tickhill,--- Malkin, from the Pack Horse every Tuesday evening.
  • To York, Thomas Dawson, from the Pack Horse, every Monday & Friday.

Conveyance By Water,

  • To Hull, Doncaster, Thorne, &c. Thomas Wright & Co's vessels, every Thursday night.
  • To Liverpool, Thomas & Smith's Vessels, weekly; go thro' Wakefield and Manchester.
  • To Sheffield, Thomas Wright and Co.'s Vessels every Tuesday morning.

Transcribed by Colin Hinson. ©2003