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Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for ROTHERHAM in White's Directory of 1837.



  • Post Office, High street, Mrs Martha Wilson, Post Mistress
  • Letters are despatched to London and the South and East, at half past nine morning, and arrive at three afternoon, by the Louth and Sheffield Mail - To Sheffield and the West at one afternoon, and arrive at three afternoon by the Doncaster Mail Gig, which conveys Letters for the North.


  • The Contractions used for Names of streets are, Bgt, for Bridgegate; Chst, Church street; Cfts, Crofts; Clst, College street; Dgt, Doncaster gate; Hst, High street; Mkp or Mkt pl, Market place; Mgt, Millgate; Msb, Masbro'; Tln, Talbot lane; Wlgt, Wellgate; Wsgt, Westgate; W end for West end; and Pln or Pigeon lane.


  • Comprising the Addresses of Gentry, Clergy, Partners in firms, and others not arranged under the classification of Trades and Professions.
  • Allen Rev. Jas (Met min) Talbot lane
  • Allwood Jonathan, gent. Masbro'
  • Ashley Wm. joiner, Talbot lane
  • Atha Rd. book keeper, Water lane
  • Awburn Joe, clerk, college street
  • Badger Thomas, gent, South terrace
  • Bagley James, cowkeeper, Masbro
  • Bagley Jph, cowkeeper, Masbro
  • Bagshaw Ts. Westgate
  • Bakewell W & Thompson W, brush mfrs, Wsgt
  • Baley G, cowkeeper, Masbro com
  • Baley Jph, farmer, Masbro com
  • Barnsley Mrs Susana, Westgate
  • Barras John, clerk, West end
  • Bartholomew C, engineer, Westgate
  • Beatson John, manfg. Chemist; h Masbro hall
  • Beatson Mr Thomas, Wheat hill
  • Beatson Wm. chemist; h Masbro
  • Beckwith Mr Hercules Mangbysse, High street
  • Bellamy Wm. cowkpr Moor cottage
  • Bennett Miss Henriette, Masbro
  • Bennett Hy. Cowkpr, Pigeon lane
  • Blackley Rev. Thos. M A Vicarage
  • Bland John, constable and inspector of weights & measures,
  • for the Upper division of Strafforth & Tickhill Wellgate
  • Blocksage Jph, brick mkr, Masbro
  • Brettell Rev. Jacob (Unita) Crofts
  • Brown Mrs Eliz, Westgate
  • Burrows Wm. supervisor, Talbot ln
  • Cavill Mr Ebenezer, Masbro
  • Cawthorne, Mrs Margt. Market pl
  • Challenger Mrs Ann, West end
  • Chappel Mr George, Wellgate
  • Clark John G, glass mfr; h Masbro
  • Clark Saml. Iron master; h Masbro
  • Clarke John, land surveyor Wellgate
  • Clarke Misses Sarah & Jane, Wsgt
  • Close Wm. glass mfr; h Masbro
  • Cooper Jph coal viewer, Parkgate
  • Copeland John, agent to the Don Navigation Company, Masbro
  • Cowen Thomas, draper, h High St
  • Crawshaw Mrs Eliz. South terrace
  • Crookes Mrs Eliz. Wellgate terrace
  • Crowder Jas. Farmer, College street
  • Dean Geo., spadeshaft mfr. Doncaster gt
  • Didsbury Rd. gent. Westend
  • Downes Wm. fellmonger, Masbro
  • Drabble John, traveller, Wellgate
  • Dyson George, clerk, Masbro
  • Dyson Wm. clerk Masbro
  • Elliott Mrs Amelia, Masbro
  • Ellis Jas. Farmer, Holmes hall
  • Favell Miss Elizabeth, Prospect pl
  • Ferris Miss Julia, Clifton cottage
  • Fisher John, High constable of the Upper division of
  • Strafforth and Tickhill, Clifton
  • Fleck Fdk. Iron mert; h Masbro
  • Fleck Misses Har & Emma Masbro
  • Gibson Miss Bethia, Masbro
  • Glossop William, gent, Masbro hall
  • Goodall Geo, car owner, Wellgate
  • Goodall John, apothecary and sec Dispensary, College street
  • Greaves Benjamin, town crier, Westgt
  • Greaves Mr Charles Westgate
  • Greening Mr Benj. Pigeon lane
  • Hague Joseph, wireworker, Church St
  • Hague Wm., car owner, Westgate
  • Harrison Mrs Ann. Wellgt terrace
  • Harrison Mrs Frances Ann Wellgt
  • Hattersley Mrs Mary, Doncaster gt
  • Hawley Mrs Mary, Masbro
  • Heap Chpr. Woollen mfr, Masbro
  • Heseltine E J, bank manager, High St
  • Heward Joshua cowkeeper, Millgate
  • Higgs Mrs Mary, Doncaster gate
  • Hill Benj, trunk maker, Market pl
  • Hinchliffe Chas. comb mfr, Masbro
  • Hinchliffe Jph bookbinder; h Vicar ln
  • Hobson Mr George, Millgate
  • Holdsworth carter, wine mert, Mkpl
  • Holdsworth Hy,. Manager Gas works
  • Hopkins Mrs Esther, Welgate
  • Hounsfield Mrs Sarah, Masbro
  • Hudson John and Joseph, sheriff's officers, College street
  • Hudson Jas. Patten maker, Bridge St
  • Humphreys John cowkpr, Masbro
  • Jackson George, clerk Westgate
  • Jenkinson Samuel, leasee of market tolls, Wellgate
  • Jessop Wm. parish clerk, Market pl
  • Johnson Ts. flax spinner; h Westgt
  • Jowett John, book keeper, Masbro
  • Keckwick John, agent Masbro
  • Knowles Geo. Iron master, Masbro
  • Lacey Miss Sarah, Westgate
  • Leesley Mrs Sarah, Westgate
  • Lilley Jas. Steel manfr; h Masbro
  • Linfield Ralph, vestry clerk, ad gov of workhouse, Crofts
  • Makin Mrs Sarah, Masbro
  • Marshall Rt. car owner, Westgate
  • Minors Mrs Mary, Westgate
  • Moorhouse Jonas, swine dealer Eastwood lane
  • Nadin Miles , pinder, Westgate
  • Needham Mary, sexton and music dealer, Bridgegate
  • Nightingale John, wine merchant; h West St
  • Nightingale Miss Sarah, South ter
  • Norman Mrs Lydia, College street
  • Outram Geo. Horse dealer, Crofts
  • Pagdin Edw. cashier for the cattle market and valuer, Crofts
  • Pagdin Mr Edw. jun, Westgate
  • Reed Mr John, Old Holland
  • rising Rd. clerk to Gas and Water works, Crofts
  • Roadhouse Miss Har. Eliz. Wellgate
  • Robinson Jno. turner; h Masbro
  • Robinson Mr Nathl. Masbro moor
  • Robinson William, excise, Crofts
  • Rodgers Mrs Eliz. Bridgegate
  • Ross Joseph, cart owner, Westgate
  • Rushforth John, serjeant major of Yeomanry, Crofts
  • Sanders Jonth. Mfr; h South ter
  • Sandford Chas. Saml. Roberts, iron master &c; h Northfield house
  • Shaw Joseph, comb mfr & hardware dealer Bridgegate
  • Smith Chas. Pawnbroker, Church St
  • Sorsby John, Holmes Colliery
  • Sotheran Hy. Cart owner, Wellgate
  • Spencer Mrs Frances, Masbro cot
  • Spurr Joseph, cart owner, Wellgate
  • Steel Mrs Jane, Masbro
  • Storey Chas. Bank agent, Market pl
  • Stowell Rev. W Hendry, theological tutor, Masbro college
  • Swann Wm. ironmaster; h Masbro
  • Swithenbank Geo, manager, Masbro
  • Thompson Ann, farmer, Westend
  • Thompson Benj. coal dealer, Masbro
  • Thompson Mrs Eliz. Wellgate
  • Tomlinson J. gent, Westend
  • Towers Rev. W,. (Met) Talbot lane
  • Turner Eliz. Librarian, Wellgate
  • Turner John, gent, South terrace
  • Turner Mrs J. Crofts
  • Turner Noah, glass worker, Masbro
  • Turner Thos. farmer, Eastwood
  • Wigg Abl, cowkeeper, Masbro
  • Waddy Rev. B B (Meth) Talbot lane
  • Wadsworth Miss A, Doncaster gate
  • Walker Fdk. Esq. Eastwood house
  • Walker Henry, Esq. Clifton house
  • Walker Mr Jonth. Prospect place
  • Walker Miss Mary Ann, Masbro hs
  • Wilson Chas. Saw handle mkr, Wellgt
  • Wingfield W. brewer; h Masbro
  • Wood Geo, car owner, College St
  • Woodhead Miss Eliz. Prospect place
  • Woodward Thos. book keeper, Park gt
  • Yates Jas. Mercht & Mfr; h Croft St

Miscellany of trades

  • Classification of Trades and Professions

Academies * take borders,

  • Birkett Cr. J. Pool green
  • British School, Masbro, John Skinner & Eliza Turner
  • Crimes Ann, bridge St *
  • Dixon Ann, Westgate*
  • Eversfield Mrs Sarah, Moorgate (conducted by Jas.
  • Appleton)*
  • Feoffee's school, John Mycock, Crofts
  • Grammar, Rev. Benjamin Birkett, College street
  • Hollis's Charity, Oil mill fold, John Evans and Sarah Ramsbottom
  • Townend M A, Talbot lane


  • Badger Thomas (coroner, notary-public, and solicitor to
  • Ass. For Pros. Of Felons), High street and Sheffield
  • Badger Joseph, College street; h Westgate
  • Bamforth Jph Mkt pl
  • Hoyle W. Fretwell, (Manor steward) Westgt
  • Oxley Geo. High street
  • Oxley John, (magistrates clerk) Bridgegate
  • Potter Jno. W. High St
  • Robinson Geo. Church St


  • Badger Benj. (& comssr for special bail), South terrace
  • Crookes Thos. Church St

Bakers & Flour Dlrs,

  • Boulton John, College St
  • May Ann, High street
  • Naylor Matthew, High St
  • Parker Wm. Westgate
  • Sales Eliz. Bridgegate
  • Turner Wm. Bridgegate


  • Sheffield Banking Co. Market pl (on Smith, Payne & Co); Chas Storey, agent
  • Sheffield and Rotherham Banking Co, High St (on Barclay & Co), E J Heseltine, manager

Basket Makers,

  • Chester Geo. Wellgate
  • Needham Jno. Wellgate
  • Needham Rt. Church St


  • Adams Hy, Vicar lane
  • Green Jph, Masbro
  • Heptenstall Jph. Wellgt
  • Steer James, Westend
  • Whittington Sl. Collg St
  • Wright Benj. Westend

Boat Builders,

  • Chambers Geo. Wilton, Masbro; h Clough
  • Smith Thos. Westgate

Booksellers, Stationers and Printers,

  • Bagley Mrs, High street
  • Brown Jonth, Westgate
  • Gilling Michl & Andrew (printers), High street
  • Wilson Martha, High St

Boot & Shoe Makers * are warehouses,

  • Badger Wm. High St *
  • Barker W. H. High St *
  • Bellamy geo. Crofts
  • Bottomley Geo. Crofts
  • Callis John, Bridgegt
  • Cox Joseph, Vicar lane
  • Crapper Benj. High St
  • Cundell Jas. Gas yard
  • Foster Wm. Masbro
  • Gouldsbrough Jno. Bgt
  • Hobson Abm. Westgt
  • Langthon Jas. Westgt
  • Lilley Geo. Bridgett
  • Marshall Geo. Bridgegt
  • Newbut Chas. Masbro
  • Newbut Wm. Church St
  • Newsum Wm. Masbro
  • Radcliff Geo. Westgt
  • Slack Val. Westgate
  • Taylor Jas. Wellgate
  • Waites Sar. Church St
  • Wright Luke. Coll St
  • Wright Matw. Coll. St
  • Yeardley Jph. Donegt

Braziers &c,

  • Brown John, Bridgegt
  • Clayton Edw. High St
  • Haggard Rd. Church St


  • Bentley Robt. Westgt
  • Hill Richd. Masbro
  • Singleton and Wingfield , Masbro


  • Howett Matw. Bridgegt
  • Scurrah Wm. Jph. (furnace builder) Wellgt

Butchers marked * have shops in Shambles,

  • Badger John, Masbro
  • Barton Geo, Masbro
  • Flockton Wm. Masbro
  • Gillott Edw. Crofts*
  • Gillott Rt. Masbro
  • Gillott Thos. Masbro
  • Goodwin Wm. Whiston *
  • Harrison Geo. Westgt*
  • Hutchinson Geo. Masbro
  • Johnson J. Quarry Hill *
  • Kirk Fras. Talbot ln*
  • Kirk Saml. Masbro
  • Lomas John, Westgt*
  • Martin Geo. Westgt*
  • Mills Jas. Wellgt*
  • Roberts Jph. Masbro
  • Roberts Sml. Pigeon ln*
  • Stocks Thos. Millgt*
  • Styring Thos. Westgt*
  • Twigg Wm. Masbro
  • Wharin John, Millgt*
  • Wildsmith T. Ravenfield*
  • Wilson Wm. Masbro

Cabinet Makers,

  • Bell Jas. Wm. High St
  • Blackmoor Jno. Wstgt
  • Coe David, Bridgegt
  • Peniston Jph. Wellgt

Chain Manufacturers,

  • White W (&bed screw) Masbro
  • Woodger Wm. Masbro; h Doncastergt

Chemists & Druggists,

  • Dewsnap Fdk (and dentist) Church St
  • Fleck W H & Co. Msb
  • Haywood John, Bdgegt
  • Laycock Hy. High St
  • Newton Jacob, High St
  • Norman Wm. (and soda water mfr) Donegt
  • Roberton Cornelius, Bgt
  • Platt Edmd. High St
  • Woodhead John, Hst

Chemists (Manfg),

  • Aldred John, Wellgt
  • Beatson John and Wm. (vitriol, soda ash, chloride of lime, &c) Msb

Colliery Owners,

  • Chambers Geo. Wilton, Holmes; h Clough
  • Fitzwilliam Earl Pkgt


  • Ibbotson Fras. High St
  • Jessop Geo. High St
  • Sales Eliz. Bridgegt
  • Turner Wm. Bridgegt
  • Wortley Eliz. Mkt pl


  • Brunt Wm. Westgt
  • Fields Wm. College St
  • Hepworth John, Mkt pl; h Wellgate
  • Joel Wm. Wellgate

Corn Factors,

  • Didsbury Thos. Wellgt
  • Fletcher Edw. Donegt
  • Foster Wm. Donegt
  • Goodwin Jno. J. Westgt
  • Moorhouse John, Dgt
  • Swift Jph. Wheathill
  • Wheatley Ts. Water ln; h South grove
  • Wright John, Masbro

Corn Millers,

  • Hodgson Jas. Westgt
  • Jackson Jno. Canklow
  • Tasker Ellen, Bgt


  • Booth John, College St
  • Gillott Thos. Donegt
  • Hamlet Wm. High St


  • Wells W. Wellgt
  • Wilson Thos. Mkt pl
  • Wood Robt, Mkt pl

Earthenware Mfrs (see Swinton & Rawmarsh),

  • Taylor Jph. Rt & Son, Masbro

Fire Iron Mfrs,

  • Nicholson Jsha. Masb
  • Sandford & Yates, Masb

Fire & Life Office Agents,

  • Atlas, W F Hoyle, Wsgt
  • Guardian, J Oxley, Bgt
  • Leeds & Yorks. And Law Life, T Badger, H St
  • Phoenix, W H Fleck, Masbro
  • Sheffield, Jno W Potter, High street
  • Sun, E J Heseltine, H St
  • United Kingdom, Joseph Bamforth, Mkt pl
  • York & North of England, Jph. Bamforth, Mkt pl


  • Dobson Geo. Bridgegt
  • Fligg Geo, Donegt
  • Wood Jph, Donegt
  • Wood Wm. Wellgt

Flax Spinners,

  • Johnson Matw & Son (and Doncaster)

Fork Manfrs,

  • Bennett W. Pigeon ln
  • Bletcher Wm. Wellgt
  • Hanby Thos. Crofts

Furniture Brokers,

  • Cox Thos. Wellgate
  • Needham John, Ch St

Gardeners &c,

  • Firth Jph, Market pl
  • Lister Thos. Wellgt
  • Montgomery Wm. Mktp
  • Mortimer Saml. Mkt pl
  • Oxley John, High St
  • Worstenholme T. Wellgt

Glass Manfrs,

  • Booth & Blunn, Catcliffe
  • Close & Clark, Masbro

Glass, China and Earthenware dealers,

  • Adams Wm. Westgate
  • Greenwood John, Wsgt
  • Hill Benj. Market pl
  • Johnson Thomas, Dgt

marked * are tallow Chandlers and + bacon and cheese factors also

  • Adams John, High St
  • Bagnall Wm. Masbro+
  • Bingley Wm. High St
  • Calton Jane & Co Bgt
  • Crossby Wm. Bgt
  • Goodwin Jno. Jas. Wsgt
  • Jubb Thos. Bgt * +
  • Nightingale C. Wsgt *
  • Pullin Henry, Bgt
  • Rhodes Rd. Masbro *
  • Smith Jph. Masbro
  • Tomlinson Henry, Msb
  • Townend Joe. Coll St
  • Turner Wm. Bridge gate
  • Whittles John, Wsgt +
  • Wigfield Mary & Son, High St*

Hair Dressers,

  • Bellamy Rd, Bgt
  • Crookes Thos. Ch St
  • Evans John, High St
  • Goodier Rd. John Clst
  • Hague Wm. (perfumer) Church St & Bgt
  • Oldfield Matilda (perfumer) High St

Hatters - marked * mfrs,

  • Barker W. H. High St
  • Crossby Benj. H St
  • Dobbs John, West gate
  • Gillatt Thos. Wsgt *
  • Hauge Wm. Ch St*
  • Robinson Rd. High St
  • Sellars Joe, Ch St*
  • Turton Jas. Wsgt*

Hosiers &c,

  • Barker Wm. Hy. Hst
  • Brown Rebecca, Hst
  • Creswick Mary, Hst
  • Richardson Wm. Market place & Sheffield
  • Rushforth Wm. Coll St
  • Sharpe Ann, Wellgate
  • Waites Sarah, Church St

Inns & Taverns,

  • Angel Inn, Rt. Needham, High street
  • Angel (Old) Ann Corbitt, Bridge gate
  • Black Bull, John Young, Masbro'
  • Black Hors, Ann Nicholson, High street
  • Black Swan, Mary Bray, Crofts
  • Blue Bell, W,. Perkins, market place
  • Boot & Shoe, Elizabeth Wightman, Bridge St
  • Bridge Inn, Wm. Ward, Masbro
  • Butcher's Arms, George Dobb, Crofts
  • Cleaver, Joseph Turner, Wellgate
  • College Inn, John Hudson, College street
  • Cross Daggers, George Greaves, High street
  • Cross Keys, Rd. Rising, Crofts
  • Crown Inn, (commerl & post house) Jonathan Shaw, High street
  • Crown & Anchor, Wm. Horner, Masbro
  • Cutlers' Arm's, Benjamin Flockton, Westgate
  • Dusty Miller, T Alwood, Westend
  • Elephant & Castle, Saml. Goodall, High St
  • Fitzwilliam's Arms, Jph Cooper, Parkgate
  • George Inn, Jph. Hobson, Parkgate
  • Grapes, Sarah Hobson, Crofts
  • Greyhound, Wm. Twigg, Masbro
  • King's Arms, J Hunter, Doncaster gate
  • Mail Coach, Eml. Jarvis, Wellgate
  • Nag's Head, J Taylor, Market place
  • Old Ring of Bells, Ann Kirk, Church St
  • pack Horse, Wm. Babb, Doncaster gate
  • Plough, Ts. Shaw, Msb
  • Rd Bar, Jph, Cooke, Bridge gate
  • Red Bull, Wm. Smith, Masbro
  • Red Lion, Ts. Knowlson, Bridge gate
  • Royal Oak, Mary Smith, Market place
  • Ship Frs. Kirk, Mkp
  • Ship. W. Horsfield, Msb
  • Spade Bone, Bnj. Brown, Masbro
  • Three Cranes, W,. Huff, High street
  • Three Tuns, W Pearson, Wellgate
  • Travellers' Inn, James White, Westgate
  • True Briton, Ths. Smith, Westgate
  • Vice & Hammer, Wm. Flockton, Masbro
  • Waggon & Horses, Mary Crossland, Masbro
  • Wellington Inn, Frances Wild, Westgate
  • Wheat Sheaf, Jno. Wilson, Doncaster gate
  • White Hart, Edw. gray, Bridge gate
  • White Swan, Ths. Smith, Westgate

Beer Houses,

  • Bagnall Wm. Masbro
  • Brunt Wm. Westgate
  • Challenger Geo., Wlgt
  • Clegg Wm. Westgate
  • Copley Jas. Westgate
  • Dobb James, Wellgate
  • Fox Joseph, Masbro
  • Godley George, Dgt
  • Gregory Saml. Domini, Well lane
  • Harris Martha, Wlgt
  • Jackson Margt, Wsgt
  • Langthon as. Wsgt
  • Marshall Geo. Bgt
  • Norburn Chas. Wlgt
  • Ross Hy. Quarry hill
  • Scurrah, W,. Jph Wlgt
  • Steer Thos. Westgate
  • Vinter John, Market pl
  • Wade Saml. Westend
  • Walker John, Wellgate

Iron Manufacturers * are scrap Iron Mfrs,

  • Birmingham Tin plate co. Parkgate. Wm. Swan & Jtn Sanders, mngrs
  • Habershon Hy & Jph J (rollers and slitters) Holmes *
  • Knowles & Brown (rollers & Slitters) Rotherham Iron Works *
  • Sandford and Yates, (patent axle's, engine work &c) Phoenix ironworks
  • Walker Jsa & Co. Msb


  • Bayliffe Wm. Radford, High Street
  • Crawshaw Wm. (&Silver smith) High St
  • Greenwood John (& patten maker) Wsgt

Iron Bar Merchants,

  • Bayliffe W R. High St
  • Favell Wm. Westgate
  • Fleck Wm & Co (and lead & glass bottle) Msb


  • Arundel John, Crofts
  • Athey John, Dgt
  • Blackmoor John, Wsgt
  • Cox Thos. Wellgate
  • France Jph, Westgate
  • Gee Geo. Oilmill fold
  • Holdsworth John, Bgt
  • Hudson W,. Bgt
  • Jubb Wm,. (and paper hanger) Crofts
  • Smith John, Masbro'
  • Thornton John, Wstgt

Lime Burner,

  • Blagden Wm. Masbro

Linen & Woollen Drprs,

  • Calton Jane & Go, Bgt
  • Cowen & Dixon, Hst
  • Earnshaw Wm. Hst
  • Law Thos. High street
  • Smith Robert, Wstgt
  • Taylor Geo. Bgt


  • Bentley Robt, Westend
  • Chrimes Edw. Mkp
  • Harrison John, Msb
  • Marsh J B, Low Ickles
  • Marsh Robt, Ickles
  • Nightingale Chas, Wstgt
  • Owen John, Westgate
  • Oxley John, West gate
  • Parker & Co, Pigeon lane
  • Pullin Hy Bridgegate
  • Wheatley T. West grove


  • Cromack Mary, Clst
  • Cryer Mary, Wlgt
  • Fox Ann, Masbro'
  • Hague Harriet, Westgt
  • Haines Ann, Wsgt
  • Kitson Sarah, Crofts
  • Rye Ann, Westgate
  • Savile F. Wellgate
  • Thompson E. Crofts


  • Hall John, Masbro'

Nail makers,

  • Aldred Hy. Dgt
  • Easton Wm. Wellgate
  • Favill Wm. Westgate
  • Gordon John, Wstg
  • Greenwood John, Wsgt
  • Norburn Saml, Wlgt
  • Wilkinson Jph. Wsgt


  • Hague Thos. Church St
  • Hardy Geo, Millgate
  • Hudson Robt, Bridge gt
  • Jessop John, Crofts
  • Kesteven James, Gas yd


  • Jenkinson Saml. Wlgt
  • Leadbeater Geo. Bgt

Plumbers & Glaziers,

  • Binks Ts. (& gas fitter), Westgate
  • Chrimes Edw and Sons, Market place
  • Watson John, High St

Rag Dealers,

  • Downing Isaac, Westgt
  • Greenwood John, Wsgt
  • Jackson Abm. Wsgt
  • Smith Jph. Masbro'

Rope & Twine makers,

  • Green John, Wsgt
  • Green Jph. Masbro'
  • Hattersley Jas. Wsgt
  • Law Richard, Masbro'
  • Newton Jph. Wellgate
  • Worth Dd. Westgate
  • Worth Wm. Wsgt. Gn


  • Darwent Thos. Wlgt
  • Hick George, College St
  • Killner Hamer, Hst
  • Mower John, Mktpl
  • Smith John (saddle tree maker) Westgt

Saw Mills,

  • Hick Wm. Masbro'
  • Robinson & Dean, Msb
  • Tyas John & Cpr Wlgt

Seed Crusher,

  • Parker Francis, Ickles


  • Alcock John, Wellgate
  • Banks Chas. Wellgate
  • Beckitt Thos. Westend
  • Bell James, Masbro'
  • Bellamy George, Crofts
  • Boulton Wm. Wlgt
  • Bowstead James, Msb
  • Brown Sarah, Bridge gt
  • Coleburn Eliz. Coll St
  • Clarke Hannah, Wlgt
  • Crossby Matthew, Hst
  • Godley Wm. Masbro
  • Greenwood John, Wsgt
  • Harrison John, Msb
  • Jackson Ann, Dgt
  • Jackson Hannah, Clst
  • Jubb John, West gate
  • Moody Benj. Crofts
  • Morton Elizabeth. Wlgt
  • Needham Betty, Wlgt
  • Oxley John, High St
  • Richardson Chs. Wsgt
  • Senior Wm. Masbro'
  • Sharp Ann, Wellgate
  • Sharp Mary, Wellgate
  • Talford John, Bgt
  • Tasker Ellen, Bgt
  • Taylor Wm. Hy. Wsgt
  • Usherwood Wm. Msb


  • Jarvis George, Talbot ln
  • Jarvis John, Talbot ln
  • Walker J & Hy. Wsgt
  • Walker Wm. Coll St

Spade and Shovel mfrs,

  • Sandford & Yates, Msb
  • Slack Thos. Masbro'
  • Wragg Geo. Masbro'

Spade Handle mfrs,

  • Robinson & Dean, Msb
  • Tyas J & Co. Quarry hl

Starch manufacturers,

  • Woodhead Rd. Jas. and John, Westgate

Stay Makers,

  • Jepson Jane, College St
  • Proctor Wm. Wsgt
  • Shillito Jas. Dgt

Steel Converters, (Shear Steel mfrs &c),

  • Grant Alex & Co. Msb
  • Habershon H & J J (rollers and slitters) Holmes Mill
  • Oxley Wm. & Co. Parkgate Steel Works
  • Stubbs Peter, Rothrm Steel works, (and file manfr. Warrington) J Kekwick manager

Stone Masons,

  • Booth John, (flag and slate mert) Westgt
  • Dobb Charles, Crofts
  • Dobb John, Wlgt ter
  • Moore George, Millgate
  • Taylor John, Water lane

Stone Quarry Owners,

  • Beaumont Geo. Wellgate
  • Birks Joseph, Moorgt; h Boston Castle
  • Wheatley Thos. Moorgt

Straw Hat makers,

  • Barr Cath. Market pl
  • Dearnely and Booth, Doncaster gate
  • Rowse Ann, College St
  • Scott Maria, Westgate
  • Sisson Wm. Westgate
  • Wragg Ann, Bridge gt


  • Copeland Hy. Wellgt
  • Robinson John, Wellgt
  • Shearman Edw. Mkp
  • Wilkinson Hy. Wellgt
  • Wilkinson James, Mkp

Tailors, marked * are also Drapers & Clothes dealers,

  • Aldred Geo. Wellgate
  • Barker Wm. Henry, High street*
  • Cowen & Dixon , Hst*
  • Crapper John, Chst*
  • Crookes Wm. Masbro*
  • Crosby Benj. High st*
  • Evans Joseph, Crofts
  • Gilling John, Wellgate
  • Gordon John, Church st
  • Hague John, Chst*
  • Law John, High street
  • Lidster Geo. Westgate
  • Myers George, Bgt*
  • Myers Wm. Masbro'
  • Robinson Rd. High st*


  • Brunt William Inman, Westgt: h, Wellgate
  • Iredale John and Co, Westgate

Timber, Stone & Slate merchants,

  • Gillot George Shaw, Masbro'', h, Wellgate
  • Gillot Jn. Masbro' bdg
  • Singleton John, Masbro' h The Cottage

Miscellany of trades

  • Tin plate - See Iron,

Tobacco manufacturers,

  • Wigfield Mary & Son, High street

Turner (Wood &c),

  • Gregory Samuel, (iron &c) Park gate
  • Lent Geo. (and chair maker,) Bridge gate
  • Robinson & Dean, Msb
  • Tyas J & C, Quarry hl

Umbrella maker,

  • Scott Matthew, West gt

Veterinary Surgeons,

  • Bingham Jas. West gt
  • Bingham Jas. jun. (and castrater & cow leech) Market place
  • Griffith Edw. West end

Watch maker, * are also jewellers also,

  • Ashe Edward, Well gt
  • Crawshaw Andrew, High street*
  • Denton Fred, High st*
  • Farnill W,. Mkp*
  • Hatersley Isaac, Tln
  • Mason John, Church st


  • Copeland Jno. Masbro'
  • Crosland Joshua, Msb
  • Fleck Wm. H & Co, Masbro
  • Horsfield Wm. H & Co, Masbro


  • Coward John, Wellgate
  • Crowther John, Crofts
  • Lockwood Rt. Masbro
  • Steer Thomas, Westend
  • Thornton John, Westgt


  • Heppenstall Jn. Mkp
  • Holdsworth Wm. Vic ln
  • Kimpster Hy. (and boiler maker) Masbro

Wine & Spirit merts,

  • Carters & Holdsworth Mkp (and Howden)
  • Clark and Nightingale, Millgate
  • Pratt, Sar & Co. Coll st
  • Taylor George, Parkgt

Worsted mfrs,

  • Newbut Hy. Masbro
  • Rushforth Wm. Coll st

Coaches from the Crown Inn,

  • Transit to York at ½ p 7 mg & to Sheff. ½ p 7 evg
  • Eclipse to Doncaster, at ½ p 10 mg & to Sheff. 4 aft
  • Times, to Sheff. ½ p 8 mg & to Lincoln &c 1/2p 2 aft
  • Comdr in chief, to Sheff. ½ p 1 aft and to Docaster ½ p 6 evg
  • Red Rover to Thorne ½ p 5 mg

Coaches from the Pack Horse,

  • Royal Mail to Louth ¼ p 9 mg and to Sheff ¼ bef 3 aft
  • Union to Doncaster 1/2p 10 mg & to Sheff ¼ bef 3 aft
  • Pelham to Lincoln ¼ p 5 mg & to Sheff 1 aft
  • Gig Mail to Sheff 1 aft & to Doncaster 4 aft

Coaches from the Crs Daggers,

  • Invincible to Sheff 10 mg and 6 aft

Coaches from the Ship Inn,

  • Umpire to Doncaster Sat, 8 mg, Sun 3 aft, & Mon 10 mg. To
  • Sheff. Sat 5 evg & Sun & Mon 6 evg
  • Criterion to Sheff at 11 mg and 6 aft
  • Cars to Sheffield every half hour

Water Carriage,

  • Don Nav Co's Wharf, vessels daily to Sheff, Doncaster, Hull &c, J Copeland, agent
  • Bridge Wharf, the Humber Union Co's vessels to Hull &c twice a week; Fleck & Co agents
  • Hanh. Thompson and Geo Taylor's vessels to Sheff and Hull, weekly
  • Thos Smith, once a fortnight to Lancashire

Miscellany of trades Carriers (by land), marked 1 put up at the Cleaver, 2 Pack

  • Horse, and 3 Wheat Sheaf,
  • To Barnsley, E Wilkinson, Pigeon ln & J Handley, Masbro Tu & to Doncaster Wed and Sat
  • 1 Blyth, M Kirkby, Fri
  • 3 Doncaster, Geo Birley & Jno Adams, Tu Th & Sat
  • 1 Gainsbro, Hibberson's waggon, Mon & Thu, 3 aft & to Sheff Wed and Sat
  • 1 Lincoln, Wm, Harrison & W Crampton, Mon and Thu, 3 aft
  • 2 Pontefract, See Wath
  • 1 Retford, Geo Smith, Tue and Fri 4 aft
  • Sheffield, Thos. Myers, Bridge gate; John Handley, Masbro; and Edw Wilkinson, from Pigeon ln daily at 10 morning
  • 2 Thorne, Mary Jackson, daily
  • 2 Tickhill, Geo Malkin; Tue and Fri evgs and A Embley, Wed and Sunday morning
  • 3 Wath, Wm Moore, Mon Tue & Thu
  • 2 Wath, B Blackburn, Mon Tu & Thu
  • 2 York, Thos Dawson, Monday and Friday

Transcribed by Susan Johnson. ©2000