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ROTHERHAM: Rotherham Church Rate Roll, 1627

The Church Rate was a tax formerly levied in each parish in England and Ireland for the benefit of the parish church. Out of these rates were defrayed the expenses of carrying on divine service, repairing the fabric of the church, and paying the salaries of the officials connected with it. The church rates were made by the church wardens, together with the parishioners duly assembled after proper notice in the vestry or the church

The inhabitants within the town of Rotherham, for and towards the disbursementes of the Churchwardens, for the Parish of Rotherham, made 21st day of March 1627.

Highe Street, beginning at Hood - Crosse
William Swifte, alias SavageGilbert Wilkinson
Robert CutforthaghEdward Moorcock
Uxor CadeWilliam Murgetroides
Richard Mountenay, Esq.Nicholas Cousin
Henry RevellRobert Birkhead
Henry BasforthWidowe Rigg
Widowe TippingFrancis Sayton
Elen Okes, widoweWilliam Rowbotham
Nicholas SelvesterThomas Wilkinson
Widowe FarmerWilliam Greene
Robert WinterJohn Cutforthagh
John JonsonJohn Lambe
John RichmontJohn Parken
William StayndroppHenry Gardiner
Rolland ShepleyThomas Sheplay
Lewis ShepleyFrancis Dickenson, Senior
Idem, for the Inne called the CrownWilliam Tailler, Fellmonger
William StarkeMr Usher
William ParkinRobert Edmonds
Thomas HaworthElizabeth Tickhill
Mathew BaxterAnthony Hall
Richard Bell
Talbott Lane and Crofts
Thomas BrodebentHenry Ellis
Thomas CoatesWidowe Cutforthe
Oliver SlatterRalph Dolphin, alias Lister
Elizabeth KayThomas Hole
Edward DuckworthWilliam Marsden
William PollardJohn Tailler
Richard HornerFrancis Dalton
Thomas Lawe
Nicholas SpademanNicholas Carr
Thomas GallandBrien Ingle
John FrendLeonard Watton
Nicholas HallRosamond Roe, Widowe
Richard GreggMargaret Tinker
GascoigneAdyn Binny
Thomas ParkinWidowe Tailler
Widowe CutfortheJohn Wilkinson
William LansdaleWidowe Winter
Richard Winter, MillarRichard Winter
John BurrowsAndrewe Clayton, Senior
Valentyne TymeRychard Gyllott
Widowe PinderThomas Pattrick, Senior
John Cutler, SheatherJohn Nowell
John Cutler, CutlerToby Gorton
William DidsburyWidowe White
John SunterHugh Hawksworth
Widowe BlackburneWidowe Browne
George MarshallWilliam Holland
Widowe ColteWilliam Rodes
Thomas SwiftWillfrey Trone
Robert StonesWilliam Cooke's wife
William StanyforthJohn Drue
Michaell NicollsHenry Dikes
Thomas TurnerAnne Bellfield
Thomas LinleyJames Cheny
Robert ChenyRichard Johnson
Robert HallSimon Johnson
Robert LetchworthChristofer Marshall
Thomas BridlerWilliam Greene, sheather
William GreavesWilliam Austwick
Robert ParkinWidowe Kenrick
James BallJohn Crowder
Robert TinkerWilliam Brookhouse
Henry SpoonerHenry Cutfortha
Francis LeeNicholas Hatfield
John Smith, CoblerRobert Greaves
John TophamRobert Picknell
James MarrtenJeffrey Woollen
John NorthThomas Marshall
John JepsonWilliam Lee
Thomas SherwoodWilliam Holmes
Thomas WolfeThomas Walker
Rolland RobinsonNicholas Billan
John SpoonerUxor Stevin
Edward TurnerNicholas Swifte
Ridding and Moore - Yate
Malim LaweAlexander Machon
Robert MachonJohn Tatton
Francis West, gentlemanMr Charles Tooker
Thomas Coe
Market Sted.
Andrew TowersThomas Brooke
William ShaweRobert Creswick
Henry ShaweBartle Galland
Anthony BensonHenry Lilley, Senior
William Scholey, TannerDaniell Tottle
Lewes WestThomas Fisher
John SavageRalphe Brodebent
Robert SwatheWidowe Warde
John BullockWilliam Worrall
Robert WaddieRoger Charlesworth
Henry SitwellJeffrey Revell
Christofer MaweChristofer Revell
Hughe SwifteRobert Stones
West Side of the Churchyard
Thomas CutforthaWilliam Greenwood
Robert PettieWidowe Barton
William Clayton, InnkeeperFrancis Dickenson, Junior
Nicholas ArdronWilliam Carr
Milne Gate
Thomas CorkerFrancis Rewald
Thomas CheethamRichard Fulcher
William HallHenry Mason
Gilbert BarnsbyRichard Nailler
Robert Corker
North Side of the Churchyard
John GrauntWilliam Barton
Richard FletcherRichard Westall
Mrs SwifteNicholas Benson
Widowe WilsonWidowe Holmes
Robert JohnsonThomas Storke
Robert TaillorRichard Bonner
James AldamNicholas Lonley
John FirrelAnne Hinche, widowe
Alexander ClaytonWidowe Gorton
William ThomsonRichard Williamson
Widowe BowerRobert Stather
Thomas WatsonWidowe Eyre
Thomas OkeRobert Dodsworth
John Smith, CoblerEdward Worrall
Robert CooperMr Rollinson
Thomas ClaytonThomas Jubb
Francis JacksonWilliam Baynes
Edward CheethamWilliam Salterthwait
Henry RichmontNicholas Fisher
Widowe OkesEdward Mason
John Oldfield
Jesus Gate
Peter HeardsonHenry Shent
Henry BettsJohn Hutchanson
Mrs DarleyRobert Cousin
George HirstWilliam Marrow
William WrightWidowe Taillor
Edward HutchansonHenry Lilley, Junior
Leonard RiggJohn Smith, Cowper
George MurgethoideChristofer Cutler
Richard WalkerMabell Clay
Thomas MannAnthony Rogers, Senior
Anthony Rogers, JuniorRichard Sandes
Nicholas ThomsonWilliam Penystone
Doncaster Gate
William BellGodfrey Eyre
George RiddallRobert Shawe
Phillip FletcherThomas Brown
Nicholas MarsdenWidowe Lansdale
Rolland LansdaleWidowe Wilson
Alexander ThomsonBartholomewe Hunter
William MitchellWilliam Birkhead
William Malim, gentleman
John SeynorLewis Oxspring
Thomas CollyHenry Slack
Henry TaillorClement Knipe
Richard HolgateRobert Roides
Ralph GreggWilliam Parkin, Labourer
Richard FisherThomas Jackson
James RollinsonRichard Hawkrigg
William BlockeRoger Senyor
Edmund AdamsonRalph Smith
Robert SenyorJohn Thomson
Roger NortonRobert Thomson
Thomas AntronThomas Dorer
James RobuckWidowe Jackson
Henry NicholsonMichaell Greenhaughe
Richard HinchcliffeWilliam Rigg
Robert FisherJohn Fisher
Paul FisherWilliam Trippett
Thomas Patrick, JuniorVincent Harvey
Thomas AllenHenry Savage
Thomas TwiggRobert Holmeshire
Robert PinderGeorge Lockwood
Thomas GreggJohn Marsden
Leonard MartinJames Allomby
Robert ParkinLewis Oxspring
John WoodWilliam Tym
John WilliamsRichard Inkersell
Richard Smith
George SheemeldRalphe Hill
Robert ButtonChristofer Clarke

Transcribed by Jack Parry © 2010
from original transcriptions by
Wath and Mexborough Archives
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