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ROTHERHAM: Rotherham Church Rate Roll, 1724

The Church Rate was a tax formerly levied in each parish in England and Ireland for the benefit of the parish church. Out of these rates were defrayed the expenses of carrying on divine service, repairing the fabric of the church, and paying the salaries of the officials connected with it. The church rates were made by the church wardens, together with the parishioners duly assembled after proper notice in the vestry or the church

Assessment made on the inhabitants of the Town of Rotherham, for the reliefe and subsistance of the poor of the said Township for ye year ensueing at two pence in the pound, the sixteenth day of May 1724.

[Showing owners of a house, except as shown otherwise]

William Bagshaw, for ye College Orchard and Gardens Richard Oddy, for Eastwood Farme John Tooker Esquire, for his house and the Towne Land, Eyres Land and Bell Closes. One acre of my Lord's land, lately held by Mr Darwent, Mr Wilkinson for Clayton Farme and land, late Mr Darwent's 15 acres of ye Parsonage Land, the privy tythes, Tolls, and Potters Land, part of Ridding Farm, 4 acres of land late Darwent's, and 5 acres of Mr Stanforth's land.

High Street George Hebden, for ye White Horse, and half an acre of land Thomas Hunt, for ye house wherein Jn. Johnson lives Mr Wilkinson Tenn acres of Mr Doen's land Jn. Clarke and croft Joseph Marshall Mathew Goodall Nicholas Turner Robert Cundell, and land Mr Oddy Mrs Foljambe Mr Lord, and land Mrs West Thomas Carr Thomas Littlewood John Wilson Mr Peirson Mrs Cooper, and Chappell Grounds Dan. Eyre John Scorah Widow Gray Mr Brown, and land Mr Blythe

Dovecoatre Yard and Orchard Mr Turner, shoppe Mr Ratcliffe, shoppe Mr Coppendale, shoppe Mr Wildsmith, shoppe Mr Mandervile For his Maltrooms in Millgate Mr Ropers Mr Bellamy Thomas Legard, and shoppe Thomas Shent Mr Bellamy John Pashley Mr Wentworth, stable and shoppe Mr Sorbie Mrs Kirgarth Mr Beverley Four acres Mr Cowley's, and four late Mr Darwen's William Carr Mrs Eyre Thomas Machin Gervas Woodhead, and land Mr Wharam Gilbert Hamerton, for his house and land, and three roods of Mr Mandeville's land John Bradley William Smith Joseph Barton, for his house, land and shoppe Ten acres of Mr Wentworth's land Two acres of Cuzen's land Twenty two acres of Mr Aslabie's land, and Ten acres of late Mr Darwent's land - William Hudson

Beast Market Thomas Hunt, for his house and for ye Barn and Stable, Mr. Wentworth's George Boothe, of Brookhouse William Hall Bettey Peard John Cawthorne Charles Popplewell John Burnley, for one acre of land Bartholomew Jones and land Two acres and a half of Mr Aislabie's and and three acres of Thomas Jarvas' land Godfrey Foster, and six acres of land Thomas Best

Westgate John Millington George Birber Robert Cutforthay William Parkin James Foss Ruth Stones Joseph Greenwood Robert Glegg Mr Aislabie, for his house, Radley Room, and Greenwood Stables James Crosland Thomas Radley, and land John Fretwell Thomas Hall Joseph Bottemley Jn. Scamadine, and land one acre, and shoppe Mr Wilson Mr Braithwaite Thomas Cutlar Philip Scholey, for his house, and Mr Cowley's land, four acres of Mr Stanyforth's and part of Ridding Farm. Sam. Parsonson, for house, land and quarry Francis White, for his land and quarry John Potter Lyonell Abson Richard Eyre, for his house and hamper yard William Arnold, for his house and Roods Croft James Johnson Richard Pugh William Hall John Hawkesworth Abraham Arnold, house and shoppe William Eastwood, house and three acres and three roods of land Thomas Robart's Dan. Spencer Barton, house and shop Ambrose Wild Samuel Lumley William Murfin Robert Howgill, for his house and croft Thomas Pygate John Wild John Henfrey William Henfrey, for four acres of Gill's land Charles Staniland, for his house and Mechrooms, two acres of land, croft and close Thomas Wright Mr Langley for Thomas Scorah's house Widow Medlam Mr Chadwick, for his house and 19 acres John Collingham Thomas Paley James Hattersley Mr Bothomley Richard Oddy, Senior, for his house and 1 acre Mr Staniforth's land Henry Oddy Thomas Rawson, for his shoppe Mrs Moore John Hydes Thomas Scholey, house and shoppe in the Shambles Mr Down's house and Shepp Walk Close Twenty eight acres of land, late Winter's Farm Ralph Bennett, house and Car Croft Robert Kent for his shoppe John Killinger, shoppe empty John Kirk, for his shoppe Joseph Nightingale Mrs. Kent Vincent Harvie, for his house and shoppe John Ludlam John Cundell, for his shoppe Mr Burton, for house and shoppe late Shent's Mrs Langley George Oldham, and land George Skafe, for his house, shoppe and land John Kaye, for his houseand 2 acres land Six acres late Stock's land and nine acres Mr Aislabie

Church Lane George Fields Samuel Vintin, and land Mr Hirst, for Jn. Firth house and one acre land Mr Beverley for his house in Millgate Mr Hutchinson Thomas Jarvas for his house and three acres Mr Crowley's land

Millgate Thomas Jarvas and three acres land The Great Tythes Four acres of my Lord's and one acre Cutlar's land Three acres of Mr Stanyforth's Two acres late Mr Boulton's, and Dove Coat Yard and Croft And three acres land late Jones' William Smith Robert Wood Widow Pheasant Thomas Bradley John Higgins William Eyre, for his house and shoppe

Briggate Widow Wilkin John Ashley William Wainwright William Corker Francis Oxley John Cundell Gilbert Hamerton George Barmby Mr Edmund Haigh Two acres of Steele's land Seven acres of Gill's and Ponzonby's late Pashley's Six acres late Mr Darwent's and four, late Mr Boulton's Russell Croft John Thompson William Smith Thomas Robert Widow Spencer Edward Clarke, for his house and shoppe Mr Binks Archibald Hall George Smith for house and Maltrooms John Fox George Fewtrell for his house and land Nicholas Robinson Joseph Mayor for his house and Bakehouse

Jesus Gate John Corker Thomas Lambert Widow Corber William Downs Thomas Whitwell Matthew Pashley for his house, 26 acres and 3 roods land Samuel Cundell Mr Oddy for Mr Tomlinson's house Thomas Sayles James Best Thomas Stevenson Mr Wordsworth Lawrence Thompson for his house and Shop with Shambles Eleven acres of Mr Wentworth's land William Pashley Edward Pinder

Doncaster Gate Head John Slack, and land Richard Hammerton Four acres and a half of Mr Staniforth's and 1 acre Mr Moore's land John Taylor Robert Blankley John Blankey Joseph Denton John Wild Four acres of land late Sorbie's. 2½ of Tagg's Five acres and ½ of Mr Down's land

Wellgate Thomas Gilbert Thomas Clayton Francis Richardson for 11 acres land Robert Needham John Oldale Mr Mercator Robert Howett Thomas Renshaw John Button, for his house and land Jonathan Hudson Edward Jenkinson Richard Lovedge Samuel Vintin for Thomas Maxfield's house Part of Ridding Farm Three acres of land and the Mills William Howard Phillip Heppingstall John Kay George Pashley Mr John Pashley Mr Ratcliffe for part of Ridding Farm John Armitage

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Wath and Mexborough Archives
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