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ROTHERHAM: Rotherham Poll Tax, 1368-79 (translated from the Latin)


The indenture between the assessors and collectors of the subsidy for the West Riding is dated, Monday next, after the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross, 3rd. Richard the second., and witnesses that 53 rolls have been delivered to the collectors, in which the names of all persons in the West Riding being the age of 16, and not notorious mendicants, and the sums charged on each according to their state, and degree are fully set down. [1378 / 79.]

William Lyster, and Agnes his wife [Lyster11d
John, his servant3d
Alice, his servant3d
Robert Hogges and Joanna his wife3d
John Nutte, and Agnes his wife3d
Peter de Fetherstone and Isabell his wife3d
Robert Kene and Elena his wife3d
Thomas Prentys, and Alice his wife3d
Joanna Foughie3d
Nicholas Taylor and Isabella his wife3d
John Pereson and Joanna his wife [Taylor]5d
Ralph of the Schage [Schaw or Wood?]3d
Jul Taylor3d
Joanna, daughter of the same3d
John, servant of Adam Symmeson, and Alice his wife3d
Richard Chapman and Joanna his wife [Spicer]5d
William Bugge and Alice his wife [Bakester]11d
John de Bereslay, and Elizabeth his wife3d
Robert, his servant3d
Walter, his servant3d
William, his servant3d
Matilda Candeler3d
William de Wynkelay, and Christiana his wife3d
Thomas Mason3d
Richard de Palden, and Cecily his wife3d
John, his son3d
Adam Symmeson, and Alice his wife [Souter][Shoemaker]5d
Beatrice Skinner3d
John Webster, and Agnes his wife3d
John Wyker, and Letitia his wife [Shereman]5d
John Wyker, and Agnes his wife [Shereman]5d
Joanna Swerdsliper3d
William Wykyn, and Katherine his wife3d
William, his servant3d
John Suenesone, and Alice his wife3d
John Cady and Letitia his wife3d
William de Wolehouse and Margaret his wife [Ironmonger]11d
John de Wynteworth3d
Robert Warde and Joanna his wife3d
John de Chesterfield and Joan his wife3d
Richard Taylor, and Emma his wife [Taolor]5d
Alice, his maidservant3d
Adam Mawher, and Agnes his wife3d
John, his son3d
Ralph Lyster, and Juliana his wife3d
Thomas, his servant3d
William Kene, and Margaret his wife [Osteler]11d
Alice his maidservant3d
Alice Marschell3d
John Lovetes [or Louot] and Alice his wife [Walkere]11d
Isabell, his daughter3d
Alice, his maidservant---
John Gardiner, and Beatrice his wife [Walker]11d
Emma Bugges3d
John Milner3d
William Mennotes, and Constance his wife3d
Roger Sparowe, and Joanna his wife3d
William Pawesone, and Joanna his wife3d
Elizabeth Chaloner3d
John Chaloner, her son3d
John, his servant3d
Richard De Mapelbeck and Beatrice his wife [Webester]11d
Richard Palmer [Masone]11d
Letitia, his maid3d
John de Riggeby, and Elizabeth his wife [Taylor]5d
Margaret De Brampton3d
Henry Del Kerre and Beatrice his wife [Webester]5d
Robert De Addewykes and Beatrice his wife [Smyth]5d
John, his servant3d
Robert De Hundeschelfs3d
Isabell Nettemaker3d
William Kanner and Isabell his wife3d
Simon, his brother3d
Robert de Rodes, and Isabella his wife3d
Robert Wyker, and Margaret his wife [Webester]5d
Richard Shaloner, Alice his wife [Coverle Weaver]11d
Ad. Celeman Joan his wife3d
John Wright, Cecilye his wife3d
Robert, his servant3d
Henry de Estwode, Alice his wife [Taylor]5d
John, his son3d
William Hering, Joanna his wife3d
Gilbert Kyrkman, Joanna his wife3d
John Kyrkman, Joanna his wife3d
Godfrayd, Agnes his wife3d
Agnes Hylswadoghter ? [his daughter?]3d
William Wahh, Joanna his wife3d
Peter Carter, Joanna his wife3d
William Hunschelf, Agnes his wife3d
John Braunton, Elizabeth his wife3d
John, his son3d
Joanna, his maidservant3d
Eliseus Walsh, Alice his wife3d
Ibota Arkmaker3d
Robert Godde, Elena his wife3d
Matilda Swynherd3d
Thomas Tubb [Souter]3d
Matilda Tubb3d
Ibota Waferer3d
William Sclatter3d
Elena, his maidservant3d
Thomas Godeale3d
John Mersburgh, Elisota his wife [Marchant]10d
Alice, his maidservant3d
William Wahh3d
Rosa, a maid, John Mershburges3d
John Carter, his servant, Alice his wife3d
Robert Godde3d
William Ledbeter, Elena his wife3d
Robert Schapman, Marjory his wife3d
John Delhome3d
John De Dalton, Emma his wife3d
William Lambbe, Marjory his wife [Smyth]5d
John De Wyrsoppe, Joanna his wife3d
William, his servant3d
Robert De Bolum, Ibota his wife [Marchant]5d
Robert, his servant, Alice his wife3d
Henry De Bolum, Agnes his wife [Osteler]11d
Alice, his maidservant3d
John Bugg, Emma his wife3d
Robert Marschall, Alice his wife [Smyth]5d
William, his servant3d
David Walscheman, Margaret his wife3d
John Barbot3d
Ralph Ponay, Cristiana his wife3d
Nicholas Bakster, Cristiana his wife [Baker]5d
William Hayward, Margaret his wife3d
Nicholas Palden, Agnes his wife [Draper]11d
David Walschman, his servant3d
Alice, his maidservant3d
Robert Ferour, Joanna his wife [Smyth]5d
Margaret Garlek3d
Agnes, her daughter3d
John De Wyntwerth, Clementina his wife [Taylor]5d
Thomas Le Dey De Estwode, Marjory his wife3d
Joanna, his daughter3d
Richard Folyot, Lucy his wife [Walker]5d
Constance, daughter of Lucy3d
Agnes, her daughter3d
Robert Law [Draper]11d
Agnes, his maid3d
John, his son3d
Robert Bradlay, Alice his wife [Bakester]5d
John Mode3d
John Wycot, Elisot his wife3d
John, his servant3d
John De Estwode, Agnes his wife3d
John Wynne3d
Richard Creswill, Cristiana his wife3d
Thomas Bakester, Beatrice his wife [Osteler]10d
Thomas, his servant3d
Margaret, his maidservant3d
William Dellawhe, Cicily his wife3d
Thomas Butchar, Agnes his wife3d
William Butchar, Johanna his wife3d
William Kene, Ibota his wife3d
Agnes, wife of Mathew3d
Matilda, his daughter3d
William of Baddesworth, Margaret his wife [Bakester]3d
Thomas, his servant3d
John De Dreton, Juliana his wife [Taillor]5d
John Fox, Marjory his wife [Smyth]5d
Agnes, his maidservant3d
William Moton, Idonia his wife3d
Richard Sparkes, Alice his wife [Sadeler]5d
Matilda Broune3d
Katherine, her daughter3d
Elisot Del Pecke3d
John De Mapples, Alice his wife [Scynner]5d
Thomas Bolashegh, Alice his wife3d
John Forssaund, Isabell his wife3d
Symon Gardinerman, Margaret his wife3d
Eliseus [Carpenter] Cartwryth, Elesot his wife5d
William, his son3d
John Mabill, Emma his wife [Draper]11d
John De Palden, Issabell his wife [Berker][Tanner]10d
Margaret, his daughter3d
Cibell, his maid3d
Richard Plummar, Agnes his wife3d
Joanna, his daughter3d
John Houll3d
Alan Webster, Emma his wife [Webster]5d
Alice Herynge3d
Eliseus [or Elisot] Adam3d
Beatrice Barbot3d
Agnes, Gef daughter3d
John Crane, and Alice his wife3d
John Dolfyn, and Agnes his wife3d
John De Rufforth, Emma his wife3d
Adam Skotte, Beatrice his wife3d
Rosa Cartewryth [Maltemaker]5d
Alice, her maid3d
Elizabeth Crane3d
John Gryse, Agnes his wife3d
William De Mapples, Margaret his wife [Berker]11d
Rosa, his daughter3d
John, his son3d
Thomas Breustar3d
Roger, servant of William Mapples3d
Richard Lofland [Losland?]3d
Robert Savage, Matilda his wife3d
Richard Note, Joanna his wife3d
Elena, daughter of Walter3d
John Prentis, Eilianora his wife3d
Robert De Roderham, Alice his wife3d
John Legge [Taylor]5d
William De Brampton3d
John Frere3d
Robert Cartowryth [Carpenter]5d
Alice, his maid3d
Robert Bugge, Emma his wife3d
William Pekalman [Fleswer]5d
John, his servant3d
Adam Spicer, Elizabeth his wife [Spicer]5d
Alice, his maid3d
Beatrice Atyawell3d
Roger Westryn, Amicia his wife3d
Thomas Wryth, Beatrice his wife3d
William, his servant3d
Joanna Buldour3d
Katherine Skynner3d
Gilbert Barker, Christiana his wife3d
Cicily Baker3d
William Schepe, Cicily his wife [Smyth]5d
William Baker [Baker]11d
Marjory, his maid3d
Ibota, his daughter3d
Robert, his servant3d
John Loueday3d
William Kneyte, Margery his wife3d
Richard Baker, Elena his wife3d
John Colt, Katherine his wife3d
John, his son3d
Richard Butwhayt, Joanna his wife3d
Agnes, his daughter3d
Magota Bugge3d
Joanna, her maid3d
Robert Sadeler, Emma his wife3d

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