ROTHERHAM: Rotherham Officers of the Volunteer Infantry, enrolled August 1803

Joshua Walker, Clifton House, Ironmaster, Banker, etc., Lieutenant Colonel, Commandant

Thomas Walker, Masbrough House and Berry Hill, Mansfield, Ironmaster and Banker, etc., Lieutentant Colonel

Samuel Oliver, Rawmarsh Rectory, Wine Merchant, Major

William Tancred, Rotherham, Retired Army Colonel, Captain

Thomas Wright, Rotherham, Brewer, Captain

Joseph Wheatley, Rotherham, Attorney, Captain

John Oxley, Junior, Rotherham, Attorney, Captain

Edward Place, Eastwood House, East Indian Nabob, Captain

Thomas Butler, Thurcroft, Retired East Indian Naval Captain, Captain

John Barnsley, Rotherham, Grocer, Captain

John Roodhouse, Rotherham, Brewer, Captain

Robert Whitehead, Herringthorpe, Farmer, Lieutenant

Joseph Johnson, Rotherham, Plumber etc., Lieutenant

George Harvey, Rotherham, Wine Merchant, Lieutenant

Philip Hunt, Rotherham, Bank Manager, Lieutenant

James Carlton, Rotherham, Grocer, Lieutenant

William Glossop, Rotherham, Draper, Lieutenant

George Halley, Rotherham, Manager of Steel Works, Lieutenant

Robert Beatson, Masbrough, Manufacturing Chemist, Lieutenant

John Wainwright, Rawmarsh, Pottery Manufacturer, Ensign

John Lambert, Rotherham, Draper, Ensign

Thomas Chapman, Rotherham, Draper, Ensign

? Barker, Rotherham, Wine Merchant's Clerk, Ensign

Thomas Lee, Morthen, Farmer, Ensign

William Steel, Rotherham, Grocer, Ensign

John Beatson, Masbrough, Manufacturing Chemist, Ensign [SEE ABOVE]

Joseph Flint, Rotherham, Druggist, Ensign

Thomas Bayliffe, Rotherham, Vicar, Chaplain

Joseph Turner, Rotherham, Surgeon

J. Turner, Rotherham, Assistant Surgeon

William Thatcher, Rotherham, Captain and Adjutant

William Dyson, Rotherham, Bank Clerk, QuarterMaster

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