Thorpe Hesley, War Memorial transcription


Rotherham parish:

Thorpe Hesley, War Memorial transcription:

The War Memorial in the Churchyard at Thorpe Hesley.

The front of the Memorial: (see also Photo)

To the glory of God
and in honoured memory of
the brave and gallant men
of this village
who fell gloriously
for their country in
the Great War
1914 - 1919
also of those of war
1939 - 1946

Flt Sgt A Beard
Sqn Ldr R P Coldwell DSO DFM
L/Cpl E Fletcher
Pte C Moxon
Gnr A Parkin
Pte K Stocks
Pte J Watson
AB N Whitham
AB W Whitham

"Greater love hath no man
than this that a man lay down
his life for his friends"

The left hand side of the Memorial: (see also Photo)

Pte C Arnold
Cpl F Matthews
Cpl F Stacey
Bdr A Stacey
Lieut C Cutt
L/Cpl W B Binder
Gnr C H Mallinson
Pte M Willey
L/Cpl J W Bamforth
L/Cpl S Greensmith
Pte H Burgin
Pte E Hague
Pte T Sylvester
Pte W A Witham
Pte H Green
Sgt M Law
Pte C Spreckley
Pte A Layte
2nd Lieut W Wright DCM
Pte F Mallinson

The right hand side of the Memorial: (see also Photo)

Pte S Trueman
Pte W Hague
Pte R Moran
Pte J Stenton
Spr G H Watson
Pte C Justice
Pte E Moorby
Pte J Swift
Pte E Moxon
Sgt E Stacey
Pte G Collins
Pte P Cooper
Pte W Sylvester
Pte D Armstrong
Pte C Portman
Gnr H Needham
Pte H Peart
Pte H Stewart
Pte A Rushton
Dvr R Northcliff

Data transcribed by
Haydn Scott
from photography by Colin Hinson