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Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for ROYSTON in Pigot's Directory of 1834.

Gentry & Clergy,

  • Armstrong Rev. Charles E. Hemsworth
  • Ball Miss Elizabeth, Royston
  • Bayldon John, esq. Royston
  • Bayldon Mrs. Susannah, Royston
  • Bellamy Rev. Jesse (curate) Darton
  • Dehenne Rev. Louis (catholic) Hemsworth
  • Fletcher Mr. Henry, Royston
  • Fletcher Rev. John (vicar) Royston
  • Foster Mr. William, Royston
  • Harrison Mrs. ---, Hemsworth
  • Hodgson Mr. Robert, Haigh wall
  • Ibeson Mr. James, (surgeon) Hemsworth
  • Marchant Francis, M.D. Hemsworth
  • Marville Rev. John, Wragby
  • Olroyd Mr. John, Royston
  • Rogerson Mr. Thomas, Royston
  • Routh Mr. Christopher, Royston
  • Spoforth Rev. Richard (curate) Royston
  • Stocks Mrs. Elizabeth, Royston
  • Tempest Mrs. Elizabeth, Hemsworth
  • Thexton Rev. Thomas, Darton
  • Vincent Lieut. Col. Lane ends, near Hemsworth
  • Wilkinson Rev. Robert (vicar) Darton
  • Winn Charles, esq. Nostell priory, Wragby
  • Wright Rev. Gervase (curate) Hemsworth

Academies & Schools,

  • Bugg Harriet (boarding) Royston
  • Denton George, Hexborough
  • Fores Ann, Hemsworth
  • Grammar School, Darton --- Rev. Thomas Thexton, head master
  • Grammar School, Hemsworth --- Rev. John Baines, head master
  • Grammar School, Royston --- Rev. William Cockcroft, head master
  • Holdham Henry, Royston
  • Pimberton Sarah, Hemsworth


  • Atkinson George, Wragby
  • Bennett Thomas (& boat builder) Kexborough
  • Brook Martin, Staincross
  • Gower John, Royston
  • Hanson George, Hemsworth
  • Hill Thomas, Royston
  • Storrs William, Mapplewell
  • Ward John, Darton

Boot & Shoe Makers,

  • Brook Joseph, Royston
  • Gascoigne Thomas, Hemsworth
  • Holcroft Richard, Darton
  • Prince Samuel, Darton
  • Richardson David, Wragby
  • Rowley John, Hemsworth
  • Skelton Samuel, Mapplewell
  • Taylor Samuel, Wragby
  • Totty George, Royston
  • Wagstaff Benjamin, Kexborough


  • Bailey Robert, Royston
  • Dickenson John, Staincross
  • Johnson John, Kexborough
  • Overend Timothy, Mapplewell
  • Smith John, Royston

Chymists - Manufacturing,

  • Hall George, Blacker dyke
  • Ward George, Swallow hill

Coal Dealers,

  • Broadhead George, Royston
  • Gleddle Thomas, Royston
  • Gleddle William, Royston
  • Longley James, Royston
  • Rogerson Timothy, Royston
  • Wilson Samuel, Royston


  • Allon Thomas, Royston
  • Milner John, Royston
  • Sudbury John, Royston
  • Treeble George, Royston
  • Woodcock Joseph, Royston

Joiners & Cartwrights,

  • Athron Joseph, Hemsworth
  • Banks William, Hemsworth
  • Booth John, Wragby
  • Eastwood James, Staincross
  • Gill George, Hemsworth
  • Hallett James, Staincross
  • Rollinson George, Royston


  • Booth James, Wragby
  • Patrick Joshua, Hemsworth
  • Robinson John, Hemsworth

Nail Manufacturers,

  • Barton Peter, Royston
  • Gouldthorpe James, Staincross
  • Mounsieur William, Staincross
  • Shaw George, Staincross
  • Shaw Joseph, Staincross
  • Walton Thomas, Staincross

Shopkeepers & Dealers in Groceries & Sundries,

  • Akroyd William, Royston
  • Dickenson John, Staincross
  • England Paul, Hemsworth
  • Mounsieur William, Mapplewell
  • Moxon John, Kexborough
  • Oliver Joseph, Hemsworth
  • Patrick William (& draper) Hemsworth
  • Wood Joseph, Kexborough

Stone Masons,

  • Blakeley Samuel, Royston
  • Carr Richard, Hemsworth
  • Dawson Thomas, Royston
  • Duvoll John, Hemsworth
  • Taylor Thomas, Staincross


  • Broughton Thomas, Hemsworth
  • Hallett George, Mapplewell
  • Hepworth Thomas, Wragby
  • Lisle Edmund, Hemsworth
  • Rodwell Thomas, Royston
  • Wood Nathaniel (& draper) Mapplewell

Taverns & Public Houses,

  • Anchor, Ann Broadhead, Royston
  • Anvill, Thomas Hill, Royston
  • Blue Bell, John Stephenson, Hemsworth
  • Boot & Shoe, George Hirst, Bench lane end
  • Dragon, William Slater, Wragby
  • George & Dragon, Ann Woodcock, Hemsworth
  • King's Head, Ann Jackson, Hemsworth
  • Malt Shovel, Sarah Chambers, Darton
  • Old Pack Horse, Thomas Silverwood, Royston
  • Old White Bear, George Hanley, Kexborough
  • Ram, John Johnson, Kexborough
  • Ring of Bells, Hannah Lavrock, Royston
  • Rose & Crown Inn, Thomas Carr, Darton
  • Talbot, George Hallett, Mapplewell
  • Wentworth Arms, Timothy Overend, Mapplewell


  • Allot Joseph, retailer of beer, Kexborough
  • Allot William, retailer of beer, Kexborough
  • Bolland James, plumber & glazier, Hemsworth
  • Coward Samuel, bleacher, Swithen
  • Dickinson John, miller, Darton
  • Dixon William, wheelwright, Kexborough
  • Hinchliffe & Crowther, woollen dealers, Hemsworth
  • Horbury John, wheelwright, Kexborough
  • Lee William, retailer of beer, Hemsworth
  • Peckett Benjamin, retailer of beer, Darton
  • Proctor & Watson, coal proprietors, Shafton
  • Rogerson Thomas, retailer of beer, Royston
  • White Abraham, saddler, Hemsworth

Transcribed by Steve Garton. ©2000