Letwell Marriage Registers for 1869 to 1959


Letwell Marriage Registers for 1869 to 1959

DateGroom NameGroom SurnameGroom ParishAgeOccupationGroom notesBride nameBride SurnameBride ParishAgeBride notes
12 08 1869PhilipPARRYShepherd's Bush27AccountantSon of Thomas Sparke Parry, MerchantMary AgnesPOOLE 22Daughter of Thomas Poole, Vicar of this Parish
20 12 1869JohnMARSDENRossington44GardenerWidower - Son of Peter Marsden, LabourerHarrietWESTRANLangold21Daughter of George Westran, Gardener
30 01 1873StephenBROWNStirton, Stow, LIN26LabourerSon of Stephen Brown, FarmerSarahBURCHBYLangold28Daughter of George Burchby, Woodman
22 06 1874WilliamWHITEConisborough24LabourerSon of John Benjamin White, LabourerHarriet MaryRADLEY 24Daughter of John Radley, Labourer
26 11 1878WilliamWHITTINGTON 24LabourerSon of Richard Whittington, LabourerAlicePARR 19Daughter of George Parr, Brick Maker
17 01 1881JohnWARD 32LabourerWidower - Son of Samuel Ward, TailorMaryCLEWEY 25Daughter of Thomas Clewey, Colliery Manager
26 12 1881RobertDRINKWATERAttenborough, NTT22Lace MakerSon of Charles Drinkwater, Lace MakerFannySTOCKS 21Daughter of Joseph Stocks, Labourer
02 01 1882William HenryJACKSONScolton21LabourerSon of John Robert Jackson, LabourerAnnie ElizabethLAWSON 20Daughter of John Lawson, Labourer
15 06 1882Charles DentonNICHOLSONStainton28FarmerSon of Richard Nicholson, FarmerElizabeth HaywoodSALMON 23Daughter of Henry Salmon, Farmer
29 11 1886ArthurKIPLING 22LabourerSon of William Kipling, LabourerAnnie ElizabethBELLAMY 21Daughter of Henry Bellamy, Farmer
08 11 1887ThomasPEARSONEdlington25LabourerWidower - Son of James Pearson, LabourerHarriet MaryLAWSON 23Daughter of John Lawson, Labourer
29 11 1887Thomas SimpsonPILGRIM 26LabourerSon of John Pilgrim, LabourerMariaLAWRENCE 18Daughter of George Lawrence, Foreman
06 12 1888PeterTOMLINSONDoncaster31LabourerSon of Robert Tomlinson, FarmerMary EmilyFISHER 27Daughter of Reuben Fisher, Shoemaker
09 09 1897Thomas HenryWADEFirbeck26CarpenterSon of Edwin WadeFrances EdithFISHER 29Daughter of Reuben Fisher, deceased Shoemaker
17 03 1898HenryFLETCHERWalkley, Sheffield28Commercial TravellerSon of Richard Fletcher, BuilderLouisaHALLLangold20Daughter of William Hall, Farmer
17 04 1900Herbert TinsleyTAYLORMaltby24GentlemanSon of William Taylor, Gentleman's CompanionElizabethBROOMFIELD 25Daughter of Thomas Broomfield, deceased Solicitor
31 10 1904JamesFARNABYHambleton, Morton39FarmerSon of Thomas Farnaby, deceased FarmerTamarBOYESWeaventhorpe29Daughter of John Humphrey Boyes, Farmer
20 07 1905Samuel GeorgeGURNHILLDinnington36FarmerSon of Samuel Gurnhill, FarmerGertrudeROLLITT 26Daughter of William Rollitt, Farmer
24 12 1906ArthurTHORNHILL 25Farm LabourerSon of Thomas Thornhill, LabourerAnnieSPENCER 22Daughter of James Spencer, Foreman
02 09 1907James EdwardTHOMPSON 23GroomSon of William Edward Thompson, BakerHannahWALKER 21Daughter of George Enoch Walker, Gardener
01 10 1907John ScottBOOTHROYDGildingwells27FarmerSon of William Boothroyd, FarmerMaryBUTLER 27Daughter of William Butler, Gentleman
30 08 1909Lewis AlfredNORTHEND25 Laughton Road, Old Trafford, Manchester26JournalistSon of John William Northend, PrinterFrancesROLLITT 27Daughter of William Rollitt, Farmer
19 04 1910Louis Alfred BrookeSMITHFive Ways, Parkstone31MarinerSon of Alfred William Brooke Smith, Captain, R.N.R.Margaret Frances StillingfleetBEANLetwell Rectory24Daughter of Henry Stillingfleet Bean, Clerk in Holy Orders
22 05 1911Herbert TrevernePARKINSON 24JoinerSon of Herbert Treverne Parkinson, FarmerAnnieRUSHBYOldcoats19Daughter of Samuel Rushby, Farmer
16 05 1912Charles HenryBRAMFORDFirbeck23LabourerSon of John Bramford, LabourerEmmaWATKINSON 24Daughter of Frederick Watkinson, Labourer
10 06 1912HerbertFULLARDLittle Gringley25LabourerSon of Charles Fullard, LabourerAliceWATKINSON 21Daughter of Frederick Watkinson, Labourer
09 12 1914William ArnoldGINNEVERScolton22ChauffeurSon of John William Ginnever, LabourerFlorence EdithHILEY 24Daughter of Fred Hiley, Carter
14 08 1916MarkRADFORDH.M.Forces @ Spurn Head25 Son of Joseph Ward Radford, LabourerEdith FlorenceRADLEY 24Daughter of Charles Radley, Labourer
26 06 1924Harold RowlesSMITH 30OpticianSon of Thomas Rowles Smith, CaptainFlorence Mary ElisabethBRYAN 26Daughter of John William Bryan, Farm Foreman
02 11 1929CecilMELLEYWoodsetts21MinerSon of William Melley, deceased MinerRubyDEAKIN 19Daughter of Owen Deakin, Miner
10 09 1930James KenMCGILL203 Carlton Road, Worksop30ClothierSon of John McGill, deceased ButcherDoris Elizabeth AnnLACKENBY 29Daughter of Robert Lackenby, Farmer
08 09 1934GeorgeNEEDHAM 26MinerSon of John George Needham, SmallholderGladysWOOLLEY 22A Domestic Servant, daughter of Alfred Woolley, Council Labourer
01 01 1935ErnestNEEDHAM 22ClerkSon of John George Needham, SmallholderHilda MaryCOLEMANLangold, Blythe20Daughter of Edward Anderson Coleman, Butcher
18 07 1936WilliamANDREWLangold Farm43Farm BailiffSon of John Andrew, deceased FarmerElizabethMANSERGHLangold, Blythe49A Storekeeper, daughter of William Mansergh, deceased Gold Prospector
27 04 1937Samuel EdgarBATTYNorth Farm67FarmerWidower - Son of William Batty, deceased FarmerLucy MabelBROWNIvy Lodge, Firbeck49A Teacher, daughter of Stephen Brown, deceased Codman
12 06 1937Charles ElvinDYKECarlton in Lindrick27Farm WorkerSon of Albert Dyke, Surface WorkerMary ElizabethBARNES 25A Domestic Servant, daughter of Arthur Barnes, deceased Farm Worker
29 09 1940HughGOREThe Rectory25R.A.F. Pilot OfficerSon of Henry Charles Gore, PhotographerNora PhyllisWESTLEYNorth Farm24Daughter of Walter Nicholas Westley, deceased Contractor
26 04 1941Raymond ArthurCOMMONS5 Nursery Road, Ringwood26Lance Bomber, R.A.Son of George Commons, deceasedDoris IreneWHITEHEAD 21Daughter of Douglas Whitehead, Surfaceman
12 08 1944DenisTOMLINSON20 Highfield Road, Rithall nr Nottingham28Electricity Tariff AdvisorSon of Claude Tomlinson, Colliery ClerkJean ChristineHARTMAN 23Daughter of Louis Lamb Hartman, Accountant
22 09 1945GarnettCLAUGHTONManor Farm, Firbeck23R.A.F. Mechanic NoraSILVESTERBurr Farm, Gildingwells20Daughter of Frank Silvester, Farmer
13 03 1946FrankMARRIOTTGildingwells29FarmerSon of Thomas Marriott, deceased FarmerGraceHINCHCLIFFEGildingwells25 
26 03 1951VictorNEEDHAM 31ClerkSon of John George Needham, Dairy FarmerMurielBARKERWorksop25A Clerk of the Priory, daughter of Joseph Robert Barker, Miner
22 12 1951Ronald ArthurSPENCERAirey Houses23Farm LabourerSon of Arthur Spencer, Farm LabourerMargaretELMORE11 William Street, Langold20A Domestic, daughter of Fred Elmore, Collier
10 12 1953George Patrick WadhamFARNSWORTHHome Farm, Gildingwells24FarmerSon of John Henry Farnsworth, FarmerMargaretRHODESNorth Farm, Gildingwells22Daughter of Percy Rhodes, Farmer
16 07 1955Terence WingfieldGRUNDY2 Rodman Street, Woodhouse Mill20ClerkSon of Frank Grundy, retiredMaryCOULDWELL15 Woodsetts Road, Gildingwells23Daughter of George Couldwell, Woodworker
04 08 1956George EdwardBANNISTER23 New Road, Firbeck34PlumberSon of William Bannister, deceasedFredaARMSTRONG4 Barker Hades Road23Daughter of James Frederick Armstrong, Boilerman
11 08 1956Leslie TurnerJONESStation Lane, Crew Greenford, SAL26G.P.O. EngineerSon of Charles Jones, deceasedNormaKENNEDY17 Gildingwells Road23Daughter of ? ?, Sawyer
21 12 1957Peter AverySCOTT14 Mellish Road, Langold25BricklayerSon of Clarence Scott, deceasedIvyBARKER16 Barker Hades Road22Daughter of Joseph Robert Barker, Miner
29 03 1958Arthur DerekGOSTHINGToll Bar Bridge, Firbeck20DriverSon of Arthur Gosthing, Agricultural WorkerElsieCOULDWELL15 Woodsetts Road, Gildingwells21Daughter of George Couldwell, Sawyer
29 11 1958Godfrey AlexanderMONTRIEThe Cottage, Rose Banks, Fernhill Heath, WOR23Farm ManagerSon of Gordon Alexander Montrie, Sales ManagerJoan MaryBURCHBYChurch Lane31Daughter of William Francis Burchby, retired Police Officer

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