SAINT JOHNS: Throapham Marriages, 1840-1889


DateGroom NameGroom SurnameGroom NotesAgeGroom ParishStatusOccupationBride nameBride SurnameBride NotesAgeBride ParishStatus
05 07 1840HenryBOWERSon of George, Type Founder21Sheffield Type FounderLydiaSMITHDaughter of Nathaniel, Merchant21 Gentlewoman
11 02 1841WilliamBAGSHAWSon of Robert, Labourer Kiveton, HarthillWidowerServantSarahTURNERDaughter of James, Labourer Gildingwells 
17 02 1841JohnFIELDINGSon of John, InnKeeper Sheffield MerchantMaryWRAGGDaughter of John Sampson, Farmer DinningtonWidow
05 05 1841ThomasRODGERSSon of Joseph, Tailor Clowne FarmerMarthaSMITHDaughter of George, Labourer Gildingwells 
03 07 1841JosephKEMPSon of Samuel, Excise Officer Dinnington JoinerElizabethTRAVISDaughter of William, Farmer Carlton 
02 10 1841JosephOLDALESon of George, Farmer Dinnington FarmerElizabethLESITERDaughter of Jervis, Farmer DinningtonMinor
12 01 1843JohnLESITERSon of Jervis, Farmer Wickersley FarmerAlice JaneSAMPSONDaughter of John, Farmer Dinnington 
24 09 1843JamesWHITESon of James, Farmer & Land Valuer Moorgate, Rotherham Land ValuerHannahHAWSONDaughter of George, Farmer WheatHouse, St.John's 
24 12 1843MatthewHODSONSon of Samuel, Labourer Todwick LabourerElizabethBILLAMDaughter of John, Labourer   
31 05 1847JohnOLDALESon of George, Farmer Dinnington, St.John's FarmerMaryLESITERDaughter of Jervis, Farmer Dinnington 
10 05 1849DavidMAKINSONSon of Joseph, InnKeeper Dinnington InnKeeperElizaFOSTERDaughter of John, Watch & Clock Maker Dinnington 
14 01 1851ThomasWHITFIELDSon of Samuel, Woodman Dinnington WoodmanAnnWINFROWDaughter of George, Miller & Farmer WickersleyMinor
28 10 1852GeorgeBOOTHSon of John, Farmer Anston FarmerIsabellaLESITERDaughter of Jervis, Farmer Dinnington 
23 08 1853GeorgeHOLMES  Sheffield  JanePIGOTT    
22 06 1854WilliamLOCKWOODSon of Abraham, Cordwainer Laughton LabourerMaryHAYWOODDaughter of Samuel Bleaksley, Labourer Dinnington, St.John'sWidow
22 06 1856ThomasFISHERSon of James, Farmer Dinnington, St.John's FarmerRebeccaINMANDaughter of George, Farmer Dinnington 
24 11 1856JosephHALLSon of William, Labourer Dinnington FarmerElizaBROOMHEADDaughter of Joseph, Labourer Dinnington 
13 11 1857JohnHUNTSon of John, Labourer32Dinnington LabourerSarahHAWKESBYDaughter of John, Coachman20  
09 03 1858WilliamRAMSDENSon of John, Farmer Ranskill, Blyth ButcherAnnWOODDaughter of George, Labourer Carr 
03 05 1858GeorgeEGLEYSon of William, Labourer Laughton LabourerElizabethSTARKEY  Laughton 
14 11 1858DavidMAKINSONSon of Joseph, InnKeeper DinningtonWidowerInnKeeperJaneCLAYDaughter of William Reed, InnKeeper DinningtonWidow
11 12 1860WilliamBURCHBYSon of George, Woodman   LabourerIsabellaBAGLEYDaughter of John, Labourer   
08 08 1861GervaseOLDALESon of Joseph, Farmer Dinnington  AnnFISHER  Dinnington 
24 09 1861WilliamMORTONSon of William, Labourer Dinnington LabourerElizaRACKHAMDaughter of James, ShoeMaker Dinnington 
19 12 1861GeorgeBULMERSon of John, Labourer Dinnington LabourerHannahBURROWESDaughter of John, Labourer Dinnington 
01 08 1864GeorgeHERRINGTONSon of Samuel, Labourer Rotherham  AnnBAGLEYDaughter of John, Labourer   
28 08 1864CharlesBLANDSon of Charles, Labourer Dinnington LabourerAnnBACONDaughter of William, Labourer Dinnington 
26 12 1864JohnLOCKWOODSon of Isaac, Labourer SandbeckWidowerLabourerAnnBRUNTDaughter of William Machin, Labourer  Widow
18 01 1865JobINMANSon of George, Farmer Laughton LabourerAnnBLANDDaughter of Charles, Labourer The Lodge 
21 05 1865EdmundLEAHSon of Edmund, Game Keeper Dinnington WoodmanAnnKAYDaughter of Thomas, Butcher Dinnington 
21 05 1866George HenryMAYSon of Benjamin, Carpenter27Sheffield PainterHarrietSNOWDENDaughter of James, Tailor23Dinnington 
17 12 1867WilliamALSOPSon of William, Mason Dinnington LabourerElizaHAYCOCKDaughter of George Dinnington 
16 09 1867Albert JosephSTAINTONSon of William, Grocer Northampton ReporterFannyALDAMDaughter of James, Farmer   
10 02 1868WilliamSERGISONSon of Thomas, WheelWright Whiston GrinderFannyBURROWESDaughter of John, Labourer Dinnington 
24 08 1868WilliamTAYLORSon of William, Farmer DinningtonWidowerLabourerSusannahGIBSONDaughter of Charles Fares, BlackSmith30DinningtonWidow
02 06 1869JohnBAGLEYSon of John, Labourer27  LabourerSaraTAYLORDaughter of James, Labourer23  
29 08 1870JohnDRAKE 22Harthill Police OfficerJaneJOHNSONDaughter of Robert26Lingodell 
12 09 1870JamesHARRISONSon of James, Labourer25Dinnington LabourerSarah AnnJEPSONDaughter of William, Labourer22Dinnington 
26 12 1870AlfredPARKINSon of William, Coal Miner Dinnington Coal MinerSarah AnnSNOWDENDaughter of James, Tailor24Dinnington 
08 10 1871JohnBARKERSon of Francis, Labourer DinningtonWidowerLabourerAnnHUTCHINSONDaughter of Steven Daws, Grinder DinningtonWidow
04 04 1872HerbertTAYLORSon of William, Farmer Harthill FarmerMary ElizabethCHILDDaughter of Joseph, Farmer Lingodell 
06 05 1872Samuel InmanTWIBELLSon of William, Farmer28Dinnington FarmerSarahOLDALEDaughter of Joseph, Farmer23Dinnington 
29 07 1872JamesMOSLEYSon of William, Labourer26Ulley LabourerMaryBAGGELEYDaughter of John, Farmer23  
15 05 1873FrancisWHITLAWSon of George, Labourer31Harthill LabourerMary ElizabethJOHNSONDaughter of Robert, Labourer23Lingodell 
31 07 1876AlfredSNOWDENSon of James, Tailor24Dinnington ButcherMary DanbyINMANDaughter of George, Farmer25Dinnington 
26 02 1877JohnCAMMACKSon of William, Labourer27Upton LabourerJaneMILNERDaughter of Lanzdike, Farm Bailiff17Thwait House 
04 10 1877Thomas EdwardMORRELLSon of Edward, Farmer Stainton FarmerAnnieCHILDDaughter of Joseph, Farmer Lingodell 
09 02 1882RobertFISHERSon of James, ShoeMaker30Dinnington ShoeMakerSarahOUTRAMDaughter of William, Labourer25  
03 06 1884EdmundOATESSon of George William, Traveller24Huddersfield Cloth FinisherElizabethWOODWARDDaughter of Samuel, Labourer22  
24 11 1885WilliamLOGENSon of Peter, deceased23Lingodell Farm LabourerElizabethOWENDaughter of Edward, deceased22Thwait House 
30 04 1889HenryRADLEYSon of Charles, Labourer22  QuarryManAnnieBULMERDaughter of George, Labourer20  
16 05 1889JohnGRATTONSon of George, deceased28  Farm LabourerSarahGREASBYDaughter of John, Tinner24  

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