Throapham Marriages, 1890-1909


Throapham Marriages, 1890-1909

DateGroom NameGroom SurnameGroom NotesAgeGroom ParishStatusOccupationBride nameBride SurnameBride NotesAgeBride ParishStatus
09 04 1894JosephPEATMANSon of John, Groom19  LabourerEllenWALKERDaughter of Alfred, deceased20  
14 05 1894JohnBROWNSon of John, Labourer22Wales LabourerClara SmithREVILLDaughter of Eliza21  
09 09 1894Charles WilliamSILVESTERSon of Thomas, Carter26Stainforth CarterSusannahWILKINSONDaughter of Matthew, Shepherd18Laughton 
11 10 1894Alexander DavidWILSONSon of Alexander, Engineer Kilham, Perthshire SurgeonSarah SophiaSALMONDaughter of Henry, deceased   
14 10 1894FredGRATTONSon of George, deceased21Laughton LabourerAlice MaryPARKERDaughter of John, Labourer19Laughton 
20 11 1894John ThomasHUNTERSon of Thomas, deceased25North Anston LabourerAnnieHIRSTDaughter of John, Labourer22Dinnington 
25 12 1894FrankPARKINSONSon of George, Farm Labourer26Laughton CarterBlanchePICKERINGDaughter of George, Foreman23Laughton 
13 05 1895FredPARKERSon of John, Labourer32Laughton LabourerSarah SophiaCOTTAMDaughter of John, BlackSmith26Slade Hooton 
23 09 1895William HenryKAYSon of Thomas, Collier20Woodsetts CollierSarah AnnWALKERDaughter of Alfred, deceased19Dinnington 
14 09 1896GeorgeBULMERSon of John, Carrier22Dinnington LabourerSarah LouisaGEORGEDaughter of Charles, deceased18Dinnington 
13 02 1897WilliamTHOMPSONSon of John, Miner20Dinnington MinerEdith Alice TrumanROWBOTTOMDaughter of Agnes17Dinnington 
07 06 1897WilliamWAININGSon of John, Farm Bailiff39 WidowerFarm LabourerEstherRODDISDaughter of Joseph, Farm Labourer28  
14 06 1897JesseBURGESSSon of John, Farm Labourer24Thwait House Farm LabourerSarah AnnROTHERFORTHDaughter of George, deceased20Thwait House 
11 04 1898Thomas William CockerillCOBORNESon of Thomas, deceased27Worksop OutfitterSarah ElizabethHOPKINSONDaughter of Herbert, Farmer25Lingodell 
19 08 1901GeorgeMATHERSon of Samuel, deceased27Ridgeway CollierSarah AnnBROWNDaughter of John, deceased21Thwait House 
08 04 1902HenryBULMERSon of John, deceased50 WidowerCarrierElinorSILVESTERDaughter of Robert Fisher, Gentleman40 Widow
30 08 1902HarryDANCESon of William, Keeper23Laughton MinerFrancesBAGGELEYDaughter of John, Labourer25  
27 12 1902Reginald ThomasKINGSon of John William, Steel Maker23St.Marks, Sheffield Steel MakerAnnie Adelaide MaudHAILWOODDaughter of John, Works Manager23  
11 03 1903Charles WilliamDAWSONSon of George, Iron Master36Chapeltown Iron MasterFlorence EdithSKINNERDaughter of Samuel, Gentleman31Throapham Manor 
18 01 1904WalterSMITHSon of Henry, deceased24  LabourerEmilyWALKERDaughter of Alfred, deceased25  
26 03 1904CharlesHILLSon of John, deceased47Dinnington MinerEdith ElizabethCLIFTDaughter of Stephen Williams, Farmer36DinningtonWidow
13 03 1905ArthurWINTERSon of William Henry, Winder23  ElectricianEthel MayLANEDaughter of Thomas, Pork Butcher20  
12 04 1906William HoltDYSONSon of William, Manager26  Mining EngineerCatherineFISHERDaughter of Henry, Gentleman Dinnington 
04 06 1906JamesWESTHEADSon of Thomas, Gardener27Dinnington LabourerAdaSHARPEDaughter of Frederick, Labourer27  
17 07 1906Thomas WilsonTAYLORSon of George, deceased47 WidowerPlumberCatherine MaryWRIGHTDaughter of Henry Rowley, Miner46 Widow
25 08 1906DickGIBBONSSon of George, Engine Driver32Dinnington Colliery Coal MinerSarah FrancesHANDSDaughter of Thomas William, Coal Miner24Dinnington Colliery 
04 11 1906Harry SmithKEEGANSon of Henry, BrickLayer22Dinnington Colliery MinerMaryNEWBYDaughter of John, deceased25Dinnington Colliery 
13 11 1906DennisBACONSon of John, QuarryMan22Anston MinerMaryBATEMANDaughter of Moses, Miner19Dinnington 
23 01 1907SamuelDAYSon of Samuel, Miner34 WidowerBuilder & ContractorFlorenceMALEDaughter of Charles Henry, Miner23  
31 03 1907AlfredYOUNGSon of Walter Zachariah, Farm Labourer23Dinnington Colliery MinerWilliaminaRICHARDSONDaughter of Albert, deceased20Dinnington Colliery 
20 05 1907Joseph BullockFLINTSon of William Bullock, deceased27Todwick Road MinerSarah JaneHARRISONDaughter of James, Miner31Todwick Road 
17 08 1907AlbertNOONSon of Thomas, Miner21Dinnington MinerMinnieHILLDaughter of Robert, Miner25Dinnington 
25 12 1907JohnNEWBYSon of John, deceased28Dinnington Colliery MinerRosaSHORTDaughter of Jepson, Minedr19Dinnington Colliery 
14 03 1908Walter LawrenceWALLISSon of Joseph, Cabin Man24Green Cottages MinerNellyBROWNDaughter of German, EngineWright20Green Cottages 
07 06 1908John WalterSHORTSon of Thomas, Miner20Dinnington Colliery MinerLouisaHANDSDaughter of William Thomas, Miner21Dinnington Colliery 
02 08 1908George WilliamWALLERSon of John James, Winder22The Terrace, Dinnington MechanicAnnieLAISTERDaughter of Percival, Carpenter17The Terrace, Dinnington 
21 09 1908Stanley Abraham RichardSMITHSon of Richard, Labourer25Barley Croft Lane LabourerFlorenceWALKERDaughter of Alfred, Labourer25Barley Croft Lane 
28 10 1908John HenryHAWKESon of Martin, Labourer26  BlackSmithAnnice BrewerTURNERDaughter of Elizabeth19Lodge Farm 
18 11 1908HerbertSMITHSon of Joseph, Miner21  MinerAgnesHOWEDaughter of William Henry, Miner21  
30 11 1908GeorgeJOHNSONSon of George, Miner20Laughton Road MinerFlorenceHILLDaughter of Henry, Miner21New Street 
25 12 1908LeonardUNWINSon of George, Miner23  MinerAda NellieHOWELLDaughter of Frederick Henry, Traveller21Rotherham 
01 05 1909Thomas AlfredGOULDINSon of Thomas Alfred, Miner2320 Doe Quarry Lane MinerClaraROYLESDaughter of George James, deceased18Doe Quarry Lane 
31 07 1909LeonardWORTHINGTONSon of William, BlackSmith20  MinerMaryWILKINSONDaughter of Matthew, Labourer20  
04 09 1909Charles ThomasSCOTTSon of Henry, Labourer21  MinerBeatrice FlorenceBURGESSDaughter of Benjamin, Miner20Rotherham Road 
31 10 1909GeorgeBAKERSon of John, Labourer25Laughton LabourerAnnieSTENTONDaughter of Peter, Labourer20  

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