Throapham Marriages, 1910-1929


Throapham Marriages, 1910-1929

DateGroom NameGroom SurnameGroom NotesAgeGroom ParishStatusOccupationBride nameBride SurnameBride NotesAgeBride ParishStatus
29 01 1910JamesROYLESSon of George James, deceased21Recreation Terrace Coke ManRosaBULMERDaughter of Henry, Labourer18Recreation Terrace 
12 02 1910George WilliamPARKESSon of Joseph, deceased20Firbeck Terrace MinerMillicent WalkerCLAYEDaughter of Joseph, Miner17Firbeck Terrace 
05 06 1910HenryHILTONSon of Thomas, Farm Labourer20Dinnington Farm LabourerEthelTURNERDaughter of Alfred, Farm Labourer19Dinnington 
09 07 1910George ThomasTWIGGSon of William, Foreman28New Street, Dinnington LabourerMatildaFOSKITTDaughter of Benjamin, deceased19New Street, Dinnington 
16 07 1910George OrbellWOODSSon of James, deceased283 Clumber Terrace MinerHarriet AnnPARKSDaughter of Joseph, deceased232 Clumber Terrace 
05 11 1910ArthurGUESTSon of John, deceased29Halifax TerraceWidowerMinerSusannahCADWELLDaughter of James, Miner20Halifax Terrace 
21 11 1910David JosephWALKERSon of Alfred, deceased21Barley Croft Lane MinerEdith MayJARVISDaughter of John, deceased21Barley Croft Lane 
26 12 1910Arthur JamesJEPSONSon of Joseph, Labourer21Stone LabourerMary ElizabethRUSHBYDaughter of George, Labourer21Throapham Lodge 
28 01 1911ErnestWALLERSon of Mark, Farm Labourer25Plantation Avenue MinerEdithDRIVERDaughter of Thomas Waine, Miner24Plantation Avenue 
15 04 1911WilliamBAILEYSon of Joseph, deceased49DinningtonWidowerMinerHannahSELVEYDaughter of Edwin, Miner41Dinnington 
17 04 1911GermanBROWNSon of German, deceased25Dinnington MinerBeatriceBENNETTDaughter of William, Miner19Doe Quarry Lane, Dinnington 
17 04 1911JohnGRAINGERSon of George, Miner24Doe Quarry Lane, Dinnington MinerMary EleanorFORDDaughter of George, Miner22Doe Quarry Lane, Dinnington 
06 06 1911Ernest WalterFRETWELLSon of George, deceased21St.John's Road MinerEmilyYOUNGDaughter of Walter, Labourer18St.John's Road 
29 07 1911WilliamPARKERSon of Alfred, Miner24  MinerSarah JanePLUMBDaughter of John Thomas, Miner18  
18 09 1911AlbertFITTONSon of George, Miner26  MinerKatherineTHOMPSONDaughter of James, Miner18  
02 10 1911WilliamATHERTONSon of William, Engine Driver27Coronation Buildings FiremanMaryPARSONDaughter of Thomas Makin, deceased34Coronation Buildings 
03 10 1911Arthur HenrySALTSon of Charles, deceased42Masbrough Letter CarrierEllenorDAWESDaughter of Harry, deceased40Laughton 
06 11 1911JohnMILLERSon of John, Miner21St.John's Road MinerElizabeth MaryBRIGGSDaughter of John, deceased21St.John's Road 
02 12 1911Thomas AllenLANESon of George, Labourer28St.John's Road MinerBeatrice AnnieFINCHDaughter of Henry, Farm Labourer21St.John's Road 
23 12 1911GeorgeCOOPERSon of William Charles, Labourer25  MechanicEdith AnnieHOWEDaughter of William Henry, Miner22  
23 12 1911ArthurROUGHSon of Joseph, Miner21  MinerRoseBARLOWDaughter of Arthur, deceased18  
24 12 1911ThomasTHOMPSONSon of James, Miner   MinerSarah AnnHOOKERDaughter of John, Miner18  
25 12 1911HerbertTAYLORSon of Herbert, Labourer26  MinerEthelGREENDaughter of Bernard, Miner18  
08 04 1912HarryBOICESon of Samuel, ShoeMaker24Recreation Terrace MinerFrancesDRABBLEDaughter of George, Miner19Recreation Terrace 
20 05 1912George HenryBENTONSon of Harriet24  MinerMary EffieBARNESDaughter of John William, Miner20  
08 06 1912John JosephDORANSon of Joseph, deceased22Monksbridge Road MinerAdaJOHNSONDaughter of George, Miner19Monksbridge Road 
10 09 1912GeorgeSTANDINGSon of Thomas, deceased48St.John's RoadWidowerBrickLayerDeborahSPENCERDaughter of Henry Dawes, deceased48St.John's RoadWidow
04 10 1913Frederick WilliamBARRETTSon of Charles, deceased Miner21St.John's Road MinerSarah HannahBARLOWDaughter of Samuel, Miner20St.John's Road 
25 10 1913ErnestMATTHIASSon of Alfred, Farmer2037 Rotherham Road MinerEdithDALLMANDaughter of Charles, Miner2337 Rotherham Road 
04 12 1913ArnoldTHOMASSon of Fred, deceased Painter24Lindley DecoratorAliceKNOWLESDaughter of William, Miner2117 Rotherham Road 
17 10 1914WalterTAYLORSon of William Barthrop, Farm Foreman22The Cottage, Throapham ChauffeurEllenorHAYESDaughter of John, Gardener26The Manor, ThroaphamHouseMaid
05 04 1915DanMORRISSon of Joseph, Iron Worker23Wades Row MinerMaudBARLOWDaughter of Samuel, Miner19Wades Row 
30 10 1915William EdwardSMITHSon of John, Miner2214 Granville Street MinerMinnieFISHERDaughter of Archibald, deceased Miner1914 Granville Street 
22 05 1920Albert JamesUNWIN 24Aston MinerElsie PretonaJOHNSONDaughter of George, Dealer20Laughton 
22 05 1920EvanSHELDONSon of Thomas, deceased29New Street, Dinnington LabourerTherza AnnieALTONDaughter of William, Miner27Laughton 
24 10 1921EdwardWRIGHT 27St.John's Road MinerCarolineSMITHDaughter of Alfred, Miner24St.John's Road 
16 09 1922Thomas LeonardRICHARDSONSon of William Batey, BlackSmith   HorseManBerthaHOYLEDaughter of Frederick Barthrop Taylor, HorseMan28  
14 02 1923ChristopherWARDSon of Tom, Horse Keeper2156 Church Lane, Dinnington MinerIvyDOBBDaughter of Walter, Coke Oven Foreman19Laughton 
27 05 1923Frederick RedversWATSONSon of Oscar, Miner21St.John's Road MinerLettie MaryWATERWORTHDaughter of John, Miner18St.John's Road 
19 08 1923HoraceTAYLORSon of Frederick Barthorp, Farm Foreman20  HorseManAnnieREYNOLDSDaughter of Edwin Thomas, Miner19St.John's Road 
30 08 1924AlbertPANKSSon of Frederick, Labourer22Laughton MinerMurielSTAPLETONDaughter of William, Labourer19Laughton 
09 05 1927George HenryWIMBUSHSon of Henry George, Journalist27Laughton SalesmanEsther Ann AdolphinaBOYESDaughter of Robert, Sea Captain21Breck Lane, Laughton 
18 08 1927Cyril FrederickTAYLORSon of Frederick Barthorp, Farm Hand22  Farm HandMary JaneJONESDaughter of Thomas, deceased21  

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