Throapham Marriages, 1930-1969


Throapham Marriages, 1930-1969

DateGroom NameGroom SurnameGroom NotesAgeGroom ParishStatusOccupationBride nameBride SurnameBride NotesAgeBride ParishStatus
14 02 1931WilliamREYNOLDSSon of Edwin Thomas, Miner22St.John's Road MinerIrene MiriamTAYLORDaughter of Frederick Barthorp, Farm Labourer21  
28 06 1934RichardMARKHAM 2629 Doncaster Road, Langold Colliery LampManAnneCRAPPERDaughter of Walter, BoilerSmith22Laughton Common 
28 10 1934WilliamMILLBANDSon of William, Market Gardener2449 Church Street, Ruddington, NTT Market GardenerFredaREYNOLDSDaughter of Edwin Thomas, Miner21Laughton 
30 03 1937WalterWIGMORESon of Arthur, Motor Bus Proprietor2557 Lidgett Lane, Dinnington Motor DriverWinifred KathleenWIGMOREDaughter of Joseph, Publican23St.Leger Arms 
29 01 1941PercyDUNGERSon of Henry, SiverSmith2243 Raleigh Road, Sheffield SoldierDorothy LilianBAGGALEYDaughter of John, Carter21St.John's 
22 05 1943Edward VictorELLIOTTSon of Victor, Engineering Foreman22339 Bluebell Road, Sheffield Maintenance EngineerZenobia JoanWIGMOREDaughter of Arthur, Bus Proprietor205 Leger Arms 
21 12 1946RonaldKEETONSon of Frederick, Wire Worker28122 Worksop Road, Dinnington JoinerMavis LouieBAGGALEYDaughter of Arthur Spencer, Poultry Keeper26Claremont, Breck Lane, Dinnington 
01 09 1952Arthur FrederickTHROWERSon of Thomas, deceased Game Keeper67Rosendale, Station Road, Laughton CommonWidowerColliery ForemanEthelHORNERDaughter of Charles Dallison, deceased Licenced Victualler67St.John's Road, ThroaphamWidow
27 03 1954RoyCOLLIERSon of William, Senior Caretaker266 Doe Quarry Lane Asst School CaretakerJean BerylLAMBERTDaughter of James Samuel, Colliery Deputy2348 Monksbridge Road 
05 04 1956Denis RoyLERIGOSon of Sidney, Ventilation Officer3055 Rotherham Road Insurance AgentGillian MayIMESONDaughter of Gordon, Commission Agent23Four Ways, 42 Crow Gate, South Anston 
28 07 1956John RollinsSPENCERSon of John, Plate Layer193 Lime Avenue, Firbeck Surface WorkerCarrieWRIGHTDaughter of Edward, Patrol Policeman19106 St.John's Road 
20 12 1958KeithMARKHAM 24  Steel WorkerThelmaHALLDaughter of Ellis Thomas Jenkins, Miner2866 St.John's RoadWidow
19 03 1960George Mariel EdwardMILLSSon of Thomas, deceased Steel Worker24174 Ellesmere Road, Sheffield AuditorGwyneth HazelIMESONDaughter of Gordon, Commission Agent22Four Ways, 42 Crow Gate, South Anston 
09 07 1960Arthur EdwardWALLER 2823 Roebuck Street, Wombwell JoinerKathleenBUCKLOWDaughter of Reginald Henry, Railway Plate Layer2023 Breck Lane 
03 09 1960KennethWHELDONSon of Percy, deceased Surface Worker234 Hatfield Crescent MinerFlorence AnnDEVEREUX 2134 Monksbridge Road 
25 03 1961NormanVAUGHANSon of Frank, deceased Miner2264 Addison Square, Dinnington ElectricianNorma AnnBOOTHDaughter of Charles Edward, Brick Drawer2117 Rotherham Road 
03 07 1965HarryCROSSSon of William, Engine Cleaner3374 Manor Road FitterRuby DoreenLOCKINGDaughter of Herbert, Miner403 West Street, ThurcroftPacker
07 10 1967JohnBATEMANSon of John, Deputy N.B.C.209 Doctor Lane, Harthill Motor MechanicDianaWEARINDaughter of George, deceased Shot-Firer1827 Doe Quarry Terrace, DinningtonKnitwear Linker
14 10 1967AlanBIRCHSon of Samuel, Miner2377 Ivanhoe Road, Thurcroft BrickLayer's LabourerPatricia AntoniaCODDDaughter of Stanley, Miner2164 Manor Road, DinningtonDespatch Clerk
21 10 1967AlanSTAPLETONSon of Henry Alvin, Machinist2351 Ryton Road, North Anston LabourerDelia AnneCOUSINSDaughter of Frank Edward, Miner1965 Breck Lane, DinningtonNet-Linker
27 07 1968Leslie JohnMELLISHSon of Francis John, Farm Foreman2625 Wilberforce Road, South Anston ClerkSusan EthelALTONDaughter of Ronald, Time Keeper2290 Church Lane, DinningtonTeacher
19 04 1969PeterBAILEYSon of John Thomas, Miner2225 Manor Road, Maltby JoinerChristineCOLEDaughter of Arthur, Foreman2337 Breck Lane, DinningtonBank Clerk

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