Sedbergh, Memorial Plaque transcription


Sedbergh parish:

Sedbergh, Memorial Plaque transcription:

The World War I and II Memorial book, in St. Andrew's Church, Sedbergh.

Sedbergh & District Branch
of the
British Legion


"We Will Remember Them"

1914 - 1918

Page 2: (see also Photo)

William E. Armer
Stephen Atkinson
James Banks (Pencilled slip on left side)
Joseph C. Bateman
Noel Bennett
Henry Booth
Albert Brooks
George Burton

Page 3: (see also Photo)

John Burton
Fred Bushby
Miles Capstick (Pencilled slip on left side)
Charles L. Chorley, M.C.
Thomas W. Clemmett
Henry J. Clemmett
James Cragg
Thomas Cragg
George Albert Dawson (Pencilled slip on left side)

Page 4: (see also Photo)

Richard Houghton
Thomas Kendal
Samuel Laking
John C. Leighton
Harry L. Mason
Robert Metcalfe $$ Pencilled slip on left side.
Herbert Park
Harold H. Pearson

Page 5: (see also Photo)

Thomas W. Rigg
Walter Sanderson
Robert E. Seddon
Charles J. Sisson
Joseph A. Smith
George W. Southerin
John G. Stainton

Page 6: (see also Photo)

Thomas B. Stockdale
Edwin Storey
George A. Thompson
Richard Winn

Page 7: (see also Photo)

1939 - 1945
James Armistead
Robert Atkinson $$ Penciled in of left side.
Harry W. Batty
William Bainbridge
Robert W.H. Carter
William W. Dawson
Thomas G. Dinsdale
Albert H. Garnett

Page 8: (see also Photo)

John Goth
John R. Greenwood
Thomas E.V. Handley, M.M.
James E. Harvey
John McC. Johnson
Desmond S. Kay, D.F.C.
Charles Lowis

Page 9: (see also Photo)

William N. Mouncey
Patrick J. Nicholson
Anthony C. Pennington
Derrick Sedgwick (Pencilled slip on left side)
Thomas R. Sowerby
George N. Stainton
William Woof (Pencilled slip on left side)

Page 10, handwritten (see also Photo)

They shall grow not old as we that are left
grow old. Age shall not weary them nor the
years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson