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Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for SELBY in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.


  • Post Master, John Clough, Office, Ousegate.



  • Briggs John, Finkle street
  • Butler Isaac, Abbey yard
  • Leaper Thomas Quay
  • Turner Rev. John, New street

Agents, General,

  • Kay Stephen, (to M. Trueman, stone merchant, London.) Thornton buildings
  • Lumb John, (to M. Aspinal of Halifax ) Ousegate
  • Mowlem John, (stone) Crescent
  • Myers Robert, Ousegate
  • Weddle Charles, (to the Aire and Calder Company) Wharf


  • Richardson Robert, Micklegate
  • Welberry Wm. (& chain mkr.) Ousegt.

Attornies and Solicitors,

  • Dodsworth John Gowthorpe
  • Eaden Thomas, Market place
  • Mitton William, Market place
  • Parker Edward, Crescent
  • Pearson Matthew, Church yard

Auctioneers and Appraisers,

  • Armstrong Charles, Gowthorpe
  • Banks George, Gowthorpe

Bacon and Ham Factors,

  • Burton George, Ousegate
  • Chapman George Gowthorpe
  • Foster John, (& flour) East common
  • Green Thomas, Ousegate
  • Rawlinson William, Wren lane
  • Wilson William, Lock hill

Bakers and Flour Dealers,

  • Bradley Edward, Gowthorpe
  • Burton William, Ousegate
  • Ellison Richard, Market place
  • Foster John East common
  • Gibson Michael. (ship biscuit) Church yard
  • Hodgson John, Ousegate
  • Lee William Micklegate
  • Thurlow Ralph, Church hill
  • Walker Susannah, Ousegate


  • Schofield, Clarkson, Coates, and Clough, Finkle street draw on Spooner, Attwood, & Co. bankers, London.

Basket Makers,

  • Scawby George, Millgate
  • Smirfitt John, Gowthorpe

Blacksmiths and Farriers,

  • Butterworth Matthew, Gowthorpe
  • Dillicar William, (farrier) Gowthorpe
  • Freeman Daniel, (farrier) Gowthorpe
  • Richardson Robert, Micklegate
  • Stickney William, Micklegate
  • Tune Richard Finkle street
  • Wardingley William, Wren Jane

Block and Mast Makers,

  • Nappy Joseph, Ousegate
  • Robinson Thomas, Ousegate Boat


  • Guttridge Samuel, Ousegate
  • Kitchin & Jackson, Ousegate

Booksellers, Stationers, and Binders,

  • Booth William, Finkle street
  • Foster Mary, Finkle street

Boot and Shoemakers,

  • Arundel George, Ousegate
  • Blenkhorn John, Ousegate
  • Colinson James, Church lane
  • Cusworth John, Church lane
  • Day Thomas, Micklegate
  • Foster John, Micklegate
  • Halliday Robert, Micklegate
  • Massey Robert, Finkle street
  • Morfitt Thomas, James street
  • Obee Abraham, Gowthorpe
  • Richardson George, Church lane
  • Tomlinson William, Gowthorpe
  • Wright John, Ousegate

Braziers and Tin Plate Workers,

  • Atkinson Henry, Micklegate Shaw
  • John, Finkle street


  • Bradley John, Ousegate
  • Capes John, Gowthorpe
  • Foster John, Crescent


  • Atkinson Thomas, Millgate Hall
  • Edward, Water lane


  • Agar John, Finkle street
  • Anson Robert, Gowthorpe
  • Anson Robert., Ousegate
  • Baxter William, Ousegate
  • Bean William, Millgate
  • Bradley Samuel, Church hill
  • Briggs D. J. Gowthorpe
  • Briggs David, Wren lane
  • Briggs Thomas Market place
  • Burton George, Ousegate
  • Burton William, Micklegate
  • Clarkson George, Ousegate
  • Collison William Church hill
  • Pool Richard, Wide street
  • Richardson John, Market place
  • Taylor Henry, Gowthorpe

Cabinet Makers and Upholsterers,

  • Brooks Geo.(& upholsterers) Finkle st.
  • Cromack John, Gowthorpe
  • Jackson Thomas, Ship yard row
  • Ullathorne John Millgate
  • Wand John, Wide street


  • Proctors & Massey, Market place
  • Rawlinson William, Wren lane

Clock and Watch Makers,

  • Addinell George, Gowthorpe
  • Plowman Thomas, Market place
  • Richardson William, Gowthorpe

Coal Merchants,

  • Linley John, Quay
  • Liversedge William, Millgate


  • Farey John, Quay
  • Hood George, Wren lane
  • Scawby George, Millgate

Corn Millers and Factors,

  • Fawel Richard, Crescent
  • Palfreyman George, Micklegate
  • Richardson John, (corn miller) Millgate

Curriers and Leather Sellers,

  • Blaydes & Gallsworth, Finkle street
  • Harrison John, Wide street
  • Hawdon William, Wide street


  • Adams Thomas, Market place
  • Flail Thomas, Finkle street
  • Richardson George, Finkle street


  • Blades Christopher, Millgate
  • Jagger Thomas, Finkle street

Earthenware Dealers,

  • Andrew Joseph, Market place
  • Simpson William, Gowthorpe


  • Hawcroft Thomas, Gowthorpe
  • Hawcroft William, Gowthorpe

Fire Life Insurance Offices,

  • County, John Clough (& stamp office) Ousegate
  • Globe, Chas. Plummer, Brunswick row

Flax Dressers & Linen Manufacturers,

  • Dobson & Sons, Micklegate
  • Hawdon & Shaw. Micklegate
  • Proctors, Massey, & Co. Market place

Flax and Tow Spinners,

  • Butterworth Joseph, Gowthorpe
  • Farrington Thomas, Finkle street
  • Morley Thomas, Gowthorpe

Gardeners, Nursery & Seedsmen,

  • Brown Thomas, Millgate
  • Nappy Thomas, Bondgate
  • Sikes William, Millgate

Grocers and Tea Dealers,

  • Barber John, Market place
  • Bew Robert, Micklegate
  • Bilton Joshua, Gowthorpe
  • Bilton William, Micklegate
  • Godfrey R. T. Market place
  • Green Thomas, Ousegate
  • Rawlinson William, Church hill

Hat Manufacturers and Dealers,

  • Armstrong William, Gowthorpe
  • Bennett George, Gowthorpe
  • Hawdon Tommy, Finkle street

Hemp and Flax Merchants,

  • Dobson & Co. Finkle street
  • Proctors, Massey & Co. Micklegate

Hotels, inns, and Taverns,

  • Anchor, Ann Bateman, Church hill
  • Anchor, Edw. Wilkinson, Ousegate
  • Bay Horse, Geo. Palfreyman, Micklegt.
  • Black-a-moor's Head, Richard Precious, Finkle street
  • Blue Ball, James Gambles, Ousegate
  • Blue Boar, Richard Cliff, Ousegate
  • Boy & Barrel, Saml. Coates, Micklegate
  • Chequers, William Wilson, Millgate
  • Coach & Horses, John Harper, Water ln.
  • Commercial Hotel, Ann Hawdon, Market place
  • Duke of York, Wm. Dunnill, Ousegt.
  • George, Thomas Castell, Gowthorpe
  • Grey Horse, Geo. Corbitt, Gowthorpe
  • Griffin, John Bradley, Micklegate
  • Hawk, Benj. Russell, Gowthorpe
  • Lord Nelson, Michael Lelow, Ousegt.
  • New Inn, Robert Addinell, Market pl.
  • Petre's Arms, Wm. Wood, Market pl.
  • Rose & Crown, Wm. Popple on, New St.
  • Royal Oak, Archibald Nicholson, Ousegate
  • Sawyer's Arms, Wm. Pottage, Millgt.
  • Ship Inn, John Tomlinson, Water ln.
  • Ship, Ruth Watson, Market place
  • Shoulder of Mutton, William Bean, Micklegate
  • Swan Inn, Susannah Walker, Ousegt.
  • Swan, John Linley, Micklegate
  • Talbot, Richard Addinell, Gowthorpe
  • White Horse, Geo. Corbett,

Gowthorpe Ironmongers and Ironfounders,

  • Adams John, Finkle street
  • Foster Mary, Finkle street
  • Shaw John, Finkle street
  • Smithson Thos. (iron-founder) Millgt.

Joiners and Builders,

  • Armstrong Christopher, Church lane
  • Armstrong John, Gowthorpe
  • Bairsto George, Millgate
  • Dobson James, Gowthorpe
  • Garbutt Cuthbert, Finkle street
  • Staniland Robert, Church street
  • Turton James, Gowthorpe

Land Agents and Surveyors,

  • Paver Christopher, (agent) Ousegate
  • Weddall R. P. Bank house

Linen and Woollen drapers,

  • Barber John, Market place
  • Bollands Mary & Elizabeth, New st.
  • Coates Joseph, Crescent
  • Godfrey R. T. Market place
  • Leethem Thomas, Finkle street
  • Lowther Esther, Ousegate
  • Mann Henry, Finkle street
  • Parker Thomas, Market place
  • Redmaynes M. and A. Church yard
  • Spivey Thomas, Crescent
  • Staniland Ann, Ousegate

Linen Manufacturers,

  • Hawdon Richard, Micklegate
  • Holdsworth Benjamin, Church yard
  • Wilson William, Gowthorpe


  • Bradley John, Ousegate
  • Foster John, Abbey yard


  • Dobsons and Co. Finkle street
  • Procktors and Co. Micklegate

Milliners and Dress Makers,

  • Bollands Mary & Elizabeth, New st.
  • Redmaynes M. and A. Church yard
  • Staniland Ann, Ousegate

Painters, House, Ship and Sign,

  • Bickerdike Robert, Ousegate Finch
  • Matthew, Micklegate Hall John, Church hill

Perfumers and Hair Dressers,

  • Blythe William, Ousegate
  • Chambers Richard, Gowthorpe

Plumbers and Glaziers,

  • Breesley John, Ousegate
  • Entwistle John, Finkle street
  • Isles Benjamin, Micklegate

Printer and Bookseller,

  • Booth William, Finkle street

Rag Merchants,

  • Adams John Finkle street
  • Rawlinson William, Wren lane

Rope and Twine Manufacturers,

  • Butterworth Joseph, Gowthorpe
  • Farrington Thomas, Finkle street
  • Fisher Thomas and Co. Crescent
  • Morley Thomas, Gowthorpe

Saddlers and Harness Makers,

  • Brewer John, Market place
  • England Joseph, Gowthorpe

Sail Makers,

  • Gouldsborough Thomas, Ousegate
  • Jackson William, Canal side

Ship Builders and Owners,

  • Bell Robert, New street
  • Bromley Thomas, Water lane
  • Burniston James, Ousegate
  • Fisher John, Crescent
  • Gutteridge Samuel, (builder) Ousegt.
  • Popplewell Rd. (owner) Barlby bunk
  • Standering Thomas, Church hill
  • Staniland James, Ousegate
  • Staniland Samuel, Micklegate
  • Staniland Stephen, New street
  • Staniland William, Ousegate
  • Steels Thomas, sen. Water lane
  • Steels Thomas, jun. Water lane
  • Weddall Charles, Navigation wharf

Spirit and Wine Merchants,

  • France Thos. (wh. & retail) Finkle st.
  • Pitt Isaac Burgess, Crescent
  • Richardson John, Jun. Water lane
  • Staniland Henry, Ousegate

Stone & Marble Masons Merchants,

  • Clay Stephen, (merchant) New street
  • Flint Thomas, Millgate
  • Lumb John, (merchant) Ousegate
  • Rogerson John

Straw Hat Manufacturers,

  • Cockerill Tamer, Micklegate
  • Garland Ann, Church yard
  • Hood Sarah, Wren lane


  • Addinell Robert, Church lane
  • Fothergill John, Gowthorpe
  • Shillitoe James, Ousegate
  • White Jonathan, Micklegate

Tailors and Drapers,

  • Addy Thomas, Church hill
  • Dickinson John, Finkle street
  • Hutchinson James, Abbey yard
  • Obee Henry, Gowthorpe
  • Pearson Martin, Wide street
  • Radge John, Dam bank
  • Shaw John, Ousegate
  • Spears Robert, Ousegate
  • Week Thomas, Gowthorpe

Tallow Chandlers,

  • Green Thomas, Ousegate
  • Rawlinson Wm. Church hill

Tanners and Leather Dressers,

  • Hartley John, Gowthorpe
  • Jackson Richard, Gowthorpe

Timber and Raff Merchants,

  • Adams John, (& iron) Finkle street
  • Twist C. (canvass mfr.) Gowthorpe

Tin plate Workers,

  • Atkinson Henry Wide street
  • Shaw John, Finkle street

Toy Warehouses,

  • Boraman Zachariah, Finkle street
  • Hopkins Charles, Church lane

Turners in Wood, Ivory and Bone,

  • Banks James, Bondgate
  • Headley William, Gowthorpe


  • Clarkson John, Millgate
  • Golton William, Bondgate
  • Green John, Micklegate

Custom House,

  • Edward Popplewell, extra boatman, Ousegate
  • Joseph Peal, coast waiter, Ousegate
  • Michael Welburn, coast waiter, Ousegt.
  • Peter Passmore, principle officer, Ousegt.


  • Addinell Geo. goldsmith, Gowthorpe
  • Addy Thos. patten mkr. Church lane
  • Allinson Hy. millwright, &c. Gowthorpe
  • Andrew Joseph ship rigger, Ousegate
  • Armitage Mw. sheep doctor, Cowthorpe
  • Audus James, gentleman, Crescent
  • Bonnell John, gentleman, Crescent
  • Brown Mrs. Crescent
  • Burnell Thomas, glove and breeches maker, Gowthorpe
  • Clough Thomas, gent. Barlby bank
  • Colman Mrs. Church hill
  • Dobson John, sen. gent. Wide St.
  • Dobson John, jun. gent. Widest.
  • Dobson Joseph, oil merchant, Millgate
  • Dobson Wm. gent. Wide street
  • Ellison Rhd. confectioner Market pl.
  • Forrestier Rev. John, Gowthorpe
  • Foster and Smithson, brick and tile merchants, Bondgate
  • Gallsworthy Thos. staymaker, Gowthorpe
  • Gibson John, gent. Barlby bank
  • Hawcroft Wm. woolstapler, Gowthorpe
  • Hick David, overseer Church yard
  • Jagger Thos. worsted spinner, Finkle st.
  • Mollett Mrs. Crescent
  • Moor Mary pipe maker, Abbey yard
  • Muncaster Rev. Jonathan, Gowthorpe
  • Nicholson Samuel, cent. Ousegate
  • Plumber Charles, gent. New street
  • Proctor Thomas, gent. Wide street
  • Proctor Wm. gent. Gowthorpe
  • Reeves Mrs. Gowthorpe
  • Savage Mrs. Anne Ousegate
  • Shepley Thomas, Esq. Coroner
  • Shillito Mrs. Gowthorpe
  • Smith Rev. John, Pinkie street
  • Smith Mrs. New street
  • Tate Wm. near the Lock
  • Tateson John clothier, Pinkie street
  • Turner Rev. John, Gowthorpe
  • Weddall Charles, Esq. Ousegate
  • Wharrey Mrs. Ousegate


From Hawdon's Hotel,

  • The UNION COACH a. (6 days a week) at 9 mg. from Wakefield, in time for the Steam Packets.

From the Hotel,

  • The Blucher a. (6 days a week) at 9 morning, from Leeds, in time for the Steam Packets.
  • The FAVOURITE, a. (6 days a week) at 9 mg. from York.

From the Rose & Crown, New-street,

  • The PROVIDENCE a. (6 days a week) at 9 mg. from York.

From the Petre's Arms,

  • A Coach, a. (6 days a week) at 9, mg. from Knaresborough.
  • The Hope, a. (6 days a week) at 9, mg. from Leeds.

Land Carriers,
To and from Myers' Wharf,

  • Henry Firth, from Bradford, every wag. at 9, Sundays excepted To the White Swan, Selby.
  • Robert Todd from Snaith, arrives at the White Swan, 6 mg. dep. 4 even.
  • Scott, Carver & Co. a. every mg. at 8, from Manchester and Leeds, Sundays excepted.
  • Thomas Kaye, to Leeds every Monday; to Howden every Thursday and to Pontefract every Saturday.
  • Widow Welsh & Sons, a. every mg. at 8 o'clock, from Manchester and Leeds, Sundays excepted,
  • William Dove, from Wakefield and Pontefract, a. every mg., t 8, Sundays excepted, ret. same days.
  • William Merrington, from York, every Tu. to Thorne, ret, on Wed.

Water Carriers,

  • A Vessel from the New Crane, York, every Mon. & ret. Wednesday.
To and from Myers' Wharf,
  • Aire & Calder Co.'s Fly floats, a. every mg. 7, from Leeds & Wakefield, r. same days, Sundays excepted.
  • Fisher, Fletcher, and Co. fly boats to Leeds every day.
  • Messrs. Buckley & Co. fly boats, a. every mg. from Manchester, r. same days, Sundays excepted.
  • The Countess of Scarbro' every Mon. Wed, and Friday, to Gainsbro' to York, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
  • The Favourite, Caledonia, Aire, Leeds, and Waterloo Steam Packets to Hull every morning, 9½ Sundays excepted.
  • Vessels to and from Yarmouth, London, Lynn, and Wisbeach, daily.

Transcribed by Colin Hinson. ©2003