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Help and advice for Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for SELBY in White's Directory of 1837.

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Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for SELBY in White's Directory of 1837.


  • The Post Office is at Mr Thos. Spivey's whence letters are despatched to London
  • &c, at 1/4 before 9 morning; to York &c at 20 minutes past 3 afternoon and to
  • Howden, Goole, Snaith, Thorne, and Ferrybridge, at 9 morning.

The Contractions for the names of streets:

  • Bhk for Barlby bank, Bgt, Bondgate, Bst, Broad street (or Micklegate) Csd,
  • canal side, Chl, Church hill, Cmn, Common, Cst, Crescent, Cln, Cow lane, Cyd,
  • Church yard, Chn, Church lane, Drd, Doncaster Road, Ecn, East Common, Est,
  • Escrick street, Fst, Finkle street, Gtp, Gowthorpe, Jst, James street, Mkp,
  • Market place, Mgt Millgate, Nst, New street, Ogt, Ousegate, Pln, Portholm, Ppl,
  • Park place, Psq, Park square, Pst, Park street, Ssq, St mark's square, Sjsg, St
  • John's square, Syd, Ship yard row, Tbs, Thornton's buildings, Wln, Water lane,
  • and Wrn for Wren lane.

Miscellany of trades

  • Adams Wm. farrier, Jst
  • Addey Jas. W. clerk, Gtp
  • Allison Moses, Bst
  • Armstrong Mrs A, Gtp
  • Audus Jas, Esq. New st
  • Bate Rev. J (Meth) Jst
  • Bean Mrs Mrg. New st
  • Best Rev. Geo. (Cath) Ousegate
  • Bew Mrs Ann, Cln
  • Briggs Jonathan gent. Thorp Hall
  • Brown Wm. B. manager Railway office
  • Butler Isc, pipe mfr, Jst
  • Cape Mrs Eliz. Gtp
  • Capes Mattw. Governor workhouse
  • Castell Mrs Sarah, Gtp
  • Clough Rev W (Meth) James street
  • Cromack Mrs C. Gtp
  • Dobson Mrs B. Gtp
  • Dodson Mrs My, Bst
  • Dobson John & Co, seed crushers, oil millers & worsted mfrs, Mgt
  • Dobson Jph, h Bst
  • Evans Mrs Sarah, Gtp
  • Fisher Thos, agt to Aire & Calder Company
  • Foster Mr Thos. Nln
  • France Thos. gent. Ogt
  • Haigh Mrs My. Gtp
  • Hall Ts & W, gents, Bst
  • Hawcroft Wm. fellmonger, Gowthorp
  • Hick dd. Chief constable of L Division of Barkston Ash, Churchyard
  • Holdsworth My, dyer, Churchyard
  • Hood Jno. tanner, Gtp
  • Hutchinson Jonth flax mert, h Broad street
  • Jackson John, fishmonger, Broad street
  • Jackson Mr Thos, Ecn
  • Jagger My, hosier, Fst
  • Kay Thos. gent Gtp
  • Macgregor Mr Dan Gtp
  • Mann Lieut. Jas. Gtp
  • Linton Jno & Co, engineers & boiler makers, Ousegate
  • Liversidge Mrs E. Mgt
  • Lowther Geo.. asst overset, Church hill
  • Manley Ts. Edw. Bbk
  • Marshall Thos. gent, Cst
  • Massey Wm. mert, h Market place
  • Mountain Mrs E. Sjsq
  • Newstead Chas, solr; h Church hill
  • Pitt John, gent, Est
  • Palfrayman Mrs J, Sjsq
  • Paver Mrs Eliz. Bst
  • Pearson Hy. Wharfinger, Barlby bank
  • Plaxton Mr Wm. Wln
  • Pottage George, packet steward, St John's square
  • Precious Wm. Cattle dlr, Bondgate
  • Procter Miss E. Gtp
  • Procter Thos. gent, Bst
  • Rayson Edw. gent, Ctp
  • Richardson Mr Pl. Fst
  • Richardson John, corn miller, Millgate
  • Richardson Mrs Sar. Bst
  • Roberts John, parish clerk, New lane
  • Ruddock Thos, horse breaker, Gowthorp
  • Seward Rt. mert, h Bbk
  • Shilton Mrs. Mew street
  • Smorfitt Dd, piano forte tuner, Gowthorp
  • Speight Richard, Sjsq
  • Spivey Thos. stamp office, Church yard
  • Staniland Mrs Ann, Cst
  • Staniland Mrs H. Est
  • Staniland Sml. gent, Bst
  • Staniland Wm. gent, Nst
  • Strangeways Edw. gent, Barlby bank
  • Swinden Mrs Ann, B. Gowthrope
  • Thorp G. poulterer, Gtp
  • Tomlinson John, gent, Gowthorp
  • Wade Thos. gent, Cst
  • Walton Rev. Jno. Leidger, M A Inc, Parsonage
  • Ward Rt, gent, Gtp
  • Weddall Mrs Ann, Gtp
  • Weddall Chas, gent, Ogt
  • Welburn Michl. custom hs, officer, Ousegate
  • West Jno. wharfinger, New street
  • Wharrey Mrs Eliz. Ogt
  • Wild Jno. umbrella manufacturer, New lane
  • Wood Ann, confecr, Mkp
  • Wright Paul, gent Bbk


  • Bennett Jno. Gowthorp
  • Betty Eliza, Crescent
  • Blue Coat School, Isaac Butler, Church yard
  • Hick Mary, Gowthorp
  • Procter Jane, Gowthorp
  • Robinson Eliz. New ln
  • Smith Margt. Ousegate
  • Stephenson Mary, Cln
  • Townend John, Gtp
  • Westwood Jno. Mgt


  • Battle Wm. (& notary), Gtp, h Ousegate
  • Bodsworth John, Gtp
  • Hawdon Thomas, Cyd
  • Newstead & Richardson, Water lane
  • Parker Edw. crescent
  • Pearson Mattw. (& coroner) Escrick street
  • Weddall James, Bbk
  • Weddall Thos. Motley, Ousegate


  • Armstrong Chas, Gtp
  • Farrington Thos. Mkp
  • Hick Dd, Church yard
  • Milnes Jno. (& sheriff's officer) New lane

Bacon and Flour Dealers,

  • Boot John, Finkle st
  • Box George, New st
  • Chapman geo, Mkp
  • Green Thos. New st
  • Johnson Jas. Ousegate
  • Obee Isaac, market pl
  • Rockett Wm. & Co Mkp
  • Whitaker Eliz. Gtp
  • Wright George, Gtp

Bakers & Flour Dealers,

  • Burton Wm. Ousegate
  • Cheetham Thos. Wln
  • Dobson Edw. James st
  • Lee W,. Broad st
  • Smith Jph, Church yd
  • Turner Rt. Broad st
  • Webster Rd. Wren ln
  • Wilson Wm. Church hill


  • York City and County (on Barnett, Hoare & Co) Rt Morrell agent, Gowthorpe
  • Yorkshire District, (on Williams and Co) Barre Phipps, manager, New street

Basket Makers,

  • Mitchell Jph, Wln
  • Scowby Geo Millgate
  • Smith Rt, Millgate
  • Smorfitt Dd, Gowthorp


  • Clarkson James, Bst
  • Richardson Geo. Bst
  • Strickney Wm. Gtp
  • Varley Matthew Fst
  • Westerman Jno. Wln

Block & Mast Makers,

  • Nappy Wm. Ousegate
  • Robinson Wm. Ship yd

Boat Builders,

  • Gutteridge Saml. Ogt
  • Jackson Thos. Ogt
  • Tasker Thos. Csd

Booksellers &c,

  • Booth Hannah, Fst
  • Galpine Wm. Rd. Mkp
  • Tune Jas. Finkle st

Boot & Shoe Mkrs,

  • Allison Thos. Bondgate
  • Arundel geo. Broad st
  • Blenkhorn Jno. Cln
  • Bointon Hy. New st
  • Collinson James, Cgt
  • Cusworth Jno. Millgate
  • Elgie Rd. Gowthorp
  • Foster Jno. Broad st
  • Hill Thos. Millgate
  • Holloday John, Wrn
  • Lund Wm. May, Bst
  • Marshall Wm. Ousegt
  • Muffit Wm. Mill lane
  • Myers Geo. Finkle st
  • Nappy as. Millgate
  • Obee Abm. Gowthorp
  • Obee Wm. Broad st
  • Richardson Geo. Cln
  • Smith George, Cln
  • Sutherby Wm., broad st
  • Varlow Mgt. New ln
  • Watson Geo. Ousegate
  • Wright Jno. Ousegate

Braziers &c,

  • Atkinson Wm. Bst
  • Smith Wm. Finkle st
  • Wilson Jph, Wren ln

Brewers and Maltsters,

  • Bradley John, Ogt
  • Foster Jno. Abbey brwy
  • Gell Benj. Gowthorp
  • Hood Geo. Wren lane
  • Wheater & Bew, Bst

Brick and Tile Makers,

  • Richardson Jph, Bgt
  • Smithson Thomas, Bgt


  • Aktinson Thomas, Mgt
  • Hall James, Water ln
  • Kirlew John, Gowthorp
  • Parvin Thos. St John's square


  • Agar John, Finkle st
  • Anson Jph, Gowthorp
  • Anson Robert, Ousegate
  • Bean Wm. Ousegate
  • Bradley Samuel, Chl
  • Burton Geo. Canal side
  • Burton Thos. Ousegt
  • Burton Wm. Broad st
  • Burtt Wm. Broad st
  • Castell Thos. Broad st
  • Collinson Wm. Chl
  • Dickinson John, Bst
  • Howcroft Richard, Gtp
  • Jackson John, Gtp
  • Nutt David, Wren lane
  • Poole Thos. Broad st
  • Shaw John, Gowthorp
  • Spear Wm. New street
  • Wood Robert, Millgate
  • Wright Thos. Ousegate


  • Chapman Geo. Mkp
  • Procter Massey & Co, Broad street

Chemists & Dgts,

  • Adams Rt. Market pl
  • Colton Thos. Ousegate
  • Spivey Wm. Crescent

Coal Dealers,

  • Liversidge Wm. Millgt
  • Pegg John, Millgate
  • Waud Saml. Wilks, Esq, Railway staith, John Trotter, agent


  • Mitchell Jph, Water ln
  • Scowby Geo. Millgate


  • Gallsworthy John, Bst
  • Hawdon Wm. Broad st
  • Obee Wm. Broad street

Earthenware &c dlrs,

  • Booth John, Finlkle st
  • Grace Thos. Broad st
  • Simpson Wm. Gowthorp

Eating Houses, * are Temperance,

  • Poole Saml. Broad st *
  • Whitlam Rt. Ousegate
  • Woodall George, Gtp *
  • Wright John, Ousegate


  • Agar Wm. Gowthorp
  • Appleyard Thomas, Cln
  • Appleyard Wm. Millgt
  • Audus Wm. common
  • Banks James, Bondgt
  • Burton George, Cow ln
  • Burton Geo. Church ln
  • Clayton William Bbk
  • Copley John, Millgate
  • Eccles Geo. Stanner hall
  • Lamb T Empsall lodge
  • Romans Thos. Rocars
  • Simpson Rt. Common
  • Sykes Wm. Bondgate
  • Tiplady John, Bbk
  • Varley S. Spark hagg
  • Wildrick Thomas, Ogt
  • Wilson Robert, Bondgt
  • Wright James, Ousegate

Fire, Life &c Offices,

  • Atlas, E Newstead, Wln
  • County, Hy. Mann, Fst
  • Guardian, T Green, Nst
  • Leeds & Yorks, Henry Pitt, Market place
  • Norwich Union, Robert Adams, Finkle street
  • Royal exchange, John Dodsworth, Market pl
  • Selby Insurance Societies, for Briggs, Thos. Haigh, secretary, for Sloops, Geo. Lowther, secretary
  • Sun, Wm. Battle, Gtp
  • Yorkshire, Thos. Spivey, Church yard

Flax Merchants,

  • Adams John & Sons, Mgt
  • Birkinshaw Jph. Speight, Gawthorp
  • Dobson John & Co. Mgt
  • Foster Rt. Ousegate
  • Procter, Massey & Co, (& genl merts) Bst

Flax Spinners,

  • Adams Jno. & Sons, Mgt
  • Gibson Joseph & Son (threadmfrs) Porthlm
  • Procter, Massey & Co, Broad street

Furniture Brokers,

  • Armstrong Charles, Gtp
  • Farrington Thos. Mkp


  • Blaydes Chpr, Mgt
  • Chatterton Ellen, Gtp
  • Otty John, Cow lane
  • Palfrayman John, Drd
  • Richardson Thos. Nln

Grocers, * are Tallow Chandlers,

  • Chapman George, Mkp
  • Johnson Jas. Ousegate
  • Lee Wm. Broad street
  • Leethem W. Finkle st
  • Rawlinson Wm. Chl *
  • Richardson Joseph, Ogt
  • Shillito Wm. Mkp *
  • Spear Henry, Broad st
  • Varley James, Mkp

Hair Dressers,

  • Banks John, Ousegate
  • Blythe Wm. Ousegate
  • Bradford John, Gtp
  • Burton Jas. Gowthorp
  • Jackson Saml. H., Bst
  • Obee Chpr, Market pl

Hat Manfrs,

  • Armstrong Wm. Gtp
  • Bennet Wm. Finkle st

Inns & Taverns,

  • Anchor, Saml Tiplady, Church hill
  • Bay Horse, Jno. Markham, broad street
  • Black Moor's Head, Chpr. Twiss, Fst
  • Blue Ball, Jas. Gamble, Ousegate
  • Chequers, Maria Wilson, Millgate
  • Cherry Tree, John Harper, Water st
  • Crown & Anchor, Chas. Fox, Gowthorp
  • Dog, Patience Bilton, Gowthorp
  • Duke of York, Mary Dunhill, Ousegate
  • Gate, Pitt and Pearson, Gowthorp
  • George Hotel, Exors, of T Hawdon, Mkp
  • Grey Horse, Geo. Corbett, Gowthorp
  • Griffin, Thos. Castell, Broad street
  • Jutty, Rt. Jubb, Ousegt
  • Leeds Arms, Thomas Wilson, broad st
  • Lord Nelson, Michael Lelew, Ousegate
  • Masons' Arms, John Peek, Ousegate
  • Neptune, Jas. Turner, Ousegate
  • New Inn, Jas Bradley, Market Place
  • Petre's Arms, Thomas Dixon, Gowthorp
  • Railway, John Drake, Ousegate
  • Rose & Crown, Ellen Thornton, New st
  • Royal Oak, Rd. green, Ousegate
  • Ship, Jno. Tomlinson, Water lane
  • Ship Inn, Ruth Watson, market place
  • Shoulder of Mutton, Rt. Wood, Millgate
  • Swan, Thos. Taylor, Ogt
  • Unicorn, Jno. Nappey, Bondgate
  • Union, John Dickinson, Broad street
  • White Swan, Thomas Leaper, Broad st

Beer Houses,

  • Addey John, Drd
  • Blyth Geo. Millgate
  • Bradley Thos. Ousegt
  • Buttle Geo. Ousegate
  • Furniss Wm. Ssq
  • Heales Joseph, Ousegt
  • Jones Wm. Mill lane
  • Otley Thomas, Sjsq
  • Palfrayman John, Drd
  • Pegg John, Millgate
  • Perkin Wm. Millgate
  • Saxton George, New ln
  • Whitlam Rt. Ousegate
  • Wilkinson John, Gtp
  • Wittens John, Cln

Iron & Brass founders,

  • Adams John, New ln
  • Smithson Thos. Mgt

Iron Merchts,

  • Adams John, Finkle st
  • Liversidge Wm. Mgt

Joiners & Cabinet Makers,

  • Andrew Nathl. Gtp
  • Armstrong Chas. Gtp
  • Armstrong Chpr. Chn
  • Bairsto George, Gtp
  • Cryer John, Millgate
  • Harrison Benj. Gtp
  • Jackson Thos. Ousegt
  • Staniland Joseph, Chn
  • Turton James, Gtp
  • Ullathorne John, Mln
  • Waud John, Gtp

Lime Merchant,

  • Gascoigne Rd. O. Esq. 1 Railway staith, M Lelew, agent

Miscellany of trades

  • Linen & Woollen Drapers
  • Fisher Thos. New st
  • Glew John, Gtp
  • Leethem Thos. Fst
  • Lowther Esthers, Ogt
  • McHarg Thos. Broad st
  • Mann Hy. Finkle st
  • Parker Thomas, Mkp
  • Richardson Jph, Ogt
  • Sweeting Michael, Cst
  • Twist Joseph, Mkp

Merchants - See Flax Merchants,


  • Bennett Eliz Finkle st
  • Bolland Eliz, New st
  • Fox Eliz. Gawthorp
  • Glew Sar. Gawthorp
  • Goulton E. Finkle st
  • Morley Hanh. Wren ln
  • Padgett Hannah, Gtp
  • Shillito Hannah, Bst
  • Smith H. Church yard
  • Turton O. Finkle st
  • Watson Jas. Broad st


  • Allinson Hy. Millgate
  • Tyson Isaac, new ln

Nail Makers,

  • Adams John, Finkle st
  • Chambers Jas. Gtp
  • Smith Wm. Finkle st


  • Bairsto Wm. Gowthorp
  • Bulmer Wm. Church ln
  • Hall John, Church hill
  • Swiift Wm. Millgate
  • Sykes Thos. Finkle st
  • Wardell Wm. Gowthp

Plumbers & Gzrs,

  • Iles Benj. Finkle st
  • Liley Wm. Church ln
  • Smith Wm. Finkle st

Rag Merchts,

  • Galpine Wm. Rd. Mkp
  • Rawlinson Wm. Chl

Rope and Twine Makers,

  • Butterworth John, Gtp
  • Butterworth Jha. Gtp
  • Farrington Thos. Mkp
  • Fisher Thomas, Csd
  • Rockett W,. & Co. Mkp
  • Shaw Rt. Adam, Mgt
  • Vickers John, Gtp


  • Brewer Mary, Mkp
  • England Mary, Gtp
  • Howarth George, Chl
  • Richardson Geo. Fst

Sailcloth, Sacking Mfrs,

  • Fisher Thomas, Csd
  • Jackson Wm. Ecn
  • Twist John, Gowthorp

Sail Makers,

  • Carr Stephen, Ship yd
  • Gouldsbrough Geo. Syd
  • Jackson Wm. Ecn

Ship & Anchor Smiths,

  • Gutteridge Samuel, Ogt
  • Richardson George, Bst

Shipowners &c - marked * are Master Mariners,

  • Adamson Thos. Ogt *
  • Agar Wm. Ecn *
  • Blacklock Jph, Ppl *
  • Box George, New st *
  • Collins James, Bbk *
  • Chappell Thos. Chn *
  • Clayton John, Tbs
  • Cliff Rd. Canal terrace
  • Cragg Jane, Ship yard
  • Duffin Robt. Bbk *
  • Dunhill Wm. Bbk
  • Field John, Bbk *
  • Foster George, Bbk
  • Healas Michael, Lock*
  • Hembrough Debh, Bgt
  • Long Jas. Broad st
  • Milner Jas. Ship yd *
  • Matthewman Benj. Bbk
  • Noble Wm., Canal ter *
  • North Wm. Barlby bank *
  • Parker James, Chl
  • Parr Joseph, Tbs
  • Pitt Isc, Burgess. Est
  • Sawer Thos. East com
  • Scales George. Tbs *
  • Shaw Saml. Canal ter *
  • Shillito Wm. Ogt
  • Standering Thos. Chl
  • Standering Wm. Ogt
  • Tasker Thomas, Bbk *
  • Varley Thomas, Tbs
  • Walsh Geo, Canal ter *
  • Ward Thos. Ship yard
  • Wardle Wm. Ecn
  • Wilkinson Wm. Bbk *
  • Wilson Linton, Ppl
  • Wood John, Bbk *
  • Wright John, Park pl

Shoe Thread Manufrs ( See Flax Spinners),


  • Abbey John, Millgate
  • Annelley Mary, Ogt
  • Blaydes Chpr, Mgt
  • Burton George, Csd
  • Clark Eliz. Canal side
  • Foster Mary, Ecn
  • Furniss Wm. Ssq
  • Hall Jane, Broad st
  • Hardy Isaac, Mkt pl
  • Johnson John, Wren ln
  • Ledsham George, Csd
  • Lofthouse Thomas, Nst
  • Morley John, Gowthorp
  • Otley Thomas, Sjsq
  • Saxon Hanh, Millgate
  • Shaw Rt. Adam, Mgt
  • Spear Mary, Ousegate
  • Webster Jas. Gowthorp

Stay Makers,

  • Gallsworthy Thos. Wln
  • Horsfall Mary, Mgt

Stone &c Merts,

  • Bradley Wm. (and mason) Ousegate
  • Cliff John, Canal side
  • Liversidge Wm. Mgt
  • Lumb John Water ln
  • Peel John, Ousegate
  • Wilkinson John Syd

Straw Hat Mkrs,

  • Armstrong Mary, Gtp
  • Arundell B. Broad st
  • Copley Joseph, Fst
  • Dickinson A. Finkle st
  • Ellsworth Har. Nst
  • Grace Mary Ann, Bst
  • Hewson Ann, Chl
  • Lowther Grace, Chl
  • Whitaker Ann, Gtp


  • Burkitt John, Cst
  • Fothergill John & Son, Gowthorp
  • Graham Alex. Falconer Taylor, New st


  • Butler Wm. Bondgate
  • Carr George, Millgate
  • Dickinson John, Fst
  • Elliott John, Mill gate
  • Foster Stephen, Mkp
  • Glew John, Gowthorp
  • Golton Chas. Wren ln
  • Hackers Samuel, Cyd
  • Hutchinson Jas. Pst
  • Jackson Chas. Wren ln
  • Lumley Wm. Cln
  • Obee Hy. James st
  • Pearson Martin, Gtp
  • Shaw John, Ousegate
  • Sutherby Wm. Chn
  • Tateson John, New ln
  • Walker Jas. New lane
  • Watson Thomas, Ssq
  • Woodall Geo. Gowthorp


  • Hood Geo. Gowthorp
  • Jackson Mary, Gtp

Tea Dealers - See also Grocers,

  • Adams Thos. Gawthorp
  • Bolland Eliz. New st
  • Glew John, Gowthorp
  • Pitt & Pearson, Mkp
  • Wood Ann, Market pl

Timber Merts,

  • Adams John New lane
  • Liversidge Wm. Millgt
  • Varley S. Spark hagg


  • Banks Jas. Jun (dish bowl, chair & shovel manfr) Bondgate
  • Cusworth Wm. Fst
  • Waud John, Gowthorp

Watch Makers,

  • Brown Geo. Finkle st
  • Richardson Wm. Gtp
  • Thompson James, Cst


  • Lofthouse Thomas, Ogt
  • West, Pearson & Co, Ogt


  • Clarkson Joseph Mgt
  • Green John, Broad st

Wine and Spirit Merchants,

  • Adams Rt. Market pl
  • Bean Geo. New st
  • Bilton Patience, Gtp
  • Leaper Thos. Broad st
  • Pitt & Pearson, Mkp
  • Precious Rd. Finkle st
  • Richardson John, Bst
  • Shillito Wm. Market pl
  • Standering and Burton, Ousegate

Coaches from the George Hotel,

  • Mail to London, 1/4 bef 9mg & to York, 1/4 past 3 afternoon
  • Safety to Scarbro' during season, 8 morng

Coaches from the Swan & Petre's Arms Inn,

  • True Briton to Hull, 4 aft & to Leeds, 10 mg
  • Railway to York, 8 mg

Coaches from the Ship Inn,

  • Transit to York, 1/2 p 11 mg & to Sheffield 1/2 past 3 afternoon

Coaches from the Rose and Crown,

  • Aire, to York, after arrival of steam packets


  • Trains of carriages to Leeds, 1/2 p 10mg. 1/2 p 5 evg and on the arrival of the steam packets; also at 1/2 p 8 on Tues mornings


  • Middleton Thos to Askern (ship) Mon 3 aft
  • Darbyson Rd to Carlton from (New Inn) M & F 3
  • Carr Wm. to Howden, Sat
  • Empsall Chas to Howden from (BlkMoor's Head) Mon 3
  • Smith J to Knottingley, from Grey Horse M 3
  • Hardwick Wm. to Leeds (Packet Office) daily
  • Labrick Jno. to Leeds from Grey Horse Monday
  • Golton Wm. to Pontefract from Millgate, Wed & Sat 5 morning
  • Townend J. to Riccall from White Swan, M & Thur
  • Jubb Geo to Riccall from Black Moor's Head Monday 3
  • Walker George to Snaith & Thorne (Ship) Tue 10 morning. To York, W & S, 3
  • Mortimer W to Tadcaster (White Swan) Mon 2
  • Jubb Robt. To York, Sat

Steam Packets,

  • To Hull every mg at 8 (ex Sun) and to London, Tu, Wed & S

Sailing Vessels,

  • To London, twice a week & Fly Boats &C to Leeds, Liverpool, York, Huddersfield &c daily.

Transcribed by Susan Johnson. ©2000