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Help and advice for SOUTH MILFORD: Transcription of the Burials 1847 to 1979

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SOUTH MILFORD: Transcription of the Burials 1847 to 1979

1847 to 1849
Thomas WainwrightSouth MilfordJune 14th 184753
Joe Taylor EnglandMilford BarJuly 10tha few days
Mary NewbySouth MilfordSeptember 25tha few days
Sarah BarkerLumbyOctober 31st4 & 1/2
Henry BattersbySouth MilfordNovember 14th4
Ann RowleySouth MilfordJanuary 13th 184825
James WeymissSouth MilfordJanuary 22nd45
Elizabeth WilsonLumbyJanuary 26th95
Jane BywaterSouth MilfordMay 12th36
William CoulsonSouth MilfordJuly 4tha few days
William WalkerLumbyJuly 3rd10 mths
Thomas HodgsonSouth MilfordAugust 6th39
Elizabeth HemingwaySouth MilfordAugust 13th3 mths
William WoodSouth MilfordAugst 20th2
Joseph RyderSouth MilfordOctober 22nd3Burnt to death
John PittockSouth MilfordDecember 12th3
Hannah CooperSouth MilfordJanuary 21st 18496
Mary LynchMilford JunctionJanuary 25tha few days
John FranksSouth MilfordFebruary 7th8 mths
Stephen EnglandMilford BarJune26th42
James CloseMilford CommonMarch 26th3 mths
John SmithSouth MilfordMarch 14th16
Mary StalkerSouth MilfordApril 12th10 wks
Thomas GilleonSouth MilfordApril 17th7
Mary PickeringMilford CommonMay 25th15 mths
Mary GrimshawSouth MilfordJuly 12th78
Leah KnowlesSouth MilfordJuly 13th6 mths
Hannah DeanSouth MilfordOctober 7th7 mths

1850 to 1859
Rachel RyderSouth MilfordFebruary 3rd 18504 mths
Ann AtkinsonSouth MilfordApril 6th3
Thomas SpinkSouth MilfordApril 6thInfant
Frances HerbertLumbyJune 13thInfant
Benjamin ReamSouth MilfordJune 17thInfant
Hannah SheperdSouth MilfordJuly 31stInfant
Ursula SheperdSouth MilfordAugust 14thInfant
Maria BostonSouth MilfordSeptember 22ndInfant
Robert Hodson BattersbySouth MilfordSeptember 29thInfant
William ThorpSouth MilfordOctober 9thInfant
Joshua LeeSouth MilfordOctober 20th43
Edward GillSouth MilfordOctober 21st65
Ann RowleySouth MilfordDecember 1stInfant
Richard WainwrightSouth MilfordDecember 20th62
Jane KnowlesSouth MilfordApril 23rd 18518 mths
Sarah WalkerLumbyMay 30th19 mths
Mary NewbySouth MilfordJune 5th2
Robert AtkinsonSouth MilfordAugust 13th62
Elizabeth StalkerSouth MilfordOctober 7th78
Mary ThorpSouth MilfordOctober 26th33
Sarah BorstonSouth MilfordJanuary 25th 185244
Robert GouthwaiteSouth MilfordJanuary 25th66
Elizabeth Ann RyderSouth MilfordFebruary 5th6 mths
Mary & Martha Newby (twins)South MilfordFebruary 14thInfants
Elizabeth ThorpSouth MilfordFebruary 24th20
Edward CarrSouth MilfordFebruary 29th3 mths
Mary AtkinsonSouth MilfordMarch 9th58
Cristiana AustwickLumbyMay 18th70
Maria BrownSouth MilfordMay 31stInfant
Charles ToftSouth MilfordJune 8th14 mths
Jane WalkerSouth MilfordJuly 7th33
Sarah WalkerSouth MilfordAugust 15th2 mths
Thomas BleasbySouth MilfordSeptember 16thInfant
Mary TaylorSouth MilfordOctober 14th2
Elizabeth SaulSouth MilfordNovember 28th70
John BywaterSouth MilfordDecember 5th70
Mary PickeringLumbydecember 15th52
Mary SherwoodSouth MilfordJanuary 9th 185366
Benjamin BlackburnSouth MilfordJanuary 14th73
William AtkinsonSouth MilfordJanuary 18th12
Henry MawsonSouth MilfordJanuary 31st1
Ann CheethamSouth MilfordMarch 25th41
George GreenSouth MilfordMarch 25th67
George StalkerSouth MilfordApril 5thInfant
Jemima PickeringLumbyMay 4th76
Thomas Butterfield BortoftSouth MilfordMay 7th2
John SpinkLeedsMay 16th14
Mary NewbySouth MilfordMay 25th25
Walter NewbySouth MilfordJune 6thInfant
Charles ThorpLumby HillJune 20th1
Frances ClayburnSouth MilfordAugust 9th3
William BatmanSouth MilfordSeptember 4th83
Thomas CoulsonSouth MilfordOctober 18th77
Eliza Ann CrosslandSouth MilfordNovember 22nd30
William GrimshawSouth MilfordNovember 27th68
John KirkmanSouth MilfordNovember 30thInfant
John JohnsonSouth MilfordDecember 10th5
John ThorpePeckfieldMarch 4th 185435
Benjamin BlackburnSouth MilfordMarch 7thInfant
William BortoftSouth MilfordApril 3rd18
John Smith FranksSouth MilfordApril 23rd15 mths
Hannah WainwrightHullMay 11th26
Benjamin BlackburnSouth MilfordMay 30th48
Sarah AtkinsonSouth MilfordJune 2nd20
Jane WainwrightSouth MilfordJuly 15th30
Henry WoodSouth MilfordAugust 13th50
Mary GraingerLumbyAugust 24th81
Ann KnowlesSouth MilfordSeptember 21stInfant
John Plastener GinnshawLeedsOctober 17th36
George CoulsonSouth MilfordOctober 19th3
Martha HerbertLumbyOctober 20thInfant
Margaret AtkinsonSouth MilfordOctober 26th75
Thomas PowellSouth MilfordNovember 29th64
Edwin AbbottSouth MilfordDecember 23rd1
Joseph StalkerSouth MilfordJanuary 7th 185550
James BattersbySouth MilfordJanuary 28thInfant
Henry ThorpeYorkFebruary 25th24
Elizabeth SmithSouth MilfordMarch 14th51
Margaret Jane DentSouth MilfordApril 6thInfant
Luke RowleySouth MilfordApril 14thInfant
Eliza RowleySouth MilfordApril 14th2
Margaret GinnshawSouth MilfordApril 30th32
Christopher PaverPeckfieldMay 4th67
Louisa Mary LiveseySouth MilfordMay 8thInfant
Mary AtkinsonSouth MilfordMay 14th30
May AtkinsonBraytonMay 29th3
Emma KnowlesSouth MilfordJuly 1st1
Ann BrownSouth MilfordJuly 6th85
Sarah Jane NewsomHillamAugust 13thInfant
Butterfield BortoftSouth MilfordDecember 20th1
George HewittLeedsDecember 25thInfant
Ann RileySouth MilfordFebruary 9th 185666
George FranksSouth MilfordFebruary 20thInfant
William CoulsonSouth MilfordMarch 17thInfant
Susan BywaterSouth MilfordMay 2nd54
John AtkinsonSouth MilfordJuly 15th72
James GraingerLumbyAugust 5th82
Esther HerbertLumbyAugust 31stInfant
Alice KnowlesSouth MilfordSeptember 25thInfant
Jane FranksSouth MilfordNovember 16thInfant
Joseph GimshawSouth MilfordNovember 30th80
Maria BrabbSouth MilfordJanuary 25th 185765
Faith BakerSouth MilfordJanuary 30th68
Richard PickeringLumbyFebruary 4th81
Elizabeth RowlandsonSouth MilfordFebruary 28th59
Mary Ann WilsonSouth MilfordMarch 9thInfant
Robert BortoftSouth MilfordMay 3rd22
Mary AtkinsonSouth MilfordJune 4thInfant
Emma SuttonSouth MilfordJune 22nd1
Margaret Ann Middlebrough RobinsonSouth MilfordJune 23rd2
William LambertSouth MilfordJune 12thInfant
Charles HartleySouth MilfordJune 28thInfant
Jane WalkerSouth MilfordSeptember 1st36
George WalkerSouth MilfordSeptember 8thInfant
Sarah Ann MaskillSouth MilfordOctober 28th7 mths
George JacksonSouth MilfordDecember 2nd4
Matthew ConwaySouth MilfordMarch 14th 185874
Elizabeth HillSouth MilfordApril 8th4
William HillSouth MilfordApril 10th12
Amy CarrSouth MilfordApril 20thInfant
Thomas NewbyLumbyApril 21st85
John PoulterLumbyApril 30thInfant
Samuel ElsworthSouth MilfordMay 18thInfant
Elizabeth DentSouth MilfordJune 1stInfant
David HemingwaySouth MilfordJuly 20th49
Frances HodgsonSouth MilfordSeptember 8th37
Jane LimbertMicklefieldSeptember 19th29
William BullockSouth MilfordSeptember 27th36
Jemima ParkinSouth MilfordNovember 3rd69
Henry BortoftSouth MilfordNovember 7th37
John AbbottSouth MilfordNovember 21st38
Richard BatmanSouth MilfordDecember 12th91
John PickeringSouth MilfordJanuary 15th 185984
Mary PaverSouth MilfordFebruary 9th67
Ann BickerdikeSouth MilfordFebruary 21st55
George ThorpSouth MilfordMarch 15th63
Hannah PickeringSouth MilfordApril 5th3
Henry WilsonSouth MilfordApril 18thInfant
Elizabeth ThorpSouth MilfordMay 13th63
John ReamSouth MilfordMay 21st54
Esther MyersMicklefieldMay 24th32
Mary Ann HillSouth MilfordMay 31st57
Elizabeth CoulsonSouth MilfordJune 7th24
Sarah SpinkSouth MilfordJune 13th73
Diton HodgsonSouth MilfordJuly 14th78
Louisa BattersbySouth MilfordAugust 15th7
George BattersbySouth MilfordAugust 15th3
Atkinson WalkerSouth MilfordSeptember 27th24Killed on railway.
Ann HodgsonSouth MilfordDecember 18th73

1860 to 1869
Richard ChapmanSouth MilfordJanuary 15th 186054
Frances ClaytonSouth MilfordJanuary 17th47
Elizabeth WilsonSouth MilfordJanuary 17thInfant
Ann JohnsonSouth MilfordJanuary 28th70
Francis Herbert SiddallSouth MilfordJanuary 29thInfant
William Arthur SiddallSouth MilfordFebruary 4thInfant
Mary GibsonSouth MilfordFebruary 7th5
William ShippenSouth MilfordFebruary 17th2
Jesse NewsomSouth MilfordMarch 4th1
John SpinkSouth MilfordMarch 9th81
Ann ClayburnSouth MilfordMarch 11th40
John WoodSouth MilfordMarch 12th1
Ann AustwickLumbyMarch 24th34
George BortoftSouth MilfordApril 1st52
John HutchinsonSouth MilfordApril 1st34
Harriet BywaterSouth MilfordApril 14th22
William CusworthPeckfieldApril 23rd5
Thomas TaylorSouth MilfordApril 27th7
Richard HolmesSouth MilfordMay 1st85
Ann MaskillSouth MilfordMay 20th49
John GibsonSouth MilfordMay 22nd42
George HawleyWhitwoodMay 24th22
George PearsonSouth MilfordMay 26th4
Richard BradleyLumbyJune 9th81
Annie HodgsonSouth MilfordJune 12th17
Mary Elizabeth RowleySouth MilfordJuly 1stInfant
Elizabeth HudsonChurch FentonJuly 2nd36
Rebecca CooperSouth MilfordJuly 18th45
Mary Jane GillLeedsJuly 22ndInfant
Sarah StalkerSouth MilfordJuly 28th52
William HodgsonSouth MilfordAugust11th21
Hannah GrimshawSouth MilfordSeptember 2nd75
Tom CusworthSouth MilfordOctober 7thInfant
Sarah BranfootSouth MilfordOctober 11th32
William WoodSouth MilfordNovember 22ndInfant
Frances ClarksonSouth MilfordNovember 22ndInfant
Jane BakerSouth MilfordDecember 3rdInfant
Hannah HillSouth MilfordDecember 10th16
Fanny HodgsonSouth MilfordJanuary 1st 186177
Walter HarrisonLumbyJanuary 8th10 mths
Elizabeth NewbyLumbyJanuary 31st87
Ann StandishSouth MilfordMarch 14th93
John BostonSouth MilfordMarch 24thInfant
Alice WilsonSouth MilfordApril 2ndInfant
Harriet Hannah HartleySouth MilfordApril 7th1
Thomas BortoftSouth MilfordApril 7th51
Mary BlackburnSouth MilfordApril*th4
Joseph ParkinSouth MilfordApril 17th78
Frances Ann RobinsonSouth MilfordMay 3rd3
Sophia VarleySouth MilfordMay 3rdInfant
Elizabeth WoodSouth MilfordMay 7th28
Robert HawleyWhitwoodJuly 9th21
Mary Ann WrightSouth MilfordJuly 14th1
Elfrida GibsonSouth MilfordJuly 16thInfant
Maria FranksSouth MilfordJuly 18th45
Sarah Ann StalkerSherburnAugust 2nd1
Ann GibsonSouth MilfordAugust 9th29
William BortoftSouth MilfordAugust 17thInfant
Eliza WrightSouth MilfordSeptember 1st25
John TaylorSouth MilfordSeptember 11th13
George GraingerSouth MilfordSeptember 17th63
Arthur TaylorSouth MilfordOctober 9th1
George ChapmanSouth MilfordOctober 16th26
Sarah SuttonSouth MilfordOctober 21st12
Mary SpinkSouth MilfordOctober 23rd24
Richard KendallSouth MilfordOctober 29th29
John HartleySouth MilfordNovember 16th16
Mary KnowlesSouth MilfordNovember 21st67
Thomas HirstSouth MilfordNovember 22nd2
Matthew StandidgeSouth MilfordDecember 1st88
Hannah ReamSouth MilfordDecember 26th29
Rachel EnglandSherburnJanuary 2nd 186216
James BortoftSouth MilfordJanuary 27th25
Benjamin BullockSouth MilfordFebruary 4th69
Jane WainwrightSouth MilfordFebruary 4th38
Elizabeth HartleySouth MilfordFebruary 6th14
Ann MaskillSouth MilfordFebruary 28th59
Jane BattersbySouth MilfordMarch 1stInfant
Thomas SmithSouth MilfordApril 2nd73
Tom GarnetSouth MilfordApril 2ndInfant
John PaverSouth MilfordApril 8th64
James BickerdykeSouth MilfordApril 10th59
Hannah GrimshawSouth MilfordApril 19th16
William GarnetSouth MilfordMay 16th4
William BlackburnSouth MilfordMay 22nd2
Charles WilsonSouth MilfordJune 14th7
John WoodSouth MilfordJune 18th61
George HampshawShadwellJune 29th23
Margaret PaverSouth MilfordJuly 15th75
Margaret HolmesSouth MilfordSeptember 2nd81
William HirstWhitwoodSeptember 8th33
Ann DickinsonSouth MilfordJanuary 29th 186371
Mary LuptonSouth MilfordMarch 19thInfant
Mary PaverSouth MilfordApril 6thInfant
Margaret PaverSouth MilfordApril 6th32
Elizabeth GillSouth MilfordApril 7th82
Martha ScottSouth MilfordApril 9thInfant
Hannah Mary ScottSouth MilfordApril 9thInfant
Richard AtkinsonSouth MilfordApril 14th63
Hannah PaverSouth MilfordApril 21st55
David BortoftSouth MilfordMay 9th4 mths
Richard BostonSouth MilfordMay 10th5
William StaceyDoncasterMay 30th68
Jane MooreSouth MilfordJuly 13th64
Mary HillHazelwoodAugust 21st53
Kate VarleySouth MilfordAugust 24thInfant
Frederic Wetherill HarrisonSouth MilfordAugust 25th8 mths
Nelsemiah CopleySouth MilfordSeptember 4th2
Amy GraingerSouth MilfordSeptember 8th62
Joseph ReamHullSeptember 15th34
Susannah GarnetSouth MilfordNovember 12thInfant
Edward PullanSouth MilfordNovember 12th55
Ann VarleySouth MilfordJanuary 12th 186431
Hannah BleasbySouth MilfordJanuary 14th26
Mary FawcettSouth MilfordJanuary 17th91
Thomas ThorpSouth MilfordJanuary 19th49
James BleasbySouth MilfordFebruary 17thInfant
Henry PoulterLumbyMarch 1stInfant
Albert ThompsonSouth MilfordApril 1stInfant
Mary PearsonHullApril 10th14
John William LivseySouth MilfordApril 16thInfant
Elizabeth AbbottSouth MilfordMay 3rd1
Rebecca BatmanSouth MilfordMay 7th55
George BywaterSouth MilfordMay 14th2
John LuptonLumbyMay 29th63
Rebecca BatmanSouth MilfordJune 8th16
John HodgsonSouth MilfordJune 26th72
Charles BywaterSouth MilfordJuly 24th1
Jane LivseySouth MilfordJuly 29th38
George Russell SnellLumbyJuly 31st9
Elizabeth HillSouth MilfordAugust 6th12
Robert RowlandsonSouth MilfordAugust 15th71
Robert HillBurton SalmonAugust 15th30
Elizabeth PaverSouth MilfordAugust 16th46
Elizabeth FranksSouth MilfordOctober 30th44
Charlotte Rebecca RocketSouth MilfordDecember 6thInfant
Sarah Ann HemingwaySouth MilfordJanuary 10th 186518
Maria PearsonHullJanuary15th1
Ann WilsonSouth MilfordJanuary 25th27
Fanny GilyardPeckfieldFebruary 7thInfant
Mary WainwrightSouth MilfordFebruary 7th77
Thomas BrownSouth MilfordFebruary 26th32
Tillah CromackSouth MilfordMarch 5th3
Agnes HemingwaySouth MilfordMarch 11thInfant
Joseph CromackSouth MilfordMarch 12th5
Mary Hannah HarrisSouth MilfordMarch 29th13
Mary BrownSouth MilfordApril 28th38
Thomas ClaytonSelbyJune 20th26
Thomas BellwoodSouth MilfordJune 25th26
Ada ArundelSouth MilfordJuly 25th9
Frederick William WrightLumbyAugust 26thInfant
George BleasbySouth MilfordSeptember 5th9
Mary Ann StalkerLeedsNovember 17th29
Mary BradleyLumbyDecember 26th84
Ann Elizabeth HarrissPeckfieldJanuary 4th 18661
William SpinkSouth MilfordJanuary 28th84
Ann Elizabeth SmailesSouth MilfordFebruary 11thInfant
Charles ShillitoLumbyFebruary 17thInfant
Nathan WalkerMilford JunctionMarch 17th25
John AustwickLumbyMay 18th85
Eliza RowleySouth MilfordMay 23rd72
Sarah Ann BakerSouth MilfordJune 24th15
James RileyLumbyAugust 22nd9
Eliza MaskillSouth MilfordAugust 27th20
Robert Smith BakerSouth MilfordOctober 2nd10
Mary BelwoodSouth MilfordOctober 17th2
Elizabeth BrownSouth MilfordNovember 26th43
Ann GibsonSouth MilfordDecember 12th75
Thomasine SpinkSouth MilfordJanuary 1st 186786
Joseph WilsonSouth MilfordFebruary 6th28
Harriet SaulSouth MilfordFebruary 7th40
Robert Thomas AbbottSouth MilfordApril 16th2
William NewshamSouth MilfordMay 28th17
Sarah Ellen HillSouth MilfordJune 12th23
Clare Emma ChapmanSouth MilfordJuly 16thInfant
Annie Maria ElandSouth MilfordJuly 29thInfant
James WalkerMilford JunctionAugust 15th49
George TukeSouth MilfordAugust 19th57
Charlotte Rebecca RocketSouth MilfordAugust 23rdInfant
Sophia SchofieldSouth MilfordSeptember 5th1
Robert brownSouth MilfordSeptember 10th1
Rachel RyderSouth MilfordSeptember 12th1
Charlotte AtkinsonSouth MilfordSeptember 15thInfant
John HawleyWhitwoodOctober 27th59
Joseph PoulterMilford JunctionNovember 11thInfant
Tom ThompsonSouth MilfordDecember 2ndInfant
Barnabas BrownSouth MilfordDecember 22nd65
Tom Penrose ThompsonLeedsJanuary 1st 1868Infant
John GibsonSouth MilfordJanuary 14thInfant
Rebecca WainwrightSouth MilfordFebruary 2nd77
Richard GreySouth MilfordFebruary 19th2
Edward GroomeSouth MilfordApril 26th65
William Henry MaskillSouth MilfordApril 27th2
Harriet Ann MaskillCastlefordMay 3rdInfant
Sybilla AbbottSouth MilfordMay 11thInfant
Robert NewsomSouth MilfordMay 18th83
John BickerdykeSouth MilfordMay 21st2
Joseph Sherwood HarrisonLumbyJune 9th15
Mary Ann HodgsonSouth MilfordJune 17th70
Charles HillSouth MilfordJuly 10th59
Ann BleasbySouth MilfordJuly 12th70
Charles BisbeySouth MilfordJuly 14thInfant
Jane MetcalfHarrogateJuly 26th47
Arthur ElandSouth MilfordJuly 26thInfant
John William Walker NewbySouth MilfordJuly 26thInfant
William CawthorneMilford JunctionJuly 27thInfant
Joseph CoulsonMilford JunctionAugust 13thInfant
William Henry WilkinsonMilford JunctionAugust 14thInfant
Peter William RowleySouth MilfordAugust 29th13
Mary SmithSouth MilfordOctober 4th82
William HodgsonSouth MilfordOctober 4th4
Joseph BurtonSouth MilfordOctober 9thInfant
James Becket JacksonSouth MilfordNovember 22nd38
Mary Elizabeth VarleySouth MilfordNovember 22nd1
Robert James HillScalm Park, WistowNovember 26thInfant
Matthew SissonsSouth MilfordDecember 18th62
Alfred Thomas CoulsonMilford JunctionJanuary 15th 18692
Charles WallisMilford HaggJanuary 27thInfant
Emma SailSouth MilfordFebruary 7thInfant
Anne BarkerSouth MilfordFebruary 8th1
John SpinkLeedsFebruary 14th56
Ann Elizabeth SedmanSouth MilfordFebruary 14thInfant
Mary Ann PaverLedshamFebruary 22nd86
John FalkinghamSouth MilfordMarch 31stInfant
Mawson RobinsonLumbyApril 18thInfant
Elizabeth ThompsonSouth MilfordApril 30thInfant
Martha AbbottMilford Old JunctionMay 26thInfant
John Thomas AdamsonMilford Old JunctionJune 4th1
Mary AbbottMilford Old JunctionJune 18thInfant
John WallisSouth MilfordAugust 3rd37
Joseph PadmoreCastlefordAugust 11thabout 56
William LeeSouth MilfordAugust 12th74
George BywaterSouth MilfordOctober 12thInfant
Emma BarkerLeedsOctober 16th3
Thomas TaylorSouth MilfordOctober 25th53
Mary HemingwaySouth MilfordDecember 5th59
Sarah GilyardPeckfieldDecember 11th39
William ThompsonSouth MilfordDecember 27thInfant
Fred HodgsonSouth MilfordDecember 29thInfant
George ThompsonSouth MilfordDecember 30thInfant

1870 to 1879
James HubieSouth MilfordJanuary 16th 187084
John PickeringSouth MilfordFebruary 5th57
Henry NewbySouth MilfordFebruary 13th18
George BellSouth MilfordMarch 20th93
William HerbertLumbyMarch 27th63
John NordinSouth MilfordApril 4th76
Betsy TaftMilford JunctionApril 23rd45
Anne Middlebrough RobinsonSouth MilfordApril 24th5
Emily Hudson HillSouth MilfordMay 8thInfant
William SissonsSouth MilfordMay 19thInfant
Sarah Jane RichardsonSouth MilfordJuly 14th4
Ward SailSouth MilfordJuly 14thInfant
Thomas HirstDoncasterJuly 23rd29
George MooreSouth MilfordJuly 29th71
Elizabeth BakerSouth MilfordJuly 30th58
Susan JacksonMilford HaggAugust 22ndInfant
Ann BlackburnSouth MilfordAugust 22nd66
Henry BostonSouth MilfordAugust 26th1
Sarah BoothHullAugust 28th37
Eleanor ElsworthSouth MilfordSeptember 1stInfant
William GilliamSouth MilfordSeptember 11thInfant
Ann WilsonSouth MilfordSeptember 23rd48
John RyderSouth MilfordSeptember 24th57
Arthur BickerdikeSouth MilfordSeptember 26thInfant
Pollard HillSouth MilfordNovember 2nd16
William MidgleySouth MilfordNovember 27thInfant
Alice Jane AbbottMilford Old JunctionDecember (no date)Infant
Genry RobinsonLumbyDecember 12thInfant
George BarkerSouth MilfordDecember 16thInfant
Thomas BarkerSouth MilfordDecember 30thInfant
John KnowlesSouth MilfordJanuary 13th 187173
Martin George BleasbySouth MilfordMarch 28thInfant
Martin AtkinsonWhitwood MereApril 4th79
John KnowlesBradfordApril 10th27
Hannah SmithSouth MilfordJune 8th69
Newby MawsonSouth MilfordJuly 1st22
Frederic BusfieldSouth MilfordAugust 13thInfant
George William MaskillSouth MilfordAugust 20th5
Clarence Raymond MaskillSouth MilfordSeptember 10th3
Betsy SissonsSouth MilfordSeptember 26th28
Luke RowleySouth MilfordOctober 8th85
Anne BostonSouth MilfordOctober 8th5
Elizabeth LindleySouth MilfordNovember 8th68
Ann CawthorneMilford JunctionDecember 3rdInfant
Elizabeth WainwrightSouth MilfordDecember 13th39
Harriet BywaterSouth MilfordDecember 29thInfant
Ann ThompsonSouth MilfordDecember 31st42
Mary GouthwaiteSouth MilfordJanuary 13th 187271
Walter WainwrightSouth MilfordJanuary 15th2
Kate AdamsonMilford Old JunctionApril 9thInfant
Mary HodgsonSouth MilfordApril 27th69
John Thomas HillSherburnMay 4thInfant
Albert SeatonPeckfieldMay 15thInfant
Sarah ThompsonSouth MilfordJune24th37
Charles BartleSouth MilfordAugust 8th1
Thomas SpinkSouth MilfordAugust 11th1
William GibsonSouth MilfordSeptember 1st53
Ann HartleyNewthorpeSeptember 10th57
Anne Elizabeth WilkinsonMilford JunctionSeptember 14th25
Elizabeth ReynoldsSouth MilfordSeptember 19th68
Allan LindleySouth MilfordNovember 16thInfant
Ann BlackburnSouth MilfordDecember 20th56
William SmithCastlefordDecember 25th36
William BatmanSouth MilfordJanuary 7th 187364
Charles William WainwrightSouth MilfordFebruary 11thInfant
Emma LongleySouth MilfordFebruary 25thInfant
Anna CoulsonSouth MilfordMarch 7th80
Alvara SissonsSouth MilfordApril 2nd1
Sarah ChiltonSouth MilfordApril 9th81
Thomas JohnsonSouth MilfordApril 22nd75
George Bertram Reinhold Heaton HoffinannHillam HallApril 30th6 mths
Jane StephensonSouth MilfordMay 1st15 mths
Tom AbbottMilford Old JunctionMay 14thInfant
Elizabeth SpinkSouth MilfordJune 14th61
Sarah Ann HodgsonSouth MilfordJune 14th16
Mary KendallSouth MilfordJune 20th73
Edith YoungSouth MilfordJune 27th10
Hannah MaskillCastlefordAugust 7th28
Alice Ann WhiteMilford JunctionAugust 15th5
Adeline HoffinannPortishead, BristolAugust 29th32
Ann BattersbySouth MilfordAugust 29th59
Kate PinderSouth MilfordSeptember 9thInfant
Ellis BlackburnSouth MilfordSeptember 20th26
Charles BywaterSouth MilfordOctober 1st6
Hannah MaskillSouth MilfordOctober 23rdInfant
Martha CoulsonMilford JunctionNovember 8th38
George BarkerSouth MilfordNovember 10th72
Benjamin ToddNewthorpeNovember 12thInfant
Edward LindleySouth MilfordNovember 18th4
Thomas CrossSouth MilfordDecember 10thInfant
John William BroomheadSouth MilfordDecember 22ndInfant
Jane SmithSouth MilfordDecember 26th27
George RocketSouth MilfordDecember 28th1
Fred RocketSouth MilfordJanuary 4th 1874Infant
Robert KendallYorkFebruary 11th33
Ann AtkinsonSouth MilfordFebruary 17th66
Richard HillHazelwoodMarch 7th68
Bernard TaylorSouth MilfordMarch 7th78
Richard RobertsSouth MilfordMarch 11th66
Ann Elizabeth SailSouth MilfordMarch 22nd17
Rebecca HubieSouth MilfordMarch 23rd81
Joseph SherwoodSouth MilfordMay 1st80
Thomas HillSouth MilfordMay 29th25
Hannah Mary BarkerSouth MilfordJune 22ndInfant
Henry HodgsonSouth MilfordJune 28th73
Ann Elizabeth SkeltonSouth MilfordJuly 29thInfant
Arthur Lennox NewsomSouth MilfordAugust 2nd7 mths
Annie NewbySouth MilfordAugust 14th1
Hannah BarkerSouth MilfordSeptember 5th72
Eliza IllingworthSouth MilfordOctober 23rd10
Sarah Ann GibsonSouth MilfordNovember 8th38
John William WallaceSouth MilfordDecember 6th7
William HodgsonMilford JunctionDecember 22nd19
Sarah Elizabeth ParkinSouth MilfordDecember 27th2
Charles William MarshallSouth MilfordJanuary 3rd 18752
Elizabeth ShephardSouth MilfordJanuary 4th76
Ida Mary FaulkenerSouth MilfordJanuary 8thInfant
John AtkinsonMilford JunctionJanuary 12th34
Mary BarkerSouth MilfordApril 4thInfant
Olive May KershawSouth MilfordApril 16thInfant
Eliza SharpeSouth MilfordMay 6th61
Margaret WattsSouth MilfordJune 13th25
Eleanor AbbottMilford Low JunctionJune 18thInfant
Ann Beatrice WattsMilford JunctionJuly 8thInfant
James BleasbySouth MilfordJuly 9th80
Sarah SherwoodSouth MilfordAugust 6th80
Sarah GreenSouth MilfordOctober 24th71
Robert WainwrightLintonNovember 26th14
John MylettSouth MilfordDecember 8thInfant
Joseph BisbeySouth MilfordDecember 24th41
Rebecca AtkinsonMilford JunctionJanuary 13th 18765
Sarah Jane SunderlandSouth MilfordJanuary 20thInfant
Elizabeth EnglandSouth MilfordMarch 6th1
John Edward AtkinsonSelbyMarch 22nd5
Benjamin BradleySouth MilfordMarch 27th49
James BortoftSouth MilfordApril 5th64
Robert NewsomSouth MilfordMay 19th26
Elizabeth HodgsonSouth MilfordMay 22nd41
Harriet PinderSouth MilfordMay 31st7
William HarrisonLumbyJune 12th64
Thomas BickerdikeSouth MilfordJune 29th72
Henry BartleSouth MilfordJuly 16th16
James NewbySouth MilfordJuly 18th80
George MaskillSouth MilfordAugust 8th65
Florence AbbottMilford Old JunctionAugust 28thInfant
Richard LonghornLumbySeptember 7th69
George PinderSouth MilfordNovember 10th11
William Thomas DaviesSouth MilfordDecember 1st1 mth
Fred WhiteMilford JunctionDecember 14thInfant
Ben WhiteMilford JunctionDecember 14thInfant
Alfred ThornleyLumbyDecember 17th2
Elizabeth EastwoodLumby LaneDecember 25th69
Ernest AtkinsonMilford JunctionJanuary 28th 18773
Robert LeeSouth MilfordFebruary 10th67
Ann HarrisonLumbyFebruary 12th54
Robert HillScalm Park, WistowApril 2nd75
James BortoftSouth MilfordApril 10th31
Alice SweetingLumby LaneApril 12th18
Herbert AtkinsonSelbyMay 9th2
Henry William InmanSouth MilfordMay 31st28
William ThornleyLumby LaneMay 31st13
Robert BuchananPeckfieldJuly 6th46
George TownendLumbyJuly 26th3
Jane Elizabeth TerrySouth MilfordAugust 12th29
Ann HarrisonSouth MilfordAugust 24th54
William MawsonSouth MilfordSeptember 16th66
William TurnerSouth MilfordSeptember 26th22
Sarah PickupSouth MilfordOctober 24th63
Henry InmanSouth MilfordNovember 14th51
Esther WalkerMilford, Hagg LaneNovember 17th79
William BattersbySheffieldNovember 22nd6
William TerryMilford JunctionDecember 1stInfant
Thomas CrossSouth MilfordDecember 1stInfant
Ann EnglandSherburnDecember 5th76
Isaac HirstSouth MilfordJanuary 1st 187885
Elizabeth Hudson HillScalm Park, WistowJanuary 10th72
Sarah JohnsonSouth MilfordJanuary 11th61
George ClaxtonLumby LaneJanuary 19th1
Charles Frederick FaulknerSouth MilfordJanuary 28thInfant
Martha HerbertLumbyFebruary 3rd64
Fanny JacksonMilford Old JunctionFebruary 3rd74
Hannah CoulsonCastlefordFebruary 26th65
Ann ShawnLeedsApril 3rd22
Thomas RaperSouth MilfordApril 5thInfant
Elizabeth WoodNewthorpeApril 18th28
Eliza NewbySouth MilfordMay 20th39
Thomas HillSouth MilfordMay 29th78
William Henry GibsonSouth MilfordJune 7th4
Harry HudsonSouth MilfordJune 15thInfant
Elizabeth IllingworthSouth MilfordJune 20thInfant
Jane LevittLumby LaneJune 20th38
Sarah Ann BortoftSherburnJune 22ndInfant
George EmmettSouth MilfordJuly 10th51
Frederick NewsomSouth MilfordJuly 13thInfant
Charles GillSouth MilfordJuly 15th67
Henry BartleSouth MilfordJuly 25th47
Edith Blanche DunningtonNewthorpeAugust 1st9 mths
Henry BleasbySouth MilfordAugust 20thInfant
Robert MaskillSouth MilfordAugust 25th63
Herbert BattySouth MilfordSeptember 14th16 mths
Sarah Ann BrewsterPeckfieldNovember 6th24
William HandleySouth MilfordNovember 10th50
Rose Ellen JacksonLumbyNovember 22nd8 mths
Mary Emma ParkinSouth MilfordDecember 17th3
Mary Ann BarkerSouth MilfordJanuary 7th 187938
Jane BackhouseSouth MilfordFebruary 11th79
Jennet CroslandSouth MilfordFebruary 22nd66
Robert MaddraSouth MilfordMarch 7th5 mths
Ann ChapmanSouth MilfordMarch 22nd68
Lilian Jane HewittSouth MilfordMarch 25th7 mths
Thomas HillSouth MilfordApril 2nd48
Ellen Maria AtkinsonMilford JunctionApril 19th13 mths
Mary CawthraSouth MilfordMay 2nd51
Henry AtkinsonCollinghamMay 10th31
Ada DentSouth MilfordMay 14th1
Maud Mary HopkinsSouth MilfordMay 24th14
Job BakerSouth MilfordJune 5th67
William HillYorkJune 9th54
Maude WalshSouth MilfordJune 30th6
Mary BortoftSouth MilfordAugust 13th22
Mary Ann Elizabeth BostonSouth MilfordAugust 19th2
Sarah Ann MarshallPeckfieldSeptember 22nd16
Hannah LaidlerWhitbySeptember 27th20
Lillian Mary PhilpSouth MilfordSeptember 30th7
George WalkerMilford Old JunctionOctober 14th83
Joseph KnowlesSouth MilfordOctober 14th57
Susannah PhilpSouth MilfordOctober 18th33
Charles WainwrightLintonNovember 21st49
Hannah RocketLedstoneNovember 30th75

1880 to 1889
Robert WilkinsonMilford JunctionJanuary 25th 188085
Thomas FennellMilford JunctionJanuary 30th68
Elizabeth RansomeLumby LaneFebruary 11th36
William Newsham GillSouth MilfordFebruary 11th10 mths
David AthornSouth MilfordMarch 30thInfant
Thomas WilsonSouth MilfordApril 10th56
William SmithSouth MilfordApril 20th80
Thomas ClaxtonLumbyApril 27th77
Emma MidgleySouth MilfordMay 27thInfant
Mary BedfordMilford JunctionJune 9th74
Edward IllingworthSouth MilfordJune 12th3
Ann SissonsSouth MilfordJune16th75
William TrousdaleMilford JunctionJuly 6th17
Ann BullockSouth MilfordJuly 9th79
John BedfordMilford JunctionJuly 18th83
Edward BurnstoneSouth MilfordJuly 19th31
Joshua SteelSouth MilfordAugust 12th33
George AtkinsonSouth MilfordAugust 27th1
Ann BarthSouth MilfordSeptember 14th83
Mary Elizabeth BakerSouth MilfordSeptember 22nd11 mths
Henry BickerdikeSouth MilfordSeptember 24thInfant
Edith HemingwaySouth MilfordSeptember 29thInfant
Joseph BrownfootNewthorpeOctober 1st50
Mary ParrottNewthorpeNovember 2nd73
Henry PinderSouth MilfordDecember 9thInfant
William AdamsonGascoigne Wood Jn.December 12th57
Arthur WatsonLumbyJanuary 1st 18811
Isabel SmithSouth MilfordJanuary 3rdInfant
William DentSouth MilfordJanuary 9thInfant
Mary Ann CrossSouth MilfordJanuary 19th43
John SmithSouth MilfordFebruary 3rdInfant
Thomas BrittianHagg Lane, MilfordFebruary 9thInfant
Ruth MaskillSouth MilfordFebruary 12th20
Ruth NewbySouth MilfordFebruary 21stInfant
George LaidlerMilford JunctionMarch 2nd60
Henry AustwickLumbyMarch 11th21
Mary SherwoodSouth MilfordApril 2nd51
George BurrowsNewthorpeApril 6th1
Robert ParkinSouth MilfordApril 29th3
John BleasbySouth MilfordMay 15th52
Sarah RobertsMonk FrystonMay 21st76
Jane BatmanSouth MilfordJuly 13th41
Henry CurtisSouth MilfordJuly 27th73
George ExleyMonk FrystonAugust 16th87
Martha Ann CalverLumbySeptember 3rdInfant
Margaret BattySouth MilfordOctober 6thInfant
Mary Ethel EnglandSouth MilfordOctober 7thInfant
Mary Eliza CranswickSouth MilfordOctober 18th7
Mary Sarah RhodesLeedsOctober 25th26
Percy GillSouth MilfordNovember 1stInfant
Alice CockerhamSouth MilfordNovember 9th10
Frank TerryMilford JunctionNovember 21stInfant
Mary MuncasterSouth MilfordDecember 1st83
William SherwoodSouth MilfordDecember 21st62
Sarah HodgsonLeedsFebruary 10th 188273
Charles William BickerdikeGasgoigne Wood Jn.March 3rd16 mths
Eleanor CranswickSouth MilfordApril 11th1
Jane NewsomSouth MilfordApril 13th47
William ClayburnSouth MilfordApril 16thInfant
Annie Mary Middlebrough RobinsonSouth MilfordApril 21stInfant
George PickeringSouth MilfordApril 29th79
Mary Jane SissonsSouth MilfordMay 31st28
Mary NewbySouth MilfordJune 26th70
Elizabeth BakerSouth MilfordJuly 3rd10
Thomas BleasbySouth MilfordJuly 5thInfant
Tom SmithSouth MilfordJuly 19thInfant
Sarah JacksonSouth MilfordAugust 6th26
Richard HodgsonSouth MilfordSeptember 5th30
Charles JacksonSouth MilfordSeptember 12th2 mths
John KendallSouth MilfordSeptember 13th82
Thomas HarrisonSouth MilfordSeptember 22nd18
Martha Ellen CawthorneSouth MilfordOctober 2nd6
Joseph HarrisonSouth MilfordOctober 5th63
Ernest BortoftSherburnOctober 5th10 mths
Benjamin CawthorneSouth MilfordOctober 8th5
George MawnSouth MilfordNovember 2nd8 mths
Alice BattersbySouth MilfordNovember 16th46
Emily HodgsonSouth MilfordDecember 5th1
Henry BanksSouth MilfordDecember 5th2
Ann RathmellMilford GrangeDecember 28th21
Hannah VarleySouth MilfordJanuary 14th 188389
John NewbyHagg LaneFebruary 11th14 mths
Mary KirkmanSouth MilfordFebruary 12th58
Susannah Keyworth AtkinsonMilford JunctionFebruary 18th62
William HansonSouth MilfordApril 24th55
John JacksonSouth MilfordApril 25th88
Nellie CockerhamMilford JunctionJune 9th3
Frances HutchcroftSouth MilfordJune 12th19
Mary MawsonMonk FrystonJuly 1st58
Walter RowleySouth MilfordJuly 5thInfant
Albert HemingwaySouth MilfordJuly 15thInfant
Jane Elizabeth HudsonHillamJuly 23rd18
John ThorpeLumbyJuly 24th77
Bertha TownendMilford JunctionAugust 19thInfant
Sasan SawyerLumbySeptember 8th74
Polly RathmellMilford GrangeSeptember 10th16
William RobinsonNewthorpeSeptember 21st17
William Ernest EnglandSouth MilfordNovember 2nd6
John BattersbyThorpe, BraytonNovember 9th68
Mary MarshallScatt House S. Milf.November 19th22
Abel CromackMossNovember 29th64
William LunnSouth MilfordJanuary 15th 1884Infant
Hannah JohnsonSouth MilfordJanuary 21st84
Joseph SherwoodSouth MilfordFebruary 3rdInfant
Joseph CromackSouth MilfordFebruary 12th68
Thomas CroslandSouth MilfordFebruary 14th34
Hannah WatsonNewthorpeFebruary 17thInfant
Irvin AtkinsonMilford JunctionFebruary 20thInfant
Martha Ann AtkinsonMilford JunctionMarch 23rd20
Sarah Ann HarperSouth MilfordMarch 23rd6
Ada CromackLumbyMay 7th3
Richard JacksonMilford JunctionMay 13th2
Henry ReynoldsMilford JunctionJune 22ndInfant
William SmithSouth MilfordAugust 12thInfant
Dorothy BarkerLumbyAugust 14th82
Mary ChiltonSouth MilfordSeptember 9thInfant
Emily BuckleNewthorpeOctober 1stInfant
Mary HodgsonSouth MilfordOctober 3rd72
Hannah MannSouth MilfordOctober 3rd38
Elizabeth BleasbySouth MilfordNovember 7th37
Sarah Green BickerdikeGascoigne Wood Jn.November 16thInfant
Mary FarrowSouth MilfordNovember 18th65
Elizabeth TukeSouth MilfordDecember 2nd84
Ann KnowlesMethleyDecember 3rd62
Lizzie Morris WatsonSouth MilfordDecember 30th34
Selina BickerdikeGascoigne Wood Jn.December 30th26
John TankardSouth MilfordDecember 31stInfant
Thomas AtkinsonSouth MilfordFebruary 7th 188518
Mary Ellen MarshallPeckfieldFebruary 13thInfant
John Newsome ParkinSouth MilfordFebruary 27th3
George SpinkSouth MilfordFebruary 28th69
Sarah Ann DobsonSouth MilfordMarch 25th19
William LindleySouth MilfordApril 5th81
William Edgar HutchcroftSouth MilfordApril 5thInfant
Alice BostonSouth MilfordMay 3rdInfant
Hannah PickeringSouth MilfordMay 7th69
Catherine HarrisonSouth MilfordMay 13th24
Thomas ChapmanSouth MilfordMay 22ndInfant
Annie TownendMilford JunctionJune 7thInfant
Elizabeth ThompsonMilford JunctionJuly 17th34
Harry NewbySouth MilfordJuly 17thInfant
Amy PickupLumbyAugust 4thInfant
Annie BropleySouth MilfordOctober 9th37
Maud LevittLumbyNovember 14th11
John PaverSouth MilfordNovember 17th63
John MiddlebroughSouth MilfordNovember 23rd69
Robert Dean DentonSouth MilfordDecember 2ndInfantt
George CoulsonMilford JunctionDecember 9th82
Robert Thomas UnderwoodSouth MilfordDecember 16thInfant
Francis HodgsonSouth MilfordDecember 29th63
Rowland Hill CranswickSouth MilfordJanuary 18th 18867 mths
Mabel Annie SunderlandSouth MilfordJanuary 21st3
George HodgsonSouth MilfordFebruary 2nd92
George Kendall Gascoigne Wood Jc.February 18th52
Charlotte Marshall Gascoigne Wood Jc.February 21stInfant
Harry SmithSouth MilfordMarch 15thInfant
Mary MarshallPeckfieldApril 15th26
John WatersonNewthorpeMay 11th46
Ann AtkinsonLumby LaneMay 22nd76
Alice TownendMilford JunctionJune 2ndInfant
Mary RobinsonSouth MilfordJune 26th75
Robert ShannLeedsJune 30th10
Robert BortoftSouth MilfordJuly 4th33
Alfred AustwickDodworthAugust 3rd30
Son of John Austwick, LumbyMurdered by a mannamed Murphy
Thomas HartleySouth MilfordAugust 12th71
Ethel AtkinsonMilford JunctionSeptember 5thInfant
Mary Ann MarshallGascoigne Wood Jn.September 24th12
Amelia JacksonMilford JunctionSeptember 26thInfant
Annie BostonSouth MilfordOctober 5thInfant
James William BattySouth MilfordOctober 22ndInfant
George WilsonSouth MilfordNovember 1st6
Elizabeth PickupLumbyNovember 9th66
George GibsonSouth MilfordDecember 17th31
Fanny MarshallGascoigne Wood Jn.December 26th1
Lavinia RhodesSouth MilfordJanuary 16th 18871
John BywaterSouth MilfordJanuary 25th81
Ann ReamAllerton BywaterJanuary 29th82
John BatmanSouth MilfordFebruary 9th84
Mary Jane BradleySouth MilfordFebruary 21st7
William Henry AustinSherburn in ElmetFebruary 25th33
John Edward BrownbridgeMilford JunctionMarch 10th11
Thomas MaskillSouth MilfordMarch 13th83
Alice DawsonSouth MilfordMarch 22nd1
David BellSouth MilfordApril 10th52
Martha BrittonSouth MilfordApril 22nd45
Martha CrispeSouth MilfordApril 27th36
William AndersonSouth MilfordApril 30th73
Annie Isabel PickardSouth MilfordMay 10th3
Ann BlanchardSteeton CottageMay 12th71
Mary GilliamSouth MilfordMay 25th72
Jane WatersonNewthorpeJune 7th57
William ThompsonSherburn in ElmetJuly 9th60
Lucy ChapmanMaltkilns Milford Jnc.July 17thInfant
Kate ChapmanMaltkilns Milford Jnc.July 21stInfant
Ivy Adelaide AllenMilford JunctionAugust 17th16 mths
Jane Elizabeth BedfordMilford JunctionAugust 18thInfant
Edith Annie ThompsonMilford JunctionAugust 23rdInfant
Anna LindleyCawoodSeptember 9th8
Mary WhiteNewthorpeOctober 4th10
John JohnsonMonk FrystonOctober 22nd77
Thomas DentonSouth MilfordDecember 21st45
George William CromackLumbyJanuary 13th 188820
Terry TurnerManchesterFebruary 4th29
Richard NewshamUlleskelfMarch 7th65
Ann ParkerMonk FrystonMarch 10th49
William MarshallGascoigne Wood Jc.March 17th45
Lawson FosterSouth MilfordApril 21stInfant
Mary Elizabeth ThompsonLeedsMay 12th15 mths
Ann RobertsSouth MilfordMay 12th78
Ruth ElsworthNewthorpeMay 23rd38
Mary Elizabeth Rosa DentonSouth MilfordSeptember 12th4
Sarah GillSouth MilfordSeptember 17th75
Annie BakerSouth MilfordOctober 30thInfant
John HerbertSouth MilfordNovember 6th78
Annie SimonsMilford JunctionNovember 19thInfant
Ada Annie PrinceNewthorpeDecember 21st2
Edith Spence NewsomSouth MilfordJanuary 2nd 1889Infant
Robert GibsonSouth MilfordJanuary 9th61
Nathaniel CleggSouth MilfordJanuary 9th4
William Arthur NewbySouth MilfordJanuary 15th11
Alfred SowersbyNewthorpeMarch 18th2
Dora RenderNewthorpeApril 6thInfant
George JacksonMilford JunctionApril 9thInfant
Mary DennisonPeckfieldApril 13th52
Amanda WilkinsonMilford JunctionAugust 6th2
John ClayburnSouth MilfordSeptember 1st68
Ronald RhodesSouth MilfordOctober 3rd2
Harold Victor ForringtonSouth MilfordOctober 5th2
Robert PickupMonk FrystonNovember 29th76
John WatsonLumbyDecember 15th68
Joseph HillSouth MilfordDecember 21st60

1890 to 1899
James KnowlesSouth MilfordJanuary 10th 189072
Mary Elizabeth MountainSouth MilfordJanuary 18th6 mths
Elizabeth HirstSouth MilfordFebruary 5th84
Mary Jane UnderwoodSouth MilfordMay 6th36
John Felpham BestNewthorpeMay 31st70
Elizabeth ThompsonLumbyJune 6thInfant
Thomas BlackburnMilfordJuly 30th75
Sarah Jane CoulsonMilford JunctionAugust 10thInfant
Arthur LunnGascoigne Wood Jc.September 13thInfant
George Frederick JacksonSouth MilfordSeptember 20th29
Lelia Mavis EldinMilford JunctionSeptember 23rdInfant
William SpinkSouth MilfordOctober 14th74
Joseph RathmellMilford GrangeOctober 14th67
Benjamin CroslandMilford HouseOctober 29th76
Christiana KnowlesSouth MilfordNovember 4th70
Thomas HarrisonStanleyNovember 15th32
Ernest Edgar MarsamSouth MilfordNovember 23rdInfant
Margaret Annie PrinceNewthorpeNovember 26th38
Mary ThorpeLumbyDecember 7th82
Charles Henry ElliffCollinghamJanuary 1st 189113
John Walter HopkinsLeedsJanuary 12th60
Hannah ElsworthSouth MilfordFebruary 7th83
John SissonSouth MilfordMarch 12th58
Hannah MawsonSouth MilfordMarch 14th74
Albert Fennell AtkinsonMonk FrystonMay 25thInfant
Beatrice Maud ParkerMilford HallMay 28th7
Edward Sanderson ElliffSouth MilfordMay 30th9
Edwin AlvinLumbyJune 6th32
John Boulton GreenSouth MilfordJuly 28th63
Hilda WilsonSouth MilfordAugust 2nd1
John MaskillSouth MilfordAugust 16th33
Mary AndersonSouth MilfordSeptember 23rd70
Catherine ClaytonSouth MilfordSeptember 27th35
Ann HutchcroftSouth MilfordNovember 12th62
Henry Victor RhodesSouth MilfordNovember 27thInfant
Mary BradleySouth MilfordDecember 7thInfant
Reginald Edward Goulbourne ParkerMilford HallDecember 18th2
Edith Margaret TrowsdaleLumby LaneDecember 22ndInfant
Matthew PickeringSouth MilfordDecember 24th81
Oswald SunderlandSouth MilfordJanuary 13th 1892Infant
Hubert William MergerSouth MilfordJanuary 30thInfant
Elizabeth ChiltonSouth MilfordJanuary 30th65
Ann CromackSouth MilfordFebruary 3rd63
James William AldamSouth MilfordFebruary 4th3
John ReynoldsSouth MilfordFebruary 11th72
William CockremMonk FrystonMarch 2nd54
Jane TerryMilford JunctionApril 12th85
Elizabeth BradleySouth MilfordMay 2nd1
Joseph ReynoldsSouth MilfordMay 4th47
Polly CockerhamMilford JunctionMay 27th3
Thomas Cushworth RobinsonNewthorpeJune 1st63
Frances VerityLeedsJune 15th1
Eva Hilda MassamSouth MilfordJuly 31st1
Fred SailSouth MilfordAugust 10th32
Herbert HarrisonLumbyAugust 25thInfant
Henry HillSouth MilfordOctober 11th77
Jane HodgsonSouth MilfordOctober 18th41
Albert HodgsonSouth MilfordNovember 14thInfant
Ivy WynnSouth MilfordNovember 21st14
Ann NewshamSouth MilfordDecember 25th75
Eliza WebsterSouth MilfordJanuary 24th 189321
Rebecca FennellMonk FrystonFebruary 10th72
John HarrisonSouth MilfordFebruary 17th27
Aaron PeaseSherburn in ElmetFebruary 17th61
Mary PickeringSouth MilfordFebruary 19th68
Edwin LloydSouth MilfordFebruary 22nd30
Mary WilsonSouth MilfordFebruary 28th2
Sarah SmithHambletonMarch 23rd66
William GarnettSouth MilfordJune 5th65
Ivy HutchcroftSouth MilfordJune 20thInfant
Edward RhodesSouth MilfordJune 22nd4
Hubert HarrisonLumbyJune 28th14 mths
Olive HutchcroftSouth MilfordJuly 10thInfant
Samuel BostonSouth MilfordAugust 11th93
Elizabeth GrahamSouth MilfordSeptember 2nd71
William BeecroftLumbySeptember 3rd72
Hannah Mary HarrisonSouth MilfordSeptember 5th27
Ethel WainwrightSouth MilfordSeptember 12th4
Mary Ann HillSouth MilfordSeptember 16th68
Robert MasonSouth MilfordSeptember 19th14 mths
Alfred PawsonNewthorpeSeptember 20th8 mths
Herbert CockremUpper HollowayOctober 7th26
Caroline GilbertNewthorpeNovember 11th5 mths
William HodgsonSouth MilfordNovember 26th83
William AtkinsonSouth MilfordDecember 21st18 mths
Ann SuttonSouth MilfordJanuary 3rd 189473
Mary HawdonSouth MilfordJanuary 30th70
Bertie FlowersNewthorpeFebruary 9th19 mths
Eva Emma KitchenSouth MilfordFebruary 20th4
Jane SkeltonSouth MilfordMarch 1st41
Harriet MaskillHorburyMarch 19th87
Hannah BakerSouth MilfordMarch 25th35
Frederick BakerSouth MilfordMarch 27thInfant (11 days).
George MooreSouth MilfordApril 4th63
Elizabeth SherwoodSouth MilfordMay 15th67
Jabez WilkinsonMilford JunctionJune 25th54
Alverd Marshall ParkinSouth MilfordJune 25th4
Minnie NewsomLeedsJuly 5th4
Mary BradleySouth MilfordJuly 20th76
William HutchcroftSouth MilfordAugust 23rd67
Sarah RileyLumbySeptember 4th62
George HirstSouth MilfordSeptember 12th3
John William ThompsonMilford JunctionSeptember 14th7
Hubert Frank ClaytonSouth MilfordSeptember 18th2
John ClaytonSherburn-in-ElmetNovember 14th85
Rebecca HawleyWhitwoodNovember 14th96
Edwin SmithSouth MilfordDecember 8th53
Sarah ThorntonMonk FrystonDecember 10th64
George William WilsonSouth MilfordDecember 27th7
Wilfrid BakerSouth MilfordDecember 30th5 wks
Frederick William ParkerMonk FrystonJanuary 1st 189523
Isabella WilsonSouth MilfordJanuary 2nd16 mths
Ernest William SunleyLumbyJanuary 6th12
Walter BradleySouth MilfordJanuary 8th9 mths
Mary Ida CopleySouth MilfordFebruary 1st2
Wilfred Garnet HeselgraveSouth MilfordFebruary 3rd14
Alice BakerSouth MilfordFebruary 3rd14 mths
Isabel HarperSouth MilfordFebruary 9th6
Sarah BortoftSouth MilfordMarch 2nd77
Elizabeth MiddlebroughSouth MilfordMarch 4th66
Annie WilkinsonSouth MilfordMarch 6th2
Ann CoxHunsletMarch 12th28
William PickupGascoigne Wood Jnc.March 19th6
Fred MidgleySouth MilfordMarch 20th8 mths
Sarah Hannah Appleyarddied at MenstonApril 3rd56
Amos LunnHagg Lane, S. MilfordApril 11th1
Robert Bernard HillSouth MilfordJune 7th1
Charles AtkinsonSouth MilfordJuly 16th11
Thomas Mervyn BakerSouth MilfordAugust 29th9 mths
George BakerGascoigne Wood Jnc.October 2nd1 mth
John Joseph Harold CobleySouth MilfordOctober 3rd2 mths
John Henry CarterSouth MilfordOctober 12th7 wks
George William MetcalfeYorkOctober 14th11
William DacreNewthorpeOctober 19th71
Ann Elizabeth HodgsonLeedsNovember 19th11 mths
Percy EnglandSouth MilfordDecember 26th11 wks
Elizabeth AtkinsonTadcasterJanuary 3rd 189649
Jesse NewsomKirkstallJanuary 3rd41
Maria ClaphamSouth MilfordJanuary 4th66
Annie JohnsonLeedsJanuary 6th38
James SmithSouth MilfordJanuary 19th69
Enos ParkinSouth MilfordJanuary 22nd44
George Andrew RowsonSouth MilfordFebruary 7th1 mth
Richard Leonard PickupSouth MilfordFebruary 7th6
Alfred BradleySouth MilfordApril 9thInfant
Susannah GarnettSouth MilfordApril 20th65
William TerryBurton SalmonSeptember 15th90
Elizabeth BakerSouth MilfordSeptember 17th68
John BedfordKentish Town, LondonSeptember 28th38
Richard KnowlesSouth MilfordOctober 1st60
John BortoftSouth MilfordNovember 1st65
Jane AustwickLumbyNovember 6th74
Hannah BeecroftLumbyNovember 9th39
Lily FarrowSouth MilfordDecember 25th1 mth
Sarah GouthwaiteSouth MilfordFebruary 19th 189767
John CarrSouth MilfordMarch 9th79
Martha BeecroftBingleyMarch 15th67
Travice SteeleMilford JunctionMarch 20th8 days
John Thomas KitchenSouth MilfordApril 27th16
Sarah LaidlerStockton-on-TeesMay 10th60
Susannah HillSouth MilfordJune 15th66
Lucy SunleyLumby LaneJune 29th42
Lillah WhittinghamCastlefordJune 30th29
Alice Maud PlummerMilford JunctionJuly 11th4 mths
James AtkinsonMilford JunctionJuly 20th78
Tom RhodesGascoigne Wood Jnc.July 27thInfant
William BakerMilford JunctionAugust 5th81
Edward StainburnSouth MilfordAugust 10th61
Sarah RamsdaleSouth MilfordSeptember 1st56
Robert ChiltonSouth MilfordSeptember 24th79
William PaverYorkOctober 1st69
Constance FryerSouth MilfordOctober 11th1
James BrittainHagg Lane, S. MilfordOctober 19th64
Ann WoodSouth MilfordOctober 21st57
Walfer HillSouth MilfordNovember 8th2
Jane BellwoodNewthorpeNovember 24th66
Mabel HudsonSouth MilfordDecember 2ndInfant
Annie Heswell BortoftSouth MilfordDecember 7th39
Eleanor MawsonSouth MilfordDecember 8th77
William FarrowSouth MilfordDecember 19th80
Thomas Walker HeyBarkston AshDecember 31st9 mths
Ann ChapmanScarboroughFebruary 9th 189856
John RobinsonSouth MilfordFebruary 9th86
Sarah Jane WatsonGascoigne Wood Jnc.February 19th32
Fred ReynoldsMilford JunctionMarch 2nd4 mths
Sarah CawthorneMilford JunctionMarch 12th57
Richard GouthwaiteArthingtonApril 26th63
Jane LindleySouth MilfordApril 26th56Died at New Wortley.
Walter HodgsonLeedsJune 11th2
Benjamin HeyBarkston AshJune 15th59
Mary HodgsonSouth MilfordJune 21st64
Anne Elizabeth BatmanSouth MilfordJuly 19th61
Muriel Mary BortoftSouth MilfordJuly 24th11 mths
Robert SuttonSouth MilfordAugust 1st87
Charlotte Elizabeth BarkerHuddleston-cum-LumbyAugust 18th22
Beatrice HodgsonMonk FrystonSeptember 28th10 mths
Robert RheederAlmondburyOctober 15th44
George BakerTanshelf, PontefractOctober 26th77The Workhouse.
Doris Amy ParkinSouth MilfordOctober 27th12
William RichardsonSouth MilfordOctober 29th67
Elizabeth Georgina YoungSouth MilfordNovember 26th66
Beatrice YoungSouth MilfordDecember 7th22
Whittaker Ward SmithNewthorpeDecember 14th49
Gladys ShepherdSouth MilfordDecember 29th15 wks
Sarah FaneduerArmley, LeedsJanuary 4th 189943(could be Fanduer)
John NewsomeLeedsJanuary 29th37
Sarah LeeSouth MilfordFebruary 13th84
Joseph ShackletonSouth MilfordMarch 20th76
Annie Dorothy HillDoncasterMarch 22nd3
Sarah Eliza CroslandMilford HouseApril 6th80
Ann FentonMonk FrystonApril 19th76
Cyril HutchcroftSouth MilfordJune 9th10 mths
Cyril BortoftSouth MilfordAugust 11th4 wks
Lilian PalfreemanNewthorpeSeptember 16th16 mths
Ann WhiteMilford JunctionOctober 14th83
John WoodNewthorpeOctober 15th54
Jane Addley BiggsNormantonOctober 24th26
Elizabeth NewsomSouth MilfordNovember 26th80
Evelyn Stainburn RileyLeedsDecember 29th15
Alfred Harry HutchcroftSouth MilfordDecember 31st10

1900 to 1909
William HodgsonSouth MilfordJanuary 2nd 190023
Mary Ann RobinsonSouth MilfordJanuary 8th57
Eliza PattersonNewthorpeJanuary 9th81
Francis HillSouth MilfordJanuary 10th58
Sarah PickeringSouth MilfordJanuary 13th79
Sarah HirstSouth MilfordJanuary 17th73
Ellen BakerSouth MilfordJanuary 24th17
John Alexander PattersonNewthorpeJanuary 26th49
Hannah BleasbyGascoigne Wood Jnc.January 29th73
Charles Gordon HickingbottomSouth MilfordFebruary 10th22 mths
George Robert CawthorneSouth MilfordFebruary 14th33
Alice LunnMelton Ley Gates, S Mil.February 28th4
William BatchelorSouth MilfordMarch 20th71
Charlotte RuddySouth MilfordApril 5th13 days
Joseph StocksMicklefieldApril 7th55
Gerald DaleSouth MilfordMay 24th6 wks
Annie TurnerPendletonJune 13th68
William TindallSouth MilfordJuly 27th4 mths
William WilsonMilford JunctionJuly 31st42
Joseph YeadonNewthorpeAugust 13th74
Victor BostonSouth MilfordNovember 7th14 days
Susannah HodgsonLeedsJanuary 30th 190178
Doris MidgleySouth MilfordFebruary 4th2 mths
Olive MidgleySouth MilfordFebruary 26th17 mths
Peter KirkmanSouth MilfordFebruary 27th78
Mary Elizabeth HillSouth MilfordMarch 1st60
William RowleySouth MilfordMay 13th81
William DenisonWhixleyJune 27th68
Elizabeth YeadonNewthorpeJune 27th73
Elizabeth Ann HopkinsLeedsJuly 15th67
Harold BleasbySouth MilfordAugust 3rd10 mths
George CloughLumbyAugust 20th77
Jane WheaterSouth MilfordSeptember 18th56
Jessie NewsomSouth MilfordOctober 20th77
James Walter VokesLumbyOctober 20th4
Elizabeth EdmondSouth MilfordNovember 11th32
Beachel PickupGascoigne Wood Jnc.December 23rd50
George ThompsonFryston Road, S. MilfordDecember 25th47Killed in accident Nev.Hill.
George BickerdikeSouth MilfordJanuary 11th 190272
Thomas MisseldineSouth MilfordJanuary 18th42Died Cliff Hospital,Garforth.
Arthur ThompsonSouth MilfordJanuary 21st43Died Fever Hospital,Garforth.
Alice LunnMelton Leys, S. MilfordJanuary 22nd7 wks
Abigail DacreNewthorpeJanuary 24th78
Elsie RhodesCastlefordJanuary 27th2
Ethel Annie TindallSouth MilfordJanuary 28th8 wks
Elizabeth BatchelorBurley, LeedsFebruary 15th72
John William BarkerLumbyFebruary 18th24
Sarah BlackburnSouth MilfordMarch 1st80
Clara PeaceGas House, SherburnMarch 3rd2
Mary Ann BrownSouth MilfordMarch 10th70
Minnie AtkinsonSouth MilfordApril 18th11 mths
Lellia MorrisHagg Lane CottageApril 22nd53
Sarah RowleySouth MilfordApril 23rd80
Nellie HarrisonLumbyApril 27th3 mths
Hilda GillSouth MilfordMay 8th16 mths
William MannSouth MilfordMay 24th24 hrs
Harriet Ann NewbySouth MilfordMay 27th28
William ThompsonNewthorpeJune 5th62
Mary CopleySouth MilfordJune 19th5 days
George IllingworthChurch FentonJuly 26th74
Frances Jane PaverLeamingtonAugust 12th73
Mary ElsworthSouth MilfordNovember 10th66
Helen HiscockSouth MilfordJanuary 9th4 mths
Hannah WatsonLumby LaneJanuary 10th 190380
Eustace TwiggSouth MilfordJanuary 31st5 wks
George BensonSouth MilfordFebruary 12th88
William WainwrightSouth MilfordFebruary 17th76
Alice HodgsonSouth MilfordFebruary 23rd2 3/4 yrs
Annie NewbySouth MilfordMarch 5th2
Reginald James RyderPeckfieldApril 13th6 wks
Thomas NewsamSouth MilfordApril 22nd69
Gladys Mary BostonNewthorpeMay 2nd3
Mary CromackSelbyMay 29th84
Elizabeth GravenellSouth MilfordJuly 14th58
Edith Annie BostonSouth MilfordAugust 2nd18 mths
Henry WoodSouth MilfordAugust 11th74
John CroweSouth MilfordSeptember 7th8 mths
Thomas GilyardSouth MilfordSeptember 14th84
Hannah AlcasterHorsforthSeptember 16th73
William BatmanSouth MilfordNovember 28th59
John William MasonSouth MilfordNovember 29th2
Elizabeth Gertrude BakerSouth MilfordNovember 8th12
Joseph CockerhamSouth MilfordJanuary 16th 190461
Frederic YoungThe Rectory, S. MilfordJanuary 18th39
Dennis Richard WrigglesworthNewthorpeJanuary 20th10 mths
Albert GoodrickSouth MilfordMarch 19th14 days
Mary YoungThe Rectory, S. MilfordApril 12th31
Joseph HunterNewthorpeApril 20th60
Albert GoodrickSouth MilfordMarch 19th14 days
Alfred Stanley NewsomeSouth MilfordMay 7th18
Nellie GriffinSouth MilfordMay 8th6 days
Beatrice Annie BakerSouth MilfordMay 24th14
Jane Ann HoggSouth MilfordJune 8th30
Sarah WatsonSouth MilfordJune 9th22
Marianne JacksonSouth MilfordJuly 23rd37
Tom BickerdikeSouth MilfordAugust 31st26
John EphraimThompsonSouth MilfordSeptember 23rd76
Richard PickupSouth MilfordNovember 8th85
Richard Miles DaleSouth MilfordNovember 13th11
Sarah ValentineSouth MilfordDecember 17th56
George GravenellSouth MilfordDecember 2nd73
Edith GarnettSouth MilfordJanuary 1st 190513
Mary Ann BarkerLumbyJanuary 9th66
Gertrude Mary EnglandSouth MilfordJanuary 12th19 wks
Marian ConnollyLeedsMarch 1st48
Jane DaleSouth MilfordMarch 18th41
Mary Ann CawthraySouth MilfordApril 24th80
Elizabeth IllingworthArmley, LeedsMay 18th65
Gertrude Mary EnglandSouth MilfordJuly 13th18
Clifford WrigglesworthSouth MilfordAugust 13th11 wks
William CollierSouth MilfordAugust 17th32
Edith Florence HickingbottomBradfordAugust 19th34
Walter HodgsonMonk FrystonAugust 20th6 mths
Charles HodgsonLeedsAugust 21st83
John RichardsonSouth MilfordAugust 22nd43
John CopleySouth MilfordSeptember 21st76
Henry JohnsonSouth MilfordAugust 24th28
Ann CuddySouth MilfordDecember 16th71
Charles Harrison SuttonSouth MilfordFebruary 12th 190641
Martha ClayburnSwillingtonMarch 10th89
William Stacy KitchenSouth MilfordApril 30th22
Olive MasonSouth MilfordMay 12th1
Arthur BurrowsSouth MilfordJune 1st59
Selina TonksSouth MilfordJune 3rd3
William ClaytonSherburn-in-ElmetJune 8th74
Caroline Gertrude HopkinsLeedsAugust 11th36
Louisa LeggettBurley, LeedsSeptember 9th22
Phillis SwabySouth MilfordAugust 20th9days
Annie Maria WinterSouth MilfordSeptember 19th29
David BaconSouth MilfordOctober 2nd50
Rene MidgleyYorkOctober 9th3
John GouthwaiteSouth MilfordOctober 29th74
Sarah ThompsonSouth MilfordNovember 29th81
John WilsonSouth MilfordDecember 19th74
Ana Shaw WhiteSouth MilfordDecember 21st65
Margaret BostonSouth MilfordFebruary 7th 190766
Matilda ClaphamSouth MilfordMarch 8th43
Frances SiddallChurch FentonMay 22nd70
Mary SissonBoston SpaJune 4th69
Mary BuchananDarlingtonJuly 3rd73
Fanny CockramLeedsJuly 5th37
Doris GraingerSouth MilfordJuly 19th13 mths
Roland Eric MaskillSouth MilfordJuly 21st15 mths
Fred ChiltonWickersleyJuly 25th19
Frank Barker HarrisonLumbySeptember 26th2 mths
Edna WrigglesworthNewthorpeOctober 24th3 mths
Nancy JacksonSouth MilfordNovember 11th77
Ada HodgsonSouth MilfordDecember 2nd19 mths
Edward KitchenSouth MilfordDecember 15th51
Mary ThompsonSherburn-in-ElmetDecember 16th81
John William EnglandSouth MilfordJanuary 13th 190857
Hannah HartleySherburn-in-ElmetJanuary 24th88
Gladys WrigglesworthSouth MilfordFebruary 2nd2
John ReamBradfordFebruary 7th64
Mary HodgsonSouth MilfordFebruary 11th90
John SmithHambletonFebruary 19th83
Charles HirstHullMarch 4th63
Rev. Frederic John YoungThe Rectory, S. MilfordMarch 20th79
Milanza SmithSouth MilfordMarch 21st7 mthsIn a caravan, S. Milford.
William RawdenSouth MilfordApril 28th78
Willie PeaseSouth MilfordMay 13th42
Jane VarleySouth MilfordMay 14th78
Muriel WilsonSouth MilfordMay 17th6 mths
John BatmanSouth MilfordMay 19th67
Adolphus Llewellyn RadcliffeSouth MilfordJune 10th54
William Robinson PrattHunslet, LeedsJuly 8th62
Evelyn SwaybyLumby LaneAugust 18th4 mths
Mary Ann ReynardNewthorpeAugust 18th65
Margaret ClaytonSherburn-in-ElmetOctober 11th75
Hannah RobinsonNewthorpeOctober 31st77
Jane SmithGascoigne Wood Jnc.November 6th81
Mary Ann CopleySouth MilfordNovember 11th78
Sarah StainburnSouth MilfordJanuary 5th 190968
Laura Ann HarperSouth MilfordJanuary 9th22
George Pollard CranswickSouth MilfordJanuary 23rd29
Dinah GreenSouth MilfordMarch 7th73
Colin EasterbySouth MilfordMarch 7th8 mths
George BortoftSouth MilfordMarch 21st75
George BrownSouth MilfordMarch 30th74
Hilda BraithwaiteSouth MilfordMarch 31st5 days
Harry WinterSouth MilfordMay 12th2 days
John PickupSouth MilfordMay 21st74
Elizabeth BattersSouth MilfordJune 1st84
William AbbottFryston Lane, S. MilfordJune 22nd77
James GillSouth MilfordJune 22nd62
Mary GreenAltrinchamJune 30th81
Hilda ChiltonSouth MilfordJuly 4th23 mths
Ann BickerdikeSouth MilfordJuly 16th73
Thomas MountainYorkJuly 28th57
Robert BingleySouth MilfordSeptember 18th36
Joseph WhiteSouth MilfordNovember 11th68
Ralph ChiltonSouth MilfordNovember 21st43
Robert HillSouth MilfordDecember 1st73

1910 to 1919
Charlotte Louisa HodgsonSouth MilfordJanuary 5th 191035
Eva LawLumby LaneMarch 31st4
Elsie DurrantSouth MilfordApril 6th4 yrs 6 mths
Alice BallSouth MilfordApril 30th18 hrs
Maria AtkinsonSouth MilfordMay 23rd70
Hilda BleasbySouth MilfordJuly 16th20 mths
Georgina Louisa Elizabeth ClaytonMonk FrystonJuly 26th69
Thomas ReynardNewthorpeAugust 20th79
Arthur BickerdikeSouth MilfordAugust 21st38
Elsie Violetta Lacey ThompsonGascoigne Wood Jnc.September 10th9
John William PopplewellGascoigne Wood Jnc.September 21st42
Annie Elizabeth HeySouth MilfordSeptember 23rd29
Charles GreenSouth MilfordOctober 30th78
Sidney LambertSouth MilfordNovember 2nd14 days
Ellen DacreNewthorpeNovember 2nd44
Fred GibsonSouth MilfordNovember 20th40
Harry HeySouth MilfordNovember 22nd2
John AtkinsonSouth MilfordDecember 3rd60
Emma PickupSouth MilfordDecember 21st60
Geoffrey BakerThe Barracks,NewthorpeJanuary 7th 19113 mths
Alfed SuggittThornerFebruary 13th21
John William PopplewellSherburn-in-ElmetFebruary 14th2 days
Norman NewsamSouth MilfordFebruary 28th6 mths
Rose Annie ClarkSouth MilfordMarch 10th8 mths
Annice KitchingMilford JunctionMarch 16th49
Phyllis CharlesworthSouth MilfordMarch 23rd15 mths
Thomas Hudson HillHambletonApril 10th70
Mary Jane DodsworthHambletonMay 30th50
Robert Rawson Greaves SuttonFrog Hall, S. MilfordJune 5th4 mths
John HillBootham Park, YorkJune 15th73
Harriet Ann NewbySherburn-in-ElmetJune 26th13
Richard TerryMilford JunctionAugust 18th72
Isaac BakerFerrybridgeAugust 18th7 mths
Michael BrownSouth MilfordAugust 20th80
Annie CrowtherNewthorpeAugust 22nd4 mths
Derrick HirstSouth MilfordAugust 31st4 mths
Walter ClaytonNewthorpeSeptember 4th11 wks
Herbert WatsonLumby LaneSeptember 11th22
Rosetta BurrowsSouth MilfordSeptember 24th35
Mary Elizabeth WhittakerSouth MilfordSeptember 27th41
William Baker LindleyMilford JunctionNovember 5th26
Sarah Jane BellwoodNewthorpeNovember 13th49
William CollierSouth MilfordDecember 20th77
Fred PalfremanNewthorpeJanuary 7th 19127 wks
George HodgsonLumby LaneFebruary 1st92
Annie GillSouth MilfordFebruary 22nd56
Winifred Annie LaceySouth MilfordFebruary 22nd7 hrs
Mary BedfordMilford JunctionMarch 7th87
Albert LunnSouth MilfordMarch 24th2 mths
Annie CollierSouth MilfordApril 9th74
Charlotte Louisa HodgsonSouth MilfordApril 12th70
Alice Parrant WhiteleyGascoigne Wood Jnc.May 1st36
Margaret BattySouth MilfordSeptember 17th69
Evelyn BlackburnSouth MilfordSeptember 19th15 mths
Ethel BrownSouth MilfordNovember 11th2 days
Edna LunnSouth MilfordDecember 4th11 days
Mary AbbottSouth MilfordDecember 8th76
Ellice BatmanSouth MilfordDecember 11th75
Elizabeth BellSouth MilfordDecember 22nd78
Elizabeth HansonSouth MilfordJanuary 6th 191385
Catharine NewbySouth MilfordJanuary 7th58
Gertrude WhiteThe Maltkilns, S. MilfordJanuary 17th4 mths
Clara BortoftGascoigne Wood Jnc.February 2nd54
Kathleen Elizabeth GreenKippaxFebruary 25th25
Charles BurrowsSouth MilfordMarch 5th33
Jane RichardsonSouth MilfordMarch 29th80
William SailSouth MilfordApril 3rd79
William LacySouth MilfordMay 3rd5 hrs
Beatrice BakerFerrybridgeJune 22nd4
Eliza RaperLumbyJuly 2nd62
John StewartFairburnAugust 5th22
John CrossSouth MilfordAugust 6th79
Kate MilesSouth MilfordAugust 28th75
Wilfred HeselgraveSouth MilfordSeptember 9th5 mths
Susan AppleyardSouth MilfordSeptember 9th86
Mary Elizabeth BakerKnottingleySeptember 20th27
Mary SailSouth MilfordSeptember 23rd34
Clyde BostonSouth MilfordOctober 5th14 mths
Robert Clifford TerrySouth MilfordOctober 6th11 mths
Charlotte BaystonLumby LaneOctober 10th59
Clifford StainburnMilford JunctionNovember 10th18 mths
Eleanor AllisonLumby LaneNovember 13th35
John Neville ParkerAllithwaite GrangeJanuary 28th 191420
Gordon LacySouth MilfordFebruary 6th11 hrs
Alfred NewsamHambletonFebruary 28th46
Harold BakerMilford JunctionMarch 11th9 mths
Francis Wombwell BattersSouth MilfordApril 11th12
Samuel MilesSouth MilfordApril 24th69
Violet StyanSouth MilfordApril 28th5 & a half mths.
Joseph BrownSouth MilfordAugust 9th51
Charles TownendSouth MilfordSeptember 4th59
Elsie NewsomeSouth MilfordOctober 2nd17 hrs
Walter HarrisonLumbyOctober 22nd27
Eliza Ann MountainYorkOctober 28th64
Louisa Margaret RadcliffeSouth MilfordNovember 4th57
Man, unknown by nameSouth MilfordNovember 11th65Found dead at Peckfield.
Arthur WarnerGascoigne Wood Jnc.November 14th4 days
Stanley WarnerGascoigne Wood Jnc.November 17th6 days
Mary HodgsonSouth MilfordDecember 24th71
Janet HindmarchMilford JunctionDecember 26th4
Leonard Arthur ButcherThe Maltkilns, S. MilfordJanuary 31st 191522
Mary Ann BickerdykeSouth MilfordFebruary 3rd76
John GarnettSouth MilfordFebruary 4th47
Henry SissonsKirkburtonFebruary 13th42
William BakerMilford JunctionFebruary 19th60
George SmithPickeringFebruary 20th73
Fred HarlandSouth MilfordFebruary 22nd35
Sarah Annie ElsworthSouth MilfordMarch 2nd41
Harold Joseph ReadmanYorkMarch 3rd22 mths
Robert Thomas PaverSouth MilfordMarch 14th71
Elizabeth HindmarchMilford JunctionMarch 17th38
Thomas Walter CroslandMilford House, S. MilfordMarch 18th2 yrs & 9 mths
Gibson BortoftSouth MilfordMarch 21st70
Elizabeth SailSouth MilfordMarch 24th82
George DobsonSouth MilfordMarch 25th79
Thomas LeeSouth MilfordApril 14th72
William Cooper KempStaddlethorpeApril 18th3
Emily SmithPeckfieldMay 1st60
Ernest PalfreemanNewthorpeMay 2nd14 mths
Charles Percival ListerSouth MilfordJuly 13th36
George BramhamSouth MilfordJuly 15th45
John NewbySouth MilfordSeptember 5th70
Henry HodgsonSouth MilfordSeptember 20th82
John WallsGascoigne WoodDecember 8th44
Frank BickerdikeSouth MilfordJanuary 12th 191666
Mary Ann BrownSouth MilfordJanuary 22nd83
Richard Hartley JohnsonSouth MilfordFebruary 6th68
Doris Evelyn SimpsonSouth MilfordFebruary 9th6 mths
Rebecca GillSouth MilfordFebruary 23rd75
Mary Ann TownendSouth MilfordMarch 1st56
Harold CrawfordSouth MilfordApril 24th7 mths
Gordon BakerSherburn in ElmetMay 9th3 mths
Edward Minton EvansNewthorpeMay 20th67
Edward EdwardsTadcacster Union Inf.May 28th52
Dorothy BarkerGascoigne WoodJune 2nd6
Vera TerrySouth MilfordJune 30th23 days
William BattersSouth MilfordJuly 4th74
Robert Thomas HillLeedsJuly 11th49
Walter NewbySouth MilfordAugust 2nd62
Ben Terry BedfordMilford JunctionAugust 10th15
Mary PickupSouth MilfordAugust 24th77
Annie CockremScarboroughOctober 4th81
George ParkerSouth MilfordNovember 22nd80
Mary CromackMilford GrangeDecember 12th70
Elizabeth NewsomeTadcaster Union Inf.December 19th53
Tom HeselgraveSouth MilfordDecember 28th71
Elizabeth BurrowsSouth MilfordFebruary 12th 191765
Jim HouldenSouth MilfordFebruary 20th28
Anne Heron Dodsley-FlamsteadScarboroughFebruary 24th80
Thomas ThompsonTadcaster Union Inf.March 3rd90
Robert RileyLumbyMarch 24th84
Elizabeth Ann PaverScarboroughMay 29th67
Constance Mary SunderlandSouth MilfordJune 8th14 mths
Priscilla FennellKnaresboroughJune 27th59
Mary ThompsonNewthorpeSeptember 7th84
Elizabeth HirstHullno date86
Jack NewsomeSouth MilfordNovember 3rd10 wks
Martha MaskillSouth MilfordNovember 29th75
Mary KitchingFerry FrystonJanuary 9th 191842
Fred CrawfordSouth MilfordFebruary 23rd7 hrs
James StottSouth MilfordMarch 12th53
George Bastow SteeleSouth MilfordMarch 31st5
Wilfred PickupGascoigne WoodMay 11th2 mths
Arthur OgleySouth MilfordMay 7th4
John BarkerLumbyJune 3rd81
Walter CroslandMilford HouseJune 10th65
William Readman FosterSouth MilfordJuly 10th40
John BullockSouth MilfordJuly 17th2 mths
Robert GibsonHambletonSeptember 19th53
Catherine ClarksonSherburn in ElmetOctober 24th74
Mary Grey NewbyWest TadcasterOctober 27th32
Stanley NewsomSouth MilfordNovember 6th9
Gladys Mary VareySouth MilfordNovember 6th14
Mary Ellen BruceSouth MilfordNovember 7th58
Mary Ann WalkerSouth MilfordNovember 18th78
Robert SissonsWest HartlepoolNovember 21st32
Alice Jane SissonsSouth MilfordNovember 27th62
James HodgsonSouth MilfordDecember 10th81
Richard Thomas NewsamHambletonDecember 12th19
Neville Eric FrostSouth MilfordJanuary 27th 19192
William TownendSouth MilfordFebruary 12th72
Mary Elizabeth BarkerGascoigne WoodFebruary 20th46
John Robert WalkerSouth MilfordFebruary 21st18Died Clipstone Mil. Hosp.
Frederick QuantrellSouth MilfordMarch 7th6 wks
Catherine Annie RheederKippaxMarch 20th59
Marshall BedfordTadcaster InfirmaryMarch 20th54ex Milford Junction.
William Henry LindleySouth MilfordApril 22nd3
Thomas GrimbleyNewthorpeJune 19th29
Sarah Ann BakerSouth MilfordJuly 10th64
Mary Ann MaskillTadcaster InfirmaryAugust 5th69
Elizabeth DurhamSouth MilfordAugust 16th51
Louisa HillSouth MilfordSeptember 24th49

1920 to 1929
Jane CarrSouth MilfordJanuary 27th 192068
William Cornelius ArtleyFormerly, The MaltkilnsJanuary 29th39
Florence Muriel KitchenSouth MilfordFebruary 17th5 wks
Albert SteelSouth MilfordMarch 10th4
Vera TowrissSouth MilfordApril 20th3
George WalkerAberfordSeptember 22nd80
Sarah Elizabeth BattySouth MilfordSeptember 30th54
Lily MawsonSherburnOctober 2nd24
Nellie SheppardSouth MilfordNovember 6th8 mths
Esther Elizabeth PowellSouth MilfordNovember 10th63
John AustwickLumbyDecember 1st98
Norman Henry SuttonSouth MilfordDecember 19th3 mths
David WhiteWakefieldMay 2nd 192174
Joyce KnaggsNewthorpeMay 12th9 days
Ann PrattHunslet, LeedsMay 16th79
William ChiltonSouth MilfordJune 11th57
Matthew SissonsSouth MilfordOctober 2nd78
George Frederick MillsLumbyOctober 22nd50
Elizabeth Ann GoldthorpeSouth MilfordOctober 25th7 hrs
David BullockSouth MilfordNovember 14th56
Phyllis DaleNewthorpeNovember 16th1
George BedfordMonk FrystonDecember 5th88
Alice MetcalfeYorkDecember 10th75
Dorothy Neville CharletonYorkDecember 15th34
Sarah Ann HutchcroftSouth MilfordJanuary 30th 192264
Richard NevilleMilford Hall LodgeFebruary 9th61
Fanny MaddraSouth MilfordFebruary 15th80
Elizabeth ChewSouth MilfordMarch 4th73
William Henry SkeltonMilford JunctionMarch 23rd45
Reginald Bancroft ParkerMilford HallMarch 29th66
Harold Henry ButcherThe Maltkilns, S. MilfordApril 15th20
Ellen WillowsGlasshoughtonApril 25th72
Henry SherwoodSouth MilfordApril 29th64
Cecil KnaggsNewthorpeMay 5th5 wks
Hilda WrigglesworthNewthorpeMay 8th6 wks
Eliza HudsonSouth MilfordMay 31st42
Wilfed KnowlesNewthorpeJuly 10th16 days
Thomas Cecil PerrySouth MilfordJuly 18th11 mths
Benjamin PickupYorkAugust 10th63
Jane Hannah HillDoncasterSeptember 7th87
Thomas CawthorneSouth MilfordDecember 30th86
Fred WalkerMilford JunctionFebruary 11th 192347
Ellen WebsterSouth MilfordMarch 1st73
Eric AllisonSouth MilfordApril 14th7 wks
Kenneth RileySouth MilfordMay 8th2
Sarah BortoftSouth MilfordJuly 3rd83
Harry WoodNewthorpeJuly 30th43
Rhoda GrimbleySouth MilfordJuly 31st25
Jane JohnsonSouth MilfordAugust 2nd79
Ada Louisa CrowEast Ardsley SanatoriumAugust 25th38
Ella WalkerSouth MilfordSeptember 2nd6 mths
Kenneth CoatesSouth MilfordSeptember 22nd6 wks
Margaret MawsonSouth MilfordOctober 3rd60
William Thomas HeselgraveSouth MilfordOctober 11th45
Charles TalbotSouth MilfordNovember 7th50
Louisa PorterCrofton, WakefieldDecember 3rd31
Sarah Lucy LeeSouth MilfordJanuary 24th 192471
Thomas BlackburnSouth MilfordApril 15th73
Mary NewsamSouth MilfordJune 7th65
George WebsterSouth MilfordJuly 16th75
John Ronald HarperGascoigne Wood Jnc.July 23rd3 mths
Walter AgusMilford JunctionJuly 29th58
Gladys Muriel HarkerMilford JunctionAugust 17th20
William RaperSouth MilfordAugust 24th74
Thomas James Hogarth ArcherSouth MilfordAugust 27th13
Olive GreenSouth MilfordSeptember 7th27
William Gill ClaytonSouth MilfordNovember 5th80
Ethel Gertrude SunderlandSouth MilfordDecember 24th33
Edith JohnsonSouth MilfordJanuary 19th 192536
Robert Gibson'Red Lion', HambletonFebruary 5th28
Mary Ann TowrissMilford JunctionMarch 21st60
James WalkerMilford JunctionMarch 29th25Died York Hospital.
Ann BuckleMicklefieldMay 13th68
Edward MaddraLeeman Road, YorkJuly 1st85
George Frederick MillsSouth MilfordJuly 1st8 mths
Louisa BroadleySouth MilfordJuly 19th28
Mary Elizabeth HarrisonLumbySeptember 28th60
Lucy Ann HillSouth MilfordSeptember 29th58
Alfred WrigglesworthNewthorpeOctober 17th342219 grave.
Isabel CopleySouth MilfordNovember 12th59
Eliza CockerhamSouth MilfordNovember 21st80
John Thomas SmithLumby LaneNovember 29th60
Louie WainwrightSouth MilfordFebruary 2nd 192650 mins
Margaret StainburnMilford JunctionJune 19th4 days
Shiela Rosemary ElsworthSouth MilfordJune 23rd6 days
Donald BakerSouth MilfordJuly 27th12 days
Alberta May WrigglesworthNewthorpeJuly 30th25
Hannah CampeySouth MilfordOctober 30th88Died Pontefract Infirmary.
Margaret Anne ParkerMilford HallNovember 8th72
Margaret BlackburnSouth MilfordJanuary 20th 192772
George AnthonyThe Maltkilns S. MilfordJanuary 22nd3
George BlackburnSouth MilfordJanuary 26th63
Georgina DysonNewthorpeFebruary 1st3 mths
James Beckett JacksonSouth MilfordFebruary 12th64
James SunleyChurch FentonFebruary 23rd72
Charles HirstSouth MilfordMarch 13th65
George Henry WatsonLumby LaneMarch 14th79
John BradleySouth MilfordApril 23rd57
Freda DysonNewthorpeMay 11th3
Joseph Thomas JacksonSouth MilfordJune 1st73
Ethel GrimbleyNewthorpeJune 9th32
James SmithThe Maltkilns S. MilfordJuly 30th68
Norman CostiganSouth MilfordSeptember 11th14 mths
John ChapmanSouth MilfordOctober 4th2
Charles HodgsonLumby LaneNovember 11th76
Esther TukeSouth MilfordDecember 22nd81
Jane NewbySouth MilfordDecember 27th80
James Clifford PickersgillSouth MilfordJanuary 4th 19282
John Henry HulmeSouth MilfordJanuary 7th58
Harriet WoodNewthorpeJanuary 18th83
Clement SwabyMilford JunctionFebruary 8th18
John BleasbyLeedsFebruary 16th65
Mary Minton EvansNewthorpeMarch 24th69
Irene AddisonHuddleston cum LumbyMarch 29th14 mths
Charles Henry SaundersSherburn-in-ElmetApril 29th24
Fanny BakerSouth MilfordMay 16th33
Lucy Ann SmithThe Maltkilns S. MilfordMay 30th67
Alice WhittakerSouth MilfordJuly 7th25
Leonard AllisonSouth MilfordJuly 17th18
Alice Ann ClaytonSherburn-in-ElmetAugust 3rd74
George BakerSouth MilfordAugust 8th70
Mary HirstSouth MilfordSeptember 25th90
Caroline Louisa BakerYorkOctober 8th54
Henry WilsonSouth MilfordDecember 18th25
Eliza CrossSouth MilfordDecember 26thno age shown
Hannah ClaytonSouth MilfordFebruary 23rd 192974
John CarrSouth MilfordMarch 18th77
Henry HodgsonSouth MilfordMarch 21st6 hrs
Mary Elizabeth MiddletonKnottingleyJune 12th70
William James CockremVictoria N. Home, LeedsJune 24th59
Joseph CromackGateforthJuly 13th83
James GrimbleySouth MilfordJuly 19th43
Thomas William AldamSouth MilfordAugust 14th65
Eric BakerSouth MilfordAugust 22nd5 mths
Hilda Margaret SkeltonLumby LaneAugust 25th49
John NewsamSouth MilfordSeptember 16th73
Edward Trevor GriceSouth MilfordSeptember 22nd13 mths
Elizabeth Eleanor BellMilford Hall LodgeOctober 17th42
Hannah HunterNewthorpeOctober 18th78
Annie Elizabeth AustwickGateforthDecember 21st68

1930 to 1939
Sabina HeselgraveSouth MilfordJanuary 21st 193075
Wainwright BakerSouth MilfordJanuary 26th76
Mary Ann AlbansNewthorpeFebruary 1st75
Ruby Maude LufordMilford Hall StablesFebruary 6th17
Charles DurhamYorkFebruary 7th62
John BattySouth MilfordMarch 18th92
Hannah HarperSouth MilfordMarch 30th76
Arthur Lancelot HulmeSouth MilfordMarch 31st26
Joseph EvansSouth MilfordMay 20th52
Harriet EldersMonk FrystonJune 19th59
Ann CrossSouth MilfordJune 27th65
Emma HewittSouth MilfordAugust 30th50
Elsie KnaggsSouth MilfordSeptember 8th2
Elijah LawMilford Junctionno date shown65
Ann Elizabeth BedfordMilford JunctionNovember 18th54
John RileySouth MilfordNovember 22nd76
Sarah Ann HutchcroftWhitkirkJanuary 15th 193183
James KnowlesKeighleyMarch 4th78
Thomas BradleySouth MilfordMarch 4th74
Audrey AtkinsonSouth MilfordJune 6th14 yrs & 11 mths
John Arthur BakerSouth MilfordSeptember 20th36
Henry WillowsThe Mill, South MilfordOctober 2nd73
Robert ChiltonMilford JunctionOctober 9th73
Sarah Ann ButcherSouth MilfordOctober 9th66
Stanley DriverHagg Lane, S. MilfordOctober 27th8 mths
Leslie DriverHagg Lane S. MilfordOctober 27th8 mths
Florence Edith DaleMilford JunctionDecember 3rd50
Emily GreenLeedsDecember 22nd67two entries ,see below ?
Emily GreenSouth MilfordDecember 23rd67
Arthur FarrowSouth MilfordDecember 7th34
Dorothy HullSouth MilfordDecember 26th5 mths
Charlotte WardArmley, LeedsJanuary 9th 193276
Maria BradleySouth MilfordFebruary 24th36
Laura HesterMilford JunctionMarch 29th60
Henry SuttonSouth MilfordApril 13th80
Ian BaillieSouth MilfordApril 27th1 mth
Elizabeth PickeringLeylandApril 28th73
Albert Edward SmithSouth MilfordMay 5th15
Hazel TalbotNewthorpeMay 8th10 yrs
Elizabeth BakerWakefieldMay 31st69West Riding Mental Hosp.
June BaillieSouth MilfordJune 4th2
Newsam (no Christian Name)South MilfordJuly 4thno age shown
Reginald Arthur KnaggsSouth MilfordJuly 13th10 mths
Arthur AtkinsonSouth MilfordJuly 21st43
Gertrude BrooksbankMilford JunctionJuly 31st34
Laura BrownCross GatesSeptember 30th67
Albert Edward Robinson MiddlebroughSouth MilfordOctober 28th70
Jane TerrySwintonNovember 18th88
Isabel SunleyFeatherstoneDecember 24th88
John HansonSouth MilfordJanuary 30th 193376
Claud NewsamSouth MilfordFebruary 4th38
John William SunderlandSouth MilfordFebruary 5th53
Adelaide Penelope HillHambletonFebruary 8th89
Roger ParkerEasingwoldno date shownno age shown
William Arthur Smith HornerLumby LaneJuly 4th13
Francis Dawson SmithMicklefieldJuly 13th75
Mary AbellSouth MilfordJuly 15th26
Annie BentleyThe Limes, S. MilfordAugust 18th3 hrs
Mabel AddisonLumbySeptember 22nd41
Sarah Helen WilsonThe Maltkilns, S. MilfordOctober 24th63
Thomas ElsworthSouth MilfordNovember 16th70
George NewbySouth MilfordNovember 25th52
Thomas ArcherSouth MilfordDecember 10th64
James Bowers HillSouth MilfordDecember 26th70
Seth BruceSouth MilfordJanuary 1st 193473
James Henry SmithLumby LaneJanuary 30th20
Elizabeth CloughHillamFebruary 5th90
Arthur MawsonSouth MilfordMarch 11th74
Thomas ClarksonThorpe WilloughbyMarch 21st81
Ronald WrigglesworthNewthorpeJune 13th2
Edgar StainburnMilford JunctionJuly 5th60
Amy WebsterSouth MilfordJuly 20th49
Sarah BattySouth MilfordSeptember 25th66
Flora BuckleNewthorpeSeptember 27th47
Horace BentleyThe Limes, S. MilfordOctober 30th2 hrs
William StainburnSouth MilfordJanuary 11th 193575
Mary Ann KnaggsSouth MilfordJanuary 12th29
Ann MarshallSouth MilfordJanuary 28th83
William HarrisonSouth MilfordMarch 26thno age shown
Richard BattySouth MilfordMarch 27thno age shown
Jane CollierNewthorpeMarch 29thno age shown
Thomas Robinson LaceySouth MilfordMay 8th58
Annie LaycockSouth MilfordJune 12th69Burial of ashes.
Eliza CalvertMilford JunctionJune 15th78
Sarah RileySouth MilfordSeptember 13th82
Cecilia JacksonHalton, LeedsOctober 12th79
William John KitchingCastlefordOctober 15th75
Clara Jane AnthonyMilford JunctionOctober 18th54
Alfred JohnsonSouth MilfordJanuary 5th 193656
William Bastow SteeleSouth MilfordJanuary 9th48
Peter Malcolm WhiteleySouth MilfordJanuary 28th14 mths
John William ScawbordSouth MilfordJanuary 31st63
Harry MeakinSouth MilfordFebruary 1st26
Mary Hannah FarrowSouth MilfordFebruary 17th76
Margaret GibsonNewthorpeMarch 28th42
Sarah BentleyThe Limes, S. MilfordMay 9th1 hr
Fred BleasbyThe Maltkilns, S. MilfordJune 10th62
Richard Flower BuckleMicklefieldJuly 4th79
Herbert HansonSouth MilfordAugust 2nd49
Clive StephensonLumbySeptember 30th2 yrs
Eliza SmithLumby LaneOctober 19th60
Alan Brian WatsonSouth MilfordOctober 30th5 mths
Barry Stacey KitchingChurch Fentonno date shown15 mths
Richard HewettSouth MilfordNovember 12th81
Tom Henry OgleySouth MilfordNovember 14th51
William RileyLumbyNovember 21st73
Fanny BakerSouth MilfordDecember 15th78
Rennie GibsonNewthorpeDecember 30th46
Annie Elizabeth BeaslyCastlefordJanuary 16th 193774
Mary Ann WatsonMonk FrystonJanuary 25th86
Atrhur SutcliffeSouth MilfordFebruary 10th28
Muriel DaleMilford JunctionFebruary 26th1 day
Sarah HodgsonLumby LaneMay 16th81
Harry AnthonyMilford JunctionMay 23rd18
Albert StainburnSouth MilfordJuly 23rd67
Sarah Jane ChiltonMilford JunctionJuly 24th80
Dean DacreNewthorpeJuly 30th81Died at Wetherby.
Elizabeth BentleyThe Limes, S. MilfordNovember 18th1 day
Peter PorterSouth MilfordDecember 23rd75
Jane SuttonSouth MilfordJanuary 22nd 193884
John HarperSouth MilfordFebruary 2nd84
Mary Ann StewartSouth MilfordFebruary 6th86
Hannah HeyAberfordMarch 7th73
Tom CoatesMilford HallMarch 9th73
Lavina DacreWetherbyApril 30th85
William George HogarthSouth MilfordMay 10th71
Jane LindleySouth MilfordMay 24th75
Ann FarrarPost Office, BigginAugust 1st82
Annie AbellSouth MilfordAugust 25th61
Sarah Isabel TalbotSouth MilfordOctober 10th79
Leonard Cornish CopleySouth MilfordOctober 23rd2 wks
Sara Jane PorterTadcasterOctober 29th76
Jane Eliza BodlandSouth MilfordJanuary 26th 193954
Charles AddisonLumbyJanuary 28th81
Adolphus Harold RadcliffeThe Terrace, S. MilfordFebruary 9th56
Francis James ButcherSouth MilfordFebruary 14th73
Mary AddisonLumbyMarch 8th76
William HutchcroftSouth MilfordMarch 9th86
Ada BroadleySouth MilfordMarch 28th74
Frances BradleySouth MilfordMarch 30th80
Brian HullSouth MilfordApril 4th4 mths
Maria KitchenSouth MilfordApril 14th77
William TowrisSherburn-in-ElmetJune 2nd72
David ElsworthSouth MilfordAugust 2nd9 mthsDied, Leeds Infirmary.
Catherine Hannah AtkinsonSouth MilfordAugust 4th84
Emily TerrySouth MilfordAugust 10th55Died in hospital, Leeds.
Alan AnthonySouth MilfordAugust 15th30Died, Middleton Sanatorium.
Harold AddisonSouth MilfordOctober 31st41Died, Mental Hosp. Kirkburton.
Annie Eliza StainburnSouth MilfordDecember 20th78
Annie SailSouth MilfordDecember 30th76

1940 to 1949
Mary HornerLumby LaneJanuary 27th 194069
Alice AgusMilford JunctionJanuary 30th47Died, The Beeches, Tadcaster.
Annie GarnettSouth MilfordJanuary 31st65
Wallace Gibson LambertSouth MilfordFebruary 3rd67
Harriet SunderlandSouth MilfordFebruary 29th82
Herbert BostonNewthorpeApril 11th69
Kenneth Butcher WilsonTadcasterApril 20th3Died, Bradford.
William LindleySouth MilfordApril 22nd82
Stephen Ronald MilnerGascoigne WoodMay 16th10 hrs
James Henry FarrarBigginMay 27th84
Elizabeth BattySouth MilfordJuly 24th65
Lawrence Vivian MaskillSouth MilfordAugust 3rd67
Grace StottSouth MilfordOctober 1st75
Annie Maria GrimbleySouth MilfordOctober 23rd84Died, Leeds Infirmary.
Sarah Ann RowleySouth MilfordNovember 12th88
Lily Jane ArcherSouth MilfordNovember 21st67
Edith Ann BakerSouth MilfordNovember 28th46
Elizabeth ChapmanLumbyDecember 14th76
Thomas William GarnettSouth MilfordFebruary 12th 194177
John William BullivantSouth MilfordMarch 10th81
Henry CollierThe Beeches, TadcasterApril 26th79
Minnie SouthernCastlefordApril 28th46
John Dennis BostonMaltkilns, S. MilfordMay 8th2
Thomas SissonsSouth MilfordMay 10th64
Edwin StottSouth MilfordMay 15th53
Tom BarkerSherburn-in-Elmetno date70
Richard Coates ThornlisSouth MilfordJuly 10th71
Henry Wallace WilkinsonSherburn-in-ElmetJuly 24th44
Lily SuttonSouth MilfordAugust 7th61
George FarrowSouth MilfordSeptember 27th85
Wilfred AnthonyMilford JunctionOctober 25th27Died, Crookhill Hall.
Minnie MooreSouth MilfordDecember 4th74
John Thomas SmithSouth MilfordDecember 10th59
Richard SailSouth MilfordJanuary 14th 194277Died at Sykehouse.
William Norton StainburnSouth MilfordMarch 6th532nd entry 2257. full.
William LunnSouth MilfordApril 29th57
Carl EvansSouth MilfordJuly 5th2 days
Annie MooreSouth MilfordSeptember 8th87
Esther Emma WoodSouth MilfordNovember 21st71
Evelyn Isabel WykesSouth MilfordDecember 1st42
Charles BakerMilford JunctionDecember 17th77
Rachael DuranceSherburn-in-ElmetDecember 18th59
Sarah Hannah AtkinsonSherburn-in-ElmetJanuary 7th 194387
Bessie BlythMilford JunctionFebruary 8th85
Joseph BoldisonMilford JunctionMarch 19th27
Mary SherwoodHillamMarch 23rd82
Ernest BakerSouth MilfordApril 3rd62
Robert Thomas LaycockSouth MilfordMay 2nd71Burial of ashes. 2226.
John MartinSouth MilfordMay 4th56
Smith NewsamSherburn-in-ElmetMay 6th65
Annie Maria NaylorSouth MilfordMay 11th75
William DaleSouth MilfordAugust 5th62
Anne PickupSouth MilfordAugust 30th84Died, City Hosp. York.
William BroadleySouth MilfordJanuary 17th 194478
William Hanson SuttonSherburn-in-ElmetFebruary 12th60
Percy WoodSouth MilfordFebruary 28th73
Hannah Maria LambertSouth MilfordMarch 21st71
Clarice ShepherdSouth MilfordApril 22nd19
William MarshallSouth MilfordJune 10th56
Robert SunderlandSouth MilfordSeptember 2nd91
Shiela Ann PottsSouth MilfordOctober 2nd8
Harry SpencerSouth MilfordOctober 11th44
Alfred WilsonSouth MilfordDecember 22nd81Died, Leeds Infirmary.
Alfred Henry ShephardSouth MilfordJanuary 2nd 194579also casket 2252 North, middle.
Edith NewsamSherburn-in-ElmetJanuary 18th62
John Thomas TukeSouth MilfordFebruary 7th69Died, Leeds Infirmary.
William John ShephardSouth MilfordMay 25th66
William CostiganSouth MilfordJuly 7th72Died, Leeds.
Fred Desmond CloseSouth MilfordJuly 11th20
Mary Ann BramhamHillamJuly 20th69
Henry GreenSouth MilfordAugust 14th69
Mary Jane BakerSouth MilfordAugust 18th84
Martha BakerMilford JunctionSeptember 28th71
George BywaterSouth MilfordDecember 4th57
Ellen WhiteleyGascoigne Wood Jnc.December 4th51
Thomas BakerSouth MilfordDecember 21st77
Kate StainburnMilford JunctionJanuary 4th 194668Aso casket 2220. had end.
Doris Christina VareySouth MilfordJanuary 28th28
Fanny Mary HansonSouth MilfordFebruary 1st87
George ChadwickMaltkilns, S. MilfordFebruary 9th70
Olive BostonSouth MilfordMarch 1st45
Walter Thomas WhiteheadSouth MilfordMarch 6th45
Elizabeth Ann StokerThe Beeches, TadcasterApril 18th76
John StewartSouth MilfordJune 7th91
George AlbansNewthorpeJuly 13th69Died, Selby.
Patricia WadsworthSouth MilfordAugust 8th8
Rebecca Hume LacySouth MilfordSeptember 4th69
Robert Farrar HillGascoinge Wood Jnc.September 7th76
John LuptonSouth MilfordNovember 21st3 hrs
Joseph ClarkSouth MilfordDecember 29th76
Annie HoltSouth MilfordJanuary 6th 194745
Richard SouthernPontefractFebruary 15th53
Eleanor Elizabeth HillSouth MilfordFebruary 18th80
Sarah Jane GarnettHalton, LeedsFebruary 26th80
Jessie MewsSelbyMarch 22nd61
Leslie BostonSouth MilfordMay 20th40
Edward Harold StainburnSouth MilfordJune 4th56
Rosa ClaytonPontefractJune 16th84
Annie JacksonSouth MilfordJuly 9th84
Hannah Elizabeth WalkerSouth MilfordAugust 13th81
Joseph BoldisonMilford JunctionAugust 18th70
Dorothy Jane PollardSouth MilfordSepteber 9th31Died, Ida Hospital, Leeds.
James GrimbleySouth MilfordOctober 3rd85
Child of Bernard & Ella HartSouth MilfordOctober 31ststillborn
Fred LindleySouth MilfordNovember 3rd57
Child of George & Esther FarrarSouth MilfordNovember 27thstillborn
Elizabeth JacksonSouth MilfordDecember 16th71
Annie SuttonSouth MilfordDecember 18th70
George William WrigglesworthNewthorpeFebruary 18th 194843
Harriet Ann HartleySouth MilfordMarch 3rd82
Arthur BramhamSouth MilfordMarch 20th81
Bryan WellsSherburn-in-ElmetJuly 6th16
Mary Emilia ChiltonSouth MilfordJuly 12th78
Edith Annie StainburnSouth MilfordAugust 15th73
Annie Elizabeth SmithSouth MilfordSeptember 21st69
Marjorie NewsameSherburn-in-ElmetOctober 2nd32
Edith Jane VareySouth MilfordOctober 13th68
Allen SuttonSouth MilfordNovember 16th79
Ezra HartleySouth MilfordDecember 11th84
Elizabeth MaukesSouth MilfordJanuary 1st 194976
Jessie CranswickCastlefordJanuary 15th52
Harold BakerHampton Row, S. MilfordJanuary 19th39
Charles Harrison SuttonMicklefieldJanuary 21st53
Charles BlackburnSouth MilfordFebruary 17th46
Robert SuttonSouth MilfordMarch 19th72
Olive CopleySouth MilfordApril 12th51John Copley ashes. head end.
James HowieSouth MilfordMay 28th64
Elizabeth Ann NevilleSouth MilfordAugust 2nd90
Elizabeth MawerSouth MilfordAugust 18th66
Clemence MillsLumby Lane, S. MilfordSeptember 3rd78
Faith HebdenPeckfield Farm CottageDecember 8th90
Albert Terry BedfordMilford JunctionDecember 31st83

1950 to 1959
Maria HodgsonLumby Lane, S. MilfordJanuary 18th 195062
Ruben WilsonSouth MilfordFebruary 22nd48
John Tom WhiteleyGascoigne Wood Jnc.March 24th80
John Richard AtkinsonSouth MilfordMarch 29th72
John BuckleMicklefieldApril 20th64
Mary Ann DeakinMilford JunctionMay 22nd50
Harry BostonSouth MilfordNovember 13th75
Margaret FarrarM. Fryston CrossroadsNovember 20th70
Ben PickupGascoigne Wood Jnc.January 20th 195168
Jane ScawbordSouth MilfordJanuary 24th26
Tom GreenLeedsMay 18th87
Heather BellamyNewthorpeAugust 21st7 mths
Annie BullivantSouth MilfordOctober 2nd77
George NewbySouth MilfordOctober 18th88
Elizabeth BostonNewthorpeDecember 5th77
Walter FarrowSouth MilfordDecember 5th50
Sarah Ann RadcliffeHubyJanuary 21st 195277
John Alfred ReveleySouth MilfordJanuary 29th75
Ellen MaskillSouth MilfordFebruary 16th76
Stanley WarnerSouth MilfordMarch 3rd63
Henry GibsonSouth MilfordMarch 6th71
John William HornerSouth MilfordMay 7th81Casket 2225. head end. 7/5/81.
Lavinia HogarthSouth MilfordMay 16th75
Sarah Jane MartinSouth MilfordMay 23rd66
Ivy RobinsonSouth MilfordMay 24th62
Mary CopeMabelthorpeJuly4th69
Harry AldamCliffeAugust 17th66
Dorothy May BingeNewthorpeOctober 31st52
Elizabeth WellsSherburn-in-ElmetNovember 15th54
Ernest Waslin AtkinsonSouth MilfordDecember 2nd68
Clara HewittSouth MilfordDecember 8th70
Alice LunnSouth MilfordDecember 31st64
Mary LufordLumbyFebruary 20th 195377
Keneth RutherfordSouth MilfordApril 2nd29
Tom BarkerSouth MilfordMay 12th73
Emma CroslandSouth MilfordJune 28th75
Louisa PickupSouth MilfordJune 29th68
Wendy BrownSouth MilfordAugust 28th4 days
Mary Ann ClarkSouth MilfordSeptember 20th74
John TerryBarkston AshOctober 3rd81
Sarah Annie GibsonSouth MilfordNovember 21st67
John Harry BissettSherburn-in-ElmetDecember 15th79
Ann Elizabeth TerryPickeringDecember 23rd77
Bertram SwaybyChurch FentonJanuary 1st 195472
Robert WoodNewthorpeFebruary 4th77
Robert NewbySouth MilfordFebruary 22nd78
Henry NelsonLumbyFebruary 28thno age shown
Walter HancockPeckfield Lodge FarmMarch 2nd65
Frederick HirstSouth MilfordMarch 16th89
Charles NewbySouth MilfordApril 12th75
Elizabeth Annie CockramScarboroughJune 1st76
Alfred WatkinsonSouth MilfordJuly 5th68
William Henry HulmeSouth MilfordJuly 27th42
Dorothy MiddlebroughSouth MilfordAugust 16th92
Margaret Edith PottsSouth MilfordSeptember 16th47
Mary JacksonSouth MilfordSeptember 17th58
Mary Alice WilsonLeedsOctober 7th55
Elizabeth EvansRavensthorpeDecember 15th72
Robert WhiteSouth Milford January 6th 195581
William GlendenningSouth MilfordFebruary 2nd56
Ernest FarrowSouth MilfordApril 14th62
Johnson KitchenSouth MilfordMay 12th69
Eleanor PalmerMilford JunctionJuly 15th35
John Eli NewsameSherburn-in-ElmetAugust 30th65
Ernest BruceSouth MilfordOctober 1st67
Amy Beatrice GoldthorpeSouth MilfordJanuary 20th 195671
Elizabeth BramhamLeedsFebruary 10th79
Helen BarkerSouth MilfordFebruary 18th83
Joanna TerryBarkston AshMarch 20th81
Alfred Edward GoldthorpSouth MilfordMay 10th77
Dorothy SmithSouth MilfordJune 26th44
Jane AtkinsonSouth MilfordJuly 3rd82
Percy Henry MawerSouth MilfordJuly 15th75
Jane LambertSouth MilfordJuly 19th64
William AbelSouth MilfordNovember 21st83
Fred ThompsonSouth MilfordDecember 24th59
Helen WilsonSouth MilfordJanuary 10th 195763
Thomas George YoungSouth MilfordApril 3rd54
Charles Robert GillSouth MilfordJune 11th82
Olive CranstonSouth MilfordJune 19th56
Emma SunderlandSouth MilfordAugust 20th72
Ada Mary PlewsSouth MilfordSeptember 9th75
Allison WalkerSouth MilfordOctober 29th94
Gertrude WebsterSouth MilfordNovember 4th75
George HebdenPeckfield Lodge FarmNovember 5th74
Emily ChiltonSouth MilfordJanuary 10th 195890
William Henry HarkerSelbyApril 12th79
Minnie NewsamSherburn-in-ElmetApril 26th74
Alfred SissonsMonk FrystonMay 8th77
George Henry HarrisonSouth MilfordSeptember 15th73
Nellie MetcalfeSouth MilfordDecember 27th81
Clarence William CawoodSouth MilfordDecember 28th65
Kate ChadwickSouth MilfordDecember 31st55
Matthew Alura SissonsSouth MilfordFebruary 20th 195962
Beatrice KingNewthorpeFebruary 28th81
Mary AldanSouth MilfordMarch 9th92
Edith AtkinsonSouth MilfordMarch 25th83
John William ChadwickSouth MilfordApril 18th56
Henry SmithSherburn-in-ElmetApril 25th74
Lily BleasbySherburn-in-ElmetMay 2nd78
Alice HarkerSouth MilfordMay 7th85
Terence WilsonSelbyJuly 3rd19
Reginald GelderSouth MilfordJuly 25th54
Annie SaundersSherburn-in-ElmetSeptember 10th76
Harry LunnSouth MilfordSeptember 12th72
Ann CostiganSouth MilfordSeptember 30th77
Norman HudsonNewthorpeOctober 5th56
William SissonsSouth MilfordOctober 29th84

1960 to 1969
Samuel GrimleySouth MilfordFebruary 9th 196066
Mary HirstSouth MilfordMarch 8th59
Sarah Jane BostonSouth MilfordApril 9th82
Henry Upton WadeSherburn-in-ElmetApril 18th43
Caroline RawlingSouth MilfordMay 26th2 mths
Ellis TunningleyMilford JunctionMay 27th74
William AtkinsonSouth MilfordJuly 17th84
Alice Mary VincentMilford VillaAugust 10th69
Francis William HullSouth MilfordAugust 12th66
George William AllisonLumby LaneOctober 22nd77
Rose FayeSouth MilfordOctober 29th65
Doris FrostSouth MilfordNovember 2nd45
Andrew Wells November 19thno age shown
Mary Elizabeth RileySouth MilfordDecember 14th76
Dora AtkinsonSouth MilfordJanuary 6th 196158
John Henry ClarkSouth MilfordJanuary 7th70
Ann OverendSouth MilfordApril 4th81
Arthur HillSouth MilfordApril 22nd61
Elizabeth SunderlandHalton, LeedsJune 5th82
Ada BarnesSouth MilfordJune 8th81
Mabel Eveline TowrissSouth MilfordJune 13th65
Alan SunderlandSouth MilfordJune 30th72
Edith Harriet BissettSouth MilfordAugust 2nd71
Florence KellySouth MilfordAugust 4th74
John SissonsSouth MilfordApril 23rd 196283
Elizabeth Irene TaylorThe Rectory, S. MilfordMay 28th57
George YeamanSouth MilfordJune 9th72
David ScarrSouth MilfordJune 13th90
Mary Elizabeth WatkinsonSouth MilfordSeptember 21st75
Frederick KnaggsSouth MilfordOctober 23rd74
Elsie ChewSouth MilfordNovember 20th75
Rose May YeamanSouth MilfordJanuary 10th 196369
Catherine CockerhamSouth MilfordJanuary 11th82
Elizabeth Ann AllisonLumbyFebruary 13th76
John HogarthSouth MilfordFebruary 23rd64
Margaret NaylorSouth MilfordFebruary 25th69
Henry HodgsonSouth MilfordMay 11th92
Emily HarrisonSouth MilfordMay 15th86
George Reginald MaskillSouth MilfordAugust 13th86
Harold NewsamSouth MilfordSeptember 7th76
Elizabeth ClarkeSouth MilfordSeptember 18th68
Isaac BakerSouth MilfordNovember 21st79
Jean PleaceGascoigne Wood Jnc.December 19th16
William HarrisonKippaxJanuary 1st 196480
Jannet RutherforthSouth MilfordFebruary 8th78
John Trevor BannisterSouth MilfordFebruary 25th19
Thomas BakerCopmanthorpeMarch 24th74
Harold CockerhamMilfordJunctionMay 20th79
Arthur RileySouth MilfordJuly 8th78
Ethel Ann BradleySherburn-in-ElmetSeptember 1st78
James BakerMilford JunctionSeptember 26th73
Charles BeanSouth MilfordOctober 24th88
Arthur DuranceSouth MilfordNovember 14th79
Thomas WoodSherburn-in-ElmetApril 28th 196587
Sarah BakerSouth MilfordMay 13th86
Ernest DeakinBurton SalmonMay 25th66
Clayton BostonSouth MilfordJune 30th96
Maria ShephardPost Office, KippaxJuly 9th93
Arthur William MuddMilford JunctionJuly 17th59
Mary Louisa HarrisonKentOctober 22nd85
James TerrySouth MilfordNovember 13th90
Bella YeamanMilford JunctionNovember 24th44
Maria HulmeHillamDecember 22nd92
George VincentSouth MilfordFebruary 24th 196678
Esther ScarrSouth MilfordMarch 12th86
Alice Franks GreenSouth MilfordMay 7th86
Frank BroadleySouth MilfordMay 16th71
George Arthur BroadleySouth MilfordAugust 12th75A2
Maud Elizabeth NelsonLumbySeptember 21st85
Mabel SweetingSouth MilfordOctober 7th60A3
Annie Mary WilsonSouth MilfordOctober 15th99
James Stoker FarrowSouth MilfordOctober 21st81
Mary Avis SutcliffeSouth MilfordNovember 12th85
Brent LundSherburn-in-ElmetDecember 23rd14 mths
Lucy Greaves SuttonSouth MilfordJanuary 2nd 196782
Naomi CopelandSouth MilfordJanuary 7th53
Henry SuttonGascoigne Wood Jnc.March 6th81A6
John William TowrissSouth MilfordMay 30th77
Thomas BannisterSouth MilfordJuly 3rd53
Alfred AtkinsonSherburn-in-ElmetJuly 3rd74
Minnie BakerSouth MilfordJuly 25th66A8
Pauline Mary EaglenSherburn-in-ElmetJune 24th27A6
Kathleen BlackburnSouth MilfordSeptember 2nd63
Ernest GarnettSouth MilfordOctober 10th61A10
Mabel Ann BostonSouth MilfordNovember 1st81
John Thomas SmithLumby LaneJanuary 6th 196859
Joseph RutherforthSherburn-in-ElmetJanuary 6th83
Nellie WarnerGarforthJanuary 11th83
John Charles HodgsonLumby LaneJanuary 13th85
Richard WhiteSouth MilfordFebruary 14th50A11
Eliza EnglandSouth MilfordApril 3rd74A12
Emma BissettSelbyMay 7th92
Caroline WhiteSouth MilfordMay 18th85
Edmund MakinLumbyJuly 19th67A13
Edgar EaglenSherburn-in-ElmetJuly 29th58A14
Harry HarperSouth MilfordOctober 15th74A15
John AbelWetherbyJanuary 25th 196960
George DacreThe Beeches, TadcasterFebruary 7th89 Formerly of Newthorpe.
Ella RutherfordSouth MilfordMarch 3rd74
Annice HarperSouth MilfordMarch 29th72A15
William HodgsonSouth MilfordJune 30th67B1
The Rev. Sydney Arthur TaylorSouth MilfordJuly 10th72
Albert Edward HarrisonSouth MilfordJuly 26th73B2
Hilda HarrisonCross Gates, LeedsAugust 9th72B3
Mabel MartinPontefractAugust 20th75 Headlands Hospital.
Lilian FarrowSouth MilfordNovember 11th73
Bertha RowleySouth MilfordDecember 11th85

1970 to 1979
Doris WrigglesworthThe Maltkilns, S. MilfordJanuary 21st 197068B4
Frances Ann NevesSouth MilfordFebruary 17th74B5
Nora StoreySouth MilfordMarch 19th71C1
Kathleen Carrie HillSouth MilfordJuly 29th73C2
Kathleen FosterBilbrough, YorkAugust 22nd57C3Cross ref.2218.
Septimus OverendBarnsleyAugust 27th93 Lundwood Hospital.
Joseph Harold CostelloThe Cocked Hat, S.MilfordSeptember 5th53C4
Jane Hannah SissonsAberfordSeptember 14th79
Muriel GibbonsSouth MilfordNovember 5th47C5
Edith NevilleSouth MilfordDecember 2nd78D1
Harry Clifford BostonSouth MilfordDecember 4th67D2
Eric CostiganSouth MilfordDecember 14th46D3
Louisa HogarthSouth MilfordDecember 18th59D4
James BullockSherburn-in-ElmetJanuary 23rd 197162D5
Celia ScottSouth MilfordMarch 11th49B7
Percy RobertsSouth MilfordMarch 11th69B6
Rose GoodSouth MilfordSeptember 9th84B8
Joseph Lancelot RobinsonSouth MilfordNovember 27th82
Harry Edward GoodSouth MilfordDecember 8th76B8
Martha Elizabeth BullockSherburn-in-ElmetDecember 24th93A7
Fred SunderlandSouth MilfordJanuary 3rd 197286
Maud BarkerSherburn-in-ElmetJanuary 7th92
Jack EnglandSouth MilfordJanuary 21st79A12
John William CloseSouth MilfordFebruary 9th69B9
Mary Ellen BramhamSouth MilfordFebruary 26th83C6
Mary Ann HowieSouth MilfordFebruary 29th86
Katherine Mary ParkerTunbridge WellsApril 19th87 Formerly of Milford Hall.
Arthur GrimbleySouth MilfordJuly 27th74C7
Fenwick RutherfordSouth MilfordNovember 26th79
Norman MillsLumby LaneJanuary 5th 197364C8
Harry Ramsdale BattyLumbyJanuary 17th77C9
Enid SpencerLeedsJanuary 23rd76
Ethel Elizabeth SteeleSouth MilfordJanuary 25th85
Kathleen HullSouth MilfordFebruary 14th69
James Lester HillSouth MilfordFebruary 27th72D6
Lawrence Clifford MaskillSouth MilfordApril 27th70D7
Dorothy HogarthWakefieldJune 2nd70D8
George Edward FarrowSouth MilfordSeptember 4th83
Fred ChiltonSouth MilfordDecember 17th64D9
Joseph CranstonSwillingtonJanuary 11th 197475
James Dowsland ChewSouth MilfordMarch 26th90
John StoreySouth MilfordMay 15th74
Raymond BostonSouth MilfordJune 27th68E1
Sam BramhamSouth MilfordJuly 17th74
Jane Hannah BywaterSouth MilfordAugust 27th76
Janet Ethel NewsamSouth MilfordNovember 7th74E2
Leslie BradleyMicklefieldDecember 20th68E3
William HillSouth MilfordJanuary 9th 197582C2
Sidney NevilleSouth MilfordFebruary 26th76D1
George Edwin BarkerSouth MilfordJuly 4th67E4
Edward BlytheSouth MilfordJuly 14th78E5
Kenneth French MaskillSouth MilfordOctober 2nd61E6Cask of 2239. head end.
Herbert WilsonSouth MilfordNovember 27th83
Francis O'NeilSouth MilfordFebruary 6th 197670E7
Alice BakerSouth MilfordApril 23rd84E8
Percy HambletonSouth MilfordDecember 30th57E9
Minnie Antill BruceSouth MilfordMarch 21st 197790
Elsie May BostonSouth MilfordMarch 26th64F9
Mary BradleySouth MilfordJanuary 8th 197879 Burial of ashes.
George Henry NewbySouth MilfordMarch 18th69F8
Tom BakerMilford JunctionApril 5th85E8
Walter BakerSouth MilfordNovember 28th82A8
Margaret Helen SuttonSouth MilfordJanuary 22nd 197989A6

The Parish registers.
Transcribed by Peter Watkinson 2000.