SOUTH MILFORD: Transcription of the Burials 1979 to 1998:


Charles BakerSouth MilfordFebruary 7th93F7Urn at head end also, grave 2221. single depth grave.
John CopleySouth MilfordMarch 22nd82 Cask, head end of wifes grave 1931.
Charles Kenneth FosterBilbrough, YorkApril 4th68C3Grave No 2156 - full.
Annie WrigglesworthSherburn-in-ElmetJune 9th95 Grave No. 1562 - full.
Dorothy WilsonSouth MilfordJune 13th72 Ashes, urn at head end of grave 1882.
Frederick Stanley RuleHarrogateJune 24th68F7Ashes, urn at head end of grave 2216.
Eric NewsameIbstock, LeicesterAugust 31st58F6Formerly of S. Milford. Single depth grave.
Roger Steven WoodNewton KymeSeptember 7th27F5Double depth grave. Marriage register book 5, entry 47.
Desmond BakerMilford JunctionOctober 26th54G8Spare space in 2224 available for Joyce Baker only, widow.
Dorothy Cynthia BoothLumby LaneDecember 30th75 Ashes. Casket at head end of grave 1959.
Dennis LaycockKippaxJanuary 13th 198069 Ashes. In casket at head end of graves 1738, 1853.
Ronald MaskillSouth MilfordJanuary 22nd62E6 
Thomas Henry SuttonSouth MilfordJanuary 23rd48F1 
Roy PawsonSouth MilfordMarch 11th77F4 
Amy WatkinsonSouth MilfordMarch 13th63F3 
Charles Reginald HarkerSouth MilfordMay 21st68IA1Ashes. In position NW of church porch, buried 2ft. depth.
Ethel FairburnSouth MilfordJune 2nd86F2 
Dora KitchingSouth MilfordJune 6th78G9 
George Granville Roy TateSouth MilfordJune 25th68G7 
Hannah Marian BroadleySouth MilfordAugust 5th86A2 
Robert NewsamSouth MilfordFebruary 2nd 198177  
Ada Emily LufordSouth MilfordFebruary 20th78G6 
Dorothy Maud NewsamSherburn-in-ElmetFebruary 23rd74  
Hilda May MaskillSouth MilfordJune 19th82E6Casket of ashes in 2227/2204, head end.
Sygmund KrenzPrisoner-of-WarOctober 14th79G5 
Reginald HarrisonSouth MilfordNovember 20th67IA2Casket of ashes buried NW of church porch.
Samuel MorrisSouth MilfordDecember 11th82G4 
Gladys MillsLumby LaneJanuary 20th 198269C8 
Ann NevilleSouth MilfordFebruary 16th99G3 
Gladys JacksonSouth MilfordFebruary 21st86 Casket of ashes buried under (?) N/E in parents grave.
William Stanley KingSouth MilfordApril 3rd59G2 
Annie BuckthorpeSouth MilfordMay 25th75H9 
Ada RuslingSouth MilfordJuly 16th70H8 
Amy Evelyne NewsamSouth MilfordAugust 19th86  
William Dennis WardHarrogateSeptember 25th28IA3Casket of ashes buried NW of church porch.
Florence BlytheLeedsOctober 14th86E5 
Douglas Arthur RowlandsLeedsOctober 31st64 Casket of ashes buried in North/Middle of No. 1869.
Sarah YoungSouth MilfordNovember 25th79  
William LufordSouth MilfordDecember 13th79G6 
Reginald RigbyMonk FrystonJanuary 21st 198354H7 
Mildred SunderlandSouth MilfordMay 17th98 Casket of ashes in parents grave - Brick vault. Buried on North side at West end.
Hilda StainburnSouth MilfordJune 13th88 Grave 1840 - full.
Arthur JenningsBridlingtonJune 27th80H6 
Allan PawsonSouth MilfordJuly 15th84H5Single depth.
Jack AtkinsonSouth MilfordJuly 20th60IA4Casket of ashes NW to porch, north of 2250.
Clarence Hewitt WrigglesworthSouth MilfordOctober 16th70IA5Casket of ashes NW to porch, north of 2260.
Joseph GoddardSteeton Hall CottageDecember 17th69IA6Casket of ashes NW to porch, north of 2261.
Lena BellNew ZealandMay 19th 198471 Burial of ashes in family grave.
Louise DohertySouth MilfordNovember 16th G1Stillborn child.
William Henry GoldthorpeSouth MilfordNovember 20th71H4 
Lily KnaggsBrook Lodge, SelbyMarch 9th 198586  
Kenneth HillSouth MilfordMarch 23rd57H3 
Charles Edward BuckthorpeSouth MilfordMay 2nd89  
Thomas JacksonSouth MilfordJune 14th92  
Ernest RawlingLumbyAugust 15th87  
Roy PawsonSouth MilfordAugust 21st62  
Walter Herbert ElsworthSouth MilfordSeptember 18th81I7 
Agnes Annie PearsonSouth MilfordDecember 30th80I6 
Stanley Brockton GregorySouth MilfordJanuary 15th 198680I5 
Cynthia Mabel RileySouth MilfordFebruary 11th75I4 
Granville Rex SuttonBigginFebruary 19th70I3 
Brenda RichardsonSouth MilfordApril 13th56IA7Burial of ashes.
Roy MilnerSouth MilfordOctober 21st57I2 
Margaret GrimbleySouth MilfordDecember 24th81C7 
Joseph Martin ElsworthSouth MilfordMay 9th 198780J8 
Mark FairburnSouth MilfordOctober 30th82F2 
Doris BannisterSouth MilfordJanuary 8th 198873  
Mary Dorothy Muriel CroslandSouth MilfordJanuary 30th77 Burial of ashes.
Alan CromackLumbyApril 2nd49 ?J7 
Guy WilsonSouth MilfordApril 10th83 Burial of ashes.
Doris Anne GarnettSouth MilfordMay 5th83A10 
Robert Victor SunderlandSouth MilfordMay 22nd89 Burial of ashes.
John Robert HudsonSouth MilfordNovember 19th76J6 
Cyril GreenSouth MilfordDecember 9th78I1 
Harry GibsonSouth MilfordFebruary 10th 198973K9 
Luther Escourt MercerSherburn-in-ElmetFebruary 14th70K8 
Pollie RobertsSouth MilfordJune 1st80B6 
Frank RuslingSouth MilfordAugust 4th79H8 
Carrie MorrisSouth MilfordAugust 11th81G4 
Charles William EastwoodSouth MilfordOctober 26th60 ?K7 
Joyce Dorothia AshleyBraytonNovember 11th61 Burial of ashes.
Martha Gladys RowlingSouth MilfordJanuary 5th 199081I9 
Joyce HillSouth MilfordMarch 5th60K6 
Betty BriggSouth MilfordApril 8th61 Burial of ashes.
Gordon Henry Prescott HutsonSouth MilfordMay 22nd61K5 
Daphne HiggingbottomSouth MilfordJune 12th71 Burial of ashes.
Ernest HansonSouth MilfordJune 15th91B3 
Guy RaperSouth MilfordJuly 26th64J4 
Thelma Isabel CoultishSouth MilfordAugust 5th59 Burial of ashes in grave of J & O Copley.
Beatrice PawsonBridlingtonNovember 2nd86F4 
James LaverackSouth MilfordNovember 19th80 Burial of ashes in grave of Raymond Boston (E1).
Edith GoddardSteeton CottageDecember 12th81IB6Burial of ashes.
Dorothy BakerSouth MilfordDecember 19th90 Burial of ashes in grave of Eric Baker.
Roy BostonSouth MilfordFebruary 18th 199180F8 
Violet GrossEdinburghMarch 7th60IB5Burial of ashes.
Frank Norman HutchinsonBraytonMarch 27th81 Buried in grave of Mary Russell.
Fred PrestonSouth MilfordMay 17th77J3 
Pam CullSouth MilfordJune 5th58K5 
Doris Ida StainburnSouth MilfordJuly 5th87 With 1902.
Harold PoundfordSouth MilfordJuly 17th60IB7Burial of ashes.
Mary EaglenSherburn-in-ElmetSeptember 11th.83A14 
Annie HillSouth MilfordOctober 18th90D6 
Jesse Emmaline ElsworthSouth MilfordNovember 7th75I7 
James Henry GoddardSteeton CottageNovember 30th81IB6 
Angela Marion WoottonSouth MilfordDecember 19th48K4 
Beatrice Hannah NevilleThorpe WilloughbyDecember 27th95G3Holly Garth.
Jack HillSouth MilfordFebruary 11th 199262K6 
Wilfed Worrall GreenSelbyFebruary 12th78IC1Burial of ashes.
Robert Trevor WardSouth MilfordMarch 20th75L9 
Barbara LoySouth MilfordApril 4thno ageIB8Burial of ashes.
Robert SuttonSouth MilfordApril 15thno ageF1Burial of ashes.
Alfred Bernard RichardsonSouth MilfordApril 15thno ageIA7Burial of ashes.
Shiela Sarah ErskineBridlingtonAugust 4th58D9 
Harry SowdenSouth MilfordSeptember 4th73IC2Burial of ashes.
Mary Jane HodgsonSouth MilfordFebruary 23rd 199390B1Died February 18th.
Ernest WilsonSouth MilfordMarch 4th87K2Died February 28th.
Roseline EllisSouth MilfordMarch 11th75L8Died March 10th.
Margaret McGeeSouth MilfordApril 27th72N9Died 23rd April.
Catherine BostonSouth MilfordAugust 17th85E1Died August 9th.
William Johnson WrigglesworthThorpe WilloughbySeptember 17th96B4Died 13th September. Holly Garth.
Jennifer Cathleen BrownSouth MilfordSeptember 23rd50IC3Died August 26th. Burial of ashes.
Hilda WrigglesworthTemple Manor N. HomeSeptember 23rd77IA5Died Sept.18th. Burial of ashes.
Dorothy May HutchinsonSelby War Mem. HospitalSeptember 28th87 Died Sept. 19th.
Peter John AtkinsonGarforthOctober 12th69? Died Sept. 6th. Burial of ashes.
Kenneth Edward EllisSouth MilfordFebruary 4th 199476L8Died January 28th 1994.
Alan MathersSouth MilfordDecember 18thno ageIC4Burial of ashes.
Shiela Maureen LeveridgeSouth MilfordMarch 31st56M8Died March 26th.
Vera Vivien WilliamsSouth MilfordJuly 11th85N8Died July 6th.
Joan HillSouth MilfordAugust 17th66H3Died August 12th.
Percy BlytheSouth MilfordAugust 30th58L7Died 25th August.
Olive Edna BattyHall Farm, LumbySeptember 29th100C9Died Sept. 25th.
Robert WoodSouth MilfordNovember 20th71IC8Died November 14th. Burial of ashes.
Lilian HillSouth MilfordNovember 23rd86 Old ground SW of church, old ref. 2063. Died 16th Nov.1994.
John Knowles Hargreaves ElsworthSouth MilfordDecember 30th92L6Died December 22nd.
Myrtle Irene JenkinsonSouth MilfordJanuary 6th 199567L5Died January 1st 1995.
Willie MarshallSouth MilfordJanuary 19th75L4Died January 12th.
Mary HodsonSouth MilfordFebruary 17th77J6Died February 11th.
Ernest Albert ClarkSouth MilfordMarch 5thno ageIC6Died Feb. 17th. Burial of ashes.
Clarice BarkerSouth MilfordApril 19th80ID2Died April 11th, Burial of ashes.
Alfred CandlerSouth MilfordApril 23rd75ID3Died March 20th. Burial of ashes.
Margaret Eleanor SunderlandSouth MilfordMay 25th89B10Died March 19th.
Eric RobinsonEast ArdsleyJune 6th70 Died May 18th. Ashes buried old churcyard adjacent to Pickup grave.
George Alfred WatkinsonSherburn-in-ElmetJune 30th85F3Died June 25th.
Minnie WoodheadLeedsJuly 1st76ID4Died April 4th 1991. Burial of ashes.
Stuart Richard JenningsSouth MilfordSeptember 4th43M7Died August 28th.
Albert JenkinsonSouth MilfordSeptember 4th70L5Died August 25th.
Rowland WrightSouth MilfordSeptember 17th.69ID5Died March 1st. Burial of ashes.
Philip Malcolm OrtonSouth MilfordOctober22nd64ID6Died October 2nd. Burial of ashes.
Marjorie BowringByram, BrothertonDecember 20th59M6Died December 15th.
Mary NewbySouth MilfordDecember 28th85F8Died September 22nd.
Cyril Victor NobleSouth MilfordJanuary 9th 199676M5Died January 4th 1996.
Pauline Mary CopleySouth MilfordFebruary 7th65IA0Died January 17th. Burial of ashes.
Lester LaycockSouth MilfordFebruary 14th90 Died December 19th 1991. Ashes buried, East sector, original churchyard.
Trevor MozleySouth MilfordMarch 15th49ID0Died February 14th. Burial of ashes.
James Anthony BradleyLeedsMarch 21st28E3Died February 10th .
Doris FliggSouth MilfordApril 6th94L3Died April 2nd.
Harry Bell WoodheadSouth MilfordApril 23rd82ID4Died April 15th. Burial of ashes.
Eric WilkinsonSouth MilfordApril 27thno ageIC7Burial of ashes. no date of death.
John BroadleySouth MilfordMay 24th51C10Died May 21st.
Muriel Mary PantonNurs. Home, Hunslet, LeedsSeptember 5th92J1Died August 24th. Burial of ashes.
Annie MakinLumbySeptember 28th89A14Died September 24th.
John Percy O'DonnellSouth MilfordNovember 16th90D10Died November 13th.
John William HodgsonSouth MilfordNovember 19th58E10Died November 14th.
Dora Mary HirstSouth MilfordDecember, no date87IE0Died December 12th. Burial of ashes.
Barry Anthony WardSouth MilfordJanuary, no date64IE1Died December 23rd. Burial of ashes.
Edna HelliwellAllerton BywaterFebruary 9th 199790IE2Died January 27th. Burial of ashes.
Peter SharpSouth MilfordAugust 31st62IE3Died August 20th. Burial of ashes.
Catherine ElderSouth MilfordDecember 24th61IE4Died October 6th. Burial of ashes.
Eileen WrightSouth MilfordJanuary 1998, no date70ID5Died December 19th 1997. Burial of ashes.
Edward PoulterSouth MilfordJanuary 9th83G10Died January 4th 1998.
Phyllis May HarrisonSouth MilfordFebruary 21st74IA2Died January 27th. Burial of ashes.
Bryan StocksSouth MilfordFebruary 24th60H10Died February 19th.
Herbert WardleSouth MilfordFebruary, no date78IE5Died December 26th 1996. Burial of ashes.
Dorothy Annie WhiteheadNursing Home, SelbySeptember 10th95I10Died September 6th.
Harold LunnSouth MilfordJune, no date76 Ashes buried in family grave, West side, North end. Died May 24th 1997.
Edith O'NeillNursing Home, PudseyOctober 26th92E7Died October 20th.
Eddy PantonSouth MilfordNovember 3rd75J10DiedOctober 26th.
Beverley WalshThe Shrubberies, HemingbroughDecember 22nd38IE6Died December 10th. Burial of ashes.

The Parish registers.
Transcribed by Peter Watkinson 2000.