Silkstone parish:


Silkstone, War Memorial transcription:

The World War I and II memorial at Dodworth.

The front of the memorial (see also Photo)

Allport T.C.Capt Millard H. Pte
Addlington H. Sgt Ramsden W.L/Cpl
Arnold H. Pte Robinson A.Pte
Austin W. L/Cpl Sanders A. L/Cpl
Betton E.L/Cpl Sanderson M.Pte
Bilton J.G. Pte Senior C.L/Cpl
Bower E.Pte Senior G.Pte
Bower T.Pte Senior H. H.Pte
Briggs R.Cpl Simpson W.Pte
Brown W. H.SIc Smith H.Pte
Burton J.Sgt Steele J.O.Sgt
Clowery E. Pte Sykes J.M.M. Sgt
Collier S.Pte Sykes ACpl
Coles H.Pte Strutt GPte
Crawshaw S.Pte Totty H.Pte
Crawshaw R. Pte Townend F.Pte
Dudley B.Pte Walshaw FPte
Rearn A.Pte Westby T. Lieut.
Folks W.Cpl Whittles H.Pte
Firth P.Pte Wood C.Pte
Hepworth J.Pte Winterburn W.Pte
Hoyland C.Pte Youel WPte
Holmes P. J. L/Cpl Armfield C.E.Pte
Hattersley F. L/Sgt Spruce S.Pte
Hutchinson A. Pte Brooks B.Pte
Kaye L.Pte Green J. EyrePte
Kirk SPte Pickering C.Cpl
Martindale H.Pte   
To the Glorious Memory of all those men of
Dodworth who gave their lives for us in the
Great War 1914 - 1918

The left hand side of the memorial (see also Photo)

Baines F.Gnr Hepworth J.Sgt
Bamforth P.Pte Jones R.H.Sgt.
Barker A.Pte McGoldrick M.Pte
Barrett E.A/B A/B Riding H.LAC
Darlow J.Pte Stafford W.A.Scn
Fisher F.W.Sgt Gnr Strutt C.Pte
Garritty E.Gnr Taylor N.Sgt
Gough M.F/Sgt Thompson N.L/Bdr
Green H.Pte Turton A.O/S
Hartley D.Sgt Whitaker G.P/O
Hodgson H.Pte Bradley J.A.(Coder)
Sanders A.Pte   
To the glorious memory of
all those men of Dodworth
who gave their lives for us
in the war of 1939 - 45

Data transcribed by
Pauline Hinson.
from photography by Colin Hinson