Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for SILKSTONE in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.


Gentry &c.:

  • Affleck Rev. Robert, vicar
  • Bearchill Thomas hat mfr.
  • Burley Thomas, dealer in malt
  • Ellis John, surgeon
  • Hawksworth John, whitesmith
  • Hobson Benjamin, butcher
  • Mitchell Philip, vict. Red Lion
  • Moody Wm. grocer and corn miller
  • Race Benjamin, vict. Angel
  • Shaw Thomas wood turner
  • Shooter Joseph, schoolmaster
  • Tattersall Geo. nursery & seedsman
  • Taylor Edward, linen draper
  • Taylor John, vict. Royal Oak
  • Taylor William, wheelwright


  • Haynes Wm.
  • Jubb John


  • Clegg John
  • Mitchell Wm.


  • Clark Jonas
  • Popplewell Joseph
  • Wilson T. and D.


  • Bailey John
  • Heaton Samuel


  • Taylor John
  • Woodcock Jonth.


  • Pashley John
  • Swift James
  • Taylor James

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for BARNSLEY in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Academies, Schools Public Private,

  • Ellis Robert, (calvinist school) Sheffield road
  • Gilbanks William, (grammar school) Church street
  • Roome Joseph, (mathematical and commercial) School street
  • Ross Alxd. (national school) Pitt st.
  • Savage Miss, ladies' boarding, Church st.

Agents-General and Particular,

  • Parkin Henry, linen yarn, Church st.
  • Pickering Francis, (general) bottom of the Market place
  • Taylor Wm. (commission) Wind mill


  • Whitworth John, Market place

Attornies, Solicitors, &c.,

  • Alderson Edward, Market place, and Symonds Inn, London
  • Birks John, (Hemmingfield) 3 Cranes
  • Clarke and Shepherd, Harbro' house
  • Hall Edward, Long car house
  • Hopland Rbt. (Brierley) King's Head
  • Jackson William, Bank end, Hoyland, Three Cranes
  • Keir George, Shambles street
  • Mence W.C. Folly hall, Church st.
  • Newman William, Darley hall
  • Pigott Godfrey, (Bolton)Three Cranes
  • Richardson Robert, Church street

Auctioneers, Appraisers, &c.

  • Dale Thomas, Cheapside
  • Green John, Hoyland
  • Haigh Thomas, honour and manor Bailiff, Sough bridge
  • Lancaster William, Church street

Bakers, Flour & Provision Dealers,

  • Abbot John, Union street
  • Bailey Thomas, Sheffield road
  • Batty John, Shambles street
  • Bedford Rachael, Sheffield road
  • Coe James, Sheffield road
  • Colling Edward, Shambles street
  • Cudworth William, Shambles street
  • Grant James, Mayday green
  • Hopwood John, Church street
  • Jackson Joshua, Pitt street
  • Jepson Elizabeth, Cheapside
  • Pickering John, bottom of Union st.
  • Porter Benjamin Newland
  • Savage Thomas, Mayday green
  • Smith John, Shambles street
  • Travis John, Church street


  • Beckett, Birks, & Co. (on Carr Glyn, & Co.) Church street
  • Wentworth & Co. (on Wentworths & Co.) Market place, open on Wed.

Blacksmiths, &c.

  • Liddal Thomas, Shambles street
  • Liversedge William, Shambles street
  • Richardson Thomas, Spedden square
  • Stringer George, bottom of Pitt street


  • Beckett Joseph, (linen and cotton) Church street
  • Coward Samuel (linen) Boyle mill
  • Day Richard, (linen) Mount Briton
  • Jackson, Lister and Jackson, (linen and cotton) Beaver halt
  • Taylor, Edward, (linen and cotton) King Well
  • Wilson James, (linen and cotton) Wilson croft

Booksellers, Stationers, Binders,

  • Bent Jane, (circulating library) Church street
  • Greaves Charles, (printer & dealer in lottery tickets, &c.) Market place
  • Harrison George, (printer & dealer in paper hangings) Market place

Boot and Shoe Makers,

  • Allerton Matthew, Sough bridge
  • Bashforth John, Shambles street
  • Cudworth James, near School close
  • Dale Thomas, (dealer) Cheapside
  • Dyson Joseph, (boot and shoe warehouse) Cheapside
  • Ellis Thomas, Sheffield road
  • Ellison Thomas, Shambles street
  • Gill George, Market place
  • Haigh Samuel, (boot and shoe ware-house) Cheapside
  • Horsfield Joshua, New road
  • Latham William, Baker street
  • Truelove Wm. & Joseph, Sough bridge
  • Wood James, Market place
  • Wordsworth Samuel, Shambles street

Braziers and Tin Plate Workers,

  • Dewar Robert, Church street
  • Eyre William, Market place
  • Lowrance Joseph, (and coppersmith) Market hill

Brewers, Ale and Porter,

  • Alexander Henry & Geo. Church st.


  • Burkinshaw William, Church street
  • Cope Thomas, Market hill
  • Crawshaw Benjamin, Mayday green
  • Crawshaw David, Newland
  • Hepworth Samuel, Shambles street
  • Kershaw Thomas, May day green
  • Leadman John, Church street
  • Leadman Joseph, Sough bridge
  • Mallinson George, Shambles street
  • Mallinson Joseph, Shambles street
  • Nixon Benjamin, Shambles street
  • Nixon John, Spring row
  • Nixon William, Sough bridge
  • Oxley John, jun. Cheapside
  • Oxley John, Sheffield road
  • Senior Thomas, Market place
  • Shaw Thomas, Mayday green
  • Totty John, Sough bridge

Cabinet Makers and Upholsterers,

  • Allott David, (& upholder) May day green
  • Allott Richard, Clark's yd. Market pl.
  • Green John, Cheapside
  • Tomlin Wm. (& upholder) Shambles street


  • Hope Callender Works, Town end, agent, James Porter
  • Hopwood John, Steam mill, Summer ln.
  • Union Callender Co. Town end, Agt. George Berry, Church street

Cattle Dealers,

  • Fleetwood David, Jumble lane
  • Linley Joseph, Town end
  • Nicholson John, Bank top

Cheese Mongers,

  • Gothard Hugh, (and salt dlr.) Strutt's yard, Shambles street
  • Hall Joseph, Market place

Clock and Watch Makers,

  • Allen Augustine, Market hill
  • Fletcher Charles, Church street
  • Fletcher Thomas, Shambles street
  • Stainrod Thomas, Cheapside

Clothes Brokers,

  • Burrows William, Jumble lane
  • Dale Thomas, Cheapside

Coal Masters and Merchants,

  • Clark Jonas Silkstone
  • Edmunds Francis, Esq. Worsbro'; agent Andrew Foulks
  • Popplewell & Wilkinson, Silkstone
  • Porter & Co. Union Colliery; agent, William Lock
  • Sturges, Paley & Mason, Gawber hall; agent, William Pease
  • Thorpe Samuel, Esq. Banks hall, near Silkstone; agent, Wm. Pickard
  • Wilson Daniel & Thomas, Silkstone

Collector of Taxes, Rates and Rents,

  • Fox Thomas (clerk to the commissioners, of taxes) Moorside


  • Barry George, Church street
  • Coward George, Sough bridge
  • Whike Thomas, Jumble lane
  • Wragg Joshua, Newland


  • Sidebottom William, Market hill
  • Taylor Richard, Market hill

Corn Factors,

  • Ibbotson Joseph, Shambles street
  • Mallison Matthew, Shambles street
  • Ostcliff Thomas, Market place
  • Pearson Wm. (Wombwell), Royal Oak
  • Pitt George, Shambles street

Corn Millers,

  • Carnelley Thomas, Market hill
  • Hopwood John, Steam mill, Summer lane

Curriers and Leather Sellers,

  • Craven William, Cheapside
  • Lancaster William Church street
  • Lindley Eleanor, Sheffield road
  • Scholefield Richard, near Market pl.


  • Alletson George Market hill
  • Cocker James, Market place
  • Coward George, (& tea dealer) Sough bridge
  • Matchitt Solomon, (hosier, tea dlr.) Shambles street


  • Bailey & Co. Baker street
  • Naylor Joseph & Co. Town end
  • Ward Thomas & John, Cockrame

Fire and Life Insurance Offices,

  • Norwich Union, Henry Rimington, Market hill
  • Phoenix, Charles Tee, Westgate
  • Sheffield, Charles Greases, Market pl.

Flax Spinners,

  • Russel & Co. Barnsley Old mill

Furniture Broker,

  • Dale Thomas, (feathers and flocks) Cheapside

Gardeners, Nursery & Seedsmen,

  • Hall Joseph, (seedsman) Market place
  • Hawley William, George yard
  • Lister Joseph, (gardener) nr. Old mill

Glass, China, & Earthenware Dealers,

  • Gamlin Mary, Shambles street
  • Saville Richard, (hard & small wares) Cheapside

Gold & Silversmiths, & Jeweller,

  • Allen Augustine, Market place
  • Dale Thomas (dealer in watches and musical instruments) Cheapside

Grocers and Tea Dealers,

  • Armitage John, Shambles street
  • Berry George, Church street
  • Clarke John, Market place
  • Dunn Samuel, Market place
  • Field Edward, Shambles street
  • Fox Thomas, (and seedsman) Church street
  • Grant James, Mayday green
  • Haigh William, Market hill
  • Harrison Robert Shambles street
  • Hawksworth Robert, Shambles street
  • Hepworth William, Cheapside
  • Horsfall William. jun. Beech field
  • Kay Elizabeth, Cheapside
  • Liddall Richard, Sough bridge
  • Medlam Edward, Market place
  • Saile Robert, (& porter dealer)Shambles street
  • Sunderland John, Cheapside
  • West John, Westgate
  • Wheatley William, (dealer in melt, hops, & flour) Sough bridge
  • Wilcock Joseph, Church street


  • Allott David, Mayday green
  • Burkinshaw, George, Shambles street

Hat Manufacturers & Dealers,

  • Travis George, (& furrier) Church st.
  • Traviss John, Market place
  • Tyne Henry, Sheffield road


  • Alleston George, Market hill
  • Dale Thomas, Cheapside
  • Haigh Samuel, (dealer in stocking worsted) Cheapside
  • Parkinson Richard, Cheapside

Hotels, Inns and Taverns,

  • Angel, Benjamin Coldwell, Cheapside
  • Bay Horse, Jph. Homes, Shambles St.
  • Bear Hotel, Joseph Broadbent, Church street
  • Blackamoor, Thos. Frudd, Sheffield rd.
  • Bull's Head, James Hawksworth, Shambles street
  • Butcher's Arms, John Nixon, Spring row
  • Coach and Horses, Thomas Ostcliff, (horses & gigs to let) Market pl.
  • Cock, William Hill, (horses to hire) Shambles street
  • Commercial Inn, James Nixon, Wilson's piece
  • Duke of York, Thomas Balgue, Cheapside
  • Hope and Anchor, Thomas Marshall, Doncaster road
  • King's Arms Inn, Ann Beavers, Church street
  • King's Head Inn, (and posting house) John Ward, Market place
  • Lord Nelson, Thos. Haigh, Sough bdg.
  • Mason's Arms, Joseph Lindley, Shambles street
  • Neptune Inn, George Race, Newland
  • Old Windmill, Matthew Mallinson, Shambles street
  • Plough, Jas. Tomlinson, Doncaster rd.
  • Royal Oak, John Winter, Sough bdg.
  • Royal Oak, Sarah Rycroft, Sough bdg.
  • Shakespeare, George Miller, Wellington street
  • Star, John Leadman, Church Street
  • Swan, Wm. Hawksworth, Sough bdg.
  • Talbot, Wm. Lancaster, Church st.
  • Three Cranes, Martha Whitworth, Sough bridge
  • Three Crowns, George Hattersley, Shambles street
  • Three Travellers, Isaac Armitage, Shambles street
  • Unicorn Wm. Marshall, Pinfold hill
  • Union, George Shaw, Sheffield road
  • Waggon and Horses, James Leadman, Sough bridge
  • Wellington, Luke Graham, Shambles street
  • Wheat Sheaf, James Steel, Barnsley old mill
  • White Bear, Benjamin Strutt, Shambles street
  • White Hart, Ed. Ridsdale, Market pl.
  • White Lion, Matthew Shawcross, Huddersfield road
  • Windmill William Rich, Shambles st.
  • Wire Trellis, Benjamin Mason, May day green

Iron Founders,

  • Fauld and Woodiwiss, (steam engines and mill machinery) Barnsley foundry, Summer lane
  • Young and Athron, (inventors and manufacturers of bellied green sand boilers or
  • pans, stove grates and square and canted boilers and ovens) Wellington street


  • Fletcher George, (& hardware dealer) Sough bridge
  • Hall Joseph, Market place
  • Horsfall William, Market place

Joiner, and House Carpenters,

  • Binns William, jun. Blucher street
  • Binns William, sen. May-day green
  • Blackburn Thomas, Church street
  • Dyson John Shambles street
  • Frudd David, Cheapside
  • Frudd Thomas, Sheffield road
  • Goodyear George, May-day green
  • Harrison Thomas, Pinfold hill
  • Oxterby George, School street
  • Senior Benjamin, Sheffield road
  • Smiles John, Doncaster road
  • Smith James, Wellington street
  • Tootle Charles, Shambles street
  • Wadsworth Benjamin, Crowell hill


  • Circulating, Jane Bent, Church street
  • Subscription, at the grammar school

Lime Dealers,

  • Balgue Thomas (slate, flag and brick merchant) Newland
  • Burton Francis, Barnsley old mill

Linen and Woollen Drapers,

  • Dale Thomas, (& mercer) Cheapside
  • Jackson and Speight, Market hill
  • Parkinson Richard, (dealer in British wines & agent to the genuine tea company) Cheapside
  • Raywood Jane, Market place
  • Rimington Henry, Market hill
  • Senior George, Church street
  • Townend Richard Church street
  • Wharmby Samuel, Church street
  • Wilson Thomas, (and tea dealer) Cheapside

Linen Manufacturers,

  • Bayldon William George yard
  • Beckett Joseph, Church street
  • Bray Charles Shambles street
  • Carr John, Westgate
  • Coe James, Sheffield road
  • Cooper Samuel, Church street
  • Cordeux John, Sheffield road
  • Fox Joseph, Lord Nelson yard
  • Frudd Thomas, jun. Sheffield road
  • Harvey William, Shambles street
  • Haxworth John & Co. Doncaster road
  • Hirst William, Shambles street
  • Ibbotson Joseph, Shambles street
  • Jackson, Lister and Jackson, George yard
  • Kendray Francis, May-day green
  • Lawson Thos. Allen's yd. Blucher St.
  • Lawton William, Cheapside
  • Mason Godfrey and Son, near Sough bridge
  • Mawer and Wilson, Shambles street
  • Methley J. S. Old mill lane
  • Moor & Guest, Waggon & Horses yd.
  • Nicholson Joseph, Mount Vernon, Sheffield road
  • Raywood Richard, Westgate
  • Scargill George, Shambles street
  • Sheppard George, Shambles street
  • Taylor Edward, Dodworth
  • Taylor Thos. & John, Shambles street
  • Tee Charles, Westgate
  • Webster & Peckett, Church field
  • Whitworth Francis, Pitt street
  • Wilson Thomas, Cheapside
  • Yeardley & Pigott, Shambles street

Loom and Shuttle Makers,

  • Hoadley William, Dawson lane
  • Schofield Charles, (shuttle) New st.


  • Broadhead John, Town end
  • Pitt George, Shambles street
  • Taylor John, near Becket square


  • Day Frances, (& haberdasher) Market place
  • Frudd Ann, Cheapside
  • Stephenson Martha, Cheapside

Painters, House and Sign,

  • Craven M. Strutt's yd. Shambles st.
  • Fletcher Matthew, Church street
  • Flower Willoughby, Old mill lane
  • Headon P. and W. Church street
  • Watson John, Church street

Paper Maker,

  • Rhodes John, Worsbro' dale


  • Jubb Joshua, School street

Perfumers and Hair Dressers,

  • Frudd James, Shambles street
  • Hammerton William, May-day green
  • Marshall Thomas, (& toyman) Marketplace
  • Travis William, (hair dresser) Market place
  • Walker John, (& toyman) Market pl.


  • Dow James, Church street Pickering
  • Richard, Shambles street


  • Fletcher Joseph, Doncaster road
  • Fletcher William Church street
  • Headon T. and Church street

Plumbers and Glaziers,

  • Fletcher George, Sough bridge
  • Fletcher John, Church street
  • Hopwood John, Church street
  • Leadman John, Market street
  • Rayner John, Shambles street

Reed and Slay Maker,

  • Taylor John, Head of Pitt street

Rope Makers,

  • Hawksworth James, (& flax dresser) Shambles street
  • Mallison Joseph, Longman row


  • Moore Edward, Market place
  • Sheppard William, Shambles street
  • Whitworth John, Shambles street

Sheriff's Officers,

  • Armitage Isaac, (for the wapentake of Staincross) Shambles street
  • Green James, Hoyland hall

Spirits and Wine Merchants,

  • Dandison William (distributor of stamps) Shambles street
  • Greaves Charles, Market place

Spirit Dealers, Wholesale & Retail,

  • Atkin Hannah, (tea dealer) May-day green
  • Burkinshaw William, Church street

Stone Masons,

  • Coldwell Benjamin, Cheapside
  • Haywood John, (shear, hand, grind & file stones, &c.) Hoyle mill
  • Mitchell George, Wilson's piece
  • Robinson Thomas, (& quarry owner) Wellington street
  • Utley & Millers, (quarry owners) and manufacturers of shear, hand, grind and file stones, Wellington street
  • Walker James, Wilson's piece

Straw Hat Makers,

  • Barber Sarah, Baker street
  • Marshall Thomas, Market place
  • Miller Ruth, Shambles street


  • Crookes Richard, Church street
  • Rowley Benjamin, May-fair place
  • Starr R. N. Church street

Tailors, &c.

  • Dunstan John, Newland
  • Gissop Thomas, Shambles street
  • Harrison Francis, Shambles street
  • Harrison Thomas, Shambles street
  • Horsfield John, Sheffield road
  • Oates George, Sheffield road
  • Senior William, Newland
  • Woodruff T. (and shoe warehouse) Shambles street

Tallow Chandlers,

  • Clarke John, Market place
  • Grant James, May-day green

Timber Merchants,

  • Burton Francis, Barnsley old mill
  • Horsfall William, Market hill
  • Kershaw William, May-day green

Turner in Wood, &c.,

  • Hoadley William, Dawson lane


  • Bashforth William, Shambles street
  • Blackburn Thomas, Jun. Church street
  • Lockwood Joseph, Spenceley's yard, Shambles street
  • Rowbottom William Warren house
  • Senior Benjamin, Sheffield road
  • Senior John, Sheffield road


  • Burkenshaw George, Shambles street
  • Linley George, Chapel yard
  • Woodcock Abraham, Cheapside

Wire (Steel) Drawers,

  • Coward George near Sough bridge
  • Hammerton Mary, agent William Broadley, Sough bridge


  • Batty Francis, governor of the House of Industry, Bank lane
  • Blackburn Thos. yeoman, Old mill ln.
  • Brooks Wm. fruiterer, &c. Market pl.
  • Brown Thos. agent at James Porter's callender works, Well house
  • Buckley William, manager of the bleach works at Beaver hall
  • Clarke Henry, gentleman, Church st.
  • Dennis Joseph, Church street
  • Depledge William, gent. Malton pl.
  • Finney George, hair dresser, May-day green
  • Fox Mrs. Mary, Town end
  • Garlick Mrs. Mary, Cockrem
  • Greenwood John, Esq. Church street
  • Haigh Thomas, linen waste and paper dealer, Spring row
  • Hall Misses C. and S. gentlewomen, Beech field
  • Hawksworth Mrs. Anne, near Sough bridge
  • Hindle Mary, gentlewoman, Shambles street
  • Lacy John, basket maker, Market pl.
  • Lawton Eliz. near Wellington square
  • Liddell Thomas, gent. Pinfold hill
  • Manley T. J. gentleman, Cockrem
  • Mason Mrs. Mary, Market place
  • Naylor John, sen. gentleman, Old mill
  • Parkin Henry, commission agent, Church street
  • Pickering George, manager of the bleach works, Back lane
  • Porter William, gent. May-day green
  • Reardon Wm. solicitor, Church street
  • Rock Mrs. Elizabeth, Shambles street
  • Spenceley Mrs. Lone car lane
  • Stocks Joseph, gentleman, Westgate
  • Taylor Mrs. Sarah, gentlewoman, Church street
  • Taylor Thomas, Market place
  • Thompson William, supervisor of excise, Church street
  • Walton George, gentleman, Spring row
  • Wells Thomas, Baker street
  • Wike William, shopkeeper Newland
  • Wilson John, smoke jack cleaner, &c. May-day green
  • Woodiwiss Wm. superintendent of the iron foundry, Summer lane
  • Yeardley Joel, agent, Shambles street


  • The Express Light post coach, from the King's Arms Inn, to London every morning at 9 o'clock, and to Leeds from the Bear Hotel at ½ past 4 in the evening.

Miscellany of trades

  • The Royal Mail, from Broadbent's Hotel, Church street, to London, at ¼ before 11; to Leeds, at ¼ past 7 evg.

Miscellany of trades

  • The Union to Leeds every morning at ½ past 9, and to Sheffield ½ past 5 evening.

Miscellany of trades

  • A Waterloo Car to Doncaster every Saturday dep. at 7 mg. ret. at 7 night, from the Coach and Horses, Market place.

From the White Hart,

  • Deacon, Harrison & Co. from the Royal Oak, to Wakefield, at 1, Mon. Wed. & Fri. mornings; ret. 11 night; to Sheffield, Tues. Thurs. and Sat. at 3 morning, ret. 11 night. D. & H. forward goods by canal to London, and by waggon to York, Leeds, Halifax, and Huddersfield.
  • Edward Ridsdale's Waggons to Sheffield, Leeds, and all parts of Yorkshire daily. Goods forwarded to all parts of the kingdom.
  • Edward Wilkinson from Rotherham, every Tuesday, arrives at 11 and departs at 3 afternoon.
  • Hobson, Cockerham & Co. from Sough bridge to Manchester, Tu. Thur. and Sat. To Sheffield and Leeds daily.
  • James Patrick (fishmonger) to Doncaster, Tu. Thur. and Sat. dep. at 5 morning, ret. at 4 evening.
  • John Wagstaff conveys and forwards goods to Manchester, and thence to all parts of the kingdom.
  • Kenworthy, to Manchester and all parts of the kingdom daily.
  • Thomas and Matthew Pickford's Caravans, from the above inn, to London in 32 hours, at 5 evening; to Leeds at 8 morning.
  • To Pontefract every Sunday, dep. at 8 morning, ret. the same day.

Conveyance by WATER,

  • On the Barnsley Canal, the Dearne end Doncaster Canals. Pearson and co.'s (of Thorne) packets, convey goods to Doncaster, Thorne, Selby, Gainsbro', Louth, and all parts of Lincolnshire; to York, Hull and London; to Wakefield and Leeds; to Huddersfield, Manchester and Liverpool; to Sheffield and Rotherham, whence goods are forwarded to all parts of the kingdom.
  • Wells and Morley (of Doncaster) packets, to Hull, London, &c. the same as above. Agent at the Canal Warehouse, Octavius Halt.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for DODWORTH in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Gentry &c.:

  • Thornley John, gentleman

Miscellany of trades

  • Hanson Joseph, schoolmaster
  • Hattersley Joshua, vict. Pheasant Inn
  • Robinson John, vict. Mason's Arms
  • Shaw Joshua, wood turner
  • Smith Robert, vict. Wellington Inn
  • Taylor Edward, linen manufacturer


  • Walker Thomas
  • White John


  • Hutchinson Henry
  • Lockwood Thos.


  • Burley Thomas
  • Fox Samuel
  • Naylor George


  • Burley Thos.
  • Heaton Samuel

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for HOYLAND SWAINE in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Miscellany of trades

  • Birks Wm. schoolmaster
  • Burley John, vict. Hammer
  • Cooper Wm. wheelwright
  • Hawksworth James, vict. Board
  • Hawksworth Lionel, common carrier

Nail mfrs.

  • Dukes John
  • Hawksworth Jas.
  • Hawksworth W.
  • Loukes Edward

Woollen mfrs.

  • Beaumont. John
  • Littlewood John


  • Lionel Hawksworth, to Sheffield every Mon. Wed. and Sat.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for NETHER CUMBERWORTH in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Miscellany of trades

  • Addy Abel, blacksmith
  • Horn Thomas, coal owner
  • Kilner John, victualler, Star
  • Middleton John, butcher
  • Noble John, tailor
  • Senior George, grocer
  • Wood James, shoemaker

Fancy mfrs.

  • Armitage Joshua
  • Horn Thomas
  • Shaw George

???? (Trade missing),

  • Heywood Ephr.
  • Heywood George
  • Wood J. & Sons

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for THURGOLAND in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Gentry &c.:

  • Cockshutt Edward, Esq. Huthwaite
  • Cockshutt James, iron & wire works, address to J. T. Bland, Huthwaite
  • Morton Elizabeth, gentlwmn. Capster
  • Parkin Christopher, gent. Spring house

Miscellany of trades

  • Atkinson William, millwright
  • Birkenshaw William, blacksmith
  • Bland James, wire manufacturer
  • Bower Thomas, wheelwright
  • Couldwell John, butcher
  • Couldwell Jph. yeoman, Cheese bottom
  • Darwent John, timber merchant
  • Dyson James, saddler
  • Houghland George, vict. Star
  • Jagger John, yeoman, Highfield
  • Kirby Robert, vict. Green Dragon
  • Marshall George, coal merchant
  • Offleton George, vict. Star
  • Ward Joseph. saddle-tree maker
  • Waterhouse Benjamin, schoolmaster


  • Beaumont George
  • Hirst Joshua


  • Houghland John
  • Vaughton Benj.

Woollen mfrs.

  • Couldwell Benj.
  • Couldwell John
  • Denton John

Transcribed by Colin Hinson. ©2003