Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for BARNSLEY in Pigot's Directory of 1829.


Post Office,

  • Market-place, James Cocker, Post Master.
  • The London Mail departs every night at half-past eleven, and arrives every evening at a quarter past five, and proceeds to Leeds With letters for the North.
  • Letters also by Mail cart are despatched to the North and East, Wakefield, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow, &c. every forenoon at half-past eleven, and arrive every morning at eight.
  • Office opens for the delivery of letters at seven in the morning in summer and eight in the winter season, and closes every night at nine,

Gentry and Clergy,

  • Batty Rev. Thomas, New street
  • Beaumont Colonel, Bretton hall
  • Beckett Joseph, esq. Church street
  • Bent Miss Jane, St. Mary's place
  • Clarke Mrs. Harbro' house
  • Clarke Mrs. Martha, Church street
  • Cooke Rev. James Bowen, Worsbro'
  • Crossley Luke Thomas, esq. Pindar oak
  • Ellis Rev. Robert, Sheffield road
  • Elmhirst Robert, esq. Ouslethwait
  • Garlick Mrs. Mary. Belle vue
  • Green Mrs. Mary, Pitt street
  • Hall Misses, Mount Vernon
  • Hall Mrs. F., St. George's square
  • Hammerton Mrs. Mary, Market place
  • Hanwell Rev. John, Pitt street
  • Lister James, gent. West gate
  • Lomas Rev. John Allen, Pitt street
  • Manley Timothy John, gent. Cockerham house
  • Mark Rev. Matthew, Church street
  • Mason Mrs. Mary, Church street
  • Raywood Richard, sen. Stair foot
  • Richardson Robert, Church street
  • Rock Mrs. Elizabeth, Shambles street
  • Sanders Mrs. Margaret, Pitt street
  • Stanhope John Spencer, esq. Cannon hall
  • Stocks Mrs. Susannah, West gate
  • Sykes Miss Mary, Church street
  • Taylor Mrs. Market place
  • Taylor Mrs. Sarah, Church street
  • Wass Rev. William, Darton
  • Wentworth Godfrey, esq. Woolley hall
  • Wentworth T. F. W. V. esq. Wentworth castle
  • Willan Rev. Robert, Church street
  • Woodcock John, Mount Osborn

Academies & Schools,
Not otherwise described are Day Schools.

  • Broadhurst Mary (ladies' boarding) St. George's terrace
  • Clayton Joseph, Pitt street
  • Dawes Mary (ladies' boarding) Mount Vernon
  • Ellis Rev. Robert, Sheffield road
  • Grammar School, Church street, -William Gilbanks, master
  • Knight William, near Wagon & Horses
  • National School, Blucher street,- Alexander A. Ross, master
  • Rawstorne Misses (ladies' boarding) St. George's place
  • Wilkinson Rebecca, St. Mary's place
  • Willan Rev. Robert, (gent's boarding) Church street

(See also Fire, &c. Office Agents)

  • Beswick James (to Beswick & Co. of Huddersfield, carriers) Old White Bear
  • Furniss Edward (to Buckley & Co. carriers) Queen street
  • Harvey William (linen & cotton yarn) Bank yard
  • Hirst George (linen & cotton yarn, & general commission) Old Windmill yard
  • Jackson William (to Sturges, Paley & Mason, coal masters) Gauber Hall Old Colliery
  • Newman William, (to Earl Fitzwilliam) Darley hall
  • Parkin Henry (yarn) Market street
  • Ray John (newspaper) Market place
  • Royston William, (to Joseph Shaw, iron mercht. Staincross) Spedding's yard
  • Rycroft Thomas (to Hobson & Co. carriers) May-day green
  • Sorsby Richard, (to Field, Whitnall & Co. coal masters) Worsbro' Colliery
  • Sutcliffe John (to Samuel Thorpe, coal master) Gauber New Colliery
  • Taylor William, (linen yarn) George yard
  • Tyers Thomas (to Deacon & Co. carriers) Market street
  • Walker Mark (water conveyance) Old mill
  • Walton Christopher (yarn) near the Gas house


  • Coldwell Benjamin, Market street
  • Whitworth John, Market place


  • Birks John, Hemingfield
  • Clarke & Shepherd, Harbro' house
  • Cloughs, Brook & Norton, Shambles street
  • Elmhirst William, Manor yard
  • Hall Edward, Long car
  • Hoyland Robert, Brierley
  • Jackson Henry, Church street
  • Keir George, Shambles street
  • Mence William Cookes, Church street
  • Newman William & Edward, Church street and Darley hall

Auctioneers, &c,

  • Dale Thomas, Harborough cottage
  • Haigh Thomas, Mill street
  • Lancaster William, Church street

Bakers & Flour Dealers,

  • Gillott Samuel, Shambles street
  • Hogdon Thomas, Oxford square
  • Marples John, New street
  • Robinson George, Wilson's piece
  • Wragg Joshua. Cheapside


  • Beckett, Birks & Coo. Church street,- (draw on Glyn & Co. London)

Basket Makers,

  • Macey John, Market place
  • Scowby Francis, Peashill nook


  • Liddall Thomas, Shambles street
  • Liversidge William, May-day green
  • Richardson Thomas, Spedding's yard
  • Stringer George, Peashill nook


  • Beckett Joseph, Church street
  • Coward Samuel, Swithin Works
  • Day Richard, Button
  • Green Joseph & William, Worsbrough dale
  • Jacksons & Co. Church street
  • Kendray Francis, May-day green
  • Raywood Joseph, Stair foot
  • Wilson James, Red brook

Booksellers, Binders, Stationers & Printers,

  • Harrison George, Market place
  • Ray John (& copper-plate printer, librarian to the subscription library and dealer in paper hangings) Market place

Boot & Shoe Makers,

  • Addy Joseph, May-day green
  • Allerton Matthew, Queen street
  • Bashforth John, Shambles street
  • Colley Francis, Pinfold hill
  • Dodsworth John, Cheapside
  • Ellis Thomas, Sheffield road
  • Ellison Thomas, Shambles street
  • Gill George, Market place
  • Mohun William, (warehouse) Cheapside
  • Truelove William, Peashill nook
  • Wood George, Shambles street
  • Woodruff Tiplady, Shambles street and Cheapside
  • Wordsworth John, Shambles street

Braziers and Tin-Plate Workers,

  • Dewar Robert, Church street
  • Lowrance Robert, Market place
  • Parker John, Horns lane


  • Burkinshaw William, Market street
  • Coldwell Joseph, Cheapside
  • Cope Thomas, Market place
  • Crawshaw Benjamin, May-day green
  • Dobson James, Shambles street
  • Goodare Pickard, New street
  • Graham George, Shambles street
  • Haigh William, Sheffield road
  • Hepworth Samuel, Shambles street
  • Hornby John, New street
  • Kershaw George, Queen street
  • Kershaw Thomas, Sheffield road
  • Leadman John, Church street
  • Leadman Joseph, Market place
  • Mallinson George, Shambles street
  • Moxon John, New street
  • Nixon William, Market place
  • Oxley Jabez, Sheffield road
  • Oxley John, Cheapside
  • Senior Richard, Castlereagh street
  • Senior Thomas, Market place
  • Totty John, Queen street
  • Truelove James, Back lane
  • Wildsmith John, Shambles street

Cabinet Makers and Upholsterers,

  • Allott Richard, Luke's orchard
  • Green John, Church street
  • Green William, Castlereagh street
  • King William, New street
  • Mirfin Thomas, bray-day green
  • Tomlin William, Shambles street


  • Hopwood John, Summer lane
  • Porter James, Town end
  • Union Company, Town end

China, Glass & Earthenware Dealers,

  • Chappell Richard, Hearthe Glass Hse
  • Gamlin Mary, Shambles street
  • Saville Richard, Cheapside

Clothes Brokers,

  • Burrows William, May-day green
  • Horsfield John, May-day green

Coal Masters & Merchts,

  • Burton Francis (mercht) West gate
  • Field, Whitnall & Co. Worsbrough Colliery-Richard Sorsby, agent
  • Locke William & Co., St. George's place
  • Porter James, Town end
  • Sturges, Paley & Mason, Gauber Hall Old Colliery-William Jackson, agent
  • Thorpe Samuel, Gauber New Colliery, Bank hall-John Sutcliffe, agent


  • Addy & Howe, Queen street
  • Wragg Joshua (& baker) Cheapside


  • Crossley John, Church street
  • Halfpenny Patrick, New street
  • Robinson James, Shambles street
  • Sidebottom William, Shambles street

Corn Factors,

  • Fox Joseph, Smithies Mill
  • Hopwood John, Summer lane
  • Ibbotson Charles, Shambles street
  • Mallinson Matthew, Shambles street
  • Ostcliffe Thomas, Market place
  • Pitt George, Shambles street
  • Rycroft & Jackson, New Steam Mill

Corn Millers,

  • Cade James, Church fields
  • Fox Joseph, Smithies Mill
  • Hopwood Jonathan, Summer lane
  • Rycrott & Jackson, New Steam Mill

Curriers and Leather Sellers,

  • Collier William, (seller only) Market street
  • Craven William, Grant's yard
  • Lancaster William, Church street
  • Lindley Joseph, Crow-well hill
  • Scholefield Richard, Market place


  • Alletson George, Market place
  • Birks John, Market place
  • Cocker James, Market place
  • Coward George, Queen street
  • Matchitt Solomon, Cheapside and Shambles street
  • Stocks Henry, Shambles street


  • Bailey Thomas, Barebones & Sheffield road
  • Bray Charles, Shambles street
  • Naylor Joseph & Co. Old mill
  • Ward, Cocker & Ward, Off Pitt street

Fire, &c. Office Agents,

  • Alliance, William Elmhirst, Manor yard
  • Atlas, Henry Jackson, Church street
  • Clerical, Medical & General Life Assurance, John Ray, Market place
  • Guardian (Leeds and Yorkshire) Thomas Dale, Harbrough cottage
  • Phoenix, Charles Tee, Church street
  • Sheffield, John Ray, Market place
  • Suffolk, Jonathan Whitworth, Market street
  • York, Edward Newman, Church street

Flax Spinners,

  • Dale & Flower, Wakefield road & Wath
  • Naylor Joseph & Co. Old mill


  • Travis George, Church street
  • Tyne Henry, Sheffield road

Gardeners & Seedsmen,

  • Brooks William, (& fruiterer) Market place
  • Hall Joseph, Market place
  • Hawley William, George yard
  • Pollard George, Moor side

Grocers & Tea Dealers,
(See also Shopkeepers, &c.)

  • Armitage John, Shambles street
  • Armitage Thomas, Queen street
  • Bromley Edward, Doncaster road
  • Clarke John, Market place
  • Field Thomas, Church street
  • Gelder John, Market place
  • Hepworth William, Cheapside
  • Liddall Richard, Market place
  • Locke William Anthony, Cheapside
  • Lockwood Adam (tea) Marketplace
  • Medlam Edward, Market place
  • Salle Robert, Market place
  • Sunderland John, Cheapside
  • Wilcock Joseph, Church street

Hair Dressers,

  • Belwood Thomas, Sheffield road
  • Finnie George, Cheapside
  • Frudd James, Shambles street
  • Marshall Thomas, Market place
  • Mason Joshua, Church street
  • Travis William, Queen street
  • Walker Mary, Market place
  • Wilde William, Shambles street

Hat Manufacturers and Dealers,
Marked thus * are Manufacturers.

  • Ray John, Market place
  • *Travis George, Church street
  • *Tyne Henry, Sheffield road
  • Wilkinson George, Shambles street


  • Alletson George, Market place
  • Machete Solomon, Cheapside and Shambles street
  • Medlam Edward, Market place
  • Parkinson Richard, Cheapside
  • Pickering Francis, Queen street


  • King's Head (commercial & posting) William Johnson, Market place
  • Old White Bear, Benjamin Strutt, Shambles street
  • Wagon & Horses, James Leadman, Market street
  • White Bear, (commercial & posting) Sarah Hawksworth, Church street

Iron & Brass Founders,

  • Woodiwiss Joseph, sen. (& engineer) Summer lane
  • Young & Athorn, Wellington street

Iron Masters,

  • Hartop Henry & Co. Milton Iron Works
  • Shaw Joseph & Son (warehouse) Speding's yard


  • Hall Joseph (and seedsman and cheesemonger) Market place
  • Horsfall John & Thomas, Market place


  • Athorn George, Doncaster road
  • Binns Thomas, Blucher street
  • Binns William, Blucher street
  • Blackburn Thomas, Church street
  • Dyson John, Shambles street
  • Frudd Thomas, sen. New street
  • Goodyear George, Jumble lane
  • Green John, Church street
  • Green William, Castlereagh street
  • Hardy George, Wilson's piece
  • Harrison Thomas, Off Westgate
  • Huntington John, Broad gates yard
  • King William, Baker street & New street
  • Oxterby Thomas, Mallinson's yard, Shambles street
  • Smiles Benjamin, Blucher street
  • Smith James, New street
  • Smith Joseph, School street
  • Wilson John, Grant's yard

Lime Dealers,

  • Balgue Thomas* (& brick) near Gas house
  • Burton Francis, Westgate

Linen & Woollen Drapers,

  • Cope Thomas, Shambles street
  • Parkinson Richard, Cheapside
  • Rimington Sarah, Market place
  • Senior George, Church street
  • Speight Joseph, Market place

Linen Manufacturers,

  • Bayldon William, George yard
  • Beckett Joseph, Church street
  • Bray Charles, Shambles street
  • Carr John, Westgate
  • Coe James, Sheffield road
  • Cooper Samuel, St. Mary's Place
  • Cordeux John & Sons, Sheffield road
  • Fox Joseph, Church street
  • Frudd Thomas, jun. Sheffield road
  • Guest, Ostcliffe and Walton, Wellington street
  • Hawcroft Thomas, Sheffield road
  • Hawksworth & Co. Shambles street
  • Haxworth John & Co. Doncaster road
  • Ibbotson Joseph, Shambles street
  • Jacksons' & Hodgetts', Church street
  • Johnson & Berry, Market place
  • Keay and Fletcher, Westgate and Shambles street
  • Kendray Francis, May-day green
  • Mason Godfrey & Sons, Bank yard
  • Masters Isaac, Oxford square
  • Mawer & Wilson, Pitt street
  • Methley Joseph Stocks, Wakefield road
  • Moore Anthony, Blucher street
  • Nicholson Joseph, Cheapside
  • Nixon & Charlesworth, Shambles street
  • Peckett William, Shambles street
  • Pigott John Burks, Old Windmill yard
  • Raywood Richard, jun. Westgate
  • Sedgwick George & William, Westgate
  • Taylor Thomas & John, Shambles street
  • Tee Charles & William (and drill) Church street
  • Thompson & Topham, Church street
  • Walton Christopher, near the Gas house
  • Webster & Marshall, Back lane


  • Broadhead John, Town end
  • Pitt George, Shambles street

Milliners & Dress Makers,
Marked thus * are Milliners only.

  • Allen Mary, Baker street
  • *Etherington Jane, Doncaster road
  • Fleetwood Mary, Jumble lane
  • *Frudd Ann, Market street
  • Frudd Susannah, New street
  • Lamport Elizabeth, New Steam mill
  • Lindley Frances, Moor side
  • Newsam Elizabeth, New street
  • Richardson Charlotte (& stay mkr) Spedding's yard
  • Robinson Martha & Mary, Nelson street

Millwrights, &c,

  • Binns Samuel, Peas hill
  • Woodiwiss Joseph, sen. (and engineer) Summer lane

Painters-House, Sign, &c,

  • Fletcher Edwin, Church street
  • Fletcher Joseph, Spring row, Doncaster road
  • Fletcher Matthew, Church street
  • Headon Thomas & Michael, Church street
  • Hold Job, George yard
  • Marshall Thomas, Cheapside
  • Rogers Charles, Doncaster road
  • Watson John, near the Market mill


  • Dow James, Church street
  • Farrar William, Broad Gates yard
  • Pickering Richard, Shambles street


  • Fletcher John, Old Mill lane
  • Fletcher Joseph, Spring row, Doncaster road
  • Headon Thomas & Michael, Church street

Plumbers & Glaziers,

  • Barber Joseph, Market street
  • Brown William, Back lane
  • Fletcher John (and gas apparatus fitter) Blucher street
  • Leadman John, Fruit market

Rag Dealers,

  • Chappell Richard, near the Gas house
  • Hague Thomas, Doncaster road
  • Saville Richard (& smallware and paper) Cheapside
  • Tyne Henry, Sheffield road

Rope Makers,

  • Hawksworth Sarah, Shambles street
  • Mallison Joseph, West gate


  • Moore Edward, Market place
  • Shepherd Wm, Shambles street
  • Whitworth John, Marketplace

Shopkeepers & Dealers in Sundries,

  • Armitage John, Shambles street
  • Batty John, Shambles street
  • Bray Charles, Shambles street
  • Brook Joseph, New street
  • Coe James, Sheffield road
  • Dalphin Joseph, Sheffield road
  • Gelder Robert, Wellington street
  • Graham John, Shambles street
  • Hague Thomas, Doncaster road
  • Hawcroft Thomas, Sheffield road
  • Jackson Joshua (flour) Pitt street
  • Jepson Elizabeth, Cheapside
  • Kay Elizabeth, Cheapside
  • Kelsey Francis, New street
  • Kershaw William, (& dealer in timber) May-day green
  • Masters Isaac, Oxford square
  • Pickering John, Sheffield road
  • Rolling James, Sheffield road
  • Scales Joseph, Cheapside
  • Scargill John, New street
  • Shirt Sarah, Baker street
  • Smith James, Church street
  • Smith John, Shambles street
  • Steel Samuel, New street
  • Troughton James, Market street
  • Turton Mary Ann (and dealer in drugs) Sheffield road
  • Walmsley Hannah, Church street
  • Watson John, Shambles street

Stone Masons,

  • Barber James, Croft ends
  • Coldwell Benjamin, Market street
  • Hargreaves John, School street
  • Horbury John, Cheapside
  • Robinson Thomas, Peas hill
  • Taylor Thomas & Jonas, Worsbro' common
  • Walker and Howarth, Wellington street and Old town
  • Walker James, Wilson's piece

Straw Hat Makers,

  • Barber Eleanor Jane, Croft ends
  • Goss Ann, Town end
  • Marshall Diana, Croft ends
  • Miller Ruth, Shambles street
  • Pickering Elizabeth, New street
  • Ringrose Sarah, Market street
  • Whitehead Ann, Wellington street


  • Crookes Richard, Church street
  • Pickles Charles Henry, Pitt street
  • Sadler Michael Thomas, Church street

Marked thus * are also Drapers.

  • Brettoner Uriah, New street
  • Broomhead Jubal, Church street
  • Gissop Thomas, Shambles street
  • *Harrison Charles, Market mill
  • *Harrison Francis, Shambles street
  • *Harrison Thomas, Shambles street
  • Hemingway John, Blucher street
  • *Horsfield John, May-day green
  • Howarth William, West gate
  • Senior Samuel, New street
  • *Woodruff John, Market street

Tallow Chandlers,

  • Clarke John, Market place
  • Hinchcliff John, Grant's yard

Taverns & Public Houses,

  • Angel, ---, Cheapside
  • Bay Horse, Thomas Dixon, Shambles street
  • Black Boy, William Ward, School street
  • Black Bull, John Wilkinson, Doncaster road
  • Black Moor's Head, Thomas Frudd, sen. Sheffield road
  • Bull's Head, Sarah Hawksworth, Shambles street
  • Butchers' Arms, William Robinson, Doncaster road
  • Cheapside Tavern, Benjamin Archer, Cheapside
  • Coach & Horses, Thomas Ostcliffe, Market place
  • Cock, Thomas Marshall, Shambles street
  • Commercial Inn, Ruth Nixon, Wilson's piece
  • Duke of York, John Horbury, Cheapside
  • George & Dragon, Thomas Ayres, Sheffield road
  • Horse & Jockey, Joseph Green, Ward green
  • King's Arms, John Smith, Church street
  • Lord Nelson, Noah Bond, Market place
  • Masons' Arms, Joseph Linley, Pinfold hill
  • Neptune, James Smith, New street
  • Plough, James Tomlinson, Doncaster road
  • Red Lion, James Allott, Worsbrough bridge
  • Royal Oak, George Thornton, Queen street
  • Royal Oak, John Winter, Peashill nook
  • Shakespeare, George Miller, Wellington street
  • Star, John Leadman, Church street
  • Talbot, William Lancaster, Church street
  • Temple of the Muses, William Gomersall, Greaves' yard
  • Three Cranes, Richard Townend, Queen street
  • Three Crowns, Thomas Thresh, Shambles street
  • Three Travellers, Isaac Armitage, Shambles street
  • Turf Tavern, James Frudd, Church street
  • Unicorn, Joseph Tolson, Pinfold hill
  • Union, George Shaw, Sheffield road
  • Union (old) Joseph Wolstenholme, Sheffield road
  • Wellington, Luke Graham, Shambles street
  • Wheat Sheaf, James Steel, Old mill
  • White Hart, George Ridsdale, Market place
  • White Swan, William Hawksworth, Market place
  • Windmill, George Rich, Shambles street
  • Windmill (old) Mw. Mallinson, Shamble street
  • Wire Trellis, Benjamin Mason, May-day green
  • Woodman's Inn, Jeremiah Walker, Windsor place

Timber Merchants,

  • Balgue Thomas (& brick & lime) near the Gas house
  • Kershaw William, May-day green
  • Twibell John (& stone) Old mill

Watch & Clock Makers,

  • Allen Harriet (& silversmith) Market place
  • Fletcher Charles (and silversmith) Church street
  • Fletcher Thomas, Shambles street


  • Bashforth Swithin, Horns lane
  • Blackburn Thomas Church street
  • Senior Benjamin, Sheffield road
  • Senior John, Doncaster road


  • Burkinshaw George, West's yard, Shambles street
  • Burkinshaw Thomas, Mallinson's yard, Shambles street
  • Naylor George, Market street
  • Woodcock Abraham, Cheapside

Wine & Spirit Merchants,

  • Dandison William (& hop) Stamp office, Shambles street
  • Greaves Charles, Market place

Wire Drawers,

  • Bradley William, Speding's yard
  • Coward George, Queen street


  • Batty Francis, governor of workhouse, St. Mary's gate
  • Carlile Thomas, tobacconist, Shambles street
  • Gray William, veterinary surgeon, Shambles street
  • Hoadley William, wood turner, &c Pall mall
  • Mason David, magistrates clerk, Church street
  • Rushforth John, dentist and bone setter,
  • Sane Pigott William, porter dealer, Market place
  • Sturman William, gunsmith, New Steam Mill
  • Taylor John reed maker, Pitt street
  • Thompson William, supervisor, Church street


  • To London, the Royal Mail (from Leeds) calls at the White Bear, every night at half-past eleven; goes through Sheffield, Chesterfield, Nottingham, Melton Mowbray, Bedford, &c.-the Courier calls at the Wagon & Horses, every afternoon at half-past three-& the Express, calls at the White Bear, every morning at half-past ten; both go thro' Sheffield, Chesterfield, Nottingham, Leicester, Northampton, &c.
  • To Birmingham, the Amity (from Leeds) calls at the King's Head, every morning (Sundays excepted at seven; goes through Sheffield, Chesterfield, Derby, &c,
  • To Doncaster, the Waterloo, from the Three Crowns, every Saturday morning at seven.
  • To Leeds, the Royal Mail (from Lon don) calls at the White Bear, every evening at a quarter past five-and the Express, every afternoon at half-past four -the Courier, from the Wagon and Horses, every afternoon at a quarter past four-and the Amity, from the King's Head, every evening (Sundays excepted) at seven; all go thro' Wakefield &c.
  • To Sheffield, the Ebor (from York) calls at the King's Head & White Bear, every evening at seven; goes through Chapel town.
  • To York, the Ebor (from Sheffield) calls at the King's Head and White Bear, every morning at seven; goes through Wakefield, Aberford and Tadcaster.


  • To London, Deacon & Co. from their warehouse, Market-street, every night at twelve; goes through Sheffield, Chesterfield, Mansfield, Nottingham, Leicester, Harborough, Northampton, &c. and Wheatcroft & Co. from the Wagon and Horses, every morning (Sundays excepted) at eight; goes thro' Sheffield. Chesterfield, Buckland Hollow, and from thence by water.
  • To Birmingham, Worcester, Gloucester, Bristol and all parts of Wales, Wheatcroft & Co. from the Wagon and Horses, every morning (Sundays excepted) at eight.
  • To Doncaster, Deacon & Co. from Market-street, every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday mornings at two (from whence goods are forwarded to London, Norwich, Newark, Grantham, Stamford, Huntingdon, and to all parts of the South)- Thomas Sharphouse, from the Royal Oak yard, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday-and George Stringer, from his house, Horn's lane, every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings.
  • To Gainsborough, George Stringer, from his house, Horn's lane, every Monday morning; goes through Doncaster and Bawtry
  • To Goldthorp-Lane Ends, William Watson, from the White Swan, every Wednesday and Saturday evenings.
  • To Hoyla Nd Swain, Lionel Hawksworth, from the Windmill, every Wednesday and Saturday; goes thro' Dodworth and Silkstone.
  • To Huddersfield, John Dibbs, from the Royal Oak yard, every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday nights; goes through Wakefield, &c.
  • To Huddersfield, Halifax and Bradford, Deacon, Harrison and Co. from their warehouse, Market-st, every morning.
  • To Leeds, Ridsdale & Son, from their warehouse, Market -at, every Wednesday and Saturday-John Dibbs, from the Royal Oak yard, daily-Hobson & Co. from Rycroft's warehouse, Queen-street, every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday-Joseph Greenwood, from the Wagon & Horses, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday-& Wheatcroft and Co. from the same place, every morning; all go through Wakefield,
  • To Lincolnshire, George Embley, from the Wagon & Horses, every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday; goes through Doncaster and Thorne.
  • To Manchester, Buckley, Kershaw & Co. from Rycroft's warehouse, Queen. 3, Abraham Beswick & Co. from the old White Bear yard, every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday; both go through Huddersfield, Stayley Bridge & Ashton.
  • To Pontefract, Thomas Frost, from the King's Arms, every Tuesday.
  • To Rotherham, Edward Wilkinson, from Ridsdale & Son's warehouse, Market place, every Tuesday afternoon.
  • To Sheffield, Hobson and Co. from Rycroft's warehouse, Queen-st, every Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday-Edward Ridsdale & Son, from their warehouse, Market-pl, every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday-and John Dibbs, from the Royal Oak yard, every Monday, Wednesday & Saturday; all go through Chapel town.
  • To Wath, William Cresher, from the Lord Nelson, every Wednesday evening.
  • To Wentworth, Joseph Addy, from the Lord Nelson, and John Powls, from the White Swan every 'Wednesday; both go through Hoyland.
  • To West Melton, John Norburn, from the White Swan, every Wednesday and Saturday evenings.
  • To York, Deacon & Co. from their ware. house, Market-st, every morning; goes through Wakefield, Leeds and Tadcaster.

Conveyance By Water.-Canal,

  • To London, Liverpool, Man Chester, Hull, York, Shef Field, Rotherham, Thorne, Doncaster, &c. from the wharfs, Old Mill, weekly.

Transcribed by Colin Hinson. ©2003