Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for SILKSTONE in Pigot's Directory of 1834.


Gentry & Clergy,

  • Affleck Rev. Sir Robert, bart. Vicarage
  • Elliss Messrs. John & Edwin (surgeons) Silkstone
  • Fisher Mr. George, Cawthorne
  • Jaques Rev. Joseph, Cawthorne
  • Stanhope John Spencer, esq. Cannon hall
  • West Mr. Thomas, Cawthorne
  • Wilson Thomas, esq. Bank hall

Shopkeepers, Traders, &c.

  • All Silkstone unless stated otherwise
  • Armitage Elihu, miller & flour dealer, Cawthorne
  • Armitage George, grocer, &c.
  • Armitage John, tailor
  • Backhouse George, schoolmaster, Cawthorne
  • Bailey Edward, retailer of beer
  • Bailey Ellis, butcher
  • Bailey John, shopkeeper, Cawthorne
  • Bailey John, grocer & shoemaker
  • Charlesworth Richard, shopkeeper, Cawthorne
  • Clarke Robert Coldwell, coal owner, Noblethorpe
  • Haines John, blacksmith
  • Haines William, farrier
  • Holding Henry, joiner
  • Ibberson Nicholas, wheelwright, Cawthorne
  • Jubb John, blacksmith
  • Kaye John, tanner, Dean hill
  • Moxon James, retailer of beer, Cawthorne
  • Nicolls John, tanner, Cinder hill
  • Padley Abner, retailer of beer
  • Roberts Henry, shoemaker
  • Shaw Joseph, butcher, Cawthorne
  • Shaw Thomas, butcher, Cawthorne
  • Smith George, shoemaker, Cawthorne
  • Swift James, tailor
  • Tattersall George & Son, nursery & seedsmen
  • Tyas Thomas, blacksmith, Cawthorne
  • Wainwright John, schoolmaster
  • Wilson Thomas, coal owner

Taverns & Public Houses,

  • Cross, Sarah Bell, Cawthorne
  • Spencer's Arms, John Wilcock, Cawthorne
  • Red Lion, Sarah Husband
  • Ring - o' - Bells, William Barlow

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for BARNSLEY in Pigot's Directory of 1834.


  • Post Office, Church street, Barnsley, William Gilbanks, Post master.

Nobility, Gentry, and Clergy,

  • Beckett Joseph, esq. Church st
  • Bennett William Martin, esq. Worsbrough
  • Bent Miss Jane, St. Mary's place
  • Blackburn Mr. Thomas, Old Mill lane
  • Cawood Miss Jane, Church st
  • Clarke Mrs. Elizabeth Ann, Harbour house
  • Clarke Mrs. Martha, Church st
  • Cooke Rev. Henry Bowen, Darfield
  • Corbett Rev. Stuart, Wortley
  • Dyson Mr. Samuel, St. Mary's gate
  • Elmhirst Mr. Robert, Round green
  • Fox Mr. Joseph, Church st
  • Garlick Mrs. Mary, Church st
  • Greenwood Mr. John, Church field
  • Hall Mr. Edward, Longcar house
  • Hall Mrs. F. St. George's square
  • Hall Mr. Joseph, Market place
  • Hall Miss ---, Mount vernon
  • Haxworth Mrs. Ann, Pitt st
  • Head Mrs. ---, St. George's square
  • Hopkins Rev. Benjamin, Worsbrough
  • Lindley Mrs. Eleanor, Sheffield road
  • Lister Mr. James, Nelson st
  • Manley Mr. Timothy John, Cockram lane
  • Mark Rev. Matthew, St. George's square
  • Richardson Mr. Robert, Church st
  • Rigby Rev. John, Nelson st
  • Rock Miss Elizabeth, Shambles st
  • Stanhope John Spencer, esq. Cannon hall
  • Taylor Mrs. Sarah, Church st
  • Thornley John, esq. Dodworth
  • Tyas Mrs. Mary, St. Mary's gate
  • Wentworth Godfrey, esq. Wolley hall
  • Wentworth T.F.W.V. esq. Wentworth castle
  • Wharncliffe Right Honourable Lord, Wortley hall
  • Willan Rev. Robert, Church st
  • Woodcock Mr. John, Cockram
  • Wortley Honourable John Stuart, Wortley hall

Academies & Schools,
Not otherwise described are Day Schools,

  • Berry John, Spedding's yard
  • Dawes Jane (ladies' boarding) Shambles st
  • Dawes Joseph, Blucher st
  • Grammar School, Church st --- William Gilbanks, master
  • Grammar School, Worsbrough --- Thomas Guest, master
  • Knight William, New st
  • National School, Pitt st --- Andrew Alexis Ross, master
  • Worfolk John, Wellington st
  • Yates Hannah, Worsbrough

(See also Fire, &c. Office Agents)

  • Bradley Matthew (to A. Beswick & Co. carriers) Shambles st
  • Furniss Edward (to J. Buckley, Kershaw & Co. carriers) Queen st
  • Hirst George (yard) Windmill yard
  • Jackson William (to Sturges, Paley & Mason, coal owners) Gauber hall Old colliery
  • Leadman James (to G. Wheatcroft & Son, carriers) Market st
  • Newman William (to Lord Fitzwilliam) Darley hall
  • Parkin Henry (yarn) Market st
  • Rycroft Thomas (to Hobson & Co. carriers) Mayday green
  • Sutcliffe John (to Samuel Thorpe, coal owner) Gauber New colliery
  • Taylor William (yarn) George yard


  • Keir George, Shambles st
  • Keir John Mallison, Church st
  • Mason Matthias, Church st
  • Mence William Cookes, Church st
  • Newman William & Edward, Church st
  • Shepherd William, Harbour house


  • Dale Thomas, Harbour cottage
  • Dale Thomas, jun. Fair piece
  • Green William, Pitt st
  • Lancaster Edward, Church st


  • Barnsley Banking Co. Market place (draw on Barnetts, Hoare & Co. London) --- John Carter, manager
  • Beckett, Birks & Co. Church st --- (draw on Glyn & Co. London)
  • Saving's Bank, Church st --- Edward Lancaster, actuary

Basket Makers,

  • Macey John, Cheapside
  • Scowby Francis, Peashill nook


  • Jubb William, Sheffield road
  • Liddall Thomas (& veterinary surgeon) Shambles st
  • Liversidge William, Mayday green
  • Mitchell John, Worsbrough
  • Richardson Thomas, Spedding's yard
  • Stringer George, Peashill nook


  • Beckett Joseph, Church st
  • Coward Samuel, Swithen
  • Day Richard, New bridge
  • Green Joseph & William, King well
  • Jacksons & Hodgetts, Church st
  • Jaques, Sykes & Co. Hoyle mill
  • Kendray Francis, Old mill
  • Raywood Joseph, Stair foot
  • Taylor & Wood, Red brook

Boat Builders,

  • Hirst Samuel, Barugh locks
  • Scholey Joseph, Worsbrough dale
  • Thompson James, Worsbrough dale

Booksellers, Binders, Stationers & Printers,

  • Harrison George, Market place
  • Ray John, Market place

Boot & Shoe Makers,

  • Allerton Matthew, Queen st
  • Bashforth John, Shambles st
  • Colley Francis, Pinfold hill
  • Ellison Thomas, Shambles st
  • Matthewman Joseph, Cheapside
  • Mohun William, Cheapside
  • Swaine Samuel, Shambles st
  • Wood James, Shambles st
  • Woodruff Joseph, Cheapside
  • Woodruff Tiplady, Market place

Braziers & Tinplate Workers,

  • Dewar Robert, Church st
  • Lowrance Martha, Market place
  • Parker John, Market street
  • Truelove John, Peashill nook


  • Allen George, New street
  • Barlow Harriet (pork) Shambles st
  • Batty Edward, Shambles st
  • Burton Peter, Shambles st
  • Crawshaw Benjamin, Mayday green
  • Dobson James, Church st
  • Fearn Joseph, Shambles st
  • Gelder Robert, Pitt st
  • Goodare Pickard, New st
  • Hornby John, Cheapside
  • Kershaw George, Queen st
  • Kershaw Thomas, Cheapside
  • Leadman John, Church st
  • Naylor Thomas, Cheapside
  • Ostcliffe William, Market place
  • Oxley Jabez, Sheffield road
  • Parkin George, Queen st
  • Senior George, New st
  • Senior Thomas, Market place
  • Totty John, Queen st
  • Truelove James, Back lane
  • Wildsmith Joseph, Worsbrough
  • Wright John (pork) Shambles st

Cabinet Makers & Upholsterers,

  • Bullough John, Sheffield road
  • Green John, Shambles st
  • Green William, Pitt st
  • Mirfin Thomas, Mayday green
  • Tomlin William, Shambles st


  • Hopwood John, Summer lane
  • Porter James, Town end
  • Union Co. Town end

China, Glass & Earthenware Dealers,

  • Ask William, Market place
  • Brocklebank William, Cheapside
  • Saville Richard (& smallware) Cheapside
  • Wells John, Sheffield road

Chymists & Druggists,

  • Alletson George, Market place
  • Markham John, Queen st
  • Matchitt Solomon, Market place & Shambles st
  • Taylor James, Cheapside
  • Wall John, Market place

Clothes Dealers,

  • Burrows William, Mayday green
  • Horsfield John, Mayday green
  • Neugass Abraham, Sheffield road

Coal Masters & Merchants,

  • Field, Coopers, Cochrane & Faulds, Worsbrough dale
  • Hopwood & Jackson, Cockram lane
  • Porter James, Sheffield road
  • Sturges, Paley & Mason, Gauber hall Old colliery
  • Thorpe Samuel, Gauber New colliery

Commissioners for taking Special Bail,

  • Dale Thomas, Harbour cottage
  • Lancaster Edward, Church st


  • Gillot Samuel, Church st
  • Howe George, Queen st
  • Wragg Joshua, Cheapside


  • Robinson James, George yard
  • Sidebottom William, Shambles st
  • Womack William, Church st

Corn & Seed Dealers,

  • Fox Thomas, Pitt st
  • Hall Joseph, jun. Market place
  • Hopwood John, Summer lane
  • Jackson George, Mill st
  • Mallison Matthew, Shambles st
  • Ostcliffe Thomas, Market place
  • Pitt George, Shambles st

Curriers & Leather Sellers,

  • Bingley John, Market place
  • Collier William (seller only) Market st
  • Craven William, Queen square
  • Lancaster Edward, Church st
  • Lindley Joseph, Sheffield road


  • Clegg Henry, Wilson's piece
  • Cocker James, Pitt st
  • Haxworth Robert, Barebones
  • Naylor Joseph, Town end
  • Wagstaff John, Shambles st

Fire, &c. Office Agents,

  • Atlas, Henry Jackson, Church st
  • Clerical & Medical (life) John Ray, Market place
  • Leeds & Yorkshire, Thomas Dale, senior, Harbour cottage
  • Phoenix, Charles Tee, Church st
  • Sheffield (fire) John Ray, Market place
  • Suffolk (fire) John Whitworth, Market place
  • York, Edward Newman, Church st


  • Traviss George, Church st
  • Tyne Henry, Sheffield road

Grocers & Tea Dealers,
(See also Shopkeepers, and also Tea Dealers)

  • Armitage John, Shambles st
  • Bromley Edward, Queen st
  • Brooks Ann, Sheffield road
  • Clarke John, Market place
  • Field Thomas, Church st
  • Gelder John, Shambles st
  • Hepworth William, Cheapside
  • Liddall Richard, Market place
  • Raywood Robert Rycroft, Cheapside
  • Saile Robert (& cigar manufacturer) Church st
  • Sunderland John, Cheapside
  • Wilcock Joseph, Church st

Hair Dressers,

  • Belwood Thomas, Cheapside
  • Finnie George, Cheapside
  • Goodger William, Shambles st
  • Marshall Thomas (& perfumer & toy dealer) Market place
  • Mason Joshua, Church st
  • Overend Joseph, Shambles st
  • Scott George (& perfumer) Church st
  • Traviss William, Queen st
  • Walker Thomas, Market place

Hat Manufacturers & Dealers,

  • Cope Thomas, Market place
  • Ray John (London hat warehouse) Market place
  • Traviss George (manufacturer) Church st
  • Traviss John, Shambles st
  • Tyne Henry (manufacturer) Sheffield road

(See also Linen, &c. Drapers)

  • Alletson George, Market place
  • Matchitt Solomon, Market place & Shambles st


  • King's Head (& posting house) William Johnson, Market place
  • Waggon & Horses, Jas. Leadman, Market st
  • White Bear (& posting house & excise office) Sarah Hawksworth, Church st

Iron & Brass Founders,

  • Binns Samuel, Peas hill
  • Woodiwiss Joseph (& steam engine manufacturer & millwright) Summer lane
  • Young & Athron, Wellington st

Iron Masters,

  • Field, Coopers, Cochrane & Faulds, Worsbrough dale
  • Graham & Co. (& merchants) Milton Iron works

Iron Merchants,

  • Horsfall John, Market place
  • Shaw Joseph & Son, Spedding's yard


  • Hall Joseph, jun. Market place
  • Horsfall John, Market place

(See also Cabinet Makers, &c.)

  • Binns Thomas, Blucher st
  • Binns William, Blucher st
  • Binns William, jun. Blucher st
  • Blackburn Thomas, Church st
  • Dyson John, Shambles st
  • Goodyear George, Mayday green
  • Green John, Shambles st
  • Harrison Thomas, Westgate
  • Huntington John, Clarke's yard
  • Smiles Benjamin, Blucher st
  • Smith Joseph, School st
  • Wilson John, Queen square

Libraries & News Rooms,

  • Harrison Geo. (circulating) Market place
  • King's Head News Room, William Johnson, Market place
  • Post Office News Room, William Gilbanks, Church st
  • Subscription Library, Market place --- John Ray, librarian
  • Wellington News Room, Pitt street

Lime Burners & Dealers,

  • Allett James, Worsbrough dale
  • Balgue Thomas, Old mill
  • Burton Frank, Old mill
  • Hirst Samuel, Barugh locks

Linen & Woollen Drapers,

  • Cope Thomas, Market place & Shambles st
  • Foster Oswald, Queen st
  • Pepper John, Market place
  • Senior George, Market place
  • Speight Joseph, Market place

Linen Manufacturers,

  • Bayldon William, George yard
  • Beckett Joseph, Church st
  • Charlesworth John, School st
  • Cooper & Hyde, St. Mary's gate
  • Cordeux John & Sons, Sheffield road
  • Craik & Wood, Westgate
  • Dale Edward, Old Mill lane
  • Dunn & Hattersley, Westgate
  • Fletcher William, Westgate
  • Fox John, Church st
  • Frudd Thomas, Sheffield road
  • Guest & Ostcliffe, Wellington st
  • Haxworth John & Co. Doncaster road
  • Jacksons & Hodgetts, Church st
  • Kendray Francis, Mayday green
  • Lindley & Dennis, Old Mill lane
  • McLintock John, Shambles st
  • McLintock Joseph, Pitt st
  • McLintock William, Shambles st
  • Mason Godfrey & Sons, Pitt st
  • Mawer & Wilson, Town end
  • Peckett William, Shambles st
  • Raywood Richard, jun. Old Bank yard
  • Rushworth John, Spedding's yard
  • Sedgwick George & Isaac, North pavement
  • Speight Joseph, Market place
  • Taylor Thomas, Shambles st
  • Tee Charles, Church st
  • Tyne John, New street
  • Whike William, New street
  • Wilcock & Saile, Windmill yard


  • Broadhead John, Town end
  • Mallison Matthew, Shambles st
  • Pitt George, Shambles st


  • Fox Joseph, Smithies mill
  • Gelder John, Shambles st
  • Hopwood John, Summer lane
  • Jackson George, Mill st

Milliners & Dress Makers,

  • Barber Eleanor Jane, Pall mall
  • Battison Margaret & Maria, Sheffield road
  • Cooper & Robinson, Castlereagh st
  • Frudd Ann, Cheapside
  • Frudd Susannah, Wellington st
  • Parker Jane, Sheffield road
  • Raywood Jane, Mayday green
  • Smith Martha, Market place
  • Traviss Hannah, Shambles st
  • Whitehead John, Market place
  • Wordsworth Elizabeth, Shambles st

Miscellany of trades

  • Painters -- House, Sign, &c.
  • (See also Plasterers & Painters)
  • Fletcher Edgar, Church st
  • Fletcher Edwin, Church st
  • Fletcher Matthew, Church st
  • Hold Job, George yard
  • Rogers Charles, Church st


  • Farrar William, Market place
  • Pickering Richard, Shambles st

Plasterers & Painters,

  • Fletcher John & Jas. Church fields
  • Fletcher Joseph, Doncaster road
  • Hall & Jenkinson, Church st
  • Headen Thomas & Michael, Prospect house

Plumbers & Glaziers,

  • Brown William, Star lane
  • Fletcher John, Blucher st

Porter Merchants,

  • Dandison William, Pitt st
  • Parkin Henry, Market st

Rag Dealers,

  • Saville Richard, Cheapside
  • Shepherd George, Market st
  • Tyne Henry, Sheffield road

Reed Makers,

  • Taylor John, Pitt st
  • Taylor John, jun. Town end


  • Moore Edward, Market place
  • Shepherd William, Shambles st
  • Whitworth John, Market place

Shopkeepers & Dealers in Groceries & Sundries,

  • Armitage John, Shambles st
  • Barlow James, New st
  • Batty John, Shambles st
  • Bennett George, New st
  • Blomeley Thomas, Doncaster road
  • Brooks Joseph, New st
  • Dalphin Joseph, Croft end
  • Fox John, Sheffield road
  • Fox Joseph, Sheffield road
  • Fox Joseph, New st
  • Gelder John, Worsbrough
  • Goodworth John, New st
  • Harrison Samuel, Wellington st
  • Hawksworth George Brown, New st
  • Hedley Samuel, Doncaster road
  • Hirst John, New st
  • Jepson Elizabeth, Cheapside
  • Kay Elizabeth, Cheapside
  • Kelsey Francis, Sheffield road
  • Marchin Henry, Market place
  • Medlam Elizabeth, Church st
  • Milner Sarah, Wellington st
  • Peckitt Ellen, Shambles st
  • Robinson George, Wilson's piece
  • Smith James, Shambles st
  • Smith John, Shambles st
  • Tyne Thomas, New st
  • Whike Thomas, Sheffield road
  • Whike William, New st
  • Woodruff John, Queen st

Soap Manufacturer,

  • Woodiwiss William, Summer lane

Stone Masons,

  • Horbury Charles, Cheapside
  • Miller George, Wellington st

Straw Hat Makers,

  • Mason Hannah, Church st
  • Schofield Hannah, Pitt st
  • Whitehead John, Market place
  • Wright Ann, Market place


  • Ayre William, Church st
  • Cauwood Robert, Sheffield road
  • Crookes Richard, Church st
  • Railey William, Sheffield road
  • Sadler Michael Thomas, Church st
  • Smith George, Pitt st
  • Wainwright Thomas, Market st

Surveyors --- Land,

  • Bingley William, Woodhead
  • Hindle William James, Church st
  • Whitworth John (& architect) Market place

Marked # are also Drapers,

  • Broadhead George, Shambles st
  • Broadhead Jubal, Church st
  • Brocklebank William, Cheapside
  • Dawson John, Shambles st
  • Gissop Thomas, Shambles st
  • # Harrison Charles, Mayday green
  • # Harrison Francis, Shambles st
  • # Harrison Thomas, Shambles st
  • # Horsfield John, Mayday green
  • Howarth William, Westgate
  • Senior Samuel, New st
  • Tinker Joseph, Shambles st
  • Woodruff John, Queen st

Tallow Chandlers,

  • Clarke John, Market place
  • Grant James, Market st
  • Hinchcliff John, Queen st

Taverns & Public Houses,

  • Black Boy, William Hobson, School st
  • Black Horse, Peter Hampson, Sheffield rd
  • Black Moor's Head, Sarah Frudd, Sheffield rd
  • Bull's Head, Samuel Swaine, Shambles st
  • Bush, John Gallaway, Kingston place
  • Butcher's Arms, William Robinson, Doncaster road
  • Calenderers' Arms, Thomas Hunter, Westgate
  • Coach & Horses, William King, High field
  • Coach & Horses, Elizabeth Ostcliffe, Market place
  • Cock, Thomas Marshall, Shambles st
  • Commercial Inn, Michael Tierney, New st
  • Duke of York, Francis Horbury, Cheapside
  • Edmund's Arms, John Wardrobe, Worsbrough
  • George & Dragon, Jonas Crowther, Sheffield rd
  • Horse & Jockey, George Green, Ward green
  • Hussar, Thomas Bacon, Sheffield rd
  • King's Arms, John Smith, Church st
  • Lord Nelson, Christopher Haxworth, Shambles st
  • Lord Nelson, George Pitt, Market place
  • Mason's Arms, Joseph Linley, Pinfold hill
  • Neptune, James Smith, New st
  • Old Union, John Pickering, Sheffield rd
  • Old Windmill, Edward Bradley, Shambles st
  • Plough, Jas. Tomlinson, Doncaster rd
  • Ram, Samuel Harrison, Shambles st
  • Red Lion, James Allett, Worsbrough dale
  • Red Lion, John Wilkinson, Doncaster rd
  • Rose & Crown, Joseph Green, Sheffield rd
  • Royal Oak, James Buckley, Queen st
  • Royal Oak, John Winter, Peashill nook
  • Shakespeare, George Miller, Wellington st
  • Star, John Leadman, Church st
  • Swan, William Hawksworth, Queen st
  • Three Cranes, Hannah Townend, Queen st
  • Three Crowns, Joseph Davis, Shambles st
  • Three Travellers, Isaac Armitage, Shambles st
  • Traveller's Inn, Charles Hawcroft, Kingston place
  • Turf Tavern, William Hall, Church st
  • Vine, Sarah Hepworth, Pitt street
  • Wheat Sheaf, James Steel, Old mill
  • White Bear, George Ridsdale, Hoyle mill
  • White Bear, Benjamin Strutt, Shambles st
  • White Hart, William Ward, Market place
  • William IV, Joseph Depledge, Cheapside
  • Windmill, Matthew Mallison, Shambles st
  • Wire Trellis, Benjamin Mason, Mayday green
  • Woodman, Charles Kilner, Wakefield road

Retailers of Beer,

  • Bagshaw William, Shambles st
  • Binns Thomas, Peashill nook
  • Burrows William, Mayday green
  • Crawshaw Benjamin, Mayday green
  • England William, Old mill
  • Fletcher Matthew, Church st
  • Frudd Isaac, Church st
  • Johnson George, Worsbrough dale
  • Musgrave Stephen, New st
  • Naylor Thomas, Cheapside
  • Robinson James, George yard
  • Robinson Thomas, Nelson st
  • Rushworth George, Sheffield road
  • Senior Benjamin, Sheffield road
  • Topham Thomas, Shambles st
  • Traviss John, Nelson st
  • Wilkinson Joshua, Market st
  • Wilkinson William, Hoyle mill

Tea Dealers,
(See also Grocers, and also Shopkeepers)

  • Guest Thomas, Market place
  • Harvey William, Shambles st
  • Lockwood Adam, Market place

Timber Merchants,

  • Balgue Thomas, Old mill
  • Burton Frank, Old mill
  • Hirst Samuel, Barugh locks
  • Kershaw William, Mayday green
  • Twibell John (& slate and flag dealer) Old mill

Watch & Clock Makers,

  • Ask William, Market place
  • Atkinson Charles, Graham's orchard
  • Fletcher Charles, Church st
  • Fletcher Thomas, Shambles st


  • Senior Benjamin, Sheffield road
  • Senior John, Doncaster road


  • Burkinshaw George, Westgate
  • Burkinshaw Thomas, Graham's orchard
  • Naylor George, Market street

Wine & Spirit Merchants,

  • Dandison William (wholesale) Pitt st
  • Greaves Hannah (retail) Graham's orchard

Wire Drawers --- Steel,

  • Coward George, Wilson's piece
  • Horsfall John & Co. Market place


  • Archer Benjamin, fishmonger, Cheapside
  • Bailey Charles, sheriff's officer, Cheapside
  • Battman John, law stationer, Wellington st
  • Belwood Martha, stay maker, Cheapside
  • Carlile Margaret, tobacconist, Queen st
  • Carter Thomas Mark, brewer, Doncaster road
  • Gas Works, Pontefract road --- Joseph Fox, manager
  • Hackett Charles Danvers, professor of music, St. George's place
  • Hargreave Joseph, pawnbroker, Sheffield road
  • Hoadley William, machine & shuttle maker and turner, New st
  • Huntley Hannah, stay maker, Market place
  • Keay and Russell, flax spinners, Old mill
  • Mallison Joseph, rope maker, Westgate
  • Mason David, magistrate's clerk, St. Mary's gate
  • Pollard John, gardener & seedsman, Moor side
  • Rhodes John, paper maker, Worsbrough dale
  • Rushworth John, dentist, Cheapside
  • Stamp Office, William Dandison, Pitt st
  • Tetley William, tobacco pipe maker, Shambles st
  • Thompson William, supervisor of excise, Sheffield road
  • Tuke John, smock frock maker, Market street
  • Wilkinson Joshua, musical instrument seller, Market st
  • Wood & Perkes, cut glass, &c. manufacturers, Worsbrough dale
  • Workhouse, St. Mary's gate --- Francis Batty, governor


  • To London, Leicester, Nottingham, Newark, Grantham, Northampton, Wakefield, Uppingham, Stamford, &c. D. Deacon and Co. from market street, daily
  • To Birmingham, German Wheatcroft & Son, from their warehouse, daily
  • To Doncaster, D. Deacon & Co. from their warehouse, daily --- George Stringer, from Graham's orchard, and John & Joseph Dibbs, from the Royal Oak, Peashill, every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday
  • To Huddersfield, D. Deacon & Co. and Hobson and Co. daily, James Buckley, Kershaw and Co. and A. Beswick and Co. three times a week, all from their warehouses --- and John & Josaeph Dibbs, from the Royal Oak, Peashill, every Tuesday
  • To Leeds, Wakefield, &c. Hobson and Co. D. Deacon and Co. Edward Ridsdale and Co. and German Wheatcroft & Son, from their warehouses, daily.
  • To Pontefract, Benjamin Archer, from Cheapside, twice a week.
  • To Sheffield, D. Deacon and Co. Hobson and Co. German Wheatcroft & Son, and Edward Ridsdale and Co. from their warehouses, daily --- & Joseph Swift, from the Windmill, Shambles st, twice a week.
  • To Thurgeland, Robert Kirby, from the Old Windmill, Shambles st, every Weds.
  • To Thurlstone, Penistone, Silverstone and Hoyland Swain, Joseph Swift, from the Windmill, every Wednesday & Saturday --- and J. Moorhouse, from the White Bear, Shambles st, every Wednesday

Conveyance by Water,

  • To Leeds, Wakefield, Rochdale, Thorn, and Liverpool, the Barnsley Canal Co. and James Buckley, Kershaw and Co. from Old Mill, daily

Transcribed by Steve Garton. ©2000