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Silkstone parish:

Thurgoland, Roll of Honour transcription:

The World War I Roll of Honour in Holy Trinity Church, Thurgoland.

Roll of Honour
Remember and Pray
for these upon whom their
Country called in her time
of need; these who for the sake
of Truth & Right, Justice & Freedom,
Humanity & GOD, went forth
from their homes & all that
they held most dear to
do their Duty.

Strive for the Truth unto
death & the LORD GOD shall
fight for thee.
Eccus IV, 28

Asquith, EdwardM.P. Cox, ArthurY&L. Hinkley, WalterW. Perry, LawrenceA.S.C.M.T. Stimson, StephenR.G.A.
Batty, JamesR.G.A. W. Crossley, ErnestY&L. Hoyle, ErnestY&L. W. Pegram, GeorgeMid.R. W. Stoker, Reginald A.R.A.F.
Beet, ArthurR.E. Crossland, TomNotts&D. Illingworth, PercyY&L. Piper, ColinY&L. W. Spenceley, Ringrose 
Beet, John  Craickshank, CecilG.I.A. Jackson, GeorgeW.R. W. Reynolds, Charles ErnestR.G.A. Squires, WilliamC.R.
Beet, John WilliamW.Yorks Denton, PercyA.O.C. Laycock, CurtisA.S.C.M.T. Richardson, EricR.N.R. Swift, CliffordY&L.
Beardshall, Reggie  Downing, HoraceR.F.A. W.dis. Laycock, HargotK.O.Y.L.I. W. Robinson, FredY&L. M.M. Swift, NormanR.E.
Bentley, Joseph  Dransfield, FrankW. Laycock, HaroldR.N. Rodgers, ArthurK.O.Y.L.I. Dis. Taylor, John ThomasR.N.
Birkinshaw, CliffordW.R. W. Dake, WilfredM.G.C. Laycock, RufusR.N. Rusby, ArthurY&L. W. Taylor, ThomasR.N.V.R. Dis.
Birkinshaw, HarryR.F.A. W.dis. Dunbar, HarryC.F.A. W3M.M. Laycock, VernonTr.B. Rushworth, ThompsonY&L. Thompson, ColynR.N.V.R.
Birkinshaw, RollingR.F. Elsworth, ErnestR.N. Linton, HarryR.M.F. dis. Rutter, William ErnestR.E. Thorpe, RowlandY&L. W.
Booker, Lawrence  Elsworth, JosephA.V.C. Marshall, FredNotts&D Senior, AlfredR.E. Wade, TomR.F.A. W.dis.
Booker, Percy L.R. Elsworth, Wilfred  Marsden, Harold  Senior, ArthurR.A.F. Wade, WilliamH.L.I.
Broadbent, FarewellC.G. W.dis. Fieldsend, ArthurY&L. Martin, Albert EdwardY&L. Senior, HarryT.M. W2M.M. Wainscote, ArthurY&L W.dis
Brooke, ThomasNothsD. Frazer, AlexanderY&L. Martin, RobertK.O.Y.L.I. Senior, ReginaldW.Y. Dis. Wainscote, CharlesY&L W.
Brook, GeorgeY&L. Garvin, Hilton  Matthewman, ColinY&L. Shepherd, ArthurDis. Wainscote, CorneliusE.Y.
Brown, FrankE.G. W2.dis. Garvin, WilfridY&L. Matthewman, HarryN.S. Shepherd, EphraimY&L. Webster, ErnestL.R.
Brown, HaroldK.O.Y.L.I. Gleadhill, John W.Notts&D. Matthewman, NicholasR.G.A. Shepherd, GladstoneSh.F. Webster, ErnestLon.R.
Brown, William5thLancas. Gothard, FrankY&L. G. Mellor, GeorgeE.Y. W. Sidebottom, AaronR.F.A. Webster, FrederickLon.R.
Bargan, ArchibaldY&L. Gothard, WalterK.O.Y.L.I.W.D.C.M. Moaby, GeorgeY&L. Sidebottom, HectorY&L. W. Webster, TomR.T.B.
Bartlett, William  Grayson, LeonardY&L W. Morley, FredA.S.C. Silburn, HubertPrisoner Witney, DenisMan.R. W.
Batterworth, Albert  Gurrey, DonaldR.E. M.C. McIntyre, HughR.A.M.C. Silburn, LawrenceA.S.C.M.T. Williams, GeorgeR.T.B.
Batterworth, Guy  Haigh, Albert  Oates, FrankY&L. Smith, George Albert  Wilson, JamesK.R.R. W.
Chambler, ErnestA.S.C.M.T. Haigh, Hilton  Oldfield, HaroldNotts&D Smith, JamesE.Y. W. Wood, Charles L.K.O.Y.L.I.
Cherry, ArthurM.G.C. Haigh, Owen  Ormsby, GeorgeC.S. W3 Smith, John WilliamE.Y. Wordsworth, DouglasR.T.B. G.W.
Cherry, GeorgeR.E. Haigh, Tom  Ormsby, Stuart FrederickW.O. Smith, JosephE.Y. Wordsworth, ArthurR.F.A. Dis.
Cherry, WilliamR.N. Haigh, WilliamR.G.A. Olive, William ArthurR.F. Smith, William Ernest  Wood, ReginaldR.G.A. W.
Claytman, Jan.BelgianA. Harris, TomY&L Parkinson, JohnR.N. Sherburn, FrankM.G.C. Wood, RobertA.S.C.M.T.
Coates, William Thomasdis. Hemingway, PhilipSh.F. W. Parkinson, TitusY&L. Sherburn, JamesE.L. Wood, Francis R.R.E.
Corbett, VincentD.L.I. Hinkley, FredW.R. W. Parkinson, WilliamR.N. Stead, James  Wood, J.A.R.R.E.
            Warburton, Robert [Rev.]Y.M.C.A.

Rest Eternal grant unto them
O LORD, & let light perpetual
shine upon them.

William HibbertY&L.
Hubert Kirby PeaceL.R.
Harold RedfearnY&L.
George HoughY&L.
Frederick CoxY&L.
Stanley DowningC.H.
Colin ClarkY&L.
Percy SmithY&L.
Vincent OrmsbyC.B. Man.R. 2 May 1917
Sydney RaynerA.S.C. 10 July 1917
Lewis Goldthorpe M.M.Worc.R. 18 July 1917
Leonard Gale29 Oct. 1917
Anderby ShepherdK.O.Y.L.I. Nov. 1917
Sidney SeniorR.F.A. 21 June 1918
John GreenY&L.
Harold ParkinA.S.C. 8 Oct. 1918
Albert Butterworth
James Stead
George Brook
Bernard Matthewman


Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson