Skipton parish:


Embsay, War Memorial transcription:

The World War I and II memorial at Embsay:

The front of the memorial: (see also Photo)

1914 - 1918
1939 - 1945

J.R. CulshawSgt. R.A.F. P.H. EdmondsP/O R.A.F.V.R.
F.C. LeeGnr. R.A. C.D. HardwickDvr. R.A.
J. SmithF/O R.A.F. M.A. PhillipPte. R.A.M.C.
R. MarshallGnr. R.A. [5th Maritime Reg't.] 

The left hand side of the memorial (see also Photo)

T.H. ReadWest Riding Rgt.
J. RawWest Riding Rgt.
L.H. PhillipWest Riding Rgt.
J. OsborneWest Riding Rgt.
W. Inman M.M.West Riding Rgt.
C. GantWest Riding Rgt.
J. BirkettWest Riding Rgt.

The right hand side of the memorial (see also Photo)

W. JacksonInnisk Dragns.
J. InmanR.E.
B. EmsleyRoyal Fus.
C.W. BrownRoyal Scots Fus.
J.W. SnowdenWorcester Rgt.
W.R. HumphriesWest Yorks Rgt.
S.T. NewsholmeLeicester Rgt.

The rear of the memorial: (see also Photo)

T. WatsonYork & Lancs. Rgt.
T. ChapmanN. Staffs.
S. ReadLoyal N. Lancs.
J.H.B. WhiteheadWest Riding
H. ThompsonWest Riding
G. SmithWest Riding
J.W. ScottWest Riding

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson