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Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for SKIPTON in Pigot's Directory of 1829.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for SKIPTON in Pigot's Directory of 1829.

Post Office,

  • High-street, Skipton, Margaret Tindal, Post Mistress.
  • Letters for the South are despatched every afternoon at half-past five, and arrive every morning at half-past four.
  • Letters for Settle and Burnley are despatched every morning at five, and arrive every afternoon at five.
  • Addingham, Thomas Lister, Post Master.
  • Letters for Wetherby are despatched by a Mail gig every evening at half-past six, and arrive every morning at four.
  • Letters for Skipton are despatched every morning at four, and arrive every evening at half-past six.

Gentry & Clergy,

  • Barnard Rev. M. Thornton house
  • Baynes Miss Elizabeth, Market place,
  • Brown Thomas, esq. (coroner) Newmarket street
  • Busfield Rev. J. A. Carleton
  • Carr Rev. William, Bolton abbey
  • Coates Rev. John, Addingham
  • Cockshot Thomas, gent. Skipton
  • Coulthurst J. N. esq. Gargrove house
  • Cunliffe Mrs. Mary, Addingham
  • Cunliffe Nicholas, esq. Ilkley
  • Cunliffe Thomas, Lister Thompson, esq. Addingham
  • Dean John, esq. Addingham
  • Garforth J. B. esq. Coniston
  • Greenwood George, esq. Wood house, Ilkley
  • Hammerton J. esq. Hellifield Peel
  • Hodgson John, gent. (steward to the Earl of Thanet) Skipton castle
  • Holdsworth Rev. William, Ilkley
  • Lace F. J. esq. Ingthorpe grange
  • Leydon Robert, gent. New Market street
  • Marsden Rev. A. Vicarage Gargrove
  • Middleton William, esq. Ilkley
  • Nether wood William, esq. Swadforth street
  • Pering Rev. J. Vicarage, Kildwick
  • Preston Cooper, esq. Flasby hall
  • Robinson Rev. Henry, Skipton
  • Sharp Rev. Thomas, New Market street
  • Sidgwick J. B. esq. Stone gap
  • Smith Richard, esq. New Market street
  • Tempest C. esq. Broughton hall
  • Thomlinson Rev. Robert, Skipton
  • Wainman R.B. esq. Carhead
  • Wasney Rev. W. A. Fence end
  • Wilkes Mrs. Elizabeth, Ilkley

Academies & Schools,

  • Bailey Benson (day) Water street
  • Free Grammar School, Skipton Rev. Robert Thomlinson, head master
  • Grammar School, Addingham- William Patchett, master
  • Morine Susannah (ladies' boarding and day) Lacells hall
  • National School, Back lane-James Hall, master, Ann Gudgeon, mistress
  • Wimberley Mary A. (ladies' boarding and day) New Market street


  • Alcock Henry, Market place
  • Brown James, New Market street
  • Carr John, New Market street
  • Hall Stephen Bailey, Market place
  • Preston & Brown, New Market street
  • Tindal Charles, Market place

Auctioneers & Appraises,

  • Edmondson Thomas, New Market street
  • Merryweather John, Caroline square
  • Sharp William, Market place


  • Birbecks', Alcocks' & Peat, (Craven Bank) Market place
  • Chippendale, Netherwood & Carr
  • Market place-draw on Masterman & Co. London
  • Savings' Bank, New Market st- James Brown, clerk (open every Tuesday & Saturday from twelve to one)


  • Barker Thomas, Mill bridge
  • Dean William, Addingham
  • Dodgson James, (and farrier) New Market street
  • Fawcett William, Addingham
  • Hardisty Robert, Swadforth street
  • Lovat William, (& farrier ) New Market street
  • Robinson William, Addingham

Booksellers Stationers and Binders,

  • Garnett Jonathan, (& printer) Market place
  • Tasker John (and printer and subdistributer of stamps) Sheep street

Boot & Shoe Makers,

  • Andrews William, Mill bridge
  • Baxter Edw, Hardcastle's yard
  • Bell Read, Swadforth street
  • Calvert Abraham (and shopkeeper) New Market street
  • Calvert Robert, New Market street
  • Green Anthony, Chamberlain's yard
  • Hodgson Thomas, Chamberlain's yard
  • Lee Jonathan, Market place
  • Lister George, Addingham
  • Spencer James, Spencer's yard
  • Tasker Robert, Chancery lane
  • Watson John, Sheep street
  • Whitaker James, Addingham
  • Whitham Thomas, Addingham

Braziers and Tin-Plate Workers,

  • Robinson William, Addingham
  • Twisleton Robert (and ironmonger) Caroline square
  • Twisleton Thomas, Marketplace


  • Scott Christopher & Sons, Skipton


  • Buck William, Caroline square
  • Cockshott John, Addingham
  • Cockshott John, Commercial street
  • Fell Richard, Mill Bridge street
  • Fentiman William, Addingham
  • Hodgson John, Addingham
  • Holgate William, Market place
  • Holmes John, Addingham
  • Holmes Thomas, Addingham
  • Lowcock Thomas, Chancery lane
  • Lund John, Mount Pleasant
  • Pearson John, Mill Bridge
  • Pearson Thomas, Market place
  • Skirrow William, Addingham
  • Wilkinson Sampson, Market place

Cabinet Makers and Upholsterers,

  • Brumfitt Edward, Market place
  • Brumfitt William, Chancery lane
  • Watson John, Swadforth street
  • Watson Thomas, Market place

China, Glass & Earthen-Ware Dealers,

  • Hurtley John, Market place
  • Merryweather Jonathan & Son, Caroline square

Clog & Patten Makers,

  • Birch Jonathan, Market place
  • Butler Henry, Market place
  • Clark Francis, Spencer's yard
  • Gill John, Addingham

Coal Merchants,

  • Emmett Joseph, Sun yard
  • Herd Henry, Pinder bridge
  • Settle John (& iron) Mill bridge
  • Smith Joseph, Swadforth
  • Thornton Samuel, Commercial street


  • Hardaker Henry (& baker) New Market street
  • Oldfield Nanny, New Market street
  • Ovington John, Market place
  • Thornton John (& dealer in earthenware) Market place


  • Scott George, Market place
  • Scott Thomas, Market place
  • Scott William, Market place
  • Smith John, Marketplace

Cotton Spinners and Manufacturers,

  • Aldridge William, (spinner) Skipton
  • Bramley Henry & Thomas & Co. Skipton
  • Bramley Thomas & Sons, Skipton
  • Briggs Richard, (spinner) Addingham
  • Chamberlain George, (spinner)Sheep street
  • Clough Jonathan, (spinner) Addingham
  • Cockshott Robert, (manufacturer) Addingham
  • Cockshott William, (mnfr.) Addingham
  • Dewhurst John and Isaac, Skipton, warehouse, 14 High street, Manchester
  • Fentiman Anthony (spinner) Addingham
  • Horsfall Jeremiah (spinner & manufacturer) Addingham
  • Jopling & Cockshott (manufacturers) Addingham
  • Sidgwick Jonathan B. & Christopher, Skipton
  • Smith William, (manufacturer) Addingham
  • Spencer Richard, (manufacturer.) Spencer's yard

Curriers and Leather Dressers,

  • Horner Forster (& cutter) Market place
  • Ingham Richard, Commercial street


  • Lonsdale James, Market place
  • Spencer William, (& grocer) Addingham
  • Wilkinson Thomas, (& tea dlr.) Sheep street
  • Willis John, Market place


  • Carr Thomas, Bank yard
  • Harrison George, Quaker's place

Fire, &c. Office Agents,

  • Alliance, Anthony Taylor, Mill bridge
  • Manchester Guardian, Jonathan Tasker, Sheep street
  • Royal Exchange, James Brown, New Market street
  • Yorkshire, Robert Johnston, Market place

Gardeners Nursery and Seedsmen,

  • Lockwood Robinson, Caroline square
  • Lockwood William, Mill bridge
  • Mitchell John, Bailey street
  • Tattersall John, Market place

Grocers & Tea Dealers,

  • Atkinson Isaac (& ironmonger.) Addingham
  • Bell William, Ilkley
  • Bland Anthony (& draper) Addingham
  • Cockshott James, (& draper) Addingham
  • Cockshott Jonathan, (& draper) Addingham
  • Cockshott Samuel, (& draper) Addingham
  • Dobson Francis, Ilkley
  • Gill Martin Luther (& bookseller & commissioner for taking special bail) Sheep street
  • Harrison Joseph Addingham
  • Hodson John, Ilkley
  • Janson William, (& draper) Addingham
  • Jopling and Cockshott (& drapers) Addingham
  • Laycock William, Caroline Ilkley %%%%
  • Lister David (&corn miller) Ilkley
  • Lockwood Joshua, New Market street
  • Lockwood Robinson (and woolstapler) Caroline square
  • Lund James, Swadforth street
  • Robinson Jonathan & Edward, Pinder bridge
  • Spence --- (& druggist) Ilkley
  • Stockdale William, Market place
  • Tillotson John, New Market street
  • Turnbull Thomas, New Market street
  • Wade George, Market place
  • Wade John, Sheep street
  • Walker William, Ilkley
  • Ward John (& tobacco manufactr.) Market place
  • Wikeley Hannah, Market place
  • Wilkinson Thomas (& corn & flour factor) Sheep street
  • Windle William, Water street

Hair Dressers and Perfumers,

  • Cork Ann, Caroline square
  • Cork Christopher, Market place
  • Thompson Samuel, Caroline square

Hat Manufacturers,

  • Thompson Thomas, jun. Market place
  • Thompson Thomas, sen. Market place


  • Black Horse (commercial) James Pexton, Market place
  • Devonshire Hotel (commercial and posting) John Bradley, New Market street
  • Ship Tavern (commercial) William Brown, Caroline square

Iron & Brass Founders,

  • Noble Richard, Belmont bridge
  • Senier Sarah, Spencer's yard

Iron Merchants,

  • Holden George & Co. (and ironmongers) Market place
  • Settle John, Mill bridge

Joiners Carpenters and Builders,

  • Dixon George (& cabinet maker) Addingham
  • Emmett John, Addingham
  • England John, Addingham
  • Hall John, Mount Pleasant
  • Peacock John, Devonshire place
  • Pearson James, (& grocer) Commercial street

Linen & Woollen Drapers,

  • Atkinson Esther (linen) New Market street
  • Bradshaw Benjamin (& shoe & stay warehouse) Market place
  • Brown James, Sheep street
  • Buck John, Market place
  • Johnston Robert, (& tailor) Market place
  • Little Thomas, jun. Caroline square
  • Little Thomas, sen. Caroline square
  • Robinson John, Market place
  • Rome John (and tea dealer) New Market street
  • Smith Ambrose (& hatter) Market place
  • Voting William (and silk mercer) Market place

Milliners & Dress Makers,

  • Clark Mary, Spencer's yard
  • Kidd Esther, Market place
  • Ovington Dinah & Jane, Market place
  • Prior & Dale, New Market street

Painters & Gilders,

  • Clarkson Thomas, Sheep street
  • Cragg Richard, Hardcastle's yard
  • Hardcastle George, Hardcastle's, yard
  • Lockwood Joshua, Commercial street
  • Ramsden John, Caroline square

Paper Makers,

  • Ovington Henry & Thomas, Mill bridge


  • Lister Samuel, Mill bridge
  • Lister William, New Market street
  • Oldfield Robert, New Market street
  • Thornton John, Market place

Plumbers and Glaziers,

  • Pickles James (& tinplate worker) Market place
  • Pullan Benjamin, New Market street
  • Robinson Sampson, Addingham
  • Smith John, Chamberlain's yard
  • Smith Joseph, (& painter) Caroline square
  • Thompson Samuel, Hole-in-the-wall yard

Rope & Twine Makers,

  • Buck John, Market place
  • Myers Richard, Market place

Saddlers and Harness Makers,

  • Bentley William, Market place
  • Carter Edward, Addingham
  • Wade Francis, Market place
  • Wade John, Market place

Stay Makers,

  • Ramsden Hird, Chamberlain's yard
  • Swire John, Spencer street


  • Barker Peter, Addingham
  • Breare Samuel, Addingham
  • Hargraves William, Addingham
  • Hemsley George, Addingham
  • Stirk John, Sheep street
  • Wade John & Chippendale, Chancery lane

Straw Hat Makers,

  • Clarkson Jane, Sheep street
  • Gill Elizabeth, Sheep street
  • Pearson Ellen, Hardcastle's yard
  • Stott Elizabeth, Market place
  • Whitaker Sarah, Addingham
  • Whitham Mary, Addingham


  • Abbotson Charles, Swadforth street
  • Bentham Lawrance, Market place
  • Duckworth Surgeon, Addingham
  • Gill James, Market place
  • Simpson Christopher, Market place


  • Cowman William Henry, Chancery lane
  • Crump Robert, Commercial street
  • Fulton William, Sheep street
  • Hardcastle William, Spencer's yard
  • Hird Richard, (& shopkeeper) Swadforth street
  • Holdsworth. Joseph, (& draper) Bridge street
  • Ross John, Chancery lane
  • Smith William, Market place
  • Stell John, Addingham
  • Whitaker James, Addingham

Tallow Chandlers,

  • Hurtley John, Market place
  • Lister Thomas, Addingham


  • Atkins John, Swadforth street
  • Buck John (& fellmonger & leather dresser) Market place

Taverns & Public Houses,

  • Bay Horse, William Wade, Market place
  • Cock & Bottle, William Smith, Swadforth street
  • Commercial Inn, William Parkinson, Commercial street
  • Devonshire Arms, Jeremiah Phillip, Caroline square
  • Fleece, Richard Wall, Addingham
  • Hart's Head, William Lister, New Market street
  • Hole-in-the-Wall, Jonathan Kendall, Market place
  • King's Arms, Mary Phillip, Market place
  • King's Arms, Marmaduke Spencer, Addingham
  • Lister's, Arms, John Lister, Ilkley
  • Mason's Arms, John Smith, Market place
  • Nag's Hearl, George Smith, New Market street
  • New Ship, John Pearson, Mill bridge
  • Oak Tavern, Robert Twisleton, Mill bridge
  • Old George, Jonathan Chippendale, Market place
  • Red Lion, Jeremiah Phillip, Market place
  • Rose & Crown, James Dale, Ilkley
  • Star Inn, John Peacock, Devonshire's place
  • Sun Inn (& excise office) Jonathan Shackleton, Market place
  • Thanet Arms, Henry Jackson, Market place
  • Wheat Sheaf, Jane Wharton, Market place
  • Wheat Sheaf, Thomas Wharton, Ilkley
  • Unicorn, John Whitaker, Devonshire's place

Timber Merchants,

  • Chamberlain George, Sheep street
  • Settle John, Mill bridge

Watch & Clock Makers,

  • Briggs John, Market place
  • Lee George, New Market street
  • Manby John (& ironmonger) Market place


  • Brown & De Maine (& carpenters and builders) Commercial street
  • Lister James, Addingham
  • Smith David, Sun yard
  • Steel Zachias, Addingham


  • Barker Thomas, (& bell hanger) Chancery lane
  • Clampitt Thomas, (& gun maker) Market place
  • Harrison Thomas (and bell hanger). Back lane
  • Mawson Stephen, Spencer's yard

Wine & Spirit Merchants,

  • Mattison Joseph, (& grocer) Market place
  • Netherwood Christopher and Co. Market place
  • Shackleton Rachael, New Market street

Worsted Spinners and Manufactures,

  • Barret Henry (stuff) New Market street
  • Birbeck John & William, Linton mills
  • Bland Anthony (stuff) Addingham
  • Ovington Henry & Thomas (worsted spinners) Glazing Mill,
  • Tomlinson James, (worsted manufacturer) New Market street


  • Chapman John, hosier & manufacturer, Sheep street
  • Cragg Richard, sheriff's officer, Cooper's
  • Fawcett Simon, flax spinner, Addingham
  • Fawcett William, leather cutter, Addingham
  • Fell Richard, lead merchant, Mill Bridge street
  • Gill Francis, wool comb maker. School street
  • Johnson William, coach maker, Commercial street
  • King Thomas, corn miller, Mill bridge
  • Moon John, shuttle maker, Addingham
  • Morine Charles, organist and professor of music, Market place
  • Patey John, flour dealer, Addingham
  • Petty John, grocer & bacon factor, Addingley
  • Robinson Thomas, basket & sieve maker, Sheep street
  • Subscription Library, New Market street-Henry Hardaker, librarian
  • Wall John & Thomas, maltsters, Addingham
  • Wall Thomas, baker & flour dealer, Addingham
  • Wood Hannah, shoe warehouse, Addingham


  • To Kendal, the Union (from Leeds calls at the Devonshire Hotel; every afternoon (Sundays excepted) at half-past two; goes through Settle and Kirby Lonsdale.
  • To Leeds, the Union (from Kendal) calls at the Devonshire Hotel, every afternoon (Sundays excepted) at half-past two-and the Royal Alexander, from the Ship Inn, every morning at five; both go thro' Keighley, Bingley & Bradford.
  • To Manchester, the Telegraph (from the Ship Inn, every Monday afternoon at two, Tuesday at half-past two, and Friday morning at five; goes through Colne, Burnley, Rattinsdale, Edenfield and Bury.


  • To Barnoldswick, Thomas Slater, from the Old George, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
  • To Colne, William Jackson, from the Bay Horse, every Tuesday, Thurs & Sat.
  • To Halifax, Richard Shephard, from his warehouse, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • To Keighley, Thomas Holmes, from Starkey's warehouse, every Saturday.
  • To Knaresboro', William Hardisty, from the Thanet Arms, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
  • To Leeds, Richard Shepherd, from his warehouse, every Monday, Tuesday & Friday mornings.
  • To Manchester, James Laycock, from Starkey's warehouse, every Saturday, and from the Wheat Sheaf, every Thursday and Saturday.
  • To Preston, - Rogerson, from Starkey's warehouse, every Wednesday.
  • To Settle, Richard Shephard, from his warehouse, every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.
  • To York, Richard Wingate, from Starkey', warehouse, every Saturday.

Conveyance By Water-Canal,

  • To Leeds, Fly Boats, from the Leeds and Liverpool Canal warehouse, daily, from whence goods are forwarded to all parts of England.

Transcribed by Colin Hinson. ©2003