Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for SKIPTON in Pigot's Directory of 1829.


Post Office,

  • High-street, Skipton, Margaret Tindal, Post Mistress.
  • Letters for the South are despatched every afternoon at half-past five, and arrive every morning at half-past four.
  • Letters for Settle and Burnley are despatched every morning at five, and arrive every afternoon at five.
  • Addingham, Thomas Lister, Post Master.
  • Letters for Wetherby are despatched by a Mail gig every evening at half-past six, and arrive every morning at four.
  • Letters for Skipton are despatched every morning at four, and arrive every evening at half-past six.

Gentry & Clergy,

  • Barnard Rev. M. Thornton house
  • Baynes Miss Elizabeth, Market place,
  • Brown Thomas, esq. (coroner) Newmarket street
  • Busfield Rev. J. A. Carleton
  • Carr Rev. William, Bolton abbey
  • Coates Rev. John, Addingham
  • Cockshot Thomas, gent. Skipton
  • Coulthurst J. N. esq. Gargrove house
  • Cunliffe Mrs. Mary, Addingham
  • Cunliffe Nicholas, esq. Ilkley
  • Cunliffe Thomas, Lister Thompson, esq. Addingham
  • Dean John, esq. Addingham
  • Garforth J. B. esq. Coniston
  • Greenwood George, esq. Wood house, Ilkley
  • Hammerton J. esq. Hellifield Peel
  • Hodgson John, gent. (steward to the Earl of Thanet) Skipton castle
  • Holdsworth Rev. William, Ilkley
  • Lace F. J. esq. Ingthorpe grange
  • Leydon Robert, gent. New Market street
  • Marsden Rev. A. Vicarage Gargrove
  • Middleton William, esq. Ilkley
  • Nether wood William, esq. Swadforth street
  • Pering Rev. J. Vicarage, Kildwick
  • Preston Cooper, esq. Flasby hall
  • Robinson Rev. Henry, Skipton
  • Sharp Rev. Thomas, New Market street
  • Sidgwick J. B. esq. Stone gap
  • Smith Richard, esq. New Market street
  • Tempest C. esq. Broughton hall
  • Thomlinson Rev. Robert, Skipton
  • Wainman R.B. esq. Carhead
  • Wasney Rev. W. A. Fence end
  • Wilkes Mrs. Elizabeth, Ilkley

Academies & Schools,

  • Bailey Benson (day) Water street
  • Free Grammar School, Skipton Rev. Robert Thomlinson, head master
  • Grammar School, Addingham- William Patchett, master
  • Morine Susannah (ladies' boarding and day) Lacells hall
  • National School, Back lane-James Hall, master, Ann Gudgeon, mistress
  • Wimberley Mary A. (ladies' boarding and day) New Market street


  • Alcock Henry, Market place
  • Brown James, New Market street
  • Carr John, New Market street
  • Hall Stephen Bailey, Market place
  • Preston & Brown, New Market street
  • Tindal Charles, Market place

Auctioneers & Appraises,

  • Edmondson Thomas, New Market street
  • Merryweather John, Caroline square
  • Sharp William, Market place


  • Birbecks', Alcocks' & Peat, (Craven Bank) Market place
  • Chippendale, Netherwood & Carr
  • Market place-draw on Masterman & Co. London
  • Savings' Bank, New Market st- James Brown, clerk (open every Tuesday & Saturday from twelve to one)


  • Barker Thomas, Mill bridge
  • Dean William, Addingham
  • Dodgson James, (and farrier) New Market street
  • Fawcett William, Addingham
  • Hardisty Robert, Swadforth street
  • Lovat William, (& farrier ) New Market street
  • Robinson William, Addingham

Booksellers Stationers and Binders,

  • Garnett Jonathan, (& printer) Market place
  • Tasker John (and printer and subdistributer of stamps) Sheep street

Boot & Shoe Makers,

  • Andrews William, Mill bridge
  • Baxter Edw, Hardcastle's yard
  • Bell Read, Swadforth street
  • Calvert Abraham (and shopkeeper) New Market street
  • Calvert Robert, New Market street
  • Green Anthony, Chamberlain's yard
  • Hodgson Thomas, Chamberlain's yard
  • Lee Jonathan, Market place
  • Lister George, Addingham
  • Spencer James, Spencer's yard
  • Tasker Robert, Chancery lane
  • Watson John, Sheep street
  • Whitaker James, Addingham
  • Whitham Thomas, Addingham

Braziers and Tin-Plate Workers,

  • Robinson William, Addingham
  • Twisleton Robert (and ironmonger) Caroline square
  • Twisleton Thomas, Marketplace


  • Scott Christopher & Sons, Skipton


  • Buck William, Caroline square
  • Cockshott John, Addingham
  • Cockshott John, Commercial street
  • Fell Richard, Mill Bridge street
  • Fentiman William, Addingham
  • Hodgson John, Addingham
  • Holgate William, Market place
  • Holmes John, Addingham
  • Holmes Thomas, Addingham
  • Lowcock Thomas, Chancery lane
  • Lund John, Mount Pleasant
  • Pearson John, Mill Bridge
  • Pearson Thomas, Market place
  • Skirrow William, Addingham
  • Wilkinson Sampson, Market place

Cabinet Makers and Upholsterers,

  • Brumfitt Edward, Market place
  • Brumfitt William, Chancery lane
  • Watson John, Swadforth street
  • Watson Thomas, Market place

China, Glass & Earthen-Ware Dealers,

  • Hurtley John, Market place
  • Merryweather Jonathan & Son, Caroline square

Clog & Patten Makers,

  • Birch Jonathan, Market place
  • Butler Henry, Market place
  • Clark Francis, Spencer's yard
  • Gill John, Addingham

Coal Merchants,

  • Emmett Joseph, Sun yard
  • Herd Henry, Pinder bridge
  • Settle John (& iron) Mill bridge
  • Smith Joseph, Swadforth
  • Thornton Samuel, Commercial street


  • Hardaker Henry (& baker) New Market street
  • Oldfield Nanny, New Market street
  • Ovington John, Market place
  • Thornton John (& dealer in earthenware) Market place


  • Scott George, Market place
  • Scott Thomas, Market place
  • Scott William, Market place
  • Smith John, Marketplace

Cotton Spinners and Manufacturers,

  • Aldridge William, (spinner) Skipton
  • Bramley Henry & Thomas & Co. Skipton
  • Bramley Thomas & Sons, Skipton
  • Briggs Richard, (spinner) Addingham
  • Chamberlain George, (spinner)Sheep street
  • Clough Jonathan, (spinner) Addingham
  • Cockshott Robert, (manufacturer) Addingham
  • Cockshott William, (mnfr.) Addingham
  • Dewhurst John and Isaac, Skipton, warehouse, 14 High street, Manchester
  • Fentiman Anthony (spinner) Addingham
  • Horsfall Jeremiah (spinner & manufacturer) Addingham
  • Jopling & Cockshott (manufacturers) Addingham
  • Sidgwick Jonathan B. & Christopher, Skipton
  • Smith William, (manufacturer) Addingham
  • Spencer Richard, (manufacturer.) Spencer's yard

Curriers and Leather Dressers,

  • Horner Forster (& cutter) Market place
  • Ingham Richard, Commercial street


  • Lonsdale James, Market place
  • Spencer William, (& grocer) Addingham
  • Wilkinson Thomas, (& tea dlr.) Sheep street
  • Willis John, Market place


  • Carr Thomas, Bank yard
  • Harrison George, Quaker's place

Fire, &c. Office Agents,

  • Alliance, Anthony Taylor, Mill bridge
  • Manchester Guardian, Jonathan Tasker, Sheep street
  • Royal Exchange, James Brown, New Market street
  • Yorkshire, Robert Johnston, Market place

Gardeners Nursery and Seedsmen,

  • Lockwood Robinson, Caroline square
  • Lockwood William, Mill bridge
  • Mitchell John, Bailey street
  • Tattersall John, Market place

Grocers & Tea Dealers,

  • Atkinson Isaac (& ironmonger.) Addingham
  • Bell William, Ilkley
  • Bland Anthony (& draper) Addingham
  • Cockshott James, (& draper) Addingham
  • Cockshott Jonathan, (& draper) Addingham
  • Cockshott Samuel, (& draper) Addingham
  • Dobson Francis, Ilkley
  • Gill Martin Luther (& bookseller & commissioner for taking special bail) Sheep street
  • Harrison Joseph Addingham
  • Hodson John, Ilkley
  • Janson William, (& draper) Addingham
  • Jopling and Cockshott (& drapers) Addingham
  • Laycock William, Caroline Ilkley %%%%%%%
  • Lister David (&corn miller) Ilkley
  • Lockwood Joshua, New Market street
  • Lockwood Robinson (and woolstapler) Caroline square
  • Lund James, Swadforth street
  • Robinson Jonathan & Edward, Pinder bridge
  • Spence --- (& druggist) Ilkley
  • Stockdale William, Market place
  • Tillotson John, New Market street
  • Turnbull Thomas, New Market street
  • Wade George, Market place
  • Wade John, Sheep street
  • Walker William, Ilkley
  • Ward John (& tobacco manufactr.) Market place
  • Wikeley Hannah, Market place
  • Wilkinson Thomas (& corn & flour factor) Sheep street
  • Windle William, Water street

Hair Dressers and Perfumers,

  • Cork Ann, Caroline square
  • Cork Christopher, Market place
  • Thompson Samuel, Caroline square

Hat Manufacturers,

  • Thompson Thomas, jun. Market place
  • Thompson Thomas, sen. Market place


  • Black Horse (commercial) James Pexton, Market place
  • Devonshire Hotel (commercial and posting) John Bradley, New Market street
  • Ship Tavern (commercial) William Brown, Caroline square

Iron & Brass Founders,

  • Noble Richard, Belmont bridge
  • Senier Sarah, Spencer's yard

Iron Merchants,

  • Holden George & Co. (and ironmongers) Market place
  • Settle John, Mill bridge

Joiners Carpenters and Builders,

  • Dixon George (& cabinet maker) Addingham
  • Emmett John, Addingham
  • England John, Addingham
  • Hall John, Mount Pleasant
  • Peacock John, Devonshire place
  • Pearson James, (& grocer) Commercial street

Linen & Woollen Drapers,

  • Atkinson Esther (linen) New Market street
  • Bradshaw Benjamin (& shoe & stay warehouse) Market place
  • Brown James, Sheep street
  • Buck John, Market place
  • Johnston Robert, (& tailor) Market place
  • Little Thomas, jun. Caroline square
  • Little Thomas, sen. Caroline square
  • Robinson John, Market place
  • Rome John (and tea dealer) New Market street
  • Smith Ambrose (& hatter) Market place
  • Voting William (and silk mercer) Market place

Milliners & Dress Makers,

  • Clark Mary, Spencer's yard
  • Kidd Esther, Market place
  • Ovington Dinah & Jane, Market place
  • Prior & Dale, New Market street

Painters & Gilders,

  • Clarkson Thomas, Sheep street
  • Cragg Richard, Hardcastle's yard
  • Hardcastle George, Hardcastle's, yard
  • Lockwood Joshua, Commercial street
  • Ramsden John, Caroline square

Paper Makers,

  • Ovington Henry & Thomas, Mill bridge


  • Lister Samuel, Mill bridge
  • Lister William, New Market street
  • Oldfield Robert, New Market street
  • Thornton John, Market place

Plumbers and Glaziers,

  • Pickles James (& tinplate worker) Market place
  • Pullan Benjamin, New Market street
  • Robinson Sampson, Addingham
  • Smith John, Chamberlain's yard
  • Smith Joseph, (& painter) Caroline square
  • Thompson Samuel, Hole-in-the-wall yard

Rope & Twine Makers,

  • Buck John, Market place
  • Myers Richard, Market place

Saddlers and Harness Makers,

  • Bentley William, Market place
  • Carter Edward, Addingham
  • Wade Francis, Market place
  • Wade John, Market place

Stay Makers,

  • Ramsden Hird, Chamberlain's yard
  • Swire John, Spencer street


  • Barker Peter, Addingham
  • Breare Samuel, Addingham
  • Hargraves William, Addingham
  • Hemsley George, Addingham
  • Stirk John, Sheep street
  • Wade John & Chippendale, Chancery lane

Straw Hat Makers,

  • Clarkson Jane, Sheep street
  • Gill Elizabeth, Sheep street
  • Pearson Ellen, Hardcastle's yard
  • Stott Elizabeth, Market place
  • Whitaker Sarah, Addingham
  • Whitham Mary, Addingham


  • Abbotson Charles, Swadforth street
  • Bentham Lawrance, Market place
  • Duckworth Surgeon, Addingham
  • Gill James, Market place
  • Simpson Christopher, Market place


  • Cowman William Henry, Chancery lane
  • Crump Robert, Commercial street
  • Fulton William, Sheep street
  • Hardcastle William, Spencer's yard
  • Hird Richard, (& shopkeeper) Swadforth street
  • Holdsworth. Joseph, (& draper) Bridge street
  • Ross John, Chancery lane
  • Smith William, Market place
  • Stell John, Addingham
  • Whitaker James, Addingham

Tallow Chandlers,

  • Hurtley John, Market place
  • Lister Thomas, Addingham


  • Atkins John, Swadforth street
  • Buck John (& fellmonger & leather dresser) Market place

Taverns & Public Houses,

  • Bay Horse, William Wade, Market place
  • Cock & Bottle, William Smith, Swadforth street
  • Commercial Inn, William Parkinson, Commercial street
  • Devonshire Arms, Jeremiah Phillip, Caroline square
  • Fleece, Richard Wall, Addingham
  • Hart's Head, William Lister, New Market street
  • Hole-in-the-Wall, Jonathan Kendall, Market place
  • King's Arms, Mary Phillip, Market place
  • King's Arms, Marmaduke Spencer, Addingham
  • Lister's, Arms, John Lister, Ilkley
  • Mason's Arms, John Smith, Market place
  • Nag's Hearl, George Smith, New Market street
  • New Ship, John Pearson, Mill bridge
  • Oak Tavern, Robert Twisleton, Mill bridge
  • Old George, Jonathan Chippendale, Market place
  • Red Lion, Jeremiah Phillip, Market place
  • Rose & Crown, James Dale, Ilkley
  • Star Inn, John Peacock, Devonshire's place
  • Sun Inn (& excise office) Jonathan Shackleton, Market place
  • Thanet Arms, Henry Jackson, Market place
  • Wheat Sheaf, Jane Wharton, Market place
  • Wheat Sheaf, Thomas Wharton, Ilkley
  • Unicorn, John Whitaker, Devonshire's place

Timber Merchants,

  • Chamberlain George, Sheep street
  • Settle John, Mill bridge

Watch & Clock Makers,

  • Briggs John, Market place
  • Lee George, New Market street
  • Manby John (& ironmonger) Market place


  • Brown & De Maine (& carpenters and builders) Commercial street
  • Lister James, Addingham
  • Smith David, Sun yard
  • Steel Zachias, Addingham


  • Barker Thomas, (& bell hanger) Chancery lane
  • Clampitt Thomas, (& gun maker) Market place
  • Harrison Thomas (and bell hanger). Back lane
  • Mawson Stephen, Spencer's yard

Wine & Spirit Merchants,

  • Mattison Joseph, (& grocer) Market place
  • Netherwood Christopher and Co. Market place
  • Shackleton Rachael, New Market street

Worsted Spinners and Manufactures,

  • Barret Henry (stuff) New Market street
  • Birbeck John & William, Linton mills
  • Bland Anthony (stuff) Addingham
  • Ovington Henry & Thomas (worsted spinners) Glazing Mill,
  • Tomlinson James, (worsted manufacturer) New Market street


  • Chapman John, hosier & manufacturer, Sheep street
  • Cragg Richard, sheriff's officer, Cooper's
  • Fawcett Simon, flax spinner, Addingham
  • Fawcett William, leather cutter, Addingham
  • Fell Richard, lead merchant, Mill Bridge street
  • Gill Francis, wool comb maker. School street
  • Johnson William, coach maker, Commercial street
  • King Thomas, corn miller, Mill bridge
  • Moon John, shuttle maker, Addingham
  • Morine Charles, organist and professor of music, Market place
  • Patey John, flour dealer, Addingham
  • Petty John, grocer & bacon factor, Addingley
  • Robinson Thomas, basket & sieve maker, Sheep street
  • Subscription Library, New Market street-Henry Hardaker, librarian
  • Wall John & Thomas, maltsters, Addingham
  • Wall Thomas, baker & flour dealer, Addingham
  • Wood Hannah, shoe warehouse, Addingham


  • To Kendal, the Union (from Leeds calls at the Devonshire Hotel; every afternoon (Sundays excepted) at half-past two; goes through Settle and Kirby Lonsdale.
  • To Leeds, the Union (from Kendal) calls at the Devonshire Hotel, every afternoon (Sundays excepted) at half-past two-and the Royal Alexander, from the Ship Inn, every morning at five; both go thro' Keighley, Bingley & Bradford.
  • To Manchester, the Telegraph (from the Ship Inn, every Monday afternoon at two, Tuesday at half-past two, and Friday morning at five; goes through Colne, Burnley, Rattinsdale, Edenfield and Bury.


  • To Barnoldswick, Thomas Slater, from the Old George, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
  • To Colne, William Jackson, from the Bay Horse, every Tuesday, Thurs & Sat.
  • To Halifax, Richard Shephard, from his warehouse, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • To Keighley, Thomas Holmes, from Starkey's warehouse, every Saturday.
  • To Knaresboro', William Hardisty, from the Thanet Arms, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
  • To Leeds, Richard Shepherd, from his warehouse, every Monday, Tuesday & Friday mornings.
  • To Manchester, James Laycock, from Starkey's warehouse, every Saturday, and from the Wheat Sheaf, every Thursday and Saturday.
  • To Preston, - Rogerson, from Starkey's warehouse, every Wednesday.
  • To Settle, Richard Shephard, from his warehouse, every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.
  • To York, Richard Wingate, from Starkey', warehouse, every Saturday.

Conveyance By Water-Canal,

  • To Leeds, Fly Boats, from the Leeds and Liverpool Canal warehouse, daily, from whence goods are forwarded to all parts of England.

Transcribed by Colin Hinson. ©2003