Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for SKIPTON in White's Directory of 1837.



  • The POST OFFICE is in High street, and Mr. Edward Tindal is the postmaster.
  • Letters are despatched by a mail-gig to Otley, Leeds, &c, at half-past six evening, and to settle, Lancashire, &c., at five morning.


  • The Contractions used for names of streets, &c in the following Directory of Skipton, are Byd. For Birtwhistle's yard, Csq. for Caroline square, Cln. for Chancery lane, Cy. for Chamberlin's yard, Cst. for Commercial street, Dpl. for Devonshire place, Hst. for High street, Hbs. Hird's buildings, Mkp. Market place, Mbg. Mill bridge, Nkt. New Market street, Krd. Keighley road, Qpl. Quaker's place, Qst. Queen street, Sst. Swadforth street, Spt. Sheep street, Snr. Ship corner, Syd. Spencer's yard, Sgs. Spring gardens, Tpl. Thanet's place, Usq. Union square, Wbs. Watson's buildings and Wst. for Water street.

Miscellany of trades

  • Abbotson Miss D., Sst
  • Abbotson Mrs Isbl., Sst
  • Alcock Hy. Esq., Aireville
  • Alcock Mrs Mary, Hst
  • Barret Charles, chick mfr & fustian dlr., Spt
  • Baynes Miss Eliz., Hst
  • Brown Thos. Esq. coroner for the Liberty of Staincliffe with Ewcross, New Mkt. St
  • Chamberlain Mrs Mary, New Market Street
  • Cockshott Miss E., Nkt
  • Cockshott Ths. Gent, snr
  • Dale Geo. Cowkpr. ,Csq
  • Davis Mr Ths., Skibden
  • Davy Mr John, Nkt
  • Dixon Mrs Eliz., Nkt
  • Gallagher Michl. Dlr. In Irish linen, Spt
  • Gibbs Rev. Rd. (Ind.),Gargrave road
  • Hall Jas. Parish clerk & land surveyor, Nkt
  • Hardaker Cath. At sub. Library, Nkt
  • Harrison Jno. Bank agt., Commercial st
  • Hitching Mrs My., Nkt
  • Heelis Thos. Esq. (agt. To the Earl of Thanet,), Castle
  • Jennings Jno. Gent., Nkt
  • Kendall Jno. Gent., Sst
  • Leydon Mr Rt., Wst
  • Lonsdale Mrs Mary, Sst
  • Mason Mr Jph., Skibden
  • Midgley Mrs F., Nkt
  • Milner Jph, gun mkr., High street
  • Mitchell Thos. Wine, &c, mert;, h Nkt
  • Myers Jno. Farmer, Mbg
  • Netherwood Wm. Esq., Swadforth street
  • Oglesby Rev. Rd. curate, High st
  • Parker Jno. Farmer, Nkt
  • Parkins Mrs Jane, Sst
  • Phillips Mrs My., Sst
  • Porri B. optician, jeweller, &c., Csq
  • Preston Mrs Jane, Nkt
  • Proctor Ts. Cowkpr., Nkt
  • Rimmington Miss E., Mkt
  • Robinson John, bank agent, Market place
  • Schowby Francis, bank clerk, New Mkt. St
  • Sidgwick Jno. B & Jas & Chpr. Esqrs., Castle
  • Simpson Mr Wm., Nkt
  • Shaw Mrs Snr., Bailey
  • Smith Miss Jane, Hst
  • Smith Mr Jph., Close hs
  • Smith Rd. Esq., Nkt
  • Tillotson Jno. Gent., Qat
  • Tindal Misses, Bailey
  • Trappes Rev. Michael, (Cathl.), Broughton
  • Whitham My. Bakr., Wbs
  • Wilson Wm., wharfingr., Union wharf
  • Windle Mr Wm., Hst


  • Bailey Benson Wst
  • Cooper James & Snr. Hst
  • Garth Joseph Nkt
  • Glenton Ann Tippings yard
  • Sidgwick Rev. Wm. Grammar Nkt
  • Hall Jas National Nkt
  • Gudgeon Ann National Nkt
  • Robinson Eliz. Lascell's hall


  • Alcock Hy. High st
  • Brown Thos. Nkt st
  • Carr Chas. Nkt st
  • Carr Jno. Nkt st
  • Hall Stephen B. Hst
  • Preston Thos. Baynes, New Market st

Auctioneers &c,

  • Edmondson Thos. Cln
  • Garnett Jno. High st


  • Birkbecks Alcocks & co.(Craven Bank,) Mkt. Pl (on Barnard Dimsdale & Co)
  • Savings' Bank High st; open every Sat, & ev. Fortnight fair from 12 to 1 o'clock; Mr Stephen Bailey Hall, sec

Basket maker,

  • Robinson Thos. Csq


  • Barker Ann Csq
  • Dodgson James Nkt
  • Hardisty Robt. Sst

Booksellers & Printers,

  • Garnet Jno. (&binder) High st
  • Takser Jno. (&Sub dist, of stamps) High st
  • Thompson Saml. (binder only) Csq

Boot & Shoe Makers,

  • Andrew Wm., Water st
  • Bell Read, Swadforth st
  • Boocock Jph. Csq
  • Bradshaw Benj. Hst
  • Calvert Rt. Nkt st
  • Coates Wm. Spring gds
  • Green Athy. Leydon's ct
  • Lister John, Cst
  • Noon Jph. Nkt
  • Nixon Dodgsworth, Qpl
  • Read Edw. Hird's blds
  • Richardson Anthy. Nkt
  • Spencer Js. Spencer's yd
  • Stoney Edm. Market pl
  • Tasker Thomas, Cln
  • Watson Jno. (& leather cuter,) Sheep st
  • Wilks Jno. Byd
  • Willan Jno. Mill fd

Braziers &c,

  • Manby Jno. Market pl
  • Twisleton Rt. Nkt. St
  • Wilson Hy. Caroline sq


  • Manby Chpr. & Sons


  • Buck Wm. Caroline sq
  • Mason Henry, Cst
  • Metcalfe Jno. Cook yd
  • Phillips Wm. Bank yd

Clogg & Pattern Mkrs,

  • Birch John, Csq
  • Birch Jonth. High st
  • Butler Henry. Csq
  • Moore Jas. High st

Coach Builder,

  • Dale Jph. Spencer's yd
  • Platt James (& spring maker,) Coach st

Coal Merchts,

  • Hird Hy. Pinder brdg
  • Illingworth John, Belmount bridge
  • Settle John, Mill brdg
  • Smith Joseph, Sst
  • Thompson Nathan, Wbs
  • Thornton Samuel, Krd


  • Gill Ellen, Sst
  • Hardaker T. * C, New Market st
  • Oldfield Robert, Nkt
  • Ovington Ann, Mkp
  • Thornton Snr, High st


  • Scott Eliz. Market pl
  • Scott Geo. Market pl
  • Scott Thos. Market pl
  • Smith John, Market pl

Corn and Flour dlrs,

  • Bolton Thos. High st
  • King Jno. Caroline sq
  • King Thos. (and miller) Mill hill
  • Lockwood Robinson, Spt
  • Mattock Wm. Cst
  • Wilkinson Thos. (and maltster) High st

Cotton Spinners,.

  • Chamberlain Geo. & Co. Sheep street
  • Dewhurst Isaac, High st
  • Dewhurst Jno. High st
  • Sidgwich J. H. & Jas. (& manufrs) High mill


  • Horner Forster, Mbg
  • Parkinson Thomas, Csq


  • Cooper Thos. High st
  • King Wm. Caroline sq
  • Wilkinson Thomas, Spt
  • Willis Jno. Market pl


  • Carr Thos. Bank yard
  • Harrison George, Qpl
  • Mason Anty. Hird's bdgs

Fire & Life Offices,

  • Tasker John, Manchester, High st
  • Thos Brown, Royal Exchange, Nkt
  • Johnston Robt. Yorkshire High st


  • Butler Henry, Csq


  • Barnes Wm. Market pl
  • Chister William, Syd
  • Lockwood Wm, High st
  • Tattersall John, Syd

Glass China Dealers,

  • Brumfit Edw. High st
  • Calvert Abm. Nkt
  • Chapman Chpr. Cst
  • Hird Rd. Swadforth st
  • Robinson Thomas, Csq
  • Thornton Sarah, Mkt pl

Gig & Horse Letters,

  • Bradley John, N. Mkt st
  • Chapman John, Spt
  • Scott Thos. Market pl


  • Elsworth James, Mbg
  • Fairbourn Robert, Nkt
  • Jackson John Mkt pl
  • Laycock Wm. Csq
  • Lockwood Robinson, Spt
  • Lockwood Eliz. Nkt
  • Robinson Edward, Tpl
  • Stockdale William, Spt
  • Tillotson Jno. Mkt pl
  • Turnbull Thomas, Nkt
  • Wade George, High st
  • Ward Ellen, High st
  • Wikeley Hannah, Mdp

Hair Dressers,

  • Chippindale ). Mkt pl
  • Cork John, Mkt pl
  • Lambert Benj. High st
  • Thompson Samuel, Csq

Hat Manfrs,

  • Thompson Nathan, Wbs
  • Thompson Thomas, Hst
  • Thompson Hannay, Mkp

Inns & Taverns,

  • Wade Ann, Bay Hors, High street
  • Myres Robt. Butchers' Arms, Spring grdns
  • Batty Wm. Black Horse Hotel, High st
  • Lowcock Wm. Castle Inn, Mill bridge
  • Preston Thos. Cock and Bottle, Swadforth st
  • Moorhouse William, Craven Heifer, Tarn Moor
  • Parkinson Wm. Commercial, Cst
  • Watkinson Storey, Devonshire Arms, Csq
  • Bradley Jno. Devonshire Hotel, Nkt
  • Lister Wm. Hart's Head, New Market st
  • Mawson Eliz. Hole-in-the-Wall, Market pl
  • Scaife William, Kings Arms, High street
  • Smith Geo. Nags Head, New Market st
  • Pearson Jno. New Ship, Mill bridge
  • Twistleton Robert, Oak Tavern, Mbg
  • Chippendale John, Old George, Market pl
  • Phillips John, Red Lion, High street
  • Howson Jno. Ship, Csq
  • Harrison Jerh. Star, Krd
  • Jackson Henry, Thanet's Arms, High st
  • Whitaker John, Unicorn Devonshire pl
  • Wharton Jane, Wheatsheaf, Csq
  • Wilkinson Myers, William iv, Water st
  • Hey Wm. Woodman, New road

Beer Houses,

  • Bell Read, Sct
  • Illingworth John, Belmont bridge
  • Pearson Robert, Chamberlain's yard
  • Platt Maria, Cst
  • Ryecroft Rt. Coach st
  • Scott Jno. New Market st
  • Shackleton Sus. Usq
  • Smith Rd. Sheep st
  • Thompson Joseph, Cst
  • Thompson Nathan, Wbs
  • Vine John, Water st

Marked * are Foundrs,

  • Manby Jno. Mkt pl *
  • Twistleton Robert, Mkt
  • Wilson Henry, Csq *

Joiners and Cabnt Makers,

  • Brown John, Sst
  • Brumfitt Edw, High st
  • Brumfitt Wm. Cln
  • Ellison James, Mkt pl
  • Ellison Wm. Wharton's yard
  • Gyer Jno, Hird's bldgs
  • Hall Wm. Mill bridge
  • Hogg Thos. Sheep st
  • Lowcock Wm. Mill brdg
  • Peacock John, Cst
  • Pearson James, Cst
  • Smith Wm. Hird's bldgs
  • Thomson Joseph, Cst
  • Wade Thomas, Syd
  • Walsh Wm. Queen's ct
  • Watson John, Cyd
  • Watson Henry, Sst
  • Wilson John, Syd

Lead Merchants (and miners),

  • Fell & Horner, Mill bdg

Linen & Woollen Drapers,

  • Atkinson Esther, Nkt
  • Buck May, Market pl
  • Chapman John, Spt
  • Howson Eliz. Spt
  • Johnson Rt. High st
  • Little Thomas, Csq
  • Little Thos, jun. Csq
  • Newbould Elz & Ann Spt
  • Rome Jno, Mill bridge
  • Robinson John, Mkp
  • Smith David, Cst
  • Smith Henry, Sheep st
  • Young Wm, Market pl


  • Brown Ann Sst
  • Cornthwaite Hanh. Nkt
  • Farrow Emma, Nkt
  • Gallagher Eliz. Spt
  • Gill May, Swadforth st
  • Howson Eliz. Sheep st
  • Hurst Rebecca, Nkt
  • Kidd Esther, Market pl
  • Ovington D & J. Nkt
  • Scott Jane, Market pl

Nail Makers,

  • Cooke John, Sheep st
  • Manby Jno. Market pl
  • Steel Major, Spring gdns


  • Clarkson Thomas, Spt
  • Cragg Rd. (& sheriffs officer) Hardcastle's yard
  • Pearson Thomas, Cln
  • Smith Joseph, Csq
  • Stoner Wm. High st

Paper Makers,

  • Ovington Henry and Thomas, Mill bridge


  • Dodgson Thomas, Water st


  • Lister Wm. Nkt
  • Oldfield Robert, Nkt

Plumbers & Glaziers,

  • Howson John, Csq
  • Smith Joseph, Csq

Rope Makers,

  • Buck Mary, Csq
  • Myers Richd. High st


  • Bentley Eliz. Market pl
  • Edmondson William, Bradshaw's yard
  • Ralph Thomas, Cln
  • Wade Fras. Market pl
  • Wilkinson Fras. Hst


  • Calvert Abm, Nkt
  • Elsworth James, Mbg
  • Hird Rd. Swadforth st
  • Hudson Thomas, Sst
  • Pearson James, Cst
  • Waller Wm. Csq

Shuttle Maker,

  • Cooper John, Bradshaw's yard

Stay Makers,

  • Broughton Wm. Spt
  • Cundall Ann, Mbg
  • Kidd John, Byd
  • Swire Henry, Syd

Stocking Mfrs,

  • Chapman John, Spt
  • Hurst John, Sheep st

Stone Masons,

  • Robinson James, Tpl
  • Spink John, Byd
  • Stirk Wm. Mount plant
  • Wade John, Back lane
  • Walker Robt. Water st

Straw Hat Mfrs,

  • Brown Ann, Sst
  • Clarkson Jane, Spt
  • Newbould E & A. Spt
  • Pearson Ellen, Mkt pl
  • Scott John, Market pl


  • Bell Wm. Swadforth st
  • Bentham Lawrence, Caroline sq
  • Birtwhistle Wm. Nkt
  • Marsden Wm, Ship court


  • Astin Wm. Sheep st
  • Burton G. Waller Hill
  • Coates Thomas, Sgs
  • Cowman Wm. Hy. Cln
  • Crump Robt. Market pl
  • Fulton Jno. Leydon ct
  • Fulton & Robinson, Spt
  • Hardcastle Wm. Syd
  • Hird Rd. Swadforth st
  • Hird Wm, Bradshaw's yd
  • Holdsworth Joseph. W st
  • Johnson Robt. High st
  • Lowcock Jno. Trademans's yard
  • Roper Thos. Mill brdg
  • Ross John, Chancery ln
  • Smith Wm. High st

Tallow Chandr,

  • Hurtley Jno. Mkt pl

Tanner & Fellmonger,

  • Buck Peter W., Cst

Timber Merts,

  • Chamberlain Geo. & Co. Sheep st
  • Settle Jno. Mill bridge

Tea Dealers,

  • Bradwell James, Syd
  • Little Thos. jun., Csq
  • Rome Jno. Mill bridge
  • Rome Thos. & Td. Wst
  • Smith Richd. Market pl
  • Tindal Margt. Mkt pl
  • Wilkinson Thomas, Spt
  • Willan John, Hst

Tobacco & Mfrs,

  • Robinson Edw. Tpl
  • Ward Ellen, High st


  • Barber Jonth. Wst
  • Briggs Jno. Market pl
  • Lee Geo. New Mkt st
  • Manby Jno. Market pl


  • Smith David, Wbs


  • Barker Thos. Cln
  • Rimington Wm. Hardcastle's yard
  • Thompsons John, near Waller hill

Wine & Spirit Merchants,

  • Birtwhistle & Mitchell, Market place
  • Greenwood Jno. Mkt pl
  • Shackleton Rachel (retail) New Market st

Wool Comb Mkr,

  • Gill Francis, Back ln


  • Lockwood Robinson, Spt
  • Mitchell Thomas, Nkt

Worsted Spinrs, & Manfrs,

  • Birkbeck John & Wm. & Co. Commercial st


  • (Devonshire Hotel). Union, to Leeds and Kendal, at 2 aft; and the Alexander, to Leeds 1/2p. 5mg. (Ex. Sund.) (From the Black Hrs.) Tradesman, to Manchester, Monday, 1 aft; Wed. 4 mg; & Fri. & Sunday, 5 morning.

Water Conveyance,

  • Leeds and Liverpool Union Company's Fly Boats, daily; and Jas. Hepper's
  • vessels to Bradford daily; Wm. Wilson, agent - Also, Tyrer, Rigby, & Co's
  • vessels, to Leeds & Liverpool, daily; T. Turnbull, agent


  • From John Wignall's Warehouse, to Bradford, Leeds, &c., every Mon. Wed. & Fri. mngs; to Settle, Kendal, &c. Tue. Thu. & Sat. evgs; to Halifax, Wed. & Sat.; & to Manchester, Mon. & Thur. Mornings.
  • From G Dales's warehouse, & the Inns. To Addingham, Geo. Brumfitt (Wheatsheaf,) Tue. Thu. & Sat.
  • Askrigg Hy. Trotter, (Star) Friday
  • Barnoldswick, Thos. Slater (Old Geo.) Tue. Thu. & Sat.
  • Clithero, Manchester, &c. Dd. Laycock (Ship,) Saturday
  • Colne, Wm Jackson (Bay Horse,) T. T.&S.
  • Grassington, S. Whitaker, Tue. Thu. & Sat.
  • Keighley, J Wignall (Hole -in-the-Wall,) W. & Saturday
  • Settle, Robt. Rumney (Devonshire Arms,) Sat.
  • York, Wm. Lister (Wheat Sheaf,) Saturday

Transcribed by Susan Johnson. ©2000