SKIPTON: Geographical and Historical information from the year 1750.


"SKIPTON, a parish in the West Riding of Yorkshire, 170 cm. 221 mm. from London, is hid among precipices, in the midst of that rough rocky country, called Craven. It stands not far from the r. Are, and is a pretty large, well-built T. considering the way of building in that mountainous tract. It had once a castle, which with the honor of Skipton, Edw. II. granted to Robert Ld. Clifford; and it was the seat and sepulchre, for many generations, of his successors, who were at length Es. of Cumberland. It came at last by marriage to the Es. of Thanet. It has a plentiful Mt. on S. and Fairs on the Eve of Palm- Sunday, July 25, and Nov. 11. Here is a grammar-sc. to which a considerablc parcel of books were given, some years ago, by Silvester Petit, who had been principal of Barnards-Inn, and gave a large and valuable library to the Ch. Here is also a sc. in which all the boys of the T. are taught to sing psalms by the p.-clerk, who is allowed a salary for it. Here is a large, handsome Ch. great part of which was rebuilt by the present E. of Thanet's great grandmother, the countess of Pembroke, who was born here, and at her own expence rebuilt, or considerably repaired, 6 ancient castles, built 7 chapels, or Chs. from the ground, and founded and liberally endowed two stately hoss."

"BARDEN TOWER, in the parish of Skipton, in the West Riding of Yorkshire, near Barden-Chace and the r. Wharf, bel. in 1607 to the E. of Cumberland, and afterwards to the E. of Thanet, who married the heiress of that family."

"HALTON EAST, (and West) in the parish of Skipton, in the West Riding of Yorkshire, not far from Settle, had anciently a religious house, and a royal mansion built by the Ks. of Northumberland, who made this their place of retreat from the Danes fury,"

[Transcribed by Mel Lockie © from
Stephen Whatley's England's Gazetteer, 1750]