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Snaith parish:

Goole, War Memorial transcription:

The 1914-1918 and 1939-45 War Memorial at Goole.

The front of the memorial: (see also Photo)

1914 1919
1939 1945
The panel on the front at the bottom:

The left hand side of the panel (see also Photo)

The right hand side of the panel (see also Photo)

J Abel R Andrew R E Bell E Braithwaite T P Carter S Cook H A Duchemin G K Florence
J Abson A Appleyard T Bell Senr S Brigham A Champion T H Cook L Elliott W H Flower
W Acaster J B Arnold T Bell Junr R Brook J Charlesworth B Coolledge H Everson J Ford
T W Addinall F Bainbridge J Bellamy F W Brown G W Charlton C F Cooper E Ferrer J H Foster
A H Alcock E Barker S L Bennett G J Brown D W Clark W Cooper J H Fielder D Fox
C W Alcock J Barker H Blackburn R Bruce S A Clark A Cowling R Fielder G Gale
W Allan K Barley H R Blackwell W L Burton J F Clarkson E W Cox T Fielder T W Garner
E L Allen F Barlow G H Bowes S Butler J A Clements J Cross W A Fish A L Gaskin
F T Allock J W Beckett R Bowser J J Callaghan A Collier A Currey J R Flanders A Gates
G B Amery T Beckett J W Bradshaw C Carr Rose A Cook W Davis W Fleming S Geering

The panel at the bottom right: (see also Photo)

R Glaves T R Havce F C Holderness J R Jackson
G Goodall J B Hancox A Hopton S Jackson
S H Goodworth A Harrison G V Horton S B Jackson
C N Gravell A V Haste J Hosking T Jackson
J S Greaves E Hattersley D F Hudson J Johnson
W Greenfield F Hawksworth J Hunt R W Johnson
D Guest E Henderson A Hunter Kathleen M Kellett
B Gunnill S Henderson E Hutchinson J N Kendell
F Haigh H B Hill C D Ingleby T Kenny
J Hall G L Hislop D Jackson F J King

The panel at the bottom rear:

The left hand side of the panel (see also Photo)

The right hand side of the panel (see also Photo)

H J Knott G Lloyd A E Mileham T Nicholls C W Pettican P F Robinson R Shipley G Steele
T Knott C S Lovell H Miller B W Norman D W Pike W Rockett R A Shipley G Storey
C M Knox Bella Mackenzie W Miller S M Oates W L Pollock T R Carrington E Sleight H Storr
A Lawton H Marritt F Morrill T Orange R Prentice S C Rutherford G E Smith I Storr
C W Lea G Maskill C Morris G A Osburn I Preston W Salmon J Smith G Strickland
R J Leak C A Maw A Morton J F Overington J Ransome J F Sanderson P Smithson H Sutcliff
H Leake W C Maw H Needham G C Pallett G A Richardson T W Scarll N Snarr T A Sutcliff
F J Leddy J McLean J B Needham W W Parkinson C E Riggall G H Sellers G R Staniforth R H Taun
T Linsley A McWha T C Newman G Pearson J Robertson A R Sherwood James W Stanley I J Taylor

The panel at the bottom left: (see also Photo)

A Thompson E Walker T Watson C Wilson
W Thompson G W Walker S Weatherill V Wilson
T Tighe L Walker Jane Weekes F Woodcock
J Tolan A Walton E Whitehead F Woodhead
J W Tomlinson H Walton G W Whitehead A Woolass
L Tomlinson H Watmough S Whiteley N Woollass
K Tordoff A Watson C Wilcock J A Worrall
A J Wainwright D S Watson E Wild J F Yealand
A Walker J R Watson J Williams A Young

Upper Panel, rear of memorial (see also Photo)

C W Alcock W Carey W Dodson J R Harrison
W Allen G W H Carr E Donlan W Harrison
H Anderson F Carroll E Doubtfire R Haslem
S Andrew A Cass H Dougherty R W Havercroft
J Andrews H Caukill N Drake H Hayton
E H Appleyard H Caunce F C Driffill E Hebdon
F Appleyard W Cawson W H Ducker E Heenan
H D Appleyard H Cawthorn R Dudding H Hemingway
J M Appleyard W Cawthorn J Duff F H Heterick
W Armstrong H Champion T W Duffill T W Hewitt
B R Arnold R J Champion E Earnshaw W Heywood
H Atkinson A R Chapman W Easton A Hill
T W Audas W Chapman J Eldin A Hill
W J Audas C A Chappell R Elliott F Hind
A Austwick J C Chappell H Ellis T H Hobson
T Austwick W Chappell J W England G Holbrough
A Axup J Chilvers R W England J Holt
A E Barker E Clark J G Erikson A D Hopkinson
R Barker G H Clark H Farrow A Horn
W Barker J D Clark G W Fielder W Horsman
T W Barnett T F Clark G W Fielder C Houghton
H Bateman A E Clarke J D Fisher E Houghton
T W Bateman H Clarke G W Fletcher G Houghton
W G Bateman H Clarke C I Ford A Howard
C H Baxter J H Clarke F Ford A Howden
W E Beaumont T H Clarke J A Ford P Howden
R G Bennett F Clarkson J E Franklin P E Hubbard
G A Bessant L Clayton W E Franklin F Hudson
H Billinton E Clements W Ganley T E Hudson
C Blackburn P Clements J Garland T O Hunt
J Bleasdale C Cobb T Gavin W Hunt
E B Bowles E Cocking W S Gay T Huntington
H Braithwaite L Colbridge W Gibbons R Huntington
D Brant E D Collier N Gilding G W Hurrell
R Brant H D Collins A Gillyon W Huscroft
F P Bridge J H Cook J W Gillyon W Hyder
E D G Brignell J H Cooke F Glew E C Ingleby
S Brooks E Cornish G Glithro J Ingleby
F Brooksbank F Cornish G Goulden J W Ingleby
J W Brown R W Cornish L Goulden R W Isle
E R Browne E Coulson H Graham J A Isles
R E Browne A Coult W Grassby A Jackson
J Brunyee W H Coultish C W Gravell A Jackson
S Brunyee J T Coward H W Greenfield A S Jackson
H Bryars E Cowling A Greensides C M Jackson
L Bunn A Crampton S J Griffin E Jackson
G A Burkill E A Creaser E Guest G E Jackson
A Burnitt J Crowley G R Guest H Jackson
H C Burrill T Cutter N Haigh R Jackson
J Buttery C A Darrow A Haines R Jacques
P Buttrick W W Davis J Hall B James
C Caisley C Dawson R Hall H James
E Callaghan W Dawson J H Halsall W James
J Campbell W H Dean H Harris W T James
T Cannon T H Denby G H Harrison G W Jarvis
J Carabine H Dodds H Harrison P Jeeves
  G Dennison    
  R Freear    

The upper panel, right hand side (see also Photo)

G Jepson J W Mell
J Jepson J Mellers
H Jessop W W Metcalfe
W Jessop G Middlebrook
A Johnson A S Middleton
C Johnson C D Milner
F Johnson R H Moore
J D Johnson H Morrill
R W Johnson F Morris
C H Johnston H Morton
C L Johnston W Mourby
H Johnston F Mundy
J Jones F T Murphy
A Joy A K Needham
A Joyner R M Needham
C Kay W Nelson
M Kay G W North
B F Kelly S E Oates
S J Kelly F Oldridge
T Kelly J G Oldridge
G F Kennell T Ownsley
F Kenniwill A Partington
F Kenniwill J Partington
G E King C Pearson
F Kirby J T Pearson
T H Kitwood J H Pepper
A G J Knox A Petersen
E Kreamer C H Pettican
W Kreamer J W Pettican
H Kynman T W Pettinger
T Kynman J C Phillipson
G Lane J W Pierson
W Langsmead T Pike
E C Lansdale G W Platt
H Laverack G H Plowes
L A Lawson W Pollock
E Laycock R Potts
C Lazenby E Pratt
A W Leach H E Proctor
J H Learoyd F Purvis
C W Leighton H Purvis
C H Lill T Pyke
A Lilley M F Quinlan
F Linsley R Ramskill
R H Lloyd W R Raney
H Markham H W Raper
J W Markham T D Redford
H Marrit C L Revell
C R Marshall T A Revell
R A Marshall C Richardson
W Marston D Richardson
R Masters J H Richardson
J McDermott H Ridgway
E J McGivern A Robinson
P N Mcguire G Robinson
J Meeds J Robinson
J E Robinson

The upper panel, left hand side: (see also Photo)

P Robinson Albert Thompson
J Rockett Arthur Thompson
T E Rorrison H Thompson
G H Rowson J H Thompson
G E Rushton T Thornton
W Rust J F Thorpe
S H Rutherford W Thorpe
T Salter F T Thurston
H Sanderson G C Tittensor
J Saxton E Travis
H Saynor H Trickett
C Scoffins L C Turton
C Sellers C W Uncles
C S Sharp E Vause
J Sharp W B Verity
H Shaw M M Wadsworth
J R Shaw A Wakes
P Shaw E Walker
J Shay H Walker
H A Sherburn A C Walton
W Sheriff E Ward
C Short J W Ward
W J Sidebottom C W Waters
J W Silvester E Waters
H Simms F Watson
S Simpson J Watson
J W Skinn P Watson
C F Smart T Watson
G B Smart W Watson
W Smart J Welsh
A Smith A West
E G Smith H West
J B Smith H G Wheeler
R J Smith A Whitaker
W Smith F White
G W Snead A Whitehead
W T Sowden F E Whitehead
C W Spells W H Whitehead
J T Spence C W Whiteley
H Spencer G H Whiting
R Steel E A Wilson
F Stephenson T H Wilkinson
W Stephenson S Williamson
H Storr F K Woodcock
J W Sullivan C W Woodhall
L Sutcliffe F W Woodhead
F Sutherby H E Woods
E Sweeting J Worswick
G H Sweeting J Wressell
W Swingley A W Wright
A Sykes F J Wright
J W Sykes J W Wright
J R Taylor J W Wright
L Taylor T Wright
W H Taylor G E Wroot
W Taun H Wroot
L Tether Harry Parker
H Thackray W R Vines

There is further information about those men who were in the Yorkshire Regiment on the Yorkshire Regiment Remembrance website.

Data transcribed by
Sandra Welburn.
from photography by Colin Hinson