Snaith Directory of Trades and Professions for 1834


Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for SNAITH in Pigot's Directory of 1834.


  • Post Office, Snaith, John Curtes, Post master
  • Post Office, Rawcliffe, John Brewins, Post master

Gentry & Clergy,

  • Ballard Samuel, esq. Carleton
  • Barker Mr. William, Rawcliffe
  • Bentham Rev. ---, Snaith
  • Creyke Mrs. ---, Rawcliffe
  • Creyke Ralph, esq. Rawcliffe
  • Ellis Rev. John, Snaith
  • Heppinstall Rev. ---, Carleton
  • Moore Mrs. Ann, Snaith
  • Pease Mr. George, Rawcliffe
  • Robson Rev. Richard Swan, Rawcliffe
  • Serjeantson Rev. Robert James, Snaith
  • Shearburn Miss Mary, Snaith
  • Smales Mrs. Ann, Snaith
  • Stapleton Miles, esq. Carleton
  • Ware Rev. ---, Carleton
  • Wheelehouse Mrs. ---, Snaith

Academies & Schools,

  • Blease Amelia, Rawcliffe
  • Brewins John, Rawcliffe
  • Eccles John, Snaith
  • Ellis Rev. William, Snaith
  • Killingback Thomas, Rawcliffe
  • Nightingale John, Snaith
  • Richardson John, Rawcliffe
  • Spelling Mrs. (ladies' boarding) Rawcliffe
  • Stevenson Robert M. Carleton


  • Binney William, Snaith
  • Shearburn William (& agent for the Yorkshire Fire Office) Snaith
  • Wilson John, Rawcliffe


  • Tidd William, Snaith
  • Wilson John, Snaith


  • Andrew George, Snaith
  • Clabrough Joseph, Carleton
  • Killam John, Rawcliffe
  • Sharp William, Snaith
  • Sykes Richard, Rawcliffe
  • Templeman Thomas, Carleton

Boot & Shoe Makers,

  • Clarke Christopher, Rawcliffe
  • Elsom John, Carleton
  • Gill Charles, Snaith
  • Gill Richard, Snaith
  • Gillead Richard, Snaith
  • Hebdon James, Rawcliffe
  • Hepworth James, Rawcliffe
  • Knight John, Rawcliffe
  • Mason William, Rawcliffe
  • Nutbrow Joseph, Carleton
  • Palmer John, Rawcliffe
  • Pennington William, Snaith
  • Smith John, Carleton
  • Ward Thomas, Snaith

Braziers & Tin Plate Workers,

  • Barratt Richard, Snaith
  • Peaker William, Snaith


  • Russell William, Carleton
  • Thorpe Thomas, Carleton
  • Townend Robert, Rawcliffe
  • Whitton Joseph, Rawcliffe
  • Whitton Joseph, jun. Rawcliffe


  • Barker William, Rawcliffe
  • Bramley Joseph, Rawcliffe
  • Dealtay Robert, Rawcliffe
  • Harrison Richard, Snaith
  • Hepworth John, Carleton
  • Langhorn Robert, Snaith
  • Lee Thomas, Rawcliffe
  • Reynolds Jonathan, Carleton
  • Stevenson William, Snaith
  • Tidd Richard, Snaith

Coal Dealers,

  • Atkinson George, Snaith
  • Bramley Thomas, Snaith
  • Drewry James, Snaith

Corn & Flour Dealers,

  • Norwood John (corn) Snaith
  • Shutliff Joshua (flour) Carleton

Dress Makers,

  • Himsworth Elizabeth, Snaith
  • Hind Mary, Snaith


  • Bailey Susan, Snaith
  • Morley Joseph, Rawcliffe
  • Rhodes John, Snaith

Grocers & Drapers,
Marked # are also Spirit Dealers
(See also Shopkeepers, &c.)

  • Bailey Susan, Snaith
  • # Bean George, Snaith
  • Cook Joshua, Snaith
  • Fleeman Richard, Rawcliffe
  • Grimshaw Josiah, Rawcliffe
  • Himsworth Elizabeth (tea dealer) Snaith
  • Leeson John, Snaith
  • # Moate James, Snaith
  • # Morley Joseph, Rawcliffe
  • # Peacock James (& tallow chandler) Rawcliffe
  • # Rhodes John, Snaith
  • Robinson Hannah, Rawcliffe
  • Watson Robert, Carleton
  • Whitton Joseph, Rawcliffe
  • Wood John, Snaith
  • Woodham Molly, Snaith

Hair Dressers,

  • Hall John, Rawcliffe
  • Livesey George, Snaith
  • Thornton James, Snaith


  • Black Lion, George Webster, Snaith
  • Downe's Arms, Michael Smith, Snaith

Joiners & Carpenters,

  • Turton Joseph, Snaith
  • Watson Richard, Rawcliffe


  • Morley Joseph, Rawcliffe
  • Mytton Henry, Snaith
  • Wiseman & Farra (& brewers) Rawcliffe


  • Rusby Robert, Rawcliffe
  • Stubbs Randell, Carleton
  • Tate Joseph, Snaith
  • Tate Susan, Snaith
  • Walker Ann, Snaith

Plumbers & Glaziers,

  • Butler George, Snaith
  • Ossitt Robert, Rawcliffe
  • Peacock John (& painter) Snaith
  • Raper Thomas, Snaith
  • Vevers William, Rawcliffe

Saddlers & Harness Makers,

  • Fisher William, Snaith
  • Siddall Thomas, Snaith

Ship Owners,

  • Atkinson George, Snaith
  • Bramley Thomas, Snaith
  • Drewry James, Snaith

Shopkeepers & Dealers in Groceries & Sundries,

  • Curtes John (& stamp office) Snaith
  • Hinsley John, Carleton
  • Morritt Thomas, Carleton
  • Wells Elizabeth, Rawcliffe

Spirit Dealers,
(See Grocers)


  • Hanks James, Snaith
  • Hodgson Alfred, Snaith
  • Hodgson Joseph, Rawcliffe
  • Perkins William & Thomas, Snaith


  • Barker John, Snaith
  • Denby Spence, Snaith
  • Dickinson William, Carleton
  • Head William, Carleton
  • Nettleton John, Snaith
  • Otley John, Snaith
  • Plaxton John, Rawcliffe
  • Robinson Henry, Rawcliffe

Tarpauling Makers,

  • Morley William, Rawcliffe
  • Peacock James, Rawcliffe

Taverns & Public Houses,

  • Anchor, Thomas Lee, Rawcliffe
  • Bell & Crown, John Charlesworth, Snaith
  • Bridge Inn, Elizabeth Hinsley, Carleton
  • Clock Face, Elizabeth Gilderdale, Snaith
  • Cross Keys, Mary Ryley, Snaith
  • Ferry House, James Fleeman, Rawcliffe
  • Gate, John Denby, Rawcliffe
  • King's Arms, Robert Townend, Rawcliffe
  • Masons' Arms, John Nunns, Rawcliffe
  • Neptune, James Hepworth, Rawcliffe
  • Oak & Vine, George Hinsley, Carleton
  • Plough, Matthew Dale, Snaith
  • Red Lion, Ann Shipman, Carleton
  • Royal Oak, Sarah Hinsley, Carleton
  • Royal Oak, Robert Laverick, Rawcliffe


  • Firth Henry, Rawcliffe
  • Goodall Henry, Rawcliffe
  • Hanby Charles, Snaith
  • Hinsley George, Carleton
  • Hinsley John, Carleton
  • Hutchinson Henry, Snaith
  • Laverick Robert, Rawcliffe
  • Pockrington William, Carleton


  • Blogg Edward, retailer of beer, Snaith
  • Bowman Joseph, fellmonger, Snaith
  • Butterworth James, clothier, Rawcliffe
  • Collins William, farrier, Snaith
  • Giles William, hardware dealer, Rawcliffe
  • Morley Thomas, rope maker, Snaith
  • Nottingham John, millwright, Snaith
  • Palmer William, gardener & seedsman, Rawcliffe
  • Pheasant William, gunsmith, Snaith
  • Precious Joseph, retailer of beer, Carleton
  • Raper Thomas, glass dealer, Snaith
  • Sharp William, retailer of beer, Snaith
  • Sharp William, watch maker, Snaith
  • Turton John, auctioneer, Snaith
  • Ward Thomas, leather seller, Rawcliffe
  • Warwick Thomas Wilkinson, steward to the Right Hon. Lord Downe, Snaith
  • Wright Jonathan, cooper, Snaith


  • To Doncaster, James Cadman, from Snaith, every Saturday
  • To Goole, John Townend, from Snaith, every wednesday
  • To Howden, John Townend, from Snaith, and George Luty, from Rawcliffe, every
  • Saturday
  • To Selby, John Townend, from Snaith, every Thursday --- and George Luty, from
  • Rawcliffe, & Richard Darbyshire, from Carleton, every Monday
  • To Selby & York, George Harrison, from Snaith, every Wednesday
  • To Thorne, George Harrison & James Cadman, from Snaith, and Richard Darbyshire,
  • from Carleton, every Wednesday

Conveyance by Water,

  • To Leeds and Wakefield, George Atkinson's, Thomas Bramley's, and James Drewry's vessels, daily

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for GOOLE in Pigot's Directory of 1834.


  • Post Office, Aire street, James Watkinson, Post master

Gentry & Clergy,

  • Earl Rev. Henry, Prospect place
  • Earnshaw Mr. Edward, Aire st
  • Earnshaw Mr. George Rawden, Old Goole
  • Empson Jarvis, esq. Old Goole
  • Wilson Rev. John, East parade

Academies & Schools,

  • Bromitt Jonathan, Old Goole
  • Chaplin Nathaniel, Ouse st
  • Young Jane, Prospect place

Marked thus # are also Ship Brokers,

  • Bloom John (commission) Custom house buildings
  • # Burstall Samuel, Francis & George, (commission) Custom house buildings
  • # Clay Richard, jun. (commission) Custom house buildings
  • # Dails John, Aire st
  • # Dunning John (commision) Custom house buildings
  • Fletcher Charles (to Joseph Fletcher, carrier) Dock side
  • # Greenwood George, East parade
  • Hibberd John (to Barnby, Faulkner and Co. carriers) Custom house buildings
  • Hodson James Hewitt (to the Aire and Calder Co.) Barge dock
  • Kenworthy John (to Buckley, Kershaw and Co. carriers) Custom house buildings
  • ove Francis (to J. & L. Marsden, carriers) Dock side Morley Thomas B. Dock head
  • # Rodwell Lionel (to Thompson & Co. carriers) Custom house buildings
  • Spratt James (commission, and to Lloyds' ) Custom house buildings
  • Storr William (to Robert Chambers & Son, coal merchants) Aire st
  • Wake Jas. (commission) Banks' terrace


  • Capes Thomas, Reedness
  • Earnshaw George Rawden, Old Goole


  • Chattam Robert, Aire st
  • Kirby Joel (& cabinet maker) Aire st

Bakers & Flour Dealers,

  • Hudson Joseph, Ouse st
  • Storr William, Aire st
  • Walker Thomas, George st


  • Hull Banking Co. Bank's terrace --- (draw on Barclay, Bevan & Co. London) --- James Wake, manager
  • York City & County Banking Co. Aire street --- (draw on Barnetts, Hoare & Co. London) --- Thomas Clough, manager
  • Savings' Bank, Bank's terrace --- (attendance every Wednesday) --- John Dails, secretary


  • Duckels Thomas, Bridge foot
  • Hansliff John, Prospect place
  • Redman Samuel, Ouse st

Block Makers,

  • Catley Henry, Dock side
  • Crowder Henry, Canal side

Boot & Shoe Makers,

  • Allinson Thomas, Aire st
  • Clark George, Ouse st
  • Dearman Charles, Ouse st
  • Dearman John, Aire st
  • Marshall Robert, George st
  • Platt George, George st
  • Rawood Richard, Old Goole
  • Tall Henry, Chapel st


  • Dove George, George st
  • Wardrobe John, Aire st


  • Briggs David, Aire st
  • Hasselby Jonathan Brown, Aire st
  • Windle Jonathan, Aire st

Dress Makers,

  • Collin Ann, Adam st
  • Farnell Ann, Aire st

Fire, &c. Office Agents,

  • County, John Dails, Aire st
  • Manchester, John Dunning, Custom house buildings
  • Protector, George Greenwood, East parade
  • Sun, James Spratt, Custom house buildings

Grocers & Tea Dealers,

  • Akam John, Adam st
  • Bromley James, Aire st
  • Cass David, Aire st


  • Aire & Calder (commercial) Robert Chattam, Aire st
  • Banks' Arms Hotel, William Airton, Banks' terrace
  • Booth Ferry (& posting house) William Wells, Booth Ferry

Joiners & Builders,

  • Billington Thomas, Dock side
  • Leggott Charles, Chapel st
  • Walker John, Ouse st


  • Birks Hannah, Old Goole
  • Spilsman James, Hook
  • Walker Thomas, George st

Painters & Plumbers,

  • Charlton William & John, Aire st
  • Clark John, Aire st
  • Stow William, Ouse st

Sail Makers,

  • Bromley Robert (& ship chandler) Dock side
  • Tall John, Dock side

Ship Builders,

  • Atkinson Ralph, East parade
  • Gutteridge Samuel & Son, Dock side

Shopkeepers & Dealers in Sundries,

  • Hunter Samuel, Ouse st
  • Nelson Stephen, Ouse st
  • Pratt Francis, George st


  • Cass William Eden, Banks' terrace
  • Faulding Francis, Swinefleet
  • Hodgson John West, Swinefleet

Surveyors & Land Agents,

  • Bromitt Jonathan, Old Goole
  • Weddall Robert Plumer, Old Goole


  • Armstrong John (& draper) Aire st
  • Blanchard George, Ouse st
  • Golton Thomas, Ouse st
  • Shirtcliff Clayton, Aire st

Taverns & Public Houses,

  • Anchor, Hannah Duckels, Goole Bridge
  • Crown, William Johnson, Ouse st
  • Half Moon, Richard Cooper, Old Goole
  • Mail Coach, Elizabeth Watkinson, Old Goole


  • Finglah Joseph, Old Goole
  • Hutchinson Matthias, Old Goole
  • Wass Jessie, Dock side

Wine & Spirit Merchants,

  • Airton William, Aire st
  • Bromley James, Aire st


  • Bailey Thomas, retailer of beer, Canal side
  • Blanchard John, retailer of beer, Ouse st
  • Boys Joseph, dock master, Dock head
  • Bromley James, ironmonger, Aire st
  • Carr James, hair dresser, Ouse st
  • Cass David, chymist & druggist, Aire st
  • Dails John, Danish consul, Aire st
  • Dove George, retailer of beer, George st
  • Dove Stephen, watch & clock maker, Aire st
  • Fillingham Charity, straw hat maker, Ouse st
  • Hamner Simon, contractor, George st
  • Kellett Robert, slater, Dock side
  • Loxley & Earnshaw, brass founders, Canal side
  • Macbeth Charles, nurseryman, Stone bridge
  • Moss John, cooper, Dock side
  • Naylor John, machine maker, Canal side
  • Wigfield William, nail maker, Prospect place
  • Wilson John, fellmonger, Canal side

Custom House,

  • Comptroller --- Frederick Canell
  • Collector --- Benjamin Bedell
  • Searcher --- George Witt


  • To Howden, John Morfitt, from the Banks' Arms Hotel, daily, and Charles Empson, every Wednesday
  • To Snaith, John Townend, from the Banks' Arms Hotel, every Wednesday

Conveyance by Water,

  • For Passengers,
  • To Hull, the Wellington, the Eagle, the Calder, and the Echo steam packets alternately, every morning at ten
  • To Knottingley, a Steam Packet and Horse Packet, every day (Sunday excepted) on the arrival of the Hull packets, the time being regulated by the tide
  • To Selby & Thorne, Steam Packets pass Goole daily (Sunday excepted), the time being regulated by the tide
  • To Yarmouth, a Packet occasionally

For Goods,

  • To London, Liverpool, Manchester, Hull, and all intermediate places, Buckley, Kershaw & Co.'s Fly Boats, daily
  • To Leeds & Wakefield, the Aire and Calder Co.'s Fly Boats, daily
  • To Manchester, Rochdale, Huddersfield & Wakefield, Thompson & Co. Barnby, Faulkner & Co. Joseph Fletcher, and L.L. Marsden's Fly Boats, daily

Transcribed by Steve Garton. ©2000