Snaith, Memorial Plaque transcription


Snaith parish:


Snaith, Memorial Plaque transcription:

The War Memorial Plaque in the Priory Church, Snaith.

To the Glory of God
and in ever loving memory of
those brave men of

who gave their lives for their King and Country
in the Great War of 1914 - 1919
in the cause of justice and freedom

W Axup  W Poskitt
S Clark C Rhodes
J Darley L Rhodes
R Dean H E Ruckledge
P Durham H Short
G H Fish F Skilbeck
N H Fish J Spilman senr
G Forth A Sutcliffe
J Grimes H Turner
C Hodgson T Vause
F Hodgson E Wood
S H Howard M Wood
A Perritt R Wood

G Fish 1939-1945 L Clayton

"Their name liveth for evermore"

Data transcribed by
Haydn Scott.
from photography by Colin Hinson