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SOUTH ANSTON: The Parish Marriage Registers for South Anston, 1840-1849

DateGroom nameGroom SurnameGroom ParishOccupationStatusBride nameBride SurnameBride ParishStatusWitnessesNotes
25 02 1840JamesRASHLEIGH Labourer AnnCHAMBERS   Daughter of John, Labourer
28 06 1840JohnHIGHFIELD Mason EmmaHOPKINSON   Son of John, Labourer
02 07 1840JamesPARAMLindrick DaleLabourer ElizaRADLEYLindrick DaleWidow  
26 11 1840WilliamSIKES Farmer CarolineLAYCOCK A Minor  
07 12 1840HenryKENYON Labourer AnnHANSON   Son of Joseph, Labourer and Daughter of * Hanson, Saddler
29 12 1840CharlesGREAVES Labourer SarahFOULDS    
19 01 1841FrancisTHORPECarltonLabourerWidowerSarahKAYWoodsettsWidow  
07 06 1841ThomasSMITH Labourer MaryBRAMMER   Daughter of Benjamin, Labourer
20 12 1841GeorgeSEARSTON LabourerA MinorMary AnnFLOWER   Daughter of George, Labourer
14 02 1842JamesBOARDMAN Nail Maker ElizabethHAGUE   Daughter of Thomas, Nail Maker
01 03 1842WilliamALDERSON Veterinary Surgeon EmmaROWBOTTOM    
05 04 1842WilliamTWIBELLStaveleyFarmer IsabelINMANWoodmill  Daughter of Samuel, Farmer
07 08 1842JohnMELLOR Mason ElizabethBATTERSBY   Son of James Brooksbank, Cloth Draper and Daughter of Charles, Mason
25 08 1842ThomasPARKIN Tailor ElizabethBROWN   Son of Gervase, Farmer
16 02 1843GeorgeINMANLindrick CommonFarmer ElizabethWOOLLENLindrick Common  Son of Nathan, Farmer
18 04 1843ThomasQUARMBY Quarry Man AnnPRESSLEY   Daughter of John, Labourer
17 08 1843HenryROSELindrick HillFarmer HannahTURNER   Daughter of Robert, Farmer
27 08 1843BernardFLANAGHAN Labourer MaryBAXTER   Son of Thomas, Farmer
25 09 1843JosephSWINDELL LabourerWidowerSarahWOOLHOUSE   Son of George, Farmer
09 10 1843SamuelPONDS Labourer ElizabethRODGERS   Son of John, Cabinet Maker and Daughter of George, Labourer
13 12 1843WilliamCHAMBERS Labourer MaryAIREY   Son of John, Labourer
25 12 1843WilliamWILSONTurner WoodLabourer JaneWOODHEADTurner Wood   
13 04 1844JonathanSMITHLindrick DaleLabourer HannahWESTERLindrick Dale   
25 08 1844JohnMARSHALL Labourer HarrietMIRFIN Widow Daughter of John Furniss, Shoemaker
09 09 1844ThomasSTOREYTurner WoodLabourerA MinorJaneDUKESTurner Wood  Son of William, Labourer
05 11 1844GeorgeBENNETT Butcher HarrietREYNOLDS   Son of Joseph, Gentleman and Daughter of Edward, Farmer
03 12 1844ThomasJOHNSONWathVeterinary Surgeon AnnTHOMPSONWath   
12 05 1845GeorgeSILVESTER Labourer ElizabethWELLS A Minor Son of John, Farmer and Daughter of George, Cordwainer
22 07 1845WilliamFOX Joiner HarrietHANSON A Minor Daughter of Barnard, Saddler
29 11 1845GeorgeCHAMBERS Cordwainer SarahCLARKE   Son of George, Gardener and Daughter of William, Labourer
17 03 1846EdwardROSELindrick HillFarmer Mary AnneJOHNSON   Daughter of Joseph, Saddler
28 05 1846SamuelWHITCHURCHNTTDruggist & GrocerWidowerAnnHEYWOOD    
10 09 1846JonadabHUDSON Labourer AnnHEATON   Daughter of Jacob, Labourer
03 10 1846ThomasRICHCarltonJoiner Mary AnnBROOMHEAD   Daughter of John, Farmer
01 12 1846ReubenMACHIN Labourer MaryBERRY   Daughter of John, Quarry Man
09 02 1847JamesEGLEY Labourer MaryTURNER    
17 05 1847JamesADWICKTurner WoodLabourer AnnFULLARDTurner Wood  Son of John, Labourer and Daughter of Thomas, Boatman
07 06 1847ThomasTURNER Labourer AnnPARKER   Son of Thomas, Labourer
07 07 1847JohnFULLARDTurner WoodBoatman AnnHIBBERDTurner Wood  Son of Thomas, Boatman and Daughter of George, Labourer
10 07 1847GeorgeINMANWoodmill PieceFarmer AbigailINMAN   Son of Samuel, Farmer and Daughter of George
14 09 1847CharlesFOULDS Joiner ElizabethPARKIN    
20 12 1847SamuelBENNETT Cordwainer MaryTWISELTON   Daughter of John, Labourer
26 01 1848AbrahamWEEDERDog KennelsLabourer MaryROBINSON    
03 04 1848WilliamSCHOFIELD LabourerWidowerMaryCHAPMAN    
13 04 1848JohnWARDLindrick DaleLabourer AnnSISSONSLindrick DaleA Minor Daughter of George, Woodman
17 09 1848JohnPICKWORTH Labourer ElizabethYATES Age 18 Son of William, Labourer
28 10 1848ThomasOATESBrancliffeRailway Contractor SarahJOHNSONBrancliffe  Daughter of Joseph, Farmer
24 11 1848WilliamLAYCOCK Labourer Mary AnnRYE A Minor  
24 12 1848AdamFARRERPenrithLabourer AnnROBINSON   Son of Christopher, Labourer
05 09 1849GeorgePETTINGERClarboroughBoatmanWidowerSarahHEPWORTH Widow  

Transcribed by Jack Parry © 2009
This transcription has not been checked.
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