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SOUTH ANSTON: The Parish Marriage Registers for South Anston, 1910-1919

DateGroom nameGroom SurnameGroom ParishOccupationAgeStatusBride nameBride SurnameBride ParishAgeStatusWitnessesNotes
04 05 1910GeorgeROSE Farmer43WidowerMarthaFEW 23  Son of John William, Farmer and Daughter of Herbert, Miner
13 07 1910Charles EdwardCASH Miner28 EmmaBRIGGS 22  Son of Thomas, Woodman and Daughter of Moses, deceased Cordwainer
08 08 1910AlbertSAVILL37 Whippendell Road, WalfordSchoolmaster37 EllenPRESSWOOD 30  Son of John, Tradesman and Daughter of George, Mason
10 09 1910Robert WistowCLARKE Miner36WidowerMary AnnFISHER 42  Son of William Henry, Miner and Daughter of George, deceased Blacksmith
11 09 1910Walter JamesADAMS Grocer25 Elizabeth AnnieROWLANDS 19  Son of Leonard, Grocer and Daughter of Thomas, Miner
11 10 1910ThomasPARKIN Miner27 Sarah AnnCHAPMAN 29  Son of James, Miner and Daughter of John, Miner
31 10 1910FrederickWRIGHT Miner30 AnnieFIRTH 19  Daughter of William, Carter
06 11 1910James ArthurWALTERSDinningtonMiner30 FlorenceCLAMP 24  Son of James, Labourer and Daughter of Jabez, Labourer
27 12 1910Robert BrammerSMITH Clerk41 HannahWAINWRIGHT 34  Daughter of Joseph, deceased Collier
27 12 1910Thomas ElizahHUDSON Signalman25 Edith MaryBLAND 22  Son of Edward, Labourer and Daughter of Frederick, Labourer
09 01 1911ArthurBLAND Miner22 RuthSMITH 19  Son of John, Weighman and Daughter of William Henry, Miner
19 01 1911Charles HenryCLARKE Miner27 MillicentSMITHTreeton26  Son of William Henry, Miner and Daughter of John, Miner
22 01 1911Robert WilliamKEETON Plate Layer22 Lucy MildredBULMER 25  Son of William Lea?, Labourer and Daughter of William, Quarry Man
27 02 1911HenryPRESSWOOD Farmer31 HarrietWARING 21  Son of John, Farmer and Daughter of Jervis, Miner
27 02 1911RichardGRAINGER Stone Sawyer28 LillianBRADLEY 26  Son of Richard, deceased Farm Labourer and Daughter of Thomas, Miner
11 04 1911AlbertHARRISONKiveton Park StationPorter20 JaneBONTOFTKiveton Park Station18  Son of Thomas George, Railway Guard and Daughter of George Waite, Maltster
06 05 1911Charles HenryJACKSONDewsburyPoliceman30 Edith MaryREYNOLDS 26  Son of William, deceased Blacksmith and Daughter of William, Joiner
26 08 1911GeorgeJACKSON Miner25 ElizabethFELLOWS 19  Son of William, deceased Shoemaker and Daughter of Thomas, Labourer
26 12 1911FrederickBROCKLEHURSTLaughtonMiner22 Frances ElizabethDIXON 20  Son of Frederick, Miner and Daughter of John, deceased Quarry Man
06 02 1912George ThomasFISHER Miner26 BerthaSENESCAL 21  Son of John, deceased Miner and Daughter of John William, Miner
12 03 1912WilfredBUXTON Miner21 LauraPLATTS 18  Son of James, Quarry Man and Daughter of Robert, Joiner
20 03 1912William HughCLARKEThorpe SalvinQuarry Man25 Edith MayTHOMPSONWoodmill, Anston23  Son of Hugh Hydes, Carpenter and Daughter of George, Miner
28 05 1912DavidWOOD43 Park Terrace, WalesMiner24 Charlotte MaryHAYES 20  Son of Thomas, Miner and Daughter of Walter, deceased Miner
20 07 1912Ernest FrankFOULDS Miner21 LouisaWESTSilverdales, Dinnington21  Son of Fred, Miner and Daughter of Joseph, Miner
05 08 1912WilliamSTEWARDWest StreetMiner21 ClaraBRADLEYWest Street21  Son of Joseph, GreenGrocer and Daughter of James, GreenGrocer
05 08 1912SamuelSTREET84 Springfield TerraceMiner27 Cissie Eliza Ellen WalleyBROOKSHAW84 Springfield Terrace20  Son of Samuel, deceased Steel Roller and Daughter of John Edward Walley, Miner
05 10 1912AlbertPURSGLOVE29 Starch HousesMiner24 MabelRANDALL29 Starch Houses21  Son of Thomas, deceased Postman and Daughter of Harry, Miner
25 01 1913WilliamTAYLORLindrick DaleLabourer27 EmmaBAKER 21  Son of George, Labourer and Daughter of Thomas, Labourer
23 02 1913George WalterWILSON7 Station RoadPlate Layer34 Mary ElizabethTOWELL7 Station Road42Widow Son of George, Brass Finisher and Daughter of John Rhodes, deceased Coachman
01 03 1913WilliamMALLENDERWaleswoodColliery Foreman34 Betsy EllenROBINSONKiveton Park31  Son of William, Miner and Daughter of William, Signalman
18 03 1913John WilliamBLAND Weighman31 Hannah ElizabethROBERTS 30  Son of John, Weighman
12 05 1913JosephPAGETT197 Carlisle Street, East SheffieldGrocer38 Harriet HelenaHALL 24  Son of George, deceased Iron Moulder and Daughter of Frederick, Gas Manager
13 05 1913GeorgeLEBLONDWalesMiner30 EdithBLAND 29  Daughter of John, Weighman
14 05 1913John William TemplemanHILEYEdwinstoweSignalman23 AnnieSHIPSTON 20  Son of Joseph, Foreman and Daughter of Herbert, Miner
29 05 1913GeorgeFISHER Grocer56WidowerKate BroomheadFRITH    Son of George, deceased Grocer and Daughter of John, deceased Painter
16 07 1913ErnestJARRETT  24 HannahBIRD 22  Son of Edward, Miner
19 07 1913Christopher ErnestJOY26 Main StreetMiner26 BerthaWALKER26 Main Street25  Son of James, deceased Iron Moulder and Daughter of Frederick, Labourer
11 08 1913AlfredTURTON34 Sikes RoadMiner27 EdithLIDSTER5 Hill Side19  Son of Joseph, deceased Colliery Pump Man and Daughter of Frederick, Stone Mason
01 09 1913RichardCOOLING199 Fox Street, SheffieldRailway Clerk33 Frances MaryWHITEHEAD7 Mount Pleasant21  Son of Richard, deceased Railway Signalman and Daughter of George Henry, Collier
24 11 1913JesseFEWLindrick HillFarm Servant24 Beatrice AliceNEWSOMELindrick Hill26  Son of Herbert, Collier and Daughter of John William, deceased Grinder
08 12 1913Edward AndersonCOLEMANLaughtonFarmer22 Janet MarianRILEY 25  Son of Alexander Vincent, deceased Licensed Victualler and Daughter of Thomas, Farmer
21 03 1914ErnestSTREETNeepsend, SheffieldSteel Worker23 Sarah Emma WalleyBROOKSHAW 20  Son of Samuel, deceased Steel Worker and Daughter of John Edward Walley, Miner
25 05 1914Llewellyn BeaumontGODDARD Sanitary Inspector27 Alice MayBENNETT 23  Son of George, Post Office Official and Daughter of Samuel, Farmer
02 06 1914Harold AshmoreSTENTON Clerk28 GertrudeWARD 21  Son of Henry, Joiner and Daughter of Cam Butler, Licensed Victualler
13 07 1914HenrySMITH60 Laughton Road, DinningtonClerk31 BerniceBLAND 24  Son of William, Maltster and Daughter of Frederick, Miner
03 10 1914GeorgeTURNER29 Starch HousesMiner23 Hannah MaryCOOK29 Starch Houses18  Son of Griffin, Collier and Daughter of Elias Richard, Collier
05 08 1916David HansonMCGHEEUnion Bank House, Princess Street, Port GlasgowBoiler Maker37 MabelleBENNETTKiveton Park28  Son of John, deceased Tailor and Daughter of Jonathan George, Maltster Foreman
10 11 1916RichardBARNES Soldier in France22 MayWHITEHEAD7 Magila Cottages22  Son of William, Collier and Daughter of Frank, Collier
28 11 1916William HenrySMITHAnston HallMiner36 Hannah ElizabethRILEYHillside38  Son of Samuel, Gardener and Daughter of Thomas, Farmer
15 02 1917Joseph RobertsLANCASHIREKiveton ParkRoyal Flying Corp28 MaudREYNOLDS 26  Son of Samuel, Miner and Daughter of William, Farmer
09 04 1917James HenryJOHNSONKiveton Park StationStoker26 Evelyn MayNEWBOULDKiveton Park Station18  Son of James, deceased Horse Keeper and Daughter of George, deceased Miner
09 04 1917PercyWRIGHTTreetonMiner21 ElsieSTOREY 23  Son of Daniel Henry, Miner and Daughter of Benjamin, Miner
09 04 1917JamesPUDGE Miner21 Hilda Mabel EmmaEAMES 18  Daughter of Joseph, Miner
16 08 1917JosephHERRINGTON LT in the Durgam Light Infantry26 Catherine SusanREYNOLDSWest House29  Son of William Henry, Ship Builder and Daughter of William, Farmer
24 08 1917HughSPENCERDinningtonMiner22 Mary ElizabethTOWE 20  Son of Hugh, deceased Miner and Daughter of Fred, Miner
25 10 1917Cecil BaileySIDDATanfields Farm, ShireoaksFarmer28 LauraHANCOX 34  Son of Charles Henry, Farmer and Daughter of Isaac, Butcher
05 02 1918Frank SamuelBUTCHER Miner22 AnnieHOULDSON 18  Son of Robert, Labourer and Daughter of Robert Henry, Miner
12 03 1918HoracePLATTS Miner25 OliveBLAND 23  Son of Robert, Joiner and Daughter of George, Labourer
02 04 1918ArthurHOULDEN Miner22 EmilyHOGG 22  Son of Robert Henry, Miner and Daughter of George, Labourer
20 04 1918William Cyril SteadCRABTREE Mine Surveyor23 EllenHERROD 29  Son of William Henry Stead, Inspector and Daughter of William, retired
12 06 1918JohnWALKER Miner36 Dallas HawthorneBRADBURY 28Widow  
26 06 1918RichardCOOK Soldier26 AnnieHALL 21  Son of Elias, Miner and Daughter of George, Miner
20 07 1918JohnSHIPGOOD Miner34 AmeliaHERBERT 29  Son of John, deceased Quarry Man and Daughter of Thomas, Miner
12 08 1918HenryCARTLEDGE Signalman29 BetsyTOWELL 28  Son of Thomas, Labourer and Daughter of John, Inspector
14 10 1918Cyril JosephFLETCHERDinningtonMiner23 GladysBROCKLEHURST 23  Son of Joseph, Miner and Daughter of Fred, Miner
23 11 1918AaronBOOTH29 Starch HousesMiner53WidowerNellieCOOK29 Starch Houses32   
25 01 1919John WrightSILVESTER Miner21 NorahVARLEY 19  Son of John Wright, deceased Butcher and Daughter of Arthur, Miner
11 06 1919ThomasEGERTONLowton, LANCarter42 AliceSMITH 40  Daughter of Samuel, Gardener
10 07 1919RichardCASSEYSouth Farnborough, HAMMiner25 EdithINWOOD 21  Daughter of Harry, Miner
10 07 1919Alfred WilliamMARRIS Miner24 EdithHAYDONHeeley, Sheffield23  Son of Joseph Henry, Brick Layer
09 08 1919John MauriceWHITEHEAD Labourer59WidowerHarrietELLIOTT 31  Daughter of Henry, Boatman
23 08 1919RobertHARRISON Miner23 AdaBUXTON 21  Son of Henry, Labourer and Daughter of James, Quarry Man
08 09 1919WilfredWARNES Tinner20 Frances MayBRADLEY 19  Daughter of James Marshall, deceased GreenGrocer
10 09 1919James FisherWHITFIELD Miner25 Doris MayREANEY 25  Son of William, deceased and Daughter of John Thomas, Steward
13 10 1919Enos EdwardOLDALE Miner22 Inez DicksonWHITE 21  Son of Herbert, Joiner and Daughter of Frank, Butcher
18 10 1919WilfredBURGESSDinningtonMiner25 HildaPAGETT 22  Son of Benjamin, Retired Pensioner and Daughter of Samuel, deceased Quarry Man
03 11 1919George WilliamBRAMMER Miner24 Linda MayHILL1 Clarence Street, Dinnington22  Son of Thomas, Miner and Daughter of Edmund, Miner
25 12 1919JohnSILVESTER  26 MargaretBILHAM 23  Son of Francis J, Butcher and Daughter of George, Miner
25 12 1919AndrewVARLEYThe MillMiner23 AnniePARKERThe Mill26  Son of Arthur, Miner and Daughter of George, Miner

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