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SOUTH ANSTON: The Parish Marriage Registers for South Anston,

DateGroom nameGroom SurnameGroom ParishOccupationAgeStatusBride nameBride SurnameBride ParishAgeStatusWitnessesNotes
12 01 1920ThomasSHIPGOOD Miner37 EdithDICKSON 24  Son of John, deceased Quarry Man and Daughter of Robert H, Miner
27 01 1920WilliamSTACEY Miner23 CharlottePLANT 24  Son of Walter, Blacksmith and Daughter of George, Blacksmith
09 02 1920Charles HenryIVORYSheffieldSoldier35 Florence AvelinHEMPSHALL 32  Son of John, retired and Daughter of G W, Farmer
16 02 1920FrancisMYERSEcclesfield 28 Edith EvelynTUDGE 22  Daughter of Joseph Henry, Brick Layer
28 02 1920Jonathan RobertFISHER Miner26 Annie ElizabethFISHER 24  Son of Walter, Miner and Daughter of Thomas, Miner
02 03 1920HarrySUTTONKiveton StationPlate Layer20 Evelyn HannahGODDARD 20  Son of James, Labourer and Daughter of J H A, Miller
04 03 1920JackTOMLINSONWorksopPawnbroker22 KathleenHYDESLindrick20  Son of A J, Pawnbroker and Daughter of W G, deceased Caretaker
05 04 1920WilfredLODGE Farmer24 Jessie MayCHAMBERSDinnington21  Son of Fred J, Farmer and Daughter of Richard, Motor Man
05 04 1920ArthurTETLEYGirlingtonMotor Man32 Charlotte MarionHARRISON 25  Daughter of Henry, Labourer
14 04 1920Frederick WilliamLOVATTDinningtonClerk27 Mary AugustaWYATT 19  Son of Nathaniel, Mechanic and Daughter of Henry, Tailor
24 04 1920Francis DouglasATKINThorpe SalvinFarmer21 Doris MayLODGE 22  Son of Francis, Farmer and Daughter of Fred G, Farmer
22 05 1920ErnestDELAMORE Brick Layer32 Esther AnnaRICHARDSON 22  Daughter of Samuel, Miner
26 05 1920ColinBOOTH Carter  AnnieSMITH 28  Son of William, Fitter and Daughter of Samuel, Gardener
16 06 1920ArthurMILLSShireoaksMiner34 Annie ElizabethFISHER 30Widow  
03 07 1920Arthur WilliamBELLSouth View Road, SheffieldBlacksmith28 BetsyAIREY 23  Son of William Ed, deceased Blacksmith and Daughter of James, Joiner
17 07 1920George HenryWOODHEAD Railway Man21 Margaret PhyllisHARGRAVE 20  Son of George, deceased Dyer and Daughter of Thomas, Electrician
20 07 1920James WilliamHUNTER Miner25 LauraFISHER 29  Son of Francis, Quarry Man and Daughter of Thomas, Miner
04 08 1920BenjaminBROCKLBYLaughtonRailway Man  Edith LouisTOWELL 22  Son of James, Railway Man and Daughter of John, Inspector
23 08 1920Frederick WilliamTOONDinningtonMiner20 VioletTAYLOR 21  Son of Charles, Miner
01 09 1920EdwardPACEYDinningtonClerk23 EthelCOULSON    Son of John William, Fruiterer and Daughter of Frederick, deceased Farmer
04 09 1920Albert ArthurSEAMANDinningtonMiner29 Mary EllenWINFROW 32  Son of John, deceased Miner and Daughter of George, Farmer
04 10 1920AlbertTURNERDinningtonLabourer29 Mary ElizabethCHAPMAN 23  Son of George, Gardener and Daughter of George, Quarry Man
29 11 1920ReubenDURHAMMalt Kiln Yard, Kiveton StationStoker46WidowerAgnes RachelJOHNSONMalt Kiln Yard, Kiveton Station55Widow Son of Andrew, deceased Labourer and Daughter of Richard Harris, deceased Gaardener
26 12 1920Percy JohnELVIDGE Screens Man26 EvaFOWLERDinnington20  Son of John, Screens Man
27 12 1920William MetcalfeLONGTHORNS Carter30 Anne ElizabethHACKNEY 21  Son of William, Labourer and Daughter of Fred W, Miner
28 12 1920HerbertBLAND  64WidowerAgnesOLDALE 52   
05 02 1921AlfredTODDWorksopMiner24 HannahBRAMMER 18  Daughter of Thomas, Miner
28 03 1921Thomas RobertWARING Miner22 FlorenceFISHER 22  Son of Robert, deceased Miner and Daughter of Thomas, Miner
23 04 1921FrankMILLER Miner21 Jane BlackHARRISKiveton Park18  Son of Herbert, Miner and Daughter of Joseph, Miner
18 06 1921Charles WilkinsonJEPSONChrist Church, DoncasterRailway Man24 MaisieBRAMMER 21  Son of Frank, Railway Man and Daughter of Thomas, Miner
20 07 1921FrederickSHIPGOOD Miner26 Frances MaryDINSDALE 21  Son of John, deceased Miner and Daughter of Alfred, Provision Dealer
21 07 1921FrankSILVESTERGildingwellsFarmer29 MabelWHITEHEAD 25  Son of Francis J, Provision Dealer and Daughter of Charles E, Farmer
26 07 1921John WilliamSMITH Miner24 Harriet Elizabeth WrightHALLKiveton Station23Widow Son of William, Farm Labourer and Daughter of G H A Goddard, Engine Man
13 08 1921EdmundTURGOOSEDinningtonMiner28 Lucy AnnCOCKING 21  Son of Edmund, Miner and Daughter of William, Miner
26 09 1921Leonard LukeMALLINDER Miner24 Lucy Florence ElizabethTURNER 23  Son of Fred, deceased Miner
03 10 1921Thomas RichardHORSLEYDinningtonHorseman26 LillieBOOTH 20  Son of William, Labourer and Daughter of George, Quarry Man
20 10 1921HarryBROCKLEHURST Miner22 DorisMITCHELL 20  Son of Fred, Miner and Daughter of Albert, Miner
29 11 1921HerbertLAMBWalesMiner29 EmilyBRADBURY 28  Son of C E, deceased Miner
24 12 1921HenryWARING Miner28 EthelCLARKWales24  Son of Jarvis, Miner and Daughter of W H, Miner
26 12 1921ThomasBRAMMER Miner25 Clarice WinifredHILLDinnington20  Son of Thomas, Miner and Daughter of Edmund, Miner
10 01 1922StephenBURKEKiveton ParkMiner20BachelorEllaGABBITASNorth Anston19SpinsterThomas Burke & Rose FowlerSon of Michael, Miner - By Licence
14 01 1922Charles FrederickNAYLORDinningtonMiner20BachelorBellaDICKSONNorth Anston22SpinsterJohn H Peatman & Mabel DicksonSon of C F, Miner and Daughter of Robert Henry, Picture Framer - By Banns
17 04 1922George BarringtonSPARROWStretford Road, ManchesterElectrician26BachelorAdeline MayBLANDSouth Anston27SpinsterArthur Sparrow & Edith BlandSon of W G, Baker and Daughter of Robert J, Miner - By Licence
22 05 1922George WilliamLISTERLaughtonMiner26BachelorGladys MaryFISHERNorth Anston25SpinsterThomas Henry Lister & Annie SmootheyDaughter of Henry, Miner - By Licence
03 06 1922Arthur JamesPLANTSouth AnstonMiner25BachelorEdith MaryBUXTONSouth Anston27SpinsterThomas Plant, W Buxton, M Buxton & Blanche Maud They?Son of George, retired and Daughter of James, Quarry Man - By Licence
03 06 1922John HenryORTONSouth AnstonFork Maker29BachelorMaryBARTONSouth Anston22SpinsterPercy Orton, J H Barton, Annie Barton & A OrtonSon of Arthur, Engineer and Daughter of Joseph Henry, Miner - By Banns
05 06 1922Oswald StanleyDEANEClowneMechanic22BachelorEmma ElizabethBLANDSouth Anston19SpinsterJames Bland, T H Heggs, Marion Jane Deane & E BlandSon of Walter Olive, Mechanic and Daughter of James, Miner - By Licence
05 06 1922ArthurWHALEYNorth AnstonMiner26BachelorGertrudePLATTSSouth Anston25SpinsterSidney Platts, D Jones, Esther Platts & John BakerSon of Joseph, deceased and Daughter of William, Miner - By Banns
06 14 1922Albert SidneyGARRISONLaughtonMotor Man35WidowerClarissa EllenBENNETTNorth Anston26SpinsterSamuel Bennett, R C Garrison, Ivy Lavinia Garrison & Harry Fisher HawksSon of Richard Charles, Steel Worker and Daughter of Samuel, Farmer - By Banns
07 29 1922ErnestGREEN4 The Green, North AnstonMiner22BachelorEsther ElizabethROBBINS3 The Wells, North Anston22SpinsterJames Robbins & Jessie GreenSon of James Edward, Miner and Daughter of James, Miner - By Banns
26 12 1922Philip JamesPENBERTHYDinningtonMiner23BachelorKitty MayTOWELLNorth Anston22SpinsterJohn Towell, W J Penberthy, S Towell & J TowellSon of William James, Miner and Daughter of John, Inspector - By Banns
26 12 1922Frederick EdmundMARPLESSheffieldJoiner28BachelorClara AnnGABBITASNorth Anston21SpinsterAlbert Gabbitas, Ruth Gabbitas & H GabbitasSon of E C, deceased Coal Merchant and Daughter of Albert, Miner - By Banns
27 12 1922Robert StuartSMITHSouth AnstonMiner26BachelorEstherPLATTSSouth Anston23SpinsterJohn Edwin Smith, Doris Jones & W PlattsSon of Robert B, Store Keeper and Daughter of William, Miner - By Banns
02 04 1923William HenryHILLNorth AnstonMiner23BachelorAnnieGABBITASNorth Anston29WidowSamuel Hill & Mabel DicksonDaughter of Robert Henry, Photographer - By Banns
02 07 1923FrankTURNER10 High Street, South AnstonButcher20BachelorIvy ElizabethJEPSON20 Laughton Road, Dinnington23SpinsterFrank Ernest Jepson & Kate Mary TurnerSon of Herbert Marquis, Quarry Man and Daughter of Ernest, Farm Labourer - By Licence
23 07 1923GeorgeSWIFTWalesMiner28BachelorEllenSHIPSTONNorth Anston24SpinsterRichard Swift & Kate ShipstonSon of George, Miner and Daughter of Herbert, Miner - By Banns
25 07 1923William BatemanBAGSHAWBlythFarmer29BachelorElsieCOLLINSONSouth Anston23SpinsterWilliam Elliott Collinson, Doris V Fisher, I B Bagshaw & William CollinsonSon of John Bateman, Farmer and Daughter of William, Veterinary Surgeon - By Banns
01 10 1923William HenryPASHLEYWalesCoke Worker27BachelorGladysWARDKiveton Station24SpinsterEdgar Allen Ward & Matilda PashleySon of Henry, Electrician and Daughter of Charles Henry, Miner - By Banns
04 10 1923Thomas HenryROBERTSHAWSouth AnstonClerk31BachelorPriscillaSTAPLETONSouth Anston22SpinsterEnoch Stapleton, Edwin Ashton, Betsy Inman & Lucy RobertshawSon of Thomas, Cashier and Daughter of Enoch, Miner - By Banns
06 10 1923CharlesANDERTONTimperleyPaper Merchant60WidowerHarriet AnnieROBERTSHAWSouth Anston42SpinsterBen J Marson?, T Robertshaw, Lucy Robertshaw & H RobertshawSon of William Henry, Paper Merchant and Daughter of Thomas, Cashier - By Licence
01 12 1923ReedMANGHAMDinningtonDeputy31WidowerHarriet ElizabethFISHERNorth Anston26SpinsterJohn Mangham, J W Hunter & Susannah ManghamSon of Reed, Horse Keeper and Daughter of Thomas, Miner - By Banns
04 12 1923TomMERRILLWorksopWood Machinist27BachelorCharlotte MayREYNOLDSNorth Anston27SpinsterWilliam Bernard Reynolds, Christiana Cooper & W ReynoldsSon of Tom, deceased Quarry Man and Daughter of W, retired - By Licence
18 12 1923RichardROBINSONDinningtonSanitary Worker20BachelorGladysHEM[P]SHELLNorth Anston21SpinsterG W Hempshell, Mary A Hempshell & O SpurrSon of Herbert, Labourer and Daughter of G W, Farmer - By Banns
26 12 1923SamuelHILLNorth AnstonMiner21BachelorRuthGABBITASNorth Anston20SpinsterFrederick Edmund Marples & Elsie GabbitasSon of J W, Miner and Daughter of Albert, Miner - By Banns
22 04 1924WalterRODDISLaughtonFitter29BachelorEdith EmilyBARTONSouth Anston26SpinsterJohn Barton, Nelly Bradley, L Roddis, Arthur Roddis & Mary BartonSon of John, Labourer and Daughter of Joseph Henry, News Agent - By Banns
03 05 1924Frank Roland HarryBURNETWorksopMiner21BachelorConstanceWARDKiveton Station19SpinsterWilliam Henry Pashley & Minnie ClaySon of J Froggart, Mechanic and Daughter of Charles Henry, Miner - By Banns
09 06 1924William JohnCOOKDinningtonMiner28BachelorAnnieSMOOTHEYNorth Anston22SpinsterF Smoothy, W Thomas, E A Smoothey & E SmootheySon of William John, deceased Horse Man and Daughter of Harry, Engine Man - By Banns
09 06 1924John ArthurBAKERNorth AnstonPainter19BachelorFlorenceTAFFNorth Anston19SpinsterJohn George Taff, Elsie Taff & Harry InwoodSon of William, Engineer and Daughter of John G, Painter - By Banns
06 28 1924WalterCHURCHLaughtonGas Worker30BachelorAmeliaBAILEYNorth Anston24SpinsterJoseph Henry Whitehouse, C Church & Mary Alice BennettSon of T M, deceased Gas Manager and Daughter of Daniel, Miner - By Banns
01 07 1924John WilliamSTENTONSouth AnstonMeter Inspector33BachelorLauraMILLERSouth Anston31SpinsterE F Stenton, H A Stenton, M Miller, F Stenton & F StentonSon of Henry, Joiner and Daughter of William Miller, Grocer - By Banns
12 07 1924John TerrenceKEEPKiveton StationRailway Man24BachelorLucyPARKERSouth Anston18SpinsterWilliam Ibbotson Crookes & Agnes KeepSon of H C, Signalman and Daughter of S, Labourer - By Banns
04 08 1924James AndrewPICKERINGNorth AnstonMiner23BachelorDoris HarrietEAMESNorth Anston22SpinsterJoseph Eames & Richard PickeringSon of Richard, Sanitary Pipe Worker and Daughter of Joseph, Miner - By Banns
06 08 1924Oliver WendellHOLMESNetherthorpeFarmer23BachelorCissyWARNESAnston19SpinsterErnest Maltby & Ethel FordSon of John Thomas, Miner and Daughter of Thomas, Miner - By Banns
23 08 1924WilliamSTUDHOLMEParkgate, RawmarshPolice Officer28BachelorFannyGRAINGERSouth Anston23SpinsterJohn Grainger, Olive Jepson & George R GraingerSon of William, Miner and Daughter of John, Farm Worker - By Licence
15 09 1924George ClaytonPLANTSouth AnstonBlacksmith41BachelorElizabethCOOPERNorth Anston38WidowGeorge Worthington & Charlotte StaceySon of George, retired
20 12 1924GeorgeFORMANSouth AnstonEngine Driver42BachelorMary AnnRILEYNorth Anston31SpinsterJohn Edmund Riley & Emily FormanSon of James, Farmer and Daughter of Thomas, Farmer - By Banns
20 12 1924Thomas EdwardKELKBlythFarm Labourer24BachelorAnnieWILSONThe Dale32SpinsterErnest Willis, Thomas Wilson & Gertie Hannah SpencerSon of William, deceased Farm Labourer and Daughter of Rossington, Lock Keeper - By Banns
25 12 1924Benjamin CliffordGEENorth AnstonMiner21BachelorDorothy EdithTYSONNorth Anston20SpinsterDavid Marriott & Janet Fyfe UrieSon of William, Miner and Daughter of J A, Miner - By Banns
27 12 1924Thomas CharlesCOLEMANNorth AnstonLabourer28BachelorSusanTOWELLNorth Anston21SpinsterJohn Towell Sr, John Towell & Janet Fyfe UrieSon of Daniel, Labourer and Daughter of John, Inspector - By Banns
07 03 1925GeorgeWAGSTAFFThorpe SalvinMiner24BachelorKathleenMILLERNorth Anston22SpinsterJoseph Wagstaff & Mildred AllsoppSon of Edward, Keeper and Daughter of Frederick, Miner - By Banns
11 04 1925John WilliamBARTONNorth AnstonMiner35BachelorEllenAIREYNorth Anston27SpinsterJames Airey & Sarah Ann HallSon of John, retired and Daughter of James, Joiner - By Licence
11 04 1925ArthurPARKERNorth AnstonMiner28BachelorElsieLAYNEWales28SpinsterOscar Parker & Dorothy HorsleySon of George, Miner and Daughter of Thomas, Miner - By Banns
11 04 1925SamuelBOWERWorksopMiner21BachelorAlison MayFOWKESNorth Anston18SpinsterWilliam Fisher & Gladys FowkesSon of Samuel, Miner and Daughter of Thomas, Miner - By Banns
11 04 1925ThomasFISHERNorth AnstonRailway Man34BachelorVictoria ElsieDAWNNorth Anston27SpinsterFrank Bibby & Alice SmalleySon of Thomas, Miner and Daughter of Martin, deceased Miner - By Banns
11 06 1925Francis NoelNEWBOULTNorth AnstonFarm Worker33BachelorEmilyFORMANSouth Anston30SpinsterCharles Henry Forman & Alfred Donald NewboultDaughter of James, Farm Worker - By Licence
03 08 1925HerbertFLETCHERDinningtonMiner23BachelorEstherFISHERNorth Anston22SpinsterThomas Robert Waring & Ada DaveySon of William, Miner and Daughter of Thomas, Miner - By Banns
09 11 1925SydneyJACKSONStanningtonPolice Constable25BachelorSarah AnnHALLNorth Anston24SpinsterWilliam Hall, Joseph H Moyle, Jessie Davies & Annie BellSon of Colin, Miner and Daughter of William, Miner - By Banns
17 11 1925WilliamTHOMASNorth AnstonFarm Worker30BachelorElizabeth AnaSMOOTHEYSouth Anston25SpinsterFrederick Smoothey, Mary Smoothey & T M SmootheySon of John, Farm Worker and Daughter of Harry, Engine Driver - By Banns
22 12 1925EdwardREEVESThe Dale, AnstonPit Sinker21BachelorAdaASHMOREFanfield, Shireoaks21SpinsterLawrence Hayes & Edna PollardSon of G R, Fish Dealer - By Banns
26 12 1925HerbertHALLNorth AnstonMiner25BachelorGertrude MaryBENNETTNorth Anston24SpinsterJoseph Lawrence Hall & Ada GibsonSon of George, Miner and Daughter of Benjamin, Miner - By Banns
26 12 1925Joseph WalterHACKNEYNorth AnstonMiner28BachelorNellieBUXTONSouth Anston25SpinsterVictor William Hiseltine & Maria BuxtonSon of Fred W, Miner and Daughter of James, Quarry Man - By Banns
26 12 1925GeorgeWRIGHTShireoaksMiner25BachelorDorothy AnnCLAYTONNorth Anston23SpinsterJohn Wright & Maud ClaytonSon of George, Miner and Daughter of William, Labourer - By Banns
22 05 1926TrevorSTUBBSPennistoneRailway Man23BachelorLauraBLANDAnston21SpinsterCyril Bland & Gladys OldaleSon of Harry, FishMonger and Daughter of Herbert, retired - By Banns
24 05 1926William VernonLYNCHDinningtonFitter24BachelorGertrudeELVIDGEAnston29SpinsterJohn Elvidge, Olive LynchSon of John, deceased Miner and Daughter of John, Farmer - By Banns
28 07 1926JosephALLENAnstonQuarry Man22BachelorViolet MayGODDARDAnston20SpinsterGeorge H A Goddard & Christiana CooperSon of John B, deceased Quarry Man and Daughter of George H A, Engine Man - By Banns
02 10 1926RennyKINGKiveton ParkColliery TimeKeeper29BachelorGladys AnnieTERRELLAnston27Spinster - Certified School TeacherAnnie Maria Terrell, William Edward Terrell & Edith M AllenSon of Samuel James, Retired Miner and Daughter of Frank, deceased - By Banns
06 10 1926Alfred LeonardHERODSouth AnstonPolice Constable32BachelorAnnieDINSDALESouth Anston20SpinsterTom Dinsdale & Maud WinnSon of Joseph, retired and Daughter of Alfred, Grocer - By Banns
14 10 1926ArnoldRASTRICKCrookes, SheffieldSaw Maker23BachelorMadgeSPENCERSouth Anston21SpinsterRobert Spencer & Hilda HowardDaughter of Robert, retired - By Banns
18 10 1926William ParkerLAMBEverton, DoncasterRoadman22BachelorGladys MaryPERKINSNorth Anston19SpinsterJoseph Hakes & Astley Tom FouldsSon of John C, deceased - By Banns
19 10 1926Thomas EdmundBELLNorth AnstonFarmer20BachelorDorisCAVILLNorth Anston19SpinsterCharles Cavill & George BellSon of T G W, Farmer and Daughter of J T, Farmer - By Licence
09 11 1926John WilliamHICKMANSouth AnstonPlate Layer28BachelorDoris AnnieNEWTONSouth Anston23SpinsterGeorge Hickman & Alice HickmanSon of W H, Butcher and Daughter of Arthur, Miner - By Licence
17 11 1926ThomasSTEPHENSONBishopton Lodge, RiponFarmer26BachelorMildred KathleenWRIGHTAnston Hall38SpinsterMatthew Stephenson & Rita WrightSon of Matthew, LandOwner and Daughter of Charles, LandOwner - By Banns
23 12 1926GordonPHILLIPSAnstonFarm Worker23BachelorElsie WinnCLARKEAnston18SpinsterArchie Phillips & Sarah Emily BrocklehurstSon of Thomas, Bailiff - By Banns
27 12 1926EdwardEATONAnstonJoiner40BachelorMildred MaryWARDAnston35WidowT W Rowlands, H G Marshall & William Aldam MarshallSon of William, deceased Groom and Daughter of W A, retired - By Licence
19 02 1927WalterWARINGHareshill, LeedsRailway Man22BachelorAliceBAILEYNorth Anston21SpinsterHarry Romans & Gladys Maud ButterfieldDaughter of W, Miner - By Banns
19 03 1927George FrederickLOCKEYBawtryLabourer26BachelorHarrietAIREYNorth Anston26SpinsterCharles Jackson & Vera LockeySon of Joseph, Brick Layer and Daughter of James, Joiner - By Banns
16 04 1927DennisMOOREMount Pellon, HalifaxSoldier25BachelorGladys MaudBUTTERFIELDNorth Anston25SpinsterAlbert Hodgkins & Phyllis ButterfieldSon of John Bateman, Packer and Daughter of Herbert, Miner - By Banns
04 06 1927HarryWILKINSONBrightside, SheffieldBlacksmith41BachelorEthelSMOOTHEYNorth Anston22SpinsterWilliam Thomas & Elizabeth Ana ThomasDaughter of Harry, Engine Driver - By Banns
30 07 1927William TickleGIBSONThurnscoeMiner24BachelorRuthHUNTERNorth Anston21SpinsterHarold Gibson & Irene GibsonSon of James, deceased Miner and Daughter of Frank, Labourer - By Banns
* 08 1927FrankREANEYDinningtonMechanic26BachelorDorisOLDALENorth Anston23SpinsterArthur Reaney, Winifred Oldale & G W OldaleSon of Arthur, Miner and Daughter of George William, retired - By Banns
24 08 1927PercyLOBLEYBothamsallChauffeur26BachelorNellieBRADLEYSouth Anston32SpinsterArthur Bradley, Ellen Savory & Frank BradleySon of John, Keeper and Daughter of Tom, Miner - By Banns
10 09 1927ThomasPLATTSDinningtonMotor Driver23BachelorBlanchePLATTSSouth Anston19SpinsterJohn Chambers & Rhoda VarleyDaughter of Henry, Miner - By Banns
18 12 1927John Charles WiddowsonFOULDSNorth AnstonShoemaker47BachelorAliceKNOWLESNorth Anston31SpinsterHarry Knowles & Jane MooreSon of George Wright, deceased Miner and Daughter of Jacob, deceased Miner - By Banns
26 12 1927EdgarROBBINSSouth AnstonMiner23BachelorKateSHIPSTONNorth Anston23SpinsterIvy Shipston & John ChambersSon of Harold, Boot Maker and Daughter of Herbert, Miner - By Banns
12 03 1928LewisCOOPERNorth AnstonQuarry Man25BachelorElsie MaySUTTONWoodsetts26SpinsterJames Sutton & Addy TyasSon of John, Miner and Daughter of James, Farmer - By Banns
25 04 1928Charles SamuelSWANNShireoaksOn Setter?25BachelorMaudCLAYTONNorth Anston22SpinsterRalph Swann & Aurora SwannSon of James, Watchman and Daughter of William, Miner - By Banns
26 05 1928Leonard ManningBOLESWorksopMiner27BachelorElsieCLARKENorth Anston25SpinsterBarnet George Clarke, Eva Jones & T TeshSon of Ambrose Henry, Painter and Daughter of Robert W, deceased Miner - By Banns
06 08 1928ThomasPAULSONEverton, NTTColliery Surface Worker34BachelorBetsy AnnieWINFROWAnston30SpinsterErnest Winfrow & Ethel WinfrowSon of George, Gardener and Daughter of George, deceased - By Banns
06 08 1928Thomas ArthurGODDARDQuarry Cottage, Kiveton ParkLabourer26BachelorEdithPROCTORWest View, Anston20SpinsterJohn William Smith, Violet Eliza Bunting & A E LewisSon of George Henry Arthur, Engine Driver and Daughter of Charles, Railway Guard - By Banns
15 09 1928John AndrewHANDYLaughton CommonMiner23BachelorFlorence MabelHACKNEYNorth Anston22SpinsterJoseph Laybourne Hartley & Edith HackneySon of Edwin, Miner and Daughter of Fred Walter, Miner - By Banns
06 10 1928John WillieSHIPSTONNorth AnstonLabourer27BachelorFrances EvelynROBBINSNorth Anston25SpinsterFred Robbins & Edith RobbinsSon of Herbert, Labourer and Daughter of James, Surface Worker - By Banns
03 11 1928StephenOLDFIELDLaughtonSurface Worker25BachelorBessieCHAMBERSSouth Anston17SpinsterJohn Chambers, J Holling & K ChambersSon of J H, Clerk and Daughter of Henry, Miner - By Banns
22 12 1928AlbertBATTYWalesMiner26BachelorAnnBARTONSouth Anston26SpinsterThomas Holden & Gladys BartonSon of Thomas, Miner and Daughter of J H, Joiner - By Banns
25 12 1928Horace EdwardWINFROWDinningtonMiner26BachelorRhodaVARLEYNorth Anston20SpinsterArthur Varley & Janet Elizabeth WinfrowSon of George, Joiner and Daughter of Arthur, Miner - By Banns
26 12 1928WilfredREANEYWoodsettsGardener27BachelorSarah JaneBURROWSNorth Anston20SpinsterJames Arthur Haywood & Mahala WallheadSon of John, Brewer and Daughter of A Henry, Gas Stoker - By Banns
30 03 1929AndrewBARROTTShaw, Oldham, ManchesterPacker22BachelorMaryEAMESNorth Anston24SpinsterJoseph Eames & May BarrottSon of Joseph, Spinner and Daughter of Joseph, Miner - By Banns
18 05 1929Arthur LauranceHIGHAMGorleston-on-SeaGas Engineer27BachelorMabelIBBOTSONSouth Anston24SpinsterHarold Nichol, Elsie Parkin & Ruth IbbotsonSon of Frederick, Gas Manager and Daughter of James, Farmer - By Banns
20 05 1929Robert HenryBARLOWKiveton Park StationMiner24BachelorCissieBELLKiveton Park Station23SpinsterWalter Bell, John Bell, Mary Bell & Beatrice BarlowSon of Thomas Joseph, Miner and Daughter of William Henry, Maltster - By Banns
20 07 1929EdwardBLOOMFIELDDinningtonMiner23BachelorKateCHAMBERSSouth Anston18SpinsterFrank Chambers, Edith Mottram & John Thomas MottramSon of Joseph, Official - By Banns
31 08 1929John ThomasDAWSONTodwickMiner34BachelorHannah MariaBUXTONSouth Anston26SpinsterJosiah Dawson & Winifred Dorothy DawsonSon of Josiah, Farm Man and Daughter of James, Quarry Man - By Banns
23 11 1929JamesAIREYNorth AnstonBrick Worker27BachelorDorisBEDFORDNorth Anston26SpinsterFrank Airey & Winifred Nellie BedfordSon of James, Joiner and Daughter of Frank, Striker - By Banns
25 12 1929John CharlesCROFTSIntake, SheffieldMotor Driver26BachelorSusannahWARINGNorth Anston25SpinsterWilliam Morgan, Hilda Nash & Winifred BakerSon of Joseph, retired - By Banns
26 12 1929Robert BernardCOUPLANDHarthillCollier25BachelorElsieSTACEYSouth Anston28SpinsterHerbert Hibbins, Dora Fletcher & Walter StaceySon of Ernest, deceased Engine Driver and Daughter of Walter, Engine Driver - By Banns

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