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SOUTH ANSTON: The Parish Marriage Registers for South Anston,

DateGroom nameGroom SurnameGroom ParishOccupationAgeStatusBride nameBride SurnameBride ParishAgeStatusWitnessesNotes
01 04 1930Robert WhitworthROGERSNorth AnstonSignalman22BachelorMinnieMCBURNIENorth Anston22SpinsterDick McBurnie & William BrownSon of John Robert, Gardener and Daughter of Dick, Saddler - By Banns
07 03 1930WilliamWESTROPLaughtonLabourer25BachelorIvy LucyDICKENSNorth Anston25SpinsterWalter Finney & Elsie DickensDaughter of Arthur T, Miner - By Banns
19 04 1930WilliamNADINLevenshulmeBrick Layer22BachelorPhyllisBUTTERFIELDNorth Anston25SpinsterHerbert Butterfield, George Butterfield & Alice MillerSon of William, Grocer and Daughter of Herbert, Miner - By Banns
21 04 1930Frederick SaddlerKINGWest Thorpe, Thorpe SalvinStone Mason21BachelorAnnieLAMBERTNorth Anston21SpinsterLeonard Lambert, B King, Harold King & Harriett LambertSon of Frederick, retired and Daughter of Leonard, Miner - By Banns
21 04 1930John AlbertWADSWORTHDinningtonMiner23BachelorIda MayMALLENDERNorth Anston23SpinsterLeonard Luke Mallender & Margaret Allen ?Son of John Albert, Miner - By Banns
03 05 1930FrancisHOGGNorth AnstonMiner65WidowerEthel BrownlowKNIGHTONNorth Anston52SpinsterArthur Brownlow & Sarah Elizabeth MillerBy Licence
17 05 1930Harold JamesBETTSWoodsettsMiner26BachelorSarahARCHERSouth Anston21SpinsterAnnie Archer & George W SadlerSon of John, Quarry Man and Daughter of Francis, Miner - By Banns
02 08 1930William VictorAUSTINLEIClerk22BachelorVivien HelenBRAMMERAnston20SpinsterJohn Allen Brammer & Eliza AustinSon of Henry Charles, Painter and Daughter of Thomas, Miner - By Banns
09 08 1930Robert NevilleHARDISTYBurley-in-WharfdaleEngineer24BachelorJoyceHEMPSHELLAnston25SpinsterG W Hempshell & R RobinsonSon of Thomas, Watchman and Daughter of George William, Milk Dealer - By Banns
25 08 1930HerbertWARDNorth AnstonGreenGrocer22BachelorLucy ElizabethBAINESNorth Anston18SpinsterColin Holmes & Madge JoySon of Harry, Fish Business and Daughter of Fred Walker, deceased Miner - By Banns
17 09 1930William AlonzoPARKERCathedral Clergy House, SheffieldClerk in Holy Orders33BachelorEllenHODGSONThe Vicarage, Anston24SpinsterMontagu C Callis, Alice Hodgson, Alice Hodgson & William Henry ParkerSon of William Henry, Cotton Manufacturer and Daughter of Robert, Clerk in Holy Orders - By Banns
06 10 1930CyrilWILLISSouth AnstonEngineer37BachelorElizaBALLARDLangwith, Mansfield28SpinsterThomas F Inman& Charlotte Mary WoodBy Licence
06 10 1930SelwynWILLIAMSLangold, BlythMiner25BachelorMary JaneKEHOENorth Anston23SpinsterWilliam Williams & Florence Elizabeth KehoeSon of John, Miner and Daughter of Charles Edward, Miner - By Banns
22 11 1930LeslieCOOPERNorth AnstonGrocer21BachelorEthelSISSONSKiveton Park26SpinsterAlbert Swaby, Edward Sissons & Ethel SwabySon of Joseph, deceased Miner and Daughter of Joseph, Colliery Foreman - By Banns
23 12 1930John DennisWARNESNorth AnstonMiner24BachelorEdithWARINGNorth Anston24SpinsterWilfred Warnes, Jessie Bradbury & William WarnesSon of William, Miner and Daughter of Henry, Miner - By Banns
25 12 1930GeorgeJEPSONNewton-le-WillowsCore Maker29BachelorMary ElizabethSMITHNorth Anston23SpinsterFrederick Smith & Doris SmithSon of Peter, Labourer and Daughter of Theophilus, Miner - By Banns
27 12 1930Horace EdwardBURDETTLEIShoe Operator25BachelorNellieGABBITASNorth Anston22SpinsterJohn Thomas Burdett & Alice Irene EllisSon of George, Shoe Operator and Daughter of Albert, Miner - By Banns
27 12 1930Louis VictorHILLLEIFarmer25BachelorLilianHALLNorth Anston22SpinsterJohn Sutton & Mary Ann HallSon of Joseph, Farmer and Daughter of George, Miner - By Banns
28 03 1931HenryBARTONSouth AnstonMiner26BachelorAliceTROUPENorth Anston23SpinsterErnest Barton, Doris Troupe & D BaumforthSon of Joseph Henry, Miner - By Banns
06 04 1931Joseph WalterHACKNEYNorth AnstonMiner34WidowerMary AnnieTAYLORNorth Anston26SpinsterCharles Taylor, Maisie Wilkinson & M HackneySon of Frederick Walter, Miner and Daughter of Frederick, Quarry Man - By Banns
06 04 1931William ErnestGRETTONThorpe SalvinQuarry Man23BachelorMaryWARDSouth Anston18SpinsterGeorge Fletcher & Alice PalmerSon of William Ernest, Quarry Man and Daughter of Albert, Mason - By Banns
23 05 1931William BernardREYNOLDSNorth AnstonPainter37BachelorChristianaCOOPERNorth Anston29SpinsterHector Edward Reynolds & May CooperSon of William, retired and Daughter of John, Miner - By Banns
03 06 1931George HenryCROWEHatfieldGardener24BachelorGwendoline MabelHOPEAnston21SpinsterThomas Benjamin Hope, Elsie Elizabeth Hope & R M CroweSon of Charles William, Labourer and Daughter of Thomas Benjamin, Boiler Fireman - By Banns
06 06 1931CyrilBELLAMYDinningtonFitter22BachelorWinifred MaryMARSHALLNorth Anston24SpinsterReginald Mark Jackson, Thomas Marshall & M E InmanBy Banns
11 07 1931FredFLETCHERBarnsleyPolice Constable24BachelorJessieMARSHALLNorth Anston21SpinsterHenry Kirk, C E Marshall, Elizabeth Bailey & Agnes FletcherSon of Samuel, Miner and Daughter of Henry, Miner - By Banns
01 08 1931CecilMALTBYHarthillMiner26BachelorJessie CarolineDAVIESNorth Anston22SpinsterW A Davies & Ethel MaltbySon of Amos, retired and Daughter of William Edward, retired - By Banns
22 08 1931Ernest ReginaldTHOMPSONHeadingleyPolice Officer25BachelorHarriet AnnLONGDONNorth Anston22SpinsterAlbert Hargreaves Ingleby, Elsie May Longdon & A ThompsonSon of Arthur, Chemist's Manager and Daughter of Walter, Miner - By Banns
29 08 1931WilliamHALLNorth AnstonMiner27BachelorHilda BessieCOOKNorth Anston22SpinsterWilliam Gee & Ada GeeSon of Benjamin D, Miner and Daughter of William, Fisherman - By Banns
05 09 1931GeorgeBUTTERFIELDDeal, KENMiner28BachelorMary AliceMILLERNorth Anston25SpinsterFred Miller & Ann SuddabySon of Herbert, Miner and Daughter of Frederick, Miner - By Banns
12 09 1931Thomas WilliamROWLANDSNorth AnstonRailway Man35BachelorHilda GertrudeMARSHALLNorth Anston45SpinsterCyril Bellamy, Winifred M Bellamy & W G AdamsSon of George, Quarry Man and Daughter of William Aldam, deceased - By Banns
26 03 1932Joseph WilliamBOOTHSouth AnstonMiner33BachelorIvy MayMILLSWard Green, Barnsley25SpinsterGeorge Booth & Elizabeth May BoothSon of George, Quarry Man and Daughter of Tom, Miner - By Licence
23 05 1932George FrederickCAMDENNorth AnstonMiner25BachelorAnnie FredaBENNETTNorth Anston18SpinsterWalter Fisher, Catherine Annie Bennett & F SmithSon of Frederick, Miner and Daughter of Benjamin, Miner - By Banns
02 06 1932Reginald JohnMAUNDOllertonMotor Engineer21BachelorCarolineLONGDONNorth Anston21SpinsterWalter Longdon & Elsie May LongdonSon of Joseph George, deceased and Daughter of Walter, Miner - By Banns
06 10 1932Ronald NoelTRUELOVESt.Thomas, Crookes, SheffieldTimeKeeper19BachelorLavinia ChambersEVANSSouth Anston23SpinsterFrank Chambers, A Chambers & Gladys May ChambersSon of William, deceased - By Banns
29 10 1932John EdwardLYNCHDinningtonJoiner27BachelorElsieWINFROWNorth Anston24SpinsterHerbert Winfrow, Edith Winfrow & E LynchSon of John Thomas, deceased and Daughter of Herbert, Miner - By Licence
29 10 1932ErnestLIDSTERNorth AnstonJoiner27BachelorWinifred AgnesOLDALENorth Anston23SpinsterJoseph Lidster & Olive OldaleSon of Ernest Benjamin, Mason and Daughter of George William, retired - By Banns
17 12 1932ClarenceMOORSouth AnstonClerk22BachelorEdithWRIGHTSouth Anston21SpinsterMadge Rastrick, John Nichol Clark & J W MoorSon of John William, Joiner and Daughter of John Pearson, Tug Master - By Banns
26 12 1932Arthur GermanBROWNBircotes, HarworthMiner36WidowerMartha MonicaBURKIMSHERNorth Anston29SpinsterDavid John Evans, T Burkimsher & Louie BurkimsherSon of German, deceased and Daughter of Frank, deceased - By Banns
01 28 1933Walter ErnestROBINSONAltrinchamJoiner23BachelorEdithWINFROWNorth Anston22SpinsterGeorge Herbert Robinson & Elsie LynchSon of Herbert, retired and Daughter of Herbert, Miner - By Banns
01 28 1933WilfredMERRILLDinningtonBrick Layer26BachelorRubySTARRNorth Anston23SpinsterHarold Manby & Olive BartonSon of Walter, Brick Layer and Daughter of Frederick, Miner - By Banns
03 04 1933HenrySTROUDSouth AnstonPoultry Farmer28BachelorBetsyINMANSouth Anston33SpinsterL J Stapleton, Mary Inman & E StapletonSon of Henry Charles, Coke Oven Manager and Daughter of John Broomhead, deceased - By Banns
10 04 1933Frank HenryMARTINNorth AnstonMiner25BachelorAmeliaBENNETTNorth Anston17SpinsterJoseph Cornwell & Mary Alice GloverSon of Thomas, Miner and Daughter of J E, deceased - By Banns
05 08 1933FrederickBUTCHERBurwood, Swinston Hill Road, Dinnington 21BachelorElsieBARTONNorth Anston21SpinsterJames Clatworthy, J H Barton & Gladys BartonSon of David, Deputy and Daughter of Joseph Henry, Joiner - By Banns
23 09 1933HarryFOULDSSouth AnstonMiner32BachelorHildaCOOPERNorth Anston23SpinsterArnold Foulds, T Cooper, W Priestley & N FouldsSon of John F, Labourer and Daughter of Thomas, Miner - By Banns
27 09 1933FrankMORTONFishponds, BristolMale Nurse26BachelorMadgeBULMERNorth Anston22SpinsterJohn Morton, A Bulmer, May Bulmer & E BulmerSon of George, Cotton Operative and Daughter of Albert, Quarry Man - By Banns
11 11 1933John EdwardHOPKINSONNorth AnstonButcher22BachelorNellieFOULDSSouth Anston23SpinsterGeorge Shipston & Alice HopkinsonSon of Frank, Mason and Daughter of John F, Labourer - By Banns
25 11 1933JesseMUGGLESTONEDinningtonMiner21BachelorMarjorieHUNTERNorth Anston23SpinsterJames William Hunter & Laura HunterSon of Samuel, deceased and Daughter of Francis, deceased Quarry Man - By Licence
26 12 1933HarryPICKERSGILLNorth AnstonLabourer35BachelorPhyllis AmyPERRIENorth Anston19SpinsterEdwin James Perrie & Edith Emily MillsSon of Abraham, retired and Daughter of James Edwin, Labourer - By Banns
26 12 1933George ArthurROBINSONAdwick-le-StreetMiner27BachelorAnnie GwendolineFISHERNorth Anston24SpinsterJonathan Robert Fisher, Helen Fisher & G ClarkDaughter of Walter, Miner - By Banns
31 12 1933Joseph WilliamWRIGHTWadsleyAttendant28BachelorGwenderleenBALMFORTHSouth Anston25SpinsterWilfred Dean Wright, L Cownley, Violet Mary Freeman & N Senior ?Son of Joseph William, deceased and Daughter of Frederick, Miner - By Banns
01 01 1934Edward ThomasVARDENNorth AnstonAgent31BachelorElsie MayLONGDONNorth Anston26SpinsterClifton Henry Hodkin, Walter Longdon & C FosterSon of Joseph, Contractor and Daughter of Walter, Miner - By Banns
01 01 1934ArnoldWIGMOREDinningtonMotor Proprietor25BachelorFrancesBACONNorth Anston23SpinsterFrancis James Wigmore, I Smith, Winifred Kathleen Wigmore & Wilfred BaconSon of Levi, retired and Daughter of Wilfred, Miner - By Banns
30 04 1934AnsonHALLATTSouth AnstonFarmer37BachelorEvelyn MarjorieSCRASESouth Anston30SpinsterSeptimus Hallatt, Jesse Scrase & Maud Winifred HallattSon of Levi, deceased and Daughter of Jesse, retired - By Licence
19 05 1934HoraceHEPWORTHTodwickMiner40BachelorElsieGABBITASNorth Anston29SpinsterJohn Hepworth, H Gabbitas, Hetty Gabbitas & L HepworthSon of Hiram, Farmer and Daughter of Albert, deceased - By Banns
28 07 1934HarryDRURYNorth AnstonMiner32BachelorIvy MaySTOREYSouth Anston23SpinsterHarold Pashley, H Hardy & Norah Eunice StoreySon of Sam, deceased and Daughter of Benjamin, Quarry Man - By Licence
13 10 1934William HarrisonTURNERNorth AnstonMiner24BachelorSarah ElizabethDONCASTERSouth Anston21SpinsterJoseph Reginald Turner & Emma DoncasterSon of George Harrison, Colliery Weighman and Daughter of Joseph, Miner
20 10 1934John WilliamPLATTSSouth AnstonGrocer27BachelorDorothyWALKERSharrow, Sheffield26SpinsterHedley Marshall & Jessie PlattsSon of William, Miner and Daughter of John Frederick, Miner - By Banns
20 10 1934WilliamTAYLORNorth AnstonBlacksmith23BachelorIvyEAMESSt.Thomas, Oldham23SpinsterGeorge Probert & Alice EamesSon of James, Miner and Daughter of Joseph, Miner - By Banns
20 10 1934HaroldHARDMANShaw, OldhamSpinner27BachelorMary JaneEAMESNorth Anston26SpinsterJames A Pickering & Sarah Ann EamesSon of Charles, Spinner and Daughter of Joseph, Miner - By Banns
03 11 1934John WilliamMIRFINNorth AnstonMiner29BachelorFrances EvelynSHIPSTONNorth Anston31WidowCharles Henry Mirfin, Edith Emily Robbins & Alma WoodSon of William Henry, Miner and Daughter of James, Miner - By Banns
25 12 1934ArnoldFOULDSSouth AnstonQuarry Man29BachelorKateROBBINSSouth Anston30WidowJohn Francis Foulds & Edith ShipstonSon of John F, Labourer and Daughter of Herbert, deceased - By Banns
01 01 1935TomKYNMANNorth AnstonMiner27BachelorLilySADLERNorth Anston27SpinsterLeslie Jones, J Kynman & Annie KynmanSon of Alfred Henry, Coke Worker and Daughter of James, Miner - By Banns
02 02 1935JosephHEPWORTHNorth AnstonGardener20BachelorMillicentFISHERNorth Anston20SpinsterJonathan Fisher & Helen FisherSon of Joseph, Miner and Daughter of Walter, Miner - By Banns
20 04 1935George WilliamSADLERSouth AnstonMiner32BachelorEmmaDONCASTERSouth Anston20SpinsterWilliam Harrison Turner, Annie Archer & Alvey Noton - By Banns 
20 04 1935John WilliamCOOPERStrensallSignalman27BachelorOlive ElizabethOLDALENorth Anston23SpinsterFrank Reaney, G Oldale & Sarah CooperSon of John, deceased and Daughter of George, retired - By Banns
09 05 1935JamesSARGEANTWhitkirkDairy Man37WidowerTheodoraLIDGETTNorth Anston22SpinsterThomas Sargeant & Rachel Annie LidgettDaughter of Etches, Miner - By Banns
03 08 1935Alvey EdwinNOTONElkesleyGardener24BachelorAnnieARCHERSouth Anston27SpinsterWalter Stacey & Lilian BradleySon of Michael, Engine Driver and Daughter of Francis, Miner - By Banns
19 10 1935Horace TomSHARPEDinningtonMiner35BachelorKate MaryTURNERSouth Anston28SpinsterHerbert M Turner, F Sharpe, D Turner & W SharpeSon of Joseph, retired and Daughter of Herbert, Mason - By Licence
26 12 1935GeorgePROBERTNorth AnstonMiner26BachelorAliceEAMESOldham20SpinsterLeonard Rowland Jones & Sarah Ann EamesSon of Herbert, deceased and Daughter of Joseph, Miner - By Banns
25 01 1936ThomasHOULDENSouth AnstonFarm Worker26BachelorDoraCRAPPERSouth Anston19SpinsterHarry Houlden, Alice Houlden & A HouldenSon of Robert Henry, deceased Miner - By Banns
08 02 1936ArthurOLDALENorth AnstonPoultry Farmer29BachelorNorah ConstanceBRAMMERNorth Anston23SpinsterThomas Brammer & Marjorie ToddSon of Edward Oldale, Joiner - By Banns
28 03 1936HarryDINSDALENorth AnstonMiner32BachelorHelenaETHERINGTONNorth Anston20SpinsterFred Miller & Sebra H NoonSon of Alfred, retired - By Banns
28 03 1936Richard EdwinWHITTLEThe Dale, AnstonFarmer34BachelorFrancesWILSONWoodsetts32SpinsterWilliam Oliver Whittle & Ethel KirtonSon of James C, Farmer - By Banns
13 04 1936John WilliamSQUIRESNorth AnstonFarmer27BachelorLouieBURKIMSHERNorth Anston29SpinsterTom Burkimsher & James Squires JrSon of James, Farmer - By Banns
13 04 1936GeorgeFISHERNorth AnstonSurface Man26BachelorHelenFISHERNorth Anston23SpinsterGeorge Robinson & Jonathan FisherSon of Thomas, Miner and Daughter of Walter, Miner - By Banns
14 04 1936Leslie GetleyTHACKERLaughtonDairy Man24BachelorDorisTRENFIELDNorth Anston22SpinsterWillie Cummins & Elsie TranfieldSon of F C, Grocer and Daughter of Willis, Engine Driver - By Banns
02 05 1936William HenrySMITHDinningtonEngineer32BachelorNora EileenCOLBECKNorth Anston28SpinsterGeorge Roy Colbeck, Vera Phyllis Pyle & B A SmithSon of William Henry, Deputy and Daughter of George Alfred Ramsden, deceased - By Banns
11 07 1936William ArthurTRENAM12 Maple Road, Kiveton ParkMiner27BachelorCatherine AnneBENNETTAnston26SpinsterJames Thomas Street & Benjamin BennettSon of Edgar, Labourer and Daughter of Benjamin, deceased Miner - By Banns
14 07 1936ThomasCOOPERSouth AnstonMiner51WidowerMary MillicentSMITHSouth Anston41SpinsterHerbert Pollard & Emma Elizabeth PollardSon of Daniel, deceased and Daughter of John Henry Alphonso, Labourer - By Banns
17 10 1936Charles WilliamNEWSTEADBlythMiner26BachelorGraceCHAMBERSNorth Anston20SpinsterAlbert Edward Newstead, Marjorie Chambers & W R ChambersSon of Charles, River Worker and Daughter of William Robert, Miner - By Banns
17 10 1936Henry AlvinSTAPLETON35 Norfolk Road, BircotesMiner28BachelorAnnieMARSHALL101 Ryton Road28SpinsterWilliam Marshall & Laurence John StapletonSon of John Sheldon, Miner and Daughter of Charles Edward, deceased - By Banns
26 12 1936John SamuelBELLNorth AnstonLabourer36BachelorMary EllenFORDNorth Anston33SpinsterSidney Thomas Turner & Mary Alice TurnerDaughter of William, Chimney Sweep - By Banns
13 02 1937ArthurTAFFNorth AnstonPainter27BachelorMargaret AnnPOWELLNorth Anston24SpinsterJoseph Whalley & Berenice Selina TolleySon of John George, retired - By Licence
29 03 1937ClaudeKAYAnstonMiner21BachelorWinifredSMITHNorth Anston19SpinsterAllan Kay & Frances Mary SmithSon of Robert, Miner and Daughter of Wilfred, Quarry Man - By Banns
15 05 1937Walter ReginaldMERRILLNorth AnstonJoiner24BachelorOliveLYNCHSouth Anston29SpinsterWilliam Vernon Lynch & Clarice Lilian GreatorexSon of Walter, Brick Layer - By Banns
22 05 1937ArthurREANEYDinningtonGrocer27BachelorOlive MaryPYLENorth Anston27SpinsterManny Reaney, F Pyle, Vera Pyle & A ReaneySon of Arthur, Colliery Worker and Daughter of Fred, Water Manager - By Banns
07 06 1937Albert EdwardMARSHSouth AnstonMiner31BachelorNorah MurielBENNETTSouth Anston30SpinsterFrederick Lawrence & Dorothy LawrenceBy Banns
19 06 1937Charles JamesWHITEWalesHaulage Contractor39BachelorHarrietWHITMORENorth Anston45WidowFrederick Henry White, Alice Birtles & Frank PriestleySon of Charles, Carter and Daughter of Joseph Francis, Horse Keeper - By Banns
19 06 1937FrankCLAYTONNorth AnstonGardener29BachelorIvySTOREYDinnington30SpinsterAlbert Fathers & Vera StoreySon of Joseph, deceased Tailor and Daughter of Sydney, Miner - By Banns
19 06 1937James HenryHORNSEYThorpe SalvinChauffeur31BachelorEthelKIRTONAnston30SpinsterJames Kirton & Frances WhittleSon of James Thomas, Gardener and Daughter of William, Miner - By Banns
04 09 1937FredMALLENDERWalesMiner29BachelorConstance MaryCLARKESouth Anston28SpinsterBarnet Hanson Clarke, Frances Annie Bell & G MallenderSon of William, deceased and Daughter of Barnet Hanson, Miner - By Banns
18 09 1937James EdwardPEARSONDinningtonMiner23BachelorDorisCLAYTONNorth Anston21SpinsterG Pearson, M Swann, Dorothy Ann Wright & George PearsonSon of George, Miner and Daughter of William, Miner - By Banns
18 09 1937Reginald MarkJACKSONNorth AnstonEngineer28BachelorMaryKEETONNorth Anston27SpinsterRobert William Keeton, Dorothy Keeton & B HallSon of Colin, deceased and Daughter of Robert William, Miner - By Banns
18 09 1937HedleyMARSHALLNorth AnstonAgent35BachelorMavisLONGDONNorth Anston24SpinsterJohn William Platts, Caroline Maund & W LongdonSon of Charles Edward, deceased and Daughter of Walter, Miner - By Banns
20 09 1937Leonard EdwardTODDNorth AnstonMiner24BachelorSeenaBOWMARNorth Anston21SpinsterWilliam Marshall & Freda MarshallSon of Harry, Miner and Daughter of John - By Banns
15 11 1937Gilbert ThomasTAYLOR10 Magila CottagesMiner22BachelorMinnieELSEY10 Magila Cottages18SpinsterRose Elsey & John ElseySon of Frederick, deceased and Daughter of John, Miner - By Banns
27 11 1937FrancisWARDSouth AnstonSoldier22BachelorNellieRUSHBYLaughton21SpinsterNelson Rushby, Mary Gretton & William Ernest GrettonSon of Albert, Mason and Daughter of William, Miner - By Licence
27 11 1937ArnoldMCBURNIENorth AnstonSaddler26BachelorJeanMARSHALLNorth Anston21SpinsterRobert Whitworth Rogers, Betty Marshall & C E MarshallSon of Dick, Saddler and Daughter of Henry, Miner - By Banns
18 12 1937GeorgeWIDDISONWalesMiner29BachelorMarjorieCLAYTONNorth Anston19SpinsterFrederick John Annakin & Ethel ClaytonSon of George, Miner and Daughter of William, Miner - By Banns
27 12 1937MauriceSMITHNettlehamGrocer22BachelorEdith EmilyROBBINSNorth Anston26SpinsterBernard Robbins, Bessie Dixon & B SmithSon of John Robert, Grocer and Daughter of James, deceased
01 01 1938FrankCHAMBERSSouth AnstonMotor Man27BachelorEllenROBERTSNorth Anston25SpinsterW E Roberts, Edwin Roberts, Kathleen Roberts & Arthur ChambersSon of Arthur, retired and Daughter of William E, Miner - By Banns
12 02 1938HenryWATSONCrosby, SounthorpeLabourer23BachelorMarySMOOTHEYNorth Anston27SpinsterJoseph Edward Schofield & Doris TroupeSon of Benjamin, Miner and Daughter of Harry, deceased - By Banns
26 02 1938FredMILLERNorth AnstonMiner30BachelorSabra HelenNOONSouth Anston30SpinsterAlec Bland, Thomas F Inman & Mary Elizabeth InmanSon of Frederick, Miner - By Banns
26 02 1938Reginald HenryBUCKLOWDinningtonBrick Worker35BachelorEllen GertrudeCLARKNorth Anston27SpinsterGeorge William Clark & Muriel BucklowSon of Arthur, retired and Daughter of Charles, retired - By Banns
18 04 1938Hope RobertSAYLESKiveton Park, WalesMechanic24BachelorBettyMARSHALLNorth Anston19SpinsterJoseph William Sayles & Elizabeth AireySon of Hope, Blacksmith and Daughter of Henry, Miner - By Banns
18 04 1938William HenryHALLBelvedere, Kiveton Park StationQuarry Man22BachelorGladysSHELDONBelvedere, Kiveton Park Station20SpinsterCharles Stanley Hoyland, George Sheldon & Dorothy SheldonSon of John, deceased Traction Driver and Daughter of George, Miner - By Banns
19 04 1938Alfred ErnestWESTNursery Crescent, North AnstonMiner29BachelorFrances MarySMITHNursery Crescent, North Anston23SpinsterJames Edward West & Ada Beatrice WassSon of James Leslie, Miner and Daughter of Wilfred, Quarry Man - By Banns
17 05 1938Vincent StuartLAXThurcroftRailway Servant24BachelorZenaVARLEYAnston25SpinsterJoe Brooke & Edna HallSon of Henry George, Miner and Daughter of Arthur, Miner - By Banns
21 05 1938George WilliamBREWERNorth AnstonSignalman24BachelorEdnaGABBITASNorth Anston19SpinsterIra Pollard & Lilian PollardSon of George Henry, Engineer and Daughter of Herbert, Miner - By Banns
02 06 1938ThomasRICHARDSLANGardener25BachelorDorisPLATTSSouth Anston24SpinsterSelina Platts & John SellersSon of Alfred, Farm Worker and Daughter of Henry, Miner - By Banns
04 06 1938AnthonyBENSONKiveton ParkMiner23BachelorEdna MayPLATTSAnston21SpinsterA Platts & Muriel BettridgeSon of Francesco Bennyquisto, Quarry Man and Daughter of Albert, Miner - By Banns
04 06 1938JackCREASEYDinningtonMiner23BachelorBlondeSTEWARDAnston20SpinsterCyril Frith & Gertrude FrithSon of James, deceased Miner and Daughter of William Archibald, Miner - By Banns
07 06 1938John WilliamHALLNorth AnstonClerk30BachelorElsie ElizabethHOPENorth Anston23SpinsterSamuel Hewitt Hall& Thomas Benjamin HopeSon of George, retired and Daughter of Thomas Benjamin, Boiler Fireman - By Banns
06 06 1938Walter JamesDRIVERCoventryShop Assistant26BachelorFannyTAYLORNorth Anston26SpinsterS Driver & H TaylorSon of John, Quarry Worker and Daughter of Frederick, Quarry Man - By Banns
18 06 1938CharlesMOORESouth AnstonFarmer29BachelorVera PhyllisPYLENorth Anston27SpinsterC Scholey, N Silvester, M Moore & Walter MooreSon of Walter, Farmer and Daughter of Fred, Water Engineer - By Banns
02 08 1938James ArthurKITCHENNorth AnstonSchoolmaster27BachelorMary EllenGREENStockport34SpinsterCharles Kitchen, Annie Kitchen & Richard GreenSon of Charles, Miner and Daughter of Richard, General ??
11 08 1938George EdwardBURDETTIpswichSchoolmaster27BachelorFrances HarriettSTENTONSouth Anston24SpinsterHarry Burdett, A F Stenton, Marjorie Mary Stenton & E BurdettSon of Edward, Butcher and Daughter of Edgar Farnsworth, Carpenter - By Banns
03 09 1938Frederick PercivalEVERITTSouth AnstonMiner25BachelorEunicePARKERNorth Anston20SpinsterEvelyn Pollard & Walter Raymond EverittSon of John Frederick, Miner and Daughter of George, Miner - By Banns
24 09 1938Gilbert LeslieMARLOWNorth AnstonSurface Worker21BachelorMargaret HannahADSHEADNorth Anston17SpinsterEdwin Adshead & Margaret BeestonSon of Charles Thomas, Surface Worker and Daughter of William, Surface Worker - By Banns
08 04 1939AlbertFATHERSNorth AnstonGardener27BachelorHildaBLANDNorth Anston22SpinsterJames Squire Jr, Blanche Bennett & A BlandSon of John Thomas, deceased Miner and Daughter of William, deceased Weighman - By Banns
22 04 1939LawrenceHAYESAnstonCrane Driver30BachelorIvySIDDALLAnston20SpinsterHarry Siddall, Elsie Siddall & H BrealeySon of John, deceased Railway Servant and Daughter of Harry, Miner - By Banns
15 06 1939James ArthurHAYWOODSouth AnstonLabourer42BachelorAnnie MaudBURROWSSouth Anston41SpinsterF M Lyne & A FouldsSon of Samuel, Labourer and Daughter of Arthur Henry, Gas Stoker - By Licence
05 08 1939Samuel HewittHALLNorth AnstonMiner28BachelorGertrudeFRITHSouth Anston23SpinsterElsie Green & William KeetonSon of George, retired and Daughter of Matthew, Steel Worker - By Banns
10 08 1939StanleyADAMSAnstonLamp Room Worker29BachelorHarriet RichAIREYAnston23SpinsterGeorge Allsopp & Phyllis Lucy CowlingSon of William, Fireman and Daughter of Thomas Rich, Plumber - By Licence
26 08 1939BasilGILLOldhamTool Fitter38WidowerSarah AnnEAMESNorth Anston33SpinsterAlice Coulten & Jack LeechSon of James Robert, deceased Fitter and Daughter of Joseph, Miner - By Banns
30 08 1939Charles BertrandSCHOLEYWoodsettsFarmer25BachelorCaroline BetsyPRESSWOODAnston24SpinsterHilda Mary Presswood, Bertrand Steele Scholey, Geoffrey Farnsworth & Edith PresswoodSon of Bertrand Steele, Farmer and Daughter of Herbert, deceased Farmer - By Banns
02 09 1939AlfredSIMMSDinningtonMiner27BachelorAnnieKITCHENAnston24SpinsterCharles Kitchen & Wilfred BuxtonSon of Edgar, Miner and Daughter of Charles, Miner - By Banns
02 09 1939Christopher WilliamSMITHAnstonMiner29BachelorBernice SelinaTOLLEYAnston22SpinsterHorace Smith & Elsie TolleySon of Theophilus, retired and Daughter of Samuel, retired - By Banns
27 09 1939JohnDEARDENDinningtonMiner25BachelorGladysDICKSONAnston22SpinsterGeorge Brewer & J DeardenSon of Thomas, Clerk - By Banns
30 09 1939WilliamRANDALLWoodsettsMiner25BachelorAvisBENNETTAnston23SpinsterJ Fletcher & F BennettSon of William, deceased Farmer and Daughter of Frank, Shunter - By Banns
14 10 1939Sydney SamuelMORRELLCarltonMiner41BachelorWinifred MaryPRIESTLEYAnston29SpinsterGeorge R Kitchen & Nellie PriestleySon of Samuel, deceased Miner and Daughter of William, Horseman - By Banns
14 10 1939GordonTURNERAnstonSoldier29BachelorVeraTHROPPNorton, Sheffield22SpinsterH Thropp & E TurnerSon of Herbert Marquis, Stone Mason and Daughter of Harold, Traveller - By Licence
14 10 1939HaroldBREALEYDinningtonMiner30BachelorMaryHAYESAnston23SpinsterDorothy Guest & Samuel BrealeySon of Samuel, Miner and Daughter of James, deceased Railway Servant - By Banns
18 11 1939James EdwardWESTTodwickCoke Lifter28BachelorDorisHEPWORTHAnston21SpinsterGeorge Hepworth & Ethel HunsleySon of James Leslie, Miner and Daughter of Joseph, retired
25 11 1939William LeslieGOODFELLOWAnstonMiner29BachelorEdith CorrenePERRIEAnston21SpinsterDoris Waring & Irene Joan EllisSon of John, Builder and Daughter of James, Farm Labourer
26 12 1939George FisherBENNETTAnstonFarmer36BachelorUnaREVITTAnston38SpinsterR Dyson & B BennettSon of Samuel, Farmer and Daughter of George Edwin, deceased Farmer - By Banns

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