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SOUTH ANSTON: The Parish Marriage Registers for South Anston,

DateGroom nameGroom SurnameGroom ParishOccupationAgeStatusBride nameBride SurnameBride ParishAgeStatusWitnessesNotes
06 01 1940AlfredFROGGATTWalesFurnace Man23BachelorEdithELLISAnston19SpinsterDuncan Fogmore & Ina ThompsonSon of Harry, Miner and Daughter of James, Farmer - By Banns
20 01 1940SydneyFISHERAnstonMiner24BachelorEdna MayMILLERAnston20SpinsterW G Makin & F FisherSon of George Thomas, Colliery Worker and Daughter of Frederick, Watchman - By Banns
09 03 1940John ThomasCOOPERAnstonMiner28BachelorIvy EdnaTURNERAnston23SpinsterThomas Ison Turner & E BeesleySon of Thomas, Miner and Daughter of George Harrison, Check Weighman - By Banns
04 05 1940George WilliamFOXKiveton ParkWire Viewer22BachelorMarthaBELLKiveton Park22SpinsterW H Bell & Ruth BellSon of John Thomas, Plate Layer and Daughter of William Henry, Maltster's Labourer - By Banns
11 05 1940Thomas JamesFLETCHERSwallownestMiner22BachelorBerylBENNETTNorth Anston21SpinsterSydney Fletcher & Olive FletcherSon of Harold, deceased Silversmith and Daughter of Frank, Shunter - By Banns
20 07 1940FrancisARCHERAnstonMiner29BachelorJessie MarySPENCERAnston22SpinsterJames Leslie Shipston, Hazel Towe & F W FouldsSon of Francis, Miner and Daughter of Hugh, Miner - By Banns
09 08 1940William HerbertCRAMPTONAnstonSoldier27BachelorDorisWILKINSONStockton-on-Tees24SpinsterC N Hargreave & J L WrightSon of William, Miner and Daughter of Arthur, Welder - By Licence
10 08 1940John FallonBLANDAnstonMiner21BachelorFlorenceDONCASTERAnston23SpinsterMary Bland & E E BlandSon of Edward Ernest, Driller and Daughter of Joseph, Miner - By Banns
07 09 1940CyrilGRAHAMWorksopMiner36BachelorDoris AnnieHICKMANAnston35SpinsterTom Newton & Lilian NewtonSon of George, Miner and Daughter of Arthur, Miner - By Licence
28 09 1940Francis JohnMELLISHAnstonFarmer22BachelorPhyllis LucyCOWLINGAnston24SpinsterWalter Edmund Mellish, Doris Mellish & Margaret MellishSon of Thomas, deceased Council Worker and Daughter of James William, Colliery Worker - By Banns
18 10 1940James YoungBULMERAnstonMotor Driver31BachelorNellieTAFFAnston28SpinsterGeorge Taff, Vera Taff & D H BlandSon of Albert, Quarry Man and Daughter of George, Grocer - By Licence
21 11 1940David LeslieHOLLINGDinningtonSoldier26BachelorMary OttoleneAPPLEYAnston25SpinsterS H Appley, Helen Appley, George Holling & I A W HollingSon of George, Coke Oven Worker and Daughter of Samuel Harrison, Engineer - By Licence
16 12 1940GeorgeBIBBYAnstonSoldier29BachelorFrances AnnieBELLAnston28SpinsterT G W Bell, M Bibby & F BakerSon of Joseph, Miner and Daughter of Thomas George Whitfield, Farmer - By Licence
09 01 1941William EdwardSMITHAnstonSoldier27BachelorConstanceSCOTTAnston21SpinsterJessie Smith & Edward DeardenSon of Maurice, Miner and Daughter of George Henry, Cutter - By Licence
25 01 1941DonaldBATLEYKirk BurtonSoldier26BachelorJessieBERESFORDAnston21SpinsterJoseph Shaw, Amy Batley & A TealSon of George, Miner and Daughter of Harry, Nursery Man - By Banns
01 02 1941KennethKENTDinningtonBrick Worker18BachelorMuriel NancyHAKESAnston18SpinsterJoseph Hakes, Eric Hunter, Florence Hakes & Edith May KentSon of Albert Victor, Council Worker and Daughter of Joseph, Farmer - By Banns
11 02 1941RonaldHOOTONWorksopSoldier23BachelorConstanceBIRCHAnston28SpinsterJ Birch Jr, E Clayton & F HootonSon of Thomas, Builder and Daughter of Herbert, Licensed Victualler - By Banns
15 03 1941BernardDEAKINWalesMiner BachelorMarjorieTODDAnston SpinsterFrancis Deakin, William Hirst & Winifred KaySon of William Henry, deceased Miner and Daughter of William, Colliery Blacksmith - By Banns
31 05 1941GranvilleTAYLORDinningtonFarmer33BachelorDorothyKEETONAnston28SpinsterR W Keeton & L TaylorSon of John James, deceased Miner and Daughter of Robert William, Miner - By Banns
02 06 1941John HartleyCAMDENPortsmouthArtificer RN21BachelorBessieDIXONSouth Anston20SpinsterHorace Dixon & Ethel ClaytonSon of John Hartley, Miner and Daughter of Horace, Miner - By Licence
17 06 1941William FrankRILEYCanterburySoldier21BachelorKathleenSTACEYAnston20SpinsterJoyce Bennett & Ronald HopkinsonSon of Frank Oswald, Grocer and Daughter of William, Air Force - By Licence
14 07 1941HarryBURDETTDinningtonSoldier21BachelorElizabeth MaryINMANAnston20SpinsterGeorge Edward Burdett, Gwynneth E Midgley & D M InmanSon of Edward, Butcher and Daughter of Thomas Frank, Motor Driver - By Banns
04 08 1941KennethFRETWELLDinningtonMiner20BachelorDorothySMITHAnston19SpinsterH Smith & D HurdSon of Herbert, Miner - By Banns
04 10 1941George AlbertMARRIOTTDinningtonMiner20BachelorElizabeth AnnWARDAnston22SpinsterErnest Marriott & Alice Evelyn WardSon of Robert, Miner and Daughter of Albert, Stone Mason - By Banns
04 10 1941GeorgeGODDARDAnstonBlacksmith26BachelorMildredPOLLARDAnston29SpinsterThomas Marsden Mellor & Mary GoddardSon of Albert, Fence Waller and Daughter of Charles, deceased Quarry Worker - By Licence
12 11 1941George WilliamHOLMESAnstonHM Air Force26BachelorEthelSWABYKiveton Park24SpinsterE Barton & E SwabySon of Owen, deceased Miner and Daughter of George William, Miner - By Licence
29 11 1941JamesTHOMPSONCoventryAircraft Inspector32BachelorAnnie DennisonTURNERAnston28SpinsterH M Turner, E Turner & B A ThompsonSon of James, Labourer and Daughter of Herbert Marquis, Stone Mason - By Licence
29 11 1941George DerrickSUTTONAnstonSoldier21BachelorAlice MaryREEDKiveton Park20SpinsterEdna Reed & Charles Stanley HoylandSon of Harry, Signalman and Daughter of Herbert, Shepherd - By Licence
06 12 1941FrankRICEBelfastSoldier26BachelorConstanceSHELDONAnston20SpinsterW Shilbey ? & Eva KehoeSon of Jake, deceased Farm Labourer and Daughter of George, Miner - By Banns
13 12 1941SamuelSIGGERDinningtonShop Assistant23BachelorWinnieWRIGHTAnston19SpinsterH E Wright & J KenderdineSon of Samuel, Miner and Daughter of Percy, Fire Watcher - By Banns
20 12 1941George William JacksonVAUGHANWorksopMiner39BachelorLauraDRURYAnston38SpinsterJohn William Drury & Ellen MoxonSon of Alfred, Miner and Daughter of Samuel, deceased Miner - By Banns
26 12 1941Sidney LeonardFINNEYAnstonMiner32BachelorFlorence AnnCOLTONAnston27SpinsterWalter Finney & Jack TaylorSon of William, Miner and Daughter of Charles, Miner - By Banns
26 12 1941ErnestMARRIOTTDinningtonLabourer18BachelorAlice EvelynWARDAnston19SpinsterGeorge Albert Marriott & Avis Audrey WardSon of Robert, Miner and Daughter of Albert, Stone Mason - By Banns
24 01 1942Arthur HughBANEFromeSoldier23BachelorEthelCLAYTONAnston20SpinsterArthur Clayton & Edna ClaytonSon of Gilbert Henry, Printer and Daughter of William, Miner - By Banns
28 02 1942HarryCARDLEDGEAnstonLabourer52WidowerMildredANSONSheffield48SpinsterM M Cooper & A MortonSon of Thomas, deceased Fitter and Daughter of Edwin Alfred, deceased Bolt Forger - By Banns
07 03 1942StanleySTEVENSWorksopMiner24BachelorMarjorieMANGHAMAnston27SpinsterT Stevens, Marjorie Winfrow & Reed ManghamSon of Thomas William, Electrician and Daughter of Reed, Deputy - By Banns
21 03 1942William HardyMOORERochdaleSoldier24BachelorVeraTAFFAnston21SpinsterA Hibbert ?, John George Taff & S M WoodSon of Andrew Hardy, Porter and Daughter of John George, Grocer - By Licence
11 04 1942Hugh RichardTAYLORTickhillSoldier25BachelorAnnieHALLAnston28SpinsterB Hall & M JacksonSon of Thomas, Railway Worker and Daughter of Albert, Miner - By Licence
20 06 1942GeorgeBELLAnstonManager37BachelorAmyYOUNGAnston34SpinsterHilda Young, E Young & Leonard Eric BlandSon of Thomas George Whitfield, Farmer and Daughter of Edward, Gentleman - By Banns
20 06 1942ReginaldGODFREYKiveton ParkMiner26BachelorGlenoda MaryDONCASTERAnston24SpinsterAudrey M Jarvis & Jack Norman BrightSon of John, Watchman and Daughter of Tom, Miner - By Banns
25 06 1942Gordon RichardUNSWORTHAnstonElectrician21BachelorVeraELVIDGEAnston20SpinsterP J Elvidge & Eva ElvidgeSon of Richard, Colliery Worker and Daughter of Percy John, Farmer - By Banns
15 08 1942JohnALLANNew AllertonAble Seaman RN22BachelorPhyllis VeraPARKERAnston22SpinsterD Allan, A Parker & N ParkerSon of Joseph, Miner and Daughter of Arnold, Miner - By Licence
05 09 1942DouglasYOUNGMantonEngineer21BachelorJessie AmbroseBENNETTAnston24SpinsterN Bennett, E N Bennett, J H Oliver & G BennettSon of William Henry, Glass Blower and Daughter of Norman, Farmer - By Banns
05 09 1942JamesMERRICKWoodsettsQuarry Worker28BachelorMarjorieLIDGETTAnston21SpinsterA L Lidgett & J HarkerSon of James, News Agent and Daughter of Etches, Miner - By Banns
10 09 1942GeorgeBRADERDinningtonSoldier24BachelorDoris ElizabethCORNELLKiveton Park Station27SpinsterH G Cornell, B A Blackman, George Brader & N BraderSon of George, Station Master and Daughter of Henry George, Maltster - By Banns
19 09 1942HarryKNOWLESWoodsettsMaintenance Fitter26BachelorJoyce ClarissaBENNETTAnston21SpinsterN Bennett, B Bennett & H RaySon of Harry, Labourer and Daughter of Norman, Farmer - By Banns
19 09 1942MosesHALEWalesMiner31BachelorAnnaAIREYAnston25SpinsterMary Simms, J Airey & Susannah Elizabeth AireySon of Moses, deceased Miner and Daughter of James, Carpenter - By Banns
29 09 1942BernardHARVEYDinningtonGrocer's Assistant22BachelorDorothyTURGOOSEAnston19SpinsterAmelia Hayes & Albert BrearleySon of John Robert, Grocer and Daughter of Edmund, Miner - By Banns
15 10 1942JackBUTLERDinningtonHMF RAF20BachelorGladys IsabelTHOMPSONAnston19SpinsterJohn Unsworth & Amy FoxSon of John, Colliery Worker and Daughter of Albert Edward, Miner - By Banns
17 10 1942HarryFRANKLANDTickhillHMF RN22BachelorJoyceSHELDONAnston19SpinsterWilliam Burn & Eva KehoeSon of Jack, Miner and Daughter of William, deceased Miner - By Licence
07 12 1942CyrilPLATTSAnstonSoldier19BachelorDoreenCHAMBERSAnston17SpinsterVincent Keith Chambers & Louisa Muriel ChambersSon of Albert, Miner and Daughter of James Dernie, Farm Labourer - By Licence
21 12 1942Ronald PercivalCLARKEAnstonSoldier23BachelorLouisa MurielCHAMBERSAnston20SpinsterBernard Clarke & Doreen PlattsSon of Percy Allen, Miner and Daughter of James Dernie, Farm Labourer - By Banns
24 12 1942Kenneth HowardBOWMARAnstonLabourer30BachelorMargaretPILKINGTONAnston31SpinsterA Pilkington & F MarshallSon of John, deceased Soldier and Daughter of Joseph, deceased Soldier - By Banns
23 01 1943John ArthurTURNERAnstonFitter22BachelorBettyPLATTSAnston20SpinsterA Rastrick, E Chambers & H PlattsSon of William, Miner and Daughter of Henry, Miner - By Banns
06 02 1943George EdwardBAKERWickersleySoldier30BachelorMarjorie AnnieWINFROWAnston27SpinsterA Winfrow & G BakerSon of Thomas Edward, Stone Mason and Daughter of Arthur, Miner - By Banns
01 03 1943Norman WhiteWILSONWelbeckSoldier27BachelorOlga AnneWALLAnston25SpinsterM Walker, S Wall & Harold Wilson ?Son of James, Mattress Manufacturer and Daughter of Samuel, Licensee - By Licence
24 04 1943HedleyKAYWoodsettsCrane Driver28BachelorBlancheBENNETTAnston26SpinsterNorman Bennett, J Garner & G BennettSon of James, deceased Miner and Daughter of Norman, Farmer - By Banns
26 04 1943John WilliamPOLLARDAnstonTractor Driver22BachelorMarjorieSKELTONDinnington19SpinsterHerbert Skelton & James William BratleySon of Herbert, Locomotive Driver and Daughter of Herbert, Surface Worker - By Banns
05 06 1943Arthur GeoffreyMATTHEWMANDinningtonRAF25BachelorKathleenKITCHENAnston24SpinsterCharles Kitchen & Frederick A MatthewmanSon of Frederick Arthur, Police Sergeant and Daughter of Charles, Miner - By Banns
28 08 1943Dennis ArthurHOPKINSDinningtonMiner32BachelorJessiePLATTSAnston29SpinsterThomas Maurice Hopkins & Marjorie WhaleySon of Joseph, Gardener and Daughter of William, Miner - By Banns
11 10 1943ThomasCHAMBERSAnstonSoldier27BachelorAdelineTOWELLAnston25SpinsterJ W Towell, J Towell & J W ChambersSon of William, Miner and Daughter of John, Railway Worker - By Banns
18 12 1943William AubreyBOWEROxfordSoldier25BachelorAvis AudreyWARDAnston19SpinsterNorman Charles Bower & Margaret Agnes WardSon of William Charles, retired and Daughter of Albert, Stone Mason - By Banns
01 08 1944Cyril KennethCHAMBERSAnstonMiner20BachelorRubyGEEAnston18SpinsterBenjamin Clifford Gee & Emily GroomSon of John William, Colliery Worker and Daughter of Benjamin Clifford, Labourer - By Banns
07 05 1944KennethSARVENTLeatherheadSoldier22BachelorVeraBEACROFTAnston19SpinsterE Beacroft & A L HighamSon of Samuel, Glass Founder and Daughter of Walter, Signalman - By Licence
02 09 1944BruceELLIOTTAnstonFarmer38BachelorJessieBIBBYAnston26SpinsterJoseph Bibby & Charles ElliottSon of William, deceased Farmer and Daughter of Joseph, Milk Salesman - By Banns
14 03 1945OliverWILLOTTDinningtonRAF23BachelorIrisWARNESAnston21SpinsterJoseph Willott & Mary LangleySon of George, Miner and Daughter of William, Labourer - By Banns
14 07 1945NormanHUTCHINSONLaughtonSoldier20BachelorNorahPARKERAnston21SpinsterC Hutchinson & A ParkerSon of Colin, Mechanic and Daughter of Arnold, Miner - By Licence
28 07 1945BernardCLARKEAnstonTractor Driver24BachelorNelliePRIESTLEYAnston22SpinsterH Turner & T DaviesSon of Percy Allen, Miner and Daughter of William, Farm Worker - By Banns
28 07 1945WilliamFAIRHURSTAnstonMetallurgist24BachelorMargaret JeanRILEYAnston21SpinsterKathleen Riley & J FairhurstSon of Solomon, retired and Daughter of Frank Oswald, Postman - By Banns
04 08 1945EdwardSCOTHORNEThorpe SalvinFarm Worker23BachelorEdnaCLAYTONAnston21SpinsterGeorge Scothorne & Grace ScothorneSon of George, Railway Worker and Daughter of William, Miner - By Banns
06 08 1945Eric Albert WilliamNORTHHandsworthDairy Man28BachelorSadie BessieHOLMESAnston27SpinsterE Barton & C HolmesSon of Fred, Dairy Man and Daughter of Owen, deceased Miner - By Banns
25 08 1945Roland AlbertBANHAMMaltbySoldier27BachelorMarjorieCHAMBERSAnston26SpinsterH Turner & W R ChambersSon of James Albert, deceased Mine Inspector and Daughter of William Robert, Miner - By Licence
03 11 1945Stanley AlfredBRAYFORDScoftonRAF33BachelorPhyllis EdnaWATSONAnston27SpinsterThomas Watson & Joan WalkerSon of Frederick, Pottery Glass ? And Daughter of Thomas, Wagon Foreman - By Banns
10 11 1945Thomas RandolphHOUGHLANDPenistoneFireman20BachelorVeraKEHOEAnston21SpinsterMervin Webster & C KehoeSon of Thomas, Engine Driver and Daughter of Charles Edward, Munitions Worker - By Banns
11 12 1945William AlexanderDONALDAnstonTea Planter28BachelorHelenAPPLEYAnston28SpinsterMary O Holling & Claude T RednallSon of Alexander James Manson, Manager and Daughter of Samuel Harrison, deceased Engineer
26 01 1946ErnestSTONEAttercliffeInstoSaw? Operator32BachelorSusanCARTLIDGEAnston21SpinsterArthur Stone & Kitty May CartlidgeSon of Ellis, File Sharpener and Daughter of Harry, Wire Worker - By Banns
26 04 1946Francis DonaldDAVIESAnstonMining Engineer25BachelorRuth MarieHAYWARDDinnington23SpinsterMargaret Gray, W Hayward, William Hayward & F A DaviesSon of Francis Arthur, Colliery Manager and Daughter of Willis, Farmer - By Banns
20 04 1946WalterPARKERDinningtonMiner23BachelorElsieCHAMBERSAnston20SpinsterWilliam Parker & Blanche TurnerSon of Harry, Labourer and Daughter of Henry, Miner - By Banns
18 05 1946ErnestWATSONPeckhamRAF24BachelorJennieFOULDSAnston25SpinsterSadie Foulds, R Foulds, George Inger & B FouldsSon of William, Electrician and Daughter of Reuben, Council Worker - By Banns
08 06 1946CharlesNEWTONHodthorpeMiner22BachelorLucy ElizabethDRURYAnston21SpinsterB Newton & Hilda E WrightSon of Charles, Miner and Daughter of Walter, Miner - By Banns
22 06 1946HaroldOLDALEAnstonMiner26BachelorBarbara AnnieFISHERAnston25SpinsterL Oldale & Jonathan FisherSon of Enos, Miner and Daughter of Jonathan Robert, Miner - By Banns
17 08 1946Frederick Vernon JonathanTHOMPSONScunthorpePlate Layer27BachelorVera MayWARNESAnston21SpinsterO Willott & P KellettSon of Joseph, retired and Daughter of William, Labourer - By Banns
31 08 1946SidneyMEDLAMDinningtonMiner23BachelorJoanPOLLARDAnston21SpinsterI Pollard & D MedlamSon of John Frederick, deceased Miner and Daughter of Ira, Miner - By Banns
14 09 1946HarryWRIGHTAnstonMarket Gardener27BachelorDorothyBEACROFTAnston24SpinsterThomas Wright & N BrammerSon of Henry Wells, Miner and Daughter of Walter, Signalman - By Banns
21 09 1946George HerbertMETCALFEAnstonMiner21BachelorJoan FlorenceCHAMBERSAnston22SpinsterJohn William Chambers & Joseph Henry MetcalfeSon of Joseph, deceased Colliery Worker and Daughter of John William, Miner - By Licence
05 10 1946Eric StanleyRICHMONDBarnby Dun, DoncasterSoldier22BachelorJoyceBARTONAnston22SpinsterWalter Kendall & G M TownsendSon of Albert Edward, Joiner and Daughter of Henry, Engineer - By Licence
21 12 1946Walter GeorgeBUTCHERDinningtonMiner20BachelorMargaret AgnesWARDAnston19SpinsterRobert Andrew Cooper & Joan SnowSon of Arthur George, Farm Labourer and Daughter of Albert, retired - By Banns
26 12 1946Wilfred MayMORTONDinningtonHaulage Contractor29BachelorRoseGROOMAnston24SpinsterFrederick William Groom & Emily GroomSon of Joseph May, deceased Farmer and Daughter of Frederick William, Railway Worker - By Banns
26 12 1946Horace WilliamCHAPMANDinningtonMiner21BachelorDoreenSILVESTERAnston21SpinsterJohn Silvester & Ronald ChapmanSon of Horace, Miner and Daughter of John, Miner - By Banns
15 02 1947Thomas AlfredREDFERNDinningtonBus Driver29BachelorEmilyGROOMAnston23SpinsterCyril Redfern & Frederick William GroomSon of Ernest Henry, deceased Miner and Daughter of Frederick William, Railway Worker - By Banns
29 03 1947ReginaldWHITEHOUSEAnstonMiner27BachelorLilySMITHAnston27SpinsterAmelia Astbury & Joseph Maldwyn AsttareSon of Joseph Henry, Miner and Daughter of Albert, deceased Steel Worker - By Banns
29 03 1947Stanley RichardPOLLARDAnstonMachine Operator24BachelorWinifredHUDSONSheffield25SpinsterEdna Robertson & Antony AllenSon of Herbert, Quarry Worker and Daughter of Frederick, Cutler - By Licence
02 04 1947Kenneth MorganLEWISAnstonSoldier21BachelorGwendoline MaudJONESAnston19SpinsterErnest Booth & Greta BoothSon of William Henry, Clerk in Holy Orders - By Licence
05 04 1947George WilliamSPENCEMarton nr GainsboroughDriver's Mate31WidowerAmyKEETONAnston28SpinsterR W Keeton & A SpenceSon of George, deceased Coke Stower and Daughter of Robert William, Miner - By Banns
26 04 1947FrankWINFROWAnstonClerk27BachelorJessieSMITHAnston25SpinsterM Smith & Bessie H WinfrowSon of Arthur, Miner and Daughter of Maurice, Colliery Surface Worker - By Banns
24 05 1947Charles WilliamCOLESMaltbyAssistant Surveyor24BachelorDoris LilianASHMOREAnston25SpinsterThomas Ashmore & Sarah Ann ColesCharles Edwin, deceased Colliery Haulage Hand and Daughter of Thomas, Brick Layer - By Licence
14 06 1947HarryFOULDSAnstonElectrician's Labourer49WidowerIreneCROWECROFTWorksop40SpinsterArnold Foulds & John HopkinsonSon of John Francis, retired - By Licence
14 06 1947Ronald EdwardWILBOURNEFulwell, SunderlandPoliceman23BachelorEsmeFORMANAnston21SpinsterMonica Forman & Clifford ?Son of Frederick, Colliery Deputy and Daughter of Charles Henry, Colliery Surface Worker - By Banns
12 07 1947ArthurBIBBYAnstonShop Assistant22BachelorEllenWOOLLETTBarrington, NBL26SpinsterBrenda Bibby & Robert WoollettSon of Joseph, Milk Salesman and Daughter of Robert, Miner - By Banns
02 08 1947RoyWATSONDinningtonSchool Teacher23BachelorPhyllisBARKERAnston23SpinsterHarry Vause & Jack BarkerSon of Oscar, deceased Brick Layer and Daughter of Frederick, deceased Fitter - By Banns
09 08 1947Kenneth Austen LeightonFORDLEIBank Clerk26BachelorBettyBOLTONAnston25SpinsterJohn A Bolton & Joseph J FordSon of Joseph James, Analytical Chemist and Daughter of John Arthur, retired School Master - By Banns
20 08 1947KennethASTONBristolSoldier24BachelorGladysBUTCHERAnston21SpinsterRaymond Hector Aston & Bernard HouldenSon of Frederick, Miner - By Banns
23 08 1947John BrianSIMPSONEmbsayTurner24BachelorMarjorieWHALEYAnston23SpinsterA H Maddison & J WhaleySon of Arthur Brian, Tanner and Daughter of Arthur, ROF Policeman - By Banns
30 08 1947John FrancisSTENTONAnstonRailway Clerk27BachelorEnricaROSSIAnston25SpinsterGwyneth M Stenton , F Stenton & Joseph E StentonSon of Francis, Joiner and Daughter of Joseph, Grocer - By Banns
11 10 1947Phillip StanleyULLATHORNEChesterfieldColl ? Engineer25BachelorMary LindleyBURLANDAnston28SpinsterHenry Lindley Burland & Nora DarwinDaughter of Henry Lindley, Water Engineer - By Banns
20 12 1947SamuelHILLDinningtonMiner23BachelorMurielFISHERAnston21SpinsterR Hill & P HillSon of Samuel, Steel Worker and Daughter of Thomas, Railway Worker - By Banns
24 12 1947Robert HarryRANDALLWoodsettsFarm Worker25BachelorBettyMARSHALLAnston22SpinsterG F Randall & Freda MarshallSon of Robert, Farm Worker and Daughter of William, retired - By Banns
24 01 1948Barnet HansonCLARKEAnstonSurface Worker66WidowerBeatriceCROWTHERAnston61SpinsterHorace C Clarke & Agnes E DawsonSon of William Henry, deceased Groom and Daughter of William, deceased Farmer - By Licence
20 03 1948KennethWOODHEADLaughtonSteel Worker24BachelorJoanWHITEHOUSEAnston21SpinsterJ H Whitehouse & G BoothSon of Harold, Labourer and Daughter of Joseph Henry, Miner - By Banns
27 03 1948FrankSAMPSONAnstonLabourer58WidowerHelenCOOLINGAnston46WidowM Sampson & G TurnbullSon of William, deceased Farm Labourer and Daughter of Charles Edward Scothorne, deceased - By Banns
27 03 1948Leonard WilliamSTRATFORDDinningtonAsst Chief Clerk28BachelorHilda EmilyWRIGHTAnston27SpinsterLeonard Howland & Betty WrightSon of Gerald, Teacher and Daughter of Percy, Insurance Agent - By Banns
27 03 1948Frederick WilliamWAGERKirk SandallAsst Production Engineer27BachelorGladys MaryTOWNSENDAnston26WidowArthur Mellor, H Barton & Kathleen WiddowsonSon of Frederick William Richard, Production Manager and Daughter of Henry Barton, Engineer - By Banns
29 04 1948Clifford HenryKINGThorpe SalvinBus Driver34BachelorReneeTODDAnston24SpinsterJ King & Jean KingSon of George, Farm Worker and Daughter of Harry, Colliery Surface Worker - By Banns
12 06 1948George JefferyRANDALLWoodsettsFitter21BachelorEdna MayPOLLARDAnston20SpinsterJ Thorlby & R HillSon of Robert, Farm Labourer and Daughter of Ira, Miner - By Banns
24 07 1948RonaldPOWELLAnstonMiner20BachelorMurielJONASAnston19SpinsterB Seymour & B RussellDaughter of George Henry, Gardener - By Banns
31 07 1948BernardCLARKEMaltbyROF Factory Worker28BachelorDorisTOLLEYAnston24SpinsterH J Day, Mrs E Day & C W SmithSon of Thomas and Daughter of Samuel, deceased - By Banns
25 09 1948CharlesSUTTONDinningtonWire Cleaner22BachelorAudreyOLDALEAnston21SpinsterH Sutton & S HolmesSon of Charles, Miner and Daughter of Harry, Miner - By Banns
27 11 1948TomTHOMPSONWorksopPainter & Decorator31BachelorSadieFOULDSAnston26SpinsterD Foulds, R Foulds & G ThompsonSon of Tom, deceased and Daughter of Reuben, Council Employee - By Banns
26 02 1949George RobertPARKERAnstonJoiner22BachelorRose EvelynROSLINGAnston24SpinsterWilfred Rhodes & Margaret PearsonSon of George, Bricklayer's Labourer and Daughter of Arthur, Miner - By Banns
26 03 1949Joseph LewisWARINGAnstonLabourer41BachelorSarah AnnJACKSONAnston47WidowMalcolm M Jackson & Harry CamSon of Robert, deceased Miner and Daughter of William, deceased Miner - By Banns
26 03 1949ThomasWESTDinningtonMiner24BachelorVeraGEEAnston21SpinsterJohn Edward West & Betty WestSon of John Edward, Miner and Daughter of Benjamin Clifford, retired - By Banns
04 06 1949HeathDALZEALPembrokeRAF21BachelorJeanROBBINSAnston21SpinsterMoira Dalzeal & James W SmithSon of Heath, Post Office Worker and Daughter of Edgar, Colliery Worker - By Banns
18 06 1949ClementBARLEYLaughtonColliery Time Keeper27BachelorMavisTOONAnston22SpinsterF W Toon & A BarleySon of Alick Arthur, Colliery Worker and Daughter of Frederick William, Colliery Worker - By Banns
23 07 1949Thomas FrederickHUNTERDinningtonMiner35BachelorJessica MiriamSMITHAnston35SpinsterMary M Cooper & Jesse MugglestoneSon of Frank, deceased Quarry Man and Daughter of John Henry Fango, deceased Council Worker - By Banns
06 08 1949Terence EdwardWIGMOREAnstonWarehouse Hand28BachelorLucy MildredKEETONAnston27SpinsterJ W Scaife, R W Keeton & Betty HodgsonSon of Cuthbert, Warehouse Hand Foreman and Daughter of Robert William, retired - By Banns
27 08 1949Malcolm MarshallJACKSONAnstonFitter22BachelorGwyneth MarySTENTONAnston25SpinsterF Stenton & S A JacksonSon of Sidney, deceased Police Sergeant and Daughter of Francis, Joiner - By Banns
17 09 1949Eric ShepleyPINKERTONRomileyEngineer22BachelorBettyRUSSELLAnston19Spinster - Factory WorkerG W Russell & B BurtonSon of Walter Shepley, Steel Worker and Daughter of William York, Railway Worker - By Banns
26 11 1949BernardSEYMOURAnstonSoldier19BachelorJoanHILLAnston21SpinsterEthel Davies & Ronald PowellSon of John William, and Daughter of James, Miner - By Banns
17 12 1949JosephPARKINDinningtonMiner24BachelorVioletBENNETTAnston21SpinsterWilliam Joseph Thomas & Florence Alfreda BennettSon of Joseph, Railway Servant and Daughter of William Henry, Labourer - By Banns

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