South Anston parish:


South Anston, Memorial Plaque transcription:

The War Memorial Plaques etc. in the Lych gate, St. James' Church, South Anston.

To the Glory of God
and in
loving and honoured memory
of the men from this parish
who gave their lives in
The Great War
1914 - 1918

Major R Wright Pte T Airey
Lieut C Wright Pte D Atkin
Cpl L Bradbury Pte H Barton
Cpl C Smoothey Pte S Bennett
L Cpl A Hempshell Pte R Bland
L Cpl J Lane Pte A Fisher
L Cpl W Whitfield Pte J Hall
Bglr C Oldale Pte F Hogg
Bdr H Gabbitas Pte B Powell
Gnr L Furniss Pte W Parkin
Rfm W Smith Pte J Ridley
Sgmn F W Baines Pte A Searston
T Burkinshaw Pte J E Walker
The second Plaque

The following men of
this parish also served in
The Great War
1914 - 1918

Capt J N Clark Bdr W H Hill
Capt S Turner DFC Bdr F Stenton
Capt J H Wyatt Spr H Plant
Lieut M W Clark Spr M J Turner
Sub Lieut W E Collinson ABS F Bland
2nd Lieut W F Wyatt Sgmn A Dickson
Cadet P Wyatt Sgmn C Highfield
Cadet H Reynolds Sgmn H Stone
CSM B Bailey Sgmn W Turner
Stf Sgt D MacBernie Tpr J Bland
Sgt C Bradbury Tpr W Clarkson
Sgt E Buxton Tpr H Robertshaw
Sgt R Edwards Pte F Airey MM
Sgt F W Foulds Pte F Barker
Sgt H J Ingle Pte W Bailey
Sgt T W Smith Pte F Bellwood
Cpl W Beecroft Pte B Bennett
Cpl A Booth Pte S Bennett
Cpl A Bradley Pte W Bennett
Cpl H Bradley Pte Jos Bibby
Cpl F Clarke Pte John Bibby
Cpl H Chambers Pte F Bibby
Cpl J W Cocking Pte L Bland
Cpl H Day Pte J Booth
Cpl J Fisher Pte B Bowskill
Cpl G Lincker Pte B Brammer
Cpl F Turner Pte G Brammer
Cpl H Turner Pte H Brammer
Lce Cpl W Blockley Pte P Bradley
Lce Cpl C Booth Pte A Burrell
Lce Cpl R Setchell Pte E Burgin
Lce Cpl H Storey MM Pte J Buxton
Le Cpl O Stringer Pte H Cartledge
Lce Cpl P Crampton Pte W Chambers
Lce Sgmn B Harrison Pte J Cocking
LAC T Hogg Pte R Cook
LAC E Stenton Pte W Crampton
Gnr C H Ashley Pte H Eames
Gnr W Barton Pte A Edwards
Gnr G E Cocking Pte F Ellis
Gnr J Fisher Pte A Foulds
Gnr R Harrison Pte A W Foulds
Gnr J T Hogg Pte Fd Foulds
Gnr H Kirby Pte Fk Foulds
Gnr H N Wyatt  
Gnr J Silvester  
J W Barton  
H Y Gabbitas  
The third plaque

The following men from
this parish also served in
The Great War
1914 - 1918

Pte R Foulds Pte J T Richardson
Pte N Foulds Pte J Robbins
Pte G Finney Pte R Rowson
Pte R Finney Pte C Rowland
Pte H Fisher Pte T Rowland
Pte T Fisher Pte F Shipgood
Pte G Forman Pte T Smith
Pte H Forman Pte F Shootbey
Pte P Gabbitas Pte C Simpson
Pte J Goodfellow Pte W Simpson
Pte J Hackney MM Pte W Stacey
Pte R Hall Pte G Stevenson
Pte A Harrison Pte W Stenton
Pte J T Heaps Pte T Storey
Pte W Holmes Pte T W Storey
Pte B Hope Pte W Stringer
Pte G Houlden Pte G Taft
Pte H Houlden Pte F Taylor
Pte J Hudson Pte G Turner
Pte F Hunter Pte A Varley
Pte W Hunter Pte H Waring
Pte C Hurberts Pte S Waring
Pte T Inman Pte T A Waring
Pte H Johnson Pte W Waring
Pte M Jones Pte A Wagstaff
Pte P Kirkby Pte E Ward
Pte E Lidstep Pte H Ward
Pte A Marshall Pte A Whaley
Pte G Marriott Pte A Wheatley
Pte H Mangham Pte F Whitfield
Pte A Meakin Pte J Whitfield
Pte W Meakin Pte A Winfrow
Pte F Miller Pte G Winfrow
Pte J Miller Pte J Winfrow
Pte H Mugglestone Pte W Widdison
Pte J Mugglestone Pte C Wood
Pte E Oldale Pte D Wood
Pte H Oldale Pte H Wright
Pte F Padgett Pte P Wright
Pte N Parker Pte S Spencer
Pte H Parker Annie Robertshaw
Pte H Plant Bessie Robertshaw
Pte W Plant Hilda Robertshaw
Pte H Platts Lucy Robertshaw
Pte A Reynolds Irene Barton
Pte A Riley Elsie Hayes

Data transcribed by
Haydn Scott.
from photography by Colin Hinson